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Article 20 su pport
beneficial for CCTV

Article 20 at Town Meet­
ing protects the independence
·of CCTV, a vital element of
Concord's Fourth Estate.
The First Amendment in the
Bill of Rights to our Constitu-
tion enshrines freedom of the
press, because democracy can
function only when the press
is guaranteed the freedom to
tell truth to power. No less so
locally' indeed, even more so
when we invoke Tip O'Neill's
"all politics are local."
. So central is a free press
to democracy, it has been
dubbed a Fourth Estate of
gov�rnment. The fact that we
have a television station at
all - in what would otherwise
be considered a tiny broad­
cast market - is thanks to
cable TV committees past.
That today's station is truly
first-quality is thanks to the
extraordinary independent
CCTV board, and our station
staff. The board being some of
the finest talent assembled, giv- ·

ing their volunteer time for oo.r
better Concord, and Carlisle.
We see that CCTV, and it�
independence, is particularly
precious for us. Most notably,
as it may enable wider citizen
p�rticipation in our govern­
ment Which brings us full
circle - the very nature of
democracy, self-governance,
requires us all to play our part.
We are unusually blessed to
have our own, local TV station.
We must insure that its con­
tinued independence guarantees
citizens can both watch and feed
back into om: local government
� quite undeterred, overtly or .
otherwise. Would some detail
be helpful? See
Please join us at Town
Meeting and bring a chorus
of support for Article 20.

David Allen, Heaths Bridge Road