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Mark D’ Almeida Mobile: +91-72593-78582 Email: almeida.mark@gmail.


To work for a leading edge, result oriented organization; exploring

employee expertise and potentials to achieve its greater goals.

Functional Skills

Project Implementation
- National Payment Aggregator (NPA), eGovernment Authority
- Cards (Debit/Credit) National Bank of Bahrain
IT Domain expertise
- Banking - Payments, Cards, ATM, POS & IVR.
- Infrastructure management
Cards software
Core Banking
– Bank Master (Kindle- UK), TC/4 (CMC/TCS)
Understanding of ISO-8583, EMV, APAC, SWIFT business & technical standards.
Interfaces for ATM, POS, IVR, SWIFT and Core Banking products.
Compliances & Certification for Visa, Master and other local/regional Payment Switches.
Infrastructure and Data Centre Management – Operations, DP Concepts.

Positions Held

Head, National ePayment Program, eGovernment Authority, Kingdom of Bahrain…………… (5 Years)

Manager – IT, (Development & Implementation), National Bank of Bahrain…………(9 ¾ Years)
Project Manager, Landesgirokasse, Germany; Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Netherland…….(1 Year)
IT Consultant - Commerzbank, Citibank, HDFC Ltd – Bombay/INDIA…………………………………(3 ½ Years)
EDP Officer, Technical Support - ANZ Grindlays Mumbai/Chennai, INDIA………………………..(6 Years)
IT Operation-in-Charge, Mannai Corporation, Doha/QATAR……………………………………………..(2 Years)

Technical/IT Skills

Cards : Issuer, Acquirer, Base I & II, Visa/Mastercard, Diners, Amex

Switches : ATM, POS, IVR
Interfaces : Core Banking, Reconciliation System (ACL) - Payment System
Certification: EMV (MasterCard-TIP, Visa-ADVT, Acquiring/Issuer Compliances)
DB : INFORMIX (IDS), Oracle 9i, SQLs
Additional : IT Operation, Infrastructure (DC), Project Management, implementation


Successfully implemented IT projects

o National Payment Aggregator for eGoverment Authority, Kingdom of Bahrain
o Card system replacement & infrastructure upgrade for National Bank of Bahrain
Project scoping, requirements gathering, development and implementation for
o Landesgirokasse (Landesbank), Germany
o Buza, (ministry of external affairs), the Netherlands
To work on own initiative in a demanding environment.
Designing solutions that best supports business requirements.
Adherence to IT Project Methodology & organizational rules.
Team Lead for various businesses and IT group project initiatives.
Monitoring and updating project reports and status.
Identifying project constraints and risks factors.
Working with Audit teams to ensure compliances and quality assurances.
Preparing UAT & testing strategy.
Job related Training Programs Attended

Course Description Conducted By Course Contents Duration

Informix Dynamic Server &
InfoData Ltd, Bahrain DB architecture, Parameters, Tuning, SQLs 1 week
System Administration
Oracle 9i NIIT Ltd, Bahrain SQL plus, DB Administration, Tuning 140 hrs
Systems & S/ware
AS-400 Intensive Course OS/400, RPG/400, COBOL/400, SDA 2 weeks
DEC RDB concepts, DecForms, Application
Dec/RDB, DecForms, SQLs 2 weeks
Bombay/India Interface, Query Reporting
ANZ Grindlays Bank, Negotiable Instrument Act 2 weeks
Advance Retail Banking & FX
India Foreign Exchange, Treasury Operations
Finlink India System, Message formats, Message costing &
SWIFT & Swiftability 1 week
Swift CBT module pricing, System operations

Work experience:

1. Head, National ePayment Program – eGovernment Authority, BAHRAIN (Since Mar, 2010)


To achieve the strategic objectives of the e-Government vision in providing multiple payment
channels to the citizen as well as satisfying Ministry requirements for advanced payment
Successfully implemented National Payment Aggregator.
Development and operations of a National ePayment Program
- Provide functional and strategic leadership in the development, integration and
implementation of Electronic Payment solutions.
- Research and participate in implementation electronic e-Payments projects.
- Manage Payment Technology and Business Changes, impacting organization.
- Expert knowledge of card systems and card business.
- Knowledge of Payment channel Interfaces such as eBanking, POS, Kiosks.
- Review and negotiate Payment Service Provider’s SLA terms.
- Responsible for the successful implementation of new ideas, technologies and services.
- Provide documentary & technical inputs to resolve escalated Customer payment disputes.
- Monitor and meet key quality and performance measures.
- Maintain compliance and ensure staff awareness on regulatory requirements, as and when
updated, affecting ePayments.
- Work with internal/external auditors and regulatory bodies with regard to their audits or
examinations and resolve any identified issues, expeditiously.
- Manage resources and monitor expenses to ensure maximum cost effectiveness, productivity
and process efficiencies.

