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Marilyn Favaro Gloria Habriga 46 Gamers Around the World — Heather Gemmen Subscriptions Advertising Want to share your adventures with someone far away? Read on and write! Pat Schulz Mary Parkinson 50 The Ecology of the Giant Leech — Anthony Gerard Creative editors A tale of monsters and men — and the thin difference between. Robin Jenkins Patrick L. Roger E. No. XII. Dwain Meyer Joseph Pillsbury Ken Widing Lawrence Raimonda 62 Palimpsest — Tais Teng When the old words are erased. Bunnell Pern. Price 36 Arcane Lore — Harold Dolan Editorial assistants A new column of magical spells — beginning with the magic of fire. . . with four heroes for Oriental Adventures. Donald Clavette Richard Cameron Larry Elmore Chris Hunter 60 Just Making Time — Roger E. Magazine Issue #123 Vol. Young Georgia Moore OTHER FEATURES Art director 13 Music of the Forgotten Realms — Ed Greenwood Roger Raupp What instruments do the bards of the Realms play? Find out here. David Trampier Valerie Valusek Richard Tomasic Marvel Bullpen 68 The Whole-Earth Ecology — Danny Kretzer Putting a STAR FRONTIERS® game world together (more easily). . 2 SPECIAL ATTRACTION July 1987 Publisher 15 THE ARCANE ARTS: A step into the world of sorcerers and wizards. an artist from Woodbury. . two youths forge a sword of great magical power — a flame tongue. 42 Lords & Legends — Matt Iden Production Staff A second new column. science-fiction conventions. Eileen Lucas Barbara G. reveals the mystic glory of magic in his cover painting for this issue. 72 The Marvel®-Phile — Jeff Grubb Presenting the other three Heralds™ of Galactus™. perhaps. . . 76 The Role of Books — John C. Rasmussen Part 2: What do TOP SECRET® game agents do when they get to the Moon? DEPARTMENTS 3 Letters 88 TSR Profiles 99 Snarfquest 4 OMG Guide 92 Gamers Guide 100 Dragonmirth 6 F o r u m 34 Convention Calendar 102 Wormy 61 Sage Advice 98 Index to Advertisers COVER On the night of a full moon. Moore 32 Fire for Effect! — Richard W. Mike Cook 16 The Mystic College — James A. Ed Greenwood Jeff Grubb 54 Time Flies . Emerich Assistant editor Fiction editor Flame and lightning do more damage than you might believe. Yates Editor The stronghold and home ground of all magic-users. 82 Operation: Zondraker — Merle M. new writing appears. and more. Moore Jim Holloway Brian Maynard The joys and horrors of fantasy calendars. — Lisa Cabala Contributing artists Better than a wrist-sundial: five time-tracking charts. or a blade of elemental force. Connecticut. Donald Clavette.

We need D&D® game articles. and it is our intention to keep producing material for these worlds over where can probably sympathize a release the addresses of our artists as a matter of policy. in my opinion. As “home base” for the AD&D® everyone thinks the gamer shouldn’t game. I have played on the world of Krynn and apologize for the error! group to keep them alive just a little that of Oerth.” provided for as well in the Realms boxed set. wide variety of gates and portals to other hung on. We will check the letter and forward close up shop on Oerth and Krynn just because responsible for several broken mar- it to the artist as quickly as possible. not many articles individuals who are too powerful for Krynn or better fighters got mangled. the party ran into some Mentzer in 1983-1986) is a superb game system. if you or your players choose to take level. that wouldn’t be fair to many AD&D® mature* gamers. then place it inside an enve. Martin Jr. or make the This is indeed a peculiar situation.) Obviously this is rich to do next when he spotted Harley’s territory for would-be writers. If I had to transfer my interest players just before you start a game. The D&D® game sells I’ve also been talking with Tracy Hickman. acter a week at our gaming sessions by Jake R. and the new edition of the game who pointed out that there is a reason that no longer dungeon-crawls on Saturday (Basic to Immortals Sets. would players from losing their tempers like to be able to obtain MANY of the prints not want to abandon the world of Krynn for from the covers. may or may not be on Krynn or Oerth). the first D&D® game charac- game. has a at Fort Bragg. even if tures hardback. Games are games. however. but it would The Realms. with your return address and the artist’s name. as you may have gathered. money. Is there any way to purchase any other game world. there is Now. Harley Davidson Quinn was a As a player of the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS® paign setting or an interesting “world next gnome. The Realms might take a number of tough opposition and some of our For some reason. We cannot the Forgotten Realms is being set up. One of the players became upset because his character was kidnapped. but people guarantee that the artist will have prints of his WORLD OF GREYHAWK™ Fantasy Setting and are people. For example. but the artists that of the DRAGONLANCE® saga have a wide Nonetheless. and there’s no way Winterhaven. for Where'd it go? be the home for all adventures not specifically designed for Oerth and Krynn. Dear Dragon: is laid out so as to serve as either a full cam. I realized that #122 contained an error. Then. Krynn. but we can and do forward mail to the the years. as anyone who has zine should write a letter addressed to that my current campaign to that of the Forgotten played bridge. started to make me his character sheet and left the game. Ontario possible for your characters to either visit the treasure — Harley hit the big time. N. Quinn. these prints. I would become of other game worlds? I for one. Any reader interested in obtaining a color and campaign to the Forgotten Realms. was the better of the two. “How come this The DUNGEON™ Adventures sub. scenic (deadly?) Forgotten Realms™. or the particular artist. I have purchased both of the covers editions of the AD&D® game universe. — Jeff Grubb group caller was looking over the (DUNGEON® Adventures has a similar problem character sheets to figure out what with D&D® game modules. ‘Nuff said. ter that I ever managed to get to 6th Except for a couple of articles a year. revised by Frank super-high-level characters currently operate in evening. sorry to say. puzzled us for some time. role-players every- appreciate the feedback anyway. He was great. — RM be coming up with the DRAGONLANCE® Adven. one of the Dear Dragon: year’s subscription to DUNGEON™ toughest fighters we had. worlds. The answer to your question is no. we will little with the angry gamer who has appropriate people.O. Patterson tissue #118). would it This problem is hardly unique to print of a particular cover from DRAGON® Maga. South Gillies. and it has new world their home for AD&D® games. I. henchmen. a marriage counselor and send this material to: Cover Art Request. later this year. guy’s walking in the middle of the Oerth and Krynn scription card in DRAGON® issue party?” With a start. read the letter and thought of Harley D. claiming that the DM was Dear Dragon: worry. Box 110. the FORGOTTEN REALMS™ setting is to have acted in the way he did. made the news with his claim that DRAGON® Magazine. indeed. We years. ERRATUM “Hey!” he yelled. A one Harley was. I was relocate them in the Realms. FL game players who would rather stay with their to test for game maturity among the favorite world. Harley. be nice to see more about D&D® games. furthermore. in the middle of one of our extremely well. other worlds. The writer (who had I enjoy the artwork on the cover of DRAGON® the “home base” of both the first and second been the DM) wanted to know how Magazine. I was I have been playing the ADVANCED Adventures is for six issues. Lake Geneva. P. the characters from their initial campaign and ment for me at the time. This was an incredible achieve- hardly any mention of the D&D® game. and that player tore up Cover art prints The article entitled “The Game Wizards.” by Jeff Grubb [in issue #119]. (continued on page 40) DRAGON 3 . there’s no way TSR? Realms? If modules were not created for other to avoid it except to play with Ronald D. He found magical weapons. along with a second stamped envelope Christopher DeGraffenreid MONOPOLY® game well knows. The have been specifically dedicated to that game. though. that has been been going through one player char- happy to see the article. Krynn. not accustomed to putting all of my DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS® game for five characters in the middle of the twelve as noted on the card. Realms without bending the rules severely? lope. If the Forgotten Realms™ are going to be being unfair. — RM current level. lost a favorite character. and it is magical armor. “Out of the Stone Age. We cannot and loyal following. Both the riages. to keep which were sold as prints to the public. since I had emphasis being on the AD&D® game. either from the original artist or created for worlds other than the Forgotten Well. poker. Harley A letter came to the office the other day from a high-school student who had a problem with his gaming group. what will to handle situations like that. be possible to place my favorite characters from role-playing. it one. Wilkes-Barre PA Some time ago.C. Prime Material and otherwise. Will modules still be over something as silly as a game. TSR will not the TRIVIAL PURSUIT® game was WI 53147. chess. Kevin Davies planes. I feel that we D&D® game players have door” for your own existing campaigns (which been almost forgotten by DRAGON® Magazine. or her work available for sale.

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Handbook of Chemistry and Physics. Since forced to conclude that the specifications given edges of the strips beneath. Unearthed Arcana’s specialize.and sixth-level diverse weapons. and in Nathan Perkins Using these proposed values. respectively. which is About nonweapon proficiencies. This dis. Mr. large capacity of a spell book should be expressed in matter of opinion.S. Many people have tried states that all 1st-level characters will take as the traveling book. third-level spell? Expressing capacity in spell levels.g. 9 second level in harder monsters for the PCs to fight. He uses a large shield in (1/8 greater volume) should weigh roughly 170 the other hand. a standard book spell levels — the magic item Boccob’s blessed with a missile weapon.e. Depending upon which sizes of standard There is a precedent for capacity based on the top of a hill. In other ity schedules based on total spell levels are the PCs can use their missiles. is 450 gp. schedules with regard to fifth. Therefore. Reduce the weight of the standard book to and has considerable resemblance to some of supplies are exhausted. It allows a fighter to pick a weapon and recommended sizes for standard books concentrate his abilities on using it. brance to 20 gp and 40 gp. The clear implication is to explain banded mail. Since no one has any 130 gp and the encumbrance to 300 gp. I strongly let us turn to a detailed scrutiny of the physical 12 sixth level disagree with his opinions of weapon specializa. with the unmodified 150 gp weight. so 14 fifth level written by Mr. 3. gp. have some The relative spell capacities are also out of giants bombard the party with boulders from line. 16” X 12” X 6”) weighs 150 propose. As a I recently read the “Spell Books” section of is consistent with both the stouter construction matter of fact.. 9” X 9” X 1” traveling book: volume = 81 3 fifth or sixth level encounters. but “standard” books obsolete. they will undoubt. It is most of W. but only marginally so.296 cubic inches. they will be in for a rude stouter construction than a standard book. this opponent will be The smallest standard book thus has almost 11 mail in the AD&D® game. The bonuses (18” X 12” X 6” and 12” X 12” X 6” respectively): Traveling book (two ninth-level spells = given are sensible. then make some diverse 4. 18 cantrips become better with the desired weapon. very similar to this explanation is in existence. Sides ard book would weigh only five times as much manifestly impossible. yields the following schedules: Standard book (eight ninth-level spells = 72 spell levels) 72 cantrips 72 first level 36 second level 24 third level 18 fourth level I am writing in response to a “Forum” letter crepancy can be explained in various ways. while the Dungeon Master’s Guide require one segment per spell level to cast. But most fighter that traveling books are much more sturdily tions have a serious problem. a traveling book has up to 4½ times the actually less generous than Unearthed Arcana’s get the party to change its ways and pick more per-unit-volume capacity of a standard book. which could increase damage greatly. I think described in Unearthed Arcana. The 2. the in Unearthed Arcana are flawed. and knees). Use only the larger traveling book (9” X The serious problem with these explanations there is more to AD&D® game life than healing 9” X 1”). Much to their chagrin. the illustrations mentioned in the opening food-obtaining proficiencies. 12” X 6” X 1” traveling book: volume = 6 third level PC fighters insist on constantly using their 72 cubic inches. “a most ingenious paradox. 2 seventh. I am writing in protest of the use of banded strength of the half-ogre. 18” X 12” X 6” standard book: volume = 18 first level increase in fighting power allows the DM to put 1. The capac- having monsters sneak up on the party before but only four times the spell capacity. This flexibility (e.. the stand. and reduce weight and encum. I the thickness of the leather between the rings party is forced to turn and make a stand. a standard book the old illustrations this fact tends to be shown Highland Park IL would have five times the volume of a traveling most widely in the areas that need the most book and would weigh 6½ times as much. example). A traveling book of either size weighs 30 gp. types (including cavaliers and paladins) will not constructed than are standard books. alternate rows of linked solid disks. I have metal-bound’ is only 200 gp (Appendix O. Note that this is without any magical but weighs less than four times as much. the party has been on a 1. Even and 13th centuries. NPC fighters may also specialize. a size 1 book (l/4 less volume) Eric Krein ized with a bastard sword (which he can use to should weigh roughly 115 gp and a size 2 book No address full effect in one hand). 12” X 12” X 6” standard book: volume = 18 spell levels) pay the penalty of using up proficiency slots to 864 cubic inches. I am therefore would be turned up and would cover the upper blocking the escape route is a deep river. In my campaign. or ninth level specialized with a melee weapon. aspects of standard and traveling books as 10 seventh level tion and nonweapon proficiencies. For Unearthed Arcana states that a standard book schedules are admittedly simpler than what I example. they realize that their 2. no suit of mail looking like that in Unearthed Arcana and discovered. elbows. One explanation suggests the armor was made be able to take these at 1st level for lack of It is not reasonable for a traveling book to with rings sewn on linen in overlapping rows. paragraph. eighth.” ity of traveling books. For example: if the PC fighter cubic inches. for drawn through the links. With the not-uncommon 18/00 gp. In another instance. The lower edges of the leather chased by a large band of hobgoblins. Why should the average first-level banished banded armor completely. As is obvious. This will quickly words. As a result. These illustrations reveal bonuses. while being more generous with regard Note that PCs are not the only ones who can can explain part of this discrepancy — or can it? to the lowest level spells. but all these explana- healing and blind-fighting. spell require as much space as the average must be content with having their characters 6 JULY 1987 . and the fighter does have to 1. The following 9 eighth level specialization is a needed booster to the fighter analysis will focus on the largest and smallest 8 ninth level class. It proficiency slots. Gilbert. the What does this mean in game terms? That is a states that the encumbrance of a “Book. been proposed make for very stiff armor. party runs into happens to be double special. the pictures has ever been found. Banded mail is a type able to do a maximum of 34 hp damage in one times the volume of the larger traveling book. suggest the following revisions: sixfold. If they do take them at the have both a greater unit-volume capacity and a was then covered on both sides with strips of first opportunity. and. Oriental mail that is They reach the dragon and manage to slay it. For example: A party is being a state of affairs is a logical paradox and makes rows of rings. of armor known only in illustrations of the 12th round. Sides in issue #119. If your fighters are specialized and traveling books are used. in the words of standard books and the higher relative capac. neck. a 10th-level half-ogre fighter your of median size (i. The sturdier construction of the standard book spells. and. limit their power by has 11-18 times the volume of a traveling book. spell levels. This would increase no one has taken the swimming proficiency. based on Unearthed Arcana’s assessment of the number of ninth-level spells a book can hold. edly perish in the wilderness. book has a capacity of 45 spell levels. My players “Encumbrance of Standard Items”). likely that the different methods of picturing Unearthed Arcana states that the encumbrance I have one final suggestion: Since the vast mail all represent the same thing and were used of a medial (16” X 12” X 6”) standard spell book majority of magic-user and illusionist spells to prevent monotony. Reduce the size of a standard book to Another explanation is that banded mail is long expedition to find and kill a dragon that 10” X 10” X 4” (roughly the size of CRC’s simply normal chain mail with leather thongs lives hundreds of miles from any civilization. is that all of the construction methods that have and blind-fighting. Such leather with the stitching passing between the awakening. 4 fourth level specialized weapon. If the 3.


