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Macasaet, Josef Janrel A.


Synthesis Paper on Courtship and Dating.

Courtship has been changing throughout the years, it is different in every country

due to traditional beliefs in ways of courtship. It is composed of many stages of courtship,

which has one main goal, to identify if you are compatible with the other person. It has been

changing throughout the past generations, such as in the past it was more on traditional and

varies by country. Compared to current standards of courtship, it is pretty general in most of

the countries, which starts with socializing, and dating for couple of times in order to create

a relationship. There are many do’s and don’ts during courtship, but one major do is to

respect the other person and treat her/him like you treat yourself to establish respect for

the other person. Another factor is to get know the other person, and to establish a special

bond. One major don’t is to be in a rush, rushing a relationship will only make both parties

insecure about the relationship they have. Another don’t is to follow a formula, no guide

exists to help you with a relationship, it is based on own decisions of a person.

I have interviewed my parents to get a deeper insight of courtship during their time.

Their courtship started abroad namely in Austria, which they first met due to friends

introducing them with each other, because the Filipino Community was relative small and

online dating wasn’t a trend back then. The way of their courtship was more of a modified

traditional way, before they could start a relationship, my father had to acquire permission

from my mother’s parents. They dated for several months, and eventually lived together in

order to support themselves during their stay in a foreign country. Another factor of

traditional courtship was when my father asked for permission from my mother’s family to

be able to marry her.