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Thursday • Sept. 16, 2010 • Vol XI, Edition 26

Students design
thank-you murals
for rescue workers
By Heather Murtagh

Getting back to the normal day-to-day rou-

tine after Thursday’s natural gas explosion
and fire does not mean ignoring the events at
Parkside Intermediate School where students
are putting their gratitude to
Inside paper to make large murals BILL SILVERFARB/DAILY JOURNAL
for those who helped. Gov.Arnold Schwarzenegger visited the devastated Glenview neighborhood in San Bruno yesterday with San Bruno Police Chief Neil Telford,
Fire resources
Yesterday, students at the Vice Mayor Rico Medina,Fire Chief Dennis Haag,City Manager Connie Jackson and Mayor Jim Ruane.
See page 6 San Bruno school helped

Answers promised
Telling time counselor Casey Madden
See opinion 9 Bowman read through the
entries and place colorful
ones together on large poster paper, decorat-
ing the areas in between to create murals.
Students and staff hope to hang the work at
local police and fire stations as well as City
Hall. In addition, students and faculty are
starting a letter-writing campaign to the tele-
vision show “Extreme Makeover: Home
Edition” in hopes of getting some support in
Schwarzenegger tours San Bruno disaster site
the rebuilding process. By Bill Silverfarb

Feds seek tougher

“It’s important to feel part of the communi- DAILY JOURNAL STAFF
ty,” said Madden Bowman who noted the kids
are wanting to do something. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s first stop
yesterday after returning home from a busi-
See QUILT, Page 20

pipeline oversight
ness trip to Asia was to see the devastation
caused by a gas pipeline explosion in San
Bruno last Thursday night that left four dead
and a significant portion of the Glenview
neighborhood destroyed by fire. By Joan Lowy agency responsible for the regulation is too
He promised the public would gain every THE ASSOCIATED PRESS accepting of assurances from industry that its
detail and piece of information related to the equipment and practices are safe.
investigation into why a Pacific Gas and WASHINGTON — The Obama adminis- Deborah Hersman’s comments echoed
Electric gas pipe burst, sending a fireball into tration called for tighter federal oversight of what safety advocates have long called for —
the sky that raged for hours. Schwarzenegger oil and gas pipelines Wednesday in the wake a pipeline agency that needs to be less cozy
assured victims of the disaster and those con- of a deadly California gas explosion that with industry and staffed with more inspec-
cerned about the safety of PG&E’s gas deliv- raised alarms about the safety of the nation’s tors to enforce stricter regulations.
A vigil and funeral mass are planned in San ery system that their questions would be
Francisco this week for Jacqueline Greig aging infrastructure. They welcomed the Obama plan, but said
answered. In the meantime, the head of the National it fell far short of addressing the problems
and her 13-old-daughter Janessa.
Transportation Safety Board said the federal
SEE STORY PAGE 6 See ANSWERS, Page 18 See FEDS, Page 18

County budget deficit grows, School libraries closed,some frustrated

general fund increases $18M Belmont-Redwood Shores Elementary School
By Michelle Durand
which added $16 million to non-departmental
services and $8.8 million for general fund
District fundraising wasn’t enough for all needs
operating departments. Primary reasons for By Heather Murtagh sters just starting school.
the increase are $6.5 million in backfilled pub- DAILY JOURNAL STAFF School Force, the foundation which sup-
San Mateo County’s structural deficit grew ports the Belmont-Redwood Shores
to $70 million in the last fiscal year despite a lic safety funds, repayment of a $2.2 million
Financial restraints will keep students in Elementary School District, raised $1.6 mil-
general fund increase of $18 million over last loan for the court computer system, $2.6 mil-
lion for the current school year doubling pre-
year, according to county finance officials. lion in unspent appropriations for capital and the Belmont-Redwood Shores Elementary vious donations. But the money wasn’t
The general fund ended the year $24.8 mil- School District out of on-campus libraries
lion ahead of where it was projected to be See BUDGET, Page 20 this year — frustrating parents with young- See LIBRARY, Page 20
2 Thursday • Sept. 16, 2010 FOR THE RECORD THE DAILY JOURNAL

Quote of the Day Snapshot Inside

“We can’t jump to Tough
conclusions.There is lots questions
of speculation.They are going Whitman
under fire for
to investigate exactly what happened, negative ads,
whether there was something missing or a gay marriage
weak link so that this never happens again.” See page 5
— Gov.Arnold Schwarzenegger
“Answers promised,” see page 1

Local Weather Forecast Wall Street

Thursday: Partly cloudy with patchy fog in Stocks edge
the morning then sunny. Highs in the lower higher,keep
80s. West winds 5 to 15 mph. September
Thursday night: Clear in the evening then rally alive
partly cloudy with patchy fog. Lows in the
upper 50s. Southwest winds 5 to 15 mph.
See page 10
Friday: Partly cloudy with patchy fog in
the morning then mostly sunny. Highs around 80. Southwest REUTERS
winds 10 to 15 mph. Fish carcasses from a massive fish kill in the Bayou Chaland area of Plaquemines
Friday night: Clear in the evening then areas of low clouds Parish,La.
and fog. Lows in the upper 50s.

Lotto This Day in History Thought for the Day

Mexicans were inspired to begin their “You can love a person
Sept. 15 Super Lotto Plus
4 6 22 26 43 14
Mega number
Daily Four
4 8 2 4 1810 ultimately successful revolt against
Spanish rule by Father Miguel Hidalgo
y Costilla and his “Grito de Dolores
(Cry of Dolores).”
deeply and sincerely whom you do not like.
You can like a person passionately whom you do not love.”
— Robert Hugh Benson, English clergyman (1871-1914)

Sept. 14 Mega Millions

6 14 50 55 56 1
Daily three midday
6 7 2
In 1498, Tomas de Torquemada, notorious for his role in the
Spanish Inquisition, died in Avila, Spain.
Mega number
In 1893, more than 100,000 settlers swarmed onto a section of
Daily three evening land in Oklahoma known as the “Cherokee Strip.”
Fantasy Five
1 4 2 In 1908, General Motors was founded in Flint, Mich., by
2 25 31 33 36 William C. Durant.
In 1910, Bessica Medlar Raiche of Mineola, N.Y. made the
The Daily Derby race winners are Solid Gold,No. first accredited solo airplane flight by a woman in the United
10,in first place;Lucky Star,No.2,in second place; States.
ad Winning Spirit, No. 9, in third place.The race In 1919, the American Legion received a national charter from
time was clocked at 1:46.25. Congress.
Actor Peter Falk is Actress Jennifer Actress Alexis
In 1940, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed into law the 83. Tilly is 52. Bledel is 29.
State . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 Selective Training and Service Act, which set up the first
Nation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5,7 peacetime military draft in U.S. history. Samuel T. Rayburn of Actress Janis Paige is 88. Actress Lauren Bacall is 86.
Opinion . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8-9 Texas was elected Speaker of the U.S. House of Blues singer B.B. King is 85. Clergyman-author Rev. Robert
Business . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Representatives. H. Schuller is 84. Actress Anne Francis is 80. Actor George
Sports . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11-15 In 1966, the Metropolitan Opera officially opened its new Chakiris is 78. Movie director Jim McBride is 69. Actress
Suburban Living. . . . . . . . . . . 16-17,19 opera house at New York’s Lincoln Center for the Performing Linda Miller is 68. Rhythm-and-blues singer Betty Kelly
Datebook . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Arts with the world premiere of Samuel Barber’s “Antony and (Martha & the Vandellas) is 66. Musician Kenney Jones
Comics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 Cleopatra.”
(Small Faces; Faces; The Who) is 62. Actress Susan Ruttan
Classifieds . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22-27 In 1977, Maria Callas, the American-born prima donna famed
is 62. Rock musician Ron Blair (Tom Petty & the
World. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7,28 for her lyric soprano and fiery temperament, died in Paris at
Heartbreakers; Mudcrutch) is 62. Actor Ed Begley Jr. is 61.
age 53.
Publisher Editor in Chief Country singer David Bellamy (The Bellamy Brothers) is
In 1982, the massacre of hundreds of Palestinian men, women
Jerry Lee Jon Mays and children by Israeli-allied Lebanese militiamen began in 60. Country singer-songwriter Phil Lee is 59. Actor-comedi- west Beirut’s Sabra and Chatilla refugee camps. an Lenny Clarke is 57. Actor Kurt Fuller is 57. Jazz musician
In 1988, Hurricane Gilbert slammed into the Mexico coast for Earl Klugh is 57. Actor Christopher Rich is 57. Singer Frank
Phone: . . . . . . . . . . . . (650) 344-5200 Fax: (650) 344-5290 the second time in three days. Reed (The Chi-Lites) is 56. TV personality Mark McEwen is
To Advertise:. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ten years ago: Campaign aides for Democrat Al Gore and 56. Baseball Hall of Famer Robin Yount is 55. Actor Mickey
Classifieds: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Republican George W. Bush agreed on a series of three Rourke is 54. Magician David Copperfield is 54. Country
Events: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . debates. American Nancy Johnson captured the first gold singer-songwriter Terry McBride is 52. Retired MLB All-
News: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . medal of the Sydney Olympics, winning the women’s 10-meter Star Orel Hershiser is 52. Retired MLB All-Star Tim Raines
Delivery: . . . . . . . . . . . . . air rifle. is 51. Singer Richard Marx is 47. Comedian Molly Shannon
Career: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Five years ago: President George W. Bush ruled out raising is 46. Singer Marc Anthony is 42. Comedian-actress Amy
800 S. Claremont St., Ste. 210, San Mateo, Ca. 94402 taxes to pay the massive costs of Gulf Coast reconstruction in Poehler is 39. Country singer Matt Stillwell is 35. Singer
the wake of Hurricane Katrina, saying other government Musiq is 33. Actress Sabrina Bryan is 26. Actress Madeline
THAT SCRAMBLED WORD GAME spending had to be cut to pay for the recovery effort. Gordon Zima is 25. Actress Kyla Pratt is 24. Rock singer Teddy
by Mike Argirion and Jeff Knurek Gould, a pioneer in laser technology who’d coined the word Geiger is 22. Rock singer-musician Nick Jonas (The Jonas
Unscramble these four Jumbles, “laser,” died in New York City at age 85. Brothers) is 18.
one letter to each square,
NEW BIBLE Jumble Books Go To:

to form four ordinary words.

YONPE Strange but True

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Oregon rescuers dig camel Police: Man crashes, Costume, toy machete draws
All Rights Reserved.
‘Moses’ out of sinkhole tries to tow cars while drunk cops to Halloween store
OREGON CITY, Ore. — It was an BLAINE, Wash. — A 54-year-old JOPLIN, Mo. — A southwest
unusual call for Oregon firefighters: A Washington state man has been arrested Missouri teenager dressed as a machete-
1,500-pound camel, named Moses, after police say he crashed two cars wielding madman to promote a
VINTER needed to be rescued. while intoxicated, then got in his tow Halloween store was the one who ended
The call came in Tuesday night in truck and tried to move the vehicles. up getting a scare.
Clackamas County after the Oregon City The Bellingham Herald reports that The Joplin Globe reports a police offi-
owners of the camel called firefighters to Tommy Ryser was arrested and booked cer pointed a gun at the costumed
TARGEY say that Moses had fallen into a sinkhole teenager and ordered him to the ground
Now arrange the circled letters in jail on three counts of driving under
to form the surprise answer, as
suggested by the above cartoon.
6 to 8 feet deep and was possibly the influence Monday. Saturday after getting a report that a dis-
injured. The owners — who have sever- turbed person was brandishing a weapon
The Whatcom County Sheriff’s office
Ans: al camels and run a children’s ministry on a city street.
— had tried to get the camel out them- says Ryser crashed his truck into a util- The teen, whose name was not
(Answers tomorrow)
Jumbles: WHOSE BORAX HUMBLE SLEIGH selves but failed. ity pole Monday night, abandoned that released, wore a mask and swung what
Answer: Shot by the television host on the safari —
Firefighters had to carefully shovel vehicle and got in his wife’s later proved to be a plastic machete
mud for several hours to free the animal. Volkswagen but crashed that car into a while waving to cars outside the Spirit of
The rescuers were concerned Moses guardrail. He then got his privately Halloween store.
would break his legs if he’d try to free owned tow truck and attempted to tow Other officers arrived and quickly
himself while still partially buried. the vehicles, even with a bloodied fore- determined the boy posed no threat.
But Moses was patient, and eventu- head. Rick Henderson, consignment owner
ally firefighters got him out. Moses Sgt. Larry Flynn says Ryser pulled of the store, says the boy was not acting
lay on his side for an hour resting up to the scene of one of the crashes strangely. He says a large banner adver-
after the rescue. while police were investigating. tised that it was a Halloween store.
THE DAILY JOURNAL LOCAL Thursday • Sept. 16, 2010 3
Police reports
City demands cut-and-cover trench Pet detective
Belmont passes resolution on high-speed rail alternatives A resident complained that someone was
at a dog park with more than three dogs
By Bill Silverfarb the U.S. Department of Transportation. The basis to make decisions other than an emo- but was directed to signage that suggested
DAILY JOURNAL STAFF city of Orange in Southern California passed tional feeling or my instinct.” that the three-dog limit was advisory only
a resolution in complete opposition to High-speed rail options have been and not enforceable on Foster City
The Belmont City Council passed a resolu- the entire project and other cities essentially whittled down for the Boulevard in Foster City before 10:12
tion Tuesday night calling for a cut-and-cover are considering drafting similar Peninsula to an elevated viaduct a.m. Wednesday, Sept. 8.
trench in the city for high-speed rail tracks. resolutions, such as Palo Alto for most of the line and cities
Councilman Warren Lieberman, however, and Burlingame, for instance. opposing the alternative are
abstained from voting on the issue because he Caltrain is calling on the rail scrambling to find other solu- SAN BRUNO
feels he has not been given adequate informa- authority to refocus the pro- tions. A cut-and-cover trench Shots. One possible shot was reported on the
tion on the impacts of the system to Belmont ject’s environmental impact — similar to a tunnel — would 700 block of Green Avenue before 4:07 a.m.
regardless of the alternative, whether aerial or report on design and construc- add significant cost to the proj- Tuesday, Sept. 14.
depressed. tion of an initial phase that ect and was essentially ruled out Vandalism. A showroom window was
The vote was 3-0-1. Councilman David could deliver the benefits of high- by the High-Speed Rail Authority smashed on the 200 block of San Bruno
Braunstein missed the meeting. speed rail to the Peninsula and Aug. 5. Avenue before 7:03 a.m. Tuesday, Sept. 14.
Mayor Christine Wozniak, Vice Mayor Caltrain while significantly minimizing The aerial/berm structure, accommo- Burglary-attempt. A side-window screen was
or eliminating any adverse impacts on adja- dating four tracks, would be 80-feet wide, 30- cut on the 1100 block of Vermont Way before
Coralin Feierbach and Councilman Dave
cent communities, according to Caltrain offi- feet high, with additional 25-foot-high cate- 11:53 a.m. Tuesday, Sept. 14.
Warden all approved the resolution. Burglary. A stereo was taken from a vehicle
Lieberman didn’t feel comfortable with cials. naries above the rail track line that would cre-
Caltrain Executive Director Mike Scanlon ate the visual equivalent of five-story building on the 500 block of Commodor Drive before
approving the resolution because he has not 11:59 a.m. Tuesday, Sept. 14.
urged the authority, in a Sept. 1 letter, to running the 1.6-mile length of the city,
received objective information from city staff Suspicious person. Two women wearing
examine how construction of the project according to the text of the resolution to be
on the impacts of the alternatives. white head coverings were knocking on an
could be phased so that it results in project considered Tuesday.
In its alternatives analysis presented Aug. individual’s door and trying to enter on the 500
alternatives that are more desirable to Feierbach thinks the catenaries will be
5, The Peninsula Rail Program shows only an block of Kains Avenue before 4:14 p.m.
Peninsula communities. A phased approach “ugly.”
aerial viaduct solution for a four-track system The project was kicked off in earnest with a Tuesday, Sept. 14.
in Belmont. could allow for underground solutions on Disturbance. Students were throwing rocks at
parts of the line that currently are not identi- $10 billion bond in November 2008, and
The Peninsula Rail Program is the local most recently was awarded $2.5 billion in an 8-year-old classmate on the 600 block of
arm of the California High-Speed Rail fied for it, including Belmont, if the authority Sixth Avenue before 5:48 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 14.
determines it is a feasible alternative. federal funding in May. Its ambitious plans
Authority that also answers to Caltrain. include electrified bullet trains from Los
Since the authority is proposing cut-and- Regardless of the alternatives posed for
Angeles to San Francisco and its total antici-
cover trenches for sections of the line in San Belmont, Lieberman wants to get a better Found property. A wallet was found at the
pated cost is $40 billion, though critics say
Francisco and San Jose, Feierbach feels the understanding of what the noise impacts front counter of Windsurfer Park on East Third
that number could double.
solution should also be in place for Belmont. would be for any alternative proposed for the Avenue before 2:14 p.m. Monday, Sept. 13.
“We don’t want this to ruin our community. city. Indecent exposure. a man was masturbating
We must protect the community,” Feierbach “We have had very little information pre- Bill Silverfarb can be reached by e-mail: silver- on the pedestrian walkway at the intersection
said. sented to council to help us evaluate the alter- or by phone: (650) 344- of Beach Park Boulevard and Teal Street before
The city intends to send the resolution to natives,” Lieberman said. “I have no real 5200 ext. 106. 4:32 p.m. Monday, Sept. 13.
4 Thursday • Sept. 16, 2010 LOCAL THE DAILY JOURNAL

Accused rapist of vitamin STATE GOVERNMENT

• State Sen. Joe Simitian, D-Palo
Alto, will hold a town hall meeting 6
p.m. to 7:30

seller pleads not guilty

DAILY JOURNAL STAFF REPORT school months earlier. On May 28, the
p . m .
Oct. 6 at
married woman went to Mendez’s home City Hall at
A Redwood City man accused of sexu- because he wanted to buy the Herbalife 1 0 1 7
ally assaulting an acquaintance who came vitamins she sold. After discussing the Middlefield
to his home to sell vitamins pleaded not items for sale, Mendez allegedly asked her Road to talk
guilty to several felonies including rape to look at vitamins he already owned with com-
and assault. located in his bedroom. Once there, pros- munity members about government
Ricardo Zaragoza Mendez, 61, did not ecutors say Mendez raped the woman issues. He is inviting residents to
waive his right to a speedy trial and was until she was able to grab a flashlight and bring questions, comments and con-
scheduled for jury trial Nov. 1 on charges strike him several times in the head. cerns.
including rape, forcible rape, assault to The woman ran to a friend’s residence For more information visit
commit rape, assault and false imprison- and contacted police. or call his
ment. Mendez remains in custody in lieu of district office at 688-6384 or (408)
Mendez is accused of attacking a 19- $200,000 bail and returns to court Oct. 4 277-9460.
year-old woman he knew from an adult for a pre-trial conference.
THE DAILY JOURNAL STATE/NATION Thursday • Sept. 16, 2010 5
Obama sends spending wish list to Congress Around the state
State sues leaders
By Aandrew Taylor The White House is targeting a of city hit by pay scandal
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS bill to continue funding the govern-
ment past the Sept. 30 end of the LOS ANGELES — The California
attorney general’s office sued eight
WASHINGTON — The Obama fiscal year to carry its spending
current and former officials of the
administration is pushing a pre- requests. The measure is needed scandal-ridden city of Bell on
election shopping list on its because Congress is failing to pass Wednesday, accusing them of
Democratic allies in Congress as the annual spending bills that fund defrauding taxpayers by granting
they prepare must-pass legislation the day-to-day operations of the themselves salaries so high they were
to prevent a government shutdown government. illegal and a disgrace to public serv-
next month. Such stopgap funding bills typi- ice.
Republicans are protesting the cally don’t carry controversial legis- The suit demands the officials,
spending requests, which include lation or large spending initiatives. including former City Manager
$1.9 billion for school grants, finan- But the stopgap measure is the last Robert Rizzo, return hundreds of
cial help for the Postal Service and measure that Congress absolutely thousands of dollars they were paid to
more than $4 billion requested by has to pass before the elections, and run the small, working-class city
the administration to finance settle- so it is a tempting target on which to where one in six people live in pover-
ments of long-standing lawsuits add unfinished business. ty.
against the government. “The Obama administration, It also demands the reduction of
A back-of-the-envelope tally by Speaker Pelosi and Democrat lead- bloated pension benefits that were
Republicans puts the price tag of the ers are going to try and use this based on the high salaries.
Obama requests at more than $25 (stopgap bill) as a ’Hail Mary’ pass The salary scandal sparked nation-
billion, including $5.7 billion to for more government spending and REUTERS wide outrage and calls for cities of all
prevent shortfalls in the popular Pell policy items in a frantic last dash Barack Obama reacts to the audience of mainly children as he makes his sizes to publicly disclose what
Grant program and $5.5 billion the before the election,” said Rep. Jerry second annual back-to-school speech at Julia R. Masterman Laboratory employees are paid.
cash-strapped Postal Service. Lewis, R-Calif. and Demonstration School in Philadelphia. ‘Unacceptable’ratings
for seven Valley systems
Whitman faces tough questions O’Donnell hopes for GOP SACRAMENTO — Seven of 10
Central Valley levee systems inspect-
on negative ads, gay marriage unity after bitter primary By Randall Chase the longest-serv-
ed by the U.S. Army Corps of
Engineers do not meet the agency’s
By Juliet Williams eBay chief exec- safety criteria and could be threatened
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS ing congressman in a flood or storm, officials said
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS utive has grown in state history
accustomed to Wednesday.
DOVER, Del. — Surprise GOP and had never Seven systems received “unaccept-
SAN FRANCISCO — during her cam- Senate primary winner Christine lost an election.
able” ratings and three received “min-
Republican gubernatorial candidate paign for O’Donnell called on fellow “We have to
imally acceptable” ratings in the first
Meg Whitman faced an unusually California gover- rise above this
Republicans to rally around her 10 of 26 Central Valley levee system
tough crowd Wednesday during a nor. nastiness and
Wednesday, but she can count out at unify for the inspections, which are conducted by
stop at the online review site Yelp, Whitman was least one — respected longtime engineers on foot every five years.
forced to defend greater good,
where young staffers bombarded Rep. Michael Castle, her opponent Christine because there’s “When you see an ’unacceptable’
her with questions about her nega- Meg Whitman an ad she is run- in the nasty primary fight. O’Donnell a lot of work to rating, that means there are problems
tive ads, her record-breaking spend- ning that features The tea party-backed O’Donnell that could threaten the levees if
footage of former President Bill be done, and
ing and her stance against gay mar- sounded upbeat as she made the there are a lot of people who want to there’s a flood or storm,” said corps
riage. Clinton criticizing her rival, Jerry rounds of morning talk shows to dis- get involved if the Republican Party spokesman Chris Gray. “We think it’s
It was a far cry from the highly Brown, in a 1992 presidential cuss her stunning upset of Castle, a would,” O’Donnell told the important for people to understand
scripted campaign stops the former debate. Associated Press in an interview. the risks.”
former two-term governor who is
6 Thursday • Sept. 16, 2010 LOCAL THE DAILY JOURNAL

