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11344 North Campus Mail Center · Tampa, FL 33620 · 941.258.5973 ·
April 10, 2018

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to express my interest in the Neonatal ICU Grad Nurse Position. I graduated from the
University of South Florida with a major in Health Science in 2015, and I’m currently pursuing a second
Bachelor’s degree in Nursing. My interest as a graduate nurse is to gain further experience in the NICU
and to advocate for the well being of my patients.

As a nursing student, I learned basic nursing skills, such as head to toe assessments and nursing
diagnoses that have prepared me for this position. Through the past four semesters of clinical practice, I
have learned to improve those skills and work diligently to meet the patient’s needs. As a semester five
student, I am able to demonstrate an understanding of didactic knowledge and clinical skills to identify
priority-nursing interventions and perform total nursing care for two or more patients. I am able to
advocate for the needs of the patient and communicate those needs effectively with nursing staff and
interprofessional team members for patient and family satisfaction. My involvement in the USF College
of Nursing, presidency in the College of Nursing Student Council, and membership in the Bulls Reaching
Achievement in Nursing (BRAIN) Mentorship Program allows me to work closely with faculty to provide
support for all students at the College of Nursing. These opportunities have also empowered me to
advocate for the students’ needs, a practice I will continue to implement in the clinical setting. My
budgeting and fundraising skills have also allowed me to raise over $2,000 for an organization that feeds
and builds homes for the homeless in the Philippines. I am currently fundraising for the USF Health
Team for March of Dimes and working to fundraise for USF’s Relay for Life. I believe that this quality
shows my passion for service and dedication to helping others. As a team member, my values and beliefs
will align directly with the values of trust, respect, honesty, and dignity.

As a Graduate Nurse, I understand the need for a candidate that possesses clinical and interpersonal
skills. These are some of the qualifications that I possess that would make me an asset to your team. I’m
very interested in this position and being a team member, and I would appreciate the opportunity to
interview for the position. Please contact me with any further questions you may have regarding my
candidacy. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Tina Marie Fetalvo