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Recently there has been a shift in universal trend from synthetic to herbal medicine. Zandu Pharmaceuticals. The one reason for the popularity and acceptability is belief that all natural products are safe. food supplement.e. The demand for plant based medicines. therefore India has often been referred to as the Medicinal Garden of the world. Food. department responsibilities and liabilities etc. Now a days. have less side effects and easily available at affordable prices. These products shall be sold to manufacturer’s like Fem Pharma. Background of the promoter Smt. govt.. India has not done well in this international trade of herbal industry due to lack of scientific input in herbal drugs.  Ayurvedic Medicines  Skin Care Products  Hair Care Products  Food Products and Supplements  Pharma Products  Cosmetic Products  Ayurvedic And Herbal Products These products have great potential in Indian as well as International market. Herbal / Ayurvedic / Pharma products are used in manufacture of i. Pharma products & Wire Drawing. Nature has bestowed our country with an enormous wealth of medicinal plants. Uttarakhand with a view to manufacture various Ayurvedic.0 INTRODUCTION The unit will function in the name and style of M/S. it would be appropriate to highlight the market potential of herbal products and that would open floodgate for development of market potential in India. Gurukul Kangri Pharmacy & their associates. which we can say ‘Return to Nature’. Shri Manish Mittal is managing partner and is solely responsible for the works. Herbal. Food & Pharma products are safe and effective in treatment of various diseases especially which is chronic in nature. action.Pureganic Health Care. health products. Sandu Brothers. Brihans. It is proposing to set up an industrial unit (Small scale industry) at Mauza Kuanwala. Prefeasibility Report EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1. due to the growing recognition that the natural products are non-toxic. cosmetics etc are increasing in both developing and developed countries. Uttarakhand. Patanjali Ayurved Ltd. Partnership business shall be carried under the name and style of M/S. Ayurvedic. At present the company is going to manufacture the products in bulk quantities and those shall be sold to Ayurvedic/Pharma Industries (Manufacturing Finished Products) in India and abroad. No doubts that the herbal drugs are popular among rural and urban community of India. management. Medicinal plants have been known for millennia and are highly esteemed all over the world as a rich source of therapeutic agents for the prevention of diseases and ailments. Herbal. So. there is a revival of interest with herbal-based medicine due to the increasing realization of the health hazards associated with the indiscriminate use of modern medicine and the herbal drug industries is now very fast growing sector in the international market. Dehradun. District and Tehsil Dehradun. Mauza Kuanwala. But unfortunately. Bhumika Mittal & Shri Manish Mittal (Partner) is spearheading the Company.Pureganic Health Care at Khasra No-44A. The business of the firm shall be trading and manufacturing of Page 2 .

Antiseptic Creams. Identification of the project and project proponent. Ayurvedic And Herbal Products Estimated Project Cost INR 450 lakhs Working Days 26 days in a Month Man Power 250 Note:. Herbal. Food & Pharma products in preparation of medicines and various Skin & Hair care products like. M/s Pureganic Health Care proposes to manufacture Ayurvedic. Pharma Products. Mouth wash. Category of Project: Category B2 ( Doon Valley) The project proponent is M/s Pureganic Health Care which is incorporated under companies act. Prefeasibility Report Ayurvedic. Nearest Tourism Place Mussoorie22 Km National Park Rajaji National Park at distance 10km Seismic Zone Zone – IV Altitude 1900 ft. Shampoos. sunscreen Lotions.50 Km Nearest Highway NH-72 Water Demand and Supply source 28 KLD Supply of Bore well out of which 24 KLD Net Fresh Water will be required after treatment. Manufacturing of wire drawing (Copper Rod to Thin copper wire) with the capacity of 100 Tonnes/Annum.Pureganic Health Care Location Khasra No-44A. Skin Care Products Hair Care Products. Page 3 . Brief Description of Nature of Project. Cosmetic Products. Anti-Wrinkle Cream. Hair style Gel. Creams. Uttarakhand.18"N Longitude 78° 6'3. Mauza Kuanwala.1 Salient Features of The Project Proponent Name M/S. Tooth Gel etc. INTRODUCTION OF THE PROJECT /BACKGROUND INFORMATION A. Dehradun.37"E Land use Industrial Nearest Habitate/ Town Devshreepuram Nearest Railways Station Dehradun Railway Station–9Km Nearest Airport Jolly grant – 10. Food & Pharma products with capacity of 35.900 Tonnes Per Annum.1. Location map is shown in Fig. B. 1. Herbal.All distance in km (Aerial) 2. (581 meters) Proposed Production process Ayurvedic Medicines. Food Products and Supplements.1 below Latitude 30°15'1.

