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Jamal Khatoon alias Yasmeen Rajper

Gulshane-Mehran, Faze I, Qasimabad Hyderabad, Sindh.

Tel#: (+92-343-5280008) Email: Skype: yasmeen.rajper

More than 08-year experience in social sector, emergency relief, social development programs, nutrition, child
protection, DRR, WASH, health, partnership development, periodic planning, program development and
implementation, focused on program management, development, internal coordination & external
communication, capacity building, program quality & compliance, program financial management,
representation & collaboration, partnership management and information management.

Professional Experience:

Malteser International Thatta, Pakistan April 25, 2017 to date

Project Officer Health

Brief Summary of role and main achievements:

Being a PO health it is my responsibility to ensure the effective and efficient day to day implementation of
project activities under overall supervision of Area Coordinator with technical support and advice given by the
Health Programs Coordinator, to keep all the partners in close coordination to ensure joint implementation all
levels of the project, to ensure the functioning of project from its commencement to the end including project
inception activities, annual and quarterly budget and project planning with properly reporting, and
implementation of project activities, project reviews and project closure.

 Responsibilities and Tasks:

 Provide leadership, coordination and guidance on all health-related matters pertaining to smooth
implementation of the project, in accordance with Malteser procedures and obligations of donor and
respective health authorities;
 Serve as the principal point of contact between the relevant project staff and the district health
 Prepare and update project annual and quarterly work plans, and submit these to Area Coordinator for
onwards agreement and approval;
 Ensure that all agreements with implementing agencies are prepared, well negotiated and mutually
agreed upon;
 Ensure that project health related activities are being performed on as per work plan and in accordance
with the project proposal,
 Liaise and coordinate with the district health office and other responsible organizations/line departments
for smooth implementation of various activities of the project,
 Supervise health related staff working at office/health facility levels;
 Conduct regular field visits to monitor on-going activities at health facility level;
 In respect of health technical perspective, it is required to submit weekly/monthly/quarterly reports to
Health Program Coordinator by Cc to Area Coordinator on regular basis;
 Organize periodic evaluation meetings with relevant stakeholders regarding the progress of activities,
difficulties encountered and for possible solutions;
 Regularly update Area Coordinator & Health Program Coordinator on project progress and
implementation issues;
 Closely monitor project activities and make day to day decisions over the technical parts in consultation
with health program coordinator, and keeping the Area Coordinator on the updated issue.
 Organize, supervise and follow the stock movements from project office to field Offices (health facilities);
 Convene health staff meetings on regular basis and share minutes of the meeting with all concerned;
 Participate in regular follow up/monitoring of project budget situation including monthly 6+4 planning
and budget forecast;
The major achivement of the project includes establishment of close coordination among
Save the Children International Thatta, Pakistan Feb 15, 2016 to Dec 31, 2016
Merlin International, Thatta, Pakistan March 14, 2014 to February 15, 2016
Behavioural Change Communication Coordinator
Brief Summary of role and main achievements:
Being as BCCC it was my responsibility to Support the development and implementation of a sustainable
Health, Nutrition & healthy aging promotion programs in the targeted communities and Health facilities
including district level support for Health & Nutrition surveys, assessments and support the training activities
and responsible for Liaisons at community level and DoH staff. Along with project implementation, I assisted in
BCC formative research, in BCC framework, in development and implementation of nutrition BCC strategy.
it was main responsibility of BCCC to develop IEC material, to organize media campaigns, to improve health
behviour of community through awareness sessions/trainings, through strong community structures with
active involvement of existing LHWs network and community resource persons.
Save the children District Badin June 19, 2013-Dec 31, 2013
Project Officer DRR
Brief Summary of role and main achievements:

Responsibilities of the position:

Being as PO DRR, I have implemented School based and community based DRR project with close coordination
and capacity building of district education department of Badin and the targeted community. I have developed
School safety plans and Village DRR plans in Sindhi language and handed over to District Education department
and to village disaster management committees (VDMCs) with proper training and in addition to this, some DRR
awareness exhibitions were also organized for broad level understanding of people regarding DRR. This position
includes to ensure monthly/ quarterly/ annual planning and reporting of the project.

