Thomas Watkins Harry Harshaw

Hope Center August 20, 2003

The whole point of the night was to bring the server up and operational with Windows 2000 server. All the parts where in house and ready to go.

I assembled the server everything seemed to have gone fine. When the first attempt was made to install Windows 2000 server the software could not find the CD ROM drive even though it was available in the BIOS. After some rearranging of the IDE cables it became apparent that the system was not recognizing every drive in the machine. The drives in the machine are: Two 40GIG Western Digital hard drives One Floppy drive One CD-ROM drive.

The motherboard could only recognize one hard drive so the undetected one was taken out. With only one drive being recognized we decided to see if Windows 98 would load on the machine and that went fine.

After windows 98 was loaded then we attempted to install 2000 server on the machine and it came up with the error inaccessible_boot_device. This poses a big problem because it is the backbone of the network and before we can make an attempt to upgrade the workstations the data needs to be backed up from them. Since the server is not online and operational, we cannot back up files.

Another issue we have is that one computer currently has 64Megs of RAM at PC100. The RAM that was ordered was PC133 and is not backwards compatible with a mother board that only supports PC100 this makes a upgrade of that machine to Windows XP very difficult or not feasible at this time.

Networking the office in the Hope center posed a slight challenge. The customer uses Norton personal firewall and it was not allowing computers to access network resources.

Thomas Watkins Harry Harshaw Solution to Networking

Hope Center August 20, 2003

This turned out to be a small software configuration issue with Norton Personal Firewall. Inside of Norton there is an option that will let you set a specific IP address or range of IP address at this current time it was set to allow IP addresses in the range of through to access network resources.

Solution to the Server issue Since we have one PC that is going to a remote location i.e. warehouse where the customers inventory is stored. It is not an office environment. We are going to place the server hardware there making it a remote connection with a lower operating system such as Windows 98. This computer will not require much just a connection to the existing LAN so the warehouse inventory can be updated on demand. The PC that was to go at the warehouse, which was 1.8GHZ, will now become the server located in the TELCO closet.

Solution to the RAM Issue We will need to fit more RAM into the machine but first we must determine where to get it. The RAM appears as it will need to be bought. First we have to find a store that sells PC100 RAM which may be tricky since there is a big push for mother boards to support DDRAM instead of the SDRAM at 100 and not 133.