Here we find the most important difference want are new ideas to use in our systems. these earlier weapons don’t have campaign. The cog and the carrack had it keeps a certain balance to game play. Though Ms. AD&D game heroes impress us with never thought of using gladiatorial combat or On the whole. Moreover. the ship was designed to facilitate accurately reflect morals in the real world. world. ships of with “free alignment?” I mean: “Get out of my Steven Van Veen the line had many decks to accommodate as way — I don’t want to do any good deeds Midland Park NJ many cannons as possible. I would have agreed. but just for entertainment. Some RPGs entertain us by placing I don’t mean or want are rules which change appreciate any progress towards a D&D video. going from ram. there is no place for “mythical” What people are missing is the fact that not large ships. his Lord Nelson. If he fought three at once. while aboard his terms of equipping a character. he would win. years ago. The AD&D game is not one of those. Experi. grappling. he might win. not in my campaign roamed the corridors of various provided useful information for DMs to design disrupt its foundations. Saline MI take full advantage of their ability to encircle Leung Chi Kong him. porate into our systems? Issue #118 had perfect exciting?). a ranger class. Mr. give us ideas to expand our game. Sailing ships should Uriah Blatherwick served experience points. He says alignment rules are very restric- since full attention is now directed at the orcs.” and that the encounters were a waste of her excellent article. and he only has his weak artillery engines Alan Ristow he would probably still win if the orcs did not at His Excellency’s disposal. We have always wanted super. My their high seas adventure. “Should I make my players After reading Patrick Sieff’s “Forum” letter in do I believe that it should be. be interested in hearing the opinions of tic facts. super. each about a paragraph long. If he fought two. His first paragraph seems to going to make you any less vulnerable to a rules from the Players Handbook and Dungeon suggest an actual gaming session. wish to become such people ourselves! Now. If I had read this letter five or six The waterborne adventure is an always. only is the AD&D game not realistic. However. Just watch your players rant and powder. happen if everyone wanted to play a paladin awareness” mentioned in Mr. will be told by his crew that ever. to campaigns of other DMs around the country.38 revolver. redesign all their rangers. Mr.” laughing and joking during the battle. Just tell I think most DMs will agree with me that the Even dedicated gamers can forget that the the character that “while giving your steed a fantasy world is a pre-gunpowder world. wouldn’t be as exciting as an actual gam. If banded armor is to be kept in any “realism” letter. threatening dangers of lesser people become no by system? I mean poison rules. hand. It should be changed missed. If he DRAGON® issue #119 was an interesting one was faced with four orcs at once. An instructional videocassette. but rave when the sword thrust which would have traditional tactics. and game time. The characters neglected area in the AD&D game. I believe that the post-16th century much. posed to simulate reality and be realistic in designed from the start to be UN-realistic. and it also played a decisive factor in molding and honest. Sieff's example). I might agree with him. The orc aboard ships drastically changed the way that bad deeds in order to survive invites selfish clans in my campaign can achieve fighter status sea battles were conducted. not so tional advice. Other. giving more ideas for adventure plots. heroes. it is still necessary to rely on the to 6” at the very fastest. toughness. many changes to the playing systems we use would be interesting to compare my campaign enced. aren’t important. however. Before the introduction of gun. players to misuse the rules. Restricting a character’s alignment may not as 7th level. but I know So what? Then the battles are finished quicker the shape of modern naval architecture. don’t use it!” That is the problem. it was wars will be conducted in his game world. playing games can be realistic! There is nothing boarding battles. A good idea for this dungeons slaying dozens of orcs at a time. what do I mean by ideas we can incor- ing session (what “how-to” training ever is Hit points represent mostly sheer. he must have a solid idea how sea armor in a game where the equipment is sup. Of course they are! Letting a player do The answer to this is simply (although tritely) 16th century. It between the AD&D game and reality. In order to win a of the DMG is ridiculous. and should I also the same issue. agility. but it would be very helpful to inex. AD&D game is just a game. as not produce ships much like the ‘big sail’ craft money for your magazine. us in a wholly reasonable but totally different my system. wise. longer apply. What to be a very good one and I would greatly real world. Foy today!” just isn’t the paladin we all know and 8 JULY 1987 . popular during that era. Almost all players of the AD&D game have a as well as comparing player reactions. changes for the “basic rules” only occasionally. I want to point out something for cannons. old ways: ramming. If all players were trustworthy aware of the orcs. The weight. Yet fantasy role. After the introduction of gunpowder. Hong Kong Larry Paisley’s suggestion in the “Forum” of but smart money would be on the orcs. Sieff’s letter. Foy’s article In short.” The development of gunpowder is an impor. Phrases like “some- of low level. role. If (in the real world) a great hero the French “ramming” fleet is heading right on others who know something about armor. much less all the paragraph indicates a “how-to” videocassette. people who were so great that the life. Most of what kind of videotaped “gaming session” he reality is that no amount of experience or skill is us are having a hard time keeping the basic was referring to. and can be made more quickly. it was difficult to ascertain chopped apart in short order. we are faced with certain unroman. not by how possible they are in the archery contests in my campaigns before. while his last sword. Cannon better. Paisley’s suggestion seems their power. The crushing the AD&D game system does not need. for one. Agility and experience alone cannot Master’s Guide in our game. as splinted mail provides the same armor means that the rules of the real world can no ship design is not good for the fantastic magic class. I had perienced DMs and players. how. these high-level hackers just accumulated unde. I don’t want class or rule changes cassette. he would be More classes and more rules are exactly what indeed. would greatly enjoy watching totally ludicrous. What do I mean playing. Paul Griffin (issue #118) seems to think rules Certainly this will make characters a bit more tant part in the evolution of human civilization. The loss of banded mail does not mean very about the addition of magic or dragons that Therefore. etc. an advanced nation of a fantastic world could Just a little advice from a reader who pays good However. Everyone knows that the AD&D game naval battle. What most of us another DM’s gaming session — not for instruc. real world. skilled characters DO receive super. Who These situations will certainly inspire more holds for the crews if their boarding battle was trusts a Good assassin anyway? What would respect for orcs and will create the “higher orc lost. on the other more than annoyances to them. I would. who then slips a garrot around your neck. not the character’s added examples of this. The introduction of cannon good deeds when he wants to and sometimes do put as: Quality is better than quantity. and bloody does not need to be changed. nor that leave me saying. These killed three normal orcs doesn’t even kill one! high stern castles that provided final strong rules make the classes what they are. and boarding battles to cannon times” and “when he wants to” tend to give bands consisting of 3rd-level or higher orc shooting. might be a page or so filled with descriptions solution to the problem was simply making a But the article noted: “there is no reason why for adventures. had been used in naval warfare as early as the tive.look at pictures of banded mail in books and I do not intend for this letter to be another reflected this by substituting artillery engines drawings. system which they use and like. Such clans typically have war ming. make a Beowulf-type hero without becoming new rules available when two new books like I. grappling. that we end up wondering which rule is right. you. we and a combat system we already use. them. if any DM insists on using these In my mind. But. and clan leaders go sometimes as high naval vessels. Sieff states that encounters with Long Beach MS landslide in game balance?” bands of orcs were resolved in the campaigns The standard reply to this is: “If you don’t like he played in “amidst general laughing and I would like to congratulate Margaret Foy for it. our fighter will find his full plate armor rules to distinguish them from others and to you fail to notice an orc sneaking up behind +5 cannot save him from a . the 9” move base stated on page 27 very important that many people seem to have the same effect as cannons. costs less. at best. All games need pedicure (as is the case in Mr. I suggest joking. I felt compelled to speak my Tommy Sronce change all my campaigns so as not to cause a mind. I found this a poor solution. world. the Survival Guides come out. evolve in magical worlds as they have in our Memphis TN One better solution is to take advantage of the technological one. This was reflected in the design of the players a fantastic base to their arguments. “High Seas” in issue #116. human toughness. fought one orc. larger band of orcs to combat the players. It had new ideas for play. cannot be called realistic. flagship Victory. warriors. In the Otherwise. make playing fair for every participant.


” Again. Mr. Klein states: “Women were most definitely not encouraged to become great warriors in feudal Japan. Griffin has the choice of using or not using his “free alignment. Any woman of the buke (samurai caste) was still regarded as samurai. to this day. Mr. Of course. but still in positions of power. love. Klein states: “Female Oriental characters should not really be samurai or the like. the AD&D game stresses Good. Klein asks the question: “Who would have trained them?” They were trained by masters of the art. not the least of whom was the Empress Jingo. Many samurai deferred to her superior skills in horsemanship and weapons. Few men learn naginata — those who do are consistently outranked by women. She occasional- ly joined her husband on the battlefield. who personally led an army in a campaign against Korea (c. 360 A. It is the purpose of this letter to correct the erroneous statements and hopefully put the issue in a more correct perspective. There are local and national rankings to reflect the skill of those who practice the art. at best. She was trained in the use of many weapons and was expected to use them if necessary. A samurai woman was just as loyal to her clan and lord as were her husband. While samurai women might be trained in swordsmanship. killed many enemy warriors single-handedly. It was also not unknown for women to be members or leaders in Japanese organized crime: the Yakuza. brothers. Off the battlefield. too. In general. Mr. sons. Adam Dray Lordstown OH In issue #119 of DRAGON® Magazine. And let us not forget that women as well as men were ninjas. Certain classes have been assigned align- ment restrictions to emphasize game balance. misleading. She would commit ritual suicide to avoid capture by enemies or to protest an injustice to her superiors. Jeff Klein made some remarks about the status of women in Oriental culture that were. One would typically expect to find more women who practice martial arts in Japan 10 JULY 1987 . of course. the gods Izanagi (she who invites) and Izanami (he who invites) were the warriors responsible for creating the islands of Japan and were accorded equal status. and the most powerful classes should be Good.D. a woman’s skills and posi- tion in society might well make her a better spy or assassin. Mr. a female. Mr. Fantasy is only as real as one imagines it. naginata (curved spear). In the late Heian period (12th century). were many women of the court. The earliest chronicles of Japanese history speak of warrior queens lead- ing armies into battle. It should be pointed out that the supreme deity in the Japa- nese pantheon is Amaterasu. Further. history proves this statement to be false. Japanese history is full of the sud- den and timely deaths of great generals or leaders — too sudden and timely to all be coinci- dental.” This reflects a poor knowledge of Japanese history and culture. just as there are schools which teach men kendo.” After all. and tanto (dagger). Try to remember that the AD&D game is a fantasy game. they were espe- cially adept at the yari (straight spear). Too many people try to make the game realis- tic. we see the example of women such as Tomoe. there are schools where women are trained in these weapons. wife of the famous Minamoto Yoshinaka.). and on at least one occasion presented the head of an enemy general to her lord. The influence of empresses or court women such as Lady Murasaki cannot be overemphasized. In Japan. etc. it’s his game. in fact.


I hope more and women usually stayed home to sew and tales shows women playing a much more active girls will discover how exciting and enjoyable cook. I play in a group of remark:“. I’m usually neutral tion rather than the rule? for her. Klein argued that female warriors do not fit who sometimes joins us. Klein’s comment: “Any full. . I have played both male and role of women in Oriental. four men and two women. became and oldest son play regularly at their schools known primarily as a woman’s art. You should apply what you stated about dangers and actual world problems in our the subject documents the fact that. It facts should find no legitimate reason for Brighton. I have been disappointed for many Oriental characters. and are more nimble Jeremy Sacco that I wonder if the situations that occur in and agile as well. this sort of words. Fujiwara But Yim Wing Chun and Ng Mui are not I introduced my daughter and two sons to the Leominster. because she was smaller than most for us. realistic Oriental campaign. the other is a chaotic-good directly or indirectly. In other these facts. and in this by the limits of reality. Ng Mui’s best student was also a wom. My daughter naginata-jutsu. only two of the men are influence.” Then you go on to do exactly that by else to talk about my favorite role-playing game. All my children and four of the This letter is in response to Jeff Klein’s letter named Itagaki was one of the greatest masters neighborhood kids “dungeon” together once a about Chinese women in issue #119. some even ruled the nation. or penalize The issue of female players and DMs has Michael Estus both equally. paigns I create. . I get exasperated occasionally when woman named Fa Mook Lan was in one of the ranks of the ninjas. disgusting. I bet you are frustrated about the low going to stretch your imagination in regard to often with crude pornography interjected. whatever their age. Of studied about medieval China. changing world. the art of D&D game about five years ago. life. and thieves. The blooded medieval Oriental male would feel a many of the best fighters of her time. . rai? And just how much magic do you all really saying that campaigns run by 14-year-old males. They miss a great means “those who serve” — not “those who trained. hack-and-slash campaigns fun. ing female character strength. After Ng Mui’s death. why not in regard to female charac. We are all in our early While it may be reasonably argued that the into a realistic Oriental Adventures campaign. my cam. Also. I am Chinese myself. of her opponents. this “modern-day” role-playing penalize male characters’ constitution and you are telling others not to do to female game gave us a chance to deal with realistic dexterity. In fact. MA unique examples. and it DMs adds much diversity and excitement to of Yodo-gimi. because nobody had written any if all Oriental characters were played strictly wrong. He players in the world of espionage. After I returned. But doesn’t one have to Shaolin monastery during the Ch’ing Dynasty in DM whose crazy sense of humor is always dig almost as much through the crowd of face. The other female DM tends to be lawful fantasy gaming is all about — namely. there was a gamer who often However. I decided to write to any Oriental warriors had abilities and powers group of people . she invented her own form of kung good and use the rules as suggested guidelines. I to mid-thirties. stability. especially Japanese. Finally. society is unequal to that of men. completely discounted the possibility of female letter in issue #l20. but do any of you actually believe that In your letter.” deadliest forms of martial arts.000 samurai. Yim Wing Chun. One recent letter This letter is in response to Jeanne McGuire’s the TOP SECRET® Espionage role-playing game. plaints about this excellent espionage role- cultures. or previous experience with AD&D® games is. criticisms. I suppose that a few of pound. MA these adventures can possibly happen or have minuses on any abilities for male characters. China. these styles were not effective and sticks to the rule book. She led her father’s dynasty so common that special training methods were gets better. are “endless streams of mayhem. female ninjas were they fight among themselves. So. to Mr. arguments. make both sexes equal in play. have commissioned an elite troop of paigns are not endless streams of mayhem. They are learning how to make to victory. but every game interdynasty wars. in fact. women have more endurance. History teaches us that many Japa. their European counterparts. no longer plays with my group. First of all. I serving under such a great warrior. with another woman an Oriental culture” is patently untrue. mother of the Hideyoshi heir eventually became known as Wing Chun kung each campaign. female warriors? Remember. They have to become a samurai. I disagree of this weapon. In that this game system is a bit too close to reality. I think role-playing with Jeff’s statement that a woman cannot commanded an army of 3. I do not find type of living. fu. helps. the scenarios in my campaign are so realistic and stamina than men. . Certain.” I can success in these fights made her style quite willed characters such as fighters and rangers. Fa Mook Lan dressed role than in European folklore. Laslie Millitello print an article on women in medieval China. and thousands of warriors who died in the service Wing Chun continued to teach the form. prefer magic-users. T. as a man. the stories of Ng Mui and One of the men plays a straight neutral DM and power. Each campaign has a different emphasis. Finally. not turned ordinary situations into pornography. Mr. Therefore. nese women possessed not inconsiderable Take.” but simply. I only cite the example of the Osaka campaigns of popular. and so has one of the men. then you must In your letter. The word samurai fu. either Yim Wing Chun. one single mistake in this game can be ters? Why couldn’t an Empress of China. have found that historical evidence does not female characters. I cannot believe that the tens of an. She traveled around the country challenging although I remain consistent in my choices. live even faster. and I ly. the I am writing in response to Jeff Klein’s letter fuss about a player’s sex. died in dishonor. druids. games are wonderful for them. It is true that in medieval China. and they learn cooperation. your last. . She studied several styles of kung fu but creating enjoyable and amusing predicaments less men to find a hero? And isn’t that what found that. As a San Antonio. game. In feudal Japan. and whenever I could read this magazine. DMs. you say that “isolating a broad playing game. these men suffered no loss of honor for think and reason their way through the cam- visited China last summer. She became a general and month with me as DM. But I have yet to see any Needham. this is a game my campaign. characters. Yim of male and female players. for example. or com- according to what is known about ancient your letter makes. I agree that female players However. more egalitarian than of separate campaigns. the excep. and let’s have no more partiality stirred up a hornet’s nest of controversy. sex. if anybody out there is new to this believe existed in old Oriental cultures? If you’re like myself. MA Magazine for many years. A very famous Women were also readily accepted into the course. IL will interest the public and add more spice to excluding female characters from even the most the AD&D® game. This would be well and fine are often discriminated against and that this is months now. for thing is fun. The mix 1614-1615. “those who serve. I always turned to the I am really tired of hearing sexist males sound “Forum“ letters to see if anybody would discuss off about females characters. a look at Oriental mythology and fairy issue before plunging into danger. the use of the naginata. already happened. Medieval Oriental The woman who plays regularly and I are DMs these cultures were not by any means without cultures were. . Klein’s argument. pound for women to all players. A woman strategy club. I feel sorry for those who Hideyori. suppose if you are a 14-year-old boy. and it is still regarded as one of the deal of interesting fun in D&D® games and in serve men. I margin of error allowed to the players. the TOP SECRET® game is meant to put bound only by the limits of your creativity. women in support Mr. Ng Mui was a student at a is devilishly cunning. the D&D® game is.” For your information. reasonable choices and consider all sides of an were considered more important than women.or China than in America. This is the style in which Bruce Lee was exclude women from games. I No address can’t understand why anyone would make a 12 JULY 1987 . TX toward males! woman who has been playing in D&D® and Pat Pitcavage AD&D® game campaigns for almost nine years. you do to 14-year-old boys what In my opinion. MA West Roxbury. Her other woman plays very strong and strong- great loss of honor [sic] serving a woman. player characters play fast and Another point — if you realists insist on limit. female warriors just don’t fit into which appeared in the “Forum” in issue #119. Therefore. So. since every scientific survey done on gamers. but I disagree with some other points discussions. men developed for them. To disguise herself. I think DRAGON® Magazine should A Dungeon Master who has examined the D. often harms more than it “Forum” instead of waiting around for someone such as evinced by the typical high-level samu. Many players in my campaign argued example. . Derek Ho Richard Silva I’ve been a faithful subscriber to DRAGON Sherborn.

mando. It is typi- cally slung on a shoulder strap and played by beating and slapping. lyre. book. The thelarr. These include the bandore. dulcimer. Both ballads and instruments in develops above the water’s surface can be The Forgotten Realms display as rich the Realms suggest widespread intercom. each having a gloon that sounds a different note so that tunes may be fash- ioned or fanfare chords assembled. sometimes of pieces bound together with iron bands and soaked to warp into a curve before being sealed. Its tone can be muted by clasping the instrument to the chest or in the crook of one arm. The glaur is a short. resulting cacophony is painful to hear. panpipes (birdpipe). harp. so a summary must suffice. somewhat reminiscent of bagpipes. and than a dozen feet above the water’s sur- by Ed Greenwood rhythm marked by deeper horns or face). These include the flute (longhorn). typically in 4-5’ and varied a selection of music as does our munication between that plane and this in lengths. described below. metallic roar. lin. a glaur-player can make it snarl. but rather cause the instrument’s tone to swoop or soar from the note presently played to that newly selected. and shawm (the double-reed varying in pitch according to the length of To describe even the ballads of the instrument that was the ancestor of the the particular pipe. A the melody carried by a horn or harp (or guitar (yarting). elec- trum. some instruments of the Realms have no identical counterparts on Earth. The valves of a glaur do not change the horn’s sound by distinct changes of note as they are manipulated (if the horn is winded continuously). or cherry tree. psaltery. are covered with tightly stretched hide to form an instrument like a conga drum. so that the sound it makes can be varied in pitch. melodic tone. tocken. recorder (songhorn). and (by beat) emotions in the telling of tales in taverns. A glaur’s tone is a brash. but ideally an intact section of hollowed-out trunk of ash. swirling. A group of glauren (the plural form of “glaur players”) can make a continuous. The hand-drum is a cylinder of thick. although most would be readily understood (though not readily mastered) by musicians of Earth. the reed forms a long pipe instrument. but these are never fastened together like Most music of the Realms sounds to our ately recognizable by musicians of Earth. ironwood. Both ends of the drum. When severed. and are always played by large groups of musi- cians. lute. interweaving counter-melodies). It is used to hold rhythm or sometimes to indicate danger. bright. wargong and zulkoon. is a long. Other instruments several pipes laid on a rack close to hand. polished wood. from in the Realms. the whistles and tantans of halflings to the cittern. er). buzz- DRAGON 13 . These include the glaur. thelarr. However. resembling a cornucopia in shape and fashioned of silver (which gives the clearest tone). and tambourine (tantan). with names. from the drums and the past. panpipes. which is typically 1-2’ long and 6-8” in diameter. or brass. Only that portion of the reed that drums. or whistlecane. the sound of feet. where it grows in standing water up to 40’ or more (but rarely more both. One end is blown into. and dried slowly on rocks near a own modern Earth. used. broad-mouthed and flaring curved horn. By mouth action. A player may use humans of the North would take an entire oboe and bassoon). producing a tone haunting nosepipes and harps of the elves. A glaur is almost always fitted with a row of tubular valves like those of a trumpet. hand-drum. canelike reed cut from swamps through- out the Realms. many instruments known to the fire of coals (or by being laid on exposed wailing horns of orc tribes to the eerie musicians of our past are commonly used rocks or other sunlit surface in hot weath- tone-bells of dwarves and gnomes. employed in the Realms would be immedi. and the dance airs — mellow and sprightly. as the vibration of one reed ears akin to late Medieval and Renaissance but are known in the Realms by different causes all the others to sound. thelarr’s tone always has a sawlike. Those glaur without valves are known as gloon.

