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judith lachance-whitcomb

7770 Burr Street Unit 3422 Schererville, IN 46375


To Whom it May Concern:

It is my pleasure to write this letter recommending Brittany Lane for elementary school teaching positions. Ms. Lane was a
student of mine during the 2017-2018 school year during her nine-month internship in the Chicago Public School System at
William H. Ray Elementary School. During that time, I worked with her in TE801 Professional Roles and Mathematics
Teaching Practice (Fall 2017) and TE804 Reflections and Inquiry in Teaching Practice II Elementary Science (Spring 2018),
I became well acquainted with her dedication to education, work ethic, peer interactions, and her competency in constructing
and carrying out instructional units in Math and Science.

I have worked with student teachers and teacher interns for over 25 years. While I was privileged to work with a number or
excellent educators, rarely have I had the opportunity to work with one a competent in as many areas of the craft of teaching
as I see in Ms. Lane. Brittany carries a calm, professional demeanor with her at all times. Her presence immediately
assures you of her effectiveness as a professional educator. Her performance proves this impression to be accurate.

Ms. Lane’s assignments result from diligent attention to detail. In constructing her lessons/units, it is apparent that
Brittany has a solid academic background in educational theories, practices, and techniques. The lessons reflect
an intense deep thought about how to transfer those skills from knowledge to action in her class. Her written work
is presented at a high level of professionalism. Presentation in format and content are consistently extremely well
done and quite sophisticated for a novice teacher. Much attention is paid to not only content but also to
conventions required for expert writing. Required components of a paper are weaved into very readable, logical,
and interesting documents. Ms. Lane’s plans demonstrate understanding of how to construct curricula based on
Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards. Her planning choices are well made and
logically supported by standards and the understanding of what is required to meet her students’ needs.

Observing Brittany’s progression throughout her internship was very rewarding for her mentors and instructors.
She began as a very competent novice teacher and became an extremely effective practitioner mastering
classroom management while assuring her young students that each one of them is valued and important in the
community. Her manner conveys a gentle authority that generates student respect for her and the learning

Ms. Lane’s enthusiasm for the craft of teaching and her students in addition to her ability to produce highly
effective lessons and professionally written work make her an excellent candidate for teaching positions. With
great pleasure, I recommend Brittany Lane to you without reservations. If you have any further questions with
regard to her qualifications please feel free to contact me.


Judith Lachance-Whitcomb
Judith Lachance-Whitcomb
Adjunct Professor