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HIGH SCHOOL Woops Cross John D, Haning, Principal ‘Travis Lund, Assistant Principal + Rich Firmage, Assistant Principal + Eric Grisby, Assistant Principal February 8, 2018 To Whom It May Concern: am writing on behalf of Bretten Allen and recommend her for a teacher position in your district. | was fortunate to have Bretten as my student teacher for six weeks. During that time, | observed her teaching and behavior strategies. She consistently demonstrates reliability and professionalism as she interacts with students and staff. Since the day she started, she demonstrated a willingness to learn. | have been impressed with her creative lesson plans and the ability to handle any situation with a calm and caring approach. Bretten ‘was able to look beyond current teaching techniques with ‘out of the box thinking’, gaining trust and respect of both teachers and students. In a short amount of time, Bretten was able to connect with each individual student on his or her level. She was able to take charge of the room and organize the routines. Communication is one of Bretten’s strong points. Some of our students have limited communication skills. She was able to work with them in a way that makes them feel special and important. She always could put a smile on the student's faces. Bretten is a compassionate, motivated, trustworthy, capable, and empathetic person. She was a true asset to my classroom. I give her my highest recommendation. Sincerely, Allison Freeman Special Education Teacher Woods Cross High School 600 West 2200 South + Woods Cross, UT 84087 801-402-4500 + Fax 801-402-4501