suspended from overhanging horizontal beams at a minstrels’ gallery of a court hall. hung in a row from a section of cane or branch (which may in turn be affixed to a straight or arched pole). by clamping down on the cane with his hands at differing distances from the blown end of the instrument. the zulkoon serves as a rudimentary organ when a true organ cannot be found. which are overlaid by ivory or bone keys and metal strings.” not having the subtle tone of carved wood. Zulkoons require five or six arms to play properly. It is played like a xylophone. by striking the bells with a wooden rod. from the Inner Sea to the Sword Coast) as being “cowbells. produced by the dry fibers within the reeds hollow interior. ing quality. if their controls are at all com- plex. so that the zulkoon functions something like an accordion. thickness. curvature. but more often made of massive. but such speci- mens are sneered at in the North (roughly. strummed or flipped by the player to create sounds. open-ended wooden bells of graduated sizes. The wind thus created goes up the zuldoon’s body and emerges at a number of holes. Wargongs are hung from tripods (when in the field). north of the latitude of Amn all across the Realms in this case. and some permanent court speci- mens are larger than the norm and are played by two musicians (plus two or more bellows-pumpers). and the number and pattern of cutouts — holes of varying shapes pierced through the metal. beaten brass circles. and a skillful whistlecane- player can vary the pitch of the tone very slightly. They are struck with wooden mallets wrapped in cloth or strips of rubber-bark. The wargong. The tocken is a set of carved oval. which defends Aglarond from Thay) employs such instru- ments as signal gongs. and are never portable. and are used for sudden effect (like our Oriental gong) or tapped lightly and rhythmically to produce a continuous. 14 JULY 1987 . The hard outer shell of the cane always remains slightly flexible. with an underlying droning sound. wooden box that narrows at the top. varied in tone by weight. is an instrument sometimes fashioned of the battered metal shields of vanquished ene- mies. or shieldgong. The zulkoon is a long. A row of towers on a forti- fied wall in the Realms (such as those on the Wall of Giants. Organs are rare and treasured instruments in the Realms. which the player rests upon the ground (or litter or chariot. deep. rectangular. if mobile) and pumps with a foot-treadle. causing a warbling effect. rolling sound audible for miles — making them useful for signaling. or borne on carved wooden yokes on the shoulders of musicians in a parade or when marching to war. Tocken are sometimes fash- ioned of brass in the South. Its bottom has an accordion-bellow of heavy hide that has a tendency to rupture (creat- ing an annoying whistle and loss of “wind”).


the magic-user must users should not be permitted to attract which might entail obtaining permission next decide upon the general size of the men-at-arms in the same manner as fight. equipping. must have before they can attract fol. be it break or lower construction costs for the AD&D® games. Many towns and cities aren’t excited about having a school Mystic of magic located in the midst of their communities. On the magic-user’s part. druids. can open a monastery and attract a few turn out to be the wisest career move that Then there is the problem of security. has considerably less need for and paladins commence attracting retain. In and other necessities. a thief can organize a thieves’ that some of them might wind up running school requires a steady supply of food guild and draw in a group of lesser such institutions later in their careers. guild. magic. would dare to attempt the establishment only the assassin requires more experi. This xp). or militia. they might even go so far as to by James A. However. sider the hustle and bustle at the center of hold in store? At 8th level. while cavaliers (sorcerer). a magic-user may opt to estab. a fighter can establish a free. assassins. a cleric can tutional combination the phrase-fertile a thriving community an inappropriate construct a place of worship and attract a mind can produce (see the two locale for the school of magic. After all attract the attention of the surrounding an interim goal to work on before he of this has been accomplished. his school of magic. power. The Selecting the proper location for the school of magic is a critical decision for the magic-user involved. And the magic-user still doesn’t that quite a task lies ahead. a lesser monks for his disciples. at 9th DBAGONLANCE® trilogies for a specific consuming and mentally taxing research level. lish a school of magic. At higher any magic-user could ever make. and advertising of few. school of magic situated behind a stout levels. Many PCs and NPCs have their and study that goes on in such an institu- At 9th level. alleged origins in such establishments. protected by a competent watch may gain special followers. In spite of this. Only the most many times more than most other classes Establishing a school of magic is com. he can set up an ecclesiastical state. he or she discovers wilderness. Yates The notion that educational centers exist offer the magic-user some inducement to for the training of magic-users is a fairly locate in their community: perhaps a tax Even in the fantastic multiverse of common theme in fantasy literature. location for the school must be found. but why not a few of their school to be built. It is what about the magic-user? purpose because it is low enough to be because of these overriding concerns that A magic-user can’t begin to carve out a within grasp of most magic-users (135. example). there comes a day when a school of magic. a goodly number of municipalities won’t deny a magic-user the right to open a school of magic within their jurisdiction. and he adopts the fame throughout the land! The general 16 JULY 1987 . required to become a pedagogue. establishing a school of magic could or near an urban center can facilitate this. the actual construction. This usually includes some sort of insurance payments to the community. Some municipalities might even encourage Magical academies the magic-user to set up a school of magic within their environs. university of necro. Once a magic-user has decided to estab. and security) of having such an establishment within their com- The school of magic munity. appellation of “Chancellor. college of wizardry. of a school of magic isolated deep in the ence points before he can organize his lish a school of magic. each person must pause and consider academy of sorcery. A humble monk of only 8th level fact. pass on his arcane knowledge to a select do among themselves? A remedy to this furnishing. Such places are populated by people who can appreciate for AD&D® game sorcerers the potential advantages (increased wealth. Does he ers or clerics. But selected as the minimum level for this school located in the wilderness. or whatever thaumaturgical insti. respect and to be a challenge to attain. The results of an unfortu- nate accident or experiment gone awry could be catastrophic — a situation not unlike living down the road from a nucle- College ar power plant.” as in sorcerer- chancellor. pletely voluntary. wizard-chancellor. Thus user attracts the faculty and students for a great university which will spread his is born the school of magic. or secretive lesser magic-users) lowers or begin territorial development. a suitable After the location of the school of magic attract any followers. communities? Perhaps he intends to found begins any territorial development.001 most magic-users are compelled to con- holding until he attains 12th level. or a medium-sized college that might situation would be to give the magic-user the school must be undertaken. the rangers. powerful wizards (or the most foolhardy. has been determined. yet it is sufficiently high to command struct their schools of magic in or near an goal requires 750. and monks accomplished. At it isn’t so far-fetched an idea to suppose quiet for those involved. the 10th level.001 experience points. school itself. Ninth level was guards and other security measures than a ers or men-at-arms as low as 4th level. from the local residents to allow the institution he intends to found. no magic-user is ever desperate. The time- body of fanatically loyal followers. What does the future mancy. established community. as thieves. and tion requires a great deal of peace and hold and attract a force of men-at-arms. the magic. etc. and assassins At any time after reaching 9th level city wall. and being located in thieves. First. provided sufficient guarantees of safety have been made. he may con- what lies ahead. Granted. Once this has been plan to organize an intimate academy to own kind.


rounded magic-users. Only a contain at least three classrooms. but as chancellors something that DMs and players must chancellor’s charisma score. indeed a lst-level prestidigitator. in order to attract practice his trade at good pay. Considering the amount of magi. and a body of students chancellor. Then there is the matter of high as he can go. The easiest meth. All of its Table 1 lists basic outfitting costs based students. member of the faculty of the school the lowest of chancellors a fair number of The schools educational needs should of magic. through the school of magic. compared to any school of magic. magic are the lesser magic-users attracted could easily become a major chore. the more detailed alchemist presented in still argue that the number of students is umes as can be reasonably obtained). and and servants who reside at the school The alchemist is an important. which may be as simple or as lesser magic-users. While it is best left to school’s library. After determining the highest-level for the maximum number of students cellor chiefly determine the sort of loyalty lesser magic-user received. a tower. and massive quantities of rounded up to 7). the details of this are appreciate this limitation. A plan of the school must be and enlists an alchemist. or the DM operating any NPC level magician (half of 11 is 5½. Table 1 numerous adventures could come as a to it. but allow containing as much universal knowledge page 29 of the DMG. This insures each student and Any guards. Using these guidelines.” by Lenard be remembered that the toughest modern tomes which he isn’t prepared to share Lakofka). plus a few extra quarters (100 gp per month per level of the NPC is hazards posed by having a powerful for possible future expansion of the fac. however. The building should have their class and level. All of these go up in level. It is these lesser magic-users who are sets down some general guidelines for result of this one step! the principle instructors of the school’s establishing a school of magic. followers (except the students) must be becomes quite overwhelming. The level of building. If the system set forth later in packaging the school and advertising its the school of magic for a secure place to this article is used to advance students existence near and far. suggested at minimum). The After the magic-user has fulfilled all of magic-user. The school may require two sources available to him. these students require the much more than simply purchasing and 11th. for they must separate living quarters for every member left to the discretion of DMs and players constantly remain on guard against the of the faculty. servants. also attracts one additional magic-user for required. This gives even must also be taken into account. the faculty and students. Some might as possible (and as many duplicate vol. Using this system. The person controlling any PC 11th-level PC wizard would receive a 6th- magic-user.size chosen for the school of magic has a arranging the furniture. an operations. a 2nd-level evoker. and do not count against the limit on the highest-ranking lesser magic-user. ures given assure that the faculty won’t be libraries: one for the faculty and students. and DRAGON® issue #45 (“NPCs for Hire. Again.. A DM may also use space for later enrollment. upon the size of the school of magic in magic-user attracted to the school of magic Once the size of the school of magic has question. this is a Of no less importance to the school of keeping for even a few dozen students matter best left to DMs and players. The fig- school. Numerous books necromancer-chancellor would attract a profound effect upon its cost and the size and tomes have to be obtained for the 7th-level alchemist (two-thirds of 10 is 6 2/3. he takes the title of chancellor this top-ranking lesser magic-user was small castle. along with har. depending upon the attracted to each size of school. while a 24th-level DMs and players to determine the actual magical supplies and other paraphernalia wizard-chancellor would attract only an size of any schools of magic in their cam. These followers are as headmaster. tackle the problems of constructing and even for a small school. plus a 4th-level theurgist. this gap The design of the school of magic is number of henchmen allowed by the is not so pronounced. At the minimum of 9th can be determined by consulting pages considered a special type of henchman. Georgia and Roger Moore) or in issue #49 mentioned bookkeeping obstacle. Table 1 the school should determine this number). or even a of magic. or other hirelings every level below that. Individual living quarters treatment meted out to them by the chan. the difference in power wrestle with themselves. is responsible for selecting Residents of the school up to 6) as his highest ranking lesser the form the school of magic takes. with a the necessary gifts to qualify for the Furnishing the school of magic involves minimum level of 6th and a maximum of school of magic. a number of intentionally kept low. aside from the afore- a private library for the chancellor. Nevertheless. the magic-user can begin to should be a very expensive undertaking — chancellor (rounding any fractions up). the chancellor would Finally. so that he could not pose any detailed as those involved can agree upon. The alchemist comes to established. whose number is determined by the size serious threat to the chancellor’s position Cost for the construction of the building of the school built. which they 18 JULY 1987 .” by too small. Considerable costs but never higher than 6th level if a PC is furnishing the building. supporting faculty with a good spread of include at least three laboratories: one for cal research and study that goes on in powers. The highest level of any lesser entries are explained later. This and the magic-user for an assistant. the chancellor allowed by the school’s size are also these characters have for their chancellor. Living quarters for any guards fashion. od is to use the alchemist described on teaching to empty classrooms. attracted to the school of magic. the book. High-level here are a few parameters which might paid a monthly wage commensurate with magic-users of evil alignment can best prove helpful. the law or medical school would be a breeze with the entire school. of its student body. are incurred over and above the mere establishing the school (the reason for this nessing the considerable costs of these construction of the building itself. A 16th-level NPC mage would academy could be housed in a large stone the requirements for establishing a school attract an 8th-level warlock. the chancellor’s personal use. The DM has three lists the numbers of students initially and one for the alchemist attracted to the choices in this matter. ulty or guests. (rounding l/3 down and 2/3 up). level for a chancellor and 5th level for his 106-108 of the DMG. If the last version is used. must be procured for its classrooms and 11th-level alchemist. con. 3rd-level conjurer. Establishing a school of magic is equal to half the level of the schools been set. some reasonable limits must be laboratories. one for thirds that of the school’s chancellor small percentage of the population possess each grade of students. vital. a 10th-level utmost attention of the faculty. is explained shortly). a moat house. a number of students are also for the faculty and students (the size of be hard-pressed to keep it operating with. because that is as paigns. The school should alchemist should be of a level equal to two. a meditation. it should taining his private collection of those (“A Recipe for the Alchemist. out an alchemist. at least one such an institution. in relation to the drawn up. For example: a 9th- faculty member the isolation and quiet must be sought out and engaged by the level sorcerer receives a 5th-level thauma- they must have for proper study and chancellor or his henchmen in the normal turgist.

The chancellor must provide all level wizard-chancellor with 18 students at the same time. and rolling percen. these children are unable to dreds of students. although it is generation of magic-users. tradition. Schools founded by NPCs of at out of it?” ble thirst for knowledge of matters least 12th level are assumed to have been The chancellor’s primary motive in arcane. and have establishing the school of magic is proba. Many a high-level magic. The alignment of lesser magic. and would have nine neophytes. magic. These lesser magic-users might matters. Towns might All students attracted to a school of so he can call himself chancellor? Why sponsor students so that they may later magic established by a PC are zero-level would the lesser magic-users and students return and use their magical skills in the neophytes. necromancer. magic. it is. PCs have their own motives. asking: “So what? Why would any magic. smaller numbers of half-elves and elves. dictate that science of magic. The ratio of students in such extending his power. tion. Some of All lesser magic-users attracted to a factions within the school. scrolls. Far too many ing in a safe. could well lead to friction between these beneficial on that count alone. residents. warm school of magic could per level of each lesser magic-user. and he is the one who must pay one apprentice. stricken potential faculty member. makeup. Are all of the stu. most lesser magic-users depart they dominate all other aspects of the bestowed by mastering magic. Others might feel exact amount of this faculty assessment is advice on the subject. or his school. often would leap at the opportunity to This upkeep cost is a percentage of the dents is determined by consulting Table 2. About now. now taking up magic? Are the faculty perhaps even magical items their way. The variables exist to be able to give any sound have substantial appeal. actu. PC lesser magic-users of the proper out between the chancellor and a poverty- human magic-users only complicates the levels might be permitted. In such cases. settle down and surround himself with a total original cost of the school of magic. might also be behind the founding of a hirelings with a monthly wage. ment to the project by paying the chancel- attracted to the school of magic is entirely uous for them. a neat picture has been commit their children (young adults. The chancellor can that the school continues to function. Parents may user will depart from the school of magic. The actual amount varies tile dice. This should also apply to any be willing to tie themselves down in such a service of the community. mary responsibility for any relations the evil initiates to join them. wizard who founded the school is much education and discipline of the students Chancellors of extreme alignments. Any reasonable deal (or older types who have spent long years users. money (such as spells or magical items). a longer com- Humans form the bulk of characters in pace. The sorcerer. it. someone is surely sons of birth. He is schools should be along the lines of three use the lesser magic-users and students as in charge of every aspect of the schools neophytes for every two initiates for every extensions of himself. and would get the PCs away from mitment to the school of magic in lieu of any campaign. The race of lesser magic-users and stu. the school of a 14th. a cut in Table 2 is slanted in favor of humans. rapidly at higher levels: 50% at 8th level. Thus. power is the until they attain 7th level (enchanter). This ratio can be school of magic. desire to pass on the mystic secrets they for the size of the school and may fluctu- users and students attracted to the school have acquired over the years to a new ate from year to year. In addi- and three apprentices. for rea. There is a base 70% magic to serve the purposes of others or chance at 7th level that any lesser magic- Benefits and obligations as a last resort for a career. but not actually running ary until the fee has been paid. of hand simply because they can’t come up blazed from the beginning. such more powerful than they. although this so the association could prove mutually school has with the outside world. The chancellor also has the pri- so pedantic. could prove an interesting change of salary until the fee is paid. project his power to more than one place the bills. Being part of contract could stipulate forfeiture of sal- It might appear to some people that a school of magic. Some may from the school to further their own inde- game. of magic is up to the DM. and he has and looks out for the welfare of all con- as lawful good or chaotic evil. determining the appropriate line for the circle of fellow magic-users. the chancellor wears many hats. might be many spells that the lesser magic-users cerned. Students join the school of magic Any lesser magic-users attracted to the and the low birthrate and great longevity because they wish to learn the art and school of magic are bound to its chancellor of the latter race in particular. user who’s been resurrected once too cost for upkeep as determined on Table 1. and are thus the majority overly familiar dungeon or wilderness the fee. Once again. alchemists. Then again. enabling him to operation. Aside from these basic financial obliga- reasonable to assume that most would be Power is also a strong lure for the lesser tions. find themselves enrolled in the school of pendent careers. including all construction and original chancellor in question. some chancellors may have a genuine outfitting costs. and Alignment may play a part in this decision. user expend so much time and money just become fighters or clerics. lor a one-time entry fee of 500-1. that a few years’ association with a school determined by the DM or player operating dents just starting out in life? Have some of magic might be a good career move — the chancellor of the school of magic. established some years past. The adventures for a time. and only 10% at 10th DRAGON 19 . or are they These are motives for NPC lesser magic. The chancellor of the school of magic students of higher grade (initiates and bly to use it as a means of increasing and has the hardest job of all: He must see to it apprentices). although a chaotic-evil chancellor very restrictive about who is allowed to would want to add to their own spell might have some unique views on these enroll. these lesser magic-users might also have school of magic must prove their commit- The age of any teacher or student found the adventuring life a tad too stren. if not magic-users attracted to the school of is the final arbitrator of what is taught in necessarily the same ethics. for Lesser magic-users won’t be rejected out members young Turks whose careers have faithful service to the chancellor. The chancellor oversees the good attracts good and evil attracts evil. If a DM is operating a school of even unreasonable ones) can be worked- climbing in levels? The addition of demi. or a payment of something besides of inhabitants of any school of magic. they permit both good and even have some spells the chancellor lacks. six initiates. but this inclination to go solo drops off sketched of the school of magic and its ally) to schools of magic because. Some students school founded by an NPC of less than place for years on end? What do they get may be attracted because of their insatia- 12th level.could not receive in a school with hun. A desire for security the lesser magic-users. Consequently. Those of neutral alignments are not books. Such a matter more. He of the same morals as the chancellor. thus. the prospect of teach. with the money.000 gp up to the DM in each case. or physical 30% at 9th level. been around for many years and are only one that could bring potions. At humans dominate schools of magic just as key motivation: the considerable power this point. the chancellor must pay an annual altered to suit personal tastes. Thus far.

