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Title : Recommended Prayers

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Prayers 1st Indian Edition 2003

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Jafari Propagation Centre
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TABLE OF CONTENTS 13. Namaz of Imam Hasan al-Askaree (a.s.) .................... 41
1. Namaz in the view of Masoomeen (a.s.) ....................... 5 13. Namaz of Sahibaz Zamaan (a.s.) 1 ............................. 43
2. Types of Recommended (Mustahab) Prayers ................ 6 13. Namaz of Sahibaz Zamaan (a.s.) 2 ............................. 45
3. Rules of Recommended Prayers .................................... 7 14. Namaz of Ja’far Tayyaar .............................................. 46
4. Doubts in Mustahab Prayers .......................................... 8 15. Method of Namaz Ja’far Tayyaar ................................ 48
5. Fazilat of reciting the Qaza of Namaz-e-Shab .............. 10 15. Rules of Namaz Ja’far Tayyaar ..................................... 50
6. Namaz-e-Ghufayla ....................................................... 11 16. Prayers of the days of the Week ................................ 52
7. Method of Namaz-e-Ghufayla ..................................... 11 16. Other Prayers of the days of the Week ...................... 55
8. Fazilat of Namaz-e-Jamat ............................................. 12 17. Common prayers for every month ............................ 57
9. Rewards for the Namaz-e-Jamat .................................. 13 18. Namaz for the first eve of every month ..................... 57
10. Namaz-e-Juma ........................................................... 15 19. Namaz for the first day of every month ..................... 57
11. Method of Namaz-e-Juma ......................................... 15 20. Namaz for beholding the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s.) in the
12. Rules of Namaz-e-Juma .............................................. 15 dream ............................................................................... 57
13. Namaz Kamilah .......................................................... 17 21. Namaz-e-Wahshat ...................................................... 57
13. Namaz of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s.) ........................ 17 21. Another Prayer ........................................................... 58
13. Namaz of Ameerul Momineen (a.s.) ......................... 19 22. Fazilat of Namaz-e-Wahshat ....................................... 58
13. Namaz of Fatimah Zahra (s.a.) .................................... 24 23. Namaz-e-Isteghfar 1 .................................................. 60
13. Namaz of Imam Hasan (a.s.) ...................................... 26 23. Namaz-e-Isteghfar 2 .................................................. 60
13. Namaz of Imam Husain (a.s.) ..................................... 27 23. Namaz-e-Isteghfar 3 .................................................. 60
13. Namaz of Imam Ali Zaynul A’abideen (a.s.) ............. 33 23. Namaz-e-Isteghfar 4 .................................................. 61
13. Namaz of Imam Muhammad Al-Baqir (a.s.) .............. 34 23. Namaz-e-Isteghfar 5 .................................................. 61
13. Namaz of Imam Jafar As-Sadiq (a.s.) ......................... 35 23. Namaz-e-Isteghfar 6 .................................................. 61
13. Namaz of Imam Moosa Al-Kazim (a.s.) ..................... 36 24. Namaz-e-Tawbah ....................................................... 61
13. Namaz of Imam Ali Ar-Rizaa (a.s.) ............................. 38 25. Namaz of Isteghasa of Hazrat Fatima (s.a.) ................ 63
13. Namaz of Imam Muhammad Taqi Al-Jawaad (a.s.) ... 38 26. Namaz for memorizing the Quran ............................. 63
13. Namaz of Imam Ali An-Naqee (a.s.) ......................... 39 27. Namaz for Tawassul of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s.) .... 63
1. NAMAZ IN THE VIEW OF THE MASOOMEEN (A.S.) 7. Imam Ja’far as-Sadiq (a.s.) said:
1. Hadith Qudsi: When you have a need, perform two rakat Namaz and invoke
blessings on Muhammad and Aale Muhammad (a.s.). Then
The slave has not obtained proximity to Me with anything
pray for your needs and they shall be fulfilled.
except through the fulfilment of Obligatory acts. And the
slave becomes so close to Me through Supererogatory 8. Imam Moosa al-Kazim (a.s.) said:
prayers. (Usoole Kafi Vol. 1, Pg. 352) When your child is seven years old, prepare him for prayers.
2. The Holy Prophet (s.a.w.a.) said: 9. Imam Moosa al-Kazim (a.s.) said:
When the Ulul Azm Prophets of Allah used to be in difficulties, The recommended prayers bring every believer closer to
they used to take refuge in Namaz. Allah. (Tohful Uqool Pg. 297)
Amirul Mo-mineen Ali (a.s.) says: 10. Imam Jawad (a.s.) said:
One who desires proximity to Allah through obligatory and Presence of mind and humility are the embellishments of
recommended prayers get twice the reward. Prayers.
3. Ali (a.s.) says:
When a person prays, his body, clothes and whatever is 2. TYPES OF RECOMMENDED (MUSTAHAB) PRAYERS
around him will glorify Allah.
Recommended (Mustahab) Prayers can be broadly divided
4. Janabe Fatimah Zahra (s.a.) said: into three categories:
Allah has established the Prayer to keep away pride and
1. Prayers that are performed at particular times like Nafila
selfishness from you. of the daily Prayers.
5. Imam Sajjad (a.s.) said: 2. Prayers that are performed in particular places. Like Namaz
The truth is with Namaz. You should know that reciting Prayer for honouring the mosque etc.
is being presented in the court of Allah and you should 3. Prayers for special occasions, places or any other reason,
consider Namaz as the means of going before the Almighty.
like Namaz Ja’far at-Tayyar etc.
(Beharul Anwaar)
6. Imam Baqir (a.s.) said:
One who recites the prayers with attention, his prayer is as
much acceptable below the heavens as much attentive he
is. (Muhajjatul Baizaa)

5 6
11. Recommended prayers can be offered while one is
walking or on a vehicle and if one recites the recommended
prayers in these two positions it is not necessary that he
1. All the recommended prayers are performed in units of should face the Qibla.
two rakat, except for Namaz-e-Witr, which is only one rakat
12. Recommended prayers can be offered standing, sitting,
and Namaze-e-Aaraabi which is two rakat once and four rakat
lying down or walking. In these same positions the ruku and
sajdah can be performed by gesturing with the head, but
2. In recommended prayers leaving some prayers, it is not one should try to face the Qibla.
necessary to recite the second Surah.
13. Motionlessness of the body is not a necessary condition
3. It is allowed to even intentionally break a recommended in recommended prayers. And if one forgetfully increases or
prayer. decreases a rukn the prayer is not invalidated.
4. In recommended prayers if one forgetfully has increased 14. One can make a vow to nazr for performing a
a rukn the prayer does not become invalid. recommended prayer and in such circumstances one can
5. Doubt between first and second rakat does not make the perform the prayer sitting, standing or walking. But if at the
recommended prayer invalid, one has the choice of time of making a nazr one says that he would offer it stting
considering whichever rakat one desires to consider. then in the opinion of Imam Khomeini there is doubt in
making such a nazr.
6. The nafila prayers can be offered in the sitting position
also but it is better to consider two rakats offered in sitting It is mentioned in traditions that the Almighty Allah
position equivalent to one rakat offered standing. expressed pride to the Angels that look at my slave, he is
performing that which I have not made incumbent on him.
7. The nafila of Zuhr and Asr must not be recited on a journey
but the nafila of Isha can be offered with the intention of 4. DOUBT IN MUSTAHAB PRAYERS
gaining proximity of Allah that perhaps it be accepted by If a person doubts about the number of Rak’ats in a Mustahab
Him. prayer and if the higher side makes the prayers void, he
8. It is better that an obligatory prayer be offered in a Masjid should decide on the lesser side of the doubt. For example,
however there is no such command about the recommended if he doubts whether he has performed 2 Rak’ats or 3 in
prayers. Nafilah of Fajr prayers, he should decide that he has
performed 2 Rak’ats. But if the higher side does not invalidate
9. There is no Sajdah Sahv in recommended prayers. the prayers, like, if he doubts whether he has performed 2
10. If the recommended prayers are not offered in the Rak’ats or 1, he is free to decide either way, and his prayers
prescribed time its Qaza can be performed later. will be valid. (Tauzeehul Masael Agha Seestani, Masla no.

7 8
Omission of a Rukn invalidates Nafilah (Mustahab prayers), 5. FAZILAT (MERIT) OF RECITING THE QAZA OF
but addition of a Rukn does not invalidate it. Hence, if the NAMAZ-E-SHAB
person offering Nafilah prayers forgets to perform any part,
and remembers when he has entered into another Rukn, he If one misses the Namaz-e-Shab one can perform its Qaza
should return to perform the forgotten part and then re-enter during the day. If one has missed Namaz-e-Shab there is great
the Rukn. For example, if he remembers during Ruku that he merit in performing its Qaza. Thus there is a tradition from
has not recited Surah al-Hamd, he should return to recite Imam Ja’far as-Sadiq (a.s.) in Tafseer Ali Ibne Ibrahim Qummi
Surah al-Hamd, and then go into Ruku again. (1203) that a person said to Imam (a.s.): May I be sacrificed on you,
sometimes I miss Namaz-e-Shab for one, two or three months
If a person doubts whether he has performed any Rukn or and I perform it during the day, is such a thing allowed?
non-Rukn part of Nafilah prayers, he should perform it if its
stage has not passed, and if it has, then he should ignore the Imam (a.s.) said: By Allah! This action is the cause of the vision
doubt. (1204) of your eyes. And he repeated this sentence thrice.

If in a Mustahab prayer of two Rak’ats, a person suspects that Ishaq bin Ammar has related from Imam Sadiq (a.s.) that he
he has offered 3 Rak’ats or more, he should ignore his doubt, quoted his father who quoted the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s.)
and his prayers are in order. If, he suspects that he has offered that when a person performs the Qaza of Namaz-e-Shab the
2 Rak’ats or less, then as an obligatory precaution, he should Almighty Allah expresses pride before the Angels and says;
pay heed to that suspicion. For example, if he suspects that O Angels! See he is performing the Qaza of that which I
he has performed one Rak’at only, as a precaution, he will have not made obligatory on him. Be witness that I have
perform another Rak’at. (1205) given him salvation. (Beharul Anwaar Vol. 87 Pg. 202)

If a person in Nafilah prayers performs an act which, if he If while one is offering the Namaz-e-Shab and the dawn
had performed in an obligatory prayers, it would have been appears, for example the dawn has appeared after
necessary for him to do Sajdatus Sahv, or if he forgets one performing four rakats one should perform the rest of the
Sajdah, it will not be necessary to perform Sajdatus Sahv, or prayer without recommended rituals. However if one has
give qadha for the Sajdah, after the Nafilah is over. (1206) not prayed four rakats, one should complete the two rakats,
then offer two rakats of the Nafila of the Morning Prayer,
If a person doubts whether he has offered a particular then two rakats obligatory Morning Prayer, and after this he
Mustahab prayer or not, and if that prayer does not have a should recite the Qaza of the rest of the Namaz-e-Shab. Or if
fixed time, like, the prayers of Ja’far Tayyar, he should decide he has not even begun reciting the Namaz-e-Shab and the
that he has not offered it. The position is the same if that dawn has arrived one should recite two rakats of Nafila of
prayer has a fixed time, like Nafilah of daily prayers, and a the Morning Prayer and then two rakats of Obligatory
person doubts before its time lapses, whether he has offered Morning Prayer. And after the Morning Prayer he should
it or not. However, if he doubts after its time has gone, he recite the Qaza of Namaz-e-Shab.
should ignore his doubt. (1207)
If one offers the Namaz-e-Shab after the Morning Azan and
9 10
before Sunrise one must neither recite it with the intention a’laihe fanaadaa fee zolomaat. An laa ilaaha illa anta
of Qaza nor the intention of Adaa (in time), rather one should subhaanaka inni kunto minaz zaalemeen. Fastajabnalahu wa
recite it with the intention of ‘whatever is applicable’. najjainahu minal ghamme wa kazaalika nunjil mo-mineen.
It means that one should make an intention that one is And in the second rakat after Surah Hamd recite the following
praying the Namaz-e-Shab for gaining the proximity to Allah. ayats:
(Qurbatan Elallah).
Wa indahu mafatihul ghaibe laa ya’lamoha illa huwa wa
ya’lamo maa fil barre wal bahre wa maa tusqutuminw wa
raqatin illa ya’lamoha wa laa habbatin fee zolomaatil arze wa
laa ratabinw wa laa yabesin illa fee kitaabim Mubeen.
Fazilat of Namaz-e-Ghufayla Then raise your hands in Qunoot and recite the following:
From the recommended prayers that are emphasized is Allaahumma inni as-aloka bi mafaatihil ghaibillati laa
Namaz-e-Ghufayla also. ya’lamoha illa anta. An tusalle a’laa Muhammadinw wa aalhi.
The Messenger of Allah (s.a.w.s.) said: Wa an taf-a’l bi kaza wa kaza. Mention your desires instead
of kaza wa kaza, then continue: Allaahumma anta waliyyo
Recite the recommended prayer in the time of carelessness
ne’mati wal qaadiro a’laa talebati ta’lamo haajati fas aloka bi
(Ghaflat) even if it be two rakats because this two rakat namaz
haqqe Muhammadinw wa aalehi a’laihe wa alaihimus
enables one to enter the Paradise. It was asked: O Messenger
salaamo lamma qazaitahali.
of Allah! What is the time of carelessness? He replied: The
time between Maghrib and Isha prayer. After this ask for your desires because it is mentioned in the
traditions that if one performs this prayer and then asks for
Namaz-e-Ghufayla is two rakats which is recited between
his needs from Allah, whatever it might be the Almighty
the Maghrib and Isha Prayer. It has tremendous effect and
shall certainly fulfill it.
great merits in the fulfillment of the desires in this world and
in the hereafter.
7. METHOD OF NAMAZ-E-GHUFAYLA In Islam the congregational (Jamat) prayer is the sign of unity,
brotherhood, loyalty and love and orderliness and system is
Imam Ja’far as-Sadiq (a.s.) said:
inherent in its spirit.
Recite two rakat prayer between the Maghrib and the Isha
When a Muslim hears the Adhan he heads towards the Masjid.
Prayers. In the first rakat after Surah Hamd recite the following
When the sound of Takbir (Allaho Akbar) resounds and the
Iqamah is over all the people arrange themselves into orderly
Wa zannoone iz zahaba mughaazeban fazanna an lan naqdera rows and recite the Takbir together. At this time they all begin