18"N 78° 6'3.10KM PS Figure 1. Prefeasibility Report PROJECT SITE 30°15'1.2: Showing Project Location.1: Showing Location Map of the study area DEHRADUN DEHRADUN RLY. STN 9KM SONG RIVER 3.5 KM RAJA JI NATIONAL PARK.37"E Figure 1. Surrounding Features & Connectivity Page 4 .

Dehradun. Type of Project including Interlinked and Interdependent Projects. 3. Food & Pharma products are safe and effective in treatment of various diseases especially which is chronic in nature. Page 5 . Herbal. A need has therefore been felt to establish the unit for manufacturing. Mauza Kuanwala. if any There is no interlinked and/or interdependent project linked with it. health products. Indirect generation of employment will also be there in way of contractors. cosmetics etc are increasing in both developing and developed countries. specific location. G. due to the growing recognition that the natural products are non-toxic. Uttarakhand is a well- defined and developed industrial area in Mauza Kuanwala. Prefeasibility Report C. 1. The unit situated at Khasra No 44A. The Proposed Company does not see any difficulty in marketing their products as the two essential points in marketing a product i. specific location. Demand and supply gap These products are having National market and still demand is more than supply so manufacturing of these items are feasible. Location (map showing general location. Need for the Project & Importance to the Country The proposed project is for setting up an industrial unit for manufacturing of Ayurvedic.1. product quality & packing and experience are reasonable in favour of the Promoters. B. Recently there has been a shift in universal trend from synthetic to herbal medicine. District Dehradun at a distance of 8Km North West of Dehradun on National Highway No 72 to Haridwar. No other allied activities and/ or services will be carried out with this project.4 showing general location. other service providers with continues chain of employment. Domestic/Export Markets There is domestic market of this product but export shall also be done. The demand for plant based medicines. Export Possibility Yes .e. D. PROJECT DESCRIPTION A. food supplement. E. F. transportation. and project boundary & project site layout) with coordinates. Employment Generation (Direct & Indirect) due to the project With this proposed project direct employment generation of 250 persons will be there in worker/supervisor/ managerial category. and project boundary & project site layout) with coordinates.Entire product shall be of export quality and possibilities of export will be explored. Fig.2 & 1. 1. suppliers. have less side effects and easily available at affordable prices.

Shampoos. Creams. Creams. S.No. Antiseptic Creams. Hair style Gel. Hair style Gel. Ayurvedic Medicines. Food & Pharma products are the following. Mouth wash. The proposed Capacity of the unit to manufacture Ayurvedic.m. Prefeasibility Report C. in the state of Uttrakhand. Wire Drawing 100 The other information related to the project are the following Sl. Particulars Capacity 1 Electricity 300 KW 2 Water consumption Domestic 7 KLD 3 Water consumption Industry 21 KLD 4 Manpower 250 5 D. Anti- Wrinkle Cream. Size and Magnitude of the operation.900 Care Products. Fig. Tooth Gel etc. sunscreen Lotions. Cosmetic Products. The total plot area is 2445. particularly the environmental consideration gone into should be highlighted. The Company is proposing to setting up an industrial unit for manufacture of Ayurvedic. Items of Manufacture/ Type of Service Quantity in Tonnes per annum 1.No. Herbal.4 below showing the proposed layout (Building. Hair 35. No alternate site. Shampoos.G Sets 250 KVA (TWO DG SET) 6 Cost of the Project 450 lakhs 7 ETP Capacity 5 KLD 8 Manufacturing Process Manufacture Ayurvedic. Tooth Gel etc Page 6 . Food & Pharma products in preparation of medicines and various Skin & Hair care products like. Kuanwala. Herbal. Road etc) of the study area. Details of alternate sites considered and the basis of selecting the proposed site. 1. Ayurvedic And Herbal Products Food Products and Supplements Pharma Products 2. Greenbelt. Dehradun. Skin Care Products. Food & Pharma products in preparation of medicines and various Skin & Hair care products like. at khasra No-44A. Anti-Wrinkle Cream.35sq. sunscreen Lotions. Antiseptic Creams. Mouth wash. Herbal. D.