and may even join them on who rose above 6th level but decided to upon the size of the school. Upon enrolling in the school of magic. These of its chancellor. students assigned to him. is a 3rd level at the school of magic cannot lancers). each student is assigned to a lesser magic. During that tor. Even tors (chancellor and all lesser magic-users) seeing to the discipline and well-being of with this penalty. aged by a chaotic-evil chancellor. Most lesser magic-users are limited A close and special relationship quickly studying the mystic arts and from possible to adventuring in the months they are develops between a student and his men. adventuring later on. charge of the student and oversees the the beginning student becomes a zero- lor still has authority over them and may bulk of his magical education. tor is also the one directly in charge of magic-user. This lightened than 2-5. school of magic) and acts as their personal level. After all. Any magic-user remaining at the each grade of students — neophytes. the neophyte require that they perform other services of the magic-users at the school have a starts with a deficit of -2. These lesser magic. such a of magic have to pay a one-time tuition fee servants. which grants these higher. the neophyte’s saving are on and off duty during each month of the students in his charge. corporal pun- only six months each year teaching. all new students are experience-point total to zero before although he probably teaches more than assigned to the newly promoted mentor becoming a 1st-level character. Another lesser be offered for a few promising students. in a large school. to magic-users must spend eight months out essence. Lesser In a small school of magic. Students who leave the the chancellor tutors the students on the tors.000 xp. Pro- concoct potions. doings indication as to how well suited he is to be 20 JULY 1987 . This illustrates the likelihood that initiates and apprentices until later on). a mentor is a sort of big school of magic. Still. although all level neophyte. Those of 7th and 8th level need spend each could have a dozen or more. away from teaching duties. equal to the other mentors. To reiterate. users is another problem for DMs and family matters. It also explains why an NPC granted by the chancellor. aside from guidelines can. in remaining at the school of magic beyond the mentors would be magic-users of some much the same manner as the two classes 6th level are increasingly likely to continue experience. the chancellor can mentor leave the school of magic. teaching load. but with a penalty of -3. a desire to show his magnanimity. the major reason why the lesser magic-users become mentors until they attain 3rd magic student must reduce this negative remaining at the school of magic beyond level. pen scrolls. he must pass quickly. Such delinquent students ing. and possibly fabricate magical remaining mentors. in than a fortnight) from time to time. the mentor is not 1 hp (plus any constitution bonus). his magic students described in Table 3. the throws are superior to an ordinary zero- the year. Should any through the three grades of zero-level When not teaching. Exactly how the students are return home for holidays. as well as being a pri- move on. any prolonged users are the ones who must hammer players. Scholarships could the success of any student of magic. the longer a magic-user remains with the The alchemist has a year-round job. ed by the chancellor. lor’s eventual successor). goals. makes all saving throws as a 1st-level teaching schedule showing which instruc. At that point. A student could be granted a The following system is suggested. in the school of magic. school without permission. chancellor can initially attract a lesser All new students attracted to the school The students attend their mentors as magic-user of higher than 7th level. or to handle important instructing students. Unfortunately. is a The minimum requirement of 3rd level All students of the school of magic begin major reason for why lesser magic-users to qualify as a mentor was chosen so that with a negative experience-point total. The mentors might pick the stu. and the whims of the person at the school of magic. and or player running the school to devise a likely to be present all the time.level. has a more profound effect suit any situation that might arise. As with the the chancellor. and chancellor usually selects a few of the ishment. The could face fines. This lesser prisons. for their actions. that could result in expulsion from a school of magic at 10th level continues to ates. Like the zero-level cavalier. upon experience points earned from items. while dents. each mentor those who remain away longer than the magic-users of higher than 6th level do not should have no more than three or four allotted time. most lesser instructor and advisor — his mentor. be modified to person playing the chancellor. even eliminated altogether. For the that if he wants his students to progress until he has a number of students roughly magic student to do this. it could be decided by lots. Of course. this relationship can be magic-user might have his chance of leav. and apprentices — that the school school of magic with a lawful-good chan- stay there unless events force him to currently has (most schools won’t have cellor might be tolerated or even encour- leave. go on adven. depending upon the size of the school’s chancellor. etc. Again. The actual amount depends experiments. absence from the school affects the stu- home the fundamentals of magic. While magic-user becomes the student’s principle short leave of absence (usually no longer bound to the school of magic. as well as finer points of the mystical arts. and alignment of the only four months each year. has but for the school of magic. No single remain at the school of magic. The men. the chancel. had best have a good excuse have to spend as much of their time teach. Any magic-users of less than of zero-level cavaliers (horsemen and their own research or adventures. lack of money doesn’t upon their future. It is up to the DM hand in this. the less likely he is to any reasonable leave of absence should be brother or sister. is a year-round endeavor for them. ruined or perverted by even good students ing the school of magic greatly reduced. A lesser lesser magic-users. they are not truly free. mary instructor and guidance counselor. lesser magic-users more time for mentor himself. as the school stay (such as naming him as the chancel. and a good relationship magic-user might abandon the school of necessarily deny any student enrollment with one’s mentor is a prime requisite for magic before reaching 7th level if mistreat. expulsion. if the chancel. thus. Student advancement their own research or adventures. time. to attend reli- of every year doing nothing except apportioned among these lesser magic. initi. a liking Students attending the school of magic lor offered him sufficient inducement to for the student in question. The mentor is the one who takes Upon enrollment in the school of magic. the students could select their men. and so on. but To the student. of course. the alignment adventures as they progress. dent’s studies. are pretty much stuck there. gious festivals. and the chancellor might accept the occa. The only restriction is that there alignment of the school’s chancellor sets level human in almost every case — a good must always be at least one instructor for the tone for these activities. most schools of magic don’t operate as How does the faculty spend its time? user of at least 3rd level. or sional charity case for a variety of reasons: and mentors. or worse. students are reapportioned among the motion through the three grades is based tures. assist them in their research and magic-user would represent a character of 100-500 gp. depending upon the those of 9th level or higher need teach for most promising students (usually no more intentions.


instead of the normal 35% chance following bonuses or penalties which are initiates. of the cantrips in each category. who magic do not attend classes at regular the fact that students tend to learn more demonstrate to the students the position hours on a daily basis. High +10 points if the student is an elf. At other times. person-affecting. most pathet- magic students for that matter. sure or other minor tokens to the correct use of spell components. not normally worthy of the title “adven- month for initiates and apprentices. Sometimes these outings take the not as rigidly structured as the medieval likelihood that students in a small school form of testing. and all zero-level mentor helps them to overcome any diffi. and. users two or three times per week. leger. they are restricted to the general confines 2 hp. all students add 20% to number of points gained from studying elementals of magic reading. only 15 months! The densest. passing beyond the age chancellor. another +5 because he distribution to students of any treasure magic-users.a magic-user. Neophytes use one cantrip per day. and the students are receive more attention from their instruc. by their students. attending a small school of magic Common sense must prevail in these deal- tors during their frequent meetings with run by the most dedicated chancellor of all ings. students in the neophyte can learn as many cantrips of Aside from attending lectures and meeting two higher grades (initiates and appren- each type as the number of spells of each with their mentors. irrelevant. neophytes to reduce their negative trips per day. though they are far less complicated the school of magic can reduce their nega. This instruction comprises the than even the simplest 1st-level spell. A good as a 1st-level magic-user). Shortly after admission to the school of chancellor). score. Addi. the students might also be although it does help determine how rap. might make it through the his book of cantrips.928. sometimes assisted by the are. Add + 5 to this because Nico. their education (if it is allowed by the student of average luck and intelligence. These jaunts. Neophytes. This of magic. and can use two can- cantrips. Initiates have in each category of useful. in the company of a there must always be a chance for failure. and is not tasks of teaching the neophytes the vari. ates locate and obtain a certain spell com- not as strictly regimented in their scholas. should the members of the outing. and location and identification of cantrip based on their intelligence. awarded for any monster killed or defeat- hours on end. and perform any other menial tasks experience-point total to -1. This number is determined by rolling 1d6. their mentor. accompanied by a druid or ranger friendly idly students rise from one grade to the The bonuses for elves and half-elves to the school of magic. Magic students with high intelli. come across sev- practice what they have learned. which is multi. attending an average school with an aver- magic. proper somatic gestures. who sometimes next. tures. reversed. Instead. the luckiest.or 4th-level magic-user. spell components found in nature. The Using this system. as well other than studying.” are not unlike the modern class intelligence has no affect upon this. longer than a week. and from -1. if not experience-point totals by any means of their education. +10 points in any month the chancellor field trip.990 to -1. Whether this is due held by magic-users in the world around irregular lectures and symposia held by to his greater experience and teaching them. Nicomedes the ence points in the field. and expose them to the duties that the schools chancellor and lesser magic. The maximum chance appropriate: At this grade. students put into time. Here. Cantrips may be learned at the rate of one school. Also. which single copper piece. They have the often tedious attends a small school and + 10 because acquired during the trip. a student with an as help keep the school of magic clean and Once a student has reduced his negative intelligence of 12 could learn a minimum tidy. or the chancellor. tors than those in a large school. lived. the verbalizations drops his negative experience-point total tors usually dole out some monetary trea- required. The ponent. outing has complete control over any assigned to the school’s lst. the chancellor taught that month This required to give any initiate so much as a ous theories of magic and the fundamen. the chemistry their percentage chance to know each and practicing the arcane sciences. the students meet with their For example: In his first month studying supplement their study by earning experi- mentor several times a week. plied by his intelligence score of 14 for a ed. other than studying. The mentor also ic human student of all time might spend combat as if they were zero-level humans instructs his students in any general 25 years or more plodding through a large (which the combat tables show is just as knowledge that he feels appropriate to school with an indifferent chancellor. most students. to know each spell. which are per month for neophytes and two per +5 points if the student is a half-elf. -5 points if the student attends a large leave the school for brief outings of no dents with an intelligence of 17 or more. ability or the students’ awe or fear is might one day be expected of them. tive experience-point totals by a variable basics of more complicated spell-casting. lectures is expounded upon by the men. During these short trips. and the of magic students and reach 1st level in eral thousand gold pieces worth of trea- 22 JULY 1987 . all students of ly lectures. but the magic-user in charge of the Basic indoctrination of the neophytes is total of 42. Fair-minded instruc- tals of spell-casting.and 2nd-level medes is a half-elf. attack in culties which might arise.000. Often. initiates may tionally. initiates are permitted to of knowing each cantrip is 95% for stu. which can hold a grade of neophyte is the most difficult step school of magic by study alone in about maximum of 36 of these simple spells. make all saving throws as 1st-level demain. alchemist. The means that a student with an intelligence multiplying the result by the student’s mentor also continues the personal tutor- of 9 has a 55% chance of learning each intelligence score. they attend from his instruction. four years. Normal points are for a very short while. could glide through the three grades some stroke of fortune.and all. The school modifiers represent the outing. Students of the school of bonus for the chancellor teaching reflects staged to visit local fighters or clerics. each neophyte is presented with In some respects. since becomes a zero-level initiate. to whet their appetites and give embryonic knowledge gained from these brilliant elven magic student who ever them a glimpse of their possible future. 4th-level magic-users take over their week- Cantrips must be learned just as spells At the end of each month. it is virtually impossible for magic-users at -2. sometimes at the school of magic. +5 points if the student attends a small 3rd. he of five and a maximum of seven cantrips which they might be assigned. personally taught the student. Because of this. and applying any of the ing of any of his students who become cantrip. such as having the initi- or modern college. these trips are tic endeavors. gives Nicomedes a total of 62 xp. A in graduating from the school of magic. at other times for neophyte rolls a 3 on ld6. reflect those races’ natural affinity toward assists in fulfilling the purpose of the The framework of the school of magic is magic. school. During this secondary stage gence are capable of learning most. and haunting of the school. For example. Fortunately. neophytes must do tices) can earn experience points by means level he can learn due to his intelligence much studying on their own time. the school’s 3rd.


Teaching can be slow lowliest potions to the most powerful that the prestidigitator would have and laborious. including remaining at the would earn 162 xp (round all fractions to cy the DM feels the apprentice could school of magic. the faculty. ty to spend or use it. gogue the opportunity to cut loose. assist. However. magic. ple. two years. which could knock a year or merchandise could be worth more to an this penalty. and he adventurers to recuperate in the relative dents have only two nonweapon proficien. short time. initiate than a couple months of intense weigh the possible gains of adventuring The second method is to assume the stu- study. At the end of month. How. it was felt that example. a school of magic has 32 students who weapon proficiency must be an adventur. with certain changes. 1. If any someone wish to play a student of the to give any initiate enough treasure to apprentice is away from the school of school of magic. Logic also dictates ing and adventuring. ture forth into the world. salary. enabling weary enrolling at the school of magic. the word negative experience-point total to -500. level spells) per day. Upon The prestidigitator is now considered a balance between the two. and the number of users of 5th level or higher. make all saving somewhat more generous than with an cy. as they have no opportuni.620 xp in a given ing or wilderness proficiency requiring allowed to go adventuring. and all the other magic-users first-level spells. of students. the mentors. dent had some prior private tutoring in magic students receive no experience for most students will jump at the chance to magic. the apprentice must carefully more off the time required to graduate. Of course. This first spell book is mum requirement is met. any of these proficien.620 xp. The spell There are two methods by which faculty much of this as they can. these graduates are free to do of the faculty who taught that month tions. The exact percentage chance of conducted by the school’s lesser magic. the which the chancellor congratulates him. yet allowing the bored peda- gained by the student in his previous life. result- fortnight in length. acquire at the school of magic.sure. First. treasure to apprentices. Adventuring is At this stage. ation from the school of magic. with as much of the legends and lore that along the lines of those described on page they possess and are willing to share with 39 of the DMG and page 79 of Unearthed Faculty advancement others. at the start of each new year. students at the school of magic. upon gradu. who 24 JULY 1987 . and retains the hit points he had as an results from Table 4 is that the school may ing the magic-users in research and exper. Fionulla is a human who decided to student is not yet free. just like any other lesser magic. are determined by and the chancellor. which means that every member only one slot. here are a couple of ideas make 1st level. should ing in another 39 xp for their mentor. as the school of All faculty members at the school of become a magic student at age 27. if he requested to retain them in experience. The magic students must absorb as Arcana. Such age student to graduate. apprentice unless a four is rolled. including the chancellor. can take four years or more for the aver. and get some cies may be higher than normal. 1st-level magic-user in all respects. before that she was a gemcutter of All 1st-level prestidigitators who have ing the alchemist (his teaching is very some repute and has a skill level of 3 in graduated from the school of magic are minimal). required to remain there for a period of they teach equal to 10% of the total num- tice begins work on his third nonweapon two years to assist in the teaching of the ber of experience points earned by all the proficiency and becomes proficient in it students. Additionally. and welcomes him as the newest member of with fewer than its minimum requirement much more. The mentor Whenever a student is promoted to the When a magic student has reduced his retains absolute control of any division of faculty of the school of magic. throws as 1st-level magic-users at -1. for it will assist book cannot contain any spell which is not members of the school of magic can gain them later to have as much knowledge as currently known by at least one member experience points and rise in level: teach- possible concerning everything from the of the school of magic. there is a chance that one or more new can use three cantrips per day. to insure that he mostly what the AD&D® game is about. each month he teaches. safety of the classroom while still earning cies. the appren. and can qualify for enrollment in treasure found. For exam. were designed primarily for NPCs. He then students involved. the fortuitous find of a few small roll for experience points earned from give the student a PC bonus of +25 xp gems or some other valuable piece of studying during that month. magic for more than a week. what they will. he is likely to be new student soon arrives to fill the vacan- Apprentices have 3 hp. The school of magic creates a lives: a nonweapon proficiency. Apprentices may go on outings like a student through the school of magic gains an additional 10% for the experience initiates and may accompany their men. The final Once a student has reduced his negative students are attracted to the school of stage of the magic students’ education is experience-point total to zero. ven- If the DM wishes. and few will ever truly the school of magic as a 2nd-grade initiate. he may not which could speed up the process. During this time. may cast one 1st-level spell (or four can. At this point. becomes a 1st-level prestidigitator. magic. Even within these restric. apprentices also study and prepared the spell book. and presents the newly pro. The only restriction on allowed to work in the laboratory. they might be earned a total of 1. Should the school of magic find itself process of penning magic scrolls. the magic-user in charge is not going could be granted concerning this. tions. The chancellor pays them a monthly ple. reviewed its contents with those who financially) rewarding. place of one of his initial allotment of 1st. earn experience each month that that nonweapon proficiency. he is consid. their moted prestidigitator with his book of cally attracted each month until the mini- mentors. Using the above tors’ months off from teaching. in their off months. ered a graduate of the school of magic and these events occurring. the practice something else which will be of is capable of knowing each spell placed in bold who survive gain a great profit in a use to them in their later adventuring the book. However. The rules presented here for advancing each mentor. An appren. examine the consequences. but can be spiritually (if not artifacts. special relationship. The never have more students than the maxi- iments. magic demands service from its graduates. including the chancellor but exclud- ever. at mum number allotted for its size on Table the formulae for concocting potions. and initiate. all stu. Aside from these restric. they are exposed to school holds a celebration in his honor. user. the nearest whole number). These represent knowledge or skills trips. As it earned by his circle of students during tors on short adventures during the men. and there is a chance that a he becomes a zero-level apprentice. Apprentices are rolls 1d4 for hit points but ignores the roll consulting Table 4. This third non. if that is their wish. mentor earned 387 of the 1. For exam- upon attaining 1st level. it may be any nonweapon proficien. go adventuring. A DM could logically declare that against the lost study time. although some leeway ate such a character. Also. seven students belonging to one adventures should be no longer than a most players would be reluctant to oper. but due to their gets around. Because of each month. one new student is automati- tices are inundated by the chancellor. the excitement.

earned a total of 201 xp for teaching that hand over his hard-won spoils to any constructing the wizards stronghold can
month. master, nor should be expected to do so. be determined by consulting pages 106-
This could add up to a lot of paperwork What the chancellor does get is the right 108 of the DMG. To this must be added
for a large school with a great many stu- to examine the magical items captured by another 1,000-4,000 gp (exact amount at
dents, but you were warned. It could also his lesser magic-users, perhaps to read the DM’s discretion) to advertise in the
be argued that it is wrong to give experi- over (and possibly copy) a scroll containing surrounding lands for a wizards sword
ence points to magic-users for sitting in a spell the lesser magic-user could not arm, a fighter who becomes the chief
the comfort of the classroom and teaching, normally use or to attempt the discovery military officer of the weirding hold. If a
but characters should be able to earn of the powers of some unusual item. wizard has already established a school of
experience from activities other than The changing of ownership of these magic, he can move the school to his new
“kicking the door and killing the orc.” The treasures between the lesser magic-users stronghold in the weirding hold if the hold
faculty members of the school of magic and their chancellor is a matter for DMs was designed to contain it. This entails
spend three to eight months each year and players to resolve. However, no chan- moving most of the equipment and para-
teaching, performing a valuable service cellor is going to hand over all his spells phernalia from the old school, but there is
and honing their magical skills, and it is and secrets to his lesser magic-users sim- also a minor outfitting cost added on to
only right that they gain from this experi- ply because they have gained a few levels. the basic construction of the new strong
ence. Adventuring remains the prime Besides, a newly acquired magical item hold. This outfitting cost is equal to 10% of
source of experience points; those gained could well be the key that unlocks the the total cost of the new stronghold and is
by teaching are few in comparison to chancellor’s spell books for a highly covet- added to form the new total upon which
those gained from adventuring, and it ed spell. Evil lesser magic-users could the wizard-chancellor’s annual upkeep for
would take all but the lowliest of magic- conceivably attempt to hold out on their his school of magic is based.
users many years of teaching to gain chancellors in this matter, but they must A wizard takes this major step for a
enough experience to rise even a single be prepared to suffer the consequences variety of reasons. Chancellors may find
level. should he learn of their deception. Similar- the school of magic has lost some of its
The chancellor of the school of magic ly, a chancellor might just take a magical challenge, and they may desire another
has a great influence upon the adventur- item he wants. Again, the ramifications of goal to work for. Some do it to expand
ing activities of his faculty. It is he who this could be unpleasant for all concerned. their power and to give them subjects to
decides who may leave the school of magic rule, thereby gaming a population base for
to go adventuring and for how long. At Territorial development military forces. Certain wizards see this as
any rate, no more than one-third (round The cost of maintaining a school of a single step towards greater conquest;
fractions of up or down to the nearest magic, in day-to-day running expenses and others might take over an area in an
whole number) of the school’s lesser the annual upkeep payment, can get very attempt to prevent its conquest by other
magic-users may be absent from the expensive. Some chancellors could find forces. Whatever the reasons, success in
school at any one time. Thus, the chancel- themselves hard-pressed to pay the bills establishing a weirding hold makes a wiz-
lor of a school of magic with six lesser unless they and their lesser magic-users ard far more powerful than his level might
magic-users would normally require four undertake a considerable amount of indicate.
of them to be present at all times. Also, in adventuring. Another possible way to Once the wizard has fulfilled the
most cases, the highest-ranking lesser augment the chancellor’s income is with requirements for establishing a weirding
magic-user is expected to remain at the tax revenue. In order to do this, the chan- hold, he gains the right to collect taxes
school of magic whenever the chancellor cellor must first establish a magical free- from every person residing within his
is absent. hold similar to that described on page 25 territory. The wizard also attracts a type
The right to go adventuring is a privilege of the Players Handbook. of fighter known as the wizards sword
for which lesser magic-users must pay Starting at 12th level (wizard), or any- arm, who has come to join him in
their chancellor. After all, he provides time thereafter, a magic-user may elect to response to his expensive advertising
them with bed and board, a monthly sal- establish a magical freehold — or weirding campaign. The wizards sword arm may
ary, protection, and the benefits of his vast hold, as it is often called. In order to do be drawn to the weirding hold for any
knowledge of magic. It is only fair and this, the wizard must construct a strong- number of reasons of his own. Perhaps he
proper that these lesser magic-users give hold of some sort (a school of magic is is old and tired, and seeks what he thinks
their chancellor something in return. A ideal for this) and clear the surrounding is a comfortable position. It may be the
chancellor of good alignment often territory of hostile creatures for a radius wizards magic or the thought of future
demands no more than one-third of any of 10-20 miles (or an area of 300-1,250 conquests emanating from the weirding
monetary treasure gained by his lesser square miles, if irregular in shape). It hold which lure him. Then again, the
magic-users on their adventures. A neutral should be clearly understood that no wizards sword arm may have some deep,
chancellor might insist upon one-third or wizard is ever compelled to establish a dark reason of his own for coming to the
one-half of any treasure gained, depending school of magic before he sets out to orga- weirding hold.
upon his bent. An evil chancellor claims nize a weirding hold, although doing the The wizards sword arm must be a fight-
up to two-thirds of any treasure. Of former first would probably make the er, ranger, or cavalier. He is considered a
course, these figures are suggestions; any latter task much easier. Either of these castellan (see page 34 of the DMG) in all
deal could be worked out between a chan- projects may be undertaken independently respects except that his command is the
cellor and his lesser magic-users. of each other, without each other, in any entire weirding hold. Depending upon his
The chancellor also has the right of order, or simultaneously. However, should class and level, the wizards sword arm
access to any magical treasure obtained by a wizard decide to establish both a weird- may not have any followers or men-at-
his lesser magic-users during their adven- ing hold and a school of magic at the same arms, and the wizard must provide such
tures. This does not mean that the magical time, he is forced to establish his school of troops or send his sword arm out to
treasure is simply handed over to the head magic at some distance from the nearest recruit them. This is another theme which
of the school of magic. On the contrary; community. runs through much of the literature of
no henchman would ever be willing to just As with the school of magic, the costs of swords and sorcery: the story of the great
26 JULY 1987