11 12
to listen to the recitation of the Surah Hamd and another It is Mustahab to recite the obligatory prayers, especially
Surah that the leader of the congregation is reciting and they the daily prayers in congregation (Jamat). More emphasis is
pay attention to the meanings of the Quranic Surahs with there for the Morning, Maghrib and Isha prayers, especially
utmost respect and reverence. for those near a Masjid and when they hear the sound of the
Adhan they should pray the Morning, Maghrib and Isha
At this moment all are together as if they are a single soul
and they perform the Rukus and Sajdahs together. They get prayers in Congregation (Jamat). (Tauzeehul Masael Masala
no. 1396)
up and sit down together. At the conclusion of the prayer
they salute and shake hands (Musafeha) with each other. It is Mustahab to wait and perform the prayers in
congregation. It is more rewarding to pray in Jamat rather
We should know that hypocrisy, malice, wretchedness and
jealousy and similar types of bad feelings are destroyed in than to pray individually at the Awwale Waqt (earliest time).
Similarly congregational prayer performed in brief is more
this kind of congregation. And in its place the feelings of
rewarding than a prolonged prayer prayed alone. (Tauzeehul
love, brotherhood, equality and sincerity are nurtured. The
congregational prayers have great rewards and barakah Masael Masala no. 1403)
(divine bounty) and also has social and individual benefits. If a prayer is being performed in congregation then it is
Mustahab for one who has already performed that prayer to
pray again in the congregation.
And if later he learns that his earlier prayer was invalid then
(CONGREGATIONAL PRAYER) his second prayer, which was performed in congregation is
sufficient. (Tauzeehul Masael Masala no. 1403)
It is recorded in traditions that if there is one person in
addition to the leader of prayer (Imam-e-Jamat) one rakat of In the time of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s.) when there used to
their namaz has rewards equal to one hundred and fifty rakats. be less people in congregation prayers he (s.a.w.s.) used to
And if two persons pray with the Imam-e-Jamat the rewards invite other people and say:
equal six hundred rakats. The rewards of the prayers will It is more difficult for the hypocrites to remain present in the
keep on increasing with the increase in the number of the Morning and the Isha congregational prayers. (Kanzul Ummal
worshippers. And if the number of the people following the Vol. 8, Pg. 256)
Imam-e-Jamat reach ten the rewards are so extensive that
even if all the sky becomes a paper and all the seas become It is mentioned in traditions that Allah likes those who like
ink and the trees become pen and all the jinns, men and the congregational prayer. (Wasailush Shia Vol. 1, Pg. 487)
angels become scribes they would not be able to write the
rewards of even one rakat prayer. (Tauzeehul Masael Masala
no. 1400)

13 14
10. NAMAZ-E-JUMA correct and it is not necessary for them to recite the Zuhr
During the Ghaibat (occultation) of Imam-e-Zamana (a.s.) the
Friday prayer is Wajib-e-Takhiri (That is on Friday one can It is obligatory that the follower (Mamoom) should attentively
recite the Friday prayer instead of the Zuhr prayer) but the listen to the Khutba and it is precautionary recommended to
Friday prayer is superior and there is more precaution in sit quietly during the Khutba and not to talk during it. It is
performing both the prayers. However if one has prayed Makrooh (detestable) to talk during the Khutba. And if due
the Friday prayer it is not obligatory for him to pray the Zuhr to the talking of the followers the sermon is inaudible and its
prayer. But it is precautionary recommended that he should usefulness is destroyed it becomes obligatory to remain quiet
pray both. during it.


Namaz-e-Juma is two rakats and its method is like that of the Readers are requested to refer to the Tauzeehul Masael of
Morning Prayer. It has two Qunoots. The first Qunoot is in their respective Mujtahids regarding all obligatory acts.
the first rakat before the Ruku and the second Qunoot is in
the second rakat after the Ruku. There are two Khutba
(sermons) in Namaz-e-Juma that are like the actual prayer
and it is necessary that the Imam-e-Juma recites them. Namaz-
e-Juma is not correct without these two Khutbas. And it is
obligatory to recite these two Khutbas before the Namaz-e-
Namaz-e-Juma is established due to the presence of men
but the women can also participate in it.
It is obligatory for Namaz-e-Juma to be performed in
congregation, it cannot be recited individually and all the
rules that are applicable to the congregational prayers are
also applicable in the Namaz-e-Juma.
A traveler can participate in Namaz-e-Juma and he is similarly
exempted from the Zuhr prayer. In the same way women
can also participate in Namaz-e-Juma and their prayer is

15 16
It is a 4 raka’t Namaz. LAHUD DEENA (even) if polytheists dislike it.
In each rakat recite the following Surahs 10 times each: WA LAW KARIHAL There is no god except Allah,
(a) Faatih’ah, (b) Naas, (c) Qadr, (d) Falaq, (e) Ikhlas, (f)
Kaafiroon. (For all the above-noted Surahs see Selected surahs WAH’DAHOO Fulfilled His promise, helped His
and Duas Vol. One), (g) and also recite Ayatush Shahaadat WAH’DAHOO servant, made honoured and
10 times. (See selected Surahs and Duas vol. Two p 116). WAH’DAHOO powerful His soldiers,
(h) After the Namaz recite the following 100 times each: ANJAZA WAA’-DAHOO WA And put the enemy troops to
Astaghirullaaha Rabbe wa atoobu ilayh. NAS’ARA A’BDAHOO WA A- flight. He is One. So sovereignty
Subhaanallahi wal Hamdu lillahi wa laa ilaha illallahu wallahu A’ZZA JUNDAHOO is His, (all) praise is for Him; and
akbaru wa laa hawla wa laa Quwata illaa billaahil Aliyyil WA HAZAMAL AH’ZAABA He exercises absolute authority
Azeem. - And “Salawaat” (Durood). WAH’DAHOO FALAHUL over all things.
WA HUWA A’LAA KULLI SHAY- Thou filled the heavens and the
It is a 2 rakat Namaz.
IN QADEER earth with light, and those who are
(a) In each rakat after Suratul Faatihah recite suratul Qadr 15 ALLAHUMMA ANTA NURUS there praise Thee (only).
times. SAMAAWAATI WAL ARZ” WA Thou set up the heavens and the
(b) In every Ruku and Sajdah recite Suratul Qadr 15 times. MAN FEEHINNA FALAKAL earth and put them into in order,
(c) After every Rukoo and Sajdah recite Suratul Qadr 15 H’AMDU WA ANTAL H’AQQU And they who are there praise
times. WA WAA’-DUKAL H’AQQUN Thee (only).
(d) After Salam recite the following dua: WA QAWLUKA H’AQQUN Thou art God. Thy promise is true.
ALLAHUMMA SALLI ALAA O Allah send blessings on WA INJAAZUKA H’AQQUN Thy words are law.
MUHAMMADIW WA AALI Muhammad and on the children WAL JANNATUL H’AQQUN Thy administration is just. Paradise
MUHAMMAD. of Muhammad. WAN NAARU H’AQQUN is real. Hell is certain.
RAHEEM ASLAMTU WA A’LAYKA I resign myself to Thy will with
Beneficent the Merciful
There is no god except Allah Our
Lord, I rely on Thee, With Thy help I
And the Lord of our ancestors and prevail upon enemies,
LAA ILAAHA ILLALLAAHU forefathers. And on Thy behalf I exercise
ILAAHAN WAHIDAN There is no god except Allah, YAA RABBIGHFIR LEE authority. O Lord! O Lord!
WA NAHNU LAHOO The “One and Only” Lord Master, MAA QADDAMTU WA O Lord! Forgive me,
MUSLIMOONA We submit entirely to His will. AKHKHARTU That which I begin,
LAA ILAAHA ILLALLAAHU There is no God except Allah. WA ASRARTU Or complete, Or withhold,
LAA NAA’-BUDU ILLAA Do not worship Him except WA AA’LANTU Or make known.

17 18
ANTA ILAAHEE Thou art God. SUBH’AANA MAL LA Glory be to He Whose reserves
LAA ILAAHA ILLAA ANTA SALLI There is no God save Thou. TANQUS’U never grow less.
AALA MUHAMMADINW WA Send blessings on Muhammad K H A Z A A A - I N U H O O , Glory be to He Whose Glory never
AALI MUHAMMAD and on the children of SUBHAANA MAL LAA IZ runs low.
WAGHFIR LEE Muhammad. “MIH’LAALA LI-FAKHRIHEE Glory be to he Who never suffers
WARH’AMNEE Forgive me. SUBHAANA MAL LAA YANFADU loss in what He has.
Glory be to He in Whose range and
reach there is no gap!
RAHEEM Verily Thou art Merciful Who allows A’ LIMUDDATIHEE
Glory be to He Who shares with
ALLAHUMMA S’ALLI A’LAA the penitent to have His mercy. SUBHAANA MAL LAA
no one in the admininstration of His
MUH’AMMAD. Muhammad and on the children AMRIHEE
of Muhammad. SUBHAANA MAL LAA ILAAHA Glory be to He, except Whom,
GHAYRUHOO there is no god.
ALLAAHUMMA S’ALLI A’LAA O Allah, send blessings on
Imam Jafar Sadiq (a.s.) said that whoso prays the 4 Rakat Namaz of MUHAMMAD of Muhammad.
Ameerul Momineen (a.s.), comes out of evil whirlpool of sins, as baby (iii) Now invoke Allah to fulfil your desires and recite the following
comes out from the womb. Dua’a:
The Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s.) said that whoso prays this Namaz and
ALLAHUMMA S’ALLI A’LAA O Allah, send blessings on
recites the Dua’a at the end, is absolved from the accountability of all
MUH’AMMADIN’W WA AALI Muhammad and on the progeny
his sins (provided no more sins are committed).
MUHAMMAD. of Muhammad.
Pray this 4 rakat Namaz exactly like any 4 rakat obligatory Namaz
BISMILLAHIR RAH’MAANIR In the name of Allah, the
(Zuhr, Asr or Ishaa) on Friday or during the night of Friday, with the
RAH’EEM. Beneficent, the Merciful.
following adjustments:
YAA MAN A’FAAA ANIS SAYYI O He who overlooks sins, and does
(i) In each Rakat, after recitation of Suratul Faatihah, recite suratul
AATI WA LAM YUJAAZI BIHAR not inflict punishment in return,
Ikhlaas 50 times.
HAM ABDAKA YAA ALLAHU Have mercy on Thy servant, O
(ii) After Salaam, recite the following Tasbih of Ameerul Momineen
NAFSEE NAFSEE Allah, be sparing with me, save
ALLAHUMMA SALLI ALAA O Allah, send blessings on YAA SAYYIDAAHU I am Thy servant.
MUHAMMADINW WA AALI Muhammad and on the progeny ANAA ABDUKA I am at Thy disposal.
MUHAMMAD of Muhammad. BAYNA YADAYKA O my Lord,
In the name of Allah, the
Beneficent, the Merciful.
Glory be to He Whose signs never
YAA GHIYAATHAAHU Thy servant, Thy servant,