2. Manager IT - National Bank of Bahrain, BAHRAIN (9 ¾ years)

Overall in-charge for CARD Systems (Debit/Credit)

 Support, bug-fix, test, certify, deploy Debit and Credit card Applications.
 1st & 2nd level support for Cards Online, Batch, Interface Systems, ATM, POS and IVR
 Operations Planning, Review Compliances; S/ware change specifications
 Back office, settlement system support – Visa PC-EDIT, MCI – Pre-Edit

Team Lead
 System Tests, UAT, Certification, Build compliance processes strategy & implementation.
 Technical review, Product enhancement, Schedule release/Patch/software updates.
 Rolling out EMV Mandates & Compliance for the Bank – S/wares / H/wares for - ATMs, POS
devices TIP & ADVT Certifications
Vendor liaison
 Local, Regional & Overseas vendors for S/ware & Regulatory changes and requirements.
 Negotiate Pricing, SLA terms, support, etc.

 Prepare, Review & Monitor Budgets & Capex.
 Prepare Project Costing, Approvals Letters, Roles and Responsibility Matrixes.

Applications, O/S, DB
 Debit: u/Switchware by CSFi Florida – USA
Sun/Solaris E-450, Informix IDS, Windows client front-end & system Interfaces


Linux ML280 servers, Informix IDS, Windows client front-end & system Interfaces

Swift Interfacing
 ST400 – Vax/OpenVMS, Swift Alliance - Window 2000 Server
 Automation of MT1xx, MT2xx, MT 940/950 messages
 Scoping migration to Swift Alliance from ST400 product
 Application/interface support & training for the Banks staff on swift.

3. Project Manager, HCL Benelux BV (1 year)

a) Business Impact Assessment - Ministry of Foreign Affairs, HAGUE/Netherlands

 A process within the TSRM methodology from James Martin, adapted for assessing the
Year-2000 impact analysis. BIA is classified into:

 Infrastructure, Core Application Assessment, End-user computing & Network set-ups.

 Major challenge has been to inventorize each IT infrastructure components, software

components & suggest plan for Technical Impact Assessment

b) Sr. Project Manager, HCL Europe Gmbh

Project: EURO conversion - LandesGiroKasse BANK - Stuttgart/GERMANY

 Convert DEM (Deutsche Marks) values to EURO compliant values in 4 different phases. The
transition of phase-I would allow only the DEM values, Phase-II & III to allow the mixed
values - i.e. DEM & EURO and phase IV cutover phase to EURO.

 Main objective to provide solution to the accounting system to calculate appropriate DEM
& EURO Equivalent values. Change all reporting methods to reflect the DEM & EURO
values. Modify existing modules to contain dual currency flexibility during phase II & III.
Rectify date impact for year-2000 within modules and carry out Unit, module and System

 Project Realisation, Pre-test, Writing Functional Specifications, Program modification,

Program Description, Unit testing, Conducting module test runs, Preparing Acceptance
Tests, Documentation and co-ordinating with system test team and Final Acceptance.

4. Software Consultant (Jul-95 to Feb-97)

a. Project: System Manager/ Facility Management, COMMERZBANK, Bombay/INDIA

 As System Manager, my role was to install VAX/VMS software products, Co-ordinating

hardware installation vendor team (DEC/VAX-4000/705), monitoring s/ware updates,
Monitoring SLA’s & licence management.

 Facility management to develop Applications, interfacing with the host application; build
standalone reporting & MIS modules.

Between Jan-96 to Feb-96, attended SAP R/3 orientation & Training programme at AIT
Infosys (I) Pvt Ltd – Seepz, Bombay, India

b. Software Engineer (Jun-95 to Oct-95)

Project: UNIX/VMS Mail Integration (SMTP) - HDFC Limited - Bombay / INDIA
o The corporation installed computers at branches throughout India with over 100 on-line
user accesses. As software and development engineer my contribution involved:
 Develop Mail Router (using Queue manager Storage)
 Unix/VMS (SMTP) mail Integration
 Auto dial & disconnect facility within inter branch users
 Selective / Multiple / Restricted dial - Redial facility

c. Software Design & Development Consultant (May-95 to Jul-95)

Project: Automated Log Review Utility - CITIBANK N.A. - Bombay/INDIA

o This project was part of the System Security Audit Application. Designed as per Internal
Audit compliance guidelines and combining features of O/S System Security. To develop
Automated Audit Review utility. The main features are:

 Personal Id Driven Login & Permission based Review Menu

 Automated Security LOG Review & Status display of LOG review
 Filter login activities as per Audit guidelines (event based)
 Sequential LOG verification and maintain Review History

5. ANZ Grindlays Bank – Bombay / INDIA (6 ½ Years)

ANZ Grindlays Bank plc was the largest foreign bank in INDIA; over 56 branches with online
computing and banking facility. IT services catered to all segments of banking such as Retail,
Corporate, FX/ Trade, Treasury, Portfolio Management, Remittances, etc.

