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The ET Trail


Ian Beardsley

© 2018 by Ian Beardsley

ISBN: 978-1-387-78464-6

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1) Roswell And The Anunnaki

2) Universal Symbols

3) Hello

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Certain drama unfolded in the course of my research into the realm artificial intelligence (AI)
that resulted in several leads in the area of the extraterrestrial mystery. In order to see its full
significance, it is useful to have a knowledge of the ancient history of humans and their origins.
That is, to be familiar with Sumer, Mesopotamia, Egypt, India, and the origins of Shamanism
and Religion.

I don’t consider myself to have discovered this as much as to have received it. I consider
myself, then, to be in Receivership. In this version of my presentation of The ET Discovery, I
give a brief outline of the basic human history in a few pages to the best of my ability in a
subject field where my working knowledge is less adept.

Ian Beardsley

April 15, 2018

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Since 200,000 years ago, anatomical modern humans (homo sapiens) have existed on
earth and, since their beginning, has been crafting tools out of stone. It would seem,
overnight, they all of the sudden expanded their stone craft to making not just tools for
hunting, but to make stone altars for the first form of worship. It would also seem they
they began painting on cave walls. Aside from painting the animals they hunted they
painted, whether in Africa or Europe, a figure in common, that paleontologists call “The
Wounded Man”. It is a man with spears stuck in himself. It was finally suggested that
this was not a man who was attacked, but a tribal leader and medicine man responsible
for the cave paintings themselves, a Shaman. That he is wounded suggests that he
may have eaten hallucinogenic plants, such as the Iboga, and painted himself wounded
because eating hallucinogens makes one’s skin tingle, or have the sensation they are
being pricked with spines. This, was the first form of religion, known as Shamanism,
which today is still practiced by tribes from Africa to the New World.

Similarly, overnight, once again comes the second transformation: Humans stop
wandering and gathering, and settle down to build homes, grow their food, raise animals
for eating, building homes, schools, developing writing and mathematics—civilization in
other words. This advancement takes place in Mesopotamia (The Middle East) but not
by the Amorites, Akkadians, and Assyrians who existed there, but by a people whose
existence was discovered beneath the ruins of the latter, the Sumerians of Sumer.

It would seem when scholars read the Assyrian language, they found it was based upon
another language, which suggested there were a people in Mesopotamia that preceded
them. So they dug deeper and found another culture beneath them, who started
civilization, The Sumerians.

Unearthed were cuneiform tablets of the first human writing, characters printed on clay
tablets that measured 17 by 22 centimeters. The first discovery of cuneiform tablets was
in the fifteenth century in the ruins of Persepolis, in Persia, the ancient capitol of King
Darius I. They portrayed an understanding that the Earth was round, and a science of
Astronomy that was beyond that around the time just before Copernicus, who first had
the revelation that the Earth was not at the center of the Universe, but orbited the Sun.
These Sumerians, it would seem, were the first to settle down and go from hunting to
farming, and being the first to invent agriculture, about 12,000 BC.
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What we have is that civilization first appears simultaneously and separately (as well as
independently) in Mesopotamia and Egypt. In the case of Mesopotamia, it was invaded
many times, and it invaded surrounding areas as well, but in Egypt they arose
uninfluenced because they were never invaded because of their geographic isolation
due to being surrounded by desert to the North and West, by ocean to the East, and by
forest to the South.

The nature of the civilizations were also different due to their respective differences in
environment. Mesopotamia fired clay to make bricks for making their homes (being in a
desert) where Egypt used wood because of an abundance of trees.

Today there is a great mystique surrounding Egypt and the Middle East (Mesopotamia)
regarding their possible ancient connections to extraterrestrials. Religion is suggested
by Zecharia Sitchin to have been brought by this ancient connection with ETs to India
and Greece by way of The Hurrians.

It is explained thusly by Sitchin: Greek Gods and Hindu Gods both come from Asia
Minor. A People went East to India bringing the Vedas, and West to Greece bringing the
Olympian Gods, both rooted in 12 seats. They were the Hittites whose abode was
Anatolia. Their culture, however, was rooted in Sumeria by way of the Hurrians,
mentioned in the Old Testament (Horites). They dominated a wide area from Sumer to

Wikipedia says: Anatolia, also known as Asia Minor, Asian Turkey, the Anatolian
peninsula, or the Anatolian plateau, is the westernmost protrusion of Asia, which makes
up the majority of modern-day Turkey.
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It would seem the Italian explorer Columbus, who had access to Ancient Greek
literature, understood that the world was not flat, but round. Knowing this, he suggested
to the Queen Isabella of Spain, that a westerly route to India was possible and, as such,
she should fund him to attempt such a voyage. Which she did. Little did he know, there
was a landmass between India and Europe in the Atlantic. As such, believing he arrived
in India, when in reality he arrived in The New World, he named the Native Americans,
Indians, and that is how they got their name.