ml in pouch/tube/containers Page 7 .(ml) 1. Presentation: 20/40/50/60/80/100/120 gm/. Base material: Glyecrin-5-10%. should be given) PRODUCT NAME: ALOE VERA JUICE WITH ORANGE FLAVOUR Composition Each 10 ml Contains S. IV. Mfg Method: I.5-1%. II. Project description with process details (a schematic diagram/flow chart showing the project layout.S Preservative: Sodium Benzoate. Mix base with aloe Vera juice/pulp/extract under continuous stirring. Filter and pack in containers aseptically. Citric Acid. Carragenin. PRODUCT NAME: ALOE VERA GEL Composition Each 5 gm Contain S. Method: I. Prepare Juice of aloe Vera in mixer machine. Fragrance: Common name Latin name Parts used Qty. Prefeasibility Report E. Mfg. thickner-0. Presentation: 50/75/100/125/150/200/250/450/500/1000 ml in HDPE/Glass/Pet container/Pouch. Sorbitol. Flavour Orange-Q.s. Mix juice well with preservative. III.45 Juice/pulp/extract Excepients. PG-2-5% TEA-QS.s. Kesar Chandan 2 Base material q. Pack in tube/ HDPE/pouch continuous. Ghrit Kumari Swaras Aloe Vera Leaf 9. Prepare juice and add citric acid & Sweetener. IV. Prepare base with base material II. components of the project etc. Potassium Sorbate Q. Add fragrance on cooling. Common name Latin name Parts used Qty % 1 Ghrit Kumari Juice Aloe Vera Leaf/pulp/extract q. Vitamin E.S.

Methyl Aluminum Sulphate.(g) 1. Xylocite. Cucumber and fuller earth.S): Dicococyl Pentaerythrityl.200. Citrates.Zinc Oxide. Allow it cool and then fill in the tubes. Multani mitti Fullers Earth Powder 14 4. Mix Aloe Vera juice. And mix well. II. Method: I. V. Neem Azadirachta Powder 5 Indica 3. Add base material in this at 40 C pouch/ tube/containers Page 8 . 60. Neem. 8.DM water. IV.100. 50. Kheera Juice Cucumis sativus Juice 2 Base (Q. Perfume. Glycerin. IMD urea.500 ml. Ghrit Kumari Juice Aloe Vera Leaf 40 2. Presentation: 5. Prefeasibility Report PRODUCT NAME: FACE PACK Composition Each 100 g Contains S. Add preservative in this and mix well. Iso propyl Alcohol. Mfg. III. Methyl Paraben Common name Latin name Parts used Qty. Propyl Paraben sodium. Bentonite Powder. Then add glycerin and perfume in this and mix it well. Xanthan Gum.

Prefeasibility Report MANUFACTURING PROCESS CHART TABLETS Raw & packing Material Storage Area Raw & Packing Materials Testing Dispensing Shifting Mixing Blending Wet Milling Drying Shifting Dry Milling Blending Packing Lubrication Testing Blend Analysis Transfer to Finished Goods Compression Dispatch to Customers Coating Page 9 .

Prefeasibility Report Syrup Process Chart Raw & Packing Material Stores Raw & Packing Materials Testing Pharma Grade Sugar Drying Shifting of all Raw Material Blending of above material Testing Filling Packing Testing Transfer to Finished Goods Dispatch to Customers Page 10 .

Prefeasibility Report Capsules Process Chart Raw & packing Material Stores Raw & Packing Materials Testing Dispensing Shifting Blending Lubrication Blend Analysis Filling C Polishing Packing Testing Transfer to Finished Goods Dispatch to Customer Wire Drawing Process Chart CCSR COPPER ROD COPPER RODS TO DRAWING DRAWING TO DIFFERENT FINE GAUGES AS PER MARKET REQUIREMENT THEN ON TO THEN ANNEALING FOR COPPER ONLINE (24 HEADS) x 2 …………… (MACHINE) GAUGES FROM PULLER PLASTIC SPOOLS FURNISH PRODUCT Page 11 .