Pacifica man arrested for

Santa Rosa home invasion robbery
Santa Rosa police on Tuesday arrested a
Local briefs
at tonight’s event.
Also during the evening
Community mourns mother,
Pacifica man suspected in an armed home inva-
sion robbery Sunday evening.
Steven Andrew Chavez, 21, was arrested on a
$120,000 warrant at 2:25 p.m. Tuesday at his
event, Comedian Michael
Pritchard — a past Winners
Breakfast speaker — will
be honored for his years of
daughter killed in explosion
By Chris Cooney
home in the 400 block of Lynbrook Drive in service to the nonprofit. A
Pacifica, Santa Rosa police Sgt. Steve Fraga BAY CITY NEWS SERVICE
brief ‘Fund-a-Need’ auction
said. will help raise funding to
Inside the home, police found evidence that support Family Service’s A vigil and funeral mass are planned in San
linked Chavez to the robbery, as well as mari- Melvina Lewis vital work with families in Francisco this week for Jacqueline Greig and
juana believed to be for sale, Fraga said. crisis through its Family her 13-old-daughter Janessa, who were killed
The robbery happened at about 8:40 p.m. Visitation Center. Thursday when a gas transmission line explod-
Sunday at an apartment in the 900 block of One stand-out auction item will be a heart ed and ignited a fire that ripped through their
Sonoma Avenue in Santa Rosa. sculpture created especially for the occasion by San Bruno neighborhood.
The two residents who were robbed reported Michael Osborne of Michael Osborne Design in The vigil and mass are scheduled to take
that two men had followed them and their guest San Francisco. place at St. Cecilia Catholic Church on 17th
into the apartment, bound their hands and feet Tickets are $150 per person. To purchase tick- Avenue, near Vicente Street, on Thursday and
with duct tape and held them at gunpoint while ets call Maria Chavez at 403-4300 ext. 4401 or Friday. Janessa had attended St. Cecilia School
they ransacked the home, Fraga said. visit since kindergarten and her mother often volun-
The suspects eventually unbound the visitor, teered for school activities.
who then helped the thieves load electronics and Suspect arrested in “Janessa is warm giving, generous, outgo- Jacqueline and Janessa Greig
marijuana into an SUV, Fraga said. The visitor ing,” St. Cecilia School principal Sister Marilyn association executive director Charles Acquard
then left with the suspects.
Rancho Cordova slaying Miller said Tuesday. “You know, the kind of kid said. “She was well-liked by everybody and
The residents were able to free themselves RANCHO CORDOVA — Authorities have that you’d love to have in a classroom and love we’ll miss her,” he said.
and call police. arrested a suspect in connection with the slaying to have as a friend.” Janessa volunteered regularly with her moth-
Police have identified the visitor as Daniel of a 49-year-old Reno woman who was fatally The eighth grader was a piano player, a er at the Peninsula Humane Society/SPCA in
Vincent Flores, 21, of Forestville, and believe shot after stopping her car in a Sacramento-area dancer of ballet folklorico, an actor in her San Mateo, spokesman Scott Delucchi said.
he was involved in the robbery. Flores and the suburb. school drama club and president of the student “Her loss was felt deeply by everyone here
third suspect are still at large, police said. Sacramento County Sheriff’s Deputies say body, Miller said. who had the pleasure of meeting her and know-
22-year-old Robert Vasquez was taken into cus- “We have a student body of 600,” she said. ing her,” Delucchi said.
Agency honors winners, tody in Redwood City on Tuesday after he “Everybody knew her and everybody liked her.” Janessa and her mom had been coming by
celebrates anniversary jumped from a third-story window to try to Classes have been canceled on Friday to once or twice a week for about the past year, he
escape from detectives. He suffered serious allow students, teachers and staff to attend the said.
Family Service Agency of San Mateo County injuries in the fall and was in critical condition 11 a.m. funeral mass. “People here are griev- “For someone that young to be a regular vol-
is celebrating its 60th anniversary tonight by at a San Francisco Bay Area hospital. ing,” Miller said. “It’s hard for us to believe that unteer is definitely not the norm,” Delucchi said.
honoring five clients who demonstrate the trans- Vasquez was being sought in connection with they’re gone.” “We assume she had a busy, full life like most
forming power of our programs and services. the death of 49-year-old Madalene Thomas. Jacqueline Greig, 44, was a member of the St. teenagers but she still found time to help ani-
The San Mateo-based nonprofit organization Thomas was shot on Sunday morning after Cecilia School Mothers’ Club. Her older daugh- mals here in need.”
that helps transform the lives of 20,000 chil- her car was stopped by another vehicle in ter, Gabriella, also attended school there. A vigil for the Greigs will be held Thursday
dren, families and older adults annually, will Rancho Cordova. “Her life revolved around her girls,” Miller evening at 7 p.m. at the church, located at 2555
host “The 60th Anniversary and Winners The driver of that vehicle fired once into her said. 17th Ave. in San Francisco.
Celebration’ from 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. tonight at car. Thomas’ 18-year-old nephew was with her, Jacqueline worked at the California Public A memorial fund has been set up for the
the Crowne Plaza Cabaña Hotel & Resort, 4290 but investigators say he was unable to describe Utilities Commission for more than 20 years. Greig family at Bank of the West. Donations
El Camino Real, Palo Alto. Part of the celebra- the suspect. She also served on the natural gas committee of can be made in person at any Bank of the West
tion will focus on those who have been impact- the National Association of State Utility branch or by mailing them to the Greig Family
ed by the agency’s work, like Melvina Lewis. Seven years later, woman Consumer Advocates. Memorial Fund, Bank of the West, 295 Bush
Despite many challenges in her life, Lewis St., San Francisco, CA 94104.
has been volunteering for over four years at
reunited with stolen dog “Her talents extended beyond California,”
Family Service’s Fair Oaks Intergenerational A San Francisco woman searching for
Center, averaging over 85 hours per month. As
a young mother, Lewis left a marriage in Texas
answers since her dog was stolen seven years
ago finally has closure.
Fire resources PHS/SPCA is offering temporary shelter,pet food and
supplies for displaced animals.Two humane officers are
Make that: a fresh start. stations at the Red Cross trailer at 251 City Park Way.The
and moved to California so that her three chil- To donate to the Red Cross visit or
emergency veterinary clinic closest to San Bruno is at 227 N.
Mary Bollero’s “Little Girl” vanished in call (888) 4-HELP-BAY or (800) RED-Cross and specify “San
dren would not be placed at risk in their home. Bruno Fire.”Officials say that there are enough donated items Amphlett Blvd.and can be reached at 348-2575.
Since then, she has had several jobs that entailed 2003. Until recently, Bollero didn’t know if the now,and that further donations should be made in cash to ***
San Bruno fire victims are eligible for property tax relief
a great deal of responsibility, but she has also dog was still alive. immediately help the victims.Red Cross Hotline,(888) 443-
through Calamity Relief Program and replacement of vital
had health problems. When she was in her early A call from a San Mateo animal clinic on *** records at no charge,according to Warren Slocum,chief
Aug. 24 changed that. Little Girl had been elections officer and assessor-county clerk-recorder.For more
40s, Lewis suffered a stroke. In addition to its The Salvation Army is collecting money for the Salvation
information call Joel Morris,deputy assessor-county clerk-
brought in for treatment of an ear infection, and Army San Bruno Fire Disaster Relief Fund.For more
physical effects, the stroke led to depression and information visit or call (800) recorder at (650) 599-1291 or
the loss of her job, home and car. the dog’s microchip named Bollero as her Sal-Army ((800) 725-2769). website content has been updated to provide the most
owner. *** critical information; check for questions,
Volunteering has given Lewis a way to create answers and forms.
But before she arrived to pick up her pet, the Donations to the San Bruno Lions Club for fire victims can be
a support system for herself while giving back sent to San Bruno Lions Club,PO Box 242,San Bruno,CA ***
to the community. Fair Oaks is her other family man who’d found her a few weeks earlier said 94066.Please write fire in the memo section of your check. To volunteer visit
and she has founds many friends there who she he wanted to keep the dog. Humane Society Donations can also be sent to the Millbrae Lions Club,P.O.Box
To donate blood to the Blood Centers of the Pacific visit
328,Millbrae,CA 94030-0328.All money received will go
can count on. officials said anyone finding a lost dog could directly to fire victims. or call (888) 393-GIVE.The centers need
keep it if unclaimed in 30 days. universal Type O negative blood.
Lewis is just one person who will be honored
THE DAILY JOURNAL NATION/WORLD Thursday • Sept. 16, 2010 7
Arlington opens graves, Around the nation
finds three misplaced bodies
WASHINGTON — Three people were
Tropical Storm Karl headed to
buried in the wrong graves at Arlington Mexico; Julia a Category 4 hurricane
National Cemetery, the Army said Wednesday CANCUN, Mexico — A strengthening
as it followed up an investigation into book- Tropical Storm Karl neared the Yucatan
keeping problems and burial mix-ups at one of Peninsula on Wednesday, bearing down on the
the nation’s most hallowed sites.
resort beaches of the Mayan Riviera.
After a report issued in June found that the
problems could potentially affect thousands of Meanwhile, on the other side of the Atlantic,
graves, defense officials received about 1,100 Hurricane Julia rapidly intensified, becoming a
calls from worried families. powerful Category 4 storm early Wednesday,
One of those callers, the widow of an Army and still far from land, Hurricane Igor’s top
staff sergeant, led to the exhumation of three winds weakened slightly.
graves late last month. The three remains in Karl had maximum sustained winds of about
those graves, all former members of the armed 65 mph (100 kph) and was located about 45
forces, were found to be in the wrong place, miles (75 kilometers) east of Chetumal,
said Gary Tallman, an Army spokesman. Mexico, the U.S. National Hurricane Center in
“The families are satisfied that the problem Miami said.
was fixed,” Tallman said Wednesday. Mexico’s government issued a tropical
A fourth grave was opened Wednesday in a storm warning for the peninsula from
different section of Arlington. At the request of Chetumal northward to Cabo Catoche. Parts of
his father, the grave and casket of Marine Pfc. Belize are under a tropical storm watch.
Middle East Envoy George Mitchell gestures during a news conference in Jerusalem.

No deal: Mideast round

ends amid fresh violence
By Robert Burns evening session to say the talks had been
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS encouraging but had fallen short of agree-
JERUSALEM — A mortar attack by “A serious and substantive discussion is
Palestinian militants and airstrikes by Israel well under way,” Mitchell told a news confer-
formed the grim backdrop as Mideast leaders ence.
ended their latest round of peace talks Abbas and Netanyahu met with U.S.
Wednesday, still divided on major issues. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton for PICK THE MOST NFL WINNERS AND WIN! DEADLINE IS 9/17/10
There was no word on when they would meet about two hours at the Israeli leader’s official
The inconclusive U.S.-brokered talks
residence here and agreed to continue the
search for a peace deal, he said.
Pigskin Pick ‘em Week Two
between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin But the leaders face a looming crisis with Win Dinner For Two and a Limo Ride* to Broadway Grill
Netanyahu and Palestinian President the expiration this month of Israel’s partial
Mahmoud Abbas left in doubt the prospects moratorium on West Bank settlement con- ROAD TEAM HOME TEAM
for their new effort to end generations of hos- struction, and it was not clear when they vs
New Orleans San Francisco
tilities in the region and create a sovereign would reconvene. Lower-level officials will
Palestine alongside a secure Israel. meet next week to work out a plan for the next Buffalo vs Green Bay
George Mitchell, the U.S. envoy for meeting between Netanyahu and Abbas, Tampa Bay vs Carolina
Mideast peace efforts, emerged from an Mitchell said. Kansas City vs Cleveland
Pittsburgh vs Tennessee
Chicago vs Dallas
Arizona vs Atlanta
Philadelphia vs Detroit
Miami vs Minnesota
Seattle vs Denver
St. Louis vs Oakland
Houston vs Washington
New England vs NY Jets
Jacksonville vs San Diego
NY Giants vs Indianapolis
Baltimore vs Cinncinati

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How does it work?
Each Monday thru Friday we will list the upcoming weeks’ games. Pick the winners of each game
along with the point total of the Monday night game. In case of a tie, we will look at the point total on
the Monday night game of the week. If there’s a tie on that total, then a random drawing will deter-
mine the winner. Each week, the Daily Journal will reward a dinner for two and a limo ride* to Broad-
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photo for publicity purposes. Employees of the Daily Journal and Broadway Grill are not eligible to win. Must be at least 21 years of age. Winners will be notified
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Each winner, by acceptance of the prize, agrees to release the Daily Journal and the Broadway Grill from all liability, claims, or actions of any kind whatsoever for
injuries, damages, or losses to persons and property which may be sustained in connection with the receipt, ownership, or use of the prize.
8 Thursday • Sept. 16, 2010 OPINION THE DAILY JOURNAL

Telling time Contact Us

s it time yet? Time to laugh,
to smile, to think even ever so
briefly about something other ‘Some sobs of gratitude have become
than the six-alarm blaze that forev- tears of frustration and anger, at PG&E,
er changed San Bruno? Is it time to
take a deep breath and then another the CPUC, at the city, at officials, at the world.’
and slowly let the rest of the world
creep back into daily existence? Then, of course, there are the A week has also been long
Daily Journal e-mail:
Today marks one week since gas
groups upset at being omitted from enough to judge who and who has- Tel: 344-5200
filled the air and fire tore down the wrap-ups of fundraisers and n’t arrived. While the governor was Fax: 344-5298
streets. One week since residents donors. Look at us! Look what off touting high-speed rail and Mail: 800 S. Claremont St., #210
fled, some with nothing but the we’ve done! they seem to be say- California-grown strawberries in and who is paying for it. Rumors San Mateo 94402
clothes on their back, babies in ing, as though recognition is more China, Lt. Gov. Abel Maldonado fly about Pablo Sandoval’s mother
their arms and indescribable fear in important than the act itself. A addressed the masses at near-daily being put up despite not living in
their hearts. One week since week must be long enough to for-
press briefings. Was he doing his the affected neighborhood. Tips E-mail:
Janessa, Jacqueline, Jessica and get some sense of charity and gen-
Elizabeth died and others went job as the acting governor or cam- come in about folks trying to Fax: 344-5298
erosity. paigning to take over that job per- change their address at the
missing. Only one week. Is it A week is also long enough for
enough? manently in the November elec- Department of Motor Vehicles to Letters to the Editor
stories of scam artists and adver- tion? He was knocked for remain- one in San Bruno to cash in on aid.
It hardly seems possible. Grief should be no longer than 250 words.
tisements promising legal help, ing in San Bruno while Did all this negativity seem pos-
has no timeline and neither does hefty settlements and discount
picking up the pieces. Schwarzenegger was vilified for sible last week? Perspective Columns
repairs. While most of the commu- staying away. Then mocked for Yet, just as San Bruno and the should be no longer than 600 words.
Yet a week has certainly been nity is coming together, there are
long enough for the disgruntled showing up. Peninsula wasn’t a sea of uniformi-
those who have no qualms about ty before, neither should it be • Illegibly handwritten letters and
phone calls and letters to come into Cynicism can only be held at bay
pulling at its threads. expected after. anonymous letters will not be accepted.
the newsroom. One caller was so long.
A week, too, and a growing ros- Only time will tell and only
offended a National Transportation A week has been long enough • Please include a city of residence and
ter of politicians have taken their those affected can tell how much
Safety Board member was pho- turn calling for action and demand- for frazzled nerves to fray a little phone number where we can reach you.
more. Some sobs of gratitude have time is enough.
tographed in a ball cap and sun- ing answers. Even those without a
glasses. How disrespectful! she direct tie to the area are wasting no become tears of frustration and • E-mailed documents are preferred. No
chirped. Another couldn’t under- anger, at PG&E, the CPUC, at the Michelle Durand’s column “Off the attachments please.
time assigning blame and calling
stand why the paper directs people names. Tom Ammiano said PG&E city, at officials, at the world. Some Beat” runs every Tuesday and
• Letter writers are limited to two
to the Red Cross over the Salvation “murdered” the fire victims. San are ready to go forward. Some are Thursday. She can be reached by e- submissions a month.
Army. Everybody knows that Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom still frozen at a stand still. One size mail:
organization isn’t any good. warned PG&E he’s watching them. doesn’t fit all. Opinions expressed in letters, columns and
or by phone: (650) 344-5200 ext.
Another was simply annoyed Some haven’t met a press release Fingers have pointed at depend- perspectives are those of the individual
ence on natural gas and at cities 102. What do you think of this writer and do not necessarily represent the
recent letters to the editor focused or a microphone they don’t like and
on the fire. He wrote his piece long several act as though this disaster who want to outsource public safe- column? Send a letter to the editor: views of the Daily Journal staff.
before the disaster; shouldn’t he gives them a pass on rectifying the ty. Claims have been made about
who is receiving help and housing Editorials represent the viewpoint
take priority? state budget. of the Daily Journal editorial board
and not any one individual.
It is the mission of the Daily
Journal to be the most

Letters to the editor accurate, fair and relevant

local news source for those
who live, work or play on
the MidPeninsula.
Don to consider offering him my work because of his union. By combining local news and sports
Kudos to communicators
endorsement, he made a similar However, not all unions are corrupt. On the web coverage, analysis and insight with the latest
business, lifestyle, state, national and world news,
comment. I thought at the time it Yes, there are some but you will find we seek to provide our readers with the highest
Everybody has praises for the first was an unnecessary characterization, corruption everywhere, that does not • Richard Marracq: Bush quality information resource in San Mateo County.
responders to the San Bruno disaster but let it go as one of those things mean that every union is. The writer should be in jail Our pages belong to you, our readers, and we
incident, as they so deserve. I’d like said between two people in jest. To said that “A union today is for those • Christine Ricks: Bikes on choose to reflect the diverse character of this
to recognize a group that’s often for- know he repeated the same to a who cannot think for themselves.” board Caltrain dynamic and ever-changing community.
gotten, yet played a critical part in newspaper, shows that it was more Mr. Parry, I would like to point out • Jeff McKnight: Lack of bike Publisher
the response to the incident. These than a remark made in jest. It is to you that men and women who car capacity results in riders Jerry Lee
are the dispatchers and operators for something he truly believes. I find belong to unions can think for them- getting bumped Editor in Chief
Jon Mays
911, fire, police and emergency this disturbing because it goes selves. Look no further then the fire
medical services. As a scanner Sports Editor
beyond a cut to his opponent and in San Bruno on Thursday night, I Nathan Mollat
enthusiast who regularly monitors cuts to the very heart of our govern- am willing to bet that close to 90 Copy Editor/Page Designer
the San Bruno Fire Department, I ment. Ours was designed from the percent of the first responders (fire, in the Opinion/Letters section Erik Oeverndiek
heard the initial dispatch on the beginning to allow the baker, the police, paramedics, dispatchers, Cal Production Manager
Control-3 channel and then the fire- cobbler, and yes, even the upholster- Fire, CHP, city of San Bruno and Peninsula communities is likely Nicola Zeuzem
fighters and dispatchers communi- er, to not only vote for their govern- employees just to name a few) are to take about 20 years to plan and Production Assistant
cating on a number of additional Julio Lara
ment but to become their govern- members of a union or an associa- build, so it is time to start such an Marketing & Events
channels. As this immediately turned ment. It has worked pretty well in tion. Not only did they think for effort. Kerry McArdle
into an unprecedented mutual-aid my opinion and we have seen great themselves they made life-and-death BART has all the advantages of
incident, these people continued to Senior Reporter
leaders rise from humble begin- decisions and they put themselves in not only the current proposals to Michelle Durand
play a significant part communicat- nings: Lincoln, Truman, Reagan, to harms way to save people like you. upgrade Caltrain, but many, many Reporters
ing with fire personnel and initiating name just a few. I am not sure what Yes, I know it is their job but the more. The benefits of replacing Emanuel Lee, Heather Murtagh, Bill Silverfarb
the Incident Command System. I’m Mr. Horsley thinks he knows that point is they made those life and Caltrain range from proven green- Senior Correspondent: Events
sure this scene was repeated with the Ms. Vargas doesn’t, but he might death decisions on their own. As for house-gas free electrification, safety, Susan E. Cohn
police and emergency services. consider what one of my wrestling teachers, well you probably do not better farebox-return, operating and Business Staff
This incident shows how all the coaches was fond of saying: “He have kids in school anymore or administrative cost efficiency (elimi- Charlotte Andersen Mark Aspillera
hours of planning and coordinating who thinks he knows the most maybe did not have kids at all other- nates Caltrain’s administration), Jennifer Bishop Keith Blake
by emergency response agencies Gloria Brickman Gale Green
knows the least.” To be clear, I am wise you would not have made that fewer transfers because of better Robert O’Leary Jeff Palter
pays off when the “big one” hap- not endorsing Vargas. However, a comment. As for unions that go on integration into the entire Bay Area Kris Skarston
pens. man who believes, if he is elected, strike, I am a fan of people going on transit network, including existing Interns • Correspondents • Contractors
that the voters are turning over to strike because there are people out BART stations and speed. On top of Michael Almonte Jenna Chambers
all that, a ground-level 60-mile con- Diana Clock Michael Costa
Mike Flaherty him a $1 billion organization to run, there who need jobs, however there Philip Dimaano Darold Fredricks
is an arrogant man; we should be are jobs that are part of a union that tiguous walking and biking trail Miles Freeborn Brian Grabianowski
San Bruno
wary of him. Even when you run an need specially trained people. I am a from San Francisco to San Jose can William Jeske Cheri Lucas
Nick Rose Theresa Seiger
upholstery business out of your proud member of an association and replace the tracks with a further Andrew Scheiner Alex Shamis
Nothing wrong garage, you know it takes others to I know you would not last two hours greenhouse gas-free, low-cost trans- Eliot Storch Jeremy Venook

help you succeed. in my job. portation route that not only links to
with an upholsterer other trails, but also may be accentu- Correction Policy
ated with local vendors and other The Daily Journal corrects its errors.
Matt Grocott Bill Bleich people-friendly, sustainable commu- If you question the accuracy of any article in
Recently, county supervisor candi- the Daily Journal, please contact the editor at
date Don Horsley, was quoted ask- San Carlos San Mateo nity settings along the route.
ing this question: “Would you turn With BART in Millbrae and com- or by phone at: 344-5200, ext. 107
over a $1 billion organization to an ing to Santa Clara, there is no time
upholsterer who works out of her Unions are useful Replace Caltrain to waste to start the long trek to
garage?” (“Supervisor forerunners Editor, Editor, replace this outdated, deadly
ready to square off,” Sept. 13, the This is a response to a letter to the On Sunday, Caltrain killed the Caltrain, which I have named Follow us on Twitter and Facebook:
Daily Journal). editor (“Reject Unions,” in the Sept. seventh victim this year. Although “Killtrain.”
The organization he was referring 15 edition of the Daily Journal). the surface train has served well in
to is the San Mateo County govern- The writer seems very bitter, per- the past, it is now outmoded, outdat-
ment and the upholsterer, his oppo- haps he has been burned by unions ed, dangerous and deadly. A better Omar Chatty
Visit our community forum at:
nent, April Vargas. When I met with in the past or maybe he is out of fixed-rail system to serve San Jose San Jose
THE DAILY JOURNAL OP-ED Thursday • Sept. 16, 2010 9
Reporters’ notebook Other voices
everal familiar faces have *** from March 31 through April 17;
taken turns speaking on
behalf of the city of San
Bruno even though they aren’t
Want to check out a high-speed
ferry boat similar to those planned
for use in Redwood City’s ferry
classic “The Music Man” from
July 14 through July 31; musical
“Gypsy” from Sept. 22 through
Too much stimulus spending
The February 2009 stimulus bill
actually connected to the city. San service? Come to the first annual Oct. 9; and closing with — New Haven (Conn.) Register appropriated $787 billion for “shov-
Mateo County public informa- Redwood City PortFest from 10 “Broadway of the Year,” a musi- el-ready” projects. About $570 bil-

tion officer Marshall Wilson, San a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 2 cal and historical snapshot of the redit is due government
where that is one of the planned lion of that money has been spent,
Carlos Assistant City Manager Great White Way highlighting stimulus spending for
events. Others include food, arts, a creating 1.4 million to 3.3 million
Brian Moura and San Mateo songs from Broadway shows of keeping the recession
beer garden and boat rides. jobs, according to the Congressional
County Health System spokes- 1947 and 1966, in November. from being even worse. How much
woman Robyn Thaw have all *** Budget Office. The impact, howev-
*** it has helped is open to debate. er, has been lost on the public,
served at different times as spokes- If spice is more your thing, On Tuesday, Sept. 7, breast can- Unemployment has gone far
people. though, the third annual Redwood which has focused on the unem-
cer survivor Donna Rutherford higher than the Obama administra- ployment rate’s rise to 9.6 percent.
*** City Salsa Festival is next decided to give back to the Kaiser
Saturday, offering food, activities tion predicted in pushing its main Giving the White House the ben-
The Mick Donovan Band, a Permanente South San Francisco
and three music stages with Latin stimulus bill. If you add up all the efit of the doubt and assuming that
Christian rock group, donated doctors and nurses who helped her,
their $50 in tips from their and Salsa tunes. The adults can president's stimulus plans — home- the maximum estimate of 3.3 mil-
so she handmade more than a 100 buyer tax credits, Cash for
Thursday night performance in San even try out tequila tasting. Come lion jobs were created, this
“scrub hats.” Rutherford delivered Clunkers, cash for caulkers, cash
Carlos to victims of the San Bruno over from noon to 8 p.m. Saturday, amounts to each job costing more
the cloth beanies for staff to wear for electric cars, mortgage help,
fire. Sept. 25 on Broadway between than $172,000. This costly ineffi-
over their hair during procedures.
*** Middlefield and Hamilton avenues extended unemployment, extra aid ciency suggests that Washington is
Dr. Phil McGraw kicked off his at Courthouse Square. to states for teachers and Medicaid better at running up the national
*** Belmont resident Greg Hubbell
new season Monday with a season- — the total is $1 trillion. debt than creating jobs.
On Tuesday, South San Jr. will be the featured presenter at
long campaign against domestic the National Museum at the
violence in a partnership with the Francisco-based Genentech and Oracle to buy Siebel nies’ relations with customers.
Palo Alto’s HP were named for Smithsonian Natural History
National Network to End
being one of the best companies to Museum 100 year Centennial The week of Sept. 17, 2005, City hands out
Domestic Violence. McGraw’s
for working mothers. Since 1985, Celebration Festival. This year Oracle Corp. announced it is buying
effort is being praised locally by
Working Mother magazine has marks 100 years since the opening hobbled Siebel Systems $200K to fight gangs
Melissa Lukin, executive director
of Community Overcoming chronicled the issues women face of the Natural History Museum. Inc. for about $5.85 Redwood City leaders agreed to
balancing work and home, and Fifteen-year-old Hubbell Jr., who billion, eliminating hire two extra police officers and
Relationship Abuse. “Given that
applauded companies that set a holds 14 World “Wildlife” another com- spend
domestic violence is one of the petitor in its
most under-reported crimes in the new standard for family-friendly Calling titles, will be there Sept. $200,000 in
policies with their 100 Best 25 demonstrating his skills and campaign to overtime in an
United States, Dr. Phil’s efforts to grab market share
shine a national spotlight on this Companies. talking about the history of wildlife effort targeting gang suppression the
*** calling. from business applica- week of Sept. 17, 2005.
often-silent epidemic is phenome- tions software leader SAP AG.
nal,” Lukin said. The attention is Wonder what’s in store for Under the terms of the deal
especially critical, Lukin said, con- Broadway By the Bay’s 2011 sea- announced that week, Redwood
The reporters’ notebook is a weekly col- From the archives highlights stories
sidering the state is eliminating son? The lineup, announced this lection of facts culled from the note- Shores-based Oracle will pay $10.66 originally printed five years ago this
domestic violence shelter money in week, includes the off-Broadway books of the Daily Journal staff. It per share in cash or stock for Siebel, week. It appears in the Thursday edition
this year’s budget. musical comedy “Forever Plaid” appears in the Thursday edition. whose products help manage compa- of the Daily Journal.
10 Thursday • Sept. 16, 2010 BUSINESS THE DAILY JOURNAL

Dow 10,572.73 +46.24

Nasdaq 2,301.32 +11.55
S&P 500 1,125.07 +3.97
10-Yr Bond 2.7230% +0.5700
Oil (per barrel) 75.85
Gold 1,266.70
Stocks edge higher
By Stephen Bernard
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Wall Street facturing activity in New York. The
Empire State Manufacturing Survey
Index, which measured activity in the
NEW YORK — Stocks overcame an between 9 percent and 11 percent over state in September, came in well below
early slide Wednesday and closed higher the next three years thanks to growth in forecasts.
as investors tried to keep a September developing markets. Shares rose 53 European markets were mainly
rally alive. cents to $31.58 and earlier hit a new high lower, but stocks in Japan surged 2.3
Major indexes had opened lower after for the year. percent after the country’s government
a poor reading on factory activity in New Stocks rose sharply during the first stepped in to weaken the yen. The yen
York, but turned higher around midday half of the month, even though had been hitting 15-year highs against
after getting better news on U.S. indus- September is historically a weak period the dollar, which makes it harder for
for the market. A strong manufacturing Japanese exporters to compete on glob-
trial production. That report showed that
report from the Institute for Supply al markets.
the national industrial sector grew for the
Management set off the rally two weeks Japan sold an undisclosed amount of
12th time 14 months. ago. yen in foreign exchange markets to
Better news on manufacturing was the The Dow Jones industrial average rose weaken its currency, which was threat-
main trigger behind the rally that began 46.24, or 0.4 percent, to close at ening to endanger manufacturers like
in early September and has now pro- 10,572.73. It was the index’s highest Toyota Motor Corp. and Sony Corp. that
pelled stocks higher on nine out of the close since Aug. 10. The Dow still 5.6 export goods around the world. The dol-
past 11 days. The Dow Jones industrial percent below its 2010 high reached on lar rose 3 percent against the yen.
average, which gained 46 points April 26, and up only 1.4 percent for the Treasury prices edged lower. The yield
Wednesday, is up 5.6 percent over that year to date following steep declines in on the 10-year Treasury note, which
time. May and June. moves opposite its price, rose to 2.72
In corporate news, MasterCard Inc. Broader indexes also rose. The percent from 2.67 percent late Tuesday.
rose sharply after saying it expects its Standard & Poor’s 500 index gained Its yield is often used to help set interest
income to rise at least 20 percent this 3.97, or 0.4 percent, to 1,125.07 and the rates on mortgages and other consumer
year. Shares rose $10.43, or 5.2 percent, Nasdaq composite rose 11.55, or 0.5 per- loans.
to $210.18. cent, to 2,301.32. Rising stocks slightly outpaced falling
Kraft Foods Inc., known for brands Traders Wednesday focused more on ones on the New York Stock Exchange,
like Nabisco and Maxwell House, rose the industrial production report, setting where consolidated volume came to 3.5
after saying its earnings would jump aside a disappointing reading on manu- billion shares.

