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Business Enterpises Simulation

Using Appropriate Framework Analysis

And Methodology in Choosing a Salon
Experience Service

James William D. Varquez

ABM-C 12

Professor Cenen Zorilla

Framework Anlysis
Framework analysis is an approach to qualitative research that is increasingly used
across multiple disciplines, including psychology, social policy, and nursing research.
The stages of framework analysis have been described in published work, but the
literature is lacking in articles describing how to conduct it in practice, particularly in the
field of psychology, where researchers may be working as part of a team. Having used
framework analysis on a study exploring adolescents’ experiences of depression, we
faced various challenges along the way and learned from experience how to use this
approach to qualitative analysis. In this reflective article, we describe a worked example
of using framework, which we hope will assist other researchers in deciding if this
approach is suitable for their own research, and will provide guidance on how one might
go about conducting framework analysis when working as part of a research team. We
conclude that framework is a valuable contribution to qualitative methods in psychology,
offering a pragmatic, flexible and rigorous approach to data analysis.
A system of broad principles or rules from which specific methods or procedures may
be derived to interpret or solve different problems within the scope of a particular
discipline. Unlike an algorithm, a methodology is not a formula but a set of practices.
A methodology can be described as a way of thinking and acting that guides the
decisions we make.

It could be decisions on:

 What level of detail to go into when documenting requirements

 What mode of communication to employ when dealing with stakeholders or
 What approach to take when handling change requests.

A methodology can also be described more formally as a theoretical lens or a set of

principles for understanding which techniques, methods or best practices to apply to a
project (this could be research work or business analysis tasks). A huge part of planning
business analysis work involves identifying which methodology to apply. According to
BABOK, there are 2 major approaches to Business Analysis. These approaches are
typically applied to projects involving software development and may also be combined
to form a “hybrid” approach.

TIME: 12:43 AM
DATE: December 4, 2017