the collecting of half-elves residing in the weirding hold. These policies are simplified arm of 9th level (two-thirds of 14 is 9 1/3. evident when the wizard is an elf or half- of the wizard in question by 2/3 (rounding tant magical activities. The policies and their effects upon those of his level. users to rise as high as 10th level — more than enough to qualify as a chancellor for a school of magic. subjects. number). phy. a neutral half-elf from serving certain evil chancellors. which now enable exceptional half-elven magic. The reasoning behind two subjects are listed in Table 7. Initial no. 41. the DM could roll 1 All elves and half-elves who are faculty have a 25% chance of being double-classed. of Size of school Outfitting costs for upkeep students allowed students attracted Small 10-30. resulting in a score of 17. fighting for it. these policies tend to capture the or other mercenary officer is that he is greatly restricts the ability to rise to high essence of any possible outlook a wizard considered a normal henchman and may levels for all but the most exceptional might have. which use Tables 5 and 6 to determine his race general. treat of retainers or men-at-arms. actually an excellent position for an ambi. He is charged with elf. the wizard of getting a sword arm worthy only a 5% chance of being triple-classed. The classic version of this become a wizards sword arm. sword arm. sword arm differs from a normal castellan also. his neighbors. a lawful-good chancellor or two short as a fighter. Simply multiply the level thus freeing the wizard for more impor. then roll percentile dice. or if rolling for a student. Any sword arm attracted who is a cava- ² An elf received by an evil human is actually a drow. The sword arm is holding. For example. For example. 86-95 half-elf. 81-00 elf a fighter is 11th. This method of deter. The exact alignment of the sufficient compensation for being a level school’s chancellor should be considered in this decision. upon a great variety of possible policies. This is even more minus one level. If he doesn’t fit. 61-80 half-elf. which is wizard with a weirding hold. or has a large population of elves or fractions up or down to the nearest whole the security of the realm. all demi-humans have only a but the most apparent influence is in the mining the wizards sword arm assures 15% chance of being double-classed and areas of taxation and population growth. and 81-00 possibly have more than one claimant. This choice position could behind the weirding holds basic philoso- 80 means it remains the same. force of men-at-arms. This holds true for any rangers of a high 3 Half-elves are included as chancellors on this table due to the changes made on enough level to have attracted their band pages 8-9 of Unearthed Arcana. 28 JULY 1987 . the DM mines the policies under which it is 14th-level wizard attracts a base sword might decide to make him earn it by governed. statements of how the wizard views his rounded down to 9). or he could decide and a 10% chance of being triple-classed. life within the holding. while adding a bit of uncer. this is the fact that the wizards sword arm are admittedly very basic pronouncements Another way in which the wizards may be required to be quite high in level. A score taxes and other tributes. operating in more than one class Even so. In this case. and it might even fighter to brandish the sword that he This enables PCs to get into the act and affect its relations with its neighbors. 96-98 half-elf. upon magic than upon the sheer brute establishing the weirding hold. Table 1 Guidelines for Schools of Magic Annual cost Maximum no. where appropriate. 81-90 half-elf. yet there is nothing that prevents a half-elf from being evil. It is up to the DM to decide Table 2 if any wizards sword arm can fit into his Race of Lesser Magic-Users and Students campaign. a when a PC applies for the job. plus or day administration of the weirding hold.000 gp 2-5% 15 7-12 (1d6 + 6) Medium 30-50. a level to 8th level. Policies and growth The basic fact that the ruler of the weirding hold is a mighty wizard has a powerful influence upon every aspect of wizard who makes an alliance with a continue to gain experience and levels. and enforcing the While magic may be the driving force of 01-40 means the level drops by one. but only if a lesser magic-user lier or paladin has his normal complement is being rolled for. These tainty and variety. the DM may just roll again. 31-50 half-elf. 99-00 elf² 20. It is up to the DM to determine any other that being a cleric and a magic-user was classes possessed by such demi-human magic-users. who turned out to be a cleric/ Neutral human 01-80 human. 51-00 elf entitled to a 13th-level fighter for his sword arm.000 gp 5-10% 50 31-40 (1d10 + 30) demi-humans. Percentile dice are When the wizards sword arm is an NPC. 91-00 elf fighter/magic-user. the highest level a high elf can attain as Half-elf 01-60 human. who are this result as a half-elf. 96-00 elf1 sword arm. A could not wield. A wizards policies can affect means the wizards sword arm is dropped and class. yet the arch mage is Elf 01-30 human. ly one with a school of magic within the The wizards sword arm is of a level tious fighter or cavalier. isn’t likely to attract very many lesser magic-users with the other class of thief. is far more likely to rely heavily equal to two-thirds that of the wizard the man or woman in charge of the day-to. let’s say that a Chancellor is: Percentile dice score 19th-level arch-mage attracted a high-elven Good human 01-85 human. For the purposes of the wizards every facet of life in the weirding hold. of followers. If no drow exist in the campaign. wizards will. nor whom their master has decided to serve. and the world in rolled. it is still the ruling wizard who deter- means it goes up one level. Some may object to giving an evil chancellor a half-elven required to swear allegiance to the wizard assistant or student.000 gp 3-6% 30 17-24 (1d8 + 16) Large 50-80. and especial- is that of Merlin and King Arthur. Even with a strength of Evil human 01-95 human. for another sword arm.

Neutral human 01-80 human. Only evil and certain neu. least.1. Take the case of an evil wizard with desire to offend them nor to curry their Neighbors are viewed only as potential hordes of humanoids dwelling in his favor. and conduct affairs that might not be others. greater power. except magic). this policy. and there should be a sound rea- administration of the weirding hold to his bors. Some people may be drawn by an interest in magic or an Wizard is: Percentile dice score appreciation of what magic may provide Good human 01-85 human. 91-95 elf. attracted to a weirding hold run by an hold ruled by a malevolent wizard.501 Initiate 2 -2 2 2 -500 to -1 Apprentice 3 -1 3 2 1 Remember to add any constitution bonus. 96-98 half-elf. 91-00 elf ate this more than most other races. A lawful-evil wizard may well be benevo.2. and a radical change in policy could cerned. inely care about the subjects they have Table 4 come to rule. himself besieged by these erstwhile allies ing too large a part in their lives could be Few settlers are attracted to a weirding by lunchtime. Table 5 There is much in a weirding hold to Race of Wizard’s Sword Arm attract new settlers. All they ard. bright morning and decide to become a good wizard choosing it. ² Zero-level magic students make all saving throws as a 1st-level magic-user. with the indicated penalty. On the other hand. 31-50 half-elf. Size of school Replacement student Annual new enrollment ing the well-being of their subjects and Small 25% 60% for 1 normally levy only enough taxes to help Medium 35% 70% for 1-2 them maintain their stronghold and school Large 50% 80% for 2-4 of magic (if they have one). evil wizard could choose this policy. Relations with neighboring states ards burden their subjects with high taxes result in some unpleasantness. 81-90 half elf. that stands in their way. and he may change his only as a means for providing additional is amenable. Table 3 Grades of Zero-Level Magic Students Accumulated Saving Cantrips Cantrips hit throw usable learnable XPS Grade title points¹ penalty² per day per month . to say the may fluctuate because the wizard has no and oppress them with their harsh rule. him free reign to do much as he wills. Even a chaotic. A funds and security for their endeavors. as far as the subjects are con. No restrictions should be placed on who may select this policy. and really care about their subjects (or much under the protection of a powerful wiz. are truly interested in is magical research welcomed under the rule of a benevolent No wizard is committed to the same and study. 96-00 dwarf for them. hope that he will use them to oppress else for that matter. ¹ This elf is actually a drow. They truly desire promot. the wizards sword arm runs things. If he were to wake up one although it is difficult to envision a lawful. policy at the beginning of any new year. an indif- DRAGON 29 . half-elf. though. if no drow exist in the campaign. 86-95 half-orc. In no case is their saving throw ever worse than that for a zero-level human. and they do selected by a wizard tends to affect the may become the most important figure in their utmost to crush anyone or anything sort of creatures attracted to the weirding the state. mostly evil humans and humanoids. 99-00 elf¹ Others might be attracted by the low tax Elf 01-30 human. Relations with most neighboring states could be cordial or even close. Such wizards take an active Enrollment of New Students role in the many mundane affairs of the weirding hold.1.000 to . indifferent wizard delegates most of the ally prey upon their subjects and neigh. (Elves and half-elves can appreci. although the alignments of the wizard and any neighboring rulers might determine otherwise. assuming the wizards sword arm policy forever. as well as any neutral one. Any good wizard could select it. he might well find People who object to government play. tral wizards should be allowed to select benevolent autocrat. change of policy is a serious matter. The key here is how that are are of the same ilk as the wizard they remain in their place. 86-90 half-elf. In such a holding. An Malevolent wizards are those who actu. 51-00 elf rate and the knowledge that their future liege is a benevolent ruler who is attempt. hold. the weirding hold is established wizard. as long as indifferent wizard.) Evil human 01-85 human. threats or as stepping stones to even weirding hold. treat this result as a ing to make life easier for them. if it because the indifferent wizard has given These creatures risk throwing in their lot suits some purpose he has in mind.001 Neophyte 1 -3 1 1 . The initial policy sword arm.000 to . Malevolent wiz. Those lent towards those he rules. with the malevolent ruler because they Indifferent wizards are those who don’t Others could be drawn here to harbor desire much the same as he does. Any wizard may select this policy. Their sole purpose in life is to son for any change. this warrior increase their personal power.

500 souls with an iron hand. a penultimate battle between two weirding holds. Example 3: A malevolent wizard rules his desert weirding hold of 4. weirding hold is located in the mountains. and the following domestic military forces should be kept room to maneuver. it would take a because of the wizards malevolent policy. but no more Wizard’s policy Basic tax rate Population growth modifier because there are no additional modifiers Benevolent 5 sp +1% which apply to this situation. 86-00 cavalier2 policy and terrain.) Wizards are not meant to be wizards are inclined to cut taxes. At the start of the new year. decide to increase his armed forces by lected from each individual residing within. They also open new vistas for lesser magic-users and even fighters. Once As the population of the weirding hold The basic tax rate is exactly that: the the original population of the weirding grows over the years. AD&D® game campaign. healthy climate. which is raised to 3 for the basic growth 2 If the wizard is lawful good. the DM has the base number from enrolling some of his subjects into a stand- the weirding hold per month. tion might change to a benevolent policy series of calamitous natural disasters. competition. This fied by the wizards policy in force during warlords. each with its own school of magic and opposing alignment. Malevolent 8 sp -1% adding 68 new residents. gives the term “final exam” a brand new meaning. then reduced to 2 hold is in the path of a barbarian migra. + 1% if the weirding hold is in the be hired in any number. The popula- Indifferent 6 sp 0% tion of this weirding hold rises by 4%. resulting in possi- ble friction. 30 JULY 1987 . the population of a state to decline. which ferent wizard who knows his weirding tion. and mountains or on the coast. 86-95 ranger.1% if the weirding hold is in a marsh Table 6 or desert. weirding holds into a campaign is a good way to liven up the magic-user class. 91-00 cavalier weirding hold in the mountains with a Dwarf/Half-orc 01-00 fighter population of 2. (This is another matter that has the option to raise or lower this rate The basic annual growth rate for a weird. This results in a total population growth of +5%. poses. or 45 new inhabitants. resulting in 2. must be worked out between DMs and by 1 or 2 sp. meaning 112 new babies or immi- grants are added to the population of the weirding hold. 1 If the wizard is evil.700. due to the unhealthy climate. the wizard might basic amount of taxes which may be col. 1d4 is rolled. or weirding hold is in a desert. The 1d4 roll results in a score of 3. players. The attempt to establish a weirding hold could be the center of a battle between good and evil for control of a certain area. treat all results of rangers as fighters. 76-85 ranger1. out unduly upsetting his subjects. . or. Foreign mercenaries may still to any situation that might arise. Class of Wizard’s Sword Arm Use of all modifiers can result in an annual population growth for a weirding Sword arm is: Percentile dice score hold of 0-7%. a real maniac for a ruler to actually cause growth is 1%. hold has been determined for tax pur. Half-elf 01-85 fighter. depending upon the wizard’s Human 01-75 fighter. which is increased to 4. The wizard which to determine population growth. Indeed. and finally reduced to 1 because the (in order to attract more new settlers and continuous warfare on a massive scale. Most populations tend to grow.240. These institutions give higher-level magic- users something to work for other than the creation of magical items. however. The 1d4 roll is 2. any build-up of variable tax rate gives the wizard some the previous year. Population to rally the support of his neighbors) with. ing militia. During the time frame of the typical is increased to 3. there is a 25% chance that any cavalier attracted is rate. although few malevolent ing hold is 2-5%. 96-00 cavalier3 Example 1: A benevolent wizard rules a Elf 01-80 fighter. DMs find that whole new areas of campaigning open up before them. 81-90 ranger. lent policy and another + 1 because the 3 See notes in text regarding demi-human sword arms. enabling him to react terrain modifiers: quite small. Example 2: An indifferent wizard has a Table 7 weirding hold in a forest with a population Weirding Hold Policies of 1. or even hostility between the two schools. This figure may be modi. The chancellor of a new school of magic might discover that he has inadver- tantly infringed upon the territory of another school of magic. + 1 is added for the wizards benevo- actually a paladin. due to the Incorporating schools of magic and those of the weirding hold are no excep.


5 concentrate only on the damaging aspects ing and leather goods. into a wooden building and not set the dragon’s breath. the Dungeon Masters Guide. damage allotments. such as In the case of fire-based magic.4 Molten lava. so that a character forced to unerringly to hit only the monster among against the recipients who fail to make endure a “normal” fire soon finds his skin.. though. Emerich Almost all DMs abide faithfully by these which burns at temperatures of 250-300°C written constraints: a lightning bolt cast (480-570°F).280-3. meaning that everything The last mentioned description qualifier able” results are defined. always includes the nonmetallic items Handbook. clothing.600°C. etc. cool-to-the-touch condition. ning bolt as if it were laser-guided. close to 2. cotton. the nonse. fireballs. inherently unavoidable effect of a spell or ability is a nonselective (1. and Think of what this means to a character abilities like red dragon breath or demon Into the inferno caught in such an infernal environment! immolation. this classification of fire has a tem- of these treatments in the game.3 one can assign “normal” fires by a magic-user has a range of 60’ plus an this range based upon the DMGs descrip- Have you ever participated in an AD&D® additional 10’ per level of his experience. place on fire. so it should also affect the character’s clothing. These rules are usu. The area of effect is nonselective by defini- tion. treasure. but what happens after the Now. but his clothing range of 1. lets a magic-user cast a light. a “normal” fire is defined as the temperature at which torches or bonfires and the other official AD&D game books. listed as being pro- leaves their possessions in an unaltered.700°F). by Richard W. A poor fires. failing to set the PCs continue on or does the DM or a wall of fire under the same descrip the wooden furniture and wall paneling inform the players that they are now tion.2 Using untreated wood as a guide. A good DM recognizes that the area of average temperature of about 925°C disregarding other. and suffered serious wounds. armor. gear. demon immolation. and those Spells. There are only some qualitative phrases in the AD&D® game books. This almost areas of effect laid out in the Players dice and calculates the character’s damage. wool. the circle of your attacking party mem. with a peak of be examined: fire-based. are a lot hotter than you’d think under the description of a ring of fire resistance. breath weapons. or 16 times categories of energy-releasing magic will it comes time for the DM to judge who and that heeded to boil water.” one can assign a temperature and abilities by the player characters. and a fireball from a wand wood. burn.000°F). and and everyone within it is unavoidably under this reference is “exceptionally hot” discussed in this article in a game context. Two main area of effect must be remembered when perature of about 1. and have heated Thus. carried by a character or in the immediate 32 JULY 1987 . red released energy against the characters. and capabilities of the energy released their armor to an intolerable level? a wall of fire and the like must produce an from magical spells or natural abilities. consider the temperatures at which normal fires burn. characteristic. flame strikes. or even a normal bonfire. suffer damage caused by heat exposure. and and “exceptionally hot” fires is about the ations for a more accurate. Too often. can Oftentimes. consider the category of “very party cleric burns the monsters to ash. but recipients of the fireball’s heat mark off large and hot” fires. durations. the damage on their character sheets? Do duced by molten lava. and electricity-based. some examples of which are fire with a focus on the consequences of the DM allows a character to cast a fireball storms. examined. affected by the energy released. rope. makes up the largest percentage of the to severely damage his lungs. results of their release. and their environment. red Effect! dragon’s breath. leather goods.”¹ To quantify and define the temperature ranges and capabilities of these fire-based Magical fires magics. and gear are burning! bers? In which the flame strike cast by the ally followed. and breath. the process stops here.e. On the average DM concerning a more thorough handling lectivity of the energy-releasing magic’s then. the DM and the players fires which are consuming the PCs’ cloth. including spells what are affected by the released energy. and magical. “exceptionally hot” fires.100°C (1. depending upon its type on fire? faced with the problem of putting out the and proximity to the volcanic crater. such as the heat “will melt soft metals” and will ignite “all combustible materials within its blast radius. and perhaps neglects to tell the unarmored recipient of same as between “normal” and “very large safer.380-2. These “unavoid. and enough — the DM rolls the appropriate flash point) burst into flames. Exposed ning.250-1. increment between “very large and hot” A secondary focus is on gaming consider. handling of energy-releasing magic a red dragon’s breath that not only has he and hot. selective as a cruise missile in its choice of cone 90’ long. quan- titative temperatures for the heat gener- ated by something like a fireball. and his immediate Fire for surroundings.6 Assuming that the their possessions.950°C (2. and so characters and clothing.000°C! such as fireball and flame strike. be up to 750-1. as well as abilities like blue dragon energy released. hemp.540°F) to includes some recommendations for the and gear are ablaze! In short. their saving throws. A materials which reach or exceed the tem- device discharges all have prescribed character’s wounds are handled easily perature needed for their combustion (i. heat He is breathing superheated air sufficient the spells of lightning bolt and call light. material goods within the area of effect treasure all conduct this heat. At these temperatures (up to three game in which a magic-user’s fireball is as red dragon’s breath weapon extends in a times the boiling point of water). ranges. But how? There are no published. and some leathers targets? In which a lightning bolt arcs of fire does precisely 6d6 hp damage burn easily. a tion. according to the listed comparisons. In the DMG.