Democrats call for tax cuts for all

By Laurie Kellman Nervous Democrats are among those ing which plan they’ll propose, or
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS with concerns about the president’s plan. whether they’ll even bother with the
“We should not be raising taxes in the debate in the charged political atmos-
WASHINGTON — More Democrats middle of a recession,” Rep. Jim phere leading up to the Nov. 2 midterm
joined Republicans on Wednesday in Marshall, D-Ga., who’s facing tough elections. All 435 House seats, 37 in the
calling for the preservation of tax breaks odds in his bid for a fourth term, wrote Senate and the Democratic majorities in
for Americans of every income level, in a terse letter to House Speaker Nancy both houses are on the line.
bolting this election season from Pelosi. The divisions extended well into
President Barack Obama’s plan to pre- “It is essential that we keep things as Democratic ranks on Capitol Hill.
serve cuts for families who earn less they are in the short term,” said Rep. Moderates and conservatives in tight
than $250,000 and let taxes rise for the Travis W. Childers, D-Miss., another races were skittish about the prospect of
wealthiest Americans. conservative incumbent in a tight race, being branded tax hikers at the height of
But Obama placed the blame for the whose district, like Marshall’s, voted for election season if a bill to let taxes rise
stalled proposal squarely on Republican John McCain in the 2008 for the wealthy is brought up for debate.
Republicans. presidential race. Other Democrats said they relish the
“They want to hold these middle class For this pair, one press release idea of holding a vote to extend only the
tax cuts hostage until they get an addi- announcing their opposition to Obama’s middle class tax cuts and daring
tional tax cut for the wealthiest 2 percent plan was not enough. They were two of Republicans to vote against it.
of Americans,” the president said in 31 jittery Democrats who signed a letter “I want to smoke some people out,”
afternoon remarks. urging Pelosi, D-Calif., and Majority said Rep. Bill Pascrell, D-N.J., a sup-
“Doesn’t it make sense for us to move Leader Steny Hoyer, D-Md., to abandon porter of the Obama plan who nonethe-
forward with the tax cuts that we all the Obama plan and extend to everyone less said he was open to compromise.
agree on?” Obama added. “We should be the Bush-era tax cuts due to expire at the Common ground was less the issue
able to extend, right now, middle-class end of the year, according to one of its than whether punting the matter until the
tax relief on the first $250,000 of authors, Rep. Jim Matheson, D-Utah. end of the year might be politically help-
income.” House and Senate leaders aren’t say- ful.

Slew of 3-D TV movies for the home? Not so fast

By Ryan Nakashima won’t immediately be able to watch The firm presented its findings at the
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS DreamWorks Animation’s “How To 3D Entertainment Summit in Los
Train Your Dragon” because that movie Angeles on Wednesday.
LOS ANGELES — If you’re thinking will be tied to the purchase of a set from Although buyers of 3-D TVs can
of buying a 3-D television set this year Samsung Electronics Co. Meanwhile, appreciate that bundled movies will
based on the belief that you’ll be able to the Walt Disney Co. said last week that allow them to try out their new TV
home copies of its 3-D movies “Alice in immediately, a lack of broadly available
purchase a lot of the 3-D movies that
Wonderland” and “Bolt” would be avail-
have hit theaters in the past few years, titles could hinder the adoption of 3-D
able exclusively to people who buy cer-
think again. tain sets from Sony Corp. watching in the home, said Helen Davis
U.K. research firm Screen Digest says Screen Digest says that so far, only Jayalath, an analyst with Screen Digest.
more than 70 percent of the 25 3-D three Hollywood movies, including “The exclusive bundling deals can’t go
movies expected to be available this hol- Disney’s “A Christmas Carol,” and three on for too long, or it’s going to be a
iday season will be tied to the purchase documentaries will be available on retail problem,” Davis Jayalath said after her
of a TV from a certain manufacturer. shelves without being tied to a specific presentation. “Hopefully these licensing
For example, a Sony 3-D TV buyer TV brand. deals will expire soon.”

Report: California economic public works supervisor. Until recently,

Business briefs he figured he would hold on to the job
growth to remain slow digits until the end of 2012, according to until he turned 65.
LOS ANGELES — California’s econ- the quarterly Anderson Forecast from But last week, at 62, he was preparing
omy will continue to grow at a nearly the University of California, Los his retirement papers, joining a rush
imperceptible rate, with high unemploy- Angeles among New Jersey public employees.
ment keeping the state a year or more Liberty’s reason for getting out now:
away from a quicker recovery, according States cutting benefits He is feeling the sting of a campaign by
to an economic forecast released for public-sector retirees Republican Gov. Chris Christie and a
Wednesday. growing number of other public officials
Despite several bright spots, the state TRENTON, N.J. — William Liberty
across the U.S. to balance their budgets
was unlikely to generate enough jobs to began as a trash collector in Lindenwold
by making government employment —
37 years ago and worked his way up to
tug unemployment down to the single and retirement — less lucrative.
Thursday, Sept. 16, 2010

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• Prep football capsules, page 13

Raiders run defense faces another big test

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS “We just had a couple break- a 76-yard touchdown run after out,” Wimbley said. “Facing and used their first two picks in the
downs here and there,” Wimbley being shut down for most of the first Jackson, he’s not necessarily as fast draft on middle linebacker Rolando
ALAMEDA — Linebacker said Wednesday. “I don’t think it half. as Johnson is but he still has a lot of McClain and defensive end Lamarr
Kamerion Wimbley insists prob- was anything with the scheme or the That helped turn what had been a stuff that you have to be aware of Houston.
lems the Oakland Raiders had stop- play-calling. We just had a couple promising start to the season for and be careful about.” It all looked good on paper until
ping the run last week against the mental breakdowns that gave them Oakland’s run defense into a night- Wimbley was part of Oakland’s Johnson’s big run, which brought to
Tennessee Titans are correctable. some big plays that allowed them to marish afternoon that ended with offseason defensive makeover. The mind memories of 2009 when the
They better be. get that high on us.” Tennessee handing the Raiders a veteran linebacker was acquired Raiders ranked 29th against the run
With Stephen Jackson and St. The most significant breakdown 35-13 loss. It was the eighth straight from Cleveland in March in and 26th on defense overall. Safety
Louis coming to town for Oakland’s came late in the second quarter season-opening loss for Al Davis’ exchange for a third-round draft Tyvon Branch whiffed on a tackle
home opener, the Raiders won’t get when Tennessee scored two touch- team. pick and broke into the Raiders’ attempt near the line of scrimmage
much of a break as they try to avoid downs in a span of 1 minute, 53 sec- “We played well on Johnson for lineup early in training camp. while linebackers Rolando McClain
an 0-2 start for the fourth time in six onds. Titans running back Chris most of the game and he had that Oakland also signed free agent
seasons. Johnson provided the big blow with one big run that helped his average defensive tackle John Henderson See RAIDERS, Page 14

Sequoia on upswing
By Emanuel Lee
get back
on track
By Josh Dubow
So far, so good for the Sequoia High foot- THE ASSOCIATED PRESS
ball team.
The Cherokees enter Friday’s 7 p.m. home SAN FRANCISCO — Matt Cain
game against Pinole Valley with a 2-0 record, pitched seven shutout innings and
having rolled to a 44-0 win over Branham- Mike Fontenot broke a scoreless tie
San Jose in their season opener before hold- with a two-out RBI single in the sev-
ing on for a pulsating 45-36 victory over enth inning off San Francisco neme-
Galileo-San Francisco last week. sis Chad
Having beaten last year’s San Francisco Billingsley, lead-
Triple-A champion, Sequoia promises to ing the Giants to
receive another stern test in Pinole Valley (2- a 2-1 victory
0), which is coming off a 23-21 win over over the Los
Rancho Cotate. Angeles Dodgers
“And that’s the way we want it, to play on Wednesday
teams that will prepare us for league night.
(Peninsula Athletic Lake Division) play,” said Fontenot got
Cherokees coach Rob Poulos, who happens to Matt Cain the start in place
be a 1985 Pinole Valley graduate. “Pinole of Freddy
Valley reminds me of Menlo-Atherton: Sanchez and delivered the big hit
they’re big, physical and fast. They might be that plated San Francisco’s first run
the best team we face all year. They’re fun to of the series and ended a streak of 29
watch except when you’re playing them.” 2-3 innings without an earned run
The same could be said about Sequoia, against Billingsley (11-10).
which rolled up 450 yards of total offense in The Giants won for the 10th time
last week’s victory. Quarterback James in 14 games to move within a half-
Beekley accounted for six — yes, six — game of first-place San Diego in the
touchdowns, three of which were TD throws NL West. San Francisco is also a
of 45, 52 and 20 yards, all to wide receiver half-game behind Atlanta in the
Will Langi. wild-card race.
The duo has developed a nice chemistry San Francisco finally broke
despite Langi missing most of the team’s through against Billingsley in the
summer practices and workouts because he seventh inning. Pinch-hitter Travis
was completing a community service project Ishikawa started it with a one-out
in Morocco, Poulos said. double that snapped a 13 at-bat hit-
“But once Will returned, he got after it,” less streak and was his first hit since
Poulos said. “I would say this was a breakout Aug. 18.
game for Will and for us passing the ball as Pinch-runner Emmanuel Burriss
well. Last year, we were a run first team, and moved to third on a wild pitch, but it
I think this season we’re a little deeper at looked as if the Giants might waste
receiver so we can go to four receiver sets. For another scoring opportunity against
all three of Will’s catches to be touchdowns is Billingsley when Eugenio Velez hit a
pretty remarkable.” DAILY JOURNAL SPORTS FILE comebacker for the second out.
Remarkable would be an accurate way to Sequoia quarterback James Beekley’s season was cut short in 2009 because of a knee injury.He’s off to That’s when Fontenot delivered with
a hot start this year. The athletic junior was responsible for six touchdowns — three rushing, three his soft single to center field.
See SEQUOIA, Page 14 passing — in the Cherokees’45-36 win over Galileo last week. Billingsley allowed six hits and
walked two in seven innings, strik-
ing out seven. He lost to San

Cahill roughed up as A’s fall to lowly Royals and three walks in five innings.
Francisco for the first time in five
starts this season but still has an 0.74
ERA against the Giants in 2010.
San Francisco added an insurance
Kansas City 6, A’s 3 While Cahill has limited right-handed hitters to run in the eighth when Aubrey Huff
KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Wilson Betemit hit his a .184 batting average, the lowest in the majors, doubled and scored on Pablo
Chen (10-7), who was 1-13 from 2007-09, Sandoval’s grounder.
first career grand slam and Bruce Chen picked up gave up three runs in the first two innings. He he has yielded 11 home runs to right-handed bat-
his 10th victory as the Kansas City Royals beat Sergio Romo pitched a scoreless
went five innings, allowing three runs, six hits ters. Butler, one of three right-handed hitters in
eighth. Brian Wilson allowed a two-
the Oakland Athletics 6-3 on Wednesday night. and a walk. Chen, who started the year in the the Kansas City lineup, homered in the fifth with out homer to Andre Ethier in the
Betemit, who homered and drove in four runs minors, leads the Royals in victories. Mike Aviles aboard. ninth before getting his 43rd save in
Tuesday, worked a full count from Trevor Cahill Mark Ellis and Kurt Suzuki had run-scoring The second-place A’s dropped 10 games 47 chances.
and fouled off the next three pitches before singles in the A’s first. Matt Carson homered in behind the Texas Rangers, who beat Detroit 11-7, Cain (12-10) gave up three hits,
homering just inside the right-field pole in the the second on the first pitch from Chen, giving in the AL West. They are a game below .500 (72- walked none and didn’t allow a run-
third inning. the A’s a 3-0 lead. Joakim Soria worked the ninth 73). ner to get past first base.
Mitch Maier doubled, Jarrod Dyson had an for his 38th save in 40 opportunities and he has Chris Carter went 0 for 4 and is hitless in 24 at- He beat the Dodgers for the sec-
infield single and Billy Butler walked before converted 31 consecutive saves. bats to begin his major league career. The A’s ond time in three starts after going
Betemit’s 12th home run that snapped Cahill’s Cahill (16-7), who was 7-2 with a 1.69 ERA in record to start a career is 0 for 25 by Bill winless in his first 14 games against
15-inning scoreless streak. his previous nine starts, allowed six runs, six hits McNulty in 1972. Los Angeles.
12 Thursday • Sept. 16, 2010 SPORTS THE DAILY JOURNAL

Sports Digest
For second time,Mannings go at it
By Barry Wilner must show more on offense.
Heisman Trust: No 2005 winner
There will be no 2005 Heisman winner now
NFL Picks TITANS, 16-13
that Reggie Bush has returned the award from
that year.
The head of the Heisman Trophy Trust said
As if Peyton Manning doesn’t dominate the Arizona (plus 7) Philadelphia (minus 3 1/2) at Detroit Wednesday the award will be vacated.
TV screen enough, the hype meter will at Atlanta Maybe this week Calvin Johnson will com- “We’ve determined that there will be no
explode heading into Sunday’s matchup The Cardinals have all plete the catch before he rushes off to cele- winner,” William Dockery said in an inter-
between his Indianapolis Colts and little kinds of issues, particu- brate a touchdown. view with ESPN.
brother Eli’s New York Giants. larly at quarterback, and EAGLES 21-13 Bush announced Tuesday he would forfeit
We wonder if any of Peyton’s multitude of were fortunate to beat the the trophy he won with Southern California.
sponsors came up with a new advertisement Rams. Atlanta couldn’t Chicago (plus 8 1/2) at Dallas In June, the NCAA ruled him ineligible for
about brotherly love, sibling rivalries and dad find the end zone against Chicago got the last-minute call it needed to that season for receiving improper benefits.
Archie’s mixed emotions. The Heisman Trophy Trust requires players
Peyton Manning Pittsburgh. Arizona’s D beat Detroit. Dallas didn’t get the call it need-
On the field, the Colts are 0-1 after a dis- doesn’t resemble the ed at Washington. Big change this weekend as to be in good standing with the NCAA to be
tressingly mediocre performance in Houston, Steelers’ unit. Cowboys get on track. eligible for college football’s highest honor.
a rival they had beaten in 15 of the previous BEST BET: FALCONS, COWBOYS, 28-17 Former Texas quarterback Vince Young fin-
16 meetings. Considering that the Colts won 24-13 ished a distant second to Bush in the voting
their first 14 games last season and might have that year and there was speculation he might
New Orleans (minus 4 1/2) at
gone unbeaten had coach Jim Caldwell not sat Miami (plus 6) be awarded the Heisman if it were taken from
San Francisco (Monday night)
down Manning and his other regulars for at Minnesota Bush.
much of the final two matches, well, this sure Niners were duds in Seattle and now they But before Dockery could say it would stay
Do the Vikings have a get Super Bowl champions, who showed
is a new season. deep passing game with- vacant, the Tennessee Titans’ quarterback told
If the Colts are to repeat their AFC title of more defense than expected against reporters in Nashville, Tenn.: “I would not
out Sidney Rice? Didn’t
2009, they must find a way to stop the run. Eli Manning Minnesota. San Francisco needs to find its want to have it, and don’t want the trophy.
appear so in the loss to
The Giants rushed for 118 yards against New Orleans and that running game now. Like I said, 2005 Reggie Bush is the Heisman
Carolina in winning their opener, a mere 113 could hurt here. SAINTS, 24-14 Trophy winner. Why would I want it?”
yards short of what Arian Foster put on Indy UPSET SPECIAL: DOLPHINS, 21-20 Dockery said Bush, now with the New
in Houston. St. Louis (plus 6) at Oakland Orleans Saints, was in New York last week to
So the Manning Matchup might not be as Baltimore (minus 1) at Cincinnati Sam Bradford will not throw 55 times this meet with some of the eight members of the
significant as whether Brandon Jacobs and Tough assignment to come off emotional week. Steven Jackson might run 55 times, trust. He did not disclose what was discussed
Ahmad Bradshaw can run through, around upset win on a Monday night and then travel, though. in that meeting, but did say Bush was not
and over what seemed like an overmatched even if you are as talented as the Ravens. RAMS, 12-10 given any notice of whether the trust intended
Colts defense that again is without star safety Bengals are angry with their opening stinker. to strip him of the award.
Bob Sanders (torn right biceps). BENGALS, 13-10 Seattle (plus 3) at Denver
Then again, the four-time MVP and his kid An early measure if the Seahawks really are San Mateo grad on injured reserve
brother might light up the scoreboard with Kansas City (plus 3) at Cleveland that good. There sure won’t be a lack of The Chargers have placed 17-year veteran
their arms and their superb group of receivers. Tough assignment to come off emotional, enthusiasm on either sideline from the head long snapper David Binn on injured reserve
Meanwhile, Colts safety Bob Sanders, the divisional upset win on a Monday night and coaches. with a hamstring injury, meaning he will miss
2007 NFL defensive player of the year had then travel, even when the Browns are the BRONCOS, 16-14 the rest of the season.
surgery Wednesday to repair a torn biceps host. Binn was a rookie in 1994, the only season
muscle in his right arm, an injury that could BROWNS, 14-13 Houston (minus 2) at Washington the Chargers have reached the Super Bowl.
end his season again. Team officials are not A good early measure if the Texans really He was hurt in Monday night’s 21-14 loss
yet saying how much time Sanders could New England (minus 1 1/2) are that good and how much difference Mike to Kansas City.
miss. at New York Jets Shanahan is making in D.C. Binn played in 256 of the last 257 regular-
He did light work during a non-contact Tough assignment for the Jets no matter season games and all 12 of its playoff games
TEXANS, 23-14
practice Monday before having an MRI, then where or when they play the Patriots. Randy dating to 1994. The Chargers signed James
met with Dr. James Andrews in Alabama to Moss wants to deliver an on-field message to Dearth to replace Binn on the 53-man roster.
Darrelle Revis in this bad-blood rivalry. Jacksonville (plus 8) at San Diego
get a second opinion Wednesday morning.
PATRIOTS, 17-7 Slow starts are the norm for the Chargers, Sharpe on CBS hiatus
Apparently, Andrews determined the two-
but they have no excuses if they fall to
time Pro Bowler needed surgery. CBS says former NFL player Shannon
For Sanders, it’s the latest addition to his Buffalo (plus 12) at Green Bay Jacksonville, which rarely makes the trip
cross country. Sharpe is taking a break from football analy-
long list of injuries. Packers are down to one true tailback with sis after a woman obtained a temporary
Just 10 months ago, Sanders went on sea- any kind of experience, Brandon Jackson. So CHARGERS, 24-13
restraining order against him.
son-ending injured reserve with a torn biceps let ’er fly, Aaron Rodgers, albeit against a A hearing on the order is scheduled for
in the left arm. And since winning the good secondary. Tampa Bay (off) at Carolina
Monday in Atlanta. Documents filed in Fulton
league’s top defensive honor and signing a PACKERS, 30-13 Panthers QB Matt Moore’s uncertainty with County court show Sharpe was ordered not to
$37.5 million contract after the 2007 season, a concussion eliminates a betting line. come within 200 yards of the woman and not
Sanders has played in just nine games. He’s Pittsburgh (plus 4 1/2) at Tennessee Carolina will rely on its running game, which to have any contact with her or her family.
actually missed more games (49) than he’s Titans showed plenty against Oakland as didn’t do much against the Giants. The Associated Press is not naming the
played in (48) during his seven-year career. Chris Johnson began his chase of 2,500 yards PANTHERS, 15-13 woman because she says Sharpe forced her to
Can’t imagine the 5 1/2-point favorite Colts rushing and the defense displayed strength have sex with him.
starting 0-2 ... against the run and the pass. Pittsburgh barely RECORD: Versus spread, 10-6; Straight up, She also says he has threatened her life and
COLTS, 28-24 survived in OT at home against Atlanta and 11-5. Best Bet: 1-0. Upset Special: 1-0. is conducting surveillance of her.
THE DAILY JOURNAL SPORTS Thursday • Sept. 16, 2010 13
Best Bets the mark so far this season, having scored a
total of 19 points in two games.
Last year, however, the Lions managed just
one victory.
Friday Menlo School (1-1) at Justin Monta Vista-Cupertino (1-0-1) at
Burlingame (0-1) at Siena-Napa (0-2), 7 p.m. South San Francisco (1-0), 7 p.m.
Gunn (1-0), 3:30 p.m. The Knights got past defending CCS The Matadors tied Prospect last week, 7-7.
The Panthers fell to Palo Alto, 21-9 in their Division IV champion Carmel, 34-29. The The Warriors’ game against Capuchino last
season opener last week. The Titans crushed Braves were buried by Sacred Heart Cathedral week was postponed. Monta Vista is led by
Yerba Buena 39-0 two weeks ago. They had a last week, 34-6. Jordan Sheade, who has rushed for 317 yards
bye last week. Menlo School exacted a bit of revenge in and three TDs in two games.
Burlingame completes its schedule against beating Carmel, which beat the Knights in a
the Palo Alto schools when it takes on Gunn. CCS championship game last year. Saturday
Despite last week’s loss, the Panthers saw Justin Siena has been in the last two North Encinal-Alameda (1-0) at Serra (1-1), 1 p.m.
plenty of potential. Clean up the five turnovers Coast Section Division IV championship The Jets rolled over El Cerrito last week,
and the game against Palo Alto would have games, winning the section title in 2008. 59-20. The Padres knocked off East Bay
been a lot closer. Gunn is no pushover. The This will be the second meeting in as many power Monte Vista-Danville 28-21 last week.
Titans finished in a three-way tie atop of the years between these squads. Menlo won 48- Serra, coming off a shellacking at the hands
Santa Clara Valley Athletic League’s El 39 last year. The Braves lost their first four of national powerhouse De La Salle, rebound-
Camino standings last year and earned the games last season and still advanced to the ed with a statement win against the Mustangs
division’s Central Coast Section berth. NCS Division IV championship game. — perhaps the second best team in the East
Bay, behind DLS. The Padres rushed for 284
Menlo-Atherton (0-2) at Aragon (0-1) at Lincoln-SJ (0-1), 7 p.m. yards, led by Erich Wilson’s 149 on 30 car-
Jefferson (1-1), 7 p.m. The Dons wasted opportunities in a 27-15 ries. Serra scored the final two touchdowns of
Los Gatos routed the Bears last week, 35-3. loss to San Mateo in their opener last week. the game to rally from a 21-14 deficit.
The Indians are coming off a tough 13-12 loss Lincoln opened its season with a 16-7 loss to Encinal is one of the top teams in the East
to San Marin-Novato. Santa Teresa. Bay, having advanced to the NCS Division III
After opening the season against CCS titans Aragon had its chances against San Mateo, championship game, losing to Marin
Wilcox and Los Gatos, M-A can breathe a lit- Aragon’s Sam Pacholuk rushed for 63 yards
on 12 carries and also caught two passes for but five turnovers — including three inside the Catholic-Kenfield, 27-0.
tle easier against Jefferson. In their two games San Mateo 10-yard line — led to three
this season, the Bears have been outscored 69- 35 yards during the Dons’ 27-15 loss to San
Mateo last week. Bearcat touchdowns. On the positive side, the CSM (1-0) at Reedley (0-1), 7 p.m.
23. Dons proved they could run between the tack- Reedley gave Foothill all it could handle
Jefferson, so far, has proved the move to the North Salinas 12-7. les — something they couldn’t do last season. last week before falling 23-21. The Bulldogs
Ocean Division might not be so far fetched. After playing Sacred Heart Cathedral and Eight different RBs accounted for 241 yards opened the season last week with a 32-24 win
The Indians were a failed 2-point conversion Wilcox, things don’t get any easier for Terra of rushing offense for the Dons. James Egan over Fresno last week. CSM, despite some
away from beating San Marin last week. Nova, which faces another CCS stalwart looks to be a reliable receiving target as he moments of sloppy play, did what all great
Pioneer. The Tigers’ passing attack was essen- finished with seven catches for 80 yards. teams do — overcome mistakes. QB Julian
Terra Nova (0-2) at Pioneer (1-1), 7 p.m. tially “shut down” against the Chargers, as Just two years ago, Lincoln went 6-4 over- Bernard was effective, completing 10 of 17
The Tigers fell to CCS power Wilcox last QB Chris Forbes managed “only” 190 yards all and 4-3 in the tough Mt. Hamilton passes for 210 yards and two long scoring
week, 27-14. The Mustangs picked up their through the air. After averaging nearly 30 Division of the Blossom Valley Athletic tosses to wideout Rahsaan Vaughn.
first win of the season last week, holding off points last season, Pioneer has fallen way off League, including a 14-12 win over Aragon. Bernard added another score on the ground.