19 20
A’BDUKA A’BDUKA LAA Has no strategy, You are the last SHIQWATEE, YAA SHIQWATEE, Woe to me!
HEELATA LAHOO. YAA stage of his aspirations. YAA D’ULLEE Oh my misery!
MUNTAHA RAGHBATAHU. YAA O He who makes the blood runs YAA D’ULLEE, YAA D’ULLEE Oh my misery!
YAA SAYYIDAAHU O Chief, AW INDA MAN AW Oh my ill-luck!
YAA MAALIKAAHU O Master, KAYFA AW MAA D’AA Oh my ill-luck!
AYAA HUWA, AYAA HUWA It is He Whom I desire, AW ILA AYYI SHAY-IN Oh my ill-luck!
YAA RABBAAHU It is He Whom I desire, ALJAA-U WA MAN ARJOO WA To whom? By whom?
HEELATALI Thy servant, Thy servant, BI-FAZ LIHEE HEENA Or in which place to take shelter?
WA LAA GHINAA BEE AN Has no strategy; TAR FUZ UNEE Who shall pay attention and show
NAFSEE Has nothing of his own, YAA WAASIAL favour to me, when Thou had
WA LAA ASTATEEU LAHAA Has no control over loss, MAGHFIRATI forsaken me?
ZARRAN. WA LAA NAF-AN WA No over profit. WA IN QULTA O Liberal Forgiver,
LAA AJIDU MAN USAANI-UHOO I do not find any one to seek help, NA-A’M KAMAA If it is yes,
TAQATTAAT ASBAABUL so all profitable avenues have HUWAZ ZANNU BIKA As I expect and desire, then it is
KHADAA-I ANNEE WA been blocked, WAR RAJAAA-U LAKA an occasion for joy, I am successful,
AZMAHALLA KULLU All my expectations have turned FAT’OOBAA LEE ANAS I am happy, I have been chosen
MAZNOONIN ANNEE into disappointments, SA-E’EDU WA ANAL to receive (Thy) mercy.
AFRADANID DAHRU ILAYKA Helpless and forsaken I came to MAS-O’ODU FAT’OOBAA LEE And I receive mercy,
FAQUMTU BAYNA YADAYKA Thee, and (now) stand before WA ANAL MARHOOMU O Merciful!
ILAAHEE O my Allah, YAA MUTARA-IFU O Pardoner!
BI-ILMIKA KAANA HAAD’AA Thou art aware of that which YAA MUTA-ATTIFU YAA O Omnipotent!
KULLUHOO I speak about, MUTAJBIRRU YAA O Sovereign!
WA LAYTA SHIA’-REE KAYFA me? LAA AMALA LEE ABLUGHU If I do not have a clean record to
TAQOOLU If I but knew how would Thou BIHEE NAJAAHA HAAJATEE AS- show Thee for obtaining fulfillment
LIDU-A’AA-EE. Dispense with my prayer? A-LUKA BISMIKAL LADEE JA- of my desires, (then) I beseech
ATAQULO NA-’AM Yes? AL TAHOO FEE MAKNOONI Thee in the names of Thy name
AMTAQOOLU LAA Or No? GHAYBIKA WAS TAQARRA which Thou has kept invisible.
FA-IN QULTA LAA If No, INDAKA FALAA YAKHRUJU Safely under Thy control, and
FAYAA WAYLEE Then I am ruined! MINKA ILAA SHAY IN SIWAAKA nothing comes out from there
YAA WAYLEE, YAA WAYLEE I am ruined! AS-A-LUKA BIHEE WA BIKA WA except by Thy leave. I beseech
YAA A’WLEE, YAA A’WLEE I am ruined! BIHEE FA-INNAHOO AJALLU WA Thee by it. For, certainly it is the
YAA A’WLEE Woe to me! ASHRAFU ASMAA-IKA most high and honoured of Thy
YAA SHIQWATEE, YAA Woe to me! LAASHAY-A LEE GHAYRU names, I have nothing to mention

21 22
HAADAA WA LAA AHADA AA except this, And no one is more WA JAMEE-A Livelihood,
WADU ALAYYA MINKA YAA beneficial for me than Thee. HAWAAAIJINAA, Make us repay our debts, and
KAYNOONU,YAA MUKAWWINU O Absolute Being! YAA ALLAHU satisfy all Our wants
YAH MAN ARRAFANEE O creator of creation! YAA ALLAHU And needs,
NAFSAHOO O He Who made my mind and YAA ALLAHU O Allah,
ATIHEE. YAA MAN NAHAANEE O He Who commanded me to QADEER O Allah,
AN MAA SIYATEE. WA YAA obey! ALLAAHUMMA SALLI ALAA Verily Thou art able to do all things.
MAD UWWU. YAA MASOOLU O He Who directed me not to MUHAMMADINW WA AALI O Allah, send blessings on
YAA MATLOOBAN ILAYHI disobey! MUHAMMAD. Muhammad and on the progeny
RAFAZ TUWA- SIYYATAKAL O He Who is besought! of Muhammad.
LATEE AW SAYTANEE. WA LAM O He Who is requested!
FEEMAA AMAR TANEE I overlooked Thy instructions It is also known as “Namaz of Istighaatha”, an appeal. It is a two Rakat
LAKAFAYTANEE MAA QUMTU which Thou gave me and did not Namaz, prayed exactly like Fajr Namaz. After Salaam recite “Salaawaat”,
ILAYKA FEEHI WA ANAA MAA obey Thee, although in that which “Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem” and Tasbih of Fatimah Zahra (s.a.)
MAA SIYATEE LAKA RAAJIN Thou orders me I obey Thee; (but) Allahu Akbar Allah is great,
FALAA TAHUL BAY N E E WA in all events, for my every work I Al Hamdu lillaah Praise be to Allah.
B AYNA MAA RAJAVTU. YAA turn to Thee and Thou effectively Subhaanallaah Glory be to Allah.
MUTARAH IMMAN LEE A-IDNEE accomplishes it. Inspite of my Laa ilaaha illallaah There is no god save Allah.
MIN BAYNI YADAYYA WA MIN transgression I am hopeful of Thy (i) Then go into Sajdah and recite the following 100 times:
KHALFEE WA MIN FAWQEE WA kindness, so do not let my hope Yaa mawlaatee Yaa Faatimata Aghithnee.
MIN TAHTEE WA MIN KULLI remain unfulfilled, O Master! O Fatimah! Come to my help!
JIHAATIL IHAATATI BEE O the Most Merciful, keep me safe, (ii) Rise, go into Sajdah, and putting the right cheek on the Sajdagah,
A L L A H U M M A under Thy protection, from (all recite the above Dua 100 times.
BIMUHAMMADIN SAYYIDEE evils) that are before me, behind (iii) Rise, go into Sajdah and recite the above Dua 100 times.
WA BI-ALLIYYIN WALIYYEE me, above me, below me, and (iv) Rise, go into Sajdah and putting the left cheek on the Sajdagah,
WA BIL-AA-IMATIR surround me from all sides, recite the above Dua 100 times.
RAASHIDEENA O my Allah, (v) Rise, go into Sajdah, recite the above Dua 100 times, and in Sajdah,
ALAYHIMUS SALAAMUJ- For the sake of my master, beseech Allah to fulfil your legimate desires, or seek His help to remove
ALALAYNAA Muhammad. And my Chief, Ali your hardships.
SALAWAATIKA (a.s.), And the Righteous Holy Namaz of Fatimah Zahra (s.a.) (2)
WA RAAFATAKA WA Imams, Peace be on them. This namaz is prayed to seek fulfillment of legimate desires. It can be
RAHMATAKA, Bestow Thy blessings (on us) prayed any time, on any day, but Friday is strongly recomemded.
W A AWSIA ALAYNAA MIN Treat us kindly, and have mercy Pray this Namaz exactly like Fajr, Namaz, with the following adjustments.
RIZQIKA (on us), (i) In the first Rakat, after recitaion of Suratul Fatihah, recite Suratul
WAQZI ANNAD DAYNA And multiply our Qadr 100 times.
(ii) In the second Rakat, after recitation of Suratul Fatihah, recite suratul

23 24
Ikhlaas 100 times. After Salaam recite “Salawaat’, “Bismillahir-Rahmaanir ILAAHUN YUKHSHAA, god to be feared;
Raheem”, and Tasbih of Fatimah Zahra (s.a.) YAA MAN LAYSA DOONAHOO O He, except Whom, there is no
Then recite the following Dua: MALIKUN YUTTAQAA, Master, to be obeyed;
ALLAHUMMA SALLI ALAA O Allah, send blessings on YAA MAN LAYSA LAHOO O He, except Who has no
MUHAMMADINW WA AALI Muhammad and on the progeny of WAZEERUN YOO-TAA, counselor to be approached,
MUHAMMAD. BISMILLAHIR Muhammad. YAA MAN LAYSA LAHOO O He, Who has no attendant to be
RAHMAANIR RAHEEM. In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, HAAJIBUN YURSHAA, bribed;
SUBHAANA ZIL IZZISH the Merciful. YAA MAN LAYSA LAHOO O He, Who has no doorkeeper, to
SHAAMIKHIL MUNEEF, Glory be to the Lord of Honour, and BAWWAABUN YUGHSHAA, be fooled;
SUBHAANA ZIL JALAALIL Sublime Authority; YAA MAN LAA YAZDADO O He, Who gives not but
BAAZIKHIL AZEEM, Glory be to the Lord of Majesty and ALAA KATHRATIS SOO AALI generously and liberally, (No
SUBHAANA ZIL MULKIL Exalted Greatness; ILLAA KARAMAN matter) how many are the
FAKHERIL QADEEM. Glory be to the Lord of eternal Pride. WO JOODAN WA ALAA demands,
SUBHAANA MAN TARADDA Glory be to He Who is Splendour K ATHRATID DUNOOBI ILLAA And (deals out) with numerous sins
BINNURI WAL WAQARI. and Beauty; AFWA N WA SAFHAN SALLI but mercifully and kindly;
SUBHAANA MAL-LABISAL Glory be to He Who is Light and ALAA MUHAMMADIN WA AALI Send blessings on Muhammad
BAHJATA WAL JAMAAL, Dignity; MUHAMMAD. and his Progeny,
SUBHAANA MAN YARAA Glory be to He Who makes out the WAF AL BEE KADAA WA And do (as I request)… (mention
ATHARAN NAMLI FISSAFAA, footprints of the ant on the stone; KADAA your desires).
SUBHAANA MAN YARAA WAQ Glory be to He Who knows (the
ATTAYRI FIL HAWAAA, exact time and place) the bird dips NAMAZ OF IMAM HASAN (A.S.)
SUBHAANA MAN HUWA HAA down through the air;
KADAA LAA HAAKADAA Glory be to He Who is like this and It is a 4 rakat Namaz.
GHAYRUH. no one (other than Him) is like this. In each rakat, after recitation of suratul Faatihah, recite suratul Ikhlaas
ALLAHUMMA SALLI ALAA O Allah, send blessings on 25 times. After Salaam recite the following dua:
MUHAMMADINW WA AALI Muhammad and on the progeny of ALLAHUMMA SALLI ALAA O Allah send blessings on
MUHAMMAD. Muhammad. MUHAMMADINW WA AALI Muhammad and on the children of
MUHAMMAD. Muhammad.
(iv) Go into Sajdah and beseech Allah for obtaining fulfillment of your
BISMILLAHIR RAHMAANIR In the name of Allah the Beneficent
legitimate desires. (v) And recite the following Dua:
RAHEEM. the Merciful.
ALLAHUMMA SALLI ALAA O Allah, send blessings on
MUHAMMADINW WA AALI Muhammad and on the progeny
QARRABU ILAYKA BIJOODIKA I come near to Thee, towards Thy
MUHAMMAD. of Muhammad.
WA KARAMIKA. liberal beneficence and generous
BISMILLAHIR RAHMAANIR In the name of Allah, the
RAHEEM. Beneficent, the Merciful.
BIMUHAMMADIN ABDIKA WA I come near to Thee, in the name
YAA MAN LAYSA GHAYRAHOO O He, besides Whom, there is no
RASOOLIKA of Muhammad, Thy servant, Thy
RABBUN YUDAA, lord, to be invoked,
YAA MAN LAYSA FAWQAHOO O He, above Whom, there is no

