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Hospital Activities Programme

It's something you said

St John's, Western General,

Royal Infirmary and Royal Edinburgh

April - June 2018

Hospital Activities Programme
April - June 2018

Introduction to Programme

It’s Spring! The end of a long winter and also the end of an era for Artlink exhibitions!
From April 2018 we will be concentrating on the participation side of our programme
and a new organisation will be taking over the exhibitions.

Over the past month there have been a number of exhibitions in the gallery spaces
dedicated to showing the results from the commissions undertaken by emergent artists. As
from April 1st we will be relocating some of these artworks to other sites
within the hospital and the local community.

This programme is a direct response to your recent feedback

on our winter activities programme. In response to the needs
of people on long stay elderly care wards, we will be
extending our events programme and creating weekly
performance events. We are also investigating
new work which better supports patients as they
move from the hospital to the community, so look
out for Anne Elliot's new activities which are all about
encouraging greater community involvement.

You told us that performers should get to know each hospital

and the people in it, so we have allocated a smaller number
of performers to each hospital for a period of three months
working on the wards and entertaining in the public spaces. It will
be interesting to
see how this programme develops. Would you let us know how it works
Crafty Lunches, 2011

for you? Artworks produced within workshops will be shown in sites that are closer to
the people who made them. Bespoke frames have now been installed in all REH wards,
where patient work from Vanessa’s watercolour workshops will be curated by patients
and staff and displayed in the frames. Work made during the commissioning of emergent

It's something
2 you said
It's something you said

artists has moved from the galleries to sites in the

community. There is a small offsite show of work in the
Orchard Centre in Bonnyrigg, a personal and intimate
by-product of the Staff and Patient Open Show.

Hospital Quilt, Westeen General, 2011

In the meantime, we would like to look back at some
past exhibitions in appreciation of all the amazing artists
and curators who have been involved in our exhibitions
over the years. There have been so many exhibitions from
open shows to individual artists, from portraits of staff,
to artwork relating to health. A couple of exhibitions
stick in our memories: Gary Burden's sculptures and
the obvious pleasure he took in making such beautiful objects; Jeanette Bell's Knitting
Bee and the beautiful photographs of
the knitted tepees on Arthur’s Seat;
Frances Priest working with patterns
created alongside patients and staff (the
patterns spilled out from the gallery,
onto porters' trolleys, the backs of
wheelchairs, over tea cups and plates in
the café at St John's); Frances Priest and
Fran Nobilucci painting a huge Coat of
Gary Burden, Royal Edinburgh Hospital, 2017 Arms at the Western; right through to the
Crafty Lunches exhibitions which created a whole
network of lunchtime workshops for staff and informed Anthony Schrag’s most recent
work with the OTs at St John's.
'I always liked the banter you got from people during
exhibition changeovers; spending time in the galleries was the
best way to engage people in the shows.'
Kirsty MacDonald, Galleries Manager

It's something
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It's something you said
This is a roundabout way of saying we have valued every contribution to the Artlink
galleries over the years and would like to thank everyone who has taken part. We would
especially like to thank Kirsty MacDonald, Galleries Manager for all her work over
the years and Grace Johnston, Galleries Manager (maternity cover) for the last year.
We wish the new organisation taking over the galleries all the best in undertaking this

We hope you enjoy the programme for the next three months and we really appreciate
any feedback you can give us in relation to the workshops and events as well as the
accessibility of the programme.

Thank you.

Rebecca Marr, Western General Hospital, 2004 Ruth Ewan, Old Royal Infirmary Plaque to Volunteers, 1995

Jayne Wilding, St John's, 2005 Teepee, Jeanette Bell/Anne Elliot, 2001

It's something
© Anne Elliot

4 you said
St John’s
Something You Said
St John’s

Something You Said


Within St John’s we go out of our way to maintain invaluable links to the wider
community. We have a wide network of local organisations who have entertained,
exhibited and taken part in some of the activities. Emphasis on community is
particularly relevant to patients on mental health wards. By working closely with
patients we get to hear their interests and can, where relevant, begin to make
interesting links for them to local groups and organisations.

Our events programme led by Miss Annabel Sings is about getting people to join
in, to alleviate some of the daily stress, even if it’s just for a few minutes at a time.
The performances are open to anyone on the ward.

