GENERAL STUDIES (RECOMMENDED BOOKS FOR GENERAL STUDIES) 1. An Introduction to the Constitution of India D.D.

Basu 2 Our Contitution Subash Kashyap 3 Perspectives on Indian Constitution Edited by Subash Kashyap 4 Biology for VIII-X Std NCERT 5 Physics for VIII-X Std NCERT 6 Chemistry for VIII-X Std NCERT 7 Anatomy & Physiology for Nurses Courses Evelyn Pearce 8 Know your body Reader's Digest 9 An Evolution of Indian Economy I.C.Dhingra (Sultan Chand & Co) 10 Indian Economy Dutt & Sundaram 11 Economic Survey of India Government of India 12 General Principles of World Geography Charles Farro 13 Monsoon Asia Charles Farro 14 Physical Geography of India for X - XII Std NCERT 15 Any Good School Atlas 16 Ancient India for XII Std NCERT 17 Medieval India for XII Std NCERT 18 Modern India Bipin Chandra 19 History of Modern India A.C.Banerjee 20 The Hindu & Times of India Newspapers 21 Frontline & Political & Economic weekly Periodicals 22 Yojana & World Focus Periodicals 23 Statistical Methods S.C.Gupta

Preliminary IAS (General Studies) Subject Indian History Good books • • History books of Classes XI and XII - NCERT Freedom Struggle (NET) - Bipin Chandra

Subject World Geography - including Indian Geography Good books • • • • • Principles of Geography (Class XII-Part I, II) General Geography of India (Class XII) Part I - NCERT Geography of India - Resources and Regional Development Part II (Class XII) - NCERT Physical Geography - Leong Atlas

Subject Indian Polity Good book • Introduction to Indian Constitution - D.D. Basu Related

he/she may skip the Modern India and Freedom Struggle. Modern India . In fact.Mishra and Puri Subject General Science Good books • NCERT books on Science. .Bipan Chandra Modern India .NCERT. Freedom Struggle (NBT) .Spectrum Subject General Mental Ability Good books • No special preparation is required in this area. Subject Indian Culture Good books • Art and Culture portions of history books and Gazetteer of India.Dutt and Sundharam.NCERT Indian Economy .Subject Indian Economy Good books • • • Evolution of Indian Economy . Good books • • • One major National Daily .Bipan Chandra and others. Main (General Studies) Subject History of Modern India Good books • • • • India's struggle for Independence . an intelligent calculation is the basic requirement for this topic. Indian Economy . Subject Current Events of National and International importance. But some practice may be done from any exercise books or quantitative aptitude. Newsweeklies like India Today or/and Outlook Current Events .Either The Times of India or The Hindu. • Science and Technology supplements in the Newspapers and magazines.IGNOU o If one is hard pressed for time.

Current events .R.Dutt and Sundharam/Mishra and Puri The editorial page of the Economic Times. 2. Vedic Age: Political and Social Institutions of Ancient India . S. Subject Science and Technology Good books • • • Science and Technology section of the Wednesday edition of the newspaper 'The Hindu'. Basu.P. Indus Valley Civilisation: Archeology of India . Main (Optionals) Subject History Good books for • Ancient India 1. Our Parliament . Yozna contains science and environment related topics. Kashyap Subject Indian Geography and Economy Good books • • • • Indian Geography (Class XI and XII) . 3.L.D.Sharma. .NCERT Yozna Indian Economy . Basam.D. Encyclopaedia of Indian Culture.Spectrum Subject Statistics Good book • Book on Statistics (Class XI) . Science and Technology Published by the Spectrum. Aggarwal.• • • Culture Chapter (s) in the India Year Book.S. Subject Current Affairs Good books • • • • At least one major national newspaper . Religion and Culture: Wonder that was India .C.either The Times of India or The Hindu Newsweeklies like India Today or/and Outlook Current Affairs and News Analysis of BBC. Books on culture / cultural topics brought out by Publications Division of Ministry of Information and broadcasting and National Book Trust.A.D.NCERT Subject Indian Polity and Constitution Good books • • Introduction to the Constitution of India . A good library invariably has more than one encyclopaedia on Indian Art and Culture selected notes may be taken from it.