Little did he know, by spreading Christianity to the New World, that when the Natives
would assimilate it into their beliefs, it would result in a system of religion that was
another manifestation of Hinduism of the actual India, as can be seen in these two
photographs of Indian and Native American shrines:

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But what is this supposed connection that Mesopotamia and Egypt might have had with
extraterrestrials? In Sumer of Mesopotamia, the first people stopped following the herds
and hunting, settled down, made homes, and began farming. In doing such they
invented writing, schools, government, mathematics,… and the mystery is that they did
this almost overnight, so it is suggested that extraterrestrials gave them this knowledge.
Indeed their records say a people came from above and left two of theirs behind as their
overlords, Enki and Enlil, the Anunnaki brothers from a planet called Nibiru. The full
account can be found in The Twelfth Planet by Zecharia Sitchin, who was one of the first
to read the Sumerian language, who put forward the theory.

But what of Egypt? The Pyramids of Ancient Egypt are made of huge stone blocks that
weigh hundreds if not thousands of tons. They were somehow brought from a quarry
hundreds of miles away, were cut to precise dimensions, and stacked into pyramids
which satisfy natural mathematical constants. How did they do this? Maurice Chatelain,
the NASA scientist that oversaw the construction of the communications systems for the
Apollo missions to the moon writes in his book Our Cosmic Ancestors, that
extraterrestrials had to have helped to build these pyramids and because they are
polished and thus reflective, were made for the ETs as landing beacons. That is they
are surfaces upon which their ships could send a signal to and get a reflection back to
let them know their position.

Sumerian Cuneiform Tablet Egyptian Pyramids

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Akkadian, the oldest Semitic language, was the language of Mesopotamia (Akkad, Assyria, and
Babylonia) and is now extinct. It was spoken from the 30th century BC, until its gradual
replacement by Aramaic, between the 8th century BC and its final extinction by the first to third
centuries AD. It used the cuneiform writing system of the unrelated Sumerian, which is a
language isolate. That is to say, that Sumerian is related to no other language and, has no
ancestors, because it would seem it was an original language that sprung up on its own and,
seems to be the first written language, as the Sumerians of Sumer were the first to settle down
from wandering and gathering and build homes and start doing agriculture instead of hunting.
That is to say, they seem to have invented civilization.

By the second millennium BC, two variant forms of Akkadian were in use in Assyria and
Babylonia, known as Assyrian and Babylonian. It declined around the 8th century BC, being
marginalized by Aramaic. Aramaic gradually replaced Hebrew, which was spoken by the Jews.
Aramaic was itself supplanted by Arabic in the 7th century AD. There exist tablets with
translations between Sumerian and Akkadian, and, it would seem there was a time when
Sumerians and Akkadian spoke one another’s language.

The language that Jesus would have spoke was Aramaic, that was the language of the Jews at
the time in that region. His name, Yeshua, is Aramaic. Jesus would have been a rabbi (teacher)
that broke with traditional views.

The New Testament was written in Greek, which was the common language of the Eastern
Mediterranean at the time. The first three testaments of the New Testament were written AD 50
to AD 70 and John’s between AD 80 and AD 90. That is, 20 to 40 years after the death of Christ
(AD 30 to AD 33). The full name of of Jesus was Yeshua Ben Yosef (Yeshua Son of Joseph).

God in Hebrew is Elohim. God’s name is Yud He Vuv He, the Hebrew letters for his name
without the vowels. Many insert the vowels a and e so the his name becomes YAHWEH. But as
they did not say the name of God, every time they came across it in the Torah, they said
Adonoi, meaning lord. The name of of God in Yiddish is Hashem. Since Adonoi the lord
became mis-spelled, it evolved into Jehovah.

It would seem the Torah was written in 300 to 500 BC in Babylonian captivity.

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Roswell And The Anunnaki


Ian Beardsley

© 2017

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ET Contact or Extraordinarily Unlikely Coincidence

The odds that I would decide to point my camera to the sky in search of UFO’s and film
something that I thought was a UFO but was a bat or a bug, and then report it to MUFON (The
Mutual UFO Network) and receive a case number that would provoke me to look further into
the matter (It provoked me because being case 67958 the consecutive integers that can be
arranged 5, 6 , 7, 8, 9) was by very conservative estimates 1/1,000,000,000 (One in a billion).

Then, that looking further panned out on my first guess, which was to look in the MUFON
network files for case 56789, was a sighting in Utah, at 10:17 PM which I recognized not just
that 10:17 was the time of the famous SETI Wow! Signal which was the one signal that years of
listening for ET signals by SETI (Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence) was considered by
scientist to be the one signal the at the earmarks of being ET, but that after looking at a map of
Utah and finding that at the center of it was a city called Nephi, which means Nephilim, or
Anunnaki, and is Hebrew for “Those who came from above” as explained by Zecharia Sitchin in
his book The Twelfth Planet, that further reduces the odds of it being coincidence by another


But it didn’t stop there, Nephi was at the center of the UFO hotspots, Area 51, Roswell, …read
on as we look at how MUFON, Nephi, Roswell, and Area 51 all come together in a cross with
proportions of the golden ratio….