25 26
WA ATAQARRABO ILAYKA I come near to Thee, in the name TARHAMNAA Now if Thou does not take a lenient
B I M A L A - I K AT E K A L of Thy close Angels, And LANAKOONANNA MINAL view, and have mercy on us,
MUQARRABIN WA AMBIYAAIKA Prophets, And Messengers, That KHAASIREENA We shall always be among the
WAROSOLIKA AN TOSALLIYA blessings are sent on Muhammad, WA NAADAAKA NOOHUN losers.”
ALA MUHAM-MADIN ABDEKA Thy servant and Thy Messenger, FASTAHABTA LAHO WA And Nooh cried unto Thee, then
WA RASOOLIKA WA ALAA AALI and on the children of NAJJAYTAHOO WA AHLAHOO Thou heard his prayer, and kept
MUHAMMAD WA AN Muhammad, and that comfort and MINAL KARBIL AZEEMI WA him and his companions safe
TUQEELANEE ASHRATEE WA happiness are made available for ATFAAATA NAARA NAMROODA From the terrible catastrophe.
TASTURA ALAYYA DUNOOBEE me, My sins are kept hidden, And AN KHALEELIKA IBRAAHEEMA Thou put out the fire set burning
W A TAGHFIRAHAA LEE WA forgiven; My wants and needs FAJA-AL TAHAA BARDAN WA by Namrood, for Ibraaheem, Thy
TAQZIYA LEE HAWAA-IJEE WA favourably taken care of, And I am SALAAMAN friend, who came out from it hail
LAA TU – ADDIBANEE not punished for shortcomings. Do WA ANTAL LAD IS – TAJABTA LI and hearty.
BIQABEEHIN KAANA MINNEE FA what is good for me for surely Thou AYYOOBA Thou art He Who heard the prayer
INNA AFWAKA WA JOODAKA very kindly and lovingly takes care ID NAADAA RABBAHOO INNEE of Ayyoob, when he cried unto his
YASA UNEE INNAKA ALAA of me. Certainly Thou art able to MASSANIYAZ ZURRU Lord: “Truly, I am hard-pressed and
KULLI SHAYIN QADEER do all things. O Allah send WA ANTA ARHAMUR concerned by losses and damages,
ALLAHUMMA SALLI ALAA blessings on Muhammad and on RAAHIMEEN and Thou art Most Merciful of all
MUHAMMADINW WA AALI the children of Muhammad. FAKASHAFTA MAA BIHEE MIN who show mercy.”
MUHAMMAD. ZURRIN WA AATAYTAHOO Then Thou dispersed hardships that
NAMAZ OF IMAM HUSAIN (A.S.) AHLAHOO were bothering him gave him back
It is 4 rakat Namaz. WA MITHLAHUM MA-AHUM his family,
In each rakat recite Suratul Fatihah 50 times and Suratul Ikhlaas 50 RAHMATAN MIN INDIKA WA And the like thereof along with
times. DIKRAA LI-OOLIL AL-BAABI them, a mercy from Thy store, and
In every Rukoo and Sajdah recite Suratul Fatihah and Suratul Ikhlaas 10 WA ANTAL LADIS TAJABTA LI- a remembrance for men of
times each. DAN NOONI HEENA understanding.
After Salaam recite the following dua: NAADAAKA FIZ ZULUMAATI Thou art He Who heard the prayer
O Allah! Send blessings on
MUHAMMADINW WA AALI SUBHAANAKA cried unto Thee in the darkness:
Muhammad and on the children
MUHAMMAD INNEE KUNTU MINAZ “There is no god save Thee. Be
of Muhammad
BISMILLAHIR RAHMAANIR ZAALIMEEN Thou glorified. Surely I have been
In the name of Allah the
Beneficent, the Merciful.
ALLAHUMMA ANTAL LADIS GHAMMI Then Thou saved him from anguish.
O My Allah!
TAJABTA LI AADAMA WA WA ANTAL LADIS – TAJABTA Thou art He Who heard the prayers
Thou art He Who heard the prayers
of Adam and Hawwaa when they
ANFUSANAA QUL TA QAD UJEEBAT DAA- Thou said, “Your prayer is heard.
“O our Lord we did not listen to
the voice of our conscience.

27 28
WA AGHRAQTA FIR-O’ONA WA Firawn (Pharoah) and his people WA TAYYIB BAQIYYATA And kindly accept them
QAWMAHOO WA GHAFARTA LI- were drowned. HAYAATEE Make what is left in my life pure
DAAWOODA DAMBAHOO Thou had forgiven mistakes WA TAYYIB WAFAATEE and pleasant, and make easy for
WA TUBTA ALAYHI RAHMATAN committed by Dawood, and WAKHLUFNEE FEEMAN me my death,
MINKA WA DIKRAA relented towards him through Thy AKHLUFU Let me make amends and
WA FADAYTA ISMAA-E-EELA mercy and glory. WAHFAZNEE compensate for misdeeds.
BI-DIBHIN AZEEM BAA-DA Thou ransomed Ismaa-eel with a YAA RABBI Protect me.
MAA ASLAMA WA TALLAHOO “Zibhin Azeem” (great sacrifice), BI-DU-A’AA-EE O my Lord!
LILJABEENI when they had both surrendered WAJ-AL DURRIYYATEE I call upon Thee.
FANAADAYTAHOO BILFARAJI (to Allah), and he had flung him TAYYIBATAN Make my children pure and
WAR RAVHI down upon his face. Then he TAHOOTUHAA chaste.
WA ANTAL LADEE NAADAAKA received the news of joy and relief. BIHIYAATATIKA Surround them with Thy reliable
ZAKARIYYAA Thou art He unto Whom Zakariyya BIKULLI MAA HUTUTA BIHEE protection,
NIDAAA-AN KHAFIYYAN cried, DURRIYYATA AHADEEN MIN To save them from all that which
FAQAALA RABBI INNEE A cry in secret. Saying: “My Lord! AWLIYAA-IKA WA AHLI TAA- degrade and humiliate;
WAHANAL AZMU MINNEE Surely my bones are weak and ATIKA BIRAHMATIKA Children, every one of them to be
WASHTA-ALAR RAASU unsteady, my head is full of grey YAA ARHAMAR RAAHIMEEN among Thy close confidants and
SHAYBAN hair, And I have never been YAA MAN HUWA ALAA KULLI obedient servants, through Thy
WA LAM AKUN BIDU-A’AA-IKA deprived of blessings whenever I SHAY IN RAQEEBUN WA LIKULLI mercy.
RABBI SHAQIYYAN prayed to Thee, O my Lord.” DAA-IN MIN KHALAQIKA O the Most Merciful,
WA QULTA YAD-O’ONANAA Thou said: “They cried unto Me in MUJEEBUN O He who watches over all things,
RAGHABAN WA RAHABAN WA longing and in fear, and were WA MIN KULLI SAAA-ILIN And gives answer to all those who
KAANOO LANAA KHAASHI- submissive unto Me.” QAREEBUN cry unto Him;
E’ENA Thou art He Who hears the prayers AS-ALUKA And is near to all those who make
WA ANTAL LADIS TAJABTA LIL of those who believe and do good YAA LAA ILAAHA a request.
LADEENA AAMANOO WA deeds, Gives them more and ILLAA ANTAL I beseech Thee,
AMILUS SAALIHAATI more of Thy bounties. HAYYUL QAYYOOMUL O “There is no god save Thou,
LIYAZEEDAHUM MIN FAZLIKA So count me not among the AHADUS S’AMADUL LADEE The Everliving, the Everlasting,
FALAA TAJ-A’LNEE MIN unimportant (people) who call on LAM YALID WA LAM YOOLAD One, Independent, Who begets
AHWANID DAA-E’ENA LAKA and turn to WA LAM YAKUL LAHOO not nor was begotten, and there is
WAR RAAGHIBEENA ILAYKA Thee (in vain). Give answer to my KUFUWAN AHAD WA BIKULLIS- none comparable unto Him.”
WASTAJIB LEE KAMAS-TAJABTA prayer just as Thou heard the MIN In the name of all (Thy) Names,
LAHUM BIHAQQIHIM ALAYKA prayers of those whom Thou found RAFAA-TA BIHEE Thou employed to raise the sky,
FATAHHIRNEE BITATHEERIKA WA worthy of Thy attention SAMAAA-AKA. WA FARASHTA To spread out the earth,
TAQABBAL SALAATEE So purify me with Thy purity, BIHEE ARZAKA To set up the mountains,
WA DU-A’AA-EE Listen to my prayer and WA ARSAYTA BIHIL JIBAALA. To make water run its course,
BIQABOOLIN HASANIN supplication, WA AJRAYTA BIHIL MAAA-A To keep in control the clouds, the

29 30
WA SAKHKHAR TA BIHIS sun, the moon, the stars, the IBRAAHEEMAL KHALEELA beloved one as the Imam,
S A H A A B A WASH SHAMSA nights, IMAMAA For certainly, with Thy consent and
WAL QAMARA WAN NUJOOMA And the days, (so that they work FA-INAA BI TAWFEEQIKA guidance, the chosen successful
WAL LAYLA WAN NAHAAR as Thou wills); YAFOOZUL FAAA-IZOONA attain their end;
WA KHALAQTAL KHALAA-IQA And thus Thou brought into WA YATOOBUT TAA IBOONA Turn repentant to Thee the
KULLAHA existence all creations. WA YAA BUDUKAL penitent;
AS-ALUKA BI-AZAMATI I beseech Thee, AABIDOONA Worship Thee the devotees;
WAJHIKAL AZEEMIL LADEEE. In the name of Thy Sublime WA BITASDEEDIKA With the help of Thy “True Path”,
ASHRAQAT LAHUS Glory which lighted up the YASLUHUS SAALIHOONAL Remain upright the honest,
SAMAAWAATU WAL ARZO heavens and the earth. MUHSINOONAL praiseworthy and secluded
FA-AZ AA-AT BIHIZ Darkness spread far and wide over M U K H B I T O O N A L worshippers,
ZULUMAATU them, A’ABIDOONA LAKAL KHAA- And take refuge with Thee. On
ILLAA SALLAYTA ALAA Unless “Durood” was recited for IFOONA MINKA WA BI- account of the direction in the right
MUHAMMADINW WA AALI Muhammad and the children of IRSHAADIKA way,
MUHAMMAD Muhammad. NAJAN NAAJOONA MIN (Thou shows) the relieved save
WA KAFAYTANEE AMRA MA- Free me from the worries of life in NAARIKA themselves from the fire,
A’ASHEE WA MA-A’ADEE this world and spare me in the WA ASHFAQA MINHAL and those who remain on guard
WA ASLAHTA LEE SHAANE other world. MUSHFIQOONA MIN against evil get mercy and
KULLAHOO Make better all my affairs. KHALQIKA forgiveness.
WA LAM TAKILNEE ILAA Do not let me rely upon my “Nafs” WA BI-KHID LAANIKA When forsaken by Thee the triers
NAFSEE TARFATA AYNIN (source of vain desires and KHASIRAL MUBTILOONA suffer losses,
WA ASLAHTA AMREE passions) for a flash of an eye. WA HALAKAZ ZAALIMOONA The (transgressing) oppressors are
WA AMRA IYAALEE Set my affairs right, and affairs of WA GHAFALAL GHAAFILOON cast into Hell,
WA KAFAYTANEE HAMMAHUM my dependents. Keep away from ALLAHUMMA The careless are neglected.
WA AGHNAYTANEE me sorrows and poverty, Make me AATI NAFSEE TAQWAAHAA O my Allah!
WA IYYAHUM MIN KANZIKA independent. Give them from FA-ANTA WALIYYUHAA Give me peace of mind (a restful
WA KHAZAAA-INIKA Thy unknown treasures. WA ANTA KHAYRU MAN soul),
WASA-A’TI FAZLIKAL LADEE Multiply Thy favours that do not ZAKKAYAAHAA For Thou controls the soul, and
LAA YANFADU ABADAN ever run out. Let my mind know ALLAHUMMA refines him who keeps it pure.
YANAABEE-ALHIKMATIL LATEE And stand firm so that it fills me WA ALHIMHAA Render it clear and let it feel
TANFA-UNEE BIHAA MINAR with wisdom that makes me fit for TAQWAAHAA WA relieved,
TAZAYTA MIN IBAADIKA the company of Thy servants. BASHSHIRHA. BIRAHMATIKA Overfill it with wisdom and piety,
WAJ-AL LEE MINAL Put me among the God fearing HEENA TATAQAWWAAHAA bless it with inner satisfaction,
MUTTAQEENA FEE AAKHIRIZ when Thou will send the Last WA NAZZILHAA MINAL Through Thy mercy, when Thou
KAMAA JA-ALTA Just as Thou elected Ibraheem, the TAYYIB And let it take quarters in the

