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Obesity and Malnutrition

By: Ruchi Shah


u Discuss:
u The prevalence of obesity in the United States
u Factors that contribute to obesity
u Malnutrition and diagnosis
u Micronutrient deficiencies those with obesity have
u Deficiencies and their relation to the onset of diabetes
Prevalence of Obesity in the United States
BMI Categories
and Nutrition
Care Pathway
“It is interesting to note that the prevalence of
nutrient deficiency is higher in overweight, obese,
and morbidly obese compared to normal weight
patients, suggesting that obese patients may
consume an excess of dietary energy, but they may
not meet their entire essential nutrient needs.
Moreover, the absorption, distribution, metabolism,
and/or excretion of these nutrients in overweight
and obese individuals might be altered, as in the
bioavailability of these nutrients.”
Obesity + Malnutrition
Important Things to Consider

u ask the patient if they have had unintentional weight loss

u Determine significance
u Are they experiencing fluid retention?
u When an obese person gets sick, they are at risk of the same protein-wasting
that comes from acute illness as a non-obese person,”
Vitamin Deficiencies

Vitamin D
Vitamin C
u Studies have shown:
u Vitamin C is inversely related to BMI
u Decrease concentrations of antioxidants in
obese patients
u Fat oxidation is significantly lower in
individuals with lower vitamin C
u Carnitine
u Catalyzes several key factors in glucose metabolism
u Krebs cycle -> ATP
u Critical in Pentose Phosphate Pathway
u 30% of bariatric patients (pre-op) are thiamine deficient
u Studies found thiamine deficiencies in obese patients :
u Through consumption of diets high in simple sugars and low in
whole grains, legumes, and other foods that naturally contain
Other Mineral Deficiencies in Obesity

u Chromium
u Zinc
u Selenium
u Magnesium

u Risk for type 2 Diabetes

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