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Who we are Our Mission

We, Rifa’ (literally means “rise”) are a non- To contribute efficiently and effectively in
governmental organization recently development of community and individuals
established in Thamar City, the capital of and provide them with diverse means to
Thamar Governorate of Yemen falls in the upgrade their skills and to fulfill their needs
middle highlands, 100 kilometers, southwards through planned programs and activities.
to Sana’a, the capital. The organization
emerged in critical and unstable conditions
that necessitate playing of greater roles by
‫مؤسسة رفعة للتطوير‬ NGOs as partakers in national endeavors
targeting both local and nationwide scopes. Our Values:
This perspective needs creation of diverse
‫المجتمعي والبشري‬ programs and actions oriented towards
sustainable and comprehensive development Our activities are governed by these ethics
‫ الجمهورية اليمنية‬/ ‫– ذمار‬ in its social, economic, cultural, hygienic, and values:
educational, righteous, and humanitarian Authenticity, sincerity, honesty, and
Rifa’ Organization for directions. The organization has been initiated transparency.
Community and Human by a group of academicians and connoisseurs Instantaneous response and performing.
having had experiences in NGOs’ activities Equity of citizens without biases in terms
Development of their social strata, regions, political
and responsibilities as consultants, leaders,
[R O C H D] and members. attitudes, gender, believes, or age.
Dhamar , R.o. Yemen The organization is fully authorized by license The most vulnerable must have priority
Authorized by License No. 327 issued of intervention.
issued by the Ministry of Social Affairs and
by the Ministry of Social Affairs and A fair organization is autonomous, and its
Labor on February 18, 2018 Labor, Number (327) on February 18, 2018. membership can accept members with no
Address: Ground floor , Deair Building, Accordingly, it maintains a constitution, regard to any kind of attitudes, nor it
Rada’ Street, west of Al-Muhafaza council of trustees, and executive committee. works for any political factions.
Circle, Dhamar City The coverage of this leaflet shows its emblem, Successful work is cooperative and can be
Telephones / >;<+ <<8919==1 / 5; :55>>5 address, and image of its building. better and easily done through shared
<<8=5==:5 / >;<+ <<<987>87 roles.
EMAIL> Working with regional and international
Our Vision associates must be legitimate without
violation of any national laws.
To act towards comprehensive and Adherence to the organization’s internal
sustainable development in community regulations and system is inevitable.
and human fields. We accept positive criticism

Our Motto :
Your Rise is our Dearest Goal

Our Objectives In terms of women health, and social care (Rifa’ org. is
empowerment: organizing special still an applicant)
According to the constitution, actions expected to contribute in women’s 3. Rifa’s project for publishing scientific
Articles, the organization aims are empowerment, family and maternal-child research in collaboration with national
as follows: health, and gender equity . universities.
4. The qualifying program of students
Developmentally: sharing in
comprehensive development of education, Our Means to Carry out (candidates) to universities.
5. The directory program for students
social affairs, culture, health, housing, Objectives seeking scholarships.
work, environment, and other fields of
services. 6. Program on field survey of vulnerable
These include diverse and displaced families.
Economically: participating in implements such as these:
growth of the national economy by 7. Rifa’s Project for Yemen’s Database.
utilization of resources particularly for (Collection of ten thousands electronic
combating poverty.
1. Fieldwork with beneficiaries. (2) files).
Research, studies, and surveys. (3) 8. Rifa’s Project on Social Peace and
Culturally: caring and developing
creative qualities in the fields of literature,
Conferences, seminars, forums, and Reconciliation of Disputes.
drama, music, painting, information workshops.(4)Diverse training 9. Rifa’s Project on Good Governance.
technology, research, and acculturalization. sittings in terms of duration, 10. ---else under planning.
Politically: defending human rights, themes, and target groups. (5) Co-
political sharing, good governance, work with other gov. and NGOs, Our Associates:
freedoms and democracy, social peace, and and international agencies. (6)
consolidation of national dialogue. Social awareness campaigns (7) Rifa organization carries out activities in
In terms of humanitarian Contract with donors who allocate collaboration with these partakers:
Aid: helping in distribution of relief, grants for Yemen according to their A. Central and local authorities.
including water, food, marquees, and else B. Educational institutions (All types and
in sites allocated for displaced families and criteria. (8) Daily discussion held in
refugees the headquarters of the C. NGOs nationwide and abroad
In terms of association and organization D. National funds and programs
partnership: making good ties with E. International and foreign donors.
diverse organization at national and Our Current Programs F. Social actors including academicians,
international levels to implement joint official leaders, social leaders, experts,
programs. Currently, we are running, and/or and philanthropists.
In terms of human G. Organized youth and women clusters.
have planned to run these
development: organization of H. Vulnerable groups and the handicapped.
diverse training sessions leading to human (Special need ones).
1. The joint program of developmental
development among youth I. Artists such as literary writers,
planning shared by NGOs and the musicians, painters, and information
In terms of rights: defending Local Authority of Thamar.
human rights and freedoms, with special technology programmers.
2. In contract programs financed by the
focus on rights for women, children, the UN agencies and others for relief,
handicapped and vulnerable.