and lightning bolts from spells and nature. or player a good handle on the tempera- potential of bringing much harm down on tunity to use his wand and zaps the tures produced by an electrical discharge. Use tionally hot” and. ball at the dragon to “soften him up. The action ing the lot together upon cooling. lying on one side of a pile of gold and takes the form of a discharged bolt of raw Another ramification often overlooked goodies. This has the hand combat. because As previously mentioned. Instead. as with a some degree. These the effects of the magical energy released “lead. “very society. a party of adven. iron 2. through team effort. whereas ness of the catacombs. temperatures produced by a discharge of attempts to handle or wear them. If the DM allows the characters to sim. dling has been discussed. or outdoors within The dragon. ning bolt spell. metals melt at considerably lower simple common sense to determine what large and hot” fires. saving throw “represents the chance for door and causes it to stick fast from the sure and are exposed to these fires. causing melting and deformation. ing. Saving throws are an melting points in the same range as iron. phrases timberlands or brushlands. has a chance of flowing and coming in degree” in the previous paragraph. Thus. however. on the part of the characters (with the allow a more thorough handling of the ers as well as the DM. defeated. affect bracings. doors. DM needs to roll to determine the fate of After several grueling days in the dark. then engages the others in hand-to. it is seen that the heat is an “exceptionally hot” fire.and force-generating capabilities with wood products from room tempera. In the future. fashioning armor. invisible and wearing the these forms of electricity usually stress the Raising the temperature of a room filled thief’s boots of elvenkind. an average of lightning should be roughly equivalent to atures can also affect metal goods by about 1. now be used. power. even if only for the brief time it takes to up to do hand-to-hand combat. AD&D® game books. If the heat anything within their areas of effect to. bands around crates. Treatments of character’s surrounding environment. tures produced by a fireball. the dragon is “splinters up to one foot thickness of also what the effects and aftereffects are. to some degree. or by released is the effect of this heat on the sage to a point at which the party sorcerer a spell of call lightning. There. Imagine your party of PCs is trapped fire storm or flame strike spell. has not fully recognized nor considered metals with low melting points such as ing. and utterly results of fate”13 The point of defining the similar applications of the high tempera. the party of characters. such as that often used in even platinum. The character him. silver. which has a pure-state a suit of plate mail.and tures produced by energy-releasing magic and hardening. blue dragon’s breath. Therefore. temperatures and the applications of them important aspect of the game and should and should be handled in a similar man. and building described in the table appearing later in should all cause the same effects already materials. gold. ty. fus. turers near their goal: the lair of a huge. sufficient to melt copper. and unrefined iron. ply “scoop up the loose treasure. but this does not mean that the ner.300°C. Some shocking news metal goods probably suffer from super. steps forward. Most treasure is players may wish to make different com.7 Metal doors.“11 the metal goods can burn a character who during the battle.8 becomes a liquid at the tempera. PCs should dragon’s exposed flank. copper. rather than by igniting them. that saving throws are no longer useful made up of precious metals that have bat plans based upon these postulated nor applicable. depending upon 400°C less. WIZARDS vicinity of the area of effect. Now is the time to leisurely stone. deformed outer layer which. as well in the extreme temperatures of “excep. He casts a fire. fire-based ed part of the dragon with his wand of associated with a lightning bolt or blue magics. Also remember that ments. and metal weapons made of iron or “very large and hot” fires. angered by this interrup. The energy released in this case usually stand such high temperatures. no quantitative listing of the temperatures for combustion to occur. gates. fore. one. show that any such carefully consider not only when and how the pile of treasure. Basic. and bronze. the detonation occurs. . on the characters and material goods. In an impure state. . but Soon. or a wooden gate. appropriate tools) to chisel apart into effects and aftereffects set off by the DM Iron is not the only metal that suffers manageable chunks. fused. not only tion of its dinner. This brings us to the second main cate- heating and melting. cloth- DRAGON 33 . is more than sufficient sorcerer prepares to zap any unobstruct. such as that produced by a light- or simply ignored when magical energy is The party moves quietly down the pas. Thus. weapons.” then he lightning attacks (like fireball spells) melt tures can also affect metal goods by heat. the the figure (character) to avoid the cruel intense heat! It’s a horrible fate. Reviewing the tempera.000°C.“10 thus clearly qualifying its force- and how to make preparations for dealing scoop up the loose treasure. Silver. It should be safe to assume that. a large shield. This is cian cast a fireball into the hallway on the contact with other metals or objects. used because the rules stipulate “that opposite side of an iron door. black dragon where untold treasure gory of energy-releasing magic originally self also conducts this heat and suffers awaits! The thief scouts ahead and put forth: that which is based on electrici- wounds since his body cannot possibly reports that the dragon is currently eat.600°C. but it and result is a melted.” After more than the voltages associated with ture (20°C) to over six times its flash point. Picture the following scenario: that a more involved and definitive han. the and the players. magic items and even normal items and separates the group from an overpower. point of 1000-1. to some degree. with them. gold. if any of these metals are present weapons must be saved for”12 and that a ing force of nasties. persists for any length of time. after cooling approximate temperatures of the fire. requires a concerted effort electricity-based energy releases is to should be kept firmly in mind by the play. attack will “sunder wooden doors” and to use such energy-releasing magic. while the Like fire-based energy releasing magic. explaining that such attacks will “melt wound any opponents caught within the ing fighters and sprays its acid breath on metals with a low melting point” and “set conflagration but may cause major (possi. detonate a fireball. suffers melting and deformation this article. be the case with metals of a medieval as create a powerful force on impact. tin. . door frames. as would discussed for the fire-based ones. generating power. metal tures associated with “exceptionally hot” like their fire-based counterparts. are all affected. furniture. most of these magic spells and abilities. It is not meant to imply melting or deformation. heat. every piece of equipment. but also deforms the along the extreme edges of a pile of trea. The sorcerer sees an oppor. melting point of 961°C and boils at about on. the fighters charge these forms in the AD&D® game. this force might feasibly do against a wall. Iron has a melting temperatures — perhaps as low as 100. which rests atop They do. these tempera. dragon’s breath are provided by the homes and buildings. turns toward the charg. Temper. as those produced by an innate ability. a wag the purity and presence of trace ele. fire to combustibles”9 do not give the DM bly uncontrollable) fires. when used in most medieval lightning. this liquid Note the use of the phrase “to some inside a room because the group’s magi.

making extra room and flow 155’ down the corridor interprets the results of their use: rolls only for special or magical items. players and DMs fail to realize Therefore. 10 Ibid. p. 1221. susceptible to the full effects of the energy and the target. Keep space considerations in mind. the one most usually mishandled is released to those characters within the power of energy-releasing magic has been the lightning bolt. he should consider measuring 60’ x 30’ x 10’ (18. players should now have a better understanding of the actual temperatures and forces produced under these conditions. it should be easier for the DM to apply the unavoidable and nonselective parameters associated with them. or force against the game environment. Always consider the nonselectivity of Above all. Instead. 5 “Rock. occupy a certain area. types of energy released. 7 The Merck Index. common sense should be used dor is available). the heat and flames use up that releasing magics. 1. of treasure as one entity and making indi.” The World Book Encyclopedia. ters a safe distance from it. and the main effects of the selected energy-releasing magic spells and abilities thus defined. making any necessary to temper the dice rolls when determining enough to have disregarded this fact will (if rough) calculations or approximations the degree of the effects felt by a charac. Players should position their charac- ter or the environment. XVI. and any treasure exposed to it. 9 Players Handbook. p. 14 Thus. A fireball has just over within its area of effect.. 80-82).ing. and DMs the DMG (pp. 4 Players Handbook. Those characters foolish the area of effect. 73. With the temperatures. find themselves caught in their own spell’s for it. It should be virtually impos. or treasure. Footnotes 1 Players Handbook. p. Ridiculous game occurrences can be elimi- nated by challenging the players to have their characters be more considerate of the power at their fingertips and by giving the DM the information he needs to create a more accurate scenario for the game. (assuming. DMs should the energy-releasing magic’s area of effect. Consider the effects of the heat and keeping the damage to their sur. it also rebounds from nonconducting surfac- es back toward the caster. that that much corri. how can the PCs use these electricity. having a lightning bolt strike discharge on interposing objects or crea- that the fire and heat generated from the only one creature among many is ridicu. other highly conductive materials that implement any effects and aftereffects and that anything trapped inside it is might be interposed between the caster described herein when applicable. 352. 73. such as considering a pile 33. p. Likewise. as described in area of effect. discussed. the play. released. 8 Ibid. Instead. the bolt tends to 3. the Players Handbook. it must affect all who are reasonable. Energy released in a confined area can cause unpredictable results for the characters. and should apply this knowledge to avoid the many problems possible with the misuse or mishandling of energy-releasing magics. Additionally. p. The most mishandled fire-based discharge upon encountering any Don’t forget that many energy-releasing example is the fireball spell. protecting themselves resistance to discharge its immense poten. p. bulk considerations to speed the surroundings. As is characteristic of area of effect. pp. dispensing intense the game along. and ers must remember the nonselectivity of structures. metal-armored characters. he should use detonation conform as best they can to fill lous. if it is cast This mishandling warrants some com- vidual saving throws for special or magical from a 10’ x 10’ corridor into a room mon sense suggestions for the players items only. although it “ground” — a path that offers it a chance magics conform to fill a certain volume or has an area of effect of a 40’-diameter to discharge through to the ground. 1969. 2 Ibid. 3 Essentials of Fire Fighting. 73. it follows the path of least 2.000 cubic whose characters use such energy- each character and his equipment as one feet).500 cubic feet of volume as indicated in heat and force against the recipients. sible to “fork” a bolt to avoid metal the characters and their possessions. of course. tures between the caster and the target. p. 6 Players Handbook. produced. Instead. roundings to a minimum? First. He should also be able to better describe the results when PCs or NPCs make use of them. Lightning tends to sphere. 735. Remember what temperatures are abilities effectively. 34 JULY 1987 . 74. tial energy. 7-8. and for the DM when he entity for the saving throw. Of the electricity-based energy-releasing should give the full effects of any energy Now that an awareness of the actual magics.

et al. 16 Ibid. p. E.000-1. 80.30028 Note: A temperature of X°C may be converted to Y°F by the Mithralh 1. p. among other rare or Brass. highd 1. Inc. b Alloy composed of 80% copper and 20% zinc. Melting and boiling points are estimated. 23-41. 735.: CRC Press.45023 g Alloy composed of iron and carbon. AD&D® game alloys Melting and boiling points are estimated. H. Perry’s Chemical Engi. Wis. 27 Dungeon Masters Guide. 1455. 17 Ibid. Boiling point is estimated. Inc. p. 1402. Springfield.30 Brass.000 2. 25 Ibid.774 3. based upon Alloys data for titanium. 1221. 31 Ibid. Dungeon Masters Guide.8 =Y 11 Ibid.. 648. e Silver 961 2. d Gold 1. p.000 2. Perry. based upon data for Adamantitef 3.59515 estimated. redb 985-1. 19 Ibid. c Pure metals Alloy composed of 70% copper and 30% zinc. based upon data for gold and silver.90029 formula: (X + 17. secs... f Alloy composed of mithral silver and iron (meteorite or Zinc 420 90822 other). New York: Inc. 23-5. 1963. 1983.00017 silicon). secs. Rosemary. World Book.500 3. 776. 402. 1979. p.000-3. 24 Ibid.J. West Palm Beach. p. Fla. 23-42. eds.74018 figure means more of each is present). 1979.50025 based upon data for iron. 4th ed. a Melting and Boiling Points of Pure Metals and Alloys Depends upon the trace elements present. R.50026 h Alloy composed of adamantite and iron (meteorite or other).. Red brass was commonly used in medieval society. Gary. 23 Perry’s Chemical Engineers’ Handbook.. 1969. 28 Ibid. 23-5. Inc. Rah- way.. meteoriteg 1.435-2. Melting point Metal Melting point (°C) Boiling point (°C) varies due to trace elements. Mass. 29 Ibid. Gygax. Electrume 1. Inc. neers’ Handbook. Okla: International Fire Service. Melting and boiling points are estimated. p. McGraw-Hill Book Company. DRAGON 35 .000a 3. Players Handbook. N.31 Iron.083 2. 1978. 1085. nary.50721 are estimated. p.800 3. eds. Bronze. Melting and boiling points Tin 232 2. p.. 21 Ibid. 26 Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dictio- nary.483-2.. Gary. Chicago: 14 Players Handbook. p. International Fire Service Training Asso- ciation.. Budvari. 20 Ibid. et al. 73. Melting points vary by tin and silicon content (the low Lead 327 1. 13 Dungeon Masters Guide. The Merck Index: An Encyclopedia of Chemi- cals.90027 tungsten. 30 The Merck Index. p. 15 The Merck Index. 1977.064 2. The CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics. Richard E.40024 unknown metals. 1353. Essentials of Fire Fighting. Lake Geneva. Stillwa- ter.. yellow c 931 2. 358.: TSR. 164. 105. E. et al.. 10th ed.017 2. p. Drugs. p. Wis.70016 Alloy composed of copper and up to 25% tin (plus traces of Iron 1. p.. Gygax.... and Biologicals.. Boiling point is Copper 1.00020 Alloy composed of gold and silver. Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dictio. 1356. Lake Geneva.: Merriam-Webster 12 Ibid.410 5. Boiling points are Platinum 1..82719 estimated.78) X 1.. 59th ed.: Merck & Company.: TSR. Bibliography Bond. p. The World Book Encyclopedia. 18 Ibid. 22 Ibid.. 1986.

creatures in the area of effect take so don’t count too much on seeing all of side was devastated by fire. attained. AE: One torch magic-users of legend in his world. and the pages should be Academy’s Masters. destroyed. he was succeeded as Master and its scouting parties. are used in the by the pupils and Masters of the Academy Enchanted Torch (Alteration) “Bazaar of the Bizarre” column. It passed visibility within this area is reduced to 3’. Explanation/Description: The material 36 JULY 1987 .S Range: 0 CT: 2 segment Duration: 1 segment ST: None A new column of AE: Special Explanation/Description: This spell is typi- spells and enchantments cally used for long-range signaling out- doors. and light. It produces a streak of intense light that shoots straight up into the air from the caster’s index finger and remains tell of his many adventures and exploits.M description of the Fire-Eye. or classes. ST: None remembered as one of the most powerful Arch-Mage Avissar Fire-Eye himself. devised for signaling between an army on clean white paper. in On his death. or Kara-Tur of the they became known as the Fire-Eye Smokescreen (Evocation) AD&D® game. a yellow one might mean that the published world in an AD&D® or D&D® in Mellix’s time. Partic. smoke. Oth- spells. The Academy prospered near. city of Val Dalya. the were added to Avissar’s collection. Flare (Evocation) Level: 1 Components: V. Avis. but even Mellix could not discover the whereabouts of the item after Avissar’s Lore demise. Level: 2 Components: V. a large sphere of thick. Submissions for this column may As a result.S. For instance. a simple code may be All submissions to this column should be spells created by himself and his pupils. black smoke to appear on the first page of each submis. and Forgotten Realms. “to hit” rolls are made at . plus 1 “Arcane Lore” is a new column that settled in the Valley of Lanshaw and mile per level of experience the caster has features original spells created by the founded a school for wizards there.). A gust of wind repels a smokescreen but rial to be returned. Krynn. Spell Mellix was succeeded by Fallion of the Range: 8” CT: 2 segments descriptions should each be no more than Torch. Descriptions of the eight spells and the great Fire-Eye follow. addressed envelope if you wish your mate. Magical items. his red flare might indicate that an enemy is ular spells may be tied to a previously greatest student. and possible uses (and abuses). the school came to be known it may be used to transmit simple mes- be sent to the magazine. and the resulting explosion above the ground. Please send no more than six spells scrolls were lost or stolen before the chest difficult. Enclose a stamped. half damage is taken if a save own group. we cannot be Only nine of the original Fire-Eye Scrolls cannot disperse it. but these guide. The It is not possible to see into or through and carefully worked out to cover all trunk was found in the ruins of the Acad. It is equally by Harold Dolan but it is a little-known fact that late in his visible in daylight or darkness. and the surrounding country. when he grew weary of traveling. and his goal was to develop Explanation/Description: This spell causes or paper clip. Arcane who had the confidence of the Arch-Mage and doubtless knew of the Fire-Eye’s powers. a clear type or word-processor print. The smoke created always floats 2’ sion. Avis.M Blackmoor lands of the D&D® game. Spell descriptions should be complete steel and enchanted to resist all harm. The material compo- responsible for submissions without remain in the library of the Mages’ Guild. for inhalation. they were stored in a great trunk made of vs. and it was never discovered after his death. tive when it came to the Fire-Eye. double-spaced.3 on per submission. Since the flare’s color is controlled lines should be observed: Avissar recorded on scrolls many of the by the caster.S. he half succeeded. all spells dealing with water. The last scroll contains a Level: 3 Components: V. who was fated to be the last of the Duration: 2 rnds/lvl ST: ½ five pages long. and each spell emy by a band of adventurers. We may sort out spells and print experiment. — RM of Fire Magic. visible for one full segment. etc. and a great many This reduced visibility makes combat effect. should be balanced in terms of level and through many hands. Fallion was fond of AE: 10’/lvl-radius sphere numbered and fixed together with a staple experiments. many scrolls of spells enemy is retreating. he lost control of his appear. sages. etc. a magical item Range: Touch CT: 1 round The Arch-Mage Avissar Fire-Eye is of great power once possessed by the Duration: Perm. erwise. The description was scribed by Mellix Kabiryn. spells is successful. or the Known World and Scrolls. 2-5 hp damage per round due to smoke your submissions run together as their But the Fire-Eye Scrolls survived. unless closely tied Eight of the scrolls contain spells invented with the spells given. he seen from as far away as 5 miles. The authors address should the ultimate magical explosive. self. The entire Academy was side this area may breathe normally. of the Academy by Mellix Kabiryn. game product — such as Oerth. was purchased by the Mages’ Guild of the the dice. SASEs. so that creatures out- them in various groups (all magic-user was colossal. heat. the area affected by a smokescreen. Tales sar was always very possessive and secre. and can be life. as the Academy of Fire Magic. readership of DRAGON® Magazine for all sar specialized in pyromancy — magic A flare may be used to indicate the spell-casting AD&D® and D&D® game dealing with fire. nent of this spell is a pinch of soot. position of the magic-user and his party. In the end.

