The events in the last couple of years; ever since the sacking of Chief Justice IftikharChoudhary, Pakistan has

faced crisis after crisis, including the lawyers’ movement,violence in Karachi, the Lal Masjid debacle, militancy in FATA and NWFP and its impacton other parts of the country, the return of Benazir Bhutto and her subsequentassassination, and current ongoing military operation in Swat– all the above eventsindubitably made a huge impact on the economy. Stability and law and order situation under the political regime is very important for theeconomy as a whole. The present state of the government in Pakistan is directly affectingthe policies of banks. Continuous political changes have disrupted the policies andobjectives as each regime brings with it its own agenda. Organizations need time to adjustto one regime and then work with it towards economic enhancement. Due the wrongpolicies of the government, the talibanization also develop in Pakistan and become theinternational issue in Pakistan and badly affected the Pakistan repute in the world andpromote the uncertain conditions for the business in the Pakistan. Due to this theinvestors are not interested in the Pakistan. Economic Indicators The economy of any country directly influences any financial organization. Economicindicators include Gross Domestic Product (GDP), inflation, balance of payment, debt ofthe government. Pakistan’s economy has witnessed the most challenging period after posting sixconsecutive years of healthy economic growth. However, the strong fundamentals werecompromised to prevailing global crises that’s shacked the confidence of global investorsand FDI flowing in the country. The steep rise in oil prices to U$ 147 a barrel, soaringinflation hitting a 24% mark, huge fiscal deficits and balance of payments issues coupledwith plummeting forex reserves added to the economy’s move to an unstable growthtrajectory. Also the load shading is another factor that affects the Pakistan economy badly. This notthe end of the story after this Pakistan’ economy face lot of problems like bomb attacks inPakistan no electricity and the unstable government, due to this the investor are not investin the Pakistan and the existing business men are loosing their business unit due to the loss. Due to this poor economy, businesses are reaping low profits and stock market is in great danger. Pakistan’s foreign debts are rising day by day so such a situation is a big 53

challenge for banking institution to survive. The financial crisis in Pakistan has made the management of BAFL tensed to work in such an environment. Socio cultural environment A low saving culture has offset the huge population advantage this is enjoyed byPakistan. Also culture is dedicated by the religion, and in Pakistan a significant segmentof the population is reluctant to accept interest for their deposits due to the negativereligious implications of such an act. About 70% of Pakistan’s population is based onrural areas and literacy rate of the country is very much low, thus making it harder forbanks to mobilize their deposits within these regions. However, in today world, the customers are becoming more intelligent and throughmedia they keep themselves up to date. Thus, the lifestyle and expectations of thecustomers from the service provider is increasing day by day. Technological Factors Banks in the developed world have been turning to heavy IT investments, whichdifferentiate their products, provide response times, enhance accessibility and improvecustomer satisfaction. Though investing in state-of-the-art host banking solution, ATMand POS (point of sale) networks, visa, MasterCard, and, smart cards, telebanking,internet banking and now mobile banking are common IT investment in the developedworld, it is now that these products and services are gaining faster acceptance in Pakistan. In BAFL technology has great effect on the working environment. BAFL is alwayswilling to introduce new computer systems for keeping its staff up to date. With thesuccessful implementation of new centralized database system, the bank also achievedremarkable progress in business process re-engineering, turnaround time compliance bycentralizing outward remittances, account opening and credit administration. 54

Financial Analysis Horizontal &Vertical Analysis Balance Sheet of Bank Alfalah Limited 55


Income Statement of Bank Alfalah Limited .

788.500 Investments 35.502.700 56.633.280.043 Lending to financial institutions 27.183.491.859.973.564 75.504 6.452.493 12.999.010 149.581.196 57.059 3.378 32.687.851.713.186 Operating fixed assets 4.503.315.502.050.369 12.518 24.653 3.864.959 3.990 11.169 Other assets 3.989.708.456.380.097 8.238 Advances 88.325 171.952 18.529 5.731.226.992 192.425.210 88.957 9.671.620.013.335 Balances with other banks 3.198.360 29.738 21.625 27.931.400 118.56 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 Assets Cash and balances with treasury banks 19.436.324 .067 10.922.051 6.

173.452.773.496 9.13.389 8.480 3.344 5.858 208.391 273.338 1.723.860 Borrowings from financial institutions 12.509.379.834 484.666 7.355 3.697 13.106 3.541 328.841 300.130 21.067 239.990.152 348.764 LIABILITIES & EQUITY Bills payable Deposits and other accounts 129.858 Subordinated loans 1.305.280 Deferred tax liabilities 275.793 275.899.830 5.895.233.066 1.725.394.534 248.531.169 Liabilities against assets subject to finance lease Other liabilities 2.293 Deferred tax asset TOTAL ASSETS 154.230.671 3.465 .834.733.685.891 222.345.571.714.921.124 3.313.243 3.220.135 4.

072 4.793 275.739 Total Liabilities and Equity 154.764 Alfalah Bank Internship Download this Document for FreePrintMobileCollectionsReport Document Info and Rating internship first ever ever screening .845 2.436.500.063 1.500.025 REPRESENTED BY Share capital 2.000 5.833 3.351.TOTAL LIABILITIES 149.000.412 726.534 248.849.241.308 331.166.000 Reserves 1.443.685.596 312.218 2.675.056 Unappropriated profit 860.453.261.945 16.447.340 2.414.946.313.484 7.044.541 328.895.573.667 263.171 2.995.464.216 Total EQUITY 5.533 2.840 3.000 6.772 2.386.669.834.000 3.000.844 17.823.851.008.990.000 7.219.467 Surplus on revaluation of assets 892.050 240.749.152 348.126 12.300 1.

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