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Evaluation Question Source of Information Type of Data Collected Method of Data Collection Method of Analyzing Data

Did students in the math Semester Grades Quantitative Analysis of Semester Compare GPA from prior
intervention course Grades year to current year
satisfactorily improve their
mathematical ability
through the program?

Did students in the math Student surveys Qualitative Survey Look at median responses
intervention course Quantitative on Likert scale
improve their confidence
level in mathematics? Summarize the most typical
responses from students
about benefits of math
intervention course

Do stakeholders believe Students Qualitative Survey Summarize the most typical

that the outcomes Teachers responses from
produced by the program Administrators stakeholders about benefits
are worth the time and of math intervention course
money expended to
implement it?

Are there Students Qualitative Survey Summarize any typical

recommendations for Teachers Interview responses from
improving the program? Administrators stakeholders about areas
for improvement

Should the program Teachers Qualitative Analysis of Results Summarize the most typical
continue in its present Administrators Quantitative responses from
form, be modified, or be stakeholders about
replaced with one that changes to math
appears more promising? intervention course