Sources of History: Gazetteer of India.D. II. A. Swadeshi Movement: Modern India: 18851947 .Terry and Frankline 4.Kast and Roseinweigz or -. Administrative Behaviour: o Utilising Human Behaviour . A. Structure of Organisation: Same as Principles of Organisation. a Political Study . Europe since Napolean .R Goyal.M. Glenn Stahl or A. Habibulah 3. IGNOU Booklets on Ancient India • Medieval India 1. Theories of Organisation: o Organisation and Management . II and Rau's Study Material. Vol. Mehta 5.Vol. and starting part of Vol. .R.Comprehensive History of the Sultanate . Guishiain o Management Thoughts and Thinkers .Paul Hersey and Kenneth Blanchard or Organisation Behaviour .Sardesai 3. M. Robbing 5. N. Dey 9. 6.J. 5. processess and Behaviour . Shivaji: Gazetteer of India. Mauryas: Ashoka and Decline of the Maurya . Sharma. 4.U. Pre Maurya: Material. B. 6.S.A.Nizami 2. Economic History of British India: Gazetteer of India. 7.S. IGNOU Booklets on Modren India • World History: 1.R.Nigro and Nigro 2.Grover and Grover. Mukherjee 2. Rizvi.Stephen P.J.David Thompson. N.S.Sumit Sarkar 5. Ill of Burns and Burns Subject Public Administration Good books for 1.Vol II. Social life and Cultural life of both Delhi Sultanate and Mughal India:An Advanced Study of Medieval India. 8. II.A. Vol II .Principles of Management . Some aspects of Medieval History . World Civilisation .Nicholas Henry o Modern Public Administration . 6.Satish Chandra 7. 4.Mohit Bhattacharya o Public Administration and Public Affairs . For Delhi Sultanate: (.0. Principles of Organisation: o Essentials of Management .Koontz and O'Donnel or Management . Singh 3. . Financial Administration of India . Vol. 8. Freedom Struggle . Thavaraj. South Indian history: K Nilkantha Sastri or M. + Economic History of India . Sharma. Culture and Religion: Wonder that was India.A. Peasant Movement. A New look into the Modern Indian History . and Special issue of IIPA on Accountability.L.Romila Thapar. Mughals: Foundation of Muslim Rule in India .4. Feudal period: Feudalism in India . + Medieval India . European History . Tyagi. 2. Administrative Theory: o Basic Premises: Structure.K. 7. Culture and Social formation in Ancient India -R.K. Accountability and Control Same as Administrative Theory. 3.Devahuti 9. 8. IGNOU Booklets on Medieval India • Modern India 1.Bipan Chandra and others. Guptas: S.R. Personnel Administration Public Personnel Administration . Vol III . Guptas and Harsha: Harsha. Tribal Movement. Art. History of Annamalai University-correspondence notes.L.

Lucy Mair Applied Anthropology in India . State Administration: J. Basu + Sarkaria Commission report.A.D. Puri 30.Yogendra Singh An Introduction to Social Anthropology . III) . III .D. Tyagi + Administrative Reforms Commission report.S. 19. Administrative Reforms . Paul Bohannan. Administrative Thinkers . and Administrative Reforms Commission report on Planning Commission.M.Stein Rowe An Introduction to Physical Anthropology .Miller & Weitz Principles of Genetics .N.R. Paranjape. 32. Massey. .B.IGNOU material. Ravindra Prasad. Public Administration .K. Administrative Law . Political Executive at the Union Level: An Introduction to the Constitution of India . Lucy Mair.Machinery for Planning: Planning Commission . 27. Anderson or Policy making in Government K.B.Jhon Beatie Family. 28. Centre-State relations: An Introduction to the Constitution of India .Vidyarthi & Rai Cultural Anthropology .D. 25. D.M.Laxmi Narayan 21.Thavaraj. Das Annual Report of the Ministry of Welfare.K.NCERT Modernization of Indian Tradition . Puri 14.K.Ferrel Headly or Comparative Public Administration . K. Madan 13.Beals & Hoijer Kinship and Marriage . Shukla.Mclner & Page or Parimal Kar . Local Administration: Local Administration in India .Ghosh & Ghosh Report of the Commissioner of SC/ST.S.B.S.Avasthi & Maheswari 29.D.A Awasthi 17. 24. Social Changes in Modern India . Paranjape 31. \. Basu 15. Khera + Special issue of IIPA. Public Policy: Public Policy making . Basu 16.Dobzhansky Other Cultures .N. Public Services:Personnel Administration . Public Undertakings: Principles and Practice of Public Enterprise Management . 11.9.NCERT o Administrative History of India (Vols. 22. Caiden or P. Comparative and Development Administration:Public Administration: A Comparative Perspectives .N.R. Tribal Indian Today .S.H. Planning Commission . Environmental Setting: An Introduction to the Constitution of India . Administration for Welfare . Arora 12.S. Structure of Central Administration: Central Administration .J.) . District and local Administration: District Administration .P.R. Jain or I. Evolution of Indian Administration: Administrative History of India Vol.M.Annual Report of Ministry of Social Welfare.H.D. D. Indian History o (Administrative Portion) (Classes XI & XII) . Khera Subject Anthropology: Good books • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Indian Society (Class XII) . Maheshwari 26.Vidyarthi Prehistoric Archaeology . II.Madan and Majumdar An Introduction to Anthropology .Nadeem Hassanain Outlines of Physical Anthropology . D. Dubhasi. V.K.. District Administration in India . Sharma 23. 20. Prasad and P. E.M.K.R. Administration of Law and Order: Law and Order Administration in India .S.James F. Issue Areas in Indian Administration . Miller & Weiss Society and Sociology (for Basic concepts) .Robin Fox.P.D.Robin Fox Physical Anthropology (latest ed. Srinivas Tribal Culture in India . Bhattacharya Introduction to Anthropology . 18.K. 10.G.Satyanarayan. II. Marriage & Kinship . I. Control of Public Expenditure: Financial Administration .D.

