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Monitoring vibration from pile driving ac tivity presents unique recording challenges ‘The Instantel® Series HI ine of vibra- ‘ion monitor withthe unique Instantehb Histogram Combo" combined recording ‘mode make the job easy. The Series HL ‘monitors produce a summary of vibration activity in bar graph format that provides clear documentation ofthe maximum vibration levels throughout the day. The monitors also capture and report detailed ‘waveform data whenever vibration levels exceed a pre-set threshold, 30 high vibra= tion levels can be analyzed and explained, Easy to use The Minimate® Plus sytem features a high-contrast LCD, eight-key tute keypad, and simple menu-driven operation, provid: ing complete control to manage the system setup inte field. The Blastmate® I sys- tem adds a fll QWERTY keyboard to easily add notes to reports, dedicated function keys to further simplify seop, end bigh-resohe- tion thermal printer for producing repos ia the field without a computer Intelligent For permanent and semi-permanent nstal- lations, the Instantel® Auto Call Home™ Z Instantel ‘Minimate Plus ‘automated call-in feature will sutomatically wansfer data files from the field to the office using variety of compatible wired and wireless modems. From the office, the Instan- {el® Blastware® Mail automated report dstibution feature ‘ill automaticaly distribute reports and data files to mul- tiple email addres or text messaging devices, Key Features ‘+ Histogram Combo — while recording in Histogram ‘Mode, monitor captures complete waveforms when threshold levels are exceeded. Capture peak velocity at intervals of 2s to 15 minutes Menu-driven operation simplifies setup in the field Biastmate I has a fll keyboard and thermal printer for ereating complete epors Inthe field. Auto Call Home automates emote monitoring. Avaitable instante 8-channel option allows fortwo standard geophones and two microphones to be ‘operated fom one Series III monitor. UR ease er eee Renaud Ctemels Vibration Moen (with Strata Tra Geopre) Regs Reston Accuracy (SEE/DIN) |) Tonsdier Dens Freny Range (SEE DIN) Masinian ste Lengh (SEE /D1N) | Arrears oping Sas Range Resoton Aco Freeney Rane ‘vw Range ‘sveglcResison | Recor Mes Seamic Tree Acs Taser ‘ear ‘ew Sanpete Ror Stop Modes Record Tine Aatecrd Tine |ojsetie Six Cras 4a |S er inca Es | Besa | sung coy hae tiy Fat ncn Be Suton Reced Modes Resadagrenad Serge Copchy = 4 Chana Serge Capac - 8 Chae (pion) PES | Dimersions (Blastmate TT Minimate Plus) | vic (Blestmate IT Minimat Pls) | Ose tec Beta 17 Mininate Pas) Disp PCinrice | Asin pts Ops Peter (Baste ony) Envir LCD Operating Temperate lone Operating Terpesire Remote Communitons | Aton Fates Z Instantel Instantel® Series III Monitors ‘Two Microphones and two Tina Geoghons or 8 independent channels with the chanel option Upto 254 mmis(10 ins) (0127 amis (005 inl) 0.0159 mms (0.000625 in) with ulin preamp | 4. S%or 05 mms (002 ink), whichever is lrger, between 4 and 125 Hz / DIN 456691 standard | 213 ge (133 eo) 2 250 iz Besween 34D of an ide! response It 315 He 75 m (250 1,000 m 280 8) Lives or Aweigh [510 148 aD (500 Pa (0.072 PSI Peak) | (025 Pa (00000363 PSD, + 10% 0-1-1 48, whichever ager, between 4 ad 125 He | 240250 Ha betwen 3 4B rol ot points Sato 0daa ovapa. Manual, Singl-shot, Cotimuous (0125 9 254m (505 40 10) 10010 148 a8 5510 HOABA, 1,024 and 2048 Si in compliance mode, independent of record time ~in vanced mode, @ chanel 512-8000 Sis, up o 65,000 Sn single channel mode Fixed evod tin, Instantel® AutoRecord™ record tp mode | 1 to 100 seconds (ogammable in aneaecond sep) or 500 seconds pus 025 seconds prestigser (Quie Window programmable fom I %0 9 seconds, plus «0.25 socond pre-tiager_ Events recorded util sity remains below tigger level for duration of quit window, or unt evalable memory is filled Recording united by evere processing - no dea tne 30 cne-second events t 1028 Sis sample ate (1,500 event capacity wih optional memory upgrade) 1,730,750 event capacity with apdonal memory upgrade) 140 cresecond evens at 1024 Ss sample rate (70 event capacity wih optional memory upgrade) S15 4.375 eveot capacity wth optional memery upgrade) “istopram and leatantl Histogram Combo (cptire triggered waveforms while recording in Histogram Mads) | 2,5 or scons 1, 5 0 IS mints ‘45,656 intervals -3 days at Saccond intervals o 102 dys at 1S intervals (Gath memory upgrade = 15 days at 5-coand interval or 540 day t 15 eine terval) 25,308 intervals 1-4 days at Second intervals 0 240 days at 1S tervals (ith memory uperad- 7 days a -scond Intervals or 1200 day at Sint itera) 269 355 x 165mm (106x 14065 in)/81 91 x 160 mm 23.663 in) 65 kg (14 fs) 14g hs) 1342 keypad fl yond wth died faction keys ey keypad with domed cle keys ‘ine 2 character igh cota, faklt LCD with one ip Ree Excral Trg, Remote Alm igh eslon teal per low sTC (4 w 22 D0 6FC 40 OF) ‘Cocpate vith Tdaphone, GSM, Cela, RF, Sait, Shor! modems and Benet device sve ‘Amaia warts eves hn dy accurate esate Auto Cal Home™ coral elln fe. ‘Mentor sarap ince Seema ores be Commerce Pak Felgen: enn sea ena rato ana | Geta wesc | Fae (28) 88 5 2frumes ceen ase Samo co a mark or tedcrarks oY Varcnp Copofation the United Stes andor ete con e LLL Ce Rea alg rae eae