'This is better than the TV, can you come

in every week?' said a patient on Ward
3. Staff on wards are always really busy
but this comment sums up beautifully what
happens on the general wards as part of the
performance programme, 'I’m liking what
I hear' was another comment from staff on
Ward 17 as they gathered to watch Cera
Impala, after moving from their station to
listen more closely to the performance.

In a change to how we programme, expect

to see the same performers on wards over
the next few months, allowing them to get to
know you and for you to get to know them.
It also makes it possible for you to make
Fabric works, Nadia Rossi & Anne Elliot workshop suggestions as to what they should play or
sing, so you can hear new versions of your
favourite tunes.

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St John’s

Within workshop activity, we have concentrated on Pentland Court, a short-term,

supported living resource at St John's Hospital. Artists Nadia Rossi and Anne
Elliot have been working with individuals over the last 3 months. Nadia was
commissioned by Artlink to explore collaborations with mental health and
community projects. Based in the living room of one of the flats, they spent time
getting to know residents through making fabric banners.

'As people came and went at Pentland Court, our time became more focused,
working in collaboration with Anne and the residents. They began to shape the
aesthetic of the fabric works with a much looser and freer approach to making.
Led by them, the work became banners centred around text, with collaging and
overlapping that focused on shape and colour.' Nadia Rossi.

Anne and Nadia have also begun to make practical links to Leylines, a communi-
ty-based arts group in West Lothian. Many of those involved in Leylines have spent
time at Pentland Court before moving back into the community.

The exhibition in St. John’s

Gallery finished at the end
of March, but aspects of the
exhibition will be adapted for
display in Pentland Court.

Fabric banner, Nadia Rossi & Anne Elliot workshop

It's something
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St John’s

Art Workshops

A new art workshop on Ward 17* and Pentland Court with artist Anne Elliot
running for 8 weeks. Come along and explore, express and experiment in a
supportive atmosphere. This is a chance for you to develop art projects both small
and large. Intrigued? Come along and join in. All materials are provided.
*Please note the Ward 17 workshop is a closed group

© Albie Clark (2)

Singin’ & Reminiscin’ with Miss Annabel Sings

With a passion for reminiscence and the help of a huge back catalogue of your
favourite songs from every genre, Edinburgh’s premier Cabaret singer and host will
be using songs and personal stories to help you remember times gone by.

It's something
8 you said
St John’s

Sarah Phizacklea
Sarah is a multi instrumentalist, golden-voiced super hero! Sarah has worked
with you before and will be working with Ward 3 and Ward 17 for the next three
months in order to deepen that working relationship; she will use her experience in
order to feedback and inform the next 3 months. Enjoy a relaxed hour of live music
and chat as she takes you on a journey through songs and music from every era
and the stories behind them. We can all find a shared story in the songs we know
and love, so please feel free to have a chat with Sarah, and if you have a personal
favourite just ask her to try and include it in her next session on your ward.

It's something
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St John’s


© Albie Clark

The Variety Hour

Scotland has a fantastic history of variety artists and that shows no signs of
changing as variety remains one of the UK’s most well-loved forms of entertainment
in clubs, pubs, theatre and on TV. Every quarter we will be celebrating one of the
best variety artists on the scene right now. This time round it is the brilliant Paul
Novak. A fabulously funny close-up magician with a depth of knowledge of the
history of magic, look out for him doing close-up magic at St John's in June.

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Art Workshop with Mondays, 11am - 12pm Ward 17

8 sessions Starts 16th April^
Anne Elliot <>

Tuesday 24th April 11am - 12pm
Singin’ & Reminiscin’
with Miss Annabel Tuesday 29th May 11am - 12pm
Sings +
Tuesday 26th June 11am - 12pm

11am - 12pm Ward 3

Wednesday 25th April
1.45pm - 2.45pm Ward 17

11am - 12pm Ward 3

Sarah Phizacklea* Wednesday 2nd & 16th May
1.45pm - 2.45pm Ward 17

11am - 12pm Ward 3

Wednesday 13th & 27th June
1.45pm - 2.45pm Ward 17

Main Foyer
12.30pm - 2.30pm
The Variety Hour* Tuesday 12th June
2.30pm - 3.30pm Ward 17

Art Workshop with Tuesdays, Pentland

8 sessions 10am - 12pm
Anne Elliot + Starts 1st May Court

* Open to patients and staff on the ward/s

+ Open to patients and staff at Pentland Court
<> Closed group
^ No group 14th May
Western General
Laura Cave Magowan & SJ
Western General


In the Western General we will provide a weekly programme of activities on elderly

care wards exploring how regular participation in the arts can support staff and
families. This is an exciting development in our work and will see us begin to set up
meetings, performance & workshop events for patients and staff, aimed at lifting
morale and encouraging creative thinking.