Project: Credit Card System (System Admin VMS, DBA - DecRDB) (Aug 92/May 94)

 System Performance Tuning & DBA.

 VMS, DecRDB DB and DecForms and SQLs queries support.
 System Performance Analysing and Tuning.
 Data Migration from LAN to VAX/VMS platform.
 User Environment System Security Set-up, UAF file maintenance.
 Batch Scheduling & Queue management.
 Develop/Implement Ops, user interface Menus & utilities.
 DB Import/Export, DBA & Fine Tuning.
 DB Backup & recovery Strategy & document Disaster Recovery Procedures.

Project: SWIFT/ST400 (Sys Admin/Tech Support VAX/VMS, ST400, COBOL, C++)

 Technical Support - System / Application

 Disaster Recovery Procedure Set-up
 Application Extension to other Metros
 End-user Operation Set-up, Back Office Help Desk
 User training on Application and procedural workflow
 Prepare User manual documentation.

Project: Securities & Portfolio System (IBOS) System Admin - VAX/VMS – Ingress

 II-BUILD II-Start-up/shutdown
 Site procedure preparation
 Ingress Parameter set-up and site initializing
 Training users on VMS utilities & commands

SWIFT / ST400 - System/Application Support (VAX/VMS ST400) (Nov 90 to Jul-92)

 Entire ST400 system study, Software Installation, Test & Training
 Application/Software Maintenance.
 Preparing User/Operational manual, User training
 Liaison with Swift User Groups & Vendors
 Interface support, Backup strategy, Prepare disaster site and strategy

EDP / System Officer (ICL S/39, ICL/101, S/36, Super LAN)(Oct- 88 to Oct-90)
END user Support for Bank Master, MIS, FX, FTE, Retail Banking application. Besides Data
Processing, Customizing job processes were part of job scope:
 All India MIS processing Co-ordination
 Procurement Control of Media, Consumables
 Operational & User Support
 Vendor Liaison & Job scheduling
 Documentation and Procedure set-ups
 Writing and documenting user Manuals, User training and support

6. Data Centre - In- Charge, MANNAI Corporation - Doha/Qatar (Jun-86 to May-88)

Mannai Corporation was the leading Trading Company in the State of Qatar – AG. Business included
Structural Engineering, Offshore Services, Marine, Auto Sales, Agri-Business, Computer Sales and
Support, Management Services Division, Insurance, etc.
 EOD processing, backups & end-user support
 Applications were based on the online computing concepts
 Internal & External customers liaison & support
 Installing Vax hardware (MicroVAX) at client sites
 System tuning, Data Migration planning
 Application, system software installation & updates, licence management
 User set-up, User training
 Automating internal procedures for external clients
 Inventorying EDP peripherals and liaison

7. Sr. Systems Officer, HINDITRON Computer - Bombay/INDIA (Oct-83/Jun-86)

Hinditron Computers were Digital Equipment Corporation’s distributors in India. It was engaged in
providing software consulting, computer hardware sales and hardware maintenance services. Major
responsibilities were:
 User profile maintenance for Internal & External users.
 Scheduling batch & queue jobs for external users.
 JOB processing for external customers.
 Computer Resource Usage and Billing controls.
 Preventive maintenance scheduling.
 Liaison with hardware engineers and application teams.
 Consumable procurement for Data Centre.

Course Type Institution Period

Bachelor of Arts Degree St. Joseph’s College, Bangalore/INDIA 1980
Personnel Mgmt & Diploma Swami Vivekananda Institute, Bombay/INDIA 1982
Industrial Relations
COBOL & BASIC Diploma Computer Society of India, Bombay/INDIA 1986
UNIX, C Programming Diploma Indo-German Society, Bombay/INDIA 1989

Training Courses Conducted:

Programs Contents
Open VMS VMS Utilities, System Security, System Operations, DCL Scripting
SWIFT Message Formats, ST400 Products, Swift Connectivity, Interfacing

Personal Details:
Date of Birth, Health, Marital Status September 05, 1958 / Perfect, Married (2 children)
Mailing Address 802, SWISS Town, Sadahalli Gate, Devanahalli, Bangalore 562110
Telephone India: +91-72593-78582