The Rest week, blasting Riordan 56-26. The Vikings

lost a shootout to St Patrick/St. Vincent 49-37.
Hillsdale (2-0) at San Jose (0-1), 7 p.m.
For the second week in a row, the Knights
King’s Academy (1-1) at
Scotts Valley (0-2), 2 p.m.
Sacred Heart Prep racked up 465 yards of crushed their opponent. This time it was a 41-
Friday rushing last week, led by Colin Terndrup’s 0 win over Yerba Buena last week. The
The Knights were dealt a 21-14 loss by
Homestead last Thursday. Scotts Valley was
Woodside (0-1) at Los Altos (1-0), 3:15 p.m. 175 yards on just 13 carries. QB John Geary Bulldogs fell to Harker School, 14-6. crushed by Half Moon Bay last week, 39-14.
The Wildcats had a bye last week after was also effective, completing 5 of 9 passes Hillsdale had all facets of its game working
opening the season with a 32-20 loss to for 116 yards and a score. last week. The Knights rushed for 164 yards King’s Academy running back Amir
Sacramento. The Eagles blasted Mills 55-7 These teams faced off last season. Valley and three touchdowns, the defense returned an Carlisle was held in check last week, rushing
last week in their season opener. Christian jumped out to a 10-0 lead before the interception for a score and got yet another for just 35 yards on 11 carries. That’s a far cry
Los Altos rushed for over 300 yards last Gators rallied for a commanding 42-23 victo- touchdown on an Anthony Huni 77-yard punt from the 213 yards on 12 carries he had the
week in the win over Mills. These two teams ry. The Vikings eventually made it to the NCS return. Last year, Hillsdale put a 42-8 beat week before. He made up for it, however, by
met in Week 3 last season, with Los Altos Division IV semifinals. down on San Jose. catching four passes for 125 yards and two
coming away with a 20-6 win. TDs. Scotts Valley’s offense wasn’t terrible
Carlmont (1-1) at San Mateo (1-0), 7 p.m. Saturday last week — but its defense was, allowing
Leigh (0-1) at Half Moon Bay (1-1), 6 p.m. The Scots were blanked last week by 418 yards of total offense to the Cougars.
The Longhorns suffered a disappointing 30- Willow Glen, 34-0. The Bearcats beat cross- Christopher-Gilroy (0-2) at Lincoln-SF (0-1) at El Camino (1-0), 2
28 loss to Westmont last week. The Cougars town rival Aragon, 27-15. Capuchino (0-0), 1 p.m.
blasted Scotts Valley, 39-14. Half Moon Bay A week after a convincing 44-22 win over The Cougars fell to Live Oak last week, 21- The Mustangs are coming off a 34-8 loss to
running back Dominic Sena had a monster Santa Cruz to open the season, Carlmont was 3. The Mustangs’ game against South City Tamalpais. The Colts held off Washington-SF
game against Scotts Valley. Not only did he brought back to earth with the beating it took was postponed in the wake of last week’s gas- last week, 21-14. El Camino appeared to be
rush for 218 yards, he scored on runs of 21, 68 last week. The Scots gave up 377 yards of line explosion and subsequent fire storm. on its way to an easy win last week, jumping
and 7 yards. total offense while generating only 168 yards It will be interesting to see where out to a 21-0 advantage. But the Colts needed
of its own. San Mateo got a huge emotional Capuchino’s head is at following an emotion- a Justin Eclavea interception deep in El
Sacred Heart Prep (2-0) vs. Valley boost by beating Aragon for the first time in al week. You can bet the Mustangs will be Camino territory to preserve the win.
Christian-Dublin (0-2) at Chabot College, 7 11 tries. The Bearcats chewed up the Dons chomping at the bit, however, to get on the In two games, Lincoln has been out-scored
The Gators put on a scoring clinic last defense on the ground, amassing 286 yards. field and hit someone other than themselves. 75-15.
14 Thursday • Sept. 16, 2010 SPORTS THE DAILY JOURNAL

Chase is on for veteran driver Gordon

By Jenna Fryer Hamlin. He spent most of early season Roush-Fenway Racing problems
Soccer Digest
Wondolowski scores in
Earthquakes’ win over Union
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS the season ranked second to emerge as their best championship hope. Chris Wondolowski scored his sixth win-
in the standings, dropped Edwards has eight top-10 finishes in the last ning goal of the season and ninth overall, nod-
NEW YORK — Jeff Gordon has one win in to third after Saturday nine races, and the exception was a 12-place ding home a header in the 69th minute to help
his last 103 races and is mired in the longest night’s race at Richmond, finish at Bristol. So long as he qualifies well, the San Jose Earthquakes beat the
losing streak of his illustrious career. Yet as he and then fell to eighth he thinks he’s got a shot Sunday. Philadelphia Union 1-0 on Wednesday night
heads into the Chase for the Sprint Cup cham- under the reseed of the “It’s a short race without a lot of cautions, in Major League Soccer.
pionship, he likes his title chances. Chase field. so qualifying will be important,” he said. The Earthquakes (10-7-6) moved past
Why? Because the four-time champion He’s spent the past sev- “We’ve been qualifying a lot better lately and Colorado into sixth place in the overall stand-
believes consistency can carry him to a fifth Jeff Gordon eral weeks downplaying our setups have been pretty good, so I’m very ings.
title. his failure to win a race optimistic that we will be contenders at Wondolowski, tied with Los Angeles’ Edson
“Consistency has always been one of our this season, instead choosing to focus on his Loudon. We need to start off the Chase on the Buddle for the most winners in MLS play, got
13 top-10 finishes over the first 26 races. He right foot and not get behind from the start.” a clean look at Arturo Alvarez’s cross from the
strengths, which is why I think the old points
was in position to win about five different Edwards is at the bottom of the pack with right wing and guided the ball past goalkeeper
system worked well for us,” said Gordon, who
times, but came up short and settled for fin- teammate Matt Kenseth, the 2003 series Brad Knighton.
won his last title in 2001 under the season- ishing second or third six different times this champion who has been up-and-down this Philadelphia (6-12-6) had two good scoring
long championship structure, but has not fin- season. season and has just one top-five in the last 14
ished higher than second in five Chase appear- chances in the first half, but goalkeeper Jon
So he now finds himself at the back of the races. Kenseth has had three crew chiefs this Busch stopped long attempts by Stefani
ances. pack needing a near flawless run at New season and managed to stay inside the top 12
“We’ll approach these 10 races with the Miglioranzi and Andrew Jacobson en route to
Hampshire to close the gap on the champi- despite the turmoil. his second consecutive shutout and fourth this
same mindset. Sure, you’re trying to win each onship leaders. But New Hampshire is not a great track for
race, but 10 races is longer than many people season.
But there are many who believe the cham- him. He was 17th there in June, and in 21 Busch grabbed a deflected shot from former
realize. You want to make sure you get the pion will have to win at least one race during career starts has only 11 top-10s. Shea Salinas in the 93rd minute.
absolute best finish you can each week, and the Chase, and there will be no room for even “I’m really happy that we’re a part of the
not put yourself into a position where you end one poor finish in such a stout field. It makes Chase this year, now our focus has to be to Real Salt Lake wins
up with a 30th- or 35th-place finish. the opener at New Hampshire critical under make sure that we go out and perform the best
“Those are the things that allow you to put the seeding system, particularly for the drivers we can so that we’re able to close up some of CONCACAF Champions League game
top-fives and top-10’s together to win champi- who already find themselves 60 points out. the point difference between where we’re at Kyle Beckerman and Jamison Olave scored
onships.” Among them is Carl Edwards, who had a versus the leaders,” he said. “New Hampshire on headers off first-half corner kicks and Real
Gordon is one of five drivers headed into red-hot summer to toss his name into the ring is a track that has always been a challenge for Salt Lake beat Toronto FC 4-1 on Wednesday
Sunday’s Chase opener at New Hampshire of contenders. Still winless since the 2008 me, and I feel like it hasn’t been one of my night in CONCACAF Champions League
with a 60-point deficit to leader Denny finale, he has managed to break free of the better tracks on the circuit.” play to extend its all-competitions home
unbeaten streak to 28 games.
“There was a moment in the Branham game offs, and the Cherokees would love nothing

Alvaro Saborio scored on a penalty kick in
when Josh came up and went through four more than to end their long postseason the 69th minute — minutes after Toronto’s
guys on one tackle,” Poulos said. “It looked drought. Miguel Angel Ferrer received a red card —
like a bowling ball had just hit the pins. And They’ve only made two previous trips to the and Paulo Araujo Jr. completed the scoring in
Continued from page 11
against Galileo on one of Will’s touchdowns, section playoffs, in 1986 and 1994. Whatever the 80th minute in his first game for RSL.
Josh was blocking down field and absolutely happens Friday, Poulos knows playing a Salt Lake, the defending Major League
describe Beekley’s performance, too. In addi- de-cleated a kid. The player must have flown Soccer champion, is 2-1-0 with three games
tion to throwing for three scores, the 6-foot-4, tough team in Pinole Valley will only help his
close to five yards in the air. It was definitely remaining in Group A play. Maicon dos
195-pound junior had TD runs of 14, 24 and 4 squad as it marches forward. Last year, the
an ‘oh wow’ moment.” Santos scored in the eighth minute for Toronto
yards. Beekley has improved in every facet of Cherokees rolled to a 4-0 record against non- (1-2-0).
Sequoia has been receiving contributions league opponents, outscoring them by a com-
the game, and Poulos said he’s most proud of from all across the board. Oscar Alejandre, a Toronto played its first game under interim
his quarterback’s ability to read defenses bined margin of 151-36. While the results coach Nick Dasovic, a day after firing coach
5-8, 140-pound junior cornerback, leads the
when he’s running the ball. might have inflated Sequoia’s ego, it didn’t Preki Radosavljevic and general manager Mo
team with two interceptions. And freshman
Beekley’s ability to devastate defenses with properly prepare it for league action. Johnston.
sensation Matt Jenkins has been a standout in
his arm and feet make him one of the best dual the kicking game, going 11 for 12 on point- “Last year, we didn’t have enough of a chal- After dos Santos opened the scoring,
threats in the PAL. But what makes the after attempts, 2 for 2 on field goals and boot- lenge (in non-league) and therefore we Beckerman headed home a corner kick off the
Cherokees so dangerous offensively is their ing five kickoffs for touchbacks. Jenkins is weren’t ready for the physicality of our first head of Toronto’s Julian de Guzman in the
balance. In addition to two tremendous play- also making an impact as a reserve outside couple of league games,” said Poulos, refer- 21st minute to tie it. Olave gave RSL the lead
makers in Beekley and Langi, Sequoia has linebacker. ring to blowout losses to Jefferson and in the 40th minute, when his header off a cor-
plenty of talent at other positions. Hillsdale that took the Cherokees out of title ner kick beat goalkeeper Stephen Frei low at
Coming off a 7-3 season, Sequoia entered
Against Galileo, tailbacks Isaias Flores and contention. “This year, we’re playing some the near post.
the year with plenty of confidence. The
Josh Lauese rushed for 114 and 74 yards, Cherokees returned the majority of their teams that are going to get us better prepared
respectively. The burly 6-foot, 195-pound starters, added an influx of talent and fully for league. Our guys right now are confident
AC Milan, Real Madrid win
Lauese bowled over countless defenders, and expect to be in the mix for a Lake Division but not cocky. They believe in their abilities, Champions League openers
has been a force on the defensive side of the championship. Only the division winner but they know how quickly things can fall AC Milan and Real Madrid began the
ball as well from his safety position. advances to the Central Coast Section play- apart if they lose focus or concentration.” Champions League with 2-0 victories on
Wednesday night as English rivals Chelsea
boosted his per-carry average from 2.54 to NOTES:T Erik Pears, who was with the

Continued from page 11
5.3, Oakland’s defense had shut down the
NFL’s leading rusher from 2009.
Raiders coach Tom Cable, though, isn’t
team in training camp, has been re-signed. To
make room on the roster, wide receiver/kick
returner Yamon Figurs was released. Figurs
and Arsenal opened with high-scoring wins.
Zlatan Ibrahamovic scored his first two
goals for AC Milan in a victory over visiting
Auxerre, and new Real Madrid coach Jose
interested in moral victories. started on special teams against the Titans and Mourinho presided as the nine-time champi-
and Thomas Howard were sealed off perfect- “See, this is the mode we have got to get out fumbled the opening kickoff, but Cable insist- ons beat Ajax as Xabi Alonso’s corner was
ly, opening a huge lane for Johnson to burst of around here,” Cable said. “That’s not good ed that wasn’t why the move was made. ... LG deflected in by Ajax defender Vurnon Anita
through. enough. We have got to stay to this level, to Robert Gallery did not practice because of a and Gonzalo Higuain added a second-half
this vision that we have. A standard of play if goal off a cross from Mesut Oezil.
Oakland’s players and coaching staff said hamstring strain. His status is questionable. ...
you will, and don’t compromise it.” Cesc Fabregas and Carlos Vela each scored
the mistakes were self-inflicted. CB Nnamdi Asomugha (groin), WR Chaz
Oakland’s offense got a boost when running twice in Arsenal’s 6-0 rout of Portuguese side
“We needed to finish a little better,” Schilens (knee), defensive tackle Richard Braga, while Nicolas Anelka’s had two goals
back Michael Bush returned to practicing at
Wimbley said. “Once the score kind of got out full capacity. Bush sat out the season-opener Seymour (hamstring), safety Hiram Eugene as Chelsea won 4-1 at newcomer Zilina.
of whack, I think we stepped it up a little bit, after breaking the thumb on his left hand but (hamstring), cornerbacks Chris Johnson Bayern Munich, beaten by Mourinho’s Inter
trying to bring it back close before the game worked out without limitations Wednesday. (stinger) and Walter McFadden (hamstring) in last May’s final, defeated visiting AS Roma
was over, but by then it was already too late.” His playing status will be determined later in and linebacker Travis Goethel (back) were 2-0 on late goals by Thomas Mueller and
Before Johnson’s long touchdown, which the week. also held out of practice. Miroslav Klose.
THE DAILY JOURNAL SPORTS Thursday • Sept. 16, 2010 15

16 17 18 19 20 21 22
vs.Dodgers vs.Brewers vs.Brewers vs.Brewers OFF @Cubs @Cubs East Division East Division
7:15 p.m.
7:15 p.m.
6:05 p.m.
1:05 p.m.
5:05 p.m.
5:05 p.m.
Tampa Bay 88 57 .607 — Philadelphia 86 61 .585 — East
New York 88 58 .603 1/2 Atlanta 83 64 .565 3 W L T Pct PF PA
@ Twins @ Twins @ Twins vs. White Sox vs.White Sox Boston 82 64 .562 6 1/2 Florida 73 72 .503 12 Miami 1 0 0 1.000 15 10
vs.White Sox Toronto 73 73 .500 15 1/2 New York 73 73 .500 12 1/2 New England 1 0 0 1.000 38 24
OFF 5:10 p.m. 10:10 a.m. 11:10 a.m. 7:05 p.m. 7:05 p.m.
12:35 p.m. Baltimore 58 88 .397 30 1/2 Washington 62 84 .425 23 1/2 Buffalo 0 1 0 .000 10 15
N.Y.Jets 0 1 0 .000 9 10
Central Division Central Division
Sept. 25 Sept. 29 Oct. 2 Oct. 9 Oct. 16 Oct. 20 Oct. 23 W L Pct GB W L Pct GB South
@Toronto FC vs.Chicago @Columbus @DC United vs.Houston vs.Chivas USA Minnesota 87 58 .600 — Cincinnati 83 63 .568 — W L T Pct PF PA
1 p.m. 8 p.m. 4:30 p.m. 4:30 p.m. 7 p.m. 7 p.m. @Kansas City Chicago 79 66 .545 8 St.Louis 74 70 .514 8 Houston 1 0 0 1.000 34 24
ESPN 2 CSN-CAL CSN-CAL 5:30 p.m. Detroit 72 74 .493 15 1/2 Houston 70 76 .479 13 Jacksonville 1 0 0 1.000 24 17
Kansas City 60 85 .414 27 Milwaukee 67 78 .462 15 1/2 Tennessee 1 0 0 1.000 38 13
Sept. 26 Cleveland 59 86 .407 28 Chicago 65 81 .445 18 Indianapolis 0 1 0 .000 24 34
Title match vs.
Pittsburgh 48 97 .331 34 1/2
West Division North
2:30 p.m.
W L Pct GB West Division W L T Pct PF PA
Texas 82 63 .566 — W L Pct GB Baltimore 1 0 0 1.000 10 9
Oakland 72 73 .497 10 San Diego 82 63 .566 — Pittsburgh 1 0 0 1.000 15 9
Sept. 12 Sept. 20 Sept. 26 Oct. 3 Oct. 10 Oct. 17 Oct. 24 Los Angeles 71 74 .490 11 San Francisco 82 64 .564 1/2 Cincinnati 0 1 0 .000 24 38
@ Seattle vs.Saints @ Chiefs @ Falcons vs. Eagles vs. Raiders @ Panthers Seattle 55 91 .377 27 1/2 Colorado 80 66 .548 2 1/2 Cleveland 0 1 0 .000 14 17
L 31-6 5:30 p.m. 10 a.m. 10 a.m. 5:20 p.m. 1:05 p.m. 10 a.m. Los Angeles 72 74 .493 10 1/2
ESPN FOX FOX NBC CBS FOX Wednesday’s results Arizona 58 88 .397 24 1/2 West
Boston 5,Seattle 1 W L T Pct PF PA
Sept. 12 Sept. 19 Sept. 26 Oct. 3 Oct. 10 Oct. 17 Oct. 24 L.A.Angels 7,Cleveland 0 Wednesday’s results Kansas City 0 0 0 .000 0 0
vs. Rams @ Cardinals Baltimore 3,Toronto 1 Washington 4,Atlanta 2 San Diego 0 0 0 .000 0 0
@ Titans vs. Texans vs. Chargers @ 49ers @ Broncos
1:05 p.m. 1:15 p.m. Tampa Bay 4,N.Y.Yankees 3 Milwaukee 8,Houston 6,10 innings Denver 0 1 0 .000 17 24
L 38-13 1:05 p.m. 1:15 p.m. 1:05 p.m. 1:15 p.m.
FOX CBS Texas 11,Detroit 7 Colorado 9,San Diego 6 Oakland 0 1 0 .000 13 38
Minnesota 9,Chicago White Sox 3 Cincinnati 7,Arizona 5
Kansas City 6,Oakland 3 Philadelphia 10,Florida 5
LOCAL SCOREBOARD Thursday’s games
L.A.Angels (E.Santana 16-9) at Cleveland (Carmona
12-14),4:05 p.m.
N.Y.Mets 8,Pittsburgh 7
Chicago Cubs 7,St.Louis 3 East
San Francisco 2,L.A.Dodgers 1 W L T Pct PF PA
Boys’Water Polo St.Ignatius 5,Notre Dame-Belmont 2 Minnesota (Pavano 16-11) at Chicago White Sox Thursday’s games Washington 1 0 0 1.000 13 7
Sacred Heart Prep 8,Acalanes 7 SINGLES — Doyle (SI) def.Galijan 6-0, 6-0; Lew (SI) (Buehrle 12-10),5:10 p.m. Arizona (R.Lopez 5-14) at Cincinnati (Volquez 3-2), N.Y.Giants 1 0 0 1.000 31 18
SHP 1 4 2 1 — 8 def.Chang 6-0,6-2;Garrett (ND) def.Lie 6-3,3-6,(10- AL LEADERS 9:35 a.m. Dallas 0 1 0 .000 7 13
Acalanes 2 2 1 2 — 7 8 super tiebreaker as third set); Dillon (SI) def.Eble BATTING—Hamilton, Texas, .361; MiCabrera, De- Pittsburgh (Morton 1-11) at N.Y.Mets (Pelfrey 14-9), Philadelphia 0 1 0 .000 20 27
Goal scorers: SHP — Dunlevie 3, Bamberg 2, En- 6-1,6-1.DOUBLES — Huttman-Love (SI) def.Lewis- troit,.333; Mauer,Minnesota,.330; ABeltre,Boston, 4:10 p.m.
right, Savage, Buncke. Acalanes — Tanner 6, Kingery 6-4, 6-2; Krook-Saunders (SI) def. .328; Konerko, Chicago, .323; Cano, New York, .322; San Diego (Stauffer 4-3) at St.Louis (Westbrook 1- South
Worthing. Goalie saves — Runkel (SHP) 12; Warner-Mar 6-4, 7-5; Murillo-Cowley (ND) def. Se- Butler,Kansas City,.312. 3),5:15 p.m. W L T Pct PF PA
Clements (A) 8. ward-Ossenberg 6-3, 6-2. Records — Notre Dame RUNS—Teixeira,New York,104;MiCabrera,Detroit, L.A. Dodgers (Lilly 8-10) at San Francisco New Orleans 1 0 0 1.000 14 9
4-3 overall,0-1 WCAL. 101; Crawford,Tampa Bay, 101; Jeter, New York, 99; (J.Sanchez 10-8),7:15 p.m. Tampa Bay 1 0 0 1.000 17 14
Girls’Golf JBautista, Toronto, 97; Cano, New York, 96; AJack- NL LEADERS Atlanta 0 1 0 .000 9 15
Menlo School 260,Mercy-Burlingame 320 Women’s College Volleyball son,Detroit,95. BATTING—CGonzalez, Colorado, .341;Tulowitzki, Carolina 0 1 0 .000 18 31
Menlo School — Wickers 46,Girard 47,Schwab 56, NDNU def.Holy Names 25-18,25-14,23-25,21- RBI—MiCabrera, Detroit, 118; JBautista, Toronto, Colorado,.325;Votto,Cincinnati,.320;Prado,Atlanta,
Broderick 58, Stilll 59. Mercy-Burlingame — Wiss 25,15-12 (Highlights:NDNU — Villamayor 32 kills, 111; Guerrero, Texas, 107; ARodriguez, New York, .314;AdGonzalez,San Diego,.308;Holliday,St.Louis, North
47, Fitzpatrick 64, Mariani 69, Zell 71, Connolly 71, 14 digs; Galeai 15 kills, 12 digs; Akiona 13 kills, 22 107;Konerko,Chicago,104;Teixeira,New York,101; .307; Pujols,St.Louis,.307. W L T Pct PF PA
Iaello 75. digs; Jayo 56 assists, 20 digs. Holy Names — Nick- DelmYoung,Minnesota,100. RUNS—CGonzalez,Colorado,100;Pujols,St.Louis, Chicago 1 0 0 1.000 19 14
ell 18 kills, Miller 19 digs. Records — NDNU 2-3, HITS—ISuzuki, Seattle, 189; Hamilton, Texas, 183; 100;Weeks,Milwaukee,98;Prado,Atlanta,97;Votto, Green Bay 1 0 0 1.000 27 20
Girls’Volleyball Holy Names 4-6. Cano,New York,181;ABeltre,Boston,178;MYoung, Cincinnati, 96; BPhillips, Cincinnati, 95; Werth, Detroit 0 1 0 .000 14 19
Sacred Heart Prep def.San Mateo 25-17,25-10, Texas,172; MiCabrera,Detroit,169. Philadelphia,94. Minnesota 0 1 0 .000 9 14
25-15 (Highlights: SHP — Daschbach 12 kills, 16 Saturday DOUBLES—MiCabrera, Detroit, 45; Longoria, RBI—CGonzalez, Colorado, 106; Pujols, St. Louis,
digs;Abuel-Saud 13 kills;Alvarez 19 assists,Elmore Tampa Bay, 44; ABeltre, Boston, 42; Markakis, Balti- 104; Votto, Cincinnati, 104; Howard, Philadelphia, West
Girls’Tennis more,41;Mauer,Minnesota,41;VWells,Toronto,41; 100; AdGonzalez,San Diego,95; Holliday,St.Louis,
18 assists.Record — Sacred Heart Prep 7-4. In Clovis W L T Pct PF PA
Hamilton,Texas,40; DelmYoung,Minnesota,40. 94; McGehee,Milwaukee,94; Uggla,Florida,94. Arizona 1 0 0 1.000 17 13
Notre Dame-Belmont 6,Liberty-Bakersfield 0 TRIPLES—Crawford,Tampa Bay,12;AJackson,De- HITS—CGonzalez, Colorado, 182; Prado, Atlanta,
Notre Dame Belmont defeats Mills 25-14, 25- Seattle 1 0 0 1.000 31 6
SINGLES — Galijan (ND) def. Busacca 6-3, 6-4; troit,10; Span,Minnesota,9; Pennington,A’s,8. 176;Braun,Milwaukee,173;AdGonzalez,San Diego, San Francisco 0 1 0 .000 6 31
14,25-9. Notre Dame highlights — Brooke Baldwin Chang (ND) def. Smith 6-0, 6-3; Garrett (ND) def.
7 kills.Record — Notre Dame 9-3. HOME RUNS—JBautista, Toronto, 47; Konerko, 165; Holliday, St. Louis, 165; Pujols, St. Louis, 164; St.Louis 0 1 0 .000 13 17
Busacca 6-0,6-0.DOUBLES — Eble-Lewis (ND) def. Chicago,36;MiCabrera,Detroit,34;Hamilton,Texas, HRamirez,Florida,162;Votto,Cincinnati,162.
Coronel-Sewell 6-3, 4-6, (12-10); Cowley-Mar (ND) 31; DOrtiz, Boston, 30;Teixeira, New York, 30; ABel- DOUBLES—Werth, Philadelphia, 44; ATorres, San Sunday’s games
Junior College def. Carter-Pifer 6-4, 7-6 (4);Warner-Wilkinson def. tre,Boston,28. Francisco, 43; Holliday, St. Louis, 42; Loney, Los An-
Women’s Water Polo Chicago at Dallas,10 a.m.
Duncan-Lewis 6-2,6-2. STOLEN BASES—Pierre,Chicago,56;RDavis,Oak- geles, 40; Prado, Atlanta, 39; Braun, Milwaukee, 38; Arizona at Atlanta,10 a.m.
Foothill 13,CSM 6 Announcements land, 44; Crawford, Tampa Bay, 43; Gardner, New Byrd,Chicago,37.
Foothill 5 1 2 5 — 13 Buffalo at Green Bay,10 a.m.
Sacred Heart Prep has the following coaching op- York,41;BUpton,Tampa Bay,40;Figgins,Seattle,39; TRIPLES—Fowler,Colorado,12;SDrew,Arizona,10; Philadelphia at Detroit,10 a.m.
CSM 1 1 1 3 — 6 portunities: Girls Basketball (JV assistant coach); ISuzuki,Seattle,39. Victorino,Philadelphia,10;AEscobar,Milwaukee,9.
Goal scorers:CSM — Davino 2,Najdawi,Ramstack, Pittsburgh at Tennessee,10 a.m.
Boys Lacrosse (Boys Varsity Assistant,Boys FS Head PITCHING—Sabathia,New York,19-6;Price,Tampa HOME RUNS—Pujols, St. Louis, 39; ADunn,Wash- Baltimore at Cincinnati,10 a.m.
Chao.Goalie saves:CSM — Aquilla 8. and Boys FS Assistant). Interested applicants Bay, 17-6; Lester, Boston, 17-8; CBuchholz, Boston, ington, 35; Votto, Cincinnati, 34; CGonzalez, Kansas City at Cleveland,10 a.m.
Tuesday please contact AD Frank Rodriguez at (650) 473- 16-7; Cahill,Oakland,16-7; PHughes,New York,16- Colorado,32;MarReynolds,Arizona,32;Fielder,Mil- Tampa Bay at Carolina,10 a.m.
Girls’Tennis 4031 8;Verlander,Detroit,16-8. waukee,30; Uggla,Florida,30. Miami at Minnesota,10 a.m.
16 Thursday • Sept. 16, 2010 THE DAILY JOURNAL
THE DAILY JOURNAL SUBURBAN LIVING Thursday • Sept. 16, 2010 17

