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Support Articles 20 and 23

Please attend Town Meet-·
ing and support Article 20,
Independen.ce of the Press.
Please set aside both April
9 and IO as possible dates
for this article to come up.
Article 20 asks the town
manager and the S�lect Board
to allow CCTV to remain an
independent entity rather
than to be taken over by
the town administration.
Keeping our media venues
as free of government influ­
ence as possibie is important
for transparent government
broadcasting and for guar­
anteed unhindered access
for dissenting opinions. Also
please support Article 23,
Community Resilience Goals,
since natural preservation
has taken.a back seat from
the start in the town's ongo­
ing Long Range Plan process.

Mark Gailus, Prescott Road