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K:Good afternoon everyone!

I am Teacher Kris
A: and I am teacher Anie of Mahabang Sapa Primary School, and we will be the Ladies of the
Ceremony for today’s Recognition rites.
Before we begin our ceremony, please be reminded of the following:
 Turn your phones into silent mode as it may interfere with our sound system.
 Be courteous to those around you by refraining from making unnecessary noises.
 During the processional, our usherettes will guide you to your designated seats.
 Likewise, we have our official photographer and videographer. Hence, parents and guests
must refrain from taking pictures in the restricted areas such as the front and side areas of
the stage. Take pictures in your seats.
 Students, parents and visitors/guests must stay on their designated seats during the
 During the awarding ceremony, we are encouraging you to express your pride by
 Everyone must finish the entire program as we expect this ceremony to last approximately
two hours or shorter.
 Always maintain the cleanliness of the auditorium.
Thank you!
A: A blessed afternoon to everyone! This afternoon’s event marks as one of the most-awaited
commemorative event not only for our dear students but also to our proud and supportive parents.

K:Ladies and Gentlemen, students, parents and our valuable guests, welcome to the 2018
Recognition Day of Mahabang Sapa Primary School.

And now, let us all rise for the PROCESSIONAL.

Let us all welcome the students of this school year 2017-2018 together with their parents.
First in line is….
Once again, let us welcome the…
Now, let us welcome the …..
Marching next is….
Let us now welcome the…..

God Almighty, we offer you this pertinent occasion. Truly, we rejoice because you have made this
event possible through your GRACE, GUIDANCE and LOVE.

Everyone, please remain standing for the DOXOLOGY to be led by selected Grade I Pupils, to be
followed by the Philippine National Anthem, Capiz Hymn and Cuartero Hymn.

You may now be seated.

A: A year of gaining knowledge and learning new things. A year worth of friendships, challenges,
and opportunities. And we are all gathered here today to celebrate those achievements. The trials
and hardships that our students had triumphed is really worth celebrating, since another chapter of
their academic lives has come to a close.

K:Today signifies the culmination in another year of hard work in the relentless pursuit of knowledge
that will enable our students to embrace opportunities and take on challenges life may bring with
courage, confidence and wisdom. This would not be possible without the guidance and support of
the parents, the hardwork and patience of our teachers, and the persistence and determination that
lies within the student’s hearts. Please give yourselves a round of applause!

A: Yes teacher Kris, This day marks another milestone in our life and in the history of our school
Mahabang Sapa Primary School, as we gather and celebrate success on today’s Recognition Rites.

Welcome address
K:For our welcome address, ladies and Gentlemen, it is my privilege to introduce our honorable
PTA President, Mrs Ma. Lyn Enrique for her opening remarks.

A:Thank you so much Mam, for the empowering words you have shared.

A: May we call on to Mam Aileen Paligumba for the presentation of the candidates for moving up.

K: May we request Mr. Mark Frugalidad Cuartero Central School Sped Teacher together with Mam Elisa Tolosa
Principal I of Nagba Elementary School, For the Distribution of Certificates


A: At this point, we are to give the rightful Recognition of Deserving Pupils of Mahabang Sapa
Primary School for the school year 2017-2018. May I call on our beloved School head,
___________________and our dearest _____________,________________________ for the
recognition of the deserving pupils. May I also request the parents to accompany your child as
they receive the award.

Congratulations pupils!

Introduction of the guest Speaker

K: At this juncture, you are going to witness an intermission number from our kindergarten pupils,
Let’s give them round of applause.

Thank you for that wonderful performance!


A:This time, we will now proceed to the Citation awards where we recognize students who
competed Academic and Sport/Athletic Contests outside the school. We are inviting our school
head and our Recognition speaker , _____________ to please stay on the stage.
At this juncture, you are going to witness an song number from one of our pupil from grade 6,
Jhun Mark Atolan Let’s give him round of applause.


Now, we would like to recognize the pupils from 1st Grade to 6th Grade who have excelled in
Academics. We are requesting our school head to stay on the stage.


At this juncture, you are going to witness an song number from one of our pupil from grade 5,
Princess Joy Enrique Let’s give her round of applause.


Moving on, we would like to recognize the pupils from 1st Grade to 6th Grade who have excelled in
We would like to call on the advisers for the awarding of medals


Message Cap
Let us call on to Barangay Captain Teodorico Clarin for his Message.


Closing address
For our closing address, ladies and Gentlemen, it is my privilege to introduce to you our School
head , Mam Aileen Paligumba for her Closing remarks.

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