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Persuasion Principles

and Practices
with Raju Mandhyan
Author, Public Speaking Coach, Buzan Licensed Instructor for Mind Mapping, and NLP Practitioner
World economies are spinning at a blinding rate. What is a bench-mark today becomes historical data tomorrow.
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In this fast-flattening and fast-moving world most everyone in an organization Needs to be sales and service oriented because every transaction, weather front-end or back end impacts the bottom-line directly. This smooth and interactive 2-Day workshop draws upon the neuroscience of human interactions and equips you with heart and skills of soft selling.

and comprehensive workbook)

“Mr. Mandhyan speaks with deep authority about the topics.”
Ms. Loida Gascon, BPO International, Inc.

“Mr. Raju knows his materials, topics well. Great exercises! Mr. Raju’s experience and research is very evident.”

Workshop Objectives

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Identify the stesp of solution-based sales process. Set goals in line with business objectives. Learn the power behind prospecting profusely. Qulify buyers accurately and quickly. Master listening, questioning and trust-building skills. Identify and highlight need-gaps precisely. Present options deftly and effectively. Overcome objections and close deals consistently. Nurture networks and accounts on an ongoing basis. Set a personal plan of growth and learning.

Mr.Brtab See,Primer Group of Companies

"He is Supercalifragilisticexpialidoci ous!"
Ms. Marinette Poliquit, Asian Tigers Lane Moving & Storage, Inc.

“I appreciate his openness to our questions and his effort to know the participants.”
Ms. Jonah Marie Chipeco, World Vision Development Foundation

Raju Mandhyan highlights and then helps eradicate the fine line that divides creative thought and constructive action when it comes to leadership development. For over 10 years, he has worked and delivered powerful results with audiences of seven to seven thousand across the Asian-Pacific region. His heart-smart approach towards vision building, goal-setting and performance enhancement guarantees long-lasting results for your events and executive development needs. He has a large background in manufacturing, exports and international trade. He has been trained in multiple modalities for human capital development like Neuro Linguistic Programming, Whole-Brain Thinking, Life Orientations, American Management Association's Trainer, Arbinger Institute's Leadership and Self-Deception; and International Coaching Federation’s specific training for Life Coaches. He has lived and grown in three cultures_Indian, Ameriacn and Filipino. Currently, he lives in the Philippines and when not speaking or training he plays tennis, does scuba and is life-long yoga practitioner.

www.mandhyan.com l Tel: +63 2 8903565 l E-mail: innersunconsultants@yahoo.com

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