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1. Your have give your students the following alternatives which is the one with the right stress?
a) Cómpetitive.
b) Competitive.
c) Competitive.
d) Competitive.
e) Competitive.
2. two ladies are talking about robbers. Look at the alternatives below and complete their conversation.
Sue: Have the men been caught yet?
a) One of them was caught yesterday, but the other hasn´t been caught yet.
b) One of the was caught yesterday, but the other wasn´t caught yet.
c) One of them had been caught yesterday, but the other doesn´t.
d) One of them is already caught, but the other isn´t.
e) One of them hill be caught but the other won´t.
3. You want your students to make a distinction between different types of written texts. Choose the
appropriate answer; from the alternatives below. Many countries in the world are faced with the appalling
connected problems of increasing population and a shortage o food. It has been estimated that by the year
2050 the world's population will have risen to about ten thousand million.
Governments in such countries could discourage large families, modernize farming and developed land to
produce more food, export resources to import food. If people mean to solve these problems there are
means of doing so.
The organization of the text above has the following thematic pattern. It is....
a) A description about the increasing population of the world.
b) An analogy and contrast about the shortage o food in different parts of the world.
c) An argumentative text about the increasing population and shortage of food in the world.
d) Main ideas and supporting details about the increasing population of the world.
e) A chronological sequence on how the population of the world increased.
4. Read the following text:
What to see in Perú
Tourists in Perú can visit the heart of the Andes an see the city of Cusco and the ruins of Machu Picchu, one of
the Seven Wonders of the Modem World.
In the northem part of the country there are also famous ruins like Chan Chan, El Gran Pajaten and Kuelap.
In the south you can visit the Nasca necropolis, and the figures on the desert, the Gate of the Sun, and the
Sacsayhuaman fortress.
Come and enjoy Perú!!!
Choose the right answer from the alternatives below This text was written by...
a) An English teacher.
b) A tourist guide.
c) A tourist agent.
d) A housewife.
e) An intelligent student.
5. If a teacher selects the learning strategies he is going to use according to the level of thinking skills of his
students. He is applying a...
a) Community Language Learning Approach.
b) Computer Assisted Language Learning Approach.
c) Cognitive Academic Language Learning Approach.
d) Cognitive Academic as Language Learning.
e) Cognitive Academic Language Leaning Assisted.