Plan International Badin, Pakistan Feb, 2012 to May 31, 2013

2011 Early recovery and child protection in Emergency
Child Protection Officer
Brief Summary of role and main achievements:
Being a child protection offiThe Officer provides professional technical, operational and administrative assistance throughout
the programming process for child protection programs/projects within the Country Program from development planning to
delivery of results, preparing, executing, managing and implementing a variety of technical and administrative program tasks
to facilitate program development, implementation, program progress monitoring, evaluating and reporting.
 Identification of child protection issues in programme, emergency and rehabilitation efforts.
 Provision of technical support, capacity building and training to partners and staff on Child Protection in
Emergency CPiE, WASH/CLTS and Child Centred Disaster Risk Reduction.
 Responsible for the assessment, implementation and monitoring of child protection, WASH/CLTS and DRR
programme for the flood recovery 2011.
LHDP Badin in Child protection in emergency August 17, 2011 to January 2012
Emergency response in flood 2011
Child Protection Coordinator
Responsibilities of the position:
 Supervise and managing the performance of Child Protection Officers
 Organise regular meetings with CP officers to discuss updates, discuss challenges and identify solution
 Organise regular meetings with CFS Supervisors where they can share experiences, as well as identify
solutions to challenges faced in the field
 Ensure that all Quality and Minimum Standards are understood by all CFS staff and implemented/respected
in all CFS sites
 Represent the implementing partner at district level Child Protection cluster or other coordination meetings
 Ensure coordination with relevant authorities (e.g. ministry of social welfare) and other NGOs working on
child protection/protection at district level
 Conduct introductory training for care givers and CFS supervisors on CP/WASH and DRR.
 Compile reports by CP officers and write weekly and monthly reports that are shared with senior
management and Plan
 Ensure the collection and consistency of qualitative and quantitative data from the CFS sites.
 Identify and evaluate the ongoing appropriateness of all CFS sites

LHDP Qamber Shahdad Kot, Pakistan April 13, 2011- August 16, 2011
WASH Early recovery programme in flood 2010
Project Officer Public health promotion
Being a PO PHP, I have Supervised and managed the performance of Community Mobilizers, coached and guided
Community Mobilizers for Hygiene Promotion methods, facilitation to team on the overall management of
Activities of the project in the relevant UC, Establishing and maintaining a weekly and monthly work plan and
reports which will include monitoring visits to each site on a weekly basis.

LHDP Thatta, Pakistan October 01, 2010 to April 12, 2011

Emergency response and early recovery in flood 2010
Child protection Officer

Being CPO it was my major responsibility to guide the appropriate implementation of all activities in 25 different
CFS sites and will ensure that quality standards are consistent and adhered to throughout all the CFS sites.

LHDP Thatta, Pakistan August 2010 to September 30, 2010

Emergency Response 2010 Thatta
Project Co-Coordinator
Facilitated trainings on the below topics:
 IYCF Infant Young Child Feeding  HVCA Hazard Vulnerability Capacity Assessment
 Community based preparedness Plan  School safety plan
 DRR, CBDRR and CC-DRR  Child development
 Child friendly approaches  Hygiene promotion methods
 Skills of working with children  Child Friendly techniques
 Temporary learning centers  Child friendly spaces
 Psycho social support in emergencies  Child rights and Child protection in emergencies.

Other Achievements:

Voluntarily worked as Co-Chair of Protection Working Group PWG Badin from February 2012- October 2013.

 Master’s of Arts, Sociology from University of Sindh, Jamshoro 2014-2016.
 Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) from University of Sindh, Jamshoro 2011-2013.
 Master’s of Arts, Sindhi from University of Sindh, Jamshoro 2005-2007.
 Bachelor’ of Arts, Sindhi from University of Sindh, Jamshoro 2005-2007.
Special Courses:
 1 ½ Years Diploma in Information Technology (MS OFFICE, Languages and Internet browsing)
 1 ½ Years Diploma in typewriting and shorthand
 03-month course in Linux administrator.
Fluent in English, Urdu and Sindhi.
Computer skills

Proficient in using Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, Internet, and Outlook.

References will be provided as per requirement