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High Level Advocacy

and Policy Dialogue

Developing Policy

This project is in collaboration with Club De Madrid, Isis Womenʼs

International Cross cultural Exchange and the Institute of Security
Women’s Leadership Studies
for Peace
knowledge networking and and Security in the Horn of Africa

gathering information Women’s Leadership

Strategic Planning Meeting for Peace
Security inLeadership
the Horn of for
Kampala, June 1-3, 2009
and Security in the Horn of Africa
Strategic Planning
Background Documents Meeting
This project is supported June
by the 1-3, 2009of Germany, Norway,
Strategic Planning Meeting
Belgium and Iceland and the Hunt Alternatives Fund
Kampala, June 1-3, 2009
Women’s Leadership for Peace and Security in the Greater Horn of Africa
PROJECT OBJECTIVES High-level missions have been held
in Addis Ababa (African Peace and
1) Learning security fluency: Security Structure - October 2009),
A coalition of 40 women
building women’s knowledge of and Kampala (Peace and Recovery Plan
leaders from across the
capacity to address peace and for northern Uganda - November
Greater Horn of Africa.
security issues 2009), Djibouti (Human security of
Also known as the G40
women in Djibouti and IGAD’s
WHAT? 2) S e c u r i n g a s e a t a t t h e peace and security architecture -
Increased participation decision-making table: December 2009), Nairobi on Somalia
and impact on peace and advancing women’s participation (Internationally assisted plans for
security decision-making, in and influence on security policy
at national, sub-regional and practice.
(IGAD), regional (African
Union) and international
levels (EU, UN, etc.)

Somalia and constitutional

development processes and policy
The design of this project is based on making - February 2010) and Nairobi
two essential premises: on Sudan (First Multiparty
HOW? elections since 1984 and
The first, that decisions about local promoting good practices ahead
15 Club of Madrid
security problems should be made, of the 2011 referendum May 2010)
high-level missions
as much as possible, by people close under the leadership of Club of Madrid
to the problem.The second, is that Members Mary Robinson, Kim
WHEN? a large group of diverse individuals Campbell, Valdis Birkavs and Kjell
Over the course of will come up with better and more Magne Bondevik, engaging top
the next three years robust forecasts and make more leadership at continental, sub-regional
(2009-2012) intelligent decisions than the most and national levels on pressing issues
skilled “decision-maker” of peace and security.