31 32
WAFATAHAA pleasant surroundings of the YAA MUBTADI-AN grants amnesty! O He Who fulfils
WA MAHYAAHAA exalted sanctuary, Make it noble, BIN NI-A’MI QABLAS hopes and expectations! O He
WA AKRIM MUNQALABAHAA Let it grow in substance, and TIH’QAAQIHAA Who takes initiative to bestow
WA MATH WAAHA develop, Be kind when its turn YAA RABBANAA WA benefits before they become due!
WA MUSTAQARRAHAA WA comes to depart, And when it S AYYIDANAA WA O our Lord! O our Chief! O our
MAAWAAHAA reaches the permanent abode, MAWLAANAA YAA GHAAYATA Master! O Sole purpose of our
FA-ANTA WALIYYUHAA WA To live there for ever, allow it to RAGHBATINAA AS ALUKA love!
MAWLAAHAA dwell in Paradise, Because Thou ALLAHUMMA AND TUSALLIYA I beseech Thee, O my Allah,
ALLAHUMMA SALLI ALAA art its Friend, and its Master. ALAA MUHAMMADINW WA To send blessings on Muhammad
MUHAMMADINW WA AALI O Allah! Send blessings on AALI MUHAMMAD and on the children of
MUHAMMAD Muhammad and on the children Muhammad.
of Muhammad.
It is a four rakat Namaz. It is a 2 rakat Namaz.
In each rakat after Suratul Fatihah recite Suratul Ikhlaas 100 times. In each rakat after recitation of Suratul Fatihah recite 100 times
After Salaam recite the following dua: Subhaanallahi wal Hamdu lillaahi wa laa ilaaha illallaahu wallaahu
ALLAHUMMA SALLI ALAA O Allah! Send blessings on
After salaam recite the following dua:
MUHAMMADINW WA AALI Muhammad and on the children
ALLAHUMMA SALLI ALAA Allah! Send blessings on
MUHAMMAD of Muhammad.
MUHAMMADINW WA AALI Muhammad and on the children
BISMILLAHIR RAHMAANIR In the name of Allah the
MUHAMMAD of Muhammad.
RAHEEM Beneficent the Merciful.
BISMILLAHIR RAHMAANIR In the name of Allah, the
YAA MAN AZHARAL JAMEEL O He Who makes known what is
RAHEEM Beneficent, the Merciful.
WA SATARAL QABEEH good and beautiful, and covers up
YAA MAN LAM YOO-AAKHID ugliness and defects.
INNE AS ALUKA I beseech Thee.
BIL JAREERATI O He Who does not demand
YAA HALEEM O Gentle and Considerate, Who
WA LAM YAHTIKIS SITRA submission under duress, with
DOO ANAATIN is Tolerant, and gives respite;
YAA AZEEMAL AFWI tying ropes and shackling chains,
YAA HASANAT TAJAAWUZI And does not withdraw
AN TATAJAAWAZA AN Overlooks my mistakes.
SAYYI-AATEE Good that I have is from Thee,
YAA BAASITAL YADAYNI BIR O Generous Pardoner! O Subtle
WA MAA INDEE BIHUSNE And that which Thou bestows on
RAHMATI Indulgent! O Free-handed lavish
MAA INDAKA me from Thy free gifts makes me
YAA SAAHIBA KULLI NAJWAA Forgiver! O Open-handed
YAA MUNTAHAA KULLI Merciful! O He Who brings every
MIN ATAAA-IKA. MAA YASA Thou encourages me and guides
SHAKWAA fugutive to a place of safety!
UNEE. WA TULHIMANEE me while I make efforts in
YAA KAREEMAS SAFHI O the Ulimate Relief of every
FEEMAA AA TAYTANIL AMALA obedience to Thy commands and
YAA AZEEMAR RAJAAAI sufferer! O He Who overlooks, and

33 34
FEEHI BITAA ATIKA WA T’AA-A’TI Thy WA YAA AALIMA KULLI O He who knows the obscure and
RASOOLIKA. WA AN TUA Messenger’s instructions; and KHAFIYYATIN the unseen!
TIYANEE MIN AFWIKA MAA what Thou gives me freely from WA YAA SHAAHIDU GHAYRA O He Who is present everywhere
ASTAWJIBU BIHEE Thy bounties is Thy kindest GHAAAIBIN without being absent from any
AA-TINEE MAA ANTA O My Allah! MAGHLOOBIN O He Who prevails, and is never
AHLUHOO. WA LAA TAFAL BEE Give me that which befits Thee. WA YAA QAREEBU GHAYRA dominated!
MAA ANAA AHLUHOO. FA Do not do that which I deserve. BAEEDIN O He who is near, and is never out
INNAMAA ANAA BIKA. WA Only that I am Your slave. WA YAA MOONISA KULLI of reach!
LAM USIB KHAYRAN QATTU Do not make me ever run after WAHEEDIN O Companion of every unattended
ILLAA MINKA. YAA ABSARAL anything desirable except it WA YAA HAYYU MUHYI-YAL desolate!
ABSAREEN. WA YAA ASMA-AS comes from Thee. MAWTAA O Everliving, Who brings the dead
SAMIEEN. WA YAA AHKAMAL O The Best of all those who hear WA MUMEETAL AHYAAAIL to life,
H’AAKIMEEN. WA YAA JAARAL and pay attention! QAAIMU ALAA KULLI NAFSIN And makes the living dead,
MUSTAJEEREEN. WA YAA O The Best of All Those who BIMAA KASABAT Everlasting vigilant over all souls
MUJEEBA DAA-WATIL exercise authority and judge! WA YAA HAYYAN HEENA LAA for that which they have earned!
MUZTARREEN SALLI ALAA Send blessings on Muhammad HAYYA O He Who was (ever) alive when
MUHAMMADINW WA AALI and on the children of LAA ILAAHA ILLAA ANTA nothing existed!
MUHAMMAD. Muhammad. SALLI ALAA MUHAMMADINW There is no god except Thou.
WA AALI MUHAMMAD Send blessings on Muhammad
and on the children of
It is a 2 rakat Namaz. Muhammad.
In each rakat, after recitation of Suratul Fatihah, recite Aayaatush NAMAZ OF IMAM MOOSA AL-KAZIM (A.S.)
Shahaadat: It is a 2 rakat Namaz.
100 times (see selected Soorahs and Duas vol. Two) In each rakat after recitation of Suratul Fatihah recite Suratul Ikhlaas 12
After Salaam recite the following dua: times.
ALLAHUMMA SALLI ALAA O Allah! Send blessings on
After Salaam recite the following dua:
MUHAMMADINW WA AALI Muhammad and on the children
MUHAMMAD of Muhammad. In the name of ALLAHUMMA SALLI ALAA O Allah! Send blessings on
BISMILLAHIR RAHMAANIR Allah, the Beneficent, the MUHAMMADINW WA AALI Muhammad and on the children
RAHEEM Merciful. MUHAMMAD of Muhammad.
YAA SAANIA KULLI MASNOOIN O Artist Creator of all things that BISMILLAAHIR RAHMAANIR In the name of Allah the
YAA JAABIRA KULLI KASEERIN has been created! RAHEEM Beneficent, the Merciful.
WA YAA HAAZIRA KULLI O He Who joins together separate ILAAHEE KHASHA-ATIL My Allah! Submissive all voices are
MALAA-IN bones! ASWAATU LAKA low and hushed before Thee.
W A YAA SHAAHIDA KULLI O He Who is everywhere! WA ZALLATIL AHLAAMU FEEKA Lost and bewildered are minds and
NAJWAA O He Who is aware of all secrets! thoughts in Thy “supreme being”.

35 36
W A WAJILA KULLU SHAYIN Everything stands in awe of Thee. NAMAZ OF IMAM ALI AR-RIZAA (A.S.)
MINKA Everything takes refuge with Thee. It is a 6 rakat Namaz.
WA HARABA KULLU SHAYIN Everything takes refuge with Thee. In each rakat, after recitation of Suratul Fatihah, recite Sooratul Dahr
ILAIKA. WA ZAAQATIL In trouble and distress are all things (Hal Ataa) 10 times.
ASHYAAAU DOONAKA if cut off from Thee. After Salaam recite the following Dua:
WA MALAA-A KULLA SHAYIN Filled with Thy “Light” are all
FEE JALAALIKA Thou art sublime in Thy majesty. MUHAMMADINW WA AALI Muhammad and on the children
WA ANTAL BAHIYYU FEE Thou art elegantly Resplendent in MUHAMMAD. BISMILLAHIR of Muhammad. In the name of
JAMAALIKA. WA ANTAL Thy graceful purity. RAHMAANIR RAHEEM Allah the Beneficent, the Merciful.
AZEEMU FEE QUDRATIKA Thou art Absolute in Thy authority. YAA SAAHIBEE FEE SHIDDATEE O my Beloved Favourite in my
WA ANTAL LADEE Thou art He Whom nothing can do WA YAA WALIYYEE FEE NIA comforts!
LAA YA UDUKA SHAY-UN any harm. MATEE O my Allah, And Allah of
YAA MUNZILA NIA – MATEE O Bestower of bounties! WA YAA ILAAHEE. WA ILAAHA Ibraaheem,
YAA MUFFARRIJA KURBATEE O Disperser of sorrows! IBRAAHEEMA. WA ISMAA- And Ismaa-eel, And Ishaaq,
WA YAA QAAZIYA HAAJATEE O Fulfiller of desires! E’EELA. WA ISHAAQA WA And Yaaqoob.
AA TINEE MASALATEE BI LAA Give me what I desire, in the YAAQOOBA WA RABBA KAAAF O Lord Of Kaaaf haa yaa ayyyn
ILAAHA ILLAA ANTA name of “There is no god except HAA YAA AYYYN SAAAD WA saaad And yaa seeen And the
MUKHLISAN LAKA DEENEE I seek refuge with Thee, sincere in HAKEEM I beseech Thee, O He Who grants
ASBAHTU ALAA AHDIKA my faith for Thee, and live in the AS ALUKA YAA AHSANA MAN favour to him who makes a
WA WAA DIKA hope of Thy promise and surety, SUILA WA request! O He Who does good to
MAS TAT AA TU ABOO-U which have the credentials to give YAA KHAYRA MAN DU-IYA him who calls! O He Who fills to
LAKA BIN NIAMATI hope of Thy bounties, and WA YAA AJWADA MAN AATAA over flowing whom He gives! O
WAS TAGHFIRUKA forgiveness of sins, WA YAA KHAYRA MURTAJAA Generous Merciful Who is
MINAD DUNBOOBIL LATEE That cannot be done by any one AS-ALUKA implored and entreated!
HUWA FEE ULUWWIHEE O He who is near and close at hand MUHAMMADINW WA AALI To send blessings on
DAANIN though highest, and in His MUHAMMAD Muhammad and on the children
WA FEE DUNUWWIHEE AALIN nearness is the Highest High, of Muhammad.
WA FEE ISHRAAQIHE In His splendour the Resplendent,
MUNEERUN And in His authority the Most
QAWIYYUN Send blessings of Muhammad It is a 2 rakat Namaz.
SALLI ALAA MUHAMMADINW and on the children of In each rakat, after recitation of Suratul Fatihah, recite Suratul Ikhlaas 70
WA AALI MUHAMMAD Muhammad. times.
After Salaam recite the following Dua:

37 38
ALLAHUMMA SALLI ALAA O Allah! Send Blessings on ALLAHUMMA SALLI ALAA O Allah! Send blessings on
MUHAMMADINW WA AALI Muhammad and on the children MUHAMMADINW WA AALI Muhammad and on the children
RAHMAANIR RAHEEM In the name of Allah the BISMILLAHIR RAHMAANIR In the name of Allah the
ALLAHUMMA RABBAL Beneficent, the Merciful. RAHEEM Beneficent, the Merciful,
ARWAAHIL FAANIYATI. WAL O My Allah! YAA BAAARRU O The Foremost Beneficent!
AJSAADIL BAALIYATI. AS-ALUKA Lord of the fleeting frail souls, YAA WASOOLU O Object of Love!
BITAA ATIL ARWAAHIR RAAJI ATI And perishable bodies! YAA SHAHIDA KULLI O He Who see every unseen!
ILAA AJSAADIHAA. WA BI TAA I beseech Thee, GHAAAIBIN O He Who is near without being
ATIL AJSAADIL MULTA IMATI In the name of Thy word WA YAA QAREEBU GHAYRA BA- away (from any other thing)!
BI URUWUQIHAA WA BI summoning all of them before E’EDIN O He Who (always) prevails (but)
KALIMATIKAN NAAFID ATI Thy court of justice, to hear and WA YAA GHAALIBU GHAYRA is never overpowered!
BAYNAHUM. WA AKHDIKAL learn from them what actually MAGHLOOBIN O He Whom no one knows how
HAQQA MINHUM. WAL they did; and the whole created WA YAA MAN LAA YAA LAMU He is,
KHALAAAIQU BAYNA YADAYKA beings standing before Thee KAYFA HUWA Except He!
YANTAZIROONA FASLA waiting for Thy decisive ILLA HUWA O He Whose authority no one can
RAHMATIKA. WA Hoping for Thy mercy, afraid of QUDRATUHOO I beseech Thee,
YAKHAAFOONA IQAAB AK A Thy punishment, to send AS-ALUKA O My Allah,
SALLI ALAA MUHAMMADINW blessings on Muhammad and on ALLAHUMMA In Thy name, well guarded,
WA AALI MUHAMMAD. WAJ the children of Muhammad, and BISMIKAL MAKNOONIL treasured, concealed,
ALIN NOORA FEE BASAREE . make me see things clearly and MAKHZOONIL MAKTOOM From whom Thou wills,
WAL YAQEENA FEE QALBEE discern, AMMAN SHITAT Pure, Purified, Holy,
WA DHIKRAKA BIL LAYLI WAN Have sure belief in truth, TAAHIRAL MUTAHHARIL Pure Light, Everliving,
NAHAARI ALAA LISAANEE Remember Thee, day and night, MUQADDAIN NOORIT Everlasting,
WA AMLAN SAALIHAN And live a virtuous life, TAAMMIL HAYYIL Greatest,
FARZUQNEE. ALLAHUMMA Free of sins. O Allah! Send QAYYOOMIL AZEEM Light of the Heavens,
SALLI ALAA MUHAMMADINW Blessings on Muhammad and on NOORIS SAMAAWAATI WA And Light of the earths,
WA AALI MUHAMMAD the children of Muhammad. NOORI ARZEENA Knower of the unseen,
A’ALIL AZEEM Send blessings on Muhammad
It is a 2 rakat Namaz. SALLI ALAA MUHAMMADINW and on the children of
In the first rakat recite Suratul Fatihah and Sooratul Yaa Seeen. WA AALI MUHAMMAD Muhammad.
In the second rakat recite Sooratul Fatihah and Sooratul Rahmaan.
After Salaam recite the following Dua:

