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Dian Juliarti Bantam

Woman, 24th
Phone: (+62) 812 279 333 19 | Email: | Line/IG: dian.jb
Address: Jakal KM. 14,5, No.10, Lodadi, Sleman, Yogyakarta

Master of IO Psychology Bachelor of Psychology
Islamic University Of Indonesia, Islamic University Of Indonesia,
2014 - Present 2010 - 2013
GPA: 3.77 GPA : 3.71

Freelanche Counsellor, Assessor, Trainer ECC UGM, Detection, Laksita Educare Yk 2016 (Present)
Counselling for teenager, parent, children, and employee. Training Soft Skill. Recruitment & selection,
Psychological Report, Organizational Development, etc.

Personal Trainer & Assessor Yk 2012 – Present

Training Soft Skill & Hard Skill. Recruitment & Selection, Psychological Report, Promotion,
Organizational Development, etc.

Asistant Of ERP-HCM LabIslamic University Of Indonesia Yk 2015

Coordinate Participants of ERP-SAP Course.

Internship Krakatau Information Technology Cilegon-Jawa Barat 2015

Counselilng For Employee. Delivery & Designing Training Soft Skill. Recruitment & Selection, Potentioal
Review, Promotion. Organizational Development. Designing Work Instruction for Human Capital

Asistant Of Research & Psychological Lab Islamic University Of Indonesia Yk 2013 - 2016
Coordinate Participants/undergraduate student of Psychology. Designing Proposal. Networking with
Lecturer and Researched etc.

Researcher Islamic University Of Indonesia Yk 2013

Research and Presentation the Result in Front of DIKTI.
Informal Education

Training Of Trainer Detection Yk 2016

How to Design and Delivery Good Training for large and small audience. Build Personality of Trainer.

Be Professional Counsellor & Trainer Detection Yk 2016

Standard Grooming. Build Personality Of Professional Psychologist. Improve Your Management Class

Certified Organizational Development Pungki Purnadi – Kristen Duta Wacana University Yk 2015
Desining Effective Organization. Job Description. Strategic Human Capital Planing. Vision & Mission
For Company.

Presenter Simposium NCIP Islamic University Of Indonesia  Yk 2015

Present The Result of Research (Leading Organization/Fathonah Concept In Islam).

Professional Development Training Islamic University Of Indonesia Yk 2014

As Participant of Soft Skill Training (Team Building, Leadership, Communication, Conflict and Self
Management, AMT).

Language English, Korean, Japan Pare 2014

TOEFL, Speaking, Grammar of English In Elfast and Oxford Course. Speaking and Grammar of English
In Ella Course. Speaking and Grammar of Korean and Japan In WTC Course.

SAP-HCM Course SAP Alliance - Islamic University Of Indonesia Singapore - Yk 2013 - 2014
Training Soft Skill and Hard Skill of ERP-SAP-Human Capital.

Key Skill

Professional Personal

Interview (BEI) Communication

Computer High Self Motivation
ERP - HC Interpersonal
Psychological Test Endurance
Counselling Leadership
English Self Regulation
Korean Team Work
Japan Flexibility
Training Commitment