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VMAX3 architecture is purpose built for

hybrid cloud. It is based on the
world’s first and only Dynamic Virtual
allocated in real-time across As the industry’s most reliable platform for REDEFINED
applications, information, and rich cloud scale consolidation, the VMAX 3 family The VMAX3 combines the powerful Intel multi-
data services. VMAX3 arrays deliver enables organizations to dynamically grow, core processors and the new Dynamic Virtual
mission-critical storage with the easily share, and cost-effectively manage Matrix scale-out architecture for dramatic
scale, performance, availability, and massive amounts of data storage. VMAX3 is the performance gains to meet the intense demands
agility to meet the high demands of leader in maintaining consistently high of today’s and tomorrow’s hybrid clouds.
extreme data growth in hybrid cloud. performance levels while running thousands of Configured with the maximum eight VMAX3
mixed workloads concurrently on a single VMAX3 engines and ultrafast flash drives, the VMAX3
array, you’ll be able to deliver predictable, can achieve up to 3x the performance of
responsive service, even at massive scale. previous generations so you can get up to
• Powerful : Scale performance and three times as much work done. You also
capacity to support high-demand online PURPOSE-BUILT FOR EXTREME benefit from high bandwidth, with PCIe Gen 3
transaction processing, online PERFORMANCE and InfiniBand 56 Gb/s providing larger
analytical processing for enterprise For enterprises that require petabyte-level connections for massive amounts of critical
data warehousing, and big data scale, the new VMAX3 family is purpose-built data to flow faster than ever.
applications; to easily manage high-demand, heavy-
• Multi-core SMP and flash-optimized transaction workloads while storing petabytes IDEAL FIT FOR YOUR DATA CENTER
design to start small and grow to of vital data. The VMAX3 hardware design The VMAX3 family introduces unmatched
features the turbo-charged Dynamic Virtual breakthroughs in performance density and
cloud scale in an efficient footprint
Matrix Architecture that enables extreme speed packaging designed to reduce costs and fit all
that scales from 1,000 to 40,000 and sub-millisecond response time. The VMAX3 of your data center needs. VMAX3 arrays can
virtual machines per VMAX3 array Dynamic Virtual Matrix Architecture can scale store up to 720 high-density drives and a
• Predictable service levels at scale beyond the confines of a single system complete VMAX3 engine on a single floor
to ensure achievement of service level footprint to deliver extreme performance where tile—that’s an industry first of up to 1.7M
objectives for new and existing needed. The core element of the Dynamic IOPS in a single rack. VMAX3 racks can be
storage workloads Virtual Matrix is the VMAX3 engine. Each VMAX3 separated by up to 25 meters to avoid columns
• Trusted: Always-on availability engine includes up to 2 TBs of cache memory and other obstacles in the data center without
architecture with advanced fault (for a maximum of 16 TBs per array), front- a need to ever reserve empty floor tiles for
end connectivity, and back-end SAS future array growth. And all VMAX3 arrays
isolation, robust data integrity
connectivity through two fully redundant support industry standard 19-inch racks and
checking, and proven non-disruptive director boards. The Dynamic Virtual Matrix optional third-party racking to conform to
hardware and software upgrades scales by aggregating up to eight VMAX3 your data center infrastructure.
• Six-nines availability for engines as a single system with fully shared
24x7xForever operations using SRDF connectivity, processing, and capacity OPEN EXTENSIBLE VMAX3 HYPERVISOR
software for multi site replication resources. Each engine supports up to 48 CPU VMAX3 arrays introduce the industry’s first
• Leverage backup and rapid restore cores for blazing-fast performance scaling to open storage and hypervisor converged
directly from VMAX3 to Data Domain for a maximum of 384 cores per array. Each VMAX3 operating system, HYPERMAX. It combines
reliable recovery and virtually no app array leverages the latest electronics to industry-leading high availability, I/O
super-charge the most demanding dynamic management, quality of service, data integrity
server impact using ProtectPoint
environments. All VMAX3 models offer third- validation, storage tiering and data security
• Agile : 1 click service level generation Intel with an open application platform. HYPERMAX
assignment to simplify provisioning, multi-core processors based on the latest Ivy features the first real-time, non-disruptive
with automated service level objective Bridge architecture, InfiniBand 56 Gb/s storage hypervisor that manages and protects
delivery across thousands of mixed interconnect technology, PCIe Gen 3 I/O, and embedded services by extending VMAX high
workloads native 6 Gb/s SAS drive infrastructure. availability to services that traditionally
• Open platform with apps inside: would have run external to the array. It also
converged platform for breadth of FLASH-OPTIMIZED BY DESIGN provides direct access to hardware resources
application & data services today and Slow is not an option with the new VMAX3 to maximize performance. The
family. Designed for flash, the VMAX3 family hypervisor can be non-disruptively upgraded.
outperforms solutions that offer flash drives HYPERMAX runs on top of the Dynamic Virtual
as add-ons to traditional arrays conceived for Matrix leveraging its scale out flexibility of
15K RPM disk drives. Featuring a flash- cores, cache, and host interfaces. The
optimized hybrid array design, the VMAX3 embedded storage hypervisor
eliminates bottlenecks to deliver the highest reduces external hardware and networking
performance and the lowest latency for read- requirements, delivers higher levels of
intense OLTP applications. In addition, EMC availability and dramatically lower latency.
Fully Automated Storage Tiering (FAST)
technology and high-capacity NL-SAS drives
down costs for storing inactive, less-critical
EMC VMAX 100K Technical Specifications