Prefeasibility Report EXTERNAL PREPARATIONS (CREAMS/GELS/COSMETICS) PROCESS FLOW CHART RM Dispensing In process checking Non Aqueous Aqueous Phase Preparation Filter & Transfer Filter &Transfer vacuum under vacuum Batch Preparation In process checking Batch Storage Sampling Analysis & Approval Pri. Material Mono carton packing Dispensing In process checking Final Packing In process checking Sampling Transfer to FG Store Analysis & Approval Dispatch Page 12 . Material Tube Filling / Crimping Dispensing In process checking Sec. Pkg. Pkg.

Mixers 13. Washing units 2. Cartridge Filter 8. Extractors 3. Filling Machines 12. Multi Mills 15. Water Treatment Plant 14. Sparkers Filter 7. Juicers 5.V. No. Storage Tank 11. taks etc LIST OF LAB EQUIPMENTS  Disintegration Test Apparatus  Dissolution Test Apparatus  Hardness Tester  Single pan Balance  Analytical Balance  Friability Test Apparatus  pH Meter  Melting Point Apparatus  Incubator  U. Fixtures including pipelines. Nutche Filters 6. Homogeniser 9. Prefeasibility Report PLANT AND MACHINERY Sr. Mixing Tanks 10. PARTICULARS 1. Spectrophotometer  HPLC  KarlfisherTitrator  Colony Counter  Potentiometer Titrator  Stability Chamber  BOD Incubator  Zone Reader  FTIR  Leak Test Apparatus  Polorimeter  Refractometer  Page 13 . pumps. Inspection Conveyors 4.

Polysorbate 80. Mineral clay. etc. Wheat grass powder/juice/leaf. etc)  Hair colour( Black. Silicon oil. Sodium silicate. PEG-60. EDTA. Proply paraben sodium. Prefeasibility Report F. and Marketing Area Of Final Product/s Mode Of Transport Of Raw Material And Finished Product. Neem ext. Sodium Benzotriazolul Butylphenol Sulfonate. Palmitic acid.1oki juice  wheat grass juice  wheat grass powder  Aloe vera juice powder  Herbal juices  Herbal powder  body wash  Hand wash  Shampoo  Hair wash  Lip guard  Herbal teas  Anti aging cream  Hair gel  Hair cream Page 14 . medicated. Kerela. Tributyl Citrate. Glycerine. Sorbitol. Cetearyl alcohol . Imd. Light liquid paraffin . Hydrogenated castor oil. Multani mitti. Sles. Urea. Cera microcrystalline. walnut. Loki. fiber and flavoured)  Aloe vera gel (plain. Sodium polystyrene sulfonate. neem cucumber. Perfume. etc. etc)  Anti mosquito gel  Anti mosquito cream  kerela juice  Amla juice 12.Aluminum stearate. Bentonite powder. Polyglycery1- 2sesquiisostearate. Raw Materials for Manufacturing of Wire Drawing: Copper & Aluminum ROD Products  Aloe vera juice (plain. tulsi. Stearicacid. Dicococyl pentaerythrityl distearyl citrate. . Tributyl Citrate. Red lentil . Cera alba . Raw Materials Aloe vera leaf/juice/dry extract. E Carbopol.)  Face scrub (Apricot. Xanthan gum. Apricot shell powder. M icropil-500. kesar chandan etc)  Face pack (Mulatni mitti. Sodium benzoate. Neem leaf. Isopropyl alcohol . Vit. All raw materials are indigenously available in Indian market. Buteth-3. brown. Raw Material Required Along Estimated Quantity.)  Hair oil ( anti dandruff .)  Face wash (Neem . Magnesium aluminum silicate. Cucumber fruit/ extract. Likely Source. Amla. Buteth-3. Stearate cetearyl alcohol. Potassium sorbate. Zine oxide. Kaolin powder.aloevera. Mineral oil. Sodium silicate. Flavours. Stearate glyceryl. Citric acid. Methyl paraben sodium. Mint.Perfume. Sodium Benzotriazolul Butylphenol Sulfonate. Polyethene glycolhydrogenated castor oil. etc. Magnesium stearate .

