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JULY 13-20, 2018


● How long can I upload my short films to compete?

From the publication of these Rules and until 1/06/2018 at 12:00 p.m (Spanish time)

● I've filled in all the details but he won't let me upload the video

Please check that you have filled in all the details and accepted our personal data policy as set
out in "Legal Notices" and "Registration, Participation, Voting".

● Who can compete?

Any person, natural or legal, of any nationality, of any age of majority. To do this you must be
registered on the website.

● What are the requirements for short films?

They should be no longer than 25 minutes but may be shorter. In the event that you apply for
the Mobile Film Maker Award, your short film may not exceed 15 minutes.

Production date must be after January 1, 2016

Must come from an original short film shot in High Definition video (1080)

To upload it to the official FICIE website at, it must be converted to the

website in most compressed video formats: avi, mp4, mov and mkv and with a size not
exceeding 500 MB.

● How can you enter the competition?

By registering on the website and sending at least one short film to the official FICIE platform
at or to the associated online platforms: Click for Festivals, Movibeta,
Filmfreeway, Festhome.

• I have a Youtube and a Vimeo account. How can I embed my videos in the FICIE

The procedure will be as follows:

a) Embed from Vimeo

The official FICIE application is capable of embedding from files coming from Vimeo, as shown
in the attached image. All you have to do is enter in the'Video ID' field the numbers behind the
video url that begins with'…….

In the example the ID of the video to be annotated would be


b) Embed from Youtube

The procedure would be very similar to the previous one.

The ID of a video on Youtube is the combination of numbers and letters that come after "v=" in
the Youtube link in the browser bar.

http.:/// would be the ID)

For example: from this link

rXvucVWwm28 would be the ID.

● How do I know you have successfully received my video on the official FICIE platform?

After filling in all the details of the film file in the section "Send video to competition" and
having accepted the Terms and Conditions, click on the button "Upload video".

If all is well, you will receive a success message on the screen. If you have any questions or
concerns, please contact the Organization at

● I think I've got the wrong video. How can I remove it from the official FICIE website?

You can't do it directly. Contact the organization through

● I just uploaded the video but I don't see it on the official FICIE website

The Organization does not upload the video immediately. Appropriate checks are made to see
if it complies with the rules. We give ourselves a maximum of 24 hours for it to appear on the

● My video is not reproduced on the official FICIE website

The website is programmed in html5 to ensure that it can be viewed from any mobile device
and pc/mac, so you may have a problem with your browser. There are several solutions:

a. Windows 7, Windows 8 (8.1) or Windows 10: For Internet Explorer we recommend version
11 or, for Windows 10, the default browser: Microsoft Edge.

b. Windows XP/Windows Vista users. Since April 2014, Microsoft has abandoned this
operating system and most browsers will not be able to use it effectively. However, you can try
the browsers described below.

In Windows 7, 8, 8, 8.1 and 10 you can use the following browsers:

Mozilla Firefox:

Opera Browser:

Google Chrome:

Vivaldi Browser:

Yandex Browser:

The system is already tested in these browsers and is running normally.

To resolve any questions and/or issues, please contact us at:

● But I am a Mac (or Linux) user

In the most popular distributions such as Ubuntu ( and Linux Mint
( you can use the browsers described above without problems.

In Mac OSX we advise you to upgrade to the minimum version El Capitan 10.11
( or the latest version of your MaOS Sierra 10.12
operating system (, which will always have the latest
version of Quicktime ( updated.

Here also the official FICIE website is functional in the browsers described above and in this
operating system: Safari (

● Do I need a lot of bandwidth to be able to watch the short films and/or enter the contest by
uploading the videos?

With a bandwidth of 3 megabytes downstream / 500 k upstream, it would be enough.

When you want to watch and/or upload videos, we advise you to dedicate the bandwidth
exclusively to avoid slowdowns.

● There are many fields to fill in

The Selection and Qualification Jury is demanding. The more information you have, the better
you will be able to reach your verdict.

● How many short films can I send?

There is no limit to the number of short films that can be entered.

● Who values my short film?

The Selection Jury will evaluate all the short films that have been submitted until 1/06/2018 at
12:00 (Spanish time).

And, of course, everyone who enters the Festival's website and votes
for the Online Audience Award.

● But I don't want my short film to be seen by Internet users

This edition of FICIE offers two types of participation:

a) In Open mode: the Author/Producer/Distributor decides that the short film will be shown
openly by anyone who visits this Website.

b) In Jury Restricted Mode: The Author/Producer/Distributor decides that only the members of
the Jury will see his short film.

● But I have submitted my short films through the associated platforms, how does the
Organization know that I want to submit them privately?

