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Jack Martinez This is a partial story only; you can read the entire story by accessing the link below: “From Vienna, Granada and Dubai to the New Solomon Temple” An exciting story for those that admire Architectural Trends

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Juan Diego Flores, a new tenor for the musical world

Tourists gather at the palace’s entrance

Commanding view of Schonbrunn castle in Vienna

The gardens at the castle Sitting to my right during the show there was Alexandra, a forty year old Russian lady who was a direct descendant of the Romanov dynasty. She behaved like a princess and spoke with nostalgia of days gone by when the Russian empire had nobility and Cossacks from the banks of the River Don roaming the countryside, but reality had set in after both were outlawed by the Russian Revolution. Things were different in many aspects in those days if compared to present society.

First, destroyed by the Babylonians and later in 70 A.D by the Romans, a replica of the imposing original temple in gold and silver will now be re-built in Brazil as a symbol of unity in faith among all creeds and nations of Earth.

Dubai’s future architecture Since we got to know each other so well during the concert, I invited all spectators that had gathered in my group to join me for a chartered tour to sunny Spain and France. To my surprise, they all approved the idea and got excited at the prospect of traveling together to discover the past of our civilization.

Dancing waters in the Alhambra garden in Granada, Spain.

Arabian architecture in Iberia peninsula

The Brasilia Metropolitan Cathedral designed by famous Architect Oscar Niemeyer

Angels hanging in the cathedral’s interior

The Cathedral’s inspirational ceiling vitraux ------------------Written by Jack Martinez Copyright 2010 –All Rights Reserved Nothing can be copied by any electronic or mechanical device without expressed written permission of the author. Author’s Bio 2003-Cambridge University - U.K. English Proficiency Certification Council of Europe and UK National Qualifications Framework. English Teaching Credentials in Europe. 2000-Economics For Business - Cornell University, New York, USA. 2000-Honor and Study Achievement Certificate -Cornell University, N.Y., USA. 1999-Business Management University, N.Y., USA. Professional Certificate Cornell

1976-Bio-Chemistry and Bio-Physics Sciences; completed with honors studies at the Northeastern University, Argentina. 1975-Spanish Language Teaching School, Argentina. Credentials, Avellaneda Superior English, Spanish,

Languages Fluently Spoken: Portuguese. Basic French and Italian

I write about modern Economics; the environment, wildlife, History, Geology, Technology, The U.S. National Parks, etc. References Wikipedia

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