Rail and air service NH-72 Dehradun to Haridwar – 0.50 km B. Topography – Land is plane and flat with inclination towards South. SITE ANALYSIS A. C. 1. Connectivity Well connected with Road. Water Requirement: Proposed water requirement is 28KLD and shall be met from bore well. Land use and Land owner ship Plain and flat land having Industrial use falling Industrial area.3 showing the topography of the study area below. Fig. H. Figure 1. DG set shall be used at the time of power failure only. 4. Dehradun.5 km Dehradun Railway Station – 9. Land form. Prefeasibility Report G.3 : Showing the Topography of the study area Page 15 . Power Requirement: Total Power requirement is 300 KW and will be met from Uttarakhand electricity board.0 km Jolly Grant Airport – 10. also Two DG set of 250 KVA each is proposed.

4: Layout Plan Showing proposed Manufacturing unit of the study area Page 16 . Prefeasibility Report Proposed Building TREE PLANTATION Proposed Green Area Figure 1.

http://www.4 12. Industrial Waste Management.5 October 28. Capacity of ETP shall be 5 KLD Page 17 . and having sufficient social infrastructure such as School. Dehradun.8 March 26. Soak pit and septic tank arrangement shall be provided for the waste generated from toilets and domestic use.0 April 32.pdf G.4 22. Effluent Treatment Plant is proposed for industrial waste.7 June 34.8 24.1 7.0 55. Community Centre etc I. Social Infrastructure The area is approved Industrial area in Mauza Kuanwala.4 Hospital.7 41.3 6.2 September 29.1 16. K.8 58.4 Source.6 December 21.7 22.8 672. New Infrastructure is not required F. in the state of Uttrakhand.6 August 29.0 49.8 23.5 Climatic data from secondary sources Monthly mean maximum & minimum temperature and total rainfall based upon 1961- 1990 data: Month Mean Temperature oC Mean Rainfall in mm Maximum Minimum January 19.0 10.8 July 30.8 November 25. Drinking Water Management ( Source & Supply of water) The source of the drinking water is Borewell J.5 May 35.5 22.1 6.0 February 25. Existing land use pattern The existing land use is Industrial.7 20. Prefeasibility Report D.6 20. E. Existing Infrastructure All infrastructures have been developed by State Govt.0 201.8 296.4 8.7 49. Sewage System.

facilities. transportation etc) town and country planning/Development authority Classification. Planning concept (type of industries. so R & R plan is not required.0 PROJECT SCHEDULE AND COST ESTIMATES  Project is expected to be complete in next 6 months  Funds requirement shall be Rs 450 Lakhs including the machinery and plant. 6. 2008.0 ANALYSIS OF PROPOSAL (FINAL RECOMMENDATIONS) The Indian industry is a success story providing employment for millions and ensuring that Ayurvedic.33% area has been reserved for green belt Company will be developed dense green belt around the plant premises with plant species. 5. 9. All Hazardous waste shall be disposed through authorized vendor. Solid waste generated from sludge drying beds of ETP shall be disposed to TSDF as per the norms of State Pollution Control Board. Total Power requirement is 300 KW and will be met from Uttarakhand electricity board. Dehradun. and maintain proper storage & safety management for Hazardous material.0 PROPOSED INFRASTRUCTURE A. M. C. 8. 7. DG set shall be used at the time of power failure only. Used oil shall be disposed to authorized recycler. Food & Pharma products are safe and effective in treatment of various diseases especially which is chronic in nature and easily available at affordable prices. capacity of two DG set of 250 KVA each is proposed. 2. Green Belt . Herbal. Hazardous waste Management: Company shall get the Authorization under “Rule-5” of the Hazardous Waste (Management.0 PLANNING BRIEF A. Resident Area (Non Processing Area) as only local person will be given employment. Power Requirements & Supply/ source. Industrial Area (Processing Area) No additional infrastructure is proposed B. Prefeasibility Report L. D. The proposed industry is small scale and established in a Industrial area. Handling & Trans-boundary Movement) Rule.0 REHABILITATION AND RESETTLEMENT (R & R) PLAN The unit is in developed industrial estate. Also Page 18 . no residential area/ housing is proposed. Solid Waste Management 1.

The people residing in the nearby areas have been benefited directly & indirectly. Prefeasibility Report Improvement of infrastructure as well up-liftment of social structure in the area. *** Page 19 .