Jen Engelmeyer Test Questions on Ebola 1.

What are the cells that are targeted by the Ebola virus? a. Endothelial Cells b. Hepatocytes c. Mononuclear phagocytes d. All of the above e. B & C only Answer: D 2. Symptoms of Ebola include: a. Cough, headache, fever b. Headache, fever, body ache c. Itching, fever, body ache d. Headache, Coughing, Itching Answer: C 3. Ebola outbreaks first occurred on what continent: a. North America b. Asia c. Africa d. Antartica Answer: C 4. Ebola belongs to which viral family: a. Filioviridae b. Bunyviridae c. Arenaviridae d. Flaviviridae Answer: A 5. Ebola is shaped like a _____. a. Circle b. Shepards hook c. Pretzel d. Figure 8 Anwer: B

Ebola s incubation period lasts for: a. rhesus monkey d. 2-21 days Answer: D 11. River d. fruit bat Answer: D 7. Skin IV. rat c. City Answer: C 12. Which of the following is a method of transmission between humans? I. flea b. Breathing III. Contaminated needles II. Tears . Ebola virus was named for a(n) _______ in Africa. Mountain c. 2-6 days b. Zaire b. Canyon b. The most highly lethal strain of Ebola virus is: a. a. True or false: Rheston ebola virus is pathogenic to humans only.6. Ivory Coast d. Answer: False 9. a. Answer: False 8. a. True or false: Ebola is an endemic in the United States. Sudan c. The carrier of the Ebola virus was found to be the: a. 6-10 days c. 10-21 days d. Bundibugyo Answer: A 10.

Answer: False 17. a. a. Answer: True 15. b. What is the mortality rate of the Zaire ebola virus? a. ssRNA d. Lungs c. IV I. III. The Ebola virus has ________ in its nucleus. Liver d. 50-90% d. a. dsRNA Answer: C 18. dsDNA c. 30-70% b. Basinophils . 40-80% Answer: C 14. Neutrophils b.a. III. II. d. Specifically concerning the Ebola virus. ssDNA b. IV All of the above Answer: B 13. True or false: Ebola is frequently misdiagnosed as other diseases in its initial stages/onset of symptoms. III I. IV II. viral replication is most severe in which organ? a. Ebola inhibits the body s ability to signal ______. True or false: There is a cure for the Ebola virus. Appendix Answer: C 16. a. Heart b. (question continued on next page) I. 20-50% c. c. II. e.

who of the following would be most likely to contract the Ebola virus? a.c. The journalist reporting on an Ebola outbreak next to the hospital where patients have been isolated Answer: C 20. a. The hospital worker who wears proper protection when caring for Ebola patients b. Answer: FALSE (haha) . The farmer who walks barefoot through his fields near an infestation site c. True or false: Ebola is a bean dish you would find in an Ethopian restaurant. The hiker who examines the dead carcass of an infected gorilla he found along the trail d. Eisinophils d. In Africa. Leukophils Answer: A 19.

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