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Mauliadi, Taufiq. 2017. Improving the study result of Mathematic in the Summation and the
Subtraction Material of fractions in problem solving using CRH model with TGT model and
Paper Media at Fourth Grade of SDN Pasar Jati 1 Banjar Regency. Skripsi of Pre-Primary and
Primary School Department Program, Faculty of The Teacher Training and Education, Lambung
Mangkurat University Banjarmasin. Academic Year 2016/2017. Advisor Drs. Sutiyarso, S,Pd,

Keywords: Improving the study result, Summation and Subtraction, Fraction, CRH and TGT

The problem which facing by the students in math lesson related to summation and
subtraction of fraction material that happened in SDN Pasr Jati 1 is less study result of more
than 60% students which got score under 70. The cause is less variation in learning could make
the students bored quickly in learning about fraction material. The one of the efforts which
could do is using CRH and TGT models. The aim of this research are to know the increase of
the teacher activity, the students and the study result activity in summation and subtraction of
fraction at fourth grade of SDN Pasar Jati 1 Banjar Regency.
This research use Classroom Action Research (CAR) procedure which is implemented
in two cycles. The setting of this research is the fourth grade of SDN Pasar Jati 1 school year
2016/2017 that has 20 students. This research used two kinds of the data which are quantitative
and qualitative. The quantitative data is the students’ study result while the qualitative data is
teacher activity and students activity observation analyzed based on calculation and compared
with predetermined indicator that is ≥70 in each aspect of the study.
Based on the result of this research it can conclude that the assembling of CRH and TGT
models is increase the students’ study result in summation and subtraction of fraction at fourth
grade of SDN Pasar Jati 1. It can be seen from the teacher activity reach very good criteria,
student activity reach very active criteria and result of study individually and classical increase.
Based on the result findings in this result suggested to the teacher to use CRH and TGT
combination as the one of effort in students’ activity and lesson’s quality increasing in
elementary school.