Plant containers: Front and center

By Sean Conway months to an empty container on
TRIBUNE MEDIA SERVICES your deck, patio or flanking your
front door.
Summer is winding down, and One of the primary advantages of
over the coming weeks flowerbeds using shrubs in your containers is
and planted containers will be offer- that, unlike annuals and perennials,
ing up their last gasps of color. It’s they tend only to grow seasonally,
time to start thinking ahead to fall. usually in the spring and summer
When planted containers start months. In other words, if you plant
looking tired, it’s time for a change. a shrub in a container at this time of
Just as there are plants that thrive year, it will stay roughly the same
during the heat of the summer, there size over the coming months. This
are others that thrive in the cooler, is ideal for containers placed by an
shorter days of fall. Shrubs and cool entrance.
season annuals and perennials are Deciduous shrubs are often good
excellent for replanting tired con- choices for southern regions, where
they will often hold their foliage
tainers. A trip to your local garden
well into the winter months. They
center will provide a wide variety of
also offer the advantage of a variety
of foliage color and texture.
Many gardeners don’t consider Variegated leaved shrubs are perfect
using shrubs in containers, but they for dark corners, while dark-leaved
should. Shrubs are often the best shrubs are perfect for adding a dra-
choice for fall and winter container matic accent.
plantings, perfect for enlivening an In areas of the country that expe-
outdoor space or accenting an Shrubs are often the best choice for fall and winter container plantings,perfect for enlivening an outdoor space
rience temperatures well below or accenting an entrance.Whether deciduous or evergreen,shrubs focus your attention on foliage and structure
entrance. Whether deciduous or freezing, choosing the proper con-
evergreen, shrubs focus your atten- rather than on flowers,which can be fleeting.
tainer is as important as choosing
tion on foliage and structure rather the right plants to fill it. Remember expert carpenter Tom Tamborello and click the “building” tab or enter door cachepot by placing a potted
than on flowers, which can be fleet- that ceramic, terracotta and glazed showed me how easy it is to make a “shrub containers” into the search shrub inside it. This option not only
ing. earthenware containers absorb and planter from cedar wood and store- box. makes it easy to move the container
In colder regions of the country, hold moisture. When temperatures bought slate tile. This attractive Planters such as the one we made to various locations but also to
ornamental conifers are a good fall below freezing, they will crack. planter has the advantage of being on “Cultivating Life” can be filled change out the container seasonally.
choice for containers. As most If you live in a cold climate, consid- lightweight, rot resistant and imper- with soil and planted, or they can be With Labor Day on the horizon,
conifers are native to mountainous er using non-porous containers. vious to freezing temperatures. This used as containers to hold potted the cool temperatures of fall will be
regions, they’re well suited to with- These come in a variety of attractive style of container will compliment plants. For those who want to have close behind. As your garden winds
standing cold temperatures. forms, typically made of fiberglass almost any home, and the stone tiles containers in places where lugging down, why not consider giving your
Planting containers with evergreens with glazed finishes or of plastic are available at building stores in a soil is a problem (such as in urban containers a makeover that will
like conifers provides an attractive made to look like terracotta. variety of colors. For details on how settings, on rooftops, etc.), this type keep them looking good until spring
alternative during fall and winter Recently on “Cultivating Life,” to make it, visit of container can be used as an out- planting rolls around again?






18 Thursday • Sept. 16, 2010 LOCAL THE DAILY JOURNAL

the inspections,” Hersman said. “We think it’s Congress would increase from $1 million to

Fire damage more Continued from page 1

PHMSA’s responsibility to trust but verify.”
Federal investigators said they were examin-
ing whether Pacific Gas & Electric workers fol-
$2.5 million the maximum fine for the most
serious violations involving deaths, injuries or
major environmental harm related to oil and gas
lowed proper emergency procedures after a gas pipelines.
than $37 million facing the nation’s millions of miles of pipeline.
transmission line exploded into an inferno that
killed at least four people and destroyed nearly
It also would pay for an additional 40 inspec-
tors and safety regulators over the next four
BAY CITY NEWS SERVICE “It’s the low-hanging fruit,” said Rick 40 homes in a San Francisco suburb. years.
Kessler with The Pipeline Safety Trust, a PG&E has said the pipeline, built in 1956, Yet progress toward tough new laws is
Last week’s massive explosion and fire in Bellingham, Wash., advocacy group. “There’s had to be shut down manually because it was unlikely any time soon with Congress in elec-
San Bruno caused nearly $38 million in dam- no increase in mileage of pipelines that must not equipped with automatic shut-off valves. tion-year gridlock. Some earlier proposals to
age to homes, property and public infrastruc- be inspected, there’s no standards for technol- The pipeline administration is the latest improve pipeline safety have languished on
ture, a spokesman for the city said ogy for inspections or repairing pipelines.” agency that lawmakers and safety advocates Capitol Hill over concerns by energy compa-
Wednesday. “If this is a starting point, fine. If this is all say have become so close to an industry it reg- nies.
The blast, which happened at about 6:15 the administration has to say, it is wholly inad- ulates that it has lost sight of the safety mission. The White House proposal follows several
p.m. Thursday when a gas pipeline ruptured, equate,” he said. Two years ago, Congress held extensive accidents, including an oil spill from a pipeline
destroyed an estimated $31.25 million in The U.S. Pipeline and Hazardous Material hearings on reports by Federal Aviation owned by a Canadian company near Marshall,
homes and private property in the explosion Safety Administration is directly responsible Administration whistleblowers who said Mich., that sent an estimated 820,000 to 1 mil-
area, said Burlingame police Capt. Mike for inspecting interstate pipelines, and has inspectors were allowing airlines to fly passen- lion gallons spewing into the Kalamazoo River
Matteucci, a spokesman for the San Bruno only 100 inspectors to do it. Oversight of gers on planes without complying with safety in late July. Another spill from a pipeline by the
explosion. intrastate lines is left to local regulators, who directives. same company, Enbridge Inc., was reported
He said an additional estimated $6.66 mil- have in most cases left the inspections to utili- Two scathing federal inspector general within the last week in suburban Chicago.
lion worth of public infrastructure, including ties. reports on the Minerals Management Service Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said
streets, was destroyed in the explosion and Hersman said the NTSB, which is investigat- highlighted drug use and sex among drilling the DOT “needs stronger authority to ensure
fire, which killed four people and injured ing the California blast and two other pipeline agency employees and industry executives dur- the continued safety and reliability of our
more than 50 others. accidents, is concerned that PHMSA relies too nation’s pipeline network.”
ing the George W. Bush administration. It also
Matteucci said the damage estimates were heavily on documents submitted by the compa- said drilling regulators had accepted gifts and PHMSA, which regulates the transportation
rough assessments made by city building and
nies it regulates, rather than its own on site ver- trips from oil and gas companies and negotiated of hazardous materials, falls under LaHood’s
planning officers as they walked through
damaged or destroyed houses. ification of practices and procedures. to go work for the industry while overseeing it. responsibility as part of the Transportation
“We want PHMSA to be on the ground doing The Obama administration plan sent to Department.
Schwarzenegger said he did not cut his trip to The National Transportation Safety Board is PG&E Company President Chris Johns met

Continued from page 1
Asia short because he trusted the state’s lead-
ership to respond appropriately to the disaster.
He praised both Lt. Gov. Abel Maldonado
investigating the accident and sent a 28-foot
section of destroyed pipe to Washington, D.C.
yesterday for more analysis. The governor
with Schwarzenegger and was at the scene yes-
terday while the governor toured destroyed
and Bettenhausen for helping to restore calm heaped praise on first responders to the disaster The company has pledged $100 million to
to the area. and for the quick response by local leaders and help restore the neighborhood.
“I’m back now. You have the right to know. I More than 400 firefighters and police offi- volunteers to care for the victims. “People want answers,” said Johns, who
will make sure you will get every single detail cers responded to the blaze, a mutual aid The city is in full active recovery mode, defended the company’s response to the disaster
and information,” the governor said. response success, Bettenhausen said. Ruane said.
So far, 271 people have been relocated due to despite workers not being able to initially close
Schwarzenegger was briefed on the situation “My prayers go to the victims and families
of this tragedy,” the governor said after mak- the disaster, the mayor said. the gas main that fueled the huge fireball. The
by San Bruno’s Police Chief Neil Telford and company will consider installing more remote-
Fire Chief Dennis Haag along with Matt ing a walking tour of the neighborhood. The city has been bringing victims of the dis-
Schwarzenegger said the investigation was aster into the neighborhood to scope the con- controlled valves in its system to shut off the gas
Bettenhausen, the secretary of the California in case of emergencies, he said.
still too early to lay blame. tents of their destroyed homes and secure any
Emergency Management Agency. valuables. PG&E crews had to manually shut off the
“We can’t jump to conclusions. There is lots
The governor requested President Barack of speculation. They are going to investigate Ruane praised local firefighters for attacking valve, which was not done for hours after the
Obama sign a Presidential Disaster Declaration exactly what happened, whether there was the firestorm. gas pipe exploded at about 6:20 p.m.
yesterday for the area after 39 homes were com- something missing or a weak link so that this “The disaster could have been a lost worse,” “We turned off the valves as quickly as we
pletely destroyed by the fire. never happens again,” Schwarzenegger said. Ruane said. could,” Johns said.
THE DAILY JOURNAL SUBURBAN LIVING Thursday • Sept. 16, 2010 19

White roofs promoted to save energy ment buildings. The Cool Roof Council pro-
By Sean O’Driscoll
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS vides information on materials and resources
at its website,
NEW YORK — Herb Van Gent points his Philadelphia recently held a “cool roofs for
infrared gun at a square of still unpainted gray free” competition, and a block of row houses
shingle and clicks the trigger. He gets an won.
immediate temperature reading: 143 degrees “The biggest difference is definitely when
and rising. Then he aims it 5 feet away to a we wake up in the morning,” said Terry Jack,
square of roof I have just painted: 98 degrees who organized her block’s winning entry. “I
and decreasing. noticed the difference the very next morning
He smiles. after they painted the roof. It was a good 15
“A 45-degree difference and we’re only on degrees cooler inside; it was much more liv-
the first coat,” he says. That means it also will able.”
be cooler inside the building, he says, saving Workers are painting the roofs on both sides
energy. of her street with reflective white paint, and
Its 11 a.m. and we are on the roof of a New also insulating the houses. City officials hope
York retirement home, rolling out a thick, to show that a white roof will reduce the
shiny white paint. Van Gent is one of a volun- amount of air conditioning used, saving ener-
teer group that has come up here to paint the gy and reducing electricity bills.
roof as part of a city-sponsored “cool roof” According to former California energy
program. commissioner Arthur Rosenfeld, an average,
The idea of painting roofs white is catching 1,000-square-foot roof painted white can save
on across the country; Energy Secretary 10 tons of carbon dioxide, the equivalent of
Steven Chu has said it could contribute to the emissions from one car for about 2 1/2 years.
fight against global warming. While white roofs keep homes cool in summer by letting less heat in,they have little impact On a national scale, turning roofs cool could
“Cool roofs are one of the quickest and low- on winter heating bills,according to the Cool Roof Rating Council. eliminate 2 billion tons of carbon dioxide,
est-cost ways we can reduce our global car- roughly the same as taking 20 million cars off
bon emissions and begin the hard work of roofs do not let any more heat escape than rewarding and fun. the road for 20 years, according to Rosenfeld,
slowing climate change,” said Chu in July, other roofs, it said. I decided to give it a try. who carried out his experiments with Hashem
while announcing that Department of Energy In Arizona, cool roofs are mandatory for There were half a dozen volunteers on the Akbari at the Lawrence Livermore Berkeley
buildings would be painted white wherever state and state-funded buildings, while roof that day from Wayne, N.J.-based GAF National Laboratory in California.
possible. Philadelphia has an ambitious green energy Materials, which supplied the reflective white So far, many cities have been limited in
While white roofs keep homes cool in sum- plan that put cool roofs at its center. paint. Among them was technical specialist their response. New York’s 1 million square
mer by letting less heat in, they have little In New York, with Mayor Michael Steve Hecht, who showed me how to spread feet of white roofs is a “very, very, very, con-
impact on winter heating bills, according to Bloomberg’s blessing, the Department of the paint. servative target,” said Akbari, who advised the
the Cool Roof Rating Council, a non-profit Buildings and other public and private groups “This should bring the temperature down 50 city on its NYC Cool Roofs project.
group created in 1998 to research and imple- have vowed to paint 1 million square feet of or 60 degrees,” Hecht said as I rolled a coat “When you consider that a large box store
ment the technology. That’s generally because roof on city-sponsored community buildings. onto one small part of the roof. or mall can have a roof of 200,000 square feet,
the sun is less intense in winter, the group Organizers have advertised on Craigslist for Proponents say the idea is as sound for pri- the entire New York program is the equivalent
said, and less important as a heat source. The volunteers, promising that the painting is vate homes as it is for big, residential apart- of painting five of those stores,” he said.






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20 Thursday • Sept. 16, 2010 DATEBOOK THE DAILY JOURNAL

the district would like to rehire union advocate for their cause.
Calendar LIBRARY
Continued from page 1
employees for the library positions when
possible, there are other considerations
before such a decision can be made. For
“The best voice you have is one that
can lead to change,” she said.
In the meantime, district officials are
THURSDAY, SEPT. 16 live successful and creative lives example, teachers agreed to four fur- urging parents to take advantage of city
Stay Fit at Little House. 8:30 a.m. during times of stress. Free. For
to 9:40 a.m. Little House Fitness more information visit lough days taken at the end of the school library services.
Center, 800 Middle Ave., Menlo enough to fund all the services. As such, year. Under the contract, any new state It seemed as if San Bruno students
Park. Stay in shape by Taiji/Qi Gong some things were left behind. Libraries or federal money that becomes available would be in a similar situation this
exercises. $12 members, $14 non- Beautiful, Vital, Fragile Exhibit at
members. For more information call Filoli Fine Art Photography were unfunded as a result, and some new gives teachers the green light to reopen school year. Fortunately, just before
326-2025. Exhibit. 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Filoli parents are frustrated over the closure. negotiations to lessen the number of fur- school began, the district was able to
Gardens, 86 Cañada Road, Tonight, the board will discuss School lough days. create a plan in which each elementary
‘900 Lives of Vision’ Drawings by Woodside. An exhibit of 22 Fine Art
Leigh Toldi. 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Avenue Photographs which highlight the Force and setting priorities for the use of Board President Cathy Wright under- school receives a certain number of
25 Gallery, 32 W. 25th Ave. Second variety and beauty of wildlife in the future funds. stood the parent’s frustration but there hours of service depending on its popu-
Floor, San Mateo. 900 tiny drawings Bay Area. Free for members, adult “Kids have a right to use books we
celebrating the overwhelming $15, seniors $12, students $5, free simply is not enough money to maintain lation. Schools receive 30 minutes per
courage humans have to live suc- for children under 4. For more infor- paid for with public funds,” said David all the services. week for each grouping of 20 children
cessful and creative lives during mation call 364-8300. Long, parent of a new kindergarten stu- “It’s an uphill battle,” said Wright, enrolled. Additionally, 33 percent of that
times of stress. Free. For more infor-
mation visit San Mateo AARP meeting. 11 a.m. dent at Central Elementary School. who has a daughter in middle school, total is added on top to allow time for Beresford Park Recreation Center, Unfortunately there may not be much when access to an on-campus library maintenance like shelving and repairs.
2710 Alameda de las Pulgas, San opportunity for change this year. would help with research projects. This works out to a range of library
Third Annual Quils, Craft and Mateo. Please bring school supplies
Sewing Festival. 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. for donation to a local school. Superintendent Emerita Orta- School Force raised over $1.6 million hours spanning from 7.5 hours a week at
San Mateo Event Center, Fiesta Camilleri explained that everyone wants for the current school year. A majority of Crestmoor Elementary to 14.96 hours at
Hall, 1346 Saratoga Drive, San Paws and Claws Wildlife Show. what’s best for the kids but finances did the funds raised, over $800,000, helped Belle Air Elementary, according to a
Mateo. Festival runs through 1:30 p.m. Coyote Point Museum
Saturday. $8 for parking, $10 for a 1651 Coyote Point Drive, San not allow for all services to remain. keep class sizes smaller, said School staff report prepared for tonight’s meet-
three-day pass. For more informa- Mateo. Come to the Wildlife Theatre Parents and the community dug deep, Force President Ardythe Andrews. In ing. Extra hours was added for Parkside
tion visit and learn about Coyote Point but it wasn’t enough to fund everything.
Museum’s non-releasable animals. kindergarten through third grade, classes Intermediate School.
Job-Readiness Assistance. 10 a.m. Free with admission which starts at Keeping a school library open is a bit are 25:1 rather than 30:1. There were
to 2 p.m. Millbrae Library, 1 Library $4. For more information visit coy- more complicated that it seems. State also funds dedicated to music, reading The board meets 7 p.m. Thursday,
Ave., Millbrae. The T.O.O.L.S.
(transition-options-opportunities- law dictates which people, basically not and science specialists and maintaining Sept. 16 at the District Office, 2960
learning-services) program helps Music on the Square: Big City volunteers, run school libraries. In addi- the middle school dean. Hallmark Drive in Belmont. For more
individuals strengthen their job- Revue. 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Courthouse tion, special one-time federal funding is Andrews hopes the frustration will information, or to get involved with
seeking skills and provides one-on- Square 2200 Broadway, Redwood
one assistance. Free. For more infor- City. Come enjoy Big City Revue’s slated to soon hit local districts. While inspire parents to become involved and School Force visit
mation call 802-3343. 12 piece ensemble perform 40’s
swing, 60’s motown, and fun 70’s
Students noted a change on campus

Beautiful, Vital, Fragile Exhibit at disco hits. Free. For more informa-
Filoli Fine Art Photography
Exhibit. 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Filoli
Gardens, 86 Cañada Road,
Student’s poem since returning Monday with teachers
being a bit more lenient when it came to
Woodside. An exhibit of 22 Fine Art Thanks for fighting the fire, assignments and initial fear of greater
Photographs which highlight the Pete Escovedo Latin Jazz Band. 8 Continued from page 1 When all was dire, destruction starting to wane.
variety and beauty of wildlife in the p.m. to 10 p.m. Angelica’s Bistro,
Bay Area. Free for members, adult 863 Main St., Redwood City. Come You kept us safe, “We’ve all come together,” said 12-
$15, seniors $12, students $5, free out and enjoy Pete Escovedo’s Latin Students were given the chance in ‘Cause [you’re] the best,
for children under four. For more jazz ensemble. $30. For more infor- You refused to rest, year-old Ashley Hirokawa. “Nothing like
information call 364-8300. mation call 365-3226. English to write down their feelings about Throughout the night, this has ever happened in San Bruno.”
Thursday, said technology teacher You put up a fight, Dulce Arroyo, 13, was afraid friends
Animals in Action. 10:30 a.m. Coastal Repertory Theatre pres- Kathryn Marinos. Those pieces of paper And without further ado,
Coyote Point Museum, 1651 Coyote ents ‘Rabbit Hole.’ 8 p.m. 1167 were hurt or were dealing with losing their
are being “quilted” together to create I, home after returning to school Monday to
Point Drive, San Mateo. Witness Main St., Half Moon Bay. The
Would like to thank you.
Coyote Point museum’s animals Coastal Repertory Theatre in Half murals for local police officers and fire- find a number of people absent. Since
engaging in all kinds of activities. Moon Bay presents David Lindsay-
Free with admission which starts at Abaire’s 2007 Pulitzer Prize win- fighters, she said. then, people have been located.
$4. For more information visit coy- ning drama ‘Rabbit Hole,’ directed Students enjoyed the thank-you process “Thank you for risking your life for oth- In addition, the school is collecting let- by Paul Anable. $23 for seniors and for a variety of reasons. ers” and “Thank you for saving us.” Other ters to send to the popular home makeover
students, $30 for adults. For more people drew pictures of the scene and
Yoga with baby-sitting. 10:30 a.m. information or to order tickets visit Seventh grade student Avani Gepalaga show asking it to consider coming to San
Yoga at Change, 400 Ben Franklin liked reading the letters. some took the time to write poems. Bruno to help rebuild.
Court, San Mateo. Parents can do
“People look happy on the outside, but Twelve-year-old Lauren Lapuyade “Help us out,” she said. “We have so
yoga with the little ones close by SATURDAY, SEPT. 18
playing with other kids and having Street Meet. 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. 300 inside they’re just not happy,” she said. enjoyed one poem which was not signed. many homes that need to be rebuilt and
stories read to them by the babysit- Block of East Santa Inez Avenue, But it’s not always as comfortable to She heard about Thursday’s explosion and we’ll have more volunteers than they’ve
ter. $3.50 per child. For more infor- San Mateo. Meet friends and neigh- fire through a text message from her mom.
mation call 340-9642. bors while buying or selling clothes, ask people about such topics. Gepalaga, ever seen ready to help.”
books, kid’s items, etc. Sponsored whose family was temporarily evacuated, A good friend’s house was spared, but the School officials were not sure how
Conservatorship. Noon. San Mateo by Unitarian Universalists of San read with interest notes from people who people who owned the house behind it quickly the murals will be put up. Anyone
County Law Library, 710 Hamilton Mateo. $15 to rent a table before were not as lucky.
St., Redwood City. Join the Sept. 7, $25 from Sept. 8 on. For lost loved ones and were still grateful for can write a letter for the “Extreme
Redwood City Conservatorship and more information contact street- the work of firefighters for keeping things Lapuyade’s biggest challenge has been Makeover” pledge. Letters are due to
oversee the health, safety and wel-
from being worse. her little brother who doesn’t quite under- Parkside Intermediate, 1801 Niles Ave. in
fare of incapacitated adults as a
result of age, disability or accident. Financial Strategies for Successful There were simple notes that read, stand what happened. San Bruno, by Friday.
Free. For more information call 363- Retirement. 9 a.m. to 1:15 p.m.
4913. College of San Mateo, 1700 W.
more conservative approaches. ee retirement contributions, long identi-
Special Presentation at Filoli. 2
p.m. to 3 p.m. 86 Cañada Road,
Woodside. Learn about popular
American painter John Singer
Sargent from noted authority Dr.
Hillsdale Blvd., San Mateo. Create
your personal financial plan and be
prepared for a successful future,
learn all about investments, long-
term health care, Social Security,
pension options and lifestyle issues.
Continued from page 1
Despite the pleasant excess, the coun-
ty’s ongoing structural deficit stands at
$70 million for fiscal year 2009-10 and is
fied as a primary budget concern for all
jurisdictions including the county.
The uncertainties of the state budget is
For more information call 574-6149.
now projected to hit $124 million by also hanging over the county’s head.
Margaretta M. Lovell. $25 for mem-
bers of Filoli, $30 for non-members. 2014-15 without action. If the county “If it ever passes, we’ll know the
For more information or to purchase Caring Ministry Workshop. 9 a.m. IT needs and stabilized rent for county- wants to keep its general fund reserves impacts but we’ll undoubtedly be coming
tickets visit to 1 p.m. Menlo Park Presbyterian owned facilities.
Church, 950 Santa Cruz Ave. $15 beyond $100 million, per its reserves pol- back to the board closer to the end of the
The 2010 Art Faculty Exhibition. per person, or $50 for a group. Learn With an exception of some one-time icy, there must be “significant headway” calendar year after something is adopted,”
5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Skyline how to deal with grief. For more expenses and loan transfers, most of the made in slashing the structural deficit, Farrales said.
College. 3300 College Drive, San information contact John Reis at balance will be sent to reserves, said
Bruno. This exhibition will feature 854-3898. Farrales and Saco wrote in a subcommit- The Board of Supervisors is scheduled
works by art faculty. Deputy County Manager Reyna Farrales. tee memo. to hold final hearings on its tentative
Flickr: Online Photo Management The year-end variances aren’t that sur- “Seventy-million dollars is still a consid- budget Sept. 28 and will follow with a
MyLiberty San Mateo Meeting. and Sharing. 10 a.m. Millbrae
American Legion Hall, 130 South Library, 1 Library Ave., Millbrae. prising based on trends both locally and erable size and it means programs and board budget workshop Oct. 5. The idea
Blvd., San Mateo. Biweekly meet- Learn the basics of the popular statewide, according to Farrales and services. What we need to do is look at of that last meeting is to shift how the
ing of the conservative group photo-sharing site Flickr, including Budget Director Jim Saco who gave the them differently to keep providing them county allocates resources based on a sys-
MyLiberty San Mateo. Free. For how to create an account and
more information visit myliber- upload, organize, and edit your pho- fund update yesterday to the Board of while addressing the deficit,” Farrales said. tem that uses results and outcomes. In tos. Free. For more information con- Supervisors’ Finance and Operations Doing so, though, will be challenging other words, the county will figure out
tact Committee. when the county is faced with stagnant what it wants but also what it can afford
‘900 Lives of Vision’ Drawings by Friends of the Menlo Park Those variances included a moderate revenue — “some bright spots but still with the money it has rather than the other
Leigh Toldi. 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Avenue Library Book Fair. 10 a.m. to 2 increase in property transfer taxes and unstable,” she said — ongoing labor nego- way around.
25 Gallery, 32 W. 25th Ave. Second p.m. Menlo Park Library lawn, 800 declines in supplemental property taxes.
Floor, San Mateo. Nine-hundred Alma St., Menlo Park. Books priced tiations and the need to improve or replace An update of the structural budget
tiny drawings celebrating the over- as low as $.50, with most under $2. Local sales tax revenue dropped and existing capital like the women’s jail. deficit is also set for Dec. 14 followed by
whelming courage humans have to For more information call 330-2521. investments are returning less because of There are also future increases in employ- the mid-year budget update.
THE DAILY JOURNAL COMICS/GAMES Thursday • Sept. 16, 2010 21

Thursday, Sept. 16, 2010 afford you the greatest satisfaction. Give of yourself whenever
either duty or compassion calls.
A greater portion of your energies and attention are likely to
be devoted in the year ahead to adding to your worldly goods. PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) - Do something important that
Although your prospects look very promising, avoid making you wanted to do yesterday but had to postpone. You should
this an all work and no play year. be able to put off today’s normal scheduled activities without
causing any further trouble.
VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) - Don’t allow yourself to get
caught up in trying to do too much. If you make it a point to ARIES (March 21-April 19) - Don’t avoid challenges that
take a break or two in order to relax a bit, refreshing your might arise, because they tend to awaken your ingenuity and
psyche will double your productivity. bring out your cleverness instead of plaguing you with doubt.

