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Vocabulary worksheet for “The Leap” by Louise Eldrich

Quarter 4

Vocabulary List with Definitions

1. Encroach (verb): to gradually take more of someone’s time, possessions, rights etc. than you should
2. Vignette (noun): a small illustrative sketch
3. Calibrate (verb): make fine adjustments for optimal measuring
4. Extricate (verb): release from entanglement or difficulty
5. Hemorrhage (verb): lose blood from one’s body
6. Egocentrism (noun): concern for your own interests and welfare
7. Constrict (verb): squeeze or press together
8. Creosote (noun): a dark oily liquid obtained by distillation of coal tar
9. Superannuated (adjective): too old to be useful
10. Vigorous (adjective): strong and active physically or mentally
11. Comply (verb): act in accordance with someone’s rules, commands or wishes
12. Ascend (verb): travel up
13. Vault (verb): jump across or leap over, as an obstacle
14. Tentative (adjective): hesitant or lacking confidence; unsettled in mind or opinion
15. Embarrassed (adjective): feeling or caused to feel uneasy and self-conscious

A) Choose the best synonym for the underlined word in each sentence.

1. Being that the administration has made new rules in regards to dress code, we simply have to adhere
to the new policies.
a. extricate c. comply
b. vigorous d. vault

2. He made an attempt at compressing the flow of water through the hose by squeezing it tightly.
a. constrict c. superannuated
b. comply d. ascend

3. Tom remained quite energetic and lively until he died.

a. embarrassed c. hemorrhage
b. vignette d. vigorous
4. When asked if he was going to perform in the upcoming play, John gave a slightly hesitant smile
which showed a lack of surety.
a. constrict b. tentative
b. superannuated c. vigorous

5. A new form of narcissism and self-absorption have predominated the manners of the youth of today.
a. egocentrism c. creosote
b. vignette d. calibrate

B) Use the words in the box to complete the sentences below.

superannuated creosote hemorrhage encroach embarrassed
vignette calibrate ascend extricate vault

1. Before weighing the bags, Ahmed had to ___________________ the scale to make sure that it began
weighing from zero.

2. While running across the street, Tom had to __________________ an oncoming dog that ran in his
path, so he would not trip over it.

3. After receiving a stab wound in his hand, the pedestrian began to _________________ until blood
was flowing profusely on the ground around him.

4. When parents begin to suspect their children of immoral behavior, they may start to
_________________ on some of their children’s privacy to discover what they are doing.

5. Constantly using the fireplace during the winter months can lead to a ____________________ build-
up in the chimney that can be very difficult to clean.

6. These days, we suffer due to the methods being enforced by _________________ managers that still
implement methods from the World War II era.

7. After a long delay, the plane finally began to ___________________ into the skies.

8. During the interview, David accidentally spit on the nose of the interviewer, and this made him feel a
bit _______________________.

9. Some illustrated novels allow the reader to better picture the events in the story through small
___________________ that occur at the onset of major events.

10. The emergency crew spent hours trying to _______________________ the victims of the crash from
the wreckage.

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