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Humane Answers to the Questionnaire: Please read through the questions and listen to citizen input.

Sometimes the question is framed so there is no humane answer or the question is framed to exclude
those of us who love our wildlife from having any say.
Example: Question 16 seeks a “stable funding source for management of state public lands”. This
question seeks over $ 3,000,000.00 from wildlife watchers to fund hunters in killing the wildlife we want to
watch. Although we strongly believe that funding of the DNR, our public lands, waterways and wildlife
should no longer be primarily killing licenses, there is no provision in the question to give non-hunters
oversight to spend that money for humane help for our wildlife and lead shot – poisoned lands and waters.
Please attend this important election annually. Network it. Bring friends and RUN FOR ELECTION!
1. NO 29. NO
2. NO 30. NO
3. YES 31. NO
4. YES 32. NO - This extends
5. YES trapping by two
6. YES – this is a choice months north
of 6 or 7 whichever 33. YES
protects most 34. NO
7. YES 35. NO
9. YES 37. NO-fashion extra
10. YES ( women)
11. YES – stocking non- 38. Dogs on our deer –
native hand-raised end that – NO
birds just to be shot, 39. NO
another DNR atrocity 40. NO
12. NO – and they are not 41. NO – stop killing 5,000
wildlife refuges but bears annually, most
killing grounds of them cubs 1-2
13. NO – protect beavers years old
who create habitat for 42. YES
half of rare 43. YES!!!
endangered species 44. YES!!!
and are water keepers 45. YES!!!!!!!! NO USE -
15. NO – just extends 46. YES – another horror
killing raccoons of profit on killing our
16. YES but more habitat wildlife
for killing – requires a 47. YES
non-hunter citizen 48. YES – ban guides –
oversight committee profit on wildlife is
17. YES against the North
18. YES American Wildlife
19. YES cherished killing
20. YES model
21. YES 49. YES
22. YES unless it is just to 50. NO
kill more sturgeon 51. NO
23. YES 52. NO
24. YES 53. NO!!! more cruelty and
25. YES death
26. YES 54. NO – no more
27. YES opportunity to kill OUR
28. YES wolves