The Hospital Arts programme is best described by someone who has taken part in
the activities. It quite simply illustrates impact. ‘The people who are still in their rooms
don’t know what they are missing. I have been lucky enough to have heard many
great voices over the years (this very frail and elderly man had been telling a story
of seeing a famous opera singer at the Usher Hall in the 50s) and now I am lucky
enough to have heard you. Thank you; I didn’t expect to be treated to this.’ 

Miss Annabel Sings, a performer and coordinator of the Artlink events programme,
talks of the work's impact, 'Watching Bruce Davies singing to the group today, the
staff were gathering outside to watch, hugging as the music made one nurse quite
emotional. Patients were laughing and singing along. Staff came in at the end to say
how great this is for all of them as well as the patients. It’s an uplifting treat.'

For her own contribution to the Open Show,

commissioned artist Laura focused on stories of
patients involved in bird watching, who created an
extensive list of birds and collected images from
cards. Laura then made a series of illustrations,
after keeping notes of birds she saw on trips to
the hospitals in recent months, encountering the
blackbird most frequently. 12 bird illustrations
acted to visually link all the works in the Open
Show together. Cards made by Tracey, OT, working in
© Laura Cave Macgowan

collaboration with Laura Cave Magowan

It's something
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Western General

ESCAPISM (cont.)

The Open Show finished in the

gallery at the end of March. An
offshoot of the exhibition has been
Laura’s collaboration with SJ, a
local artist who makes work about
emotional wellbeing. Laura began
making work in response to SJ’s
atmospheric photos and her music
play list.

The Orchard Centre in Bonnyrigg was

selected to show their work, as SJ felt
that a service dedicated to supporting
people with mental health issues would
be appreciative of her artwork. They are!

© SJ Ferguson (3)
The show is up in their drop-in café at
the centre, which is open to service users

Cera Impala

Armed with her banjo, guitar and a voice that sends shivers down the spine, Cera
Impala is visiting the wards in the Royal Victoria building at the Western General
over the next three months to entertain and explore our passion for song. This
Edinburgh-based folk musician will get your toes a-tapping to songs old and new
as well as trying out some songwriting with you. As Cera will be with wards 70, 71,
72 and 73 several times over this quarter she will be happy to take requests on her
first visit for her next trip to the wards.

It's something
14 you said
Western General

Singin’ & Reminiscin’ with Miss Annabel Sings


With the help of patients on all wards in the Royal

Victoria Building, Edinburgh’s premier Cabaret singer
and host will be using songs and stories to help you
remember the days of the 1950s dance halls. Over
the next 3 months Annabel will be on Ward 71, and
will be joined by members of Mix Up Youth Theatre.
Mix Up Youth Theatre will be using the stories and songs gathered through these
events to inspire a new piece of devised performance that they will present in
Summer 2018.

ALL NEW! The Variety Hour

Scotland has a fantastic history of variety artists. Variety remains one of the UK’s
most well-loved forms of entertainment in clubs, pubs and theatre. Every quarter we
will be celebrating one of the best variety artists on the scene right now. This time
round it is the brilliant Paul Novak, a fabulously funny magician with a fantastic
depth of knowledge of the history of magic. Look out for him doing close up magic
somewhere in the foyer/café in the Anne Ferguson Building and also on Ward 72
at the Western General.

Allan and Ron: Stories and Songs

Life is full of stories and even better when it’s filled with songs. Join our wonderful
volunteers Alan and Ron for an hour of storytelling and song, some old and some
new to tap your toes to. Alan and Ron have been volunteering at the Western
General for over 2 years and have fast become a favourite on Wards 71 and 73.