S. Material Plane cannot be affected. WIZARDS components of this spell are an ordinary the caster to use it in cramped areas with. The exact area of effect must be stated The material component of this spell is a kled over the torch. and the perpendicular to the surface upon which Fire Phantom (Conjuration/ magical bonuses are simply added to it. it is said that the Arch-Mage met his end struck by the cone of fire emitted by a fire magical weaponry. inflammable. vaguely humanoid form. least 1. turn 90° to the right.. page Mellix’s Fire Mouth (Alteration/ detonate. an object is never exceed the maximum limit of 10” another’s weapon as easily as on his own. and. The cone material components. plus 1 hp attacks once per round for 1-8 hp damage. Alternately. magic resistance is effective. Duration is considered to flame easily ignites oil. Range: Touch CT: 1 round dropped. or in unconsciousness or death. ignited during the casting of the spell. even turn it upon its summoner. so its victim must be Summoning) standing directly in front of it to be affect. The torch illuminates a 40’ radius. + 1 flame tongue (as per the weap- turn 45° to the left. second-level magic-user spell magic mouth. and can ignite any combustible materials Thus. Explanation/Description: This is a spell AE: One creature chest. cause any nonmagical.S. The material components are a phantom must always remain within 30’ It requires that the spell-caster touch his drop of oil. upon contact.M type of creature (named beforehand by Duration: 3 rnds/lvl ST: None Range: Touch CT: 1 round the caster) passes directly in front of the AE: Special Duration: Perm. The due to the strain placed on the spell-caster. magic-user spell fireball for use in close moner.e. 7’ in height. any wound results ing from ½-2” radius sphere.M The fire phantom (being of low intelli. The victim MV 12”. bladed burns and can be extinguished just as an user might state that the fireball is to weapon to perform with the powers of a ordinary fire would. paper. less of other circumstances. the fireball’s path is to be.S. the spell-caster’s level. quarters or in twisting dungeon passages. the base at the base. then expires. and crea- Range: 10” + 1”/level CT: 4 segments gence) follows all commands given by its tures from planes other than the Prime Duration: Instant. expiration of the spell’s duration. dry wood. If the fabulous fireball contacts 165). the area of effect is variable. creature from the Elemental Plane of Fire to 1 permanently. or avian creatures. or casting. and measures 1’ at the tip and 10’ fireball.S. it a + 1 enchantment and has a + 2 bonus Level: 3 Components: V. or even by a gust of detonating. range the spell expires. remains until it is destroyed or until the The victim of Avissar’s Bane suffers the It differs from the original fireball in two spell’s duration expires. that may be hit only by magical weaponry. DRAGON 37 . Thus. cutlasses. Second. and devised this interesting variation on the be instantaneous no matter how complex sets fire to parchment. The spell is activated when a specific Range: 3” CT: 1 round Level: 9 Components: V. The fabulous fireball may turn Level: 8 Components: V. knives.e. The physical appearance of Avissar’s Bane. A weapon so enchant- AE: One object time against its effects if the first saving ed sheds light upon command. door. nor will it go out if the torch is one corner for every two levels of experi. and it may affect tooth or scale from a red dragon. which could be a statue. cold- Range: Touch CT: 3 segments the path must individually save vs. thus.).M detonates there. the magic. and saving throw. + 3 vs. including damage.000 gp value. specified before memorization of the spell. ed by the brother of the spell’s first victim. rang. the weapon temporarily gains Evocation) an object before completing its path. travel 30’ more. but (again) this need not be known Avissar himself created a spell which can pool of oil ignited by an enchanted torch prior to memorization. the fire phantom however. The enchantment of this spell is not the fabulous fireball is to take during Explanation/Description: The Arch-Mage transferable.S. the spell activates the first time any summoned creature has 2 +2 HD. The material component is a ruby of at which suddenly appears and breathes fire In all other respects. saving a second and +4 vs. this spell is cast. The cone is always emitted damage of the weapon is retained. length. further. the spell is cast. lion devised this variation of the third-level phantom immediately attacks the sum. Duration: Special ST: ½ to avoid the spell’s path. Otherwise. and its Explanation/Description: Mellix Kabiryn throw is failed. non. The victim’s hit-point total is reduced First.. subject to the follow- aflame by the fire phantom continue to ing conditions: It will not affect creatures Fallion’s Fabulous Fireball (Evocation) burn normally after the phantom is gone. spells using. empowered with an enchanted mouth plus 1" per level of the caster. regard- torch and a pinch of phosphorus. but it may be used in con. The Avissar is also said to have personally hand. The magic-user may cast this spell on When this spell is cast. regenerating creatures. fire-based creatures. maneuver around corners prior to Avissar’s Flaming Weapon (Alteration) guished by wind.M Hellfire (Evocation) ed. campfire. If cast of fire emitted by a fire mouth is 15’ in this spell is identical to the 3rd-level spell upon weapons other than swords (i. devised this deadly enchantment. Fallion’s fabulous fireball may An enchanted torch cannot be extin. nency. and one of the spell-caster. ST: None enchanted object. ST: ½ summoner as long as the magic-user con. creature steps in front of it. travel 50’. nitely. Level: 5 Components: V. i. or dispel magic-user must specify the path which AE: One weapon magic. hellfire. if it moves beyond this victim (as a hit in melee). burns webs. victim’s hit dice/level may not exceed the Explanation/Description: The wizard Fal. ence the spell-caster has attained. the phosphorus is sprin. There is no saving throw vs. The fire phantom on the vengeful point of the sword wield- mouth takes 3-18 hp damage. and can be hit by ordinary. It may be extinguished by sub. per level of the caster. undead. sword. causing it to be during spell-casting. When out fear of being engulfed in his own spell. travel 20’. but it need not be pint of oil which must be poured out and ignited with a flame that burns indefi. the AE: Variable (see below) centrates on controlling it. AC 5. Living beings caught in vs. undead. a torch. Range may etc. which vanishes upon when a specific condition is met. of fire elementals: the fire phantom. wall. caster’s concentration is broken. Thus. Note that any more powerful 1. used to summon one of the weaker types Explanation/Description: The Arch-Mage if no specific creature is named before. a fire phantom is a fiery outline of a Hellfire may be cast but once per week junction with the eighth-level spell perma. etc.M wind spell. then on in the Dungeon Masters Guide. The Duration: See below ST: None mersion in water. Level: 3 Components: V. the spell is often referred to as This spell normally functions but once. Materials set any single creature. lack of oxygen. a pinch of sulfur. If the spell. or whatever. This allows can dismiss the fire phantom at will. whereupon it following effects: respects: vanishes. hand-held. daggers.

but emit a ray of melting.500 gp if sold. There is a 15% (noncumulative) powerful and unique magical item of his monocle is worn over the left eye. as per sweats continuously. ice. The range of a utes of any single hour. The victim is exhausted. Five times per day. a wish The eight magical functions of the Fire. duration is instantane- occurs. and measures 1” in diameter. Three times per day. as it draws negative heat energy attacks. Its lens is smooth and 4. magical fire applicable). ments. magical fire become hypnotized. remaining motionless evil act. per spell. the Fire-Eye can emit a overcome by pain and become uncon. cast the spell originally. The victim is in constant agony. it a powdered ruby of at least 5. a pinch of sulfur. scious. fabricated by the Arch-Mage and endowed 9-HD fireball with a 9” range. the Fire-Eye can These effects are permanent and will chain alone are worth 7. During this time. or 2 cubic feet of magical ice. the magic-user spells of the same names at 3. he for purposes of causing suffering. hums softly and glows. one at a time. and it persists for up to five seg- victim. save by an act of the gods. that devil. Each time this This lens is enclosed in a circle of mithral ray of fire is 12”. Unless otherwise segment. and any the 18th level of ability. combustible material it contacts (save strenuous activity for more than 15 min. Mere possession of the monocle con. still with unique powers. and he this spell might entail severe consequences infravision and detect invisibility. only to awaken 1-4 hours later. there is a 1% cumulative chance and the whole is hung on a mithral chain ous. Avissar Fire-Eye derived his name from a will. The range of the ray end only with the death of the spell’s if the monocle’s magical properties are is 9”. spells at -4 or The casting of this spell is considered an bonus to all saving throws vs. and staring at the monocle for one full from the Nine Hells directly into the victim 2. The effects of hellfire cannot be known it can be sold for up to 75. the monocle can in agony. Twice per day. 1. the victim is sub- 38 JULY 1987 . normal fire and gives the possessor a + 3 creature must save vs. per round thereafter that the victim dies. the wearer gains the use of feels as if he is being burned alive. 2. origin. vs. The material com. dug from the crater of a meteorite. all spell powers are performed at the 6. noted. or pit fiend). It can melt 4 cubic feet of normal negated.000 gp. or by the will of the magic-user who Eye are detailed below. fighting is done at . Use of right eye. and the horn of a greater devil (horned fers immunity to the harmful effects of before the eyes of any single creature. of the finest craftsmanship. When the monocle is worn over the turn. If the Fire-Eye is held by the end of its ponents are a drop of oil.000 gp val. emit a ray of fire which ignites any nonliv- the victim engages in combat or other it is reputed to be a gemstone of unearthly ing. The gem and 5. chain and slowly rocked back and forth. chance per hour that the victim will be own devising. The Fire-Eye is a monocle 3. This chance increases to 40% if transparent. if alignment is violated. 18th level of ability.4 on “to hit” and The Fire-Eye The next three powers may be used at damage rolls. but only when the 4. If it is then held ue. ice devil.


When it is clutched and a command That was 10 years ago. then we found The Door. And I went on to and bit him. I hope I did. it is possible for the Fire-Eye’s wielder to character. (continued on page 93) Eye. I was mad at the DM for possessor once per week as per the magic. Everybody else had lost moved up to the lead position in the sionist spell hypnosis) from the monocle’s at least one character in the past party. and I was mad because it chance of error. and Harley died. have a good time anyway. I asked I was being a jerk. when I did. with no saving throw vs. successful. and ence for one full day. that I went back and rolled up another like any other dungeon door to us. Harley was a piece desired such a baneful power himself. It looked enchantment is so powerful. This last function when they watched for my reaction.000 gp grab your lessons when you can. but they there. he is unaffected. too. Grond had had a good life. if the save is a jerk. gemstone which forms the lens of the Fire. something slowly began seems to be an innate power of the alien I felt a little sad. 4 0 J U L Y 1 9 8 7 . heard become entranced as well. looks on the other gamers’ faces It took some time to cool off. to dawn on me. This still enjoyed themselves. so we figured it power is used. but still a piece of paper). I forget whether I confidence. If he fails. and I remember the battle. The monocle generates a magical field half-ogre Grond was made into a voice and walked off into the which nullifies the power of all other crispy critter during a minor alter- kitchen to watch several other magical items held by its possessor. I was playing in ever had that was worth a darn. friends. I was mad. the possessor must save vs. With a great show of spells at +3. as Avissar would certainly not have It was a game. Battered but still hanging in wielder. being outside the monocle’s field of influ. The DM was one of my outrage. the monocle can teleport its strange to think that I actually the group. I was mad at everyone 7. yes. the group moved on — and applicable for the suggestion itself. (continued from page 3) of paper (a beloved piece of paper. Such cation with a death slaad and an gamers fight a naval miniatures items regain their former powers after arch-mage. A hurt to lose the only character I’d weight may be teleported along with the few years ago. however. but it didn’t matter. and up to 10. spells just as beloved as Harley. book (I never did like tearing up was safe. he is entranced for character sheets). The Everyone joined in with mock gamers in the other room were my friends. Harley opened The one turn and is therefore unable to make remembered to apologize for being Door. and it is for making Harley walk in front of word uttered. and a giant snake came out any suggestion to his victim. carefully putting Harley’s and we listened to it and. longer in melee (not that it helped). Whenever this character sheet away in my note- nothing behind it. learned something about maturity in having a stupid giant snake in the user spell of the same name. but you have to dungeon. There is no a role-playing game. I possessor of the monocle. another group when my 16th-level said something in a mad tone of 8. and Harley was quickly ject to a single suggestion (as per the illu.


We cannot and will not accept characters taken from copyrighted sources. immune to fear. partners. +4 mythos. Many Chinese heroes neously. cause fear as a samurai. surprised on 1 in 1d6. the references must be included with the submission. medi- ago. though these guidelines must be followed: All submissions to this column should be on clean white paper double-spaced. OF ATTACKS: 2 (with katana) or by martial-arts style (plus ½ additional attacks) ATTACK BONUSES: + 7 to hit (for strength and kensai abilities) DAMAGE/ATTACK: By weapon type (katana. “Lords & Legends” is open to submissions from our readers.” a collection of heroes and heroines for use in all TSR role-playing game campaigns as NPC adventure generators or as special PCs. these and the ones in Legends & on AC bonus. Any one of these heroes can be psychic duel. or even as slow. and few civilizations have a richer used as mentors. 42 JULY 1987 . and disease. 6th-level monk ARMOR CLASS: 0 (kensai abilities. the Forgot- ten Realms. By popular demand. Although the following heroes are or by martial-arts style (+2 hp damage) by Matt Iden but a small sample of the Oriental store of SPECIAL ABILITIES: + 3 on initiative. no armor) MOVE: 20” (monk ability) HIT POINTS: 95 NO. whirlwind attack vs. Hsu Hsun is the one Chinese hero listed herein. we are starring a new DRAGON® Magazine column for role- playing gamers: “Lords & Legends. three of per day. The special abilities Yoshitsune Male human 13th-level kensai. many new avenues were narrowing the list of available characters magical attack effects six times per day. Thus. An opponents for characters at higher levels. from that source. use ki to reduce Adventures. or Kara-Tur of the AD&D® game. list of heroes than those of the Orient. Note that Oriental Adventures charac- ters are very complex. all within 10' once article such as this would have been of The following are four heroes. Krynn. can use two weapons simulta- little use in the AD&D® game a few years which are Japanese. haste. he reached hero status long before his ascension. the Earth of the GAMMA WORLD® game. heroes. we prefer either PCs or NPCs from role-playing campaigns. + 2 to culture’s mythology than that culture’s happy. If references were used to create the charac- ters. the Frontier of the STAR FRONTIERS® game. but with the advent of Oriental ascend into heaven long before death. at the DM’s discretion. and. can do maximum damage Few things are more interesting in a Lore should keep a Dungeon Master quite 13 times per day with ki power. Char- acters may be tied to a specific game world — such as Oerth. in clear type or word-processor print. + 8 for strength and kensai skill) opened. thus tate as a shukenja. the Known World and Blackmoor lands of the D&D® game.

please note this on your cover letter. 74% resistant to ESP. Now a complete warrior. rival family. + 1 on all saving throws (+ 3 vs. Descriptions should be complete and contain notes on personalities. as a result. all mutant squirrels. all halflings. forest outside his monastery each night. can simulate death for 12 turns. young Yoshitsune the boy’s perseverance. he vowed to avenge his family’s stantial abilities. There. Please send no more than six characters per submission. men. every was banished to a monastery by the Pacif. So-jo-bo assigned the town outside his monastery. We may sort out characters and print them in various groups (all thieves. Owing night after his tutorship with the tengu to ic Ocean. his best swordsmen to teach him. and possible adventures relating to that character. we cannot be responsible for submissions without SASEs. Yoshitsune did Yoshitsune. — RM particular to the classes noted herein have not been completely outlined. will-force attacks) MAGIC RESISTANCE: Standard ALIGNMENT: Lawful neutral PSIONIC ABILITY: Nil MONK ABILITIES: OL: 47% FT: 45% MS: 47% HS: 37% HN: 20% CW: 90% Ushiwaka. special abilities. To appease these Yoshitsune’s family lost a civil war to a the supernatural tengu. Yoshitsune was visited by a chief of large role in his scheme. goals. Enclose a stamped. Knowing that the first step to match for any of the tengu. the young boy practiced in a So-jo-bo himself. To hide the fact DRAGON 43 . speak with animals. during this strenuous regi. Admiring divinities. under the assumed name to Yoshitsune’s previous practice and sub. Yoshitsune traveled to Miyako. self-addressed enve- lope if you wish your characters to be returned. He was then D: 19 C: 17 CH: 18 CO: 16 revenge was in becoming an accomplished taught the ways of military strategy by HONOR: 96 swordsman. POLYHEDRON™ Newszine has a feature similar to this one. so don’t count on seeing all of your submis- sions run together as their own group. he was soon more than a S: 18(75) I: 16 W: 16 humiliation. and the pages should be numbered and fixed together with a staple or paper clip. etc.). not forget that the divinities would play a other warriors. pay homage to the gods. was destined to be a hero. So-jo-bo. The author’s name and address should appear on the first page of each character submis- sion. the youngest brother of two One night. can fall 30’ without injury if within 4’ of a wall. and the appropriate sections of Oriental Adven- tures should be studied before using these characters. Benkei Character descriptions should each be no more than five pages long.” If you wish your submis- sions to be considered for that periodical as well as for this one. called “The New Rogues Gallery.

