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Lacey Galbraith

John Overton High School

4820 Franklin Road
Nashville, TN 37220

To Whom It May Concern,

Alexander Daniel is one of the kindest, most respectful, and promising young men I have ever taught.
Seldom do I encounter students of this caliber. I have known Alexander since his junior year when he
enrolled in my AS-Level General Paper class. As part of Overton’s rigorous and globally-respected
Cambridge International Examinations program, the course offers the possibility of college-credit
provided students sit for an international exam at the end of the year. A gifted writer, I rightly
predicted that he would earn an A on his Cambridge exam.

Alexander is an exemplary student committed to his education. A curious and bright young man, he
has always selected the most challenging courses available, and where some seniors might decide to
take it easy their last year in school, Alexander has chosen to push himself by taking five college-
level courses. Alexander possesses an outstanding character, strong work ethic (diligent doesn’t
begin to describe him) and an intrinsic desire to improve himself. He isn’t taking AS-Level
Cambridge Literature or A-Level US History because he knows it looks good on his resume; he’s
taking these rigorous courses because Alexander Daniel is a life-long learner. He’s a joy to teach, and
seldom do I encounter students of this caliber.

During his high school career, Alexander has been involved in numerous academic and extra-
curricular activities. He was inducted into the National Honor Society as a junior (the first year
students are eligible) and has participated in a wide-variety of service-related activism through his
membership in Beta Club, the Red Cross, and Youth Court. One of the biggest honors at Overton is
to be chosen as a school ambassador, and if anyone should represent our school it’s Alexander. Not
only is he personable, but he is kind. He shows respect to everyone he meets, and he does so without
the expectation that he shall be shown respect as well. (But really, who wouldn’t show Alexander
kindness? He is such a gentle soul with a disarmingly open personality that people can’t help but
smile when he is around.)

I have a tremendous amount of trust and respect for this young man, and I cannot stress enough just
how much he has enriched Overton. We are a better school for having him as a graduate, and I have no
doubts that he will do the same for whichever school and community he chooses to attend in the future.


Lacey Galbraith

AS-level General Paper

English Dual Enrollment