It's something
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11am - 12pm Ward 70

Wednesday 4th April
2pm - 3pm Ward 71

11am - 12pm Ward 72

Wednesday 18th April
2pm - 3pm Ward 73

11am - 12pm Ward 70

Cera Impala* Wednesday 9th May
2pm - 3pm Ward 71

11am - 12pm Ward 72

Wednesday 23rd May
2pm - 3pm Ward 73

11am - 12pm Ward 70

Wednesday 6th June
2pm - 3pm Ward 72

Saturday 28th April 11am - 12pm Ward 71

Singin’ & Reminiscin’

with Miss Annabel Tuesday 8th May 11am - 12pm Ward 71

Monday 4th June 11am - 12pm Ward 71

Foyer/Café at
12.30pm - 1.30pm Anne Ferguson Building
The Variety Hour+ Tuesday 8th May
Ward 72 at
2.30pm - 3.30pm
RVB Building

Wednesday 30th May 11am - 12pm Ward 73

Allan and Ron:
Stories and Songs*
Wednesday 20th June 11am - 12pm Ward 71

* Open to patients and staff on all wards in the RVB building

© Hannah Imlach

+ Open to patients and staff on the ward/s

Royal Infirmary
Hannah Imlach
Royal Infirmary

What the hand knows the hand does


In addition to a regular programme of events and performances on hospital

wards and in public space, Miss Annabel Sings has been running regular singing
and reminiscence sessions in the Activity Room Ward 201. These sessions have
been so successful that we will be extending this work across other wards in
collaboration with hospital activity coordinators. Activity Co-ordinator: 'I bet you
forgot you were in the hospital?' Patient: 'I did! These memories are wonderful.'

Did you know that Artlink volunteer and poet Elaine Gallagher has been
visiting Ward 202 for many years, giving bedside readings to patients? Elaine
is continuing to put on a series of events called A Book and a Blether as part of
the overall programme over the next three months. Watch out for her in our next
quarter as our Variety Hour artist!

Within the Royal Infirmary we merged workshops and exhibitions as part of the
commissioning programme for emergent artists. The commissions offered artists at
the beginning of their career the opportunity to learn from artists who have many
years of experience within art and care. In the initial stages of her commission,
artist Hannah Imlach was paired with artists who work with people with higher
support needs.

Hannah then worked alongside artist James McLardy and activities co-ordinator
Carey Moss with stroke patients from wards 201 and 101. Patients began with
activities such as weaving, pushing objects like shells and pine needles into wet
clay to create surface textures as well as threading dry clay forms, bead-like onto
loops of cord.  

It's something
18 you said
Royal Infirmary

The communal activity of the group encouraged conversation and banter. The
relationships developed by participants during the early workshops created a
space where people felt comfortable to talk about their individual experiences of
stroke and their path to recovery.

Workshops became centred around these conversations and prompted the

question, ‘What it is for the hand to touch or be touched by something?’ Led by
patients' personal experiences of regaining the use of their hands after a stroke, the
workshop activity was pared right back. It became about how the deliberate act of
gripping changed a small piece of clay held in the palm of the hand.

'When you are in control of your good limb

you don’t need to think about it, but with
your weak hand it’s all about trying to think
hard to gain control.' Jack

'It’s empowering, in the contrast with the not

so empowered hand.' The right hand 'can
express my feelings of aggression' in the
clay, 'I can do it!' Della

A series of photographs and 'squeezed' clay

© Hannah Imlach

objects created during these workshops was

exhibited in the gallery space until the end of
March, and now they will be displayed on
the walls just outside Ward 201.

It's something
you said 19
Royal Infirmary

ALL NEW! The Variety Hour


Scotland has a fantastic history of variety artists. Variety remains one of the UK’s
most well loved forms of entertainment in clubs, pubs and theatre. Every quarter we
will be celebrating one of the best variety artists on the scene right now. This time
round it is the brilliant Paul Novak: a fabulously funny magician with a fantastic
depth of knowledge of the history of magic. Look out for him doing close up magic
on Ward 203 or somewhere in the main foyer of the Royal Infirmary.

Singin’ & Reminiscin’ with Miss Annabel Sings

With your help, Edinburgh’s premier Cabaret singer and host will be using songs
and stories to help you remember the days of the 1950s dance halls. Over the next
3 months Annabel will be on Ward 201 where she will be gathering stories and
songs from the good old days to inspire a performance devised by Mix Up Youth
Theatre, Edinburgh. They will then perform the piece in Summer 2018.