39 40
It is a 4 rakat Namaz. In the first rakat, after the recitation of Suratul WA AS-ALUKA Beneficent, the Merciful.
Faatihah, recite Suratul zilzaal 15 times. In the 2nd rakat after Surah BI ANNAKA ANTALLAAHU And I beseech Thee, (with sure
Hamd recite Surah Tawheed 15 times. belief that) Thou art Allah,
After Salaam recite the following dua: There is no god except Thou,
The Single Unique,
ALLAHUMMA SALLI ALAA O Allah! Send blessings on AHADUS SAMADUL LADEE The One and Ever – Independent,
MUHAMMADINW WA AALI Muhammad and on the children LAM YALID WA LAM YOOLAD Who gives birth to no one, nor any
MUHAMMAD of Muhammad. WA LAM YAKULLAHOO one gave birth to Him,
BISMILLAHIR RAHMAANIR In the name of Allah, the KUFUWAN AHAD And there is none comparable (or
RAHEEM Beneficent, the Merciful. WA AS-ALUKA like) unto Him
ALLAHUMMA O My Allah! And I beseech Thee,
I beseech Thee, (with sure belief that) Thou art
Because (all) praise is for Thee, Allah,
BI ANNA LAKAL HAMDA There is no god except Thou, the LATEEFUL KHABEERUL there is no god except Thou,
LAA ILAAHA ILLAA ANTAL Ever Foremost First, before all QAAAIMU ALAA KULLI the Subtle, the All-Aware,
BADEEEU QABLA KULLI SHAYIN things, NAFSIN Vigilant and Enduring over every
WA LAA ILAAHA ILLAA ANTAL Everlasting, So that it earns the daily bread and
LADEE (and) there is no god except Thou, gathers knowledge, the Preserver,
nothing can sneak away from WA AS-ALUKA the Protector. And I beseech Thee,
Thee, BI ANNAKALLAAHUL (with sure belief that) Thou art
Thou, at all times, exercises AWWALU QABLA KULLI SHAYIN Allah,
universal authority. WAL AAKHIRU BAADA The Ever-Foremost, before
LAA ILAAHA ILLAA ANTA There is no god except Thou, existence of all things,
KHAALIQU MAA YURAA Creator of that which his seen, and The Ever-Lasting, after all things
WA MAA LAA YURAA that which is not seen, fully aware disappear,
AL A’ALIMU BIKULLI SHAYIN of all things, Who penetrates the heart of
Not needing any source of AZZAAARRUN NAAFIUL everything,
information. The Punisher, the Rewarder,
I beseech Thee, The Wise, the All-Knowing,
BI AAALAAA-IKA In the name of the benefits Thou BI ANNAKA ANTALLAAHU And I beseech Thee,
WA NAA MAAA IKA distributes freely, and the bounties LAA ILAAHA ILLAA ANTAL (with sure belief that) Thou art
BI ANNAKALLAAHUR Thou bestows generously, HAYYUL QAYOOMUL Allah,
RABBUL WAAHID (referring to the fact that) certainly BAAITHUL WAARITHUL there is no god except Thou,
LAA ILAAHA ILLAA ANTAT Thou art Allah, the Ever-living, Everlasting, the
the One and Only Lord, there is Cause, the inheritance, the

41 42
BADEEUS SAMAAWAATI WAL Compassionate, the Benefactor, WA ANTAL MUSTA AANO We call upon Thee for help.
ARZ Creator of the heavens and the WA ILAYKAL MUSHTAKAA We refer our grief and sorrow to
WA DUT TAWLI The Majestic Lord, the Loving FISHSHIDDATI We have full faith in Thee,
Lord, WAR RAKHAAA-I in the time of distress
The Generous Lord, ALLAHUMMA as well as in good fortune.
WA DUS SULTAAN The Honourable Lord, SALLI ALAA O Allah, send blessings
AHATTA BIKULLI SHAYIN ILMAN There is no god except Thou, WA AALI MUHAMMAD and on the children of
ADADAA everythings, FARAZTA ALAYNAA The Ulil Amr (authority),
SALLI ALAA MUHAMMADINW Send blessings on Muhammad TAA ATAHUM obedience to whom
WA AALI MUHAMMAD and on the children of WA ARRAFTANAA has been made obligatory,
Muhammad. BIDHAALIKA MANZILATAHUM Through which their high status has
FAFARRIJ ANNAA been made known.
BIHAQQIHIM FARAJAN Therefore let there be joy after
AAJILAN QAREEBAN sorrow for us for their sake,
This Namaz is highly effective to disperse calamities, and to remove
hardships and difficulties. It is a 2 rakat Namaz, prayed exactly like the
AW HUWA AQRAB in the twinkle of an eye, more
Fajr Namaz, on Friday, with the following adjustments: (i) In the 1st
and the 2nd rakat, while reciting Suratul Fatihah, when you come to
iyyaaka naa budu wa iyyaka nastaeen. Recite this 100 times, then
continue to recite the Surah in full, and then recite Suratul Ikhlaas.
(ii) After Salaam, recite the following Dua:
ALLAHUMMA O Allah! Send blessings on KAAFIYAAN Give me enough, because both of
SALLI ALAA MUHAMMADINW Muhammad and on the children WAN SURAANI FA you provide sufficiently.
WA AALI MUHAMMAD of Muhammad. In the name of INNAKUMMA NAASIRAAN And help me, because both of you
BISMILLAHIR RAH’MAANIR Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful. YAA MAULAANAA help and protect.
RAHEEM My Allah, irretrievable is our YAA SAAHIBAZ O our Master,
ILAAHEE plight, Our helplessness causes ZAMMALIL O the authority of our times
AZUMAL BALAAAU pain and trouble, (now our) GHAWTHAL GHAWTH (Saahibaz Zamaan),
WA BARIHAL KHAFAAAU urgency has been laid bare (before ADRIKNEE Help! Help!
WAN KASHAFAL GHITAAAU Thee), (all) hopes have been cut ADRIKNEE Come to my help.
WAN QATA AR RAJAAAU off. The (plentiful) earth has shrunk ADRIKNIYAS Come to my help.
WA ZAAQATIL ARZU (with very little to spare) for us, SAA ATAS In this hour.
WA MUNI ATIS The heavenly blessings have been SAA ATAS In this hour.
SAMAAAU withheld. SAA ATAS In this hour.

43 44
ALAJAL Be quick. AS ALUKA ALLAHUMMA I beseech Thee O My Allah, in the
ALAJAL Be quick BISMIKAL name of Thy name (which is) well-
ALAJAL Be quick MAKNOONIL MAKHZOONIL guarded, precious, hidden,
YAA ARHAMAR RAAHIMEEN O the most merciful for the sake of MAKTOOMI AMMAN SHITAT permanently abiding, distinct,
BIHAQQI MUHAMMADINW Muhammad TAAHIRIL MUTAHHARIL pure, purifying, sacred, perfectly
WA AALIHIT TAAHIREEN and his pure progeny MUQADDASIN NOORIT illuminated,
ALLAHUMMA SALLI ALAA O Allah, send blessings on TAAAMIL Everlasting, Self Subsistant,
MUHAMMAD of Muhammad NOORIS SAMAAWAAT I WA Light of the heavens
NOORIL ARZEENA And Light of the earths,
SHAHAADATIL KABEERIL MUTA An Evidence, honoured, most
To disperse calamities and to remove hardships and difficulties recite A’ALIL AZEEMI high and Great.,
this 2 rakat Namaz exactly like Fajr Namaz, with the following adjust- Salli alaa Muhammadinw wa aali Send blessings on Muhammad
ments: Muhammad. and on the progeny of
(i) In the 1st rakat, after the recitation of Suratul Faatihah, recite Muhammad.
Suratul Yaa Seeen.
(ii) In the 2nd rakat, after the recitation of Suratul Faatihah, recite 14. NAMAZ OF JA’FAR TAYYAAR
Suratur Rahmaan.
(iii) After Salaam, recite the following Dua: The Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s.) taught this Namaz to Hazrat Ja’far Tayyar,
the brother of Ameerul Momineen Ali (a.s.).
ALLAHUMMA SALLI ALAA O Allah, send blessings on
To seek forgiveness of sins, and to beseech Allah for fulfillment of any
MUHAMMADINW WA AALI Muhammad and on the progeny
legitimate desire this Namaz is prayed.
MUHAMMAD of Muhammad
The best time to pray this Namaz is between Sunrise and Zuhr, on
BISMILLAHIR RAHMAANIR In the name of Allah, the
Friday; if not possible, choose any suitable time.
RAHEEM Beneficent, the Merciful.
It is a four rakat Namaz, divided into two parts. Pray each part exactly
YAA BAAARRU O Liberal Benefactor,
like the Fajr Namaz, with the following adjustments:
YAA WASOOLU O Beloved Object,
(i) First rakat
YAA SHAAHIDA KULLI GHAAA O Knower of (all) unseen,
After recitation of Suratul Faatihah, recite Suratuz Zilzaal
IBIN O He Who is near,
(ii) Second rakat
WA YAA QAREEBU GHAYRA Without (being) distant,
After recitation of Suratul Faatihah, recite Suratul Aadiyaat
(iii) Third Rakat
GHAIRA MAGHLOOBIN, But never subdued,
After recitation of Suratul Faatihah, recite Suratun Nasr
WA YAA MAN LAA O He Whom no one knows how
(iv) Fourth Rakat
after recitation of Suratul Faatihah, recite Suratul Ikhlaas.
(if you have not learned any by heart the second surah of each rakat,
YAA MAN LAA O He Who does not issue
recite suratul Ikhlaas in all 4 rakats).
TUBLAGHU QUDRATUHOO, commands but with authority,

