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Coin Overview

Market Cap: $128,898,400 USD

Circulating Supply: 8,000,000 SKY
Total Supply: 25,000,000 SKY

Price: $16 USD; 230k SAT

Our Skycoin interest was peaked by a review by

But which cryptocurrency is most appropriate for
SharkCIA group and excerpts have been used with
establishing a decentralized Internet?The answer is
not simple, for there are many excellent technologies
Prologue on the market, but there is one we are highly
impressed with, a platform that we perceive as the
The continued narrative of a decentralized Internet most advanced in this sphere: Skycoin (SKY).
has commanded the forefront of crypto-related
media for months. Its transition to the top can be What is it?
directly associated with the preponderance of
governing beings restricting consumers from The Skcoin platform, supported by bandwidth,
accessing important news and websites. The storage, and computation power, is entirely secure,
abrogation of Net Neutrality is also a major free from centralized oppression, scalable, and ISP
contributor as to why the demand for a decentralized independent. In the eyes of many, Skycoin is the
Internet has, exponentially, grown. quintessential technology to fulfill the dream of a
decentralized internet.
There is no surprise, then, as to why the frequency at
which consumers who invest in cryptocurrencies Compounding Skycoin, Skywire, Skyminer, Fiber,
concerning a decentralized Internet has risen. The Obelisk and Skysuite results in the transformational
people seek a means through which their data and ecosystem that is Skycoin. Each feature instills
will to navigate the world with technology are not futuristic admirations for a world much different from
controlled by governing systems; systems that today and encompasses the technological
dictate nearly all facets of the human race, which is infrastructure of a virtual currency payment matrix, a
entirely undemocratic, fiercely unjust, and blockchain ICO stage, a software suite for dApps,
disgustingly immoral. and a decentralized Internet.

Skycoin (SKY) Obelisk

A traditional feature of a virtual currency is security. Obelisk, which attains agreement without miners, is
Skycoin goes steps further by being not only secure Skycoin’s innovative consensus algorithm. To
but also fast, free, private, and energy efficient. transition from the Proof-of-Work algorithms often
SKY’s efficiency ratings are sustained by its found in the cryptosphere, Obelisk relies upon the
ingenious consensus algorithm, Obelisk, which activity of nodes, not miners. As the nodes work in
surpasses, and replaces, the inefficient, practically tandem, much like a web, one can imagine Obelisk
centralized, Proof-of-Work mining scheme. operating as a web of trust that allows the network to
Furthermore, the ability to process roughly 3,000 reach an agreement.
transaction per second, with 10 second
confirmation times, makes Skycoin a rival to Visa - Through the extraction of miners from the consensus
one of the world’s largest financial entities. equation, the block reward system vanishes,
subsequently preventing the matrix from falling
While Skycoin is relatively new to the community, its within the grasp of the embattled centralized
duration under development, six years, makes it paradigm of today.
one of the oldest, most developed
cryptocurrencies. This underlying fact demonstrates For clarification, Proof-of-Work networks become
that Skycoin has made tremendous strides and centralized as they mature. This is resultant of the
updates to its operations, allowing it to become sum of hashing power an entity achieves over time.
one of the most influential technologies in the Therefore, the more hashpower acquired, the more
facilitation of a decentralized Internet. control an entity has over a network. Also, entities
with greater capital access will exceed their
There are 8 million Skycoin’s in circulation, with 100 competitors, as they are able to purchase expensive
million in total, which are time-locked, meaning mining hardware to manage the network. Obelisk
coins are to be issued to the community over time. ensures this cannot happen.
To be precise, Skycoins are distributed at a rate of 5
million per year over the next 15-24 years.
Skywire and Skyminer Hardware The Team

Skywire is a protocol that empowers the The individuals responsible for the construction of
community, allowing anyone, anywhere, to create Skycoin present expertise and skill that truly leaves
their own 3 layer decentralized Internet. This is one everyone at Bitcoin Bravado in awe. Our sense of
feature of Skycoin that truly brings power back to respect and interest towards the Skycoin team should
the people. As addressed in the introduction, the not be overlook, in part that we, through a
current Internet is controlled by governments, fundamental perspective, view those responsible for
ultimately hindering the community from the ability the development of Skycoin as undisputed
to learn what they want, speak with whom they incumbents, humans with tremendous talents and
want, and effectively globalize. Skywire upends the experience that will enable Skycoin, and the
current system, circumventing issues looming over community itself, to flourish.
Net Neutrality and the clear oppression enforced
by governing systems. Moreover, the ability to Synth, the founder of Skycoin, has a resume for the
create a decentralized Internet, Skywire requires the ages. His talents extend to the earliest days of crypto
Skyminer hardware, a device that enables - a time in which Bitcoin was merely an idea, slowly
consumers to transmit data. Therefore, for the gaining presence through the ingenious
decentralized Internet to work, people must own a collaboration of a team lead by a figure under the
Skyminer to send and receive information. pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. Remarkably, one of
the original contributors to Bitcoin, is Synth. He stood
Skysuite along side several of the most influential figures in
crypto to configure Bitcoin; this is a feat we find
Skysuite is the file of applications that run on the astonishing. Furthermore, he has orchestrated the
Skycoin platform. Each application is built on CX/ development of Skycoin for the past 8 years through
CXO. CX is the native Skycoin language developers his experience in mathematics, symbolic logic, and
must used to create each application within distributed systems.
With Synth’s background, one would be ill-informed
The applications found in Skysuite vary in nature, to believe Skycoin would deviate from excellence. To
but all serve importance to the Skycoin ecosystem. solidify Skycoin as a fundamentally sound instrument
Several of the applications are Sky Messenger, a responsible for promoting a decentralized internet,
messaging service; Skycoin BBS, a social media Houwu Chen bestowed his talents to the cause,
platform; Cryptosphere, a VPN client; and particularly all tasks concerning Obelisk - the heart of
KittyCash, Skycoin’s version of Cryptokitties. decentralized internet.
For enlightening purposes, it is imperative to The remaining supply of immediately distributable
understand Houwu Chen’s credentials. Over the Skycoin in this moment comes down to 17.721.960
course of the last 10 years, Chen has embarked on million coins (~17,7%). These coins will be used to
a series of technological journeys, including one further the growth of the Skycoin project as well as to
incredibly sound endeavor - to create Ethereum incentivize the Skywire meshnet.
with Vitalik Buterin.

The 75 million (75%) undistributable Skycoin cannot

To compliment the aptitudes of Synth and Houwu
be distributed until the first 25 million (25%) have
Chen, Skycoin utilizes the prowess of Steve
been distributed. After that is done, for each
Leonard, who is responsible for engendering much
subsequent year thereafter, 5 million coins (5%) are
of the original Skycoin software. With a background
unlocked via an unanimous consent (1 vote against
in software development, mathematics, chemistry,
distribution can stop the whole process) of an
and years of developing popular enterprise
unknown group of developers. This does not
eCommerce backends, Leonard provides Skycoin
mean that each year 5 million coins have to be
with unparalleled talents, and the ability to scale the
distributed, they are just unlocked and it is possible
company well into the future.
to distribute them. This process depends on the
growth of Skywire. Unlocking the total supply of 100
Understanding Supply
million takes a minimum of 14 years and the
distribution can be extended to up to 25 years if
Skycoin has a total supply of 100 million coins necessary. 1
created in the genesis block. Currently the
circulating supply is at 7.278.040 SKY (~7,2%).

75 million coins (75%) are timelocked (hardcoded in

skycoin.go scroll down to bottom) and 25 million
coins are currently unlocked.




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