VMAX Engine 4U; Intel Xeon E5-2620-v2 2.1 GHz 6 Weight Single engine (LBS/KG) : 2065/937;
core Dual engine (LBS/KG) : 1860/844
Vmax Bandwidth 350GB/s
Nb of Cores per CPU 6/24/48 (per CPU/Engine/System) ENVIRONMENT
VMAX Interconnect InfiniBand Dual Redundant Fabric Temperature 50-90 degrees F (10-32 degrees C)
56Gbps per port Humidity 20%-80%, non-condensing
VMAX Cache System Min : 512GB (Raw); Max : 2TB Altitude 7,500 ft ( 2,286 m) max.
(Raw); (with 1024GB engine)
VMAX Vault Vault to Flash; 2 to 4 Flash SLICs /
Engine POWER
Host Connectivity FC 8Gbs: (FC, SRDF); FC 16Gbs: Input Voltage 200-240 VAC
(FC); GbE: (SRDF); 10GbE: (SRDF) • North America 3 Wire connection
(2L & 1G)*; two 30 A, single phase
Max Front-End Ports 32 per Engine drops per bay
Front-End IO Modules 8 per Engine • International and Australian 3
BE Interface 6Gbps SAS Wire connection (1L & 1N 1G)*; two
30 A, single-phase drops per bay
8 Gb/s FC Host Ports Max /engine : 32; Max /array : 64 *: L=Line or phase, N=neutral,
16 Gb/s FC Host Ports Max /engine : 32; Max /array : 64 G=ground
10 GbE SRDF Ports Max /engine : 16; Max /array : 32 Frequency 50-60 Hz
1 GbE SRDF Ports Max /engine : 32; Max /array : 64 Heat Dissipation Up to 82 feet (25m) between System
Supported Protocols FC, SRDF Bay 1 and any other System Bay
SAN Fibre Channel protocol (FCP)
Other IPv6 with 1 Gb/s or 10 Gb/s Ethernet WARRANTY
Min/Max. Disk Drives 1440 Standard warranty 3 year Hardware Support; 4 hour on
site; 8-18 same business day
Max. Capacity (raw/formatted) Up to 500 TB
Extended Warranty 3 year Hardware Support; Standard +
Drives Supported 8 hour guaranteed repair time
SAS 7200rpm 3.5": 2 TB and 4 TB
SAS 10Krpm 3.5": 300, 600 and 1.2 TB; 2.5":300,
600 and 1.2 TB
SAS 15Krpm 3.5": 300 GB; 2.5": 300 GB
Flash Drives 3.5":200, 400, 800 and 1600GB Flash
SAS; 2.5" : 200, 400, 800 and 1600GB
RAID Support RAID 1 All drives; RAID 5 (3 +1)
RAID 5 (7 +1) All drives; RAID 6
(6 +2) RAID 6 (14 +2) 10K, 15K,
7.2K RPM Drives
Back-end Connectivity 6Gbps SAS


Base Suite Includes the HYPERMAX OS, basic FAST
engine and CLI tools that
automatically optimize for the
highest system performance and the
lowest storage cost simultaneously
Foundation Suite Includes the Base Suite, plus the
award-winning Unisphere GUI and
control applications
Advanced Suite Includes the Foundation Suite plus
powerful FAST capabilities with the
ability to automatically provision
and order based upon real world
workload planning and monitoring
Remote Protection Suite EMC’s award winning SRDF replication
is designed to protect your data and
applications in the event of a
Local Protection Suite Includes EMC TimeFinder application
that allows for SNAPs and clones to
protect your data
ProtectPoint ProtectPoint revolutionizes disk
based backup and restore.
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Applications such as Oracle DB, can

initiate direct backups between
VMAX3 and DataDomain arrays for
improved speed, and simplicity.
Total Productivity Pack Combines the Advanced Suite, Local
and Remote Replication Suites, and
ProtectPoint in a cost effective

Dimensions (HxWxD) Single engine (IN/CM) 75/190 x
24/61 x 47/119
Dual engine (IN/CM) 75/190 x 24/61
x 47/119

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