combat past 0 hp Hsu Hsun returned to his home. Yoshitsune could PSIONIC ABILITY: Nil taught to him by his mentor. and soon Yoshitsune. will-force attacks Yoshitsune. Hsu Hsun Male human 23rd-level wu jen. sune’s tale is not remembered so much for SPECIAL ABILITIES: Focus ki for 1 turn/ Hsu Hsun was required to interrupt his these problems as for the nobility and day for numerous attack and defensive studies to take up the office of magistrate. though cautious after years of being hunted. wanting to know if this was per wu jen. From acters. The tengu’s training came in Male human MAGIC RESISTANCE: 25% (unique ability) handy. Yoshit. Although became a series of misfortunes. Yoshitsune wore a be encountered as any other noble or illusion/phantasm spells due to high veil. choice bonus. spell bonuses for 18 wisdom. as per shukenja. If the above story is used in ALIGNMENT: Lawful neutral tains to study the magic that had been the lands of Kozakura. or as per other device Hsu Hsun’s early life had quite an innoc- cess and drove Yoshitsune out of the coun. MOVE: 9” (chain mail) S: 10 I: 20 W: 18 Yoshitsune went on to exact his revenge HIT POINTS: 65 D: 16 C: 16 CH: 18 CO: 16 and crush the rival family. Benkei) can HONOR: 81 gush water. something which intrigued all of the adventurer would. can meditate and sanctify area as per shu- kenja. + 2 for strength and weapon of power he eventually achieved. He welcomes tales told by travelers and is quite friendly. From that point on. As a result. challenged Benkei +4 saving throw vs. or as per other device) he studied the occult arts as a young boy. since he Hsu Hsun perfected the art and was thus and his few retainers often wear disguises S: 17 I: 14 W: 14 able to help his province. immune to first. bonuses. will be seen as a quiet but very MAGIC RESISTANCE: Standard there. as Benkei. Although a sohei. 44 JULY 1987 . intelligence. though. mail) With the aid of his two older brothers. if encountered by the char. He is totally faithful to him (his last action is to be killed while battling his master’s enemies). stoicism with which he faced them. use ki to add +3 to initia- people of Miyako — particularly a sohei tive for 1 round/day and to cast any one named Benkei (q. 45% chance to remove any curse. use ki for fanatic This did not last for very long. as per sohei. Benkei is a jovial man and serves as a light counterbalance to the solemn Yoshit- sune. eldest brother became jealous of his suc. spell at maximum effect once per day. use ki to add + 3 to saving throws nine times per day.and second-level that he was a monk. OF ATTACKS: 3/2 (with weapon) HONOR: 100 this was the peak of his career.). After a time. D: 17 C: 16 CH: 16 CO: 12 and ending a drought by having a rock Yoshitsune (and his retainer. Benkei left the monastery to look for adventure.v. he cannot cast any spells nor attract other sohei. 9th-level shukenja ARMOR CLASS: 5 (dexterity and studded leather armor MOVE: 12” HIT POINTS: 52 NO. Yoshitsune’s life (katana. well be encountered anywhere. Unfortunately.Hsu Hsun Benkei is Yoshitsune’s sidekick and retainer. His sohei weapon of choice is the katana. his loyalty to his master. Benkei then PSIONIC ABILITY: 300 (unique ability) humbly asked to serve as Yoshitsune’s ARMOR CLASS: 2 (dexterity and chain Attack/Defense Modes: All/All retainer. allows him to use his ki power normally and to fight on after reaching 0 hp. but he also possesses a rod of smiting. Otherwise. he went to a range of nearby moun- noble person. some supernatural creature. slaying dragons to avoid his brother’s wrath. as his ATTACK BONUSES: +1 to hit with katana. OF ATTACKS: 1 (with weapon) or as per spell ATTACK BONUSES: Nil unless with magical device or spell DAMAGE/ATTACK: By weapon type (any allowed) or by spell SPECIAL ABILITIES: May cast wu jen spells while wearing armor (unique ability). NO. and Yoshitsune easily defeated 8th-level sohei ALIGNMENT: Chaotic good Benkei without harming him. DAMAGE/ATTACK: By weapon type uous beginning when compared to the try.

and Masaharu Anesa- ways of kendo (swordsmanship). tures). A Book of Five Rings. young Musashi’s appearance reflects his single. uncouth man — perhaps an unem. Musashi rarely has time to ki. artist. and enjoys talking to shukenjas. Even after 300 years. also known as the ing the Way — the spiritual aspect of ken. This collection includes a diamond mace and a mallet of luck. more delicate inter. Miyamoto Musashi Male human 15th-level kensai ARMOR CLASS: 0 (kensai abilities. unique ability) or 5/2 (with any other sword) ATTACK BONUSES: +10 with katana. Musashi took up resi. Musashi claimed his do anything but learn. cause fear as a samurai. meditate as a shukenja. Hsu Hsun is confident of his powers. across all of Japan. editor. +1 on all saving throws (+2 vs. This journey took up most of Musashi’s particularly the katana and wakizashi. In never refusing a fight. At the age of resorts to using a pair of boku-toh (which D: 19 C: 18 CH: 16 CO: 14 20. next victory came at 16 — at which point. man. Cannon newfound skill well. OF ATTACKS: 3 (with katana and wakizashi or with boku-toh. whirlwind attack vs. leading him to more than 60 individ. London. Jones Co. minded dedication to learning the Way. a sohei. trans. at His aggressive nature was encouraged by this point in his life. however. be courted just as a mar- his legend has grown larger with the tough time recognizing him as a swords. is perhaps the greatest hero do. A Book of Five he embarked on his warrior’s journey sculptor. The Mythology of All Races. Hsu Hsun does not appreciate characters invading his moun- tain home. Miyamoto. wakizashi. he has other. As stated above. and Musashi. Michael. Musashi devoted himself to find. him for up to four weeks’ time (and will be Musashi is still a popular figure in Japa. surprised 1 in 1d6. which he uses together. hardy enough to keep up with Musashi memorated in numerous paintings. DRAGON 45 . tial arts master (page 106. though he does own magical items which he keeps for their utility rather than their worth. immune to fear. he appears as a Bibliography his uncle. but he is not particularly aloof. or boku-toh — +11 for strength and kensai skill) SPECIAL ABILITIES: +3 on initiative. trans. 1974. Boston: Marshall first victory at the age of 13. +4 on AC bonus. Depending on the time period in which assured of seeing some action). the final will gain 200 xp per week of travel with and folk tales. While HONOR: 100 opting for a pair of boku-toh instead. Wisconsin: ual encounters (all of which he won) and after a certain time period. In his later years. +8 with any other sword DAMAGE/ATTACK: By weapon type (katana and wakizashi. can use two weapon simultaneously. use ki to do maximum damage 15 times per day. vol. 1937. diaries. Musashi nese literature. and it led Musashi to learn the rough. Judy life. Eventually. Although constantly learning himself. Victor Harris. usually initiate a psychic duel. Musashi Peerage Books. and deals with them as any angry magic-user would. Ferguson. will-force attacks) MAGIC RESISTANCE: Standard ALIGNMENT: Lawful neutral PSIONIC ABILITY: Nil S: 18(00) I: 14 W: 15 sending him to war six times. his teaching can be. VII. Musashi stopped using real swords. he is willing to help those in trouble. are dangerous enough in his hands). Hsu Hsun places little value on wealth. Using his ployed bushi.. knows. Woodstock. Musashi’s favorite weapons are swords. Musashi was raised by his uncle. summary of all his knowledge. The tales of his prow. 1984. New York Overlook Press. Rings. for many years. The Martial Arts. He is a skilled poet. all within 10’ once per day. the DM places Musashi.. PCs may have a must. +2 to psychic duel. let alone a master. Oriental Adven- passing of time. Random. John C. but like most John MacCulloch. Though he actually lived. Musashi’s nobles. Any kensai or samurai who is ess and swordsmanship have been com. or boku-toh (unique ability). Sword Saint. Musashi will not this way. dence in a cave and wrote his life’s testa. after traveling and fighting Musashi is not averse to teaching what he in Japanese history. however. Miyamoto Musashi. since he knows just how valuable An orphan from age seven. ment. Boothroyd. ests as well. no armor) MOVE: 15” (unique ability) HIT POINTS: 121 NO.

Start a conversation. do the read. and your for writing as you have. or what type of adventure she live too far away from other gamers to dating. I correspond regularly with two of those gamers. The latter or two: where he gets his ideas for adven- For DRAGON® Magazine readers who isn’t as easy. More likely than your other hobbies. with mailing opportunity to tell what’s going on in local live where there are few (if any) other information and letter etiquette. and the area’s history. I filled him in on local details in my next letter. You’ve probably never visited the coun- try to which you’re writing. Write about you can find a gamer with the same zeal 1. In response. If you live in a small town. ests. some geography. Whether through conversing at After telling your story. ask a direct question fellow gamers is rewarding. Introduce yourself. and current newspaper or news magazine also helps. 46 JULY 1987 . because the listed gamers live in small towns and suburbs. Many of the city names found in the Guide aren’t printed on a world map. little-known legends. Write to several addresses. and current interests (in addition to one particular gamer will reply. college graduate. six initially. I admitted that I’d never read a Tolkien novel. or who approaching that first letter. Write about your favorite character’s exploits or how you. and can be intimi. another city or country will be difficult interested not only in meeting gamers. it will take another letter — and paying the postage — to use the Guide for its intended purpose. with whom you not. referring to neighboring cities will help your reader pinpoint your location. Give your reader the play role-playing games regularly. and other gaming- related topics. it will your writing whether you are a high. however. Try the following: in getting to know people. one wrote five times. then stopped. but find gaming inspiration in the works of Piers Anthony and Katherine Kurtz. One gamer I wrote to never Getting started school student. You can improve your own playing by reading about other gamers’ experiences. situation. and The first letter in any correspondence is retired executive. but if indeed. and you may know little about it and where it’s located. This article offers advice on enjoys the most. but Admittedly. as the DM. can establish a running discussion. Also. the World Gamers Guide is a explores the benefits of corresponding 3. Otherwise. If you don‘t believe er a service and include your age. meeting to share some. your gaming background. future Since you have no guarantee that any that you can write an interesting letter. Since my first letter. I wrote to source for contacting gamers in the same with other gamers. refereed a compli- cated encounter. pay the deciding what to tell a stranger living in gaming) in your first letter. In my first overseas letter. and games. be worth it. this takes some expense. but added that his map tells nothing of what the place is like. Take the initia- tive and share some gaming stories in the first letter. your reader won’t be able to tell by schooling or occupation. or responded. ask your reader by Heather Gemmen conventions or by writing letters. almanac. One gamer boasted that he had my home town pinpointed to within 10 km. A glance through an atlas. Include famous local personalities. future plans. tures. Gamers are extra postage and write to three or more. describe your gaming group. gamers. a gamer in New Zealand recommended Ursula Le Guin’s Earthsea trilogy as the best fantasy he’d ever read. I learned how to handle PCs with powerful magical items when I read how a low-level cleric was required to give a newly-found relic to a crusading member of his religious order. always the toughest. Having access to a world map solves the location mystery and lets you know that your letter has a destination other than that of the mailbox. Therefore. two wrote a few times. This shouldn’t be limited only to population density and how many gas stations are nearby. When writing about your gaming inter. 2. two years ago. Give your reader an idea of “where you’re coming from” by describing your home town. plans.

If I had used a word processor. airmail rates. In discussion alive. on the sec. I don’t mean you should study a gram. Surface rates are slightly lower than was the hero. through once. during which ter.39 per 5 ounce up to 1. this requires a trip to a photocopy receiving a second letter. Your group already Write as if you were talking to the reader weeks to arrive. 4. the DM Letter etiquette must generate motivated NPCs and unique You should follow a few guidelines when Mailing procedures “side” encounters. across and have less difficulty..20. a word. using proper grammar and a be folded into envelope form and sent by nongaming friends and relatives probably conversational tone. If you can U. and your memory of the event is code belong on the third line. For The same applies to short encounters thought and follows the previous sentence example. ed States and Europe or Australia. The benefits expenses. Likewise. . though. and international. makes reading and writing was mailed that I noticed I had spelled it NZ$. and are more convenient for short letters. so check with paper. so than one written by hand — no misinter. write statistics. or thoughts incomplete. caverns before they filled with tidewater”). slew the sahuagin baron. You might picture “modual. 1.5 ounc. Since domestic mailing usually stock characters — merely statis- day. the United States to Europe is (as of this the dungeon: present the encounter in a nary when you’re unsure of a word’s issue’s date) US$. If this means class pertains to World Gamers Guide er if he or she would like to exchange writing slowly. If you have some interesting NPCs that First. print lights. friendly. How do the two mix? air to all countries. with the loss in time and copying of basing your decision on only one reply. and if (Publication 51) detailing international Another attraction to the word proces. does that will keep the players interested is time you might forget what you’ve writ. amulet in its treasure room. From New Zealand to South America. but by making apply for some destinations. and brief letters organize for a well-planned adventure. When you prepare out centuries ago. But preparation time writing a letter. first used the Guide. Idea exchange.5 ounce up to 2 way that the DM can fit it into his adven- spelling or meaning. one case. and I have date I receive it. which can knows about it (they were there!) and in person. and left the will become lost. as quick-witted as a charac- ty. based writer’s cramp. In demanding on DMs — it demands their ten. good letter etiquette requires a In my experience.”). special rates transfer the information onto another mar book before you write. ing ability and the length of the replies mailing procedures. a letter writing clearly (or typing) the address in you could tell the story (“Dyvin Taavar must be organized and its ideas must flow the following manner: On the first line. narration. background. However. found his stolen in a fairly logical pattern. the speaker fre. I wrote six letters — Fourth. Packages” class covers personal letters and an NPC. but surface mail may take ter in a fantasy novel. you’re writing about an adventure long City. use proper grammar and spell. battling the language barrier with only a the first one? This depends on your writ.80 up to 10g. realistically.44 per . and er to decipher your penmanship or under. don’t write with cautious formali. Creating adventures before you receive a reply. Keep in mind that After writing your letter. an airmail letter takes by hand. Finally. proofread for es. not mean you shouldn’t use the Guide. a mis. the house number and street name. notebook stand your abbreviations. weeks to a month to reply. whether around the gaming table DRAGON 47 . or the reader print the name of addressee. consult your post office.” NZ$. the on the fourth line. in your mind a situation in which your PC Third. this. you like to write. Postal Service offers a free booklet problems. Hieroglyphics went correspondence. When I sor to edit your work helps here.S. belongings on an index card. A letter may lie around processed letter is much easier to read waited six months for a letter to arrive in for a few weeks before it is answered. . physical descriptions.50. The “Letter and Letter NPCs in your letters. but only a page. paper. and polite. you’ll get your ideas ounces. ask your read- computer or typewriter. and an align- fun: you’re writing about something you and should already be familiar to you. Adding a bit of fiction. and postal Players love to rehash old adventure high- past. Airmail rates in this class are set by weight upon. or whichever form you have agreed Second. (Using a word proces. and again letters. I reply to a letter within a week. write legibly if you don’t use a Basically. each additional 10g letters more enjoyable. consider this when you wait for a pretation of handwriting is likely. use “but before that” and “I forgot to say. Obviously. You could In spoken conversation. this ment which determines whether they help both enjoy. or 2 kg weight. For more information on international year of German from high school. to the South Pacific. and it wasn’t until after the letter additional 10g NZ$. Gamers in Canada and sor is that you can print a copy of the those who send the same to you. but to the Caribbean Islands the ture notes easily. and your letter should reflect article deals only with the international or hinder the party. on the top right corner of the letter’s first seeming impolite or impersonal. letter-writing does not always have to be errors. There are two types of mail: domestic for DMs is limited. and by using a dictio. The cause you — or your reader — ample single page to three or more. cost less than letters don’t want to hear about it. province. only one international mail you use in your campaign. and are subject to change. instead machine. If you keep clarifying yourself with the country of destination in capital letters you have access to a word processor. which may range from a postal rates. or state names. 2. Use a word processor if possible. sure each of your sentences completes its your post office for current rates. I misspelled module in a letter letters to 10 grams are NZ$1. and so their NPCs are you note to a rich aunt after your birth. and you won’t offend anyone by ed order of events. or don’t have time to write one. do it. Creative outlet. mail system. of up to 4 lbs. don’t expect your read. They are practical if you write long reader won’t be able to follow the disrupt. Be conversational. return address on the envelope. Aerogrammes. I’ve found that gamers take from two on the postmark on the envelope and the As well as being efficient. requirements. spondence. easily fill three pages on gaming. so your reader doesn’t have to ing. report the event (“I needed a 17 to hit the quently interrupts himself and leaves You can speed delivery of your letters by monster with a +1 short sword . with each factual.30. about a week in transit between the Unit- would’ve saved myself a lot of time and this is the ideal turnover time. other countries can pick up a guide to letter for yourself. packages accompanied by personal corre. Always include your it. Keeping a copy of your letters in a file my correspondence I receive lengthy imaginative energies and their time to gives you quick reference to keep your letters from one gamer. the airmail rate for a letter from designed for PCs to meet on the road or in in a logical sequence. from another — only he’s written twice as addition to the encounters necessary for many times as the other guy. If hazy. and take caused by illegible penmanship could you receive. A month or more may pass Just because you can’t write a long let. send longer letters to rates and fees. I have photocopied write brief letters to those writing you inland and overseas postal services from handwritten letters for my records. Unlike penning a thank. rate is US$.) page.. You should wait until after their local post offices. the PCs to complete their quest. corresponding with gamers should be procedures differ from country to country tics. This may happen when ond. If you’re How long should your letters be after response.


full sheets of notebook paper work better. With a short encounter. and your reader will likely swap a tale to match yours in his next letter. or drawn directly onto the card. Instead of describing an encounter you created for your players. How can you lose? DRAGON 49 . European folk tales are rich with knights on quests. At the bottom. set the scene on the first card. Explorers of the American continents have provided stories of encountering age-old civilizations and of battling the elements on a new frontier. and adventures. you can add flair to your character and a new atmosphere to your campaign. nationality differences can give his NPCs color to their actions and thoughts. correspondence offers another opportunity for gaming through the mail. and castles. It runs a lot like a multiple-plot. solo-adventure book.” Include monster statistics. If desired. they could encounter NPCs who were active in the rebellion. and will help you improve your gaming. but through reading letters written by someone who actually lives there. the player can compile the map segments on a sheet of graph paper. Through letter-writing. and other adjust- ments. For the DM. Writ- ing letters to fellow game-players will bring you closer to other gamers. like those found in most bookstores. Cultural and real-world inspiration. fantasy nations. other countries. After a sentence or two. Gaming by mail. 3. In other words. If the party travels through a young country that recently experienced a successful rebellion. Imagine the impression you would get if you visited Boston during the American Revolution. offer two or more choices with directions: “If you enter the tower. For longer encounters or complete adven- tures. from talking with a Yankee Doodle from Washington’s camp or with a Tory tea merchant. so feel free to write about other things. and you can delete anything you wish to exclude. medieval pageantry. How does real-world culture fit into a fantasy setting? A nation’s history. folklore. or through the mail. present the information in such a way that your read- er can run a character through it — and experience the encounter firsthand. 4. penalties or bonuses for combat. use index cards. go to card 2. or others who sided with the mother country and who aren’t at ease with their newly won freedom. It might be that you aren’t able to write pages on gaming. if you search around for a turn. turn to card 3. Maps depicting the adventure area on each card can be drawn on slips of graph paper and taped onto the back of each card. and customs can be adapted to characters. Although gamers can enter many different play-by-mail adven- tures. a whole campaign world can bene- fit from a cultural exchange: knowledge which can be gained not through reading an encyclopedia. the ideas will come.

and the Drawn by his companion’s gaze. hidden plops and gurgles were slowly looked at Jaffang. “You bring usual. It armor. He hated the birds. and came water. Then. Sasher laughed out loud.” scars — probably the brand of the thieves’ himself. “They find us. the sun rose over the dead dirty onion. looking out Sasher arranged a wooden box on a shield.” Sasher said. Sasher rarely talked about anything at all. the Jaffang’s immediate suspicion was slowly don’t. tance. across the water. “Ol’ Jandamon was along to guide Sasher stood up slowly. “We orc. probing with the one. That was ated as he pushed through the water Slowly. and that armor would just be a belly-deep on him. And he would kill Sasher first — of that he was certain. but he butt of his spear as he went. Jaffang contented himself by Ragshaf. Jaffang tried to smile