Elaine Gallagher: Book and a Blether

Our fantastic volunteer, book lover and poet Elaine will be popping onto Ward
202 and 203 ward to visit you. What’s better than a blether about the weather and
sharing stories? Keep your eyes peeled for Elaine’s friendly face and say hello to

It's something
20 you said
Royal Infirmary

© Albie Clark
Max Scratchmann

Max is a fantastic storyteller and multimedia artist who uses many different tools
to tell a story. Over the next 3 months he will be collaborating with the Infirmary’s
fantastic activity coordinator Carey to create storytelling sessions on the wards
just for you. With the finer weather finally appearing over the horizon, Max and
Carey will be celebrating our memories of holidays past in a fun and informal
environment. Sit back and relax on your lounger as we transport you to warmer
climes through the power of storytelling.

It's something
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12.30pm - 1.30pm Main Foyer

The Variety Hour° Tuesday 3rd April
2.30pm - 3.30pm Ward 203

11am - 12pm & Activity Room at

Monday 9th April
1.45pm - 2.45pm 201 ERI
Singin’ & Reminiscin’
with Miss Annabel
Sings* 11am - 12pm & Activity Room at
Monday 14th May
1.45pm - 2.45pm 201 ERI

11am - 12pm & Activity Room at

Monday 11th June
1.45pm - 2.45pm 201 ERI

Activity Room at
11am - 12pm
201 ERI
Tuesday 10th & 17th April
1.45pm - 2.45pm Ward 104

Activity Room at
11am - 12pm
201 ERI
Tuesday 15th May
Max Scratchmann+ 1.45pm - 2.45pm Ward 104

Activity Room at
11am - 12pm
201 ERI
Tuesday 5th & 19th June
1.45pm - 2.45pm Ward 104

Saturday 21st April 11am - 12pm Wards 202 & 203

Elaine Gallagher: Saturday 19th May 11am - 12pm Wards 202 & 203
Book and a Blether =

Saturday 9th June 11am - 12pm Wards 202 & 203

* Open to wards 101,104, 201, 202, 203

+ Open to patients and staff on the ward/s
© Albie Clark

= Open to patients on the ward/s

° Open to everyone
Royal Edinburgh
Vanessa Lawrence Workshop
Royal Edinburgh

Art from the Wards


As the hospital changes and begins to support patients with higher support needs,
Artlink has put greater emphasis on working on wards in order to meet new people
and find the best ways to work with them. Expect to see some interesting work
when we introduce person-centred workshop activity for people with advanced
dementia. We will start to make links
with our work in other dementia units,
exploring the potential of workshops
for staff and patients as a way of
relieving some of the stress.

© Anne Elliot
Mix Up, a local youth theatre group,
will be working with Miss Annabel
Sings on some of the wards. We think this is a great way to get young people
involved in the hospital community. Anne Elliot and Miss Annabel Sings will
be running a programme of workshops across all the wards in the hospital. The
theme is Summer Camp, with Anne and Annabel putting on films, workshops and
culminating in a Butlins-themed event in August to bring everyone together.

To try out ways of working that support

people moving from the hospital into the
community, Anne Elliot will be working
with members of the Tuesday open project
and Curious Routes (an Artlink community
project). This women’s group will make
banners to celebrate the 100th anniversary
© Albie Clark

of Women’s right to vote.

It's something
24 you said
Royal Edinburgh

Art from the Wards (cont.)

Marcus Oakley continues to work with Merchiston on creating colour field vinyls
for the window in the ward’s communal spaces.

Artist Vanessa Lawrence is just about to finish an

intensive project in which painting workshops took
place on 10 wards. This project was inspired by the
recent move into the new building and the success
of Vanessa’s previous workshops (and an idea put
in place by Becky Brazil to provide every ward with
bespoke hinged frames for communal areas). This
enables the wards to curate a changing programme
of artworks produced by patients on their ward.

Using high quality watercolours on watercolour

© Albie Clark

paper, the artists worked without a common

theme, choosing what they would like to paint
for themselves. The responses are diverse and
imaginative, ranging from first hand experience such as playing an instrument as
part of a band, to depictions of landscapes, as well as close studies of objects that
were brought along by Vanessa.

Each ward was invited to select a single painting from their ward workshop. The
12 works were then framed and put on exhibition in the REH gallery. The wards
that participated were: Hermitage, Fairmile, Canaan, Eden, Harlaw, Blackford,
Meadows, Balcarres, Craiglockhart, Merchiston and the Robert Fergusson Unit.

The exhibition finished at the end of March and the framed works went back to their
respective wards.

