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 Shin  Jyutsu®  5-­‐Day  Class  with    

Carlos  Gutterres  in  Florianópolis,  Brazil    
March  28-­‐30th  and  April  1-­‐2nd  2014  
With  a  day  break  between  Texts  1  and  2  for  leisure  and  fun  in  
Jin   Shin   Jyutsu   Phisio-­‐Philosophy®   is   the   Art   of   the   Creator   for   the   compassioante   man   –   an   innate  
inheritance  o  four  true  nature  of  harmony,  beauty  and  perfection.  
Our   instructor   Carlos   Gutterres   is   going   to   guide   us  
through   the   vast   knowledge   made   available   in   Texts   1  
and  2,  in  a  class  taught  in  English,  without  translation  into  
other  languages.  
In  this  5-­‐day  class  we  are  going  to  stay  in  a  hotel  close  to  
the   sea   and   students   are   going   to   be   able   to   enjoy   the  
beauty   of   Florianópolis,   Ingleses   beach   and   the  
welcoming  staff  of  Hotel  Porto  Sol  Quality  Ingleses  so  we  
can  all  learn,  relax,  let  go  and  BE  drop  the  shoulders.  
Class  is  going  to  be  on  the  following  dates:  
Text  1  –  28  to  30/March/2014  
Text  2  –  1  and  2/April/2014  
There  is  going  to  be  a  daybreak  between  both  texts  and  there  is  going  to  be  optional  sightseeing  
tours   for   those   who   are   interested.   After   class,   we   have   planned   short   trips   to   restaurants   for  
those  who  want  to  participate  and  relax  after  class.  
Text  1   Text  2   Both  Texts  
  time  student  
1st   in  US$   in  US$   in  US$  
Until    Feb  28th   460,00   305,00   765,00  
After  Feb  28th   510,00   340,00   850,00  

Until  Feb  28th    
After  Feb  28th   330,00   220,00   550,00  

Please  email  us  at  the  following  information:  
Full  name  
Complete  address  with  country  and  zip  code  
If  you  are  a  1st  time  student  for  a  5-­‐day  class  or  a  repeating  student  
If  you  are  enrolling  for  Text  1,  Text  2  or  both  Texts  
Phone/Mobile  Phone  
Email  address  
Deposits  of  US$  100  per  person  are  going  to  be  processed  by  our  Office  in  the  USA.  You  
can   contact   Terry   at   copying   the   email   to   with   your   deposit   information.   If   you   want   to   fax   your  
credit  card  information,  you  can  do  so:  +1  (480)  998-­‐9335  naming  it  is  your  registration  
to  Carlos’  class  in  Florianópolis,  Brazil.  
Early   Bird   fees   are   going   to   be   applied   for   enrollments   received   and   processed   until  
February  28th,  2014.  
Payments  are  going  to  be  processed  through  credit  card  charge  by  our  Scottsdale  office.  
We  kindly  ask  you  to  bring  proof  of  payment  on  the  1st  day  of  class  so  we  can  confirm  
the  information  received  from  our  office.  
Hotel  Information  
Our  event  is  going  to  be  held  at  Hotel  Porto  Sol  Quality  in  Ingleses  beach,  
north   of   the   island   –   yes,   Florianópolis   is   our   Brazilian   island.,   Hawaii  
style.  The  hotel  is  close  to  the  beach,  so  students  can  benefit  from  early  
morning   walks   on   the   beach   or   even   having   lunch   at   the   beach.   Our  
lunch  break  is  going  to  be  a  little  longer  than  usual,  so  you  can  rest,  use  
the  swimming  pool  or  walk  on  the  beach.    
We  have  special  room  rates  for  the  event.  Single  R$  177,  Double  R$  197  and  Triple  R$  275,  around  US$  75,  
US$   82   and   US$   114   at   Jan   13th   dollar   rate,   subject   to   changes,   just   as   a   reference.   Please   contact   the  
event   manager   Rafael   at   or   telefone   +55   (48)   3211-­‐5908.   He   speaks  
English  and  Spanish  and  he  is  available  to  support  your  booking.  Sometimes  he  takes  one  or  two  days  to  
reply,  it  is  normal  here.  Room  fees  include  wi-­‐fi  internet  access  and  complimentary  breakfast.  

Hotel  Porto  Sol  Quality  Ingleses  
Address:  Caminho  do  Marisco,  80,  Praia  dos  Ingleses,  Florianópolis/SC  -­‐  +55  (48)  3211-­‐5900  
Shuttle  Service:  
We  can  book  a  safe  and  reliable  shuttle  for  you  in  case  you  wish.  If  you  send  us  your  ticket  information  
(company,  date  and  time  of  arrival/departure),  we  can  try  to  accomodate  you  with  people  arriving  in  close  
time.   The   cost   is   R$90   per   ride   (around   US$   38   at   Jan   13th   rate),   for   1   to   3   people   in   the   car.   So   it   gets  
cheaper  if  you  share  and  we’re  willing  to  support  that.  The  hotel  shuttle  and  regular  taxi  fares  are  more  
expensive,  so  we  suggest  you  book  ours  instead.  

Visa  Information  
Please   make   sure   you   have   your   passport   and   visa,   if   Brazil   requires   a   visa   from   your   country.   You   can  
check  the  website  to  find  useful  information  concerning  visas.  
We   inform   you   that   Americans   need   a   tourist   visa   for   admittance   in   Brazil,   make   sure   you   request   yours   in  
time  for  your  trip.  At  entrance,  inform  that  you  are  coming  for  tourism  in  Florianópolis.  We  are  available  to  
support  your  coming  with  information  and  any  help  you  might  need  that  we  can  provide.  

Flight  Information  
All  major  US  airways  and  airways  aliances  fly  to  Brazil.  However,  it  is  not  likely  that  you  get  a  direct  flight,  
except   if   you   come   from   Argentina   or   Chile.   You   can   fly   to   GIG   (Rio   de   Janeiro),   GRU   (Sao   Paulo),   BSB  
(Brasilia)  or  POA  (Porto  Alegre),  retrieve  your  luggage,  go  through  customs  and  dispatch  it  again  to  your  
final  destination,  FLN  (Florianópolis).  Avianca  (Star  Alliance),  TAM  (One  World)  and  Gol  fly  to  FLN.  

Animal  Class  in  Porto  Alegre  with  Adele  Leas  

We   inform   you   that   Adele   Leas   is   going   to   be   teaching   a   JSJ   for   your   animal   companion   class   in   April   5-­‐6th  
in  Porto  Alegre,  a  50-­‐minute  (and  usually  cheap  if  booked  in  advance)  flight  from  Florianópolis.  
Class  is  going  to  be  taught  in  English,  with  Portuguese  translation.  The  organizer  is  Jandaira  Telles  and  co-­‐
organizer   is   Micheline   Donay,   who   speaks   English   and   can   provide   you   more   information,   as   well   as  
process  your  enrollment.  You  may  contact  her  through  
For   more   information   about   JSJ   in   Brazil,   you   can   visit   and   our   international   web   site  
Looking  forward  to  meeting  you,  
Alessander  Luigi  Palma    
Organizer   Myrian  Maria  Vieira     Co-­‐organizer  
+55  48  3365-­‐0420  (home  phone)    
+55  11  98457-­‐1320  (mobile)   +  55  (48)  8418-­‐1960  

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