Chand and Puri (Main) Physiography . Wald.S.N. Ramchandran Oceanography .B.R.Stroller & Stroller General Geography of India (Part II) .E.T.Raymond Aron Vol.Seth & Seth Evolution .Richard H. Dictionary for Geography .R.Nadeem Hassanain Indian Society .D.M. Gazetteer of India (Part I) Economic & Commercial Geography of India .Leong and Morgan.T. Dube Social Structure .Daji Geography of India .M. Singh Economic Survey Subject Sociology Good books • • • • • • Social Change (10+2 Text book of Sociology) .M.R. Bottomore Modren Sociological Theory . C.Chandra Regional Development and Planning .C.Hoebel & Frost Primate .Bittner Jaunsen Physical Anthropology .C.R.N.N. Gopal Singh Physical Geography made Simple .Dr.Hoofon Human Genetics .Motulsky Human Biology (Growth) (for +2) .C. I & II.N.R.Gabriel.S. Dixit or Manorama Sharma Population Geography. Srinivas.Savinder Singh or A.C B Pichamuthu Cartography .Odum Human Geography .R. Chandra Evolution of Geographical Thought .Tusner Human Physiology . Sharma Physical and Human Geography .NCERT Social Change in Modern Indian . Laskar Up from the Ape . Srinivas Subject Geography Good books • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Physical Geography .Leong Urbanisation and Urban System in India .Penguin Soil Genesis . Regional Geography of India .M. Bryant (Rupa Publication) Settlement Geography: Social and Economic Geography made Simple -Rupa Publication Political Geography.'ahler Human & Economic Geography . Srinivas Caste & Other Essays .Katch & Katch Readings in Anthropology .N. C. .Abraham & Morgan Capitalism and Modern Social Theory .R.T.Strahler and St.E.D.Sudeepto Adhikari & Majid Hussain Climatology .R.C. Spahler Geomorphology . Lal Reading in General Geography and Geography of India .• • • • • • • • • • • • Introduction to Social Anthropology .Sharma & Vattal Ecosystem .R.N. Knowles and Warning Physical Geography in India . Tikka Soil .Anthony Giddens Main Currents in Social Thought .CB Mamoria or Sharma & Cautiaho Economic and Social Geography made simple . A Guide to Problems and Literature .

Social stratification. B.• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Moderanisation of Indian Tradition .M. I & II) .Yogendra Singh Sociology .Winternitz Origin of Pali Literature (Vol.C. religion and social change & development Social stratification & change in India . Turner hat is Sociology? An Introduction to the discipline .B. Bottomore Modern Sociological Theory .B.C.M.Jonathan H.S. Francis Abraham Sociology: Theories and Perspectives . Jagdish Kashyap Pali Essays .Paul B.Alex Inkeles Rao's study material . Tiwari . Srinivas Social change .Anthropological & Sociological perspectives . Haralombes Sociology .Wilbert E.Yogendra Singh Understanding change.M.Hari Shanker Shukia Pali Grammar .IGNOU Booklets especially on thinkers. Horton & Chester L Hunt The Structure of Sociological Theory .T. II) . N. N. Srinivas Caste in Modern India & other Essays . Dubey Tradition & Development .L. C.N.M. Moore Subject Pali Good books • • • • • History of Indian Literature (Vol. Lal Compendium of Abidhamma Philosophy .S. Dubey Indian Society -NBT India: Social Structure .

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