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Miss Little Mustache Nov.


Lesson Plan

Name: Miss LM Grade/Subject: Grade 6 Science Topic: Fair Test

Date: November 15, 2017 Length of Lesson: 1.5 hrs

General 6.1 Design and carry out an investigation in which variables are identified and controlled, and that
Learning provides a fair test of the question being investigated.
s (G.L.E.) 6.2 Recognize the importance of accuracy in observation and measurement; and apply suitable
methods to record, compile, interpret and evaluate observations and measurements.

Specific Plan and carry out procedures that comprise a fair test

Learning Students will:

Objectives 1. Demonstrate an understanding of a fair test by contributing thoughts and ideas during
class discussions.
2. Students demonstrate an understanding of the terms used
3. Learn how to use an investigation planner (Fair test chart)

Materials • Scrap paper

• KWL Chart
• Fair test chart
• Paper and pens
• Two types of gum
Procedure Assessment Methods

Introduction Attention Grabber: “Flat Tire” • Observation: During the

(10 min.)  Class expectations (Example Below) discussion observe the
student’s answers.
Provide positive
reinforcement for correct
answers and correct any

Practice classroom management

 Play “Cleaning out my back yard”
 1 min of playing time
 Purpose is to see if they are listening to the teacher
 Talk about the importance of paying attention

Miss Little Mustache Nov. 15

Body of

Part 1 K-W-L Chart

(25 min) • Distribute and explain the chart • Observation: During the
• Have the students fill out the first two columns of the sheet discussion observe the
• Walk around and engage in conversation on what they are student’s answers.
putting down Provide answers to
questions and correct any
Introduce a fair test definition misconceptions.
• Conducting a fair test is one of the most important
ingredients of doing good, scientifically valuable
experiments. To ensure that your experiment is a fair test, you • Observe to ensure
must change only one factor at a time while keeping all other students are on task and
conditions the same. not disrupting others.
• Scientists call the changing factors in an experiment variables

Part 2 Explain the experiment with bubble gum

(25 min) • Students are to work in groups of 2
• Each set of students will be given two pieces of gum
• They have to find out which piece of gum would make the
bigger bubble
• It is measured with a ruler (Note* the ruler must not touch the
gum, but to try get an accurate measurement)

Introduce the fair test worksheet

• Talk about all the items listed in the left-hand column
• Have the students fill out the worksheet, leaving the results
Hand out the gum
• Partners will be chosen when all the students are lined up
from tallest to shortest and made into pairs from there
• Let the students start their experiment
• Recording their observations and conclusions

Closure (10  Have the students fill out the last column on the K-W-L sheet
min.)  Answer any questions

Sponge Just Dance • Observe to ensure

Activity students are on task and
not disrupting others who
are still working.