Credit transfers arrangements between Norges Kreative Fagskole and RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia












Students’ work—Animation: “Three Shots” by Simon Bull (1-2); “Greasy Pole” by Anne Ka Yi Wong (3); “Moon to Dust” by Kanlaya Padungsin (4); “The Little Secret of Onion Boy” by Lin Mei (6); “Defeat of Tulaapoupou” by George Samuels (7); Design: Daniella Germain (5); Tom Shanahan (10); Photography: Samantha Everton (8); Rory Gardiner (9); and Craig Banks (11)

RMIT University is dedicated to student creativity, with a focus on academic excellence and employment outcomes. Programs are designed specifically to meet the personal, professional and vocational needs of students and worldwide industries. Norges Kreative Fagskole (NKF) and RMIT University maintain a strong relationship through advanced standing agreements, which allow NKF Creative Studies diploma students to complete an appropriate bachelor degree at RMIT with credit exemptions from relevant studies completed at NKF.
CRICOS Provider Code: 00122A

Successful completion of a NKF Diploma in

exempts you from

of the 3-year RMIT

Bachelor of

leaving a further

Motion Design Photography Graphic Design Advertising and Brand Communication

1.5 years 1 year 1.5 years 1.5 years

Arts (Animation and Interactive Media) Arts (Photography) Design (Communication Design) Communication (Advertising)

1.5 years 2 years 1.5 years 1.5 years

Please note that entry into RMIT program is subject to students meeting entry requirements. Please see RMIT website for further details.

Students choose design and communication programs at RMIT for the following reasons:
» International reputation for excellence in work-relevant education and high quality research, and engagement with the needs of industry and community » RMIT students have endless opportunities to get involved in new forms of intellectual and cultural activity including fashion festivals, photography exhibitions, student TV and radio, and much more » The largest multi-sector institution in Australia, offering over 470 programs at TAFE, undergraduate and postgraduate levels » A global university centrally located in the heart of one of the worlds most liveable cities—Melbourne » In the top five Australian universities for graduate employability » An opportunity to collaborate with students from over 100 countries

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