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1) Age group :
a) 20-30
b) 30-40
c) 40-50
d) 50-60

2) Family structure
a) Joint family
b) Nuclear family

3) Marital status:
a) Married
b) single

4) Normal working hours per day?

a) Less than 8 hours
b) 8-10
c) 10-12
d) Above 12

5) Describe your best position as

a) Executive / administrative / management
b) Clerical / secretarial
c) Skilled craft
d) Technical
e) Service / maintenance

6) You are currently working as

a) Part time
b) Full time

7) Describe your current feeling of balancing your work life and home life
a) Very well balanced
b) Somewhat balanced
c) Balanced
d) Somewhat out of balanced
e) Very out balanced

8) Which of the following best describes your feelings of stress (if any) around finding a
work life balance
a) Very stressful
b) Stressful
c) Slightly stressful
d) Not at all stressful

9) Are you able to attend social gathering of office people?

a) Most of the time
b) Sometimes
c) Seldom
d) Always
e) Never

10) Are you able to attend social gathering in family?

a) Most of the time
b) Sometimes
c) Seldom
d) Always
e) Never

11) How frequent you overstay in your office to finish your work?
a) Most of the time
b) Sometimes
c) Seldom
d) Always
e) Never

12) Are you called to office at odd hours in case of work load?

13) Do you go to office at odd hours in case of work load?


14) Do you find yourself thinking about work instead of focusing on home/pleasure
b) No

15) Are you working under a flexible working schedule?

a) yes
b) no

16) Should flexible schedule be available for all employees?

a) yes
b) no

17) Do you suffer from any stress related disease?

a) Hypertension
b) Obesity
c) Diabetes
d) Frequent head aches

18) How do you manage stress arising from your work?

a) Yoga
b) Meditation
c) Entertainment
d) Dance
e) Sleep

19) How frequently you take your family out on a vacation?

a) Twice in a year
b) Once in a year
c) Once in three years
d) Once in five years
e) Never

20) Do you agree your health is suffering because of your work ?

a) Strongly agree
b) Agree
c) Partially agree
d) Disagree
e) Strongly disagree