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Windows® Embedded CE 6.

0 R2

Features Benefits
More Shared Source Hard real-time OS Native real-time OS builds on the real-time capabilities of previous
Windows Embedded CE versions
Improved unified kernel • Improved system performance
architecture • Increased security and robustness
Windows® Embedded CE 6.0 R2
• High degree of backward compatibility
Support for more concurrent • Build devices with more user rich feature sets
processes and improved • Devices can be upgraded as end-user requirements change over time
2.5 3.9 virtual memory per-process Componentized, real-time operating system and powerful tools
million million
IP Indemnification • Reduced litigation risk for device makers for building a broad range of small-footprint embedded solutions
• Uncapped monetary intellectual property indemnification by Microsoft
subject to the terms of the licensing agreement
CE 5.0 CE 6.0
New Features Windows® Embedded can help you turn your Enabling New Business Opportunities
Shared Source Program Use shared source code to document, debug, test and modify the OS vision and ingenuity into superior business
Lines of shared source code image to create differentiated features • Smaller footprint • The Cellcore Stack component helps
available results by offering a great combination of the devices establish data and voice connec-
Improved driver support • Kernel mode drivers for performance • Supports more creative tools and technology you need and tions over cellular networks.
• User mode drivers for robustness
concurrent the support and resources Microsoft® and
Improved tools Accelerate time-to-market and manage development costs processes • The Windows Network Projector
its partners can provide.
Integrated board support Significantly reduce development time component will make it easier for meeting
• Integrated
Designed specifically for embedded attendees to give a presentation from a
developers who need to bring new devices Windows Vista-based PC.
Developer Resources System Requirements for environment
to market in minimum time and at the lowest
Your Workstation • Web services on devices, a connectivity
• The Windows Embedded Developer • Unified Kernel possible cost, Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R2
technology supported natively by Windows
Center, supported by the Microsoft • Processor: 933 MHz or faster (2 GHz • Greater graphics provides a 32-bit native hard real-time, small
Vista will help your device provide richer
Developer Network (MSDN), provides processor recommended) capabilities footprint operating system, a re-designed
experiences and product differentiation when
detailed technical information, training, • Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Professional SP4 kernel, and powerful embedded develop-
• Enhanced their it connect virtually to a PC over the
and community support: www.msdn. or Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional SP2 ment tools. CE 6.0 R2 interoperates with
networking network and yet behave as if it was directly
com/embedded. (English or Japanese recommended) industry standards and existing Microsoft
• The Windows Embedded Partner desktop and server technologies to help
• 512 MB of RAM (1GB recommended)
Program includes a worldwide network Helping you create smart, you create differentiated devices for a broad Source Code Access
• 18 GB of available space required on range of device categories, from commercial
of resources available during every step connected, service oriented Access to Windows Embedded CE source
installation drive devices to consumer electronics products.
of your device project: devices code helps you debug, test, and make • 1 GB of available space required on changes to an operating system image. It
New Kernel Provides
system drive lets you modify the operating system soft-
• For general product information, to Increased Functionality
locate a distributor or review customer • DVD-ROM drive ware to create differentiated features while
CE 6.0 features a re-designed kernel to
success stories visit: • Display monitor with resolution of 1024x768 helping you maintain control over your
increase functionality for a richer set of user
com/windowsembedded and high color (16-bit color) intellectual property.
experiences by enabling a larger number of
applications to run simultaneously. CE 6.0 Try Before You Buy
supports up to 32,000 simultaneous process- Start building and testing with the evalu-
es, with up to 2 GB of virtual memory space ation version of CE 6.0 R2 software free
for each process. A new file system supports for 180 days before making a purchasing
larger storage media, large file sizes and decision. To download a trial version or or-
removable media encryption. der by mail, visit

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Windows® Embedded CE 6.0 R2

Development Environment
Product Features Operating System Development Tools CE 6.0 Operating System Layout Compatibility with Existing Serviceability and Manageability The Windows
Small footprint Platform Builder for CE 6.0 (a plug-in for Microsoft Technologies Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R2 products
Services UM Driver Embedded Family
• 300 KB footprint/ Visual Studio 2005) is an integrated devel- Manager Manager Applications
Today’s embedded devices are increasingly supports a variety of in-field servicing op-
Shell User

