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Trimbel, Michael

Period 5

Totalitarianism Project: Comparison T Chart

Jack in “Lord of the Flies” Adolf HItler

Jack uses violence to get what he wants Hitler also used violence to carried out
such as stealing piggy's glasses by use his plans against his political opponents
of force (ch.10 pg#221) and others who would oppose him.
Jack not only uses violence but, terror Like Jack, Hitler uses terror to control
to control people. For example, he people and carried out acts of violence
forces samneric to join his tribe to such as the “The Night of the Long
assert his dominance over ralph or else Knives” and “Kristallnacht” against his
he was going to use violence on him. enemies. (
(ch.11 pg#242)
In the book, Jack promised the boys he Similar to Jack, Hitler promised a
is going to give food to them, in his better life for the german people by
case, meat from pigs and he also fixing their economies and all the
promised them a better life if the boys ongoing problems that the germans
joined his tribe. (ch.8 pg#177) were facing in Germany.
Jack also rallies the boys to him with Hitler does the same by rallying all the
promises of getting to hunt “the beast” germans to his side and blaming all the
in which case, he blames “the beast” for Jews for germany's problems such as
all their problems they had ever since, their economy and the loss of World
the boys and him were stranded in a War 1. (
island. (ch.8pg#192)
Jack and his band of followers did a Hitler had a systematic killing of his
similar thing where as, they were scapegoat. For example, the Nazis
attacking Jack own scapegoat which attacking Jewish homes and business.
was, “the beast” (ch.9 pg#207) Looting , beating and also killing
jewish people.
Jack does not care if he kills someone. Just like Jack, Hitler did not care if he
He was in control of the boys who killed a human being. He would just
mortally wounded “ the beast” on his ordered others to do his dirty work for
orders. (ch.9 pg#219) him. (