The Organization has provided the partner platforms with the basis for this edition of FICIE,
which includes these two types of participation. On these platforms, the author will be notified
to confirm whether they are to be presented in open or private format.

● And where can this choice be made?

Once you are a registered user, in the section "Send Video", at the end of the screen you will
see the option to choose the participation mode.

● I forgot to check one of these options, can I participate?

No. This choice is mandatory. The system will not move forward if one of the two modalities is
not chosen.

● Why do I have to convert my short film to another video format?

To adapt it to your viewing via streaming on this website although it plays most of the known
video and audio formats.

● I'm a bit of a rookie, how can I convert my short film?

Many programs convert from one format to another and many of them are free of charge.

FICIE maintains a high level of production. We recommend the use of professional software
that exports directly to this format. On Mac OSX there is Final Cut. Here is a first approach to
this program.

There are also other programs that allow you to convert between different formats with high
quality results.

On Mac and Windows we would have the Mpeg Streamclip and also with the XMedia Recode

If you are a Linux user the possibilities also exist

FICIE recommends the free HandkBrake software ( which is compatible

with all of the above operating systems.

● Won't my short film lose quality when viewed in compressed format?

No. No. The format we propose establishes the perfect relationship between quality and
online viewing is suitable for any user to view short films with quality.

Consult the Rules and the section "Registration, Participation, Voting" on the website.

● How do I know if I am in the Official Section?

From 20/0/2018 the Selection Jury will provide the Organization with the list of short films
selected for the competition in the Official Section and they will be contacted via e-mail, which
will have been provided in their contact details.

● Will my video be shown in the Official Selection?

If the Selection Jury considers it so, it will have selected you as a finalist. We will contact you
and explain the steps to follow.

● What short films will be screened in the Section MOSTRA´T

It is a non-competitive section where works from students from educational and university
centres in the province of Alicante and the Valencian Community will be screened that, in the
opinion of the Selection Jury, have stood out as a good example of the talent pool, paying
attention to those works made in Valencian language and those from educational centres, true
seedbeds of future filmmakers.

● I have received many votes. How do I know if I have won the Online Audience Award?

The Online Audience Award comes from the counting of votes cast since the publication of
these rules until 23:59:59 (Spanish time) on July 19, 2018.

At the Closing Ceremony, on July 20, 2018, the Qualifying Jury will announce the winner of
this and the other official categories of this year's Festival.

● I don't remember if I sent my video

Your registered user profile will record and record any videos you may have submitted.

In the event of any incident, please contact the Organization via e-mail at

● Who is the winner of the Awards of the 41st Edition?

The Qualifying Jury will evaluate the best of the finalists chosen by the Selection Jury.

The registered users of, with their votes, will be the one who chooses
the Online Audience Award.

The votes cast by the public attending the screenings of the Official Section in the Hort del
Xocolater will decide the "Hort del Xocolater" Audience Award.

● In what formats will the videos be viewed during the Screening Sessions?

In the original high definition video formats provided by the authors/producers/distributors.

The Organization is committed to providing the public with the best possible experience and
high-definition originals will always be requested.

● How long can the public vote on my video?

From the moment you upload the video until the day before the Closing Ceremony, that is, at
23:59:59 (Spanish time) on July 19, 2018

● When will the screenings of the Official Selection take place?

The Inauguration and Closing and the screenings of the Official Section will be from July 13 to
19, 2018, at the official venues of this Festival in the “Hort del Xocolater” Park in Elche and the
“Arenales del Sol” Beach (Elche).

The Closing Ceremony will be held at the Hort del Xocolater on July 20, 2018.

● What is the projection agenda?

It will be established as soon as we have selected the short films. For more information, check
out the FICIE blog from July 6, 2018.

● How can I apply for the Mobile Film Maker Award?

To apply for the Mobile Film Maker Award, the ways to participate are the same as for any
short film, with the particularity that, in the Synopsis field, you must first indicate the model of
the smartphone used and the postproduction software used. The length of the short can not
be longer than 15 minutes.

● Can I apply for the Mobile Film Maker if my short film is longer than 15 minutes?

No. No. The maximum duration admitted in this edition is up to 15 minutes.

• How can I participate in Filmin?

In order to screen your short film at Filmin you first need to have been selected for the Official

Second, you need to give your consent in order to be projected.

If you have been selected, the FICIE Organization will ask for your consent.

• What are the benefits of being at Filmin?

Filmin is the most important Spanish platform for cinema and television series with a high
degree of quality and independent label. It is a guarantee of diffusion.

As a Video on Demand (VOD) platform, it does not depend on any country or television station
but provides quality content to its subscribers.

The profits obtained will be distributed as follows: 60% for short films; 40% for Filmin.

APRIL 2018