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) - Being overly concerned about TAURUS (April 20-May 20) - Treat whatever occurs philo-
how certain situations in which you’re involved will work out sophically and you’ll be amazed at how well things work out
only weakens your abilities to do things well. Replace nega- for you. Eliminate fear, and you eliminate negative influences
tivity with a positive slant, and proceed forward. that could jeopardize success.

SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) - Be sure to stop and take some GEMINI (May 21-June 20) - Although they might not occur
time to catch up on all your communications. You’ll feel liber- on your first try, several job-related objectives could work out
ated once you clear up all the old correspondence, e-mails, for you as long as you don’t give up on them. If you encounter
bills and phone calls that you’ve been neglecting. resistance, increase your determination.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. 21) - Don’t hesitate to step CANCER (June 21-July 22) - Be the one who makes things
up to the plate and call the shots when involved in a joint ven- happen regarding things you share with partners or associ-
ture, especially if your material interests are involved. Lady ates. Motivation comes from putting “we” in front of “me.”
Luck does favor you, but not necessarily others. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) - Interesting developments can occur
CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) - If after a long day you do when you see the first glimmer of opportunity. By grabbing Previous
not feel you’ve been effective, it will weigh you down. Avoid onto it and hanging on, no matter what, you’ll have no trouble
those whom you know from experience tend to make heavy furthering your personal ambitions. Sudoku
demands on your time and talents.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) - It isn’t likely to be what you answers

do for yourself but what you unselfishly do for others that will Copyright 2010, United Feature Syndicate, Inc.

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22 Thursday • Sept. 16, 2010 THE DAILY JOURNAL

110 Employment 110 Employment

110 Employment 110 Employment 110 Employment 201 Personals


SF, 23 yrs. Loves FUN,
romantic dinners, sweet
talk & flowers.
Affectionate guy a +.
Lets talk soon.
110 Employment 110 Employment Call me NOW!
Must be 18+.

203 Public Notices

CASE# CIV 497210
Gina Batti
Petitioner, Michelle M. Pierce filed a peti-
104 Training 110 Employment tion with this court for a decree changing
name as follows:
TERMS & CONDITIONS Present name: Christian Joseph Passa-
The San Mateo Daily Journal Classi- CAREGIVERS nisi Batti
fieds will not be responsible for more Proposed name: Christian Joseph Pas-
We’re currently looking for sanisi
than one incorrect insertion, and its lia-
experienced eldercare aides-- NEWSPAPER INTERNS THE COURT ORDERS that all persons
bility shall be limited to the price of one
insertion. No allowance will be made for CNAs, HHAs & Live-ins JOURNALISM interested in this matter shall appear be-
errors not materially affecting the value The Daily Journal is looking for in- fore this court at the hearing indicated
with excellent references to terns to do entry level reporting, re- below to show cause, if any, why the pe-
of the ad. All error claims must be sub-
mitted within 30 days. For full advertis- join our team! search, updates of our ongoing fea- tition for change of name should not be
ing conditions, please ask for a Rate Good pay and tures and interviews. Photo interns al- granted. Any person objecting to the
Card. so welcome. name changes described above must file
excellent benefits! a written objection that includes the rea-
Drivers preferred. We expect a commitment of four to sons for the objection at least two court
106 Tutoring Call Claudia at eight hours a week for at least four days before the matter is scheduled to
months. The internship is unpaid, but be heard and must appear at the hearing
(650) 556-9906 intelligent, aggressive and talented in- to show cause why the petition should terns have progressed in time into not be granted. If no written objection is
ENGLISH paid correspondents and full-time re-
timely filed, the court may grant the peti-
tion without a hearing.
110 Employment 110 Employment TUTOR DELIVERY DRIVER College students or recent graduates
A HEARING on the petition shall be held
on September 28, 2010, at 9 a.m., Dept.
PJ, Room 2C at 400 County Center,
Is your child struggling in are encouraged to apply. Newspaper
language arts? Wanted: Independent Contractor experience is preferred but not neces- Redwood City, CA 94063.
to provide service of delivery of sarily required. A copy of this Order to Show Cause shall
be published at least once each week for
SPORTS REPORTER Private English tutor now
accepting new students.
the Daily Journal six days per
week, Monday through Satur-
day. Experience with newspa-
Please send a cover letter describing
your interest in newspapers, a resume
four successive weeks prior to the date
set for hearing on the petition in the fol-
lowing newspaper of general circulation:
and three recent clips. Before you ap-
The San Mateo Daily Journal is looking for an Specializing in working with per delivery required. Must ply, you should familiarize yourself The Daily Journal, San Mateo County
experienced sports reporter. Daily newspaper elementary and middle school have valid licenses and appro- with our publication. Our Web site:
Filed: July 26, 2010
/s/ Stephen Hall /
experience required. students with all aspects of priate insurance coverage to Judge of the Superior Court
reading and writing skills -- provide this service in order to Send your information via e-mail to Dated: 7/26/10
essays, spelling, vocabulary, be eligible. or by reg- (Published 09/09/2010, 09/16/2010,
The position includes night and weekend work and literature comprehension.
Papers are available for pickup
ular mail to 800 S. Claremont St #210,
San Mateo CA 94402.
09/23/2010, 09/27/2010)
in addition to the need to learn all aspects of the 10 Years’ Experience in San Mateo at 3:00 a.m.
news room — from writing to layout to social Flexible schedule
Please apply in person Monday-
media. Photography experience a plus. Reasonable rates Friday only, 10am to 4pm at The REWARDING PART TIME work with ex-
Daily Journal, 800 S. Claremont change students and host families. Per- ADMINISTER ESTATE OF
Contact Shauna for more details at FREDERICK LEE
If interested send three recent clips and a letter 650.365.2750 or St #210, San Mateo. fect for community involved people seek- ing supplemental income. Outreach and Case Number 120418
of interest to Jon Mays, editor, San Mateo Daily There are currently no openings, recruitment, networking and people skills
necessary. Call 1(866)534-5399
To all heirs, beneficiaries, creditors, con-
tingent creditors, and persons who may
Journal, 800 S. Claremont St., San Mateo, CA but we will store your application
on file for the next opening. otherwise be interested in the will or es-
94402 or by e-mail at tate, or both, of: Frederick Lee. A Peti-
No phone calls please. TUTORING SALES -

Putnam Auto Group

tion for Probate has been filed by: Sus-
anne Dorothy Maria Lee in the Superior
Court of California, County of San Mateo.
Buick Pontiac GMC The Petition of Probate requests that
Spanish, French, $50,000 Average Expectation
Susanne Dorothy Maria Lee be appoint-
ed as personal representative to admin-
110 Employment 110 Employment Italian a must… ister the estate of the decedent.
5 Men or Women for The petition requests authority to admin-
Certificated Local Career Sales Position ister the estate under the Independent
Teacher • Car Allowance Administration of Estates Act. (This au-
• Paid insurance w/life & dental thority will allow the personal representa-
All Ages! • 401k plan tive to take many actions without obtain-
• Five day work week ing court approval. Before taking certain
(650)573-9718 Top Performers earn $100k Plus!!
very important actions, however, the per-
sonal representative will be required to
Bilingual a plus give notice to interested persons unless
Paid training included they have waived notice or consented to
Call Mr. Olson the proposed action.) The independent
110 Employment 1-866-788-6267 administration authority will be granted
unless an interested person files an ob-
AUTO - SERVICE ADVISOR jection of the petition and shows good
Experienced, 704 North San Mateo Dr., cause why the court should not grant the
San Mateo. Please call (650)863-0898 SALES/MARKETING authority.
INTERNSHIPS A hearing on the petition will be held in
AVON The San Mateo Daily Journal is looking this court as follows: October 8, 2010 at
SELL OR BUY for ambitious interns who are eager to 9:00 a.m., Dept: 28, Superior Court of
jump into the business arena with both California, County of San Mateo, 400
Earn up 50% + bonuses feet and hands. Learn the ins and outs County Center, Redwood City, CA
Hablamos Espanol of the newspaper and media industries. 94063. If you object to the granting of
1(866)440-5795 This position will provide valuable the petition, you should appear at the
Independent Sales Rep experience for your bright future. hearing and state your objections or file
Fax resume (650)344-5290 written objections with the court before
email the hearing. Your appearance may be in
person or by your attorney. If you are a
CAREGIVERS creditor or a contingent creditor of the
decedent, you must file your claim with
2 years 124 Caregivers the court and mail a copy to the personal
representative appointed by the court
experience within four months from the date of first
issuance of letters as provided in Pro-
required. HOME CARE AIDES CAREGIVER bate Code section 9100. The time for fil-
Multiple shifts to meet your needs. Great
I have 3 years experience, ing claims will not expire before four
pay & benefits, Sign-on bonus, 1yr exp
Immediate required.
Matched Caregivers (650)839-2273,
will live-in. Help with bath-
months from the hearing date noticed
above. You may examine the file kept by
Placement (408)280-7039 or (888)340-2273 ing, ADL’sm cooking, light
housekeeping, transporta-
the court. If you are a person interested
in the estate, you may file with the court
on all assignments NOW HIRING for Live-in Caregiver
SIGN ON BONUS!!! tion and medicine reminders
a Request for Special Notice (form DE-
154) of the filing of an inventory and ap-
CALL (650)777-9000 Recruiting for San Mateo, San Francisco
and Santa Clara areas. We offer excel- (650)533-9106 praisal of estate assets or of any petition
or account as provided in Probate Code
lent benefits! section 1250. A Request for Special No-
*Medical / Vision / Dental / Life Ins.
* 401K/Credit Union * Direct Deposit tice form is available from the court clerk.
CAREGIVERS - REQUIREMENTS: Attorney for Petitioner:
CNAS hourly & live-ins, mid Peninsu- * 1 yrs experience * Own Vehicle 180 Businesses For Sale Jeffrey D. Heiser, SBN 61468
la. Hiring now, call Mon-Fri 9am-3pm. * Car Insurance * Valid Drivers HEISER LAW CORPORATION
Reliable Caregivers. (415)436-0100 * Good Communication skills. REDWOOD CITY - Al’s Fish & Chips. 949 N. Center Street, Suite A
Call today to set up an interview: Newer equipment, great foot traffic & loy-
al returning customers make this a great Stockton, CA 95202-1327
1-800-417-1897 or 650-558-8848
CASHIER - Part time, Full time. Will or send Resume to opportunity for a new business owner to (209)948-6400
train. Apply AM/PM @ 470 Ralston Ave., mold this business into their own. Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal
Belmont $79,000., (650)219-0677 on September 9, 16 and 23, 2010.
THE DAILY JOURNAL Thursday • Sept. 16, 2010 23
Drabble Drabble Drabble Over the Hedge Over the Hedge Over the Hedge

203 Public Notices 203 Public Notices 203 Public Notices 203 Public Notices 203 Public Notices 203 Public Notices
STATEMENT #240533 STATEMENT #240687 STATEMENT #240881 ADMINISTER ESTATE OF entered, the court may order you to pay
TSG No.: 4379579 The following person is doing business GEORGE W. CHAPMAN, JR. all or part of the fees and costs that the
TS No.: CA1000193384 The following persons are doing busi- The following person is doing business
ness as: Starworld Properties, 5 Henry as: Tekamaki LLC, 955 E. San Carlos as: Anyu, LLC, 20 Hazel Avenue, Mill- Case Number 119136 court waived for yourself or for the other
FHA/VA/PMI No.: brae, CA 94030 is hereby registered by To all heirs, beneficiaries, creditors, con- party. If this happens, the party odered
APN: 107-020-120-5 Place, Millbrae, CA, 94030 is hereby reg- Ave., Suite A, San Carlos, CA 94070 is
istered by the following owners: Youn Lin hereby registered by the following owner: the following owner: Anyu, LLC, CA. The tingent creditors, and persons who may to pay fees shall be given notice and an
YOU ARE IN DEFAULT UNDER A business is conducted by a Limited Lia- otherwise be interested in the will or es- opportunity to request a hearing to set
DEED OF TRUST, DATED 11/29/2004. Liu & Long S. Liu, same address. The Tekamaki LLC, CA. The business is con-
business is conducted by Husband & ducted by a Limited Liability Company. bility Company. The registrants com- tate, or both, of: George W. Chapman, aside the order to pay waived court fees.
UNLESS YOU TAKE ACTION TO PRO- Wife. The registrants commenced to The registrants commenced to transact menced to transact business under the Jr. A Petition for Probate has been filed AVISO: Si se emite un fallo u orden de
TECT YOUR PROPERTY, IT MAY BE transact business under the FBN on business under the FBN on 08/17/1020. FBN on 02/11/2009. by: Sabrena Chapman in the Superior manutencion, la corte puede ordenar que
SOLD AT A PUBLIC SALE. IF YOU 07/20/2010. /s/ Robert D. Loney / /s/ Steven Kremer / Court of California, County of San Mateo. usted pague parte de, o todos las cuotas
NEED AN EXPLANATION OF THE NA- /s/ Youn Lin Liu / This statement was filed with the Asses- This statement was filed with the Asses- The Petition of Probate requests that y costos de la corte previamente exentas
TURE OF THE PROCEEDING This statement was filed with the Asses- sor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo sor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo Sabrena Chapman be appointed as per- a peticion de usted o de la otra parte. Si
AGAINST YOU, YOU SHOULD CON- sor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo County on 08/28/2010. (Published in the County on 09/10/10. (Published in the sonal representative to administer the esto ocurre, la parte ordenada a pagar
TACT A LAWYER. On 09/22/2010 at County on 08/19/2010. (Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal, 09/02/10, San Mateo Daily Journal, 09/16/10, estate of the decedent. estas cuotas debe recibir aviso y la opor-
12:30 P.M., First American Trustee Serv- San Mateo Daily Journal, 09/02/10, 09/09/10, 09/16/10, 09/23/10). 09/23/10, 09/30/10, 10/07/10). The petition requests authority to admin- tunidad de solicitar una audiencia para
09/09/10, 09/16/10, 09/23/10). ister the estate under the Independent anular la orden de pagar las cuotas ex-
icing Solutions, LLC f/k/a First American Administration of Estates Act. (This au- entas.
LoanStar Trustee Services, LLC, as duly FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME thority will allow the personal representa- The name and address of the court is:
appointed Trustee under and pursuant to FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME tive to take many actions without obtain- (El nombre y direccion de la corte es):
Deed of Trust recorded 12/07/2004, as FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME The following person is doing business ing court approval. Before taking certain San Mateo County Superior Court
Instrument No. 2004- 239992, in book , STATEMENT #240599 The following person is doing business very important actions, however, the per- 400 County Center
as: Little Wonder Family Day Care, 2200 as: Garden Delights LLC., 520 Stanford
page , of Official Records in the office of The following person is doing business Ave., REDWOOD CITY, CA 94063 is sonal representative will be required to Redwood City. CA 94063
the County Recorder of San Mateo as: Scherzo Piano Studio, 30 S. El Cami- Ewell Road, Belmont, CA 94002 is here- give notice to interested persons unless The name, address, and telephone num-
by registered by the following owner: Yan hereby registered by the following owner:
County, State of CALIFORNIA. Executed no Real #104, SAN MATEO, CA 94401 Garden Delights LLC., same address. they have waived notice or consented to ber of the petitioner’s attorney, or peti-
is hereby registered by the following Huang, same address. The business is the proposed action.) The independent tioner without an attorney, is: (El nombre,
by: SUSAN JESSEE, A SINGLE WOM- conducted by an Individual. The regis- The business is conducted by a Limited
owner: Aurelio P. Torres, 929 S. B Liability Company. The registrants com- administration authority will be granted direccion y numero de telefono del abo-
AN, WILL SELL AT PUBLIC AUCTION Street, SAN MATEO. The business is trants commenced to transact business
TO HIGHEST BIDDER FOR CASH, menced to transact business under the unless an interested person files an ob- gado del demandante, o del demandante
conducted by an Individual. The regis- under the FBN on 09/01/2010. jection of the petition and shows good que no tiene abogado, es):
trants commenced to transact business /s/ Ruben Mendeoza / cause why the court should not grant the Loreta V. Torres
LENT or other form of payment author- under the FBN on This statement was filed with the Asses-
ized by 2924h(b), (Payable at time of This statement was filed with the Asses- authority. 3376 La Mesa Drive, #12
/s/ Donna Waslh-Humphrey / sor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo A hearing on the petition will be held in San Carlos, CA 94070
sale in lawful money of the United County on 09/07/2010. (Published in the sor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo
This statement was filed with the Asses- County on 09/09/10. (Published in the this court as follows: October 20, 2010 at 650-631-3736
States) At the Marshall Street entrance sor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo San Mateo Daily Journal, 09/09/10, 9:00 a.m., Dept: 28, Superior Court of Date: (Fecha) Feb. 26, 2010
09/16/10, 09/23/10, 09/30/10). San Mateo Daily Journal, 09/16/10,
to the Hall of Justice, 400 County Cen- County on 08/24/2010. (Published in the 09/23/10, 09/30/10, 10/07/10). California, County of San Mateo, 400 John C. Fitton, Clerk, by (Secretano, per)
ter., Redwood City, San Mateo county, San Mateo Daily Journal, 08/26/10, County Center, Redwood City, CA Uila Latu, Deputy (Adjunto)
CA All right, title and interest conveyed to 09/02/10, 09/09/10, 09/16/10). 94063. If you object to the granting of Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal
and now held by it under said Deed of STATEMENT #240503 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME the petition, you should appear at the September 2, 9, 16, 23, 2010.
Trust in the property situated in said The following person is doing business STATEMENT #240825 hearing and state your objections or file
County and State described as: AS FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME The following person is doing business written objections with the court before
STATEMENT #240463 as: Fine Link Container Service
MORE FULLY DESCRIBED IN THE (USA),Ltd., 1699 El Camino Real, #202, as: (1) North California Arab American the hearing. Your appearance may be in
The following person is doing business Business Guide (2) NCAA Business person or by your attorney. If you are a
ABOVE MENTIONED DEED OF TRUST as: Bradley Siu Photography, 8 Chan- Millbrae, CA 94030 is hereby registered
APN# 107-020-120-5 The street address by the following owner: Fine Link Con- Guide, is hereby registered by the fol- creditor or a contingent creditor of the
ning Road, BURLINGAME, CA 94010 is lowing owners: Mounia Elgadi, same ad- decedent, you must file your claim with
and other common designation, if any, of hereby registered by the following owner: tainer Service (USA), CA. The business
the real property described above is pur- is conducted by a Corporation. The reg- dress, and Zezna Franco Maria, 4960 Al- the court and mail a copy to the personal
Bradley A Siu, same address. The busi- maden Expresway #120, SAN JOSE, CA representative appointed by the court
ported to be: 1100 SHORELINE DRIVE ness is conducted by an Individual. The istrants commenced to transact business
under the FBN on 09/16/08. 95118. The business is conducted by a within four months from the date of first
UNIT 14-3-12, SAN MATEO, CA, 94404 registrants commenced to transact busi- General Partnership The registrants issuance of letters as provided in Pro-
The undersigned Trustee disclaims any ness under the FBN on /s/ Xiang Li /
liability for any incorrectness of the street /s/ Bradley A Siu / This statement was filed with the Asses- commenced to transact business under bate Code section 9100. The time for fil- 210 Lost & Found
sor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo the FBN on 10/1/2010 ing claims will not expire before four
address and other common designation, This statement was filed with the Asses- /s/ Mounia Elgadi / months from the hearing date noticed FOUND SONY Power Shot digital cam-
sor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo County on 08/18/2010. (Published in the
if any, shown herein. Said sale will be San Mateo Daily Journal, 09/09/10, This statement was filed with the Asses- above. You may examine the file kept by era, July 14th at Fox School in Belmont.
made, but without covenant or warranty, County on 08/17/2010. (Published in the sor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo the court. If you are a person interested (650)593-9294
San Mateo Daily Journal, 08/26/10, 09/16/10, 09/23/10, 09/30/10).
expressed or implied, regarding title, County on 09/08/10. (Published in the in the estate, you may file with the court
possession, or encumbrances, to pay the 09/02/10, 09/09/10, 09/16/10). San Mateo Daily Journal, 09/16/10, a Request for Special Notice (form DE- LOST: CAMERA in case. Burlingame
remaining principal sum of the note(s) FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME 09/23/10, 09/30/10, 10/07/10). 154) of the filing of an inventory and ap- Avenue / Washington Park area. Lost
secured by said Deed of Trust, with inter- FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #240774 praisal of estate assets or of any petition Saturday, July 31 around 1pm. Bummed
est thereon, as provided in said note(s), STATEMENT #240481 The following person is doing business or account as provided in Probate Code about losing camera; mostly bummed
advances, under the terms of said Deed The following person is doing business as: Dalia, Tapas Bar & Restaurant, 129 NOTICE OF APPLICATION section 1250. A Request for Special No- about losing family photos in camera. If
of Trust, fees, charges and expenses of as: Le Charm Boutique, 1528 S. El Ca- S. B St., SAN MATEO, CA 94401 is TO SELL ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES tice form is available from the court clerk. found, please call Joe, (650) 867-6652
hereby registered by the following owner: Date of Filing Application: 07/16/2010 Attorney for Petitioner:
the Trustee and of the trusts created by mino Real, Ste. 201, SAN MATEO, CA,
Cliff Capdevielle
94402 is hereby registered by the follow- Claudia Satulovsky, Inc., CA. The busi- To Whom It May Concern:
said Deed of Trust. The total amount of
the unpaid balance of the obligation se- ing owner: Fifre. G Corporation, CA. The ness is conducted by a Corporation. The The Name(s) of the applicant(s) is/are: 2161 Shattuck Ave., #233 295 Art
business is conducted by a Corporation. registrants commenced to transact busi- GARFIELD BEACH CVC LLC. Berkeley, CA 94704
cured by the property to be sold and rea- LONGS DRUGS STORES CALIFORNIA 650-762-6488 PAINTING "jack vettriano" Portland gal-
sonable estimated costs, expenses and The registrants commenced to transact ness under the FBN on
business under the FBN on /s/ Claudia Satulovsky / LLC. Dated: 9/15/10 lery 26 x 33. $65. (650)345-1111.
advances at the time of the initial publi- This statement was filed with the Asses- The applicant(s) listed above are apply- Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal
cation of the Notice of Sale is /s/ Fiona Tsang /
This statement was filed with the Asses- sor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo ing to Department of Alcoholic Beverage on September 16, 23, and 30, 2010. PICTURE WITH Frame Jack Vettriano
$492,206.81. The beneficiary under said sor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo County on 09/03/2010. (Published in the Control to sell alcoholic beverages at: with light attached $100. (650)867-2720
Deed of Trust heretofore executed and County on 08/18/2010. (Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal, 09/09/10, 375 Gellert Blvd.
delivered to the undersigned a written 09/16/10, 09/23/10, 09/30/10). DALY CITY, CA 94015-2613
Declaration of Default and Demand for
San Mateo Daily Journal, 09/02/10,
09/09/10, 09/16/10, 09/23/10). Type of license applied for: 296 Appliances
Sale, and a written Notice of Default and 21 - Off-Sale General
FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME San Mateo Daily Journal AIR CONDITIONER - slider model for
Election to Sell. The undersigned caused SUMMONS narrow windows, 10k BTU, excellent
said Notice of Default and Election to FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #240827 Sept. 9,16, 23, 2010.
The following persons are doing busi- (FAMILY LAW) condition, $100., (650)212-7020
Sell to be recorded in the County where STATEMENT #240557 CASE NUMBER: 107989
the real property is located. Date: The following person is doing business ness as: Cruz Cayabyab Insurance Serv-
08/31/2010 First American Title Insur- as: Redwood City 76, 1603 Broadway (Aviso Al Demandado): Mario Francis
St., REDWOOD CITY, CA 94063 is here- CITY, CA 94015 is hereby registered by CENTRAL SELF STORAGE KENMORE DISHWASHER, almond,
ance Company First American Trustee the following owners: Rodrigo M. Caya- 1280 ROLLINS ROAD Alvarado. You are being sued. (Lo esta works great. SOLD!
Servicing Solutions, LLC f/k/a First Amer- by registered by the following owner: demandando)
Double AA Corporation, CA. The busi- byab and Yolanda Cruz Cayabyab, same BURLINGAME, CA 94010
ican LoanStar Trustee Services, LLC 3 address. The business is conducted by (650) 685-0300 Petitioner’s name is: (Nombre del de- MINI FRIDGE - 34 inches high, runs well,
ness is conducted by a Corporation. The mandante:) Loreta V. Torres
First American Way Santa Ana, CA registrants commenced to transact busi- Husband and Wife. The registrants com- In accordance with the provisions of the $85., (650)355-2996
92707 FOR TRUSTEE'S SALE INFOR- menced to transact business under the California Self-Storage Facility Act, Sec- You have 30 calendar days after this
ness under the FBN on Summons and Petition are served on
MATION PLEASE CALL 714-277-4845 /s/ Mark Anthony Awad / FBN on tion 21700, et seq. of the Business and
First American Trustee Servicing Solu- /s/ Rodrigo M. Cayabyab / Professions Code of the State of Califor- you to file a written Response (form FL- MINI-FRIDGE - 32" tall; White Kenmore
This statement was filed with the Asses- 120 or FL-123) at the court and have a
tions, LLC f/k/a First American LoanStar sor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo This statement was filed with the Asses- nia, the undersigned will be sold at public $70. Call (650)229-4735
sor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo auction on September 21st, 2010 at copy served on the petitioner. A letter or
Trustee Services, LLC MAY BE ACTING County on 08/20/2010. (Published in the phone call will not protect you.
AS A DEBT COLLECTOR ATTEMPT- San Mateo Daily Journal, 09/02/10, County on 09/08/2010. (Published in the 10:00 am.
San Mateo Daily Journal, 09/09/10, General household items, miscellaneous If you do not file your Response on time, PORTABLE GE Dishwasher, excellent
ING TO COLLECT A DEBT. ANY IN- 09/09/10, 09/16/10, 09/23/10). the court may make orders affecting your
09/16/10, 09/23/10, 09/30/10). items and/or boxes, tools, clothing, condition $75 OBO, (650)583-0245
FORMATION OBTAINED MAY BE and/or furniture stored at 1280 Rollins marriage or domestic parnership, your
USED FOR THAT PURPOSE. Require- Road, Burlingame, CA 94010, County of property, and custody of your children. RADIATOR HEATER, oil filled, electric,
ments of SB1137 have been met pur- FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME
FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME San Mateo by the following persons: You may be ordered to pay support and 1500 watts $25. (650)504-3621
suant to the Notice of Sale Declaration of STATEMENT #240700 #3237, Bronson Macomber; #3306, Mi- attorney fees and costs. If you cannot
The following person is doing business STATEMENT #240352 REFRIDGERATOR SIDE-BY-SIDE, ice
record. The beneficiary or servicing chael Kelleher. pay the filing fee, ask the clerk for a fee
as: Dogpatch, LLC, 1259 El Camino Re- The following person is doing business waiver form. & water originally $1500, selling $100.,
agent declares that it has obtained from as: Studio 96 Interior Design, 96 Vine ALL SALES FINAL; CASH ONLY.
the Commissioner of Corporations a final al, Ste. 500, Menlo Park, CA 94025 is If you want legal advise, contact alawyer (650)756-6778
St., SAN CARLOS, CA 94070 is hereby Property is sold on an “AS IS BASIS”.
or temporary order of exemption pur- hereby registered by the following owner: Sale is subject to cancellation. Auction- immediately. You can get information-
Grant Media, LLC, CA. The business is registered by the following owner: Kristin about finding lawyers at the California SHOP VACUUM 5 gallons with extra fil-
suant to California Civil Code Section Moseley, same address. The business is eer: JMA, INC./bond #142295787. ters $15. (650)949-2134
conducted by a Limited Liability Compa- Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal Courts Online Self-Help Center
2923.53 that is current and valid on the ny. The registrants commenced to trans- conducted by an Individual. The regis-
date the Notice of Sale is filed and/or the on September 9th & 16th, 2010. (, at the
act business under the FBN on trants commenced to transact business California Legal Services Web site SHOP VACUUM rigid brand 3.5 horse
timeframe for giving Notice of Sale speci- 11/30/2000. under the FBN on (, or by con- power 9 gallon wet/dry $40. (650)591-
fied in subdivision (s) of California Civil /s/ Gary Kremen / /s/ Kristin C. Moseley/ tact your local county bar association. 2393
Code Section 2923.52 applies and has This statement was filed with the Asses- This statement was filed with the Asses- Tiene 30 dias corridos despues de haber
been provided or the loan is exempt from sor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo sor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo recibido la entrega legal de esta Citacion STOVE TOP 4 burners with electric grill
the requirements. FEI#1018.10462 Pub- County on 08/31/2010. (Published in the County on 08/10/2010. (Published in the y Peticion para presentar una respuesta commercial grade $50., (650)756-6778
lished in the San Mateo Daly Journal on San Mateo Daily Journal, 09/02/10, San Mateo Daily Journal, 09/09/10, (formulario FL-120 o FL-123) ante la
09/02, 09/09, 09/16/2010. 09/09/10, 09/16/10, 09/23/10). 09/16/10, 09/23/10, 09/30/10). corte y efectuar la entrega legal de una
copia al demandante. Una carta o llama- TOASTER "PROCTOR Silex" one slice,
da telefonica no basta para protegerio. works fine SOLD!
FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME Si no presenta su Respuesta a tiempo, la UPRIGHT FREEZER - like new, SOLD!
FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME corte puede dar ordenes que afecten su
STATEMENT #240657 The following person is doing business STATEMENT #240377 matrimonio o pareja de hecho, sus bi- VACUUM CLEANER heavy duty like
The following person is doing business as: Yvonne’s Ramada Inn Barber Shop, The following person is doing business enes y la custodia de sus hijos. La corte new $45. (650)878-9542
as: 1)ICR Design, 2)Interiors for Com- 245 S. Airport Blvd., South San Francis- as: Kuga Designs, 111 Hillcrest Dr., DA- tambien le puede ordenar que pague
mercial & Residential Design, 58 29th co, CA 94080 is hereby registered by the LY CITY, CA 94014is hereby registered manutencion, y honorarios y costos le- WEBER GRILL - Never used! Porcelain
Avenue, San Mateo, CA, 94403 is here- following owner: Yvonne Li Howard, by the following owner: Brenda Mira, gales. Si no puede pagar la cuota de enamel bowl and lid, 22-1/2” with ash
by registered by the following owner: 1100 Helen Dr., Millbrae, CA 94030. same address. The business is conduct- presentacion, pida al secretario un for- catcher. SOLD!
Jasmine Jewell Shrier, same address. The business is conducted by an Individ- ed by an Individual. The registrants com- mulario de exencion de cuotas.
The business is conducted by an Individ- ual. The registrants commenced to trans- Si desea obtener asesoramiento legal,
ual. The registrants commenced to trans- act business under the FBN on
menced to transact business under the
pongase en contacto de inmediato con 297 Bicycles
act business under the FBN on
FBN on
/s/ Yvonne Li Howard / un abogado. Puede obtener informacion
07/27/2010. /s/ Brenda Mira / para encontrar a un abogado en el Cen- BICYCLE WICKER BASKET -quality
This statement was filed with the Asses- This statement was filed with the Asses- thick weave, never used, $25. obo,
/s/ Jasmine Shrier / sor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo tro de Ayudo de las Cortes de California
This statement was filed with the Asses- County on 08/20/2010. (Published in the
sor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo (, en el sitio Web de (650)260-2664
sor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo San Mateo Daily Journal, 09/02/10, County on 08/10/2010. (Published in the los Servicios Legales de California
County on 08/27/2010. (Published in the 09/09/10, 09/16/10, 09/23/10). San Mateo Daily Journal, 09/09/10, ( o ponien- MENS MOUNTAIN bike 26 inch new 18
San Mateo Daily Journal, 09/02/10, 09/16/10, 09/23/10, 09/30/10). dose en contacto con el colegio de abo- speed $99. 919-740-4336 San Mateo
09/09/10, 09/16/10, 09/23/10). gados de su condado.
NOTICE: The restraining orders on
FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME page 2 are effective against both spous- 298 Collectibles
FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #240686 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME es or domestic partners until the petition
STATEMENT #240490 The following person is doing business STATEMENT #240799 is deismissed, a judgment is entered, or 49ER REPORT issues '85-'87 $35/all,
The following person is doing business as: Tekamaki Ventures, Inc., 955 E. San The following person is doing business the court makes further orders. These (650)592-2648
as: Teacher Carol’s Playgroup, 5 Reyna Carlos Ave., Suite A, San Carlos, CA as: I Can, 3 Calypso Lane, SAN CAR- orders are enforceable anywhere in Cali-
Place, MENLO PARK, CA 94025 is here- 94070 is hereby registered by the follow- LOS, CA 94070 is hereby registered by fornia by any law enforcement officer
by registered by the following owner: ing owner: Tekamaki Ventures, Inc., CA. the following owner: Cheryl V. Doege, who has received or seen a copy of
Carol Thomsen, same address. The The business is conducted by a Corpora- same address. The business is conduct- them. 5 COLORIZED territorial quarters uncir-
business is conducted by an individual. tion. The registrants commenced to ed by an Individual. The registrants com- AVISO: Las ordenes de restriccion que culated $7/all. (408)249-3858
The registrants commenced to transact transact business under the FBN on menced to transact business under the figuran en la pagina 2 valen parra ambos
business under the FBN on N/A 08/17/1020. FBN on conyuges o pareja de hecho hasta que
/s/ Robert D. Loney / BAY MEADOW coffee mug in box $15.
/s/ Carol Thomsen / /s/ Cheryl V. Doege / se despida la peticion, se emita un fallo o (650)345-1111
This statement was filed with the Asses- This statement was filed with the Asses- This statement was filed with the Asses- la corte de otras ordenes. Cualquier au-
sor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo sor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo sor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo toridad de la ley que haya recibido o vis-
County on 08/18/2010. (Published in the County on 08/28/2010. (Published in the County on 09/07/2010. (Published in the to una copia de estas ordenes puede ha- CARNIVAL GLASS WATER PITCHER -
San Mateo Daily Journal, 08/26/10, San Mateo Daily Journal, 09/02/10, San Mateo Daily Journal, 09/09/10, cerlas acatar en cualquier lugar de Cali- beautiful design, $25., leave message
09/02/10, 09/09/10, 09/16/10). 09/09/10, 09/16/10, 09/23/10). 09/16/10, 09/23/10, 09/30/10). fornia. (650)365-1797
24 Thursday • Sept. 16, 2010 THE DAILY JOURNAL