It's something
you said 25
Royal Edinburgh

© Albie Clark (2)

D.I.Y. Workshop
This workshop is open to in patients and staff who have an interest in skills-based
activities such as woodworking and painting. Learn new skills with Anne and
volunteer Neil while helping us to maintain the much-loved Glasshouses, as well
as repairing and maintaining outdoor furniture from some of the wards. Places are
limited so please contact Anne Elliot about taking part.

Open Art Studio

Drop-in art group with Anne Elliot that is bursting with creativity. Explore your
individual approaches to art and learn interesting techniques in a supportive
atmosphere, with the encouragement of your workshop friends. Explore colour, line
and texture using the materials from our art store whilst enjoying the free hospitality
at the Glasshouses. Anne will introduce the theme for this block: Summer Camp!  

It's something
26 you said
Royal Edinburgh

Summer Camp with Miss Annabel Sings and Anne Elliot


In the buildup to a special programme of events at the Glasshouses this summer,

Miss Annabel Sings and Anne Elliot will be touring the wards at the Royal
Edinburgh. This year the theme is holidays, so they will be singing songs and
projecting film footage related to anything holidayish!

We'll be coming round each ward in order to book up sessions for these events.

Community Art Studio with Anne Elliot & Annabel Bartle

These workshops are aimed at women who are outpatients or are about to leave
the hospital. The women will make banners as part of Artichoke arts production
- PROCESSIONS. The banners will be paraded as part of the Women’s March to
celebrate 100 years of women getting the vote in the UK. The event will take place
on Sunday 10th June in Edinburgh.

It's something
you said 27
Royal Edinburgh

Slow Gardening at the Glasshouses


Gardener Chris Jones will be joining us

for the next 3 months. Chris will lead the
group sharing his knowledge and skills
in gardening, accompanied by Anne
Elliot. An active community of garden
enthusiasts welcomes new volunteers to
the Glasshouses to spend quality time
© Albie Clark

with each other while learning how to

grow and nurture plants from seeds.

James McLardy
James McLardy will continue to develop the Learning Team work he has been
doing on Pentland and Canaan. Over the next year he will be spending less time
at the REH and will be developing the work he has started with Hannah Imlach and
Carey Moss at the Royal Infirmary, with the view to extending this into other wards.

It's something
28 you said


Summer Camp with Mondays

Miss Annabel Sings 23rd, 30th April Afternoons Various
and Anne Elliot* 21st, 28th May, 18th, 25th June

Community Art Studio

with Anne Elliot & 2pm - 4pm Glasshouses
Annabel Bartle <> 3rd April to 12th June

D.I.Y. Workshop Wednesdays

with Anne and 4th April to 27th June 11am - 12pm Glasshouses
volunteer Neil*

Open Art Studio with Wednesdays

1pm - 3pm Glasshouses
Anne Elliot* 4th April to 27th June

Slow Gardening at Thursdays

the Glasshouses + 5th April to 28th June 1pm - 3pm Glasshouses

Plant Sale Event + Monday 24th May 10am - 4pm Glasshouses

James McLardy Various Wednesdays throughout arranged
Various wards
Workshops at REH and RIE
April, May and June with wards

* Open to inpatients only

+ Open to anyone
° Open to patients on the ward/s
<> Closed group
Prospect Bank

© Albie Clark

Building on the work Anne Elliot and Miss Annabel Sings developed with Activities
Nurse Jacqui McKay at Prospect Bank, we are developing new workshops to take
place here. Watch this space for developments.

It's something
30 you said
Developing Future Partnerships

Artlink is an arts and disability organisation established in 1984. Artlink

believes participation in the arts has an important role to play in realising
personal and social change.

We want your involvement in this programme and your feedback on

exhibitions, events and workshops. We depend on you to make this
programme work and your participation will help us to shape future
direction. So call or email us if you need more information, or you want
to talk about what’s on or would like an activity placed on your ward.

Connect with Us
@ArtlinkEdin artlinkedin


Artlink Office: 0131 229 3555
Artlink Glasshouses: 0131 537 6127
Information on workshops:

Information on events:

Artlink Edinburgh & The Lothians
13a Spittal Street
Edinburgh EH3 9DY

Artlink is a company registered in Scotland No. 87845

with charitable status, Scottish Charity No. SCO006845

Image: Albie Clark

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