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I herein relate the strange events that lead to an interesting discovery regarding Roswell and
The Anunnaki.

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It all started on the early evening of July 9, 2015 in Claremont, California. I decided to begin
looking for UFOs in hopes of capturing one on film. I decided that the best way to begin was to
just start filming the skies, chemtrails and airplanes. I stood in my backyard, in Claremont,
California near the furthest reaching branches of the pine tree and pointed the camera nearly
due west about 25 or 30 degrees high. As I was filming a chemtrail there, I noticed the brief
appearance of a block spot. I brought my camcorder into the house and downloaded the
footage to my computer and found the spot, for which I removed a frame, and dropped it on my
desktop for analysis. I thought it could best be described as a “black orb”, and I reported the
image to MUFON (The Mutual UFO Network). To my amazement, the number assigned to my
case was 67958. That is, my case was the sixty-seven thousand nine-hundred and fifty-eighth
case to be reported. This amazed me because those digits could by arranged as the
consecutive integers 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. As a mathematician, I knew the odds of such assignment
were of the odds of winning the lottery.
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Interestingly, the event was preceded by a helicopter, which I had filmed in its appearance
shortly before and, shortly after the sighting. When I reported my sighting to MUFON I found
one of the questions they asked in the form I was filling out was if there were any helicopters
accompanying the event, which they ask because UFO events often involve helicopters. I was
able to answer yes:

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I immediately decided that case 67958 being a long-shot number to receive, that whoever was
assigned the case number 56789, the numbers for my case arranged in successive order, had
experienced even a more unlikely occurrence than myself. Since MUFON makes their cases
available to the public, I looked up that case number. It was at 10:17 PM in Utah. As a person
who has worked in astronomy, and is familiar with the famous SETI Wow Signal, I recognized
that the time of sighting case number 56789 was at the same time. The SETI Wow signal was a
signal intercepted by SETI (The Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence) that had all of the
earmarks of being of non-human intelligent origins. I then looked at a map of Utah and to my
amazement noticed that the center of that state was a city called Nephi. I knew that Nephi
meant Nephilim, and, that Nephilim was Hebrew for Anunnaki which translates as “those who
came from above” in the Hebrew bible and Anuannaki being the beings spoken of in ancient
Mesopotamian (Sumerian) Cuneiform clay tablets who the Sumerians said in these most
ancient human writings, gave us mathematics, schools, government, and agriculture.

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The Certificate For My Case Case 67958

Case 56789 as it Appears in The MUFON Files

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A day after I filmed the black orb, two sibling hawks appeared in the pine tree from near where I
filmed it.

The Ancient Sumerian cuneiform tablets speak of two siblings from another planet, Enki and
Enlil, who were at odds with one another, in that Enki believed humans should be free and Enlil
that they should remain enslaved. The story goes that Enki brought freedom to the Sumerians.

I next placed a star on a map at Claremont, where I filmed the black orb, and a star at Devils
Tower in Wyoming, because that is where we first made contact with ETs in the movie Close
Encounters of the Third Kind. I also placed a star at Nephi, Utah and Area 51 in Nevada
because it is believed that Area 51 is a secret base housing extraterrestrials and has a program
where the U.S. government is back-engineering alien craft. I also placed a star at the center of
Wyoming, which it would seem is the Arapahoe Indian Reservation. Finally, I place a star at
Roswell, New Mexico where the famous UFO crash site was. These stars make a cross where
Area 51 is a reflection about the Nephi central axis of Arapahoe and Claremont is a reflection
about the Nephi central axis of Devils Tower. The Nephi Central Axis seems to point to our
spacecraft launching headquarters in Houston, Texas (Mission Control) and Roswell is the foot
of the cross. Map on next page,…

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Here we see the top of the cross on the Oregon-Idaho border and the central axis pointing more
or less to mission control (Houston, Texas) in the red.

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Universal Symbols

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Pigeon Messaging


Ian Beardsley

April 17 2018

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Let us say we go looking to take a photo of something as interesting and exciting as a hawk,
and we photograph a pigeon thinking it is a hawk, then we post it on facebook and say it is a
hawk and, embarrassingly someone says, “That isn’t a hawk, it is pigeon!”. But, it is at this
moment we realize something as dull as a pigeon can do something very useful as basic as it
is: you can attach notes to its leg and send messages to people.

An example of this in my work is, I wrote a program that scrambles a word for secret message
by rotating each letter in a work by an amount called the key that only the receiver knows, and
you input the most used word to test a program, hello, and rotate it by the first three numbers,
because they are the easiest to work with, and only look at the first letter h, and notice you get
the unit vector (i, j, k). This is exactly what I did, and the associated discovery is very
interesting. I call it pigeon messaging.

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I just pigeon messaged the Wow Signal! With great results:

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