610 Crossword Puzzle 610 Crossword Puzzle 610 Crossword Puzzle 303 Electronics 306 Housewares 310 Misc. For Sale
MAGNOVOX 32” TV - excellent cond., BISSEL STEAM CLEANER - easy to STAIRS 6 ft and 4 ft $90/both. 650-368-
refurbished, $100.obo., (650)260-2664 use, used 3 times, cleans great, 3037
$35.obo, (650)260-2664
Los Angeles Times Daily Crossword Puzzle MICRO TEK scanner/copier - excellent
condition, $15., (650)368-0748
BOWL - light green heavy glass swirl de-
SUIT/COAT HANGERS (14) sturdy good
quality hardwood unused $1/each or all
Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis PANASONIC COLOR tv with Vhs combo
20 inches like new $70. 650-347-9920
sign bowl, great centerpiece, $25.,
San Bruno 650-588-1946
ACROSS 2 Weapon 30 Barry Bonds’s 50 Hoo-ha PHILLIPS VCR plus vhs-hu 4 head Hi-Fi
CANDLEHOLDER - Gold, angel on it, (650)367-1350
1 Piano pro designer __ Gal alma mater, briefly 51 Really 16-Down like new, $35. (650)341-5347
tall, purchased from Brueners, originally
3 Nutmeg-topped 33 Fab Four member 52 Ben player on $100., selling for $20.,(650)867-2720
6 Fizzy drink SAMSUNG COLOR tv 27 inches good
condition $90. 650-347-9920
10 Kellogg School drink 35 Wax eloquent “Bonanza” COUNTERTOP WATER DISPENSER : Liberty Falls 11 for $30/all 3.5 to 4 inches
Oasis water cooler Hot N Cold, Durable tall. (650)592-2648
deg. 4 Add pizazz to 36 As such 56 Payroll figs. SANIO CASETTE/RECORDER 2 way
& excellent condition,$86, (650)278-2702
Radio - $95.obo, call for more details,
13 UV ray absorber 5 Like many a 39 Gets going 59 With 34-Across, (650)290-1960 VIETNAM VHS (5) documentary. good
OVEN ROASTING PAN WITH RACK. condition $15/all. (408)249-3858.
14 x and y, perhaps volunteer: Abbr. 40 Batman before country club New, non stick, large, never used $55.,
SONY RADIO cassette recorder $20
15 Blackberry lily, e.g. 6 Wedge-shaped George feature black good condition. (650)345-1111 (650)341-0418 WALKER - fold up, like new, has two
wheels, $20. (650)342-7568
17 *Powerful punch mark 43 Consumes 60 Rider of Dinny TV - Big Screen, $70., ok
19 “Still Life With 7 Kitchen gadgets 46 Treaty subject the dinosaur condition,(650)367-1350 REVEREWARE, 1,3.4 qt. pots, 5",7"
WETSUIT - Barefoot, like new, $40.,
Old Shoe” artist brand 48 Reliever’s spot, 61 In days past pans, stainless steel w/copper bottoms,
excellent cond., $60/all. (650)577-0604
for short 62 Untrained 304 Furniture WHEELBARROW LARGE, needs tire
20 Together, in music 8 Haitian seaport repair $10. SOLD!
21 Ham __ Cayes 49 Needing a 63 Place to serve 3 PIECE COFFEE TABLE SET: $100. VASE - beautiful butterfly design, gold
color, perfect cond, $25., (650)867-2720 WORLD CUP memorabilia '94 USA Bear
9 Be convinced 1-Across slop (650)787-8219
mascot, 2 sport cups unused and collec-
23 Depict artistically
3 TIERED stainless rolling cart gently 307 Jewelry & Clothing tors pins $55/all. (650)591-6596
26 *Where the tight about ANSWER TO PREVIOUS PUZZLE: used $100 firm, (650)341-0418
end is positioned, 10 Cocktails similar MURANO GLASS bracelet from Italy 311 Musical Instruments
46" ROUND dining table $90. Call various shades of red and blue artfully
in football lingo to a Buck’s Fizz (650)430-4884 designed $100. (650)991-2353 2 ORGANS, antique tramp, $500 for
29 Polar buildup 11 *2010 St. ANTIQUE SOLID oak end table both. (650)342-4537
Andrews SMALL JEWELRY cabinet - 17” H, 12”
31 Extremists marble top, carved door $50. (650)342-
W, 2 glass doors, plus 2 drawers, very GLOCKENSPIEL- very beautiful, $100.,
32 West pointers, competition pretty, $35., (650)592-2648 (650)755-9833
sometimes? 12 Made public BLACK LEATHER office chair with 5
rollers $25. (650)871-5078
33 Sulky state 16 Peeved & blue cultured, blue pearl collar, 10 (650)583-2767
CABINET - Real wood, $70., strands, 18”, $40., (650)834-2804
34 See 59-Down 18 Where some (650)367-1350 316 Clothes
37 It prints many signs change 308 Tools
CHAIR, IKEA. Very Good cond. Recliner
scheds. 22 Retail VIP shaped, flexible. Lt brown wood on can-
JACKET - Large, water proof, new,
CLICKER TORQUE wrench 1/2 inch
38 “Spartacus” 23 Really, really vas 26-1/2"x38”x29" $15. 650-704-2497.
drive 20-150 LBS reversible all chrome $35., (650)342-7568
Oscar winner 16-Down $40. 650-595-3933
MENS "BASS" black loafers like new
41 Mined matter 24 Sympathetic CHANDELIER WITH 5 lights/ candela-
bre base with glass shades $20. CRAFTSMAN 16” SCROLL SAW - size 12D $35. (650)868-0436
42 Sitcom pal of Fred words (650)504-3621 good condition, $85., (650)591-4710
MENS SLACKS - 8 pairs, $50., Size
44 Shades that fade 25 *Wimbledon COFFEE TABLE - $60., (650)367-1350 HAND SAWS - $5/each 3 total. Daly 36/32, (408)420-5646
in fall event City, call for details, (415)333-8540
PINK LADIES hospital volunteer jacket
COFFEE TABLE - Square, oak Coffee
45 Bond trader’s 27 Meet Table w/leather top, $30. (650)771-1888 PRESSURE WASHER 2500 PSI, good like new washed once Medium $10
condition, $350., (650)926-9841 RWC. (650)868-0436
phrase unexpectedly
47 Not completely 28 Actor Ken and COFFEE TABLE light brown lots of stor-
lon stack tank air compressor $100.,
SCRUBS - Medical, woman’s, Size L,
pretty prints, excellent condition, $9. ea,
49 Admirals’ others 09/16/10 age good condition $75. (650)867-2720 (650)591-4710 5 pairs of pants $6. ea.(650)290-1960
concerns TABLE SAW 10", very good condition SOCCER CLEATS - 3 pair, size 6,7 & 8,
50 *Shot pioneered COFFEE TABLE SQUARE shaped. $85. (650) 787-8219 $10. each, (650)679-9359
Lightweight, 28”x28x19" includes large
by Wilt storage space, $11 650-704-2497
Chamberlain 309 Office Equipment 317 Building Materials
53 Knife of yore COMPUTER DESK - $70., (650)367- CALCULATOR - Casio, still in box, new, DOUBLE PANED GLASS WINDOWS -
1350 $25., (650)867-2720 various sizes, half moon, like new, $10.
54 Like “ASAP” and up, (650)756-6778
Curio cabinet Blonde. 5.5" X 23" X 1.5"
55 Beer-making aid $98. San Mateo. 650-619-9932
SCANNER with 4 extra ink cartridges,
$40. obo., (650)290-1960
318 Sports Equipment
57 Kerouac’s DESK 60”w 28”h 30” d, two shelf exten- 2 GOLF CLUBS - Ladies, right handed,
LADIES SWIVEL ADJUSTABLE office putter & driver $5/each (650)755-8238
Paradise et al. sion 4 drawers $60 (650)364-7777. desk chair, burgundy upholstery with
58 Places where DESK, EXTRA LONG. LIKE new. Brown
black frame, never used, $35/obo, exc.
cond. ,(650)260-2664
you can watch wood .5 drawers; 2 sliding doors. golf clubs, $65/all, (650)592-2648
18"x28"x72"$18. 650-704-2497
(and whose end OFFICE LAMP - new in box, $35/obo,
GOLD'S GYM - GT2000Power Tower +
Instructions as new, asking $100/obo,
can follow the DINING TABLE with 4 chairs with leaf
(650)303-3568 (650)344-6565
ends of) the light wood 42 x 34 $99. (650)341-1645 OFFICE LAMP brand new $8. (650)345- KAYAK - Necky Looksha 4 model, 17 ft.,
answers to DIRECTORS TYPE CHAIR with leather
1111 53 lbs, $1,000. (650)394-4243
starred clues seat, $35., (650)355-2996
310 Misc. For Sale MITZU JR. tour kids set 7 clubs & bag
64 “Don’t change it” $15/all obo. SOLD!
65 Liver nutrient DRAFTING TABLE 30 x 42' with side 2 "HUFFY Tundra" Bicycles Male & Fe-
tray. excellent condition $75. (650)949- male $100/each. Denise (650)589-2893 TITLIST GOLF club 983k driver 9.5 de-
66 Bother 2134 gree grafaloy stiff/ $75 obo. SOLD!
persistently 2 LIGHT fixture shades - vintage, 1960’s, TRIATHLON WETSUIT - Quintanaroo,
ENTERTAINMENT CENTER - Oak square ceiling glass shades, 11”X11”x1”, ladies, medium, good condition, $45.,
67 Curly shape wood, great condition, glass doors, fits original beauty, $15. (650)347-5104 (650)728-5978
68 “Forget about it” large TV, 2 drawers, shelves , $100/obo.
(650)261-9681 BALANCING DISC for back by "Body WOODEN TENNIS RACKET '50's or
69 Like an evening Sport" $15. (408)249-3858 older "C"Hemold $25., (650)868-0436
EUDUXIANA BED with headboard and
in a Frost title remote control. Hardly used, paid $6k BARBIE DOLL - 36" my size Barbie doll,
selling $1,500 OBO. (650)740-1743 fully dressed, $35., (650)583-5233 322 Garage Sales
DOWN door, 1 drawer, excellent condition, anti- $10. (408)249-3858 THE THRIFT SHOP
By David J. Kahn que, $95. obo, (650)349-6059. REOPENING SATURDAY SEPT. 11
1 Rocky hill (c)2010 Tribune Media Services, Inc.
09/16/10 BLUE BACK disc never used in box
Lots of new merchandise!
$15. (408)249-3858
FRAMED MIRRORS - Pair of dark wal- Thursday & Friday 10:00-2:00
nut, framed mirrors, 29” X 22”, perfect, CAROL HIGGINS CLARK HARDBACK Saturdays 10:00-3:00
each $25., pair $44., (650)344-6565 BOOKS - 10 @ $3. ea., or all for $25., Episcopal Church
315 Wanted to Buy 315 Wanted to Buy (650)341-1861 1 South El Camino Real
298 Collectibles FRENCH END TABLE - exquisite inlaid
San Mateo 94401
rich mahogany wood, custom glass tray, CHARCOAL BBQ like new with cover
SALEM CHINA - 119 pieces from 50’s. 20” x 27” X 19”H, $100., (650)347-5104 and extended holder $55. (650)347-9920 (650)344-0921
Good condition, $225., appraised at
$800., (650)345-3450. HUTCH - maple finish, 4 shelves, 52 COOKBOOK "HOW to cook everything"
inch W, $75., (650)341-1645 $10. (408)249-3858
VASE - with tray, grey with red flowers,
perfect condition, $30., (650)345-1111 LARGE PICNIC table - 3’ x 8’, $25.,
large dog cage good condition, 2 door
VICTORIAN VICTON talking machine- with tray, $75.,(650)355-8949
1910, works and looks fine, $650.,
37 L x 19 W 9 drawers and attached mir- ETAGER over the toilet water tank - wal-
ror 37 H x 36 W , $75., (650)341-1645 nut, $25., San Mateo, (650)341-5347
300 Toys MATTRESS TWIN size perfect condition HENRY THE BOTTLE HOLDER -perfect 112 Howard Ave.
SOLD! condition from Bombay store discontin-
obo never used, (650)349-6059 OTTOMAN/ FOOTREST Clean. Like
ued, $100., (650)867-2720
new. Circular. Light brown 'felt like' mate-
302 Antiques rial. $6.Call cell: 650-704-2497 JANET EVANOVICH BOOKS - 4 hard- Sept. 18
ANTIQUE SOLID mahogany knick-knack
backs @ $3.ea., 4 paperbacks @ $1.
ea., (650)341-1861 9 am - 3 pm
PATIO TABLE with 4 chairs includes
or bookshelf with 4 small drawers, good umbrella with stand all metal $80/all
condition, $95. 650-726-5200 OBO, (650)367-8949
KARASTAN AREA RUG - 5’ X 3’, 100% Household items,
all wool, thick pile with fringe, solid color DVD’s/Videos & records,
beige, very clean, $60., (650)347-5104
ANTIQUE STROMBERG – Carlson ra- RECLINER - Beige, $40., (650)771-1888 some furniture, glass &
dio Floor modelm $75., needs new tubs, KITTY LITTER container plastic with misc. collectibles.
RWC, Photo by email:, ROCKING CHAIR white with gold trim swinging door and handle $13. (650)592-
(650)592-5591 excel cond $100. 650-755-9833 2648
CHINA CABINET - Vintage, 6 foot, ROLL-A-WAY SUPERB, wood book-
case/entertainment center $70. LOUNGE CHAIRS - 2 new, with cover &
solid mahogany. $300/obo. plastic carring case & headrest, $35.
(650)867-0379 (415)585-3622
each, (650)592-7483
SHELVING - 2000 square foot of shelv-
Cylinders oak case - Serviced yearly,
ing, $500. obo, (650)212-6666
TABLE & CHAIR SET - new, perfect
MASSAGE KIT $18 in original box ,
(650)368-3037 SAN MATEO
beautiful, $550/obo, (650)344-6565

