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The Uncool Facts about Our Future

Global Warming is Real and Here

By Bethany Faford
About the Author
Bethany Faford is one of
the youngest women in
Global warming is a major problem in our world. Many people do not
the business world to start
believe in global warming or do not think that it has impacted our world yet.
her own successful But the truth is that global warming is already here and is causing a lot of
corporation. She problems including climate change, a rise in sea level, and an increase in
graduated from Nichols wildfires. Scientists believe that the main cause for this warming is the
College with a human expansion of the greenhouse effect. This means that the Earth is
concentration in warming at a high rate due to gases that radiate towards space to be stuck in
Accounting and earned her the atmosphere (1). This human expansion includes deforestation, release of
Master’s degree and her toxic gases, and carbon emissions.
CPA. Bethany has also
This white paper will focus on how deforestation is affecting our air supply.
earned the title “Most
Every tree produces enough oxygen to help 3 people breathe (2).
influential business
Deforestation is responsible for 10% of the world’s trapped heat emissions
woman” for the month of
(1). If the human population helps to eliminate deforestation, then this can
May. Bethany is credited provide a long term solution to help stop global warming.
with making The
Bookworm an History of Deforestation
environmentally friendly The conversion of forests to farms has been going on for a long time. About
company. 49 million square km of Earth’s cropland was once forests (3). About 2
million square km of forests have also been cut down for grazing lands (3).
But, the largest suspected amount of forests that have been cut down
occurred in the 1600s to the 1870s. When early colonists first settled in
North America, they cut down lots of wood to build houses and to clear
land. This was also the time when book production really started to take off
and began to be mass produced. According to Britannica, this caused “about
half of eastern North America to lay deforested” (3).

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The Uncool Facts about Our Future
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How we know Global Warming is Real
There has been an increasing amount of energy that is coming from the sun.
Since there is more activity with the sun, NASA states that “scientists
would expect to see warmer temperatures in all layers of the atmosphere.
Instead, they have observed a cooling in the upper atmosphere, and a
warming at the surface and in lower parts of the atmosphere” (1). This
effect is caused by
the trapped
greenhouse gases.
Scientists are
This is a diagram that shows aware of global
all of the effects that global warming due to
warming has on the world many impacts that
(5). the warming has
over the world.
There has been an
accelerated rise in
the sea level which
has caused many
floods, especially on the United States coast and the Gulf of Mexico (4).
Also, the wildfire season has become much longer and more damaging than
it once was. This can create a lot of chaos in the United States. Heat waves
have become more frequent and intense in the past 60 years (4). Scientists
have also noticed more flooding due to heavier precipitation.
But, the most problematic effect that global warming has is that it can
impact our health, causing longer allergy season and increased air pollution
(4). Deforestation has a direct impact on global warming and “accounts for
10 percent of the world’s heat-trapping emissions” (4). Deforestation
occurs all over the world for a number of reasons including for paper
production, more open land, and more lumber.

Greenhouse Gases
The greenhouse gases have a large impact on global warming. These gases
can be released during manual activities such as deforestation, or they can
be released naturally such as water vapor. Either way, the gases directly
Impact our climate. The greenhouse gases include:

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The Uncool Facts about Our Future
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 Water vapor increases as the Earth’s atmosphere warms. Due to the
effect that water vapor has on precipitation, water vapor is the most
important feedback mechanism to the greenhouse effect (1).

 Carbon dioxide is released during deforestation. Because of so much

deforestation, land use changes, and burning of fossil fuels, carbon
dioxide has increased more than a third since the Industrial
Revolution (1). This gas is the “most important long-lived ‘forcing’
of climate change” (1). The Bookworm is focusing on reducing this

 Methane is a hydrocarbon gas that can be produced through human

activity and natural sources (1). This gas is important to The
Bookworm’s cause because it is produced in landfills when wastes
are being decomposed. This means that the gas can be avoided with
recycling. The Bookworm is also focusing on reducing this gas.

 Nitrous oxide is the

powerful greenhouse gas
that is produced by soil
This chart shows how cultivation practices. This
much each gas impacts includes fossil fuel
the Global Greenhouse combustion, biomass
(6). fuming, and nitric acid
production (1).

 Chlorofluorocarbons is a
synthetic compound gas that
destructs the ozone layer.
The gas has an industrial
origin and is used in other
applications as well (1).

Our Future with Global Warming

If it is too late to stop the climate change that is already beginning to happen
to our planet, then people must prepare for the impacts of global warming
(4) which include:
 Sea level rising causing flooding
 Increase of wildfires

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The Uncool Facts about Our Future
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 Increase of severe heat waves killing agriculture and possibly
harming humans and animals
 Glaciers melting
 Climate change
It is possible to slow down these effects, but we need to start protecting our
environment. Scientists have come up with solutions such as recycling, solar
energy, and wind energy.

The Union of Concerned Scientists have a few solutions that can help us
keep our environment healthy and safe.
The scientists state that we should reduce our carbon emissions (4). In order
to do this, there should be more solar panels to power houses or even cities
and towns. Solar panels use the sun’s rays to produce electricity. Also, there
are wind turbines which can generate electricity from when the wind spins
the motor. These methods eliminate the greenhouse gases because it prevents
the burning of fossil fuels. The greenhouse gas associated with fossil fuels is
nitrous oxide and it is the most powerful greenhouse gas. We should also be
planting more trees and preserving the trees that we have since deforestation
releases carbon dioxide.
But, the main thing that people need to put an end to is deforestation. The
number one thing that could help prevent deforestation is recycling old paper.
Because 93% of paper comes from trees, this act of only using recycled paper
could help stop some of the damaging symptoms that deforestation causes(2).
By reducing deforestation, we are also significantly reducing global warming

The Bookworm’s Solution

The Bookworm is a strong advocate for helping to protect the environment.
The Bookworm has pledged to only sell books that use recycled paper.
Because deforestation and laying waste to trees around the world has a big
impact on global warming, the company is doing its part to put a halt to the
mistreatment of our environment. The company has also started to use
renewable sources such as wind turbines and solar panels to power our
Readers can now enjoy reading a book without fear of destroying the
environment. Also, by recycling 1 ton of paper, we will be saving 682.5
gallons of oil, 17 trees, and 26,500 liters of water (2). The Bookworm is
working to make a safer and healthier environment and future for all.

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The Uncool Facts about Our Future
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Moving Forward
Although The Bookworm vows to go green, global warming is still a very
pressing and persistent issue in the world. We hope that other companies and
This image shows individual consumers will be stepping up and
the beauty of the vowing to go green. Although lots of
Earth that The companies and people have already started to
Bookworm wants make the move to go green, we need
to protect. This is everyone as a whole to make this change.
Kauai, Hawaii (7). Consumers have the power to demand more
from companies that they buy from, which
can result in more companies going green. The people need to think about the
kind of future that they will leave for their descendants.
The Bookworm strives to make the world a better place so we can continue to
preserve the wonders that Earth brings to us. What will you go green for?

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The Uncool Facts about Our Future
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The Uncool Facts about Our Future
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