700 components opment environment (IDE) for building Services User Mode
connected, and applications in devices tions. of products
customized embedded operating system need to be interoperable with network • Microsoft Systems Management Server
• Scalable with OS DLLs (CoredII, Winsock, CommCtrl, ...)
designs. Visual Studio integration allows infrastructure. Embedded devices with an 2003 (SMS) Advanced Client is a man-
provides the
for one environment for the development operating system based on CE 6.0 R2 can ageability tool that makes it possible
KCoredII.DLL leading solutions
Supports more con- of both application and operating system Kernel.DLL connect with other Microsoft technologies
to perform software inventory and patch
current processes software. Platform Builder comes with the including:
FileSys. GWES. DLL Kernel
Mode management on embedded devices. to help you
development tools needed to design, DLL DLL
• 32,000 simultane- Kernel • SQL/Everywhere You can use SMS to manage embedded
Bootloader Drivers
ous processes create, build, test and debug. devices just as you would manage desk rapidly develop
Hardware • XML Web Services
• 2 GB virtual memory New additions to Platform Builder include: top machines and servers. For example,
• Web Browsing powerful, reliable
address space per you can use the deployment capabilities
• Run Time Analysis. Helps you predict the The CE 6.0 OS layout featuring the new
unified kernel. • Media Playback of SMS to send security updates to your and intelligent
required runtime license and export
• Networking devices and use SMS to monitor the
Kernel reports to HTML for better project
Application Development Tools installation process for success or failure. devices. Whether
• Multi threaded, communication and record keeping. Visit • Web Services on Devices You can re-use most of your existing • Image Update lets you update a device
preemptive kernel World Class Support
you’re learning,
embedded/eval/wince/components.mspx investments in user interfaces and ap- image with flash.
• Multiple processor plications developed within previous The Microsoft Support Lifecycle Policy
for a comprehensive list of components. building or
architectures Business Model of Shared Success
versions of Windows Embedded CE. CE guarantees that Microsoft provides five
—ARM • Device Emulation. The new ARM-based
6.0 R2 provides continuity of key features years of mainstream support and five Windows Embedded licensing allows you shipping—
—MIPS device emulator integrated into Platform
and functionality including .NET Compact years of extended support for Windows to make a low up-front investment in
—SH4 Builder helps make it easy to configure, we’re here to
Framework 2.0 for managed application Embedded products after release, for a operating system development, with the
—x86 build and test operating system images.
development and Win32, MFC, ATL, WTL total of 10 years of support for your majority expenditure occurring after your support you.
Production-quality • Editors. Designed for easy syntax and STL for native application developers. embedded operating system. device is shipped. Free evaluation software
device drivers highlighting, graphical .bib and registry lets you develop your OS image in the
Middleware • Developer Support: 1 (800) 936-5800
editors, building, and coding with evaluation phase. You pay for tools and
• Ensures easy • Online Support:
IntelliSense™ technology. Microsoft provides operating system build- runtime licenses only when you ship your
• Improved Compilers. Based on Visual ing blocks for an array of devices to meet device using per-unit licenses with tiered
—Kernel Mode for the requirements of vertical markets. This volume discounts. This model can help
Studio 2005, the latest compilers increase
performance lets you focus your development resources you predict your investment and reduces
C++ language conformance; provide
—User Mode for better libraries; support CRT, ATL and on adding product innovation, differentia- break-even volume.
robustness MFC; and offer improved runtime security tion and value. • To license Windows Embedded CE con-
Graphics checks (/GS). For example, the Windows Embedded CE tact a Windows Embedded Authorized
• Win32 GDI • Post Mortem Debugging. Provides 6.0 R2 release provides the latest version of Distributor at
improved visibility to diagnose potential Remote Desktop protocol to help enable dows/embedded/license.mspx
• DirectX®
problems and optimize performance. CE-based thin clients to connect using the
• Open GL (requires latest version of Windows Server remote
third-party add-ins) computing technologies.