ENGLISH ARMOIRE with stand. Bought

condition, $475., (650)638-1285
TWO END tables: $35 or $20 each.
MERCHANT MARINE, framed forecastle
card, signed by Captain Angrick '70. 13 x
17 inches $35 cash. (650)755-8238
3938 Donner St.
298 Collectibles 298 Collectibles for $415. Sacrifice for $330.
CLASSICAL, OPERA dvds (200), al- HISTORY BOOK of "Superbowls by the WICKER FURNITURE, 5 pieces, SOLD! beveled edge new never hung 30 inches Sept. 18th & 19th
most new, and (100) CD’s, $3,000 all, bay" game 1-18, $35., (650)592-2648 303 Electronics x 22 inches SOLD!
(650)233-0111 WOODEN BOOKCASE with doors, $20.,
(650)771-1888 9am-3pm
32 INCH Sony TV SOLD! PICNIC COOLER with utensils and small
COLORIZED TERRITORIAL quarters (5 JOE MONTANA cover photo, '85 "in WOODEN KITCHEN China Cabinet: $99 plates and wine cups. still in wrapper
pieces) uncirculated $18/all. (408)249- flight" magazine, $30, (650)341-8342 (great condition!), (650)367-1350 $20/all. (408)249-3858
3858 46” MITSUBISHI Projector TV, great Lots of kids clothes
OAKLAND A'S bobble head dolls 80's condition. $400. (650)261-1541.
DANCING FIGURINE by Bradley Dolls - (2) $15/each or $25/all in box. (408)249- 306 Housewares PICTURE FRAME - Large, $25., boys & girls
Musical, plays “If You Love Me”, 8 1/2 “ 3858
(baby-3 T),
tall, $20., (650)518-0813 "PRINCESS HOUSE" decorator urn
POSTER - framed photo of President game cartridges $50., (650)592-5591
"Vase" cream with blue flower 13 inch H SALON CHAIR - hydrolic, works per- maternity clothes,
GLASSES 6 sets redskins, good condi- Wilson and Chinese Junk $25 cash,
(650)755-8238 JVC DVD cd player $25. (650)834-4926
$25., (650)868-0436 fectly, black base, black leather, Furniture, toys, DVDs,
tion never used $45/all. (650)345-1111 $90.obo, (650)290-1960
kitchen items & lots more!
JACK TASHNER signed ball $25. Ri- SWATCH WATCH '86 Worlds Fair. JVC VHS recorder - Like new, $15., ELECTRIC BBQ - nonstick, $40., SOPRANOS COOKBOOK and calen-
chard (650)834-4926 Like New w/receipt $85, (650)591-6596 (650)367-8949 (650)592-2648 dar $10/all. (408)249-3858
THE DAILY JOURNAL Thursday • Sept. 16, 2010 25
325 Estate Sales 380 Real Estate Services 620 Automobiles 620 Automobiles 630 Trucks & SUV’s 670 Auto Service
NISSAN ‘09 MAXIMA, 3.5S, gray, CHEVROLET ‘03 Silverado SS- low
ESTATE SALE SAVE ON Don’t lose money #9955P, $27,888. Toyota 101. Please miles, leather, CD, AWD. SOLD! MB GARAGE, INC.
BUYING OR SELLING mention the Daily Journal. (650)365-
on a trade-in or 5000 FORD SUV ‘99 XLT - 110K highway
Repair • Restore • Sales
A HOME! consignment! Mercedes-Benz Specialists
BELMONT Personal Service SCION ‘06 tC, Basic, dark gray,
miles, Top of the line! Very good condi-
tion! $3,600., (650)631-1955 2165 Palm Ave.
Margaret Dowd Sell your vehicle in the #9919P, $15,588. Toyota 101. Please
2509 Carmelita Ave. Bus: (650)794-9858 mention the Daily Journal. (650)365- NISSAN ‘07 FRONTIER, SE, gray, San Mateo
Cell: (650)400-9714 Daily Journal’s 5000 #9911P, $17,588. Toyota 101. Please
mention the Daily Journal. (650)365-
Saturday Lic# 01250058 Auto Classifieds. 5000
SCION ‘07 tC, Spec, gray, #9915P,
Sept. 18th Just $3 per day.
$14,998. Toyota 101. Please mention
the Daily Journal. (650)365-5000 TOYOTA ‘06 Highlander hybrid,

8 am - 2 pm 381 Homes for Sale #9751T, $29,888. Toyota 101. Please

mention the Daily Journal. (650)365-
Reach 82,500 drivers TOYOTA ‘06 Matrix, STD, silver,
5000 400 El Camino Real
IN THE heart of Belmont, close to all #9767T, $12,588 Toyota 101. Please (1 block north of Holly St.)
Yard tools, knick-knacks, amenities, and low HOA. 2 Bedroom, 2 from South SF to mention the Daily Journal. (650)365-
San Carlos
bath condo, move-in condition! Available 5000 TOYOTA ‘06 Tacoma, basic, #9800T,
furniture, fishing, for purchase. Please contact:
Palo Alto $7,999 Toyota 101. Please mention the (650)593-7873
electronics & golf items. or call Call (650)344-5200 TOYOTA ‘07 Camry Hybrid, basci, grey, Daily Journal. (650)365-5000
Hours: M-F, 8a-4p, Sat. 8a-5p
408-857-4454 for showings and details. #9758P, $21,588 Toyota 101. Please
Priced at $449,950 this is an incredible See Our Coupons & Save!
mention the Daily Journal. (650)365- TOYOTA ‘07 FJ Crusier, basic, blue,
deal! 5000 #9799T, $24,988. Toyota 101. Please
mention the Daily Journal. (650)365-
335 Garden Equipment 440 Apartments BMW ‘06 325i - low miles, very clean, TOYOTA ‘07 Camry Solara, SLE, silver, 5000
670 Auto Parts
loaded, leather interior, $20,000 obo., #9548P, $22,999 Toyota 101. Please
TABLE - for plant, $20, perfect condi- BELMONT - prime, quiet location, view, (650)368-6674 mention the Daily Journal. (650)365- TOYOTA ‘07 Tacoma, basic, white, CHEVY TAHOE 3rd row seats like new
tion, (650)345-1111 1 bedroom $1250, 2 bedrooms $1425. 5000 #9609P $15,988. Toyota 101. Please $75 obo, (650)367-8949
New carpets, dishwasher, balcony, cov- BMW ‘94 325I CONVERTIBLE - 74,300 mention the Daily Journal. (650)365-
TABLE - for plant, $20, perfect condi- ered carports, storage, pool, no pets. miles, 5 speed, new top, battery; excel- TOYOTA ‘07 Corolla CE, green, 9794T 5000
tion, (650)345-1111 (650)344-8418 or (650)595-0805. lent condition, car facts. BMW AM/FM ra- $13,588. Toyota 101. Please mention CHEVY TRANSMISSION 4L60E Semi
dio, tape, 5 CD changer, leather, A/C, the Daily Journal. (650)365-5000 used $800. (650)921-1033
TREE PRUNER 5ft long good condition $5K, SOLD! TOYOTA ‘08 Tundra 2WD truck, white,
$10. (408)249-3858 #9774T, $26,988, AND TOYOTA ‘08

345 Medical Equipment REDWOOD CHEVROLET ‘09, Malibu, LS with ILS,

white, #9892P $14,588. Toyota 101.
TOYOTA ‘07 Prius, basic, silver,
#9801P, $17,588. Toyota 101. Please
mention the Daily Journal. (650)365-
Tundra 2WD truck, blue, #9727T,
$27,588. Toyota 101. Please mention
the Daily Journal. (650)365-5000
FORD ‘73 Maverick/Mercury GT Comet,
Drive Train 302 V8, C4 Auto Trans.
Complete, needs assembly, includes ra-
ALUMINUM CRUTCHES for adults ad-
justable $30. (650)341-1861
CITY Please mention the Daily Journal.
TOYOTA ‘09 Venza V6, white, $26,988,
diator and drive line, call for details,
$1250., (650)726-9733.

379 Open Houses 1 bedroom, 1 bath CHEVY ‘06 Cobolt LS 4 door teal color
automatic. Car facts included, 55k Mi.
TOYOTA ‘08 Highlander, base, gray,
#9679P, $21,885 Toyota 101. Please
#9536P. Toyota 101. Please mention
the Daily Journal. (650)365-5000
HEAVY DUTY jack stand for camper or
SUV $15. (650)949-2134
in senior complex Good condition. SOLD! mention the Daily Journal. (650)365-
TOYOTA ‘10 Venza V6, white, $29,588, 672 Auto Stereos
(over 55). CHRYSLER ‘05 ‘PT Cruiser GT, beige, #9743P. Toyota 101. Please mention
$9,488. #9837T, Toyota 101. Please
mention the Daily Journal. (650)365-
TOYOTA ‘08 Prius, gray, #9691P,
$17995. Toyota 101. Please mention
the Daily Journal. (650)365-5000
LISTINGS downtown.
5000 the Daily Journal. (650)365-5000
TOYOTA ‘10, Tundra 2WD truck, grade, We Repair All Brands of Car
DODGE ‘88 Dynasty - excellent condi-
silver, #9493T, $24,580. Toyota 101. Stereos! iPod & iPhone Wired
TOYOTA ‘08 Yaris, Base, gray,
List your Open House Gated entry. tion, low miles, $1900. (650)400-4642. #9720P. $14,588. Toyota 101. Please
Please mention the Daily Journal.
to Any Car for Music! Quieter
Car Ride! Sound Proof Your
in the Daily Journal. mention the Daily Journal. (650)365-
FORD ‘06 Fusion - Red color, 4 cylin- 5000 Car! 31 Years Experience!
Reach over 82,500 Move in der, 4 door, low miles, $9,000, OBO.
TOYOTA ‘08, Corolla CE, silver,
635 Vans 2001 Middlefield Road
Redwood City
potential home buyers &
renters a day, Special. FORD ‘09 Focus, SE, Blue, #9942P,
$12,988. Toyota 101. Please mention
the Daily Journal. (650)365-5000
#9763T, $12,988, Toyota 101. Please
mention the Daily Journal. (650)365-
NISSAN ‘01 Quest - GLE, leather seats,
sun roof, TV/DVR equipment. Looks
new, $15,500. (650)219-6008
from South San Francisco
to Palo Alto. 830 Main Street, RWC TOYOTA ‘09 CAmry, basic, gray, TOYOTA ‘09 Sienna CE, blue, #9804P,
FORD ‘85 VICTORIA - Original owner, 680 Autos Wanted
in your local newspaper. (650)367-0177 43K miles, automatic, all powered. Very #9805P, $17,888 Toyota 101. Please $20,998 and , TOYOTA ‘09 Sienna CE,
blue, #9807P, $22,998 Toyota 101.
good condition. $4K, (650)515-5023. mention the Daily Journal. (650)365-
5000 Please mention the Daily Journal.
Call (650)344-5200 FORD ‘95 Mustang Convertible - V6, (650)365-5000 Don’t lose money
automatic. Make offer. (650)697-0596 TOYOTA ‘09 Prius, STD, green, on a trade-in or
#9606P, $18,588 Toyota 101. Please TOYOTA ‘09 Tacoma basic, white, consignment!
450 Homes for Rent INFINITI ‘08 G35 sedan, blue, #9881P mention the Daily Journal. (650)365- #9752P, $19,888 and TOYOTA ‘09 Ta-
$25,888. Toyota 101. Please mention 5000 coma basic, silver, #9809T, $21,995.
BELMONT - 2 bedroom home for rent the Daily Journal. (650)365-5000 Toyota 101. Please mention the Daily
380 Real Estate Services now. $1800 per month. Prime location, Journal. (650)365-5000
Sell your vehicle in the
downtown, large enclosed yard, no pets, TOYOTA ‘09 RAV4 basic, black, Daily Journal’s
KIA ‘09 Rondo, LX Base, White, #9806P, $19,5888. Toyota 101. Please
no smoking, 1 private parking, new re-
frigerator, dishwasher & oven. Call
#9695P, $11,795. Toyota 101. Please
mention the Daily Journal. (650)365-
mention the Daily Journal. (650)365- TOYOTA ‘09 Tacoma Prerunner, white, Auto Classifieds.
(650)591-9604 5000 #9512T, $22,998. Toyota 101. Please

DISTRESS 470 Rooms


LINCOLN ‘90 Mark 7 LSC - Excellent

condition, low miles. Must See! $2,900.
TOYOTA ‘10 Camry Hybrid, basic,
white, #9535P, $24,988. Toyota 101.
mention the Daily Journal. (650)365-
5000 Just $3 per day.


ble wi-fi kitchen privileges. Near
Hillsdale, no smoking/pets.

MAZDA ‘09 Mazda3, Sport silver,

Please mention the Daily Journal.
640 Motorcycles/Scooters
HARLEY DAVIDSON ‘83 Shovelhead -
Reach 82,500 drivers
from South SF to
Bank Foreclosures. $700/mo. (650)592-6000 #9895P, $14,988 Toyota 101. Please TOYOTA ‘10 Corolla, basis, white,
#9575P, $15,488 Toyota 101. Please
special construction, 1340 cc’s, Awe-
some!, $5,950.obo.
Palo Alto
mention the Daily Journal. (650)365-
$400,000+ HIP HOUSING
5000 mention the Daily Journal. (650)365-
Call Rob (415)602-4535. Call (650)344-5200
Free list with Non-Profit Home Sharing Program
San Mateo County MAZDA ‘09 Mazda3, Sport white,
#9941P, $15,988 Toyota 101. Please TOYOTA ‘10 Matrix, basic, white,
HONDA ‘01 Reflex Scooter - Silver,
$1,999., Call Jesse (650)593-6763
pictures. mention the Daily Journal. (650)365-
#9599P, $16,988 Toyota 101. Please
mention the Daily Journal. (650)365-
645 Boats MILLBRAE ROOM clean, cozy. 5000
$600/mo. (650)697-4758
Free recorded message NISSAN ‘06, Murano, white, #9934T,
$19,588. Toyota 101. Please mention TOYOTA ‘10 Prius I, white, #9810P, EVINRUDE MOTOR, for Boat, 25
1(800)754-0569 REDWOOD CITY
Sequoia Hotel
the Daily Journal. (650)365-5000 $27,888 and , TOYOTA ‘10 Prius I,
gray, #9813P, $24,888 Toyota 101.
horsepower, (415)337-6364

Please mention the Daily Journal.

ID# 2042 800 Main St., NISSAN ‘08 SENTRA, 2.0, gray,
#9936P, $14,588.Toyota 101. Please (650)365-5000 PROSPORT ‘97 - 17 ft. CC 80 Yamaha
Pacific, loaded, like new, $9,500 or trade,
Dolphin RE $600 Monthly mention the Daily Journal. (650)365- (650)583-7946.
$160. & up per week. 5000 TOYOTA ‘10 Yaris, basic, black,
(650)366-9501 #9734T, $14,588. Toyota 101. Please
(650)279-9811 NISSAN ‘08, Altima S, grey, $17,288. mention the Daily Journal. (650)365- 650 RVs
#9776P. Toyota 101. Please mention 5000
the Daily Journal. (650)365-5000 DODGE ‘75 Motorhome - 440 V8, smog
HOMES & PROPERTIES 625 Classic Cars exempt. Many extras. $2,999.
The San Mateo Daily Journal’s Room For Rent NISSAN ‘08, Altima, 2.5, white, #9956P, (650)520-0499
Tax Deduction, We do the Paperwork,
weekly Real Estate Section. Travel Inn, San Carlos $16,998. Toyota 101. Please mention DATSUN ‘72 - 240Z with Chevy 350, au- Free Pickup, Running or Not - in most
the Daily Journal. (650)365-5000 tomatic, custom, $5800 or trade. REXHALL ‘00 VISION - 53K mi., Ford cases. Help yourself and the Polly Klaas
$49 daily + tax (650)588-9196 Triton V-10 engine. 29 feet long, no pop Foundation. Call (800)380-5257.
Look for it $280 weekly + tax NISSAN ‘08, Versa 1.8S black, outs. Excellent condition.
every Friday and Weekend Clean Quiet Convenient $12,588. #9940P. Toyota 101. Please OLDSMOBILE ‘69 F-85 - 2 door, power $28,000 OBO, (650)670-7545 Wanted 62-75 Chevrolets
Cable TV, WiFi & Private Bathroom mention the Daily Journal. (650)365- front disc, $2,800., with 71 running parts Novas, running or not
to find information on fine homes Microwave and Refrigerator 5000 WHISPER KING RV WATER PUMP-
car with console, buckets. (650)851-4853 Parts collection etc.
and properties throughout 950 El Camino Real San Carlos new, 100 PSI 12 volt 2 GPM $70., So clean out that garage
the local area. (650) 593-3136 NISSAN ‘96 Pathfinder, Excellent condi- PINTO ‘73 V8 AUTOMATIC, CUSTOM. (650)347-5104 Give me a call
tion, 4 wheel drive. SOLD! $1650. (415)412-7030. Joe 650 342-2483

Bath Bath Building/Remodeling Cabinetry Carpets Cleaning

30 Years Experience Building Design & Drafting UPHOLSTERY CLEANING HOUSE CLEANING
Free Design Assistance Additions & Remodels & REMODELING
and Estimates Fast Drying - Kid & Pet Safe
David Howell Professional, Courteous Service Affordable & Professional
Excellent References Evening/Weekend Appointments Discount First Time Cleaning
K.A.Mattson 30 yrs experience $59.00 Special - 200 square feet Commerical & Residential
Free Estimates
Call 650-652-9664 (650)302-8340 (650) 931-5672 (650) 847-1990/(650)784-8472
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LEADING Cabinetry Cleaning

Bay Area’s exclusive Wholesale cabinets SERVICES
installer of $25 OFF First
Luxury Bath Systems Since 1966
products Large Showroom Cleaning
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tank, like new $25. (650)341-5347 tion $100. (650)867-2720
26 Thursday • Sept. 16, 2010 THE DAILY JOURNAL

Hardwood Floors Hardwood Floors Decks & Fences Handy Help Hauling Moving


“Specializing in Refuse Removal Specializing in:
Free estimates Homes, Apts., Storages
Painting & Electrical” Professional, friendly, careful.
•Carpentry •Dry Rot Reasonable rates Peninsula’s Personal Mover
40 Yrs. Experience No job too large or small Commercial/Residential
Retired Licensed Contractor Call Rob Fully Lic. & Bonded CAL -T190632
(408) 979-9665 (650)315-1879 (650)995-3064 Call Armando (650) 630-0424


Cleaning Construction Steve’s
Handyman Service
Prompt, Tidy, Friendly D.L.C. PAINTING
Stephen Pizzi Residential / Commercial
(650)533-3737 Ask about our $495. Special!
• Int. / Ext. Painting
Lic.#888484 • Power Washing
Insured & Bonded • Dry-Rot Repairs
• Reasonable Prices/Lic.#860679
MARSH FENCE (650)537-7300
& DECK CO. Hardwood Floors
State License #377047
Licensed • Insured • Bonded
Fences - Gates - Decks
Stairs - Retaining Walls KO-AM GOLDEN WEST
10-year guarantee HARDWOOD FLOORING
Quality work with reasonable prices
•Hardwood & Laminate PAINTING
Call for free estimate (650)571-1500
Installation & Repair Since 1975
•Refinish Commercial & Residential
•High Quality @ Low Prices Excellent References
Call 24/7 for Free Estimate Free Estimates
MORALES 800-300-3218 (415)722-9281
Lic #321586
HANDYMAN 408-979-9665
Fences • Decks • Arbors Lic. #794899
•Retaining Walls • Concrete Work
• French Drains • Concrete Walls
•Any damaged wood repair JON LA MOTTE
•Powerwash • Driveways • Patios
• Sidewalk • Stairs
• $25. Hr./Min. 2 hrs. Interior & Exterior
Free Estimates AM PM HAULING Interior Design Pressure Washing
20 Years Experience Bay Area Local Hauler Free Estimates
(650)921-3341 Haul Any Kind of Junk
Residential & Commercial
(650)347-5316 • Yard & Garage Clean Up Lic #514269
• Furniture, Appliances, etc.
(650)346-7582 $75 off on any truck load
Call Joe: (650)722-3925 O’DOWD’S PAINTING
- Interior & Exterior
- Drywall repair
CHEAP HAULING - No job is too small

ALL ELECTRICAL and demo Low Rates (650)873-2687
SERVICE $70 and up!
650-322-9288 Call Mike @
for all your electrical needs
Call Carlos (650)576-1991 HAULING!
• Recessed Lighting Light moving!
• Panels, Jacuzzie, A/C Haul Debris!
• Residential in general
• Troubleshooting 650-583-6700
All services Up To Code
Hunter Douglas Gallery
Flooring Free Measuring & Install.
1115 California Dr. #A
S. F. Flooring Group Burlingame
Window Washing
(650)636-5190 (650)348-1268
Flooring Installation & Repairs
Carpet, Tile, Vinyl, Laminates,
Hardwood, etc.
Free Estimates
Lic.# 633943 Landscaping

Handy Help


Carpentry, Cabinets, Wainscot
Paneling, Moulding, Painting, Drywall
Repair, Dry Rot, Minor Plumbing &
LEAVER Electrical & More!
Contractors Lic.# 931633/Insured
• Remodeling CALL DAVE (650)302-0379
• New Construction• Additions
• Bathrooms • Kitchens • Decks
Free Estimates/Lic. Since 1986 HANDYMAN SERVICES
(650)465-0796 (650)271-3955
Home Repairs & Improvements
Small Jobs Welcome.
Credit Cards Accepted
Lic. #913461

Kitchen & Bathroom Remodels
Electrical, All types of Roofs.
E.A. CONCRETE Fences, Tile, Concrete, Painting,
In Business Since 1976 Plumbing, Decks
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•Walkways •Stamped
•Driveways •Brick (650)771-2432
•Retaining Walls •Stone
Free Est. & Affordable Rates
Lic. #598762 (650)871-5308 Notices
Quality, Dependable California law requires that contractors
taking jobs that total $500 or more (labor
TAUFA CONCRETE Handyman Service or materials) be licensed by the Contrac-
ALL CONCRETE SERVICES tor’s State License Board. State law also
Driveways, Patio, Walkways, • General Home Repairs requires that contractors include their li-
Retaining Walls, Pavers, Stamped & cense number in their advertising. You
More! 30 Yrs Experience! Free Est., • Improvements can check the status of your licensed
Affordable Rates, Liability Insurance, Decks & Fences • Routine Maintenance contractor at or 800-
Bonded, Lic.#917401 321-CSLB. Unlicensed contractors taking
(650)295-9102 NORTH FENCE CO. - Specializing in:
Redwood Fences, Decks & Retaining
(650)573-9734 jobs that total less than $500 must state
in their advertisements that they are not
(650)270-8549 Walls. licensed by the Contractors State Li-
(650)756-0694. Lic.#733213 cense Board.
THE DAILY JOURNAL Thursday • Sept. 16, 2010 27

Attorneys Dental Services Food Insurance Psychics Seniors


* BANKRUPTCY * General Dentistry for BARRETT in love. Can change your life AEGIS LIVING
Huge credit card debt? Restaurant & Bar and guide you through all prob- Aegis
Job loss? Foreclosure? Adults & Children INSURANCE lems. Marriage, business, finan-
Medical bills? Try Our Lunch Special ces, negativity and stress. One of South San Francisco
Eric L. Barrett, visit can give you peace of mind. 2280 Gellert Blvd.
Call for a free consultation DDS 1240 El Camino Real President Reading by Patricia. Call for ap-
(650)363-2600 324 N. San Mateo Drive, #2 Barrett Insurance Services pointment (415)334-6227. Free
This law firm is a debt relief agency San Carlos
San Mateo 94401 (650)596-8400 (650)513-5690 Reading every Friday!
CA. Insurance Lic. #0737226
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14 large screen HD TVs Dementia Care
$65. Exam/FMX REAL ESTATE LOANS Hospice. 24-Hour care, incredi-
DEFENSE (Reg. $228.)
Full Bar & Restaurant Direct Private Lender ble facility located in San Carlos
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Attorney Hal G Nielsen Burlingame Plaza (650)342-7744 Based primarily on equity 777 Bayview Drive,
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Roos Dental Care San Mateo 94401
SUNDAY CHAMPAGNE 1828 El Camino Real #405 (650)348-2151
BRUNCH Burlingame 94010 (Same Location)
FRIENDLY SMILES (650) 259-8090
Suresmile Technology 1221 Chess Dr., Hwy. 92 at
Foster City Blvd. Exit
Benson Wong, DDS
931 W. San Bruno Ave., #3
Foster City
San Bruno
Hypnosis Makes it Easy Needlepoint! Video Video
(650)588-7936 Guaranteed Fiesta Shopping Center
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888-659-7766 (650)571-9999
Candy • Ice Cream
Fudge • Pastry • Gifts
1395 El Camino Real

28 Thursday • Sept. 16, 2010 WORLD THE DAILY JOURNAL

Oman in rare spotlight

after bail deal with Iran
By Adam Schreck There has been little
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS official explanation about
Oman’s role in Shourd’s
MUSCAT, Oman — Oman’s royal leaders release, except for a
have long preferred the understated approach: Foreign Ministry state-
No high-rises like their Gulf neighbors and ment thanking Iran and
policies that quietly balance close ties with expressing hope for future
both Washington and Tehran. steps aimed at repairing
Now their role as the middlemen — and relations between
maybe even the money men — to free Sarah Shourd Washington and Tehran.
American Sarah Shourd from Iranian custody President Barack Obama
has drawn rare attention to the sultanate and and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham
its role as low-key diplomat. Clinton both thanked Oman for its assis-
Omani officials have offered few details tance.
since spiriting Shourd from Tehran to a royal “The Americans discovered the Omanis can
airfield aboard a private jet. be a good go-between, especially when there’s
The 32-year-old American was scheduled a human dimension,” said Mustafa Alani of
for a medical exam Wednesday, her first full the Dubai-based Gulf Research Center.
day of freedom in more than 13 months, but “Tehran always opens its door to the Omanis.”
has given no indication of her plans beyond To help secure Shourd’s release, Oman
Muscat — a jumble of low-rise seaside build- played intermediary for a half-million-dollar
ings and elegant minarets. Her mother says bail that satisfied Iranian authorities and
her daughter has serious medical problems, apparently did not violate U.S. economic
including a breast lump and precancerous cer- sanctions. The source of the bail payment has
vical cells. not been disclosed.

Firefight involving U.S.-Iraq Around the world

forces leaves six dead stronghold of Fallujah — highlighting the per-
BAGHDAD — For the second time in less sistent danger that al-Qaida-linked militants
than a week, U.S. forces were drawn into still pose despite years of efforts by both Iraqi
deadly fighting against insurgents — a and U.S. forces to root them out.
reminder of the ongoing dangers American Insurgents seem to have redoubled their
forces face well after President Barack Obama efforts this summer to target Iraqi security
declared a formal end to combat. forces taking over from the departing
With a persistent insurgency, ongoing sec- Americans — nine Iraqi soldiers died
tarian tensions and no agreement on a new Wednesday in a roadside bombing while two
government after six months of wrangling, police officers in Baghdad were shot and
stabilizing Iraq before all American forces killed. The militants are trying to undermine
leave still seems a distant dream. the so-called “Sons of Iraq” — the anti-al-
Wednesday’s raid, in which at least six peo- Qaida militia that was instrumental in reduc-
ple were killed, was in the former insurgent ing violence.