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a ship is a floating vessel which is self propelled an
capable of carrying cargo or passenger
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The type of vessel can be viewed from :
1. Function and purpose,
2. Type of cargo,
3. Shipping area,
4. Type of propulsion,
5. The type of material building.

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1. Function and Purpose
a. Cruise ship

Cruise ship is a passenger ship used for cruise shipping.

Passengers board a cruise ship to enjoy the time spent on
the boat equipped with accommodation facilities and
equipment like a five-star hotel.
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Research vessel

Research vessels are generally used for research and marine-related

research. Such as underwater earthquake research and sea water
c.Ships services

Ships services Is a ship whose purpose it to offers services

on other vessels such as:
A tugboat is a ship that can be used to maneuver /
movement, pull or push other ships in the harbor. Tugs boat
are also used to pull barges, broken boats, and other
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d. Supply Vessel

Supply vessel is a vessel that provides services by supplying

food for crew and equipment to the ships , offshore, etc.
e. War Ships

ships that are used to protect the marine safety of a region

or country from various threats.
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2.Type of Cargo
a. Cargo Ships

Cargo vessel is kinds of vessels carrying general cargo from

a port to another port.
b.Cointainer ships

the type of vessel carrying a cargo in the form of container

packaging from a port to another.
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b. Bulk Carrier Ships

types of vessels carrying cargo in bulk, from one

port to another port.
c. Passanger ship

Passenger ships are ships used for passenger

transport. To improve efficiency.

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d. Tanker Ships

Tanker is a ship used to transport dangerous cargo

such as crude oil, chemical, etc.

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3.Shipping Area
a. Ocean Ship

ocean ship is a vessel whose voyage area is offshore or used

for inter-state trading. Examples of container ships, cargo
ships, etc.

b. Raft and Lake

vessels are ships that specifically serve inter-island

crossings. This type of vessel sailing area in the river or
lake. Like a ferry, a roro ship.
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4. Type of propulsion
a. Motor Vessel
Motor vessel is a type of ship that uses the motor as a
propulsion and installed permanently in the ship.
Such as cargo ship, passenger ship, etc.
b. Steam Ship

Steam ships is a type of ship that uses a turbine engine

as the propulsion. The steam generated from the
turbine engine uses coal as its fuel.

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c. yachts (sail boat )
The yacht is the ship that uses the Sail with the help of
wind as the propulsion.
d.Water Jet Ships

The water jet ships is a ship where the propulsion of

the ship is produced by the jet of water.
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5. The type of material building.

a. Wooden ships
Wooden ships are boats that use wood as the
main material. Generally wooden boats in
Indonesia are dominated by fishing boats.
b.Steel ship
Steel vessel is a ship whose construction uses
steel material.
c. Fiberglass ship
The fiberglass vessel is a ship whose entire
bodybuilding is made of fiberglass.
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