45 46
In each rakat recite Tasbeehaatul Arbaa BIMA A’AQIDIL IZZI MIN of that which is the cause of the
Subhaanallaahi wal hamdu lillaahi wa laa ilaaha illallaahu wallaahu Akbar. ARSHIKA WA MUNTAHAR majest of Thy Arsh; and is the
Glory be to Allah, Praise be to Allah, there is no god but Allah, and RAHMATI MIN KITAABIKA ultimate mercy in Thy book, and
Allah is Great. WASMIKAL (in the name of) Thy “ismi Aazam”
(i) After reciation of Surahs… 15 times AA ZAMI and
(ii) In Rukoo… 10 times WA KALIMAATIKAT Thy complete and perfect words
(iii) In Qiyyaam after Rukoo… 10 times TAAAMMATIL LATEE which have been made thorough
(iv) In the First Sajdah… 10 times TAMMAT SIDQANW and conclusive through truth and
(v) While sitting after First Sajdah… 10 times WA ADLAN justice.
(vi) In the second Sajdah… 10 times SALLI ALAA MUHAMMADINW Send blessings on Muhammad
(vii) While sitting after second Sajdah… 10 times. WA AHLI BAYTIHI WAF AL BEE and on the progeny of
In this manner Tasbeehaatul Arbaa are recited 75 times in each rakat KADAA WA KADAA Muhammad,
and 300 times in four rakats. And do (as I request)…
In case of old age or weakness you can recite Tasbeehaatul arbaa 300 (mention your desires)
times at the end of Namaz, according to your convenience, while 15. MERITS OF NAMAZ-E-JA’FAR-E-TAYYAR
sitting, lying or standing.
According to Imam Jafar Sadiq (a.s.), the following Dua is to be Namaz-e-Ja’far-e-Tayyar is among the prayers that are greatly
recited, in the last Sajdah of the fourth Rakat. emphasized and it is famous among all the Shia and Sunnis.
ALLAHUMMA SALLI ALAA O Allah, send blessings on It was a gift of love bestowed by the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s.)
MUHAMMADINW WA AALLI Muhammad and on the Progeny to his cousin upon his return from the journey.
MUHAMMAD of Muhammad.
BISMILLAHIR RAHMAANIR In the name of Allah, the Imam Sadiq (a.s.) has said: On the day of the conquest of
RAHEEM Beneficent, the Merciful. Khyber when Ja’far returned from Abyssinia the Holy Prophet
SUBHAANA MAN LABISAL IZZA Glory be to He Who covers Himself (s.a.w.s.) asked:
WAL WAQAAR, with honour and dignity.
Don’t you want a reward? Don’t you want a gift? Don’t you
SUBHAANA MAN TA ATTAFA BIL Glory be to He Who bestows
MAJDI WA TAKARRAMA BIHEE favours abundantly, therefore
want a present?
SUBHAANA MAL LAA surpasses in glory. Hazrat Ja’far replied: Why not, O Messenger of Allah? The
YANBAGHIT TASBEEHU ILLAA Glory be to He except whom none Messenger of Allah (s.a.w.s.) said:
LAHOO. is worthy of glorification.
SUBHAANA MAN AHSAA Glory be to He Whose wisdom I am giving you something that if you perform it everyday it
KULLA SHAYIN ILMUH surrounds everything; would better than all those things that are present in the
SUBHAANA DHIL MANNI WAN Glory be to He Who owns favours world. And if you perform it once in two days the Almighty
NI-A’MI and bounties, will forgive the sins of both these days and if you perform it
SUBHAANA DHIL QUDRATI WAL Glory be to He who is the Lord of every Friday or every month or every year the Almighty will
KARAM Power and Generosity.
forgive all the sins committed in between.
ALLAHUMMA INNE AS-ALUKA O Allah! Beseech Thee in the name
The best time to perform Namaz-e-Ja’far-e-Tayyar is on Friday
47 48
before noon. This prayer can be counted as the Nafila of the remembers it later, that is after the time has passed in this
night or the Nafila of the day. That is it can be counted among condition the Namaz is correct, but it is better to recite the
the Nafila prayers as well as in Namaz-e-Ja’far-e-Tayyar. It is Tasbeehat that he has missed with the intention of getting
mentioned in a tradition that Namaz-e-Ja’far-e-Tayyar can be Sawab.
performed with the intention of the Nafila of Maghrib also.
This namaz is of 4 rakats with two salaams prayed in units of
Shaykh Tusi and Sayyid Ibne Tawus have narrated from
two rakats each. In every rakat after Surah Hamd and another
Mufaddal Ibne Umar that he says that: One day I saw Imam
Surah recite Subhaan Allaahe wal Hamdo lillaahe wa laa ilaaha
Ja’far as-Sadiq (a.s.) that he was reciting Namaz-e-Ja’far-e-
illallaaho allaaho Akbar 15 times. Then the same tasbeeh
Tayyar. Then after the Namaz he raised his hands and recited
should be recited 10 times in the ruku and 10 times after
Yaa Rabbe Yaa Rabbe equal to one breath. In the same way
arising from the ruku. In the same way 10 times in the Sajdah
he recited: Yaa Rabbaho, Yaa Rabbaho, Yaa Allaaho Yaa
and 10 times after arising from the Sajdah. And again 10
Allaaho, in the same way Yaa Hayyo Yaa Hayyo and Yaa
times in the second Sajdah and then 10 times after arising
Raheemo Yaa Raheemo. Each of these he recited equaling
from the second Sajdah. The second rakat should also be
one breath and Yaa Rahmaano seven times and Yaa Arhamr
completed in the same way. Thus all the 4 rakats should be
Raahemeen seven times. Then he recited the following Dua:
prayed like this and in this way in each rakat the Tasbee-e-
Araba will be 75 times and in all 300 times in the four rakats. Allaahumma inni aftateho qaula be hamdeka wa anteqo
Bithanaae alaika wa omajjedoka wa laa ghayata le madheka
1. If one intends to pray Namaz-e-Ja’far-e-Tayyar but he is
wa uthni alaika wa man yablogho ghayata thanaika wa amada
short of time he should recite as many Tasbee-e-Arba as he
majdeka wa anna le khaleeqateka kunho ma’rifate majdeka
has time and later when he is free he should recite those
wa ayya zamanin lam takun mamdoohan be fazleka marsofan
Tasbees with the intention of getting Sawab.
be majdeka awwaadan alal muznebeena be hilmeka takhallafa
2. If there is no time to recite the actual Tasbeehs then he sukkaano arzeka an ta’teka fakunta alaihim at’oofan be joodeka
should recite Namaz-e-Ja’far-e-Tayyar in units of two like the jawaadan be fazleka awwaadan be karameka yaa laa ilaaha
Morning Prayer and he can recite the Tasbee-e-Arba while illa antal mannaano zul jalale wal ikraam.
walking or working or in any condition one likes with the
Then Imam (a.s.) told me:
intention of getting Sawab.
O Mufaddal! When you have a need, you must recite Namaz-
3. If he has only sufficient time to recite only two rakat with
e-Ja’far-e-Tayyar and then recite this Dua and beseech the
Tasbeeh-e-Arba fully he should recite those two rakats only
Almighty for your needs so that it is fulfilled.
and the remaining two rakats he can recite whenever he has
the time. Namaz-e-Ja’far-e-Tayyar can also prayed on behalf of the
departed ones and also only the Sawab of this Namaz can be
4. If during the prayer he forgets the Tasbeehat-e-Arba he
gifted to them.
should recite it if he remembers it at that time itself but if he

49 50
Gifting the sawab to the departed ones increases the levels 16. PRAYERS OF THE DAYS OF THE WEEK
of their soul and also the one who has prayed is also rewarded.
The level would be as high as the gift is higher. And in the 1. PRAYER FOR SATURDAY EVE
same way would be the position of one who is gifting the The Messenger of Allah (s.a.w.a.) said:
sawab. The reward of Namaz-e-Ja’far-e-Tayyar in the Haram
One who recites four rakat prayers on Saturday eve and in
of the Infallible Imams (a.s.) is more than that of a thousand
each rakat after Surah Hamd recites Surah Tawheed seven
Hajjs and Umrahs.
times, each rakat of this prayer has the reward of 700 Hasana
It is the tradition of the Prophet (s.a.) that if one recites Namaz- and the Almighty shall give him a city in Paradise.
e-Ja’far-e-Tayyar and his sins are equal to the grains of sand
in the desert and equal to the seas, the Almighty shall forgive
his sins. The Messenger of Allah (s.a.w.a.) said:
Friday is the best day for Namaz-e-Ja’far-e-Tayyar. One should One who recites four rakat prayers on Saturday and in each
perform Ghusl before the noon and if the problem is severe rakat after Surah Hamd recites Surah Kafiroon thrice and after
he should go in wilderness and pray Namaz-e-Ja’far-e-Tayyar. the prayer recites Ayatul Kursi once, then in exchange for
Then he should kneel down and recite the following Dua: each letter the Almighty rewards him with the reward of a
Yaa man azharal Jameela wa sataral Qabeeha. Yaa man lam
yoakhiz bil jareerate wa lam yahtakis sitra. Yaa azeemal a’fwe
yaa hasanat tajawo zeya waaseal maghferate yaa baaseta
yadaine bir rahmate yaa saaheba kulle najwaa wa muntaha
kulle shakwa Yaa moqeelal atharate. Yaa kareemas safhe yaa It has come in traditions that one should recite six rakats
azeemal Manne Yaa mubtadeyan bin n’eame qablas prayers on Sunday eve and in each rakat after Surah Hamd
teheqaaqeha Yaa rabbaho Yaa rabbaho Yaa rabbaho. he should recite Surah Tawheed seven times. There is
inestimable reward for this prayer.
10 times Yaa Allaaho, 10 times Yaa Sayyidaho, 10 times Yaa
maulaho, 10 time Yaa Rajaaho, 10 times Yaa Ghayaasaho, 10
times Yaa Ghayata Raghbataho, 10 times Yaa Rahmaano, 10 4. PRAYER FOR SUNDAY
times Yaa Raheemo, 10 times Yaa Motayal Khairaate, 10 times
Salle A’laa Muhammadin wa Aale Muhammadin Kathreean It is mentioned in traditions that on Sunday when sun has
tayyiban ka afzale maa sallaita a’laa ahadin min khalqeka. After reached some height (late morning) one should pray two
this mention your needs/desires. rakat prayers. In the first rakat after Surah Hamd recite Surah
Kauther thrice and in the second rakat after Surah Hamd recite
Surah Tawheed thrice. If one recites this prayer he is free
from hellfire and purified of hypocrisy. There is great reward
for this prayer.
51 52
5. PRAYER FOR MONDAY EVE darkness from his grave till Qiyamat.
It is of two rakats. In each rakat after Surah Hamd recite Ayatul 11. PRAYER FOR THURSDAY EVE
Kursi, Surah Tawheed, Surah Falaq and Surah Naas once each
The prayer for this eve is six rakats. In every rakat after Surah
and after the prayer recite Isteghfar 10 times. The reward of Hamd recite Ayatul Kursi and Surah Kafiroon once each and
this prayer equals 10 Hajjs and Umrahs.
Surah Tawheed thrice.
6. PRAYER FOR MONDAY After the prayers recite Ayatul Kursi thrice. For one who
It is four rakats. In the first rakat after Surah Hamd recite Ayatul recites this prayer the Almighty Allah appoints an angel to
Kursi once. In the second rakat after Surah Hamd recite Surah purify his sins who purifies his sins and in their place writes
Tawheed once. In the third rakat after Surah Hamd recite good fortune and bestows him whatever he desires.
Surah Falaq once. In the fourth rakat after Surah Hamd recite 12. PRAYER FOR THURSDAY
Surah Naas once. Then after completing the prayer recite
Isteghfar 10 times. It is two rakats. In every rakat after Surah Hamd recite Surah
Nasr and Surah Kauther five times each and after Asr recite
7. PRAYER FOR TUESDAY EVE Surah Tawheed 40 times and Isteghfar 40 times. There is
The prayer for this eve is two rakats. In the first rakat after inestimable reward for this.
Surah Hamd recite Surah Qadr once. In the second rakat after 13. PRAYER FOR FRIDAY EVE
Surah Hamd recite Surah Tawheed seven times.
Regarding the prayer for Friday eve the Messenger of Allah
8. PRAYER FOR TUESDAY (s.a.w.a.) said: If one recites two rakat prayers and in each
The prayer for this day is two rakats. In every rakat after Surah rakat after Surah Hamd recites Surah Tawheed 70 times and
Hamd recite Surah Teen, Surah Tawheed, Surah Falaq and after the prayer recites Astaghfirullaah 70 times, then by the
Surah Nass once each. One Who has sent me with truth anyone who performs this
act and does Isteghfar then even if he supplicates for my
9. PRAYER FOR WEDNESDAY EVE whole nation the Almighty would accept his supplication
The prayer for this eve is two rakats. In every rakat after Surah and would enter the whole nation in Paradise.
Hamd recite Ayatul Kursi, Surah Qadr and Surah Nasr once
each and Surah Tawheed thrice. The Almighty Allah forgives
all the sins of the person who recites this prayer. It is related from Amirul Mo-mineen (a.s.) that one who
recites this day eight-rakat prayer in the forenoon the
10. PRAYER FOR WEDNESDAY Almighty elevates him a thousand levels in Paradise.
The prayer for this day is two rakats. In every rakat after Surah The prayer for Friday is four rakats. In each rakat after Surah
Hamd recite Surah Zilzaal once and Surah Tawheed thrice. Hamd recite Ayatul Kursi 15 times and after the prayers recite
For one who recites this prayer the Almighty removes the

53 54
Astaghfirullaah 70 times and Laa hawla wala Quwwata illa Zilzaal once the Almighty would forgive his sins. And would
billa 50 times. purify him from sins like when he was born.
PRAYER FOR SATURDAY It is narrated from the Messenger of Allah (s.a.w.a.) that one
who recites four rakats prayer on Wednesday and in each
Sayyid Ibne Tawus has related from Hazrat Imam Hasan al-
rakat after Surah Hamd recites Surah Tawheed and Surah Qadr
Askari (a.s.) that he quoted his forefathers that one who prays
once the Almighty would accept his repentance, forgive all
four rakats prayer on Saturday and in each rakat he recites
his sins and marry him to the houries of Paradise.
Surah Hamd, Surah Tawheed and Ayatul Kursi, the Almighty
writes for him the grade of the prophets, the martyrs and PRAYER FOR THURSDAY
the righteous. That is he shall be with them in Paradise and
It is narrated from the Messenger of Allah (s.a.w.a.) that one
they shall be his best friends. who recites ten rakats prayer on Thursday and in each rakat
PRAYER FOR SUNDAY recites Surah Hamd and Surah Tawheed ten times each the
angels will tell him: Ask whatever you want and it shall be
It is narrated from the Messenger of Allah (s.a.w.a.) that one
who offers four rakats prayer on Sunday, and in each rakat
after Surah Hamd recites Surah Mulk once the Almighty will PRAYER FOR FRIDAY
give him a place of his choice in Paradise. It is narrated from the Messenger of Allah (s.a.w.a.) that one
who recites four rakats prayer on Friday and in each rakat
PRAYER FOR MONDAY after Surah Hamd recites Surah Mulk and Surah Ha Mim the
Almighty would admit him into Paradise and would accept
This prayer is also narrated from the Messenger of Allah his intercession for his family members and keep him safe
(s.a.w.a.) that one who recites ten rakats prayer on Monday from the squeeze of the grave and the punishment of
and in every rakat recites Surah Hamd and Surah Tawheed Qiyamat.
10 times each the Almighty Allah will appoint for him such
a light on the day of Qiyamat that it would illuminate his The narrator asked the Messenger of Allah (s.a.w.a.)
place till all the creatures vie him. regarding the time of these prayers. He (s.a.w.s.) replied:
After sunrise and before noon. That is in between the two.
We should know that all these prayers for the days of the
This prayer is also narrated from the Messenger of Allah week are narrated from Imam Hasan al-Askari (a.s.) and he
(s.a.w.a.) that one who recites six rakats prayer on Tuesday has quoted from his forefathers.
and in every rakat after Surah Hamd recites the ayat of
Aamannar Rasool... till the end of Surah Baqarah and Surah

