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Changeover from preheated HFO to cold MDO/MGO and vice versa represents a risk of fuel
pump sticking or seizure due to the very small clearances in the fuel pump. Another
problem could be incomplete fuels, causing sludge and waxes to choke filters. Changeover
therefore must be done slowly following engine manufacturers recommendations and
below is a guide only.

Main Engine and Auxiliary Engine

Changing over at sea:
1. Check quantity of MDO in MDO service tank
2. Check water or sludge by draining MDO service tank
3. Close steam heating to the HFO service tank
4. Reduce the engine load to 40% of MCR-load
5. Close following steam tracing line valves for M/E and A/E fuel oil lines in purifier
6. Regulate the steam inlet to the fuel oil heater to achieve the oil outlet temperature
not less than 75°C
7. When said temperature is achieved open the MDO to system by opening MDO
service tank outlet valve and by changing the position of 3 way valve
8. Open DO service tank return line
9. Close valve in fuel oil return line to mixing column