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March 2018 Happiness Calendar Keep up with the latest on the science of

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way to start getting mindfulness and create kindness
happier? Here’s a why should you in the world.
road map. practice it? Here are the basics.

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Savoring Walk with compassion can cool during rela- humankind? Find connection with with this exercise of happiness?
Pixar’s Pete Docter. go hand-in-hand. tionship conflicts. out by taking this humanity in this from Greater Good
Here’s how. quiz. exercise. in Action.

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Rick Hanson 17
Why losing
neuroscientist in your life with one life-long study with this video featur- that make you on how to grow control can make
Richard Davidson these tips and tools. reveals about the ing Jack Kornfield come alive! the good in your you happier.
lays out four keys secrets to a happy leading a forgiveness brain.
to well-being. life. meditation.

18 Thinking of 19 Want to teach 20 It’s the 21 You need some 22 You don’t have to 23 Don’t value 24 Calling all
starting a gratitude your kids a basic International Day time to relax. Here’s feel connected every your personal teachers: help your
journal? Here’s how. meditation prac- of Happiness! Find how to reclaim your minute of every day. success in students find three
tice? Christine out how to find weekend. Being alone can make monetary terms. good things with
Carter can help. more of it! you more creative. Here’s why. this practice.

25 Keep your 26 Can’t let things 27 Guffaw it up! 28 Can money 29 Learn how to 30 Can’t attend 31 Discover five
friends close. Social go? Christine Carter People who laugh buy happiness? It hardwire resilience today’s event? Listen science-backed
support makes you has some advice on together like each can if you spend at tomorrow’s event to Rick Hanson talk ways to boost your
more resilient. how to stop being other more. it on experiences, (live & webcast) with about the neurosci- resilience.
a control freak. not things. Rick Hanson. ence of happiness.