55 56
17. COMMON PRAYERS FOR EVERY MONTH the second rakat after Surah Hamd recite Suarah Qadr 10
times and after the prayer say:
Allaahumma sale a’laa Muhammadinw wa aale
It is two rakats. In every rakat after Surah Hamd recite Surah Muhammadinw wab a’tha thawaabaha ilaa qabre dhaalikal
Anaam once. mayyite falaan bin falaan. Instead of falaan bin falaan mention
NAMAZ FOR THE FIRST DAY OF EVERY MONTH the name of the dead person.
It is Mustahab to recite this Namaz on the first day of every
month. The time for this prayer is from the early morning till ANOTHER PRAYER
Maghrib. It consists of two rakats. In the first rakat after Surah
Hamd recite Surah Tawheed 30 times and in the second rakat Sayyid Ibne Tawus has narrated from the Messenger of Allah
after Surah Hamd recite Surah Qadr 30 times and after the (s.a.w.a.) that the most difficult for the dead person is the
prayer give as much as Sadaqah as one can. For one who first night in the grave, so have pity on your dead ones and
performs this it is as if he has purchased for himself the safety give Sadaqah on their behalf so that their difficulty is reduced
of this month. and if there is nothing to give in Sadaqah you must pray two
rakats prayer.
ALLAH (S.A.W.A.) IN ONE’S DREAM In the first rakat after Surah Hamd recite Surah Tawheed twice
and in the second rakat after Surah Hamd recite Surah Takathur
It is mentioned in reliable traditions that if one desires to see 10 times and after the Salaam say:
the Messenger of Allah (s.a.w.a.) in his dream he should recite
two rakats prayer after Isha prayer. In every rakat after Surah Allaahumma sale A’laa Muhammadinw wa aale
Hamd recite whichever Surah you like and after the prayer muhammadin wab atha thawaabaha ilaa qabre dhaalikal
recite the following Dua: mayyite falaan ibne falaan

Bismillaahir rahmaanir Raheem Yaa nooran noor yaa Thus the Almighty this very moment would send thousands
mudabbiral umoor balligh minni rooha Muhammadinw wa of angels to the grave with heavenly garments and they turn
arwaaha aale muhammadin taheehayanw wa salaama the narrowness of the grave into vastness till the time the
bugle would be blown and would make the good deeds of
21. NAMAZ-E-WAHSHAT the worshipper shine like the sun and elevate him 40 grades.
It is Mustahab that on the day of the burial on this night FAZILAT OF NAMAZ-E-WAHSHAT
between Maghrib and Isha one should recite two rakats
prayer. This is known as Namaz-e-Wahshat because for the Shaykh Thiqatul Islam Noori has narrated directly from Fath
dead person the most horrifying and difficult is the first night. Ali Sultanabadi that he says he had the habit that whenever
he heard of the death of a family member or a friend he would
In the first rakat after Surah Hamd recite Ayatul Kursi and in pray two rakats prayer of the night of burial and gift the Sawab.

57 58
“No one knew about this practice of mine. One day I met a 23. NAMAZ-E-ISTEGHFAR - 1
friend. He said: Last night I had a dream in which I saw a
The Messenger of Allah (s.a.w.s.) said:
person who had died that day. I asked him about his well
being and inquired about the conditions after death. He said If your sustenance reduces and you have difficulties in your
that after my death I was in a terrible difficulty because my affairs you must remove them by asking your needs from
deeds were very bad. Till the time this person recited two the Almighty with the help of Namaz and Isteghfar. Namaz-
rakat prayer. And he mentioned your name. This two rakat e-Isteghfar is two rakats. In each rakat after Surah Hamd recite
Namaz saved me from the punishment. May Allah have Surah Qadr once and then say Astaghfirullaah 15 times. Then
mercy on the parents of this person who did this favour to go into the ruku and after the recitation of the ruku say
me. Astaghfirullaah 10 times. Rise up from the ruku and again
say it 10 times. Go into the first Sajdah and after the recitation
Marhum Haaj Mulla said: At this time the person asked me
of the Sajdah say Astaghfirullaah 10 times. Arise from the
what that prayer was? I explained to him the method of this
first Sajdah and again say Astaghfirullaah 10 times. Go into
prayer and those things that are beneficial to the dead ones.
the second Sajdah and repeat like the first Sajdah. Get up
They are as follows: from the second Sajdah and say Astaghfirullaah 10 times. In
1. In order to be safe from the Wahshat-e-Qabr (terror of the the similar manner complete the second rakat and conclude
grave) one should perform the ruku properly. Thus it is the prayer. Insha Allah everything would be all right.
related from Imam Baqir (a.s.) that one who performs the NAMAZ-E-ISTEGHFAR - 2
ruku properly does not have terror in the grave.
This is four rakat prayer. In the first rakat after Surah Hamd
2. Recite “Laa ilaaha illallaahul Malikul haqqul Mubeen” a recite Ayatul Kursi once. In the second rakat after Surah Hamd
hundred times daily. One who recites this is safe from poverty recite Surah Tawheed once. In the third rakat after Surah
and terror of the grave and affluence pulls him towards itself Hamd recite Surah Falaq once. In the fourth rakat after Surah
and the doors of Paradise open up for him. Hamd recite Surah Naas once. After concluding the prayer
3. Recite Surah Yasin before going to bed. recite the Isteghfar ten times.
4. Recite Namaz-e-Lailatul Raghaib which is mentioned in The Messenger of Allah (s.a.w.s.) said:
the A’maal of Rajab on the eve of the first Friday of the month If one recites this prayer on Saturday before noon the
of Rajab. Almighty Allah forgives all his sins.
It is narrated from Imam Sadiq (a.s.) that whenever there is NAMAZ-E-ISTEGHFAR - 3
narrowness and severity on the dead body the Almighty
widens his grave and removes the narrowness and says that The easiest Namaz-e-Isteghfar is two rakats. In each rakat after
this widening is because you had recited Namaz-e-Wahshat Surah Hamd recite Surah Tawheed sixty times. Insha Allah
for such and such believer brother. the sins would be forgiven.

59 60
NAMAZ-E-ISTEGHFAR - 4 and after the prayer do Isteghfar and then say: Laa hawla wa
laa quwwata illa billaahil a’liyyil a’zeem. Then say: Yaa A’zeezo
The Messenger of Allah (s.a.w.s.) said:
yaa ghaffooro ighfirli zunoobi wa zunooba Jamee’il mo-
If one desires that his sins are forgiven he should pray two mineena wal mo-minaate. Fa innahu laa yaghfiro illa ant.
rakat Namaz on Tuesday eve. In the first rakat after Surah
And the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s.) said:
Hamd recite Surah Qadr once and in the second rakat after
Surah Hamd recite Surah Tawheed seven times. After No servant of my Ummat performs this prayer that a caller
concluding the prayer recite Isteghfar. Insha Allah the does not calls out from the sky: O slave of Allah! This deed
Almighty Allah would forgive the sins. has been elevated and your repentance (Tawbah) has been
accepted and your sins are forgiven.
An angel will call out beneath the heavens: O slave of Allah!
The Messenger of Allah (s.a.w.s.) said: Congratulations to you and your family members.
If one recites 10 rakats prayer on Tuesday in the following An angel would call out: Your enemy would be satisfied with
way that in every rakat after Surah Hamd he recites Ayatul you on the day of Judgment. Another angel would call out:
Kursi once and Surah Tawheed seven times; the Almighty O slave of Allah! You would leave this world with faith. You
Allah shall forgive the sins of all his life. would not be arrested. Your grave shall be expansive and
NAMAZ-E-ISTEGHFAR - 6 illuminated.
Recite two rakats prayer. In the first rakat after Surah Hamd Another angel would call out: O slave of Allah! Your parents
recite Surah Qadr thrice and in the second rakat after Surah are happy with you though they were dissatisfied with you
Hamd recite Surah Zilzaal thrice. After concluding the prayer before. Your parents and your descendants shall get salvation
recite 100 times: Astaghfirullaah Rabbi wa atoobo ilaihe. and there shall be increase in the livelihood in the world and
the hereafter.
Hazrat Jibraeel (a.s.) would call out: At the time of death I
The Messenger of Allah (s.a.w.s.) emerged from his house would come with the Angel of death and would be kind to
on Sunday the 2nd of Zilqad and said: you and you shall not have any problem. Your body would
O people! Who among you intends to perform Tawbah? not be pained at the time the soul is taken out.
The people replied: All of us would like to do Tawbah. The people asked: O Messenger of Allah (s.a.w.s.), how
should one perform this if one desires to perform it in any
The Messenger of Allah (s.a.w.s.) said:
other month? The Prophet (s.a.) replied:
Perform the Ghusl (bath) and Wuzu (ablution) and recite four
In the same way with the merits.
rakats prayer. In each rakat after Surah Hamd recite Surah
Tawheed thrice and Surah Falaq and Surah Naas once each And said:

61 62
Jibraeel has taught me these words on the night of ascension Allaahumma antas salaam wa minkas salaam wa ilaika yarjeo’s
(Shab-e-Me’raj). salaam. Allaahumma sale a’laa muhammadinw wa aale
muhammadinw wa balligh rooha muhammadin sallallaaho
alaihi wa aalehi wa roohal aaimmatis saaleheena salaami war
It is mentioned in traditions that whenever you are in some dud a’laiyya minhumus salaama was salaamo a’laihim wa
need, pray two rakats Namaz and after the Salam say Allaaho rahmatullaahe wa barakaatoh. Allaahumma inna haataine
Akbar thrice. After this recite the Tasbeeh of Fatimah Zahra rakataine hadiyatam minni ilaa rasoolillaahe sallallaaho a’laihe
and then go into the Sajdah and say a hundred times: Yaa wa aalehi fa athibni a’laihima maa ammalto wa rajaoto feeka
maulati yaa Fatimato agheethini. Then put your face on the wa fee rasoolillaahe sallallaaho a’laihe wa aalehi yaa waliyal
earth and say this a hundred times. Then again go into the mo-mineen.
Sajdah and recite it a hundred times. Then again put your
Then recite the following 40 times in the Sajdah:
face on the earth and say this a hundred times. Then again
go into the Sajdah and recite it a hundred times and ask for Yaa hayyo yaa qayyoom, Yaa hayyo laa ilaaha illa anta yaa zal
your needs from the Almighty Allah. Insha Allah it shall be jalaale wal ikraam
fulfilled. After this keep the face on the right and keep it on the left,
26. NAMAZ FOR MEMORIZING THE QURAN then sit and raise the hands and in each position recite the
same words 40 times.
Recite four rakats prayer on Friday eve or Friday. In the first
rakat after Surah Hamd recite Surah Yasin and in the second Then putting the hands behind the neck and catching hold
rakat after Surah Hamd recite Surah Dukhan. In the third rakat of the index finger repeat the same words 40 times. Then
after Surah Hamd recite Surah Sajdah and in the fourth rakat raise the hands from the neck and hold the beard with the
after Surah Hamd recite Surah Tabarak (Mulk). left hand and weep or make yourself as if you are weeping
and then say:
After the Namaz recite Durood and do Isteghfar a hundred
times for the Mo-mineen and then say: O Allah! Always keep Yaa Muhammad yaa rasoolalaahe ashkoo ilalaahe wa ilaika
me away from sins and keep me away from vain pursuits haajati wa illa aali baitikar raashideena haajati
and sorrow and grief. After this repeat Yaa Allaaho Yaa Allaaho... till you are out of
PROPHET (S.A.W.S.) Salle a’laa muhammdinw wa aale muhammadinw wafa’l bi
The Namaz for the Tawassul of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s.) Kaza wa Kaza
consists of two rakats. First perform the Ghusl and then recite And in the place of Kaza wa Kaza mention your needs/
two rakats prayers like the Morning Prayer and after the Salam desires.
recite the following:

63 64