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Finger Pulse Oximetry

ADC’s line of fingertip pulse oximeters

is designed to meet the varying needs
and budgets of the healthcare
practitioner and patient.

Our fingertip pulse oximeters combine

the finger sensor probe, electronics,
and display screen in one ultra-compact
form, making them ultra-portable and
convenient. ADC pulse oximeters
display spot SpO2 and heart rate
readings in just a few seconds.

The feature rich 2100, designed for

professional use, features a bright
two color OLED display, 6 display
orientations, multiple brightness
settings, graphical display of pulse
wave form, audible and visible alarms
and rugged construction. Rubberized
protective bumper sleeve included.

The value priced 2200, designed

for home, sport, and aviation use
features a one color LED display,
pulse strength indicator and
2 display orientations.

Both models come with a carry

lanyard, batteries and comprehensive
operating instructions.

Finally, a line of fingertip pulse

oximeters at prices that make sense
from the leader in core diagnostic

Finger Pulse Oximetry

Diagnostix™ 2100 Digital Fingertip Pulse Oximeter
A portable, feature rich pulse oximeter that provides spot
readings of SpO2 and heart rate for the busy
healthcare professional.
The 2100 features:
• Reads SpO2 and Pulse Rate
• Accuracy: SpO2 ±2% / HR ±5 BPM
• 6 changeable display modes
• 10 Display brightness settings
• Visual and audible alarms
• 25% smaller than competing models
• Fits fingers with a thickness 6 changeable display modes
of .3” to .8” (6.6mm to 19.7mm)
• Dual color OLED display
• Hinged battery cover is more secure Normal Horizontal
Wave Display
Normal Horizontal
Wire Display
Normal Horizontal
Bar Display

• Complete with Carry Lanyard and Black Rubberized Bumper

(Optional orange bumper sold separately)
• 2 “AAA” Batteries Handstand Horizontal Normal Vertical Handstand Vertical
Bar Display Bar Display Bar Display
• Instruction Booklet
• 2 yr. Limited Warranty
Ordering Information

Item Description
2100 Diagnostix Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

2100-1 Pulse Oximeter Carry Lanyard

2100-2BK Pulse Oximeter Safety Bumper, Black
2100-2OR Pulse Oximeter Safety Bumper, Orange
Carry Lanyard Rubberized Safety Bumper

Advantage™ 2200 Digital Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

A portable fingertip pulse oximeter
ideally suited for home,
sport, or aviation use. 2 changeable display modes

The 2200 features:

• Reads SpO2 and Pulse Rate
• Accuracy: SpO2 ±2% / HR ±5 BPM
Normal Vertical Inverted
• 2 changeable display modes Bar Display Bar Display

• Bright red LED display

Ordering Information
• Fits fingers with a thickness
of .3” to .8” (6.6mm to 19.7mm)
Item Description
• Carry Lanyard
2200 Advantage Fingertip Pulse Oximeter
• 2 “AAA” Batteries
2100-1 Pulse Oximeter Carry Lanyard • Instruction Booklet
Carry Lanyard
• 1 yr. Limited Warranty

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