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Knotweed Control

Ireland COSHH Risk Assessment Ref No:

Location/Service/Unit Unit Safety Coordinator/Supervisor:

Sleaty Road, Carlow Ronnie Murphy
Describe the activity .
or work process. Mixing Herbicide (RoundUp) prior to spraying Japanese Knotweed
(Inc. how long/ how often
this is carried out and
quantity substance used)
Location of process In van
being carried out?
Identify the persons at risk: Employees y Students Public y
Name the substance(s) involved in RoundUp-Glyphosate 360 g/l
the process
(A copy of a current safety data sheet is

Classification (state the category of danger)

Very Toxic Extremely

Y Irritant-dermatitis
causing Flammable

Toxic Sensitising Highly

Corrosive Biological Flammable

Harmful-lung Oxidising Environmental

damage if swallowed -aquatic organisms

Hazard Type


Gas Vapour Mist Fume Dust Liquid Solid Other (State)

Route of Exposure
Inhalation Skin Eyes Ingestion Other (State)
Workplace Exposure Limits (WELs) please indicate n/a where not applicable
Long-term exposure level (8hrTWA): Short-term exposure level (15 mins):
1-2 hours

Risks to Health from Identified Hazards: Note appropriate Risk Phrases

Control Measures: Note engineering, PPE, ventilation and other requirements needed

PPE – Neoprene Gloves, White Overalls, Breather Mask, Face Shield

Safety Phrases:

Is health surveillance or monitoring required?

Yes No n
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Personal Protective Equipment (state type and standard)

y Face shield

Dust mask Visor

Single Cartrage
Respirator Goggles
White spray proof
y Neoprene y
Gloves Overalls

Footwear Other
First Aid / Emergency Measures
Inhalation: Stop work, remove mask or face shield and get plenty of fresh air.
Skin: Rinse hands and face immediately if exposed.
Eyes: Rinse with water
Ingestion: Seek medical help immediately
Significant Spillage: If near waterways notify EPA and Irish waterways immediately.
Storage: Note type of storage required
Storage: Pesticide storage
Disposal of Substances & Contaminated Containers

Hazardous Waste Put Down Drain General Skip

:Disposal at local amenity of Pesticide empty container unit.

Is exposure adequately controlled?

Yes y No
Risk Rating Following Control Measures

High Medium Low y

Assessed by: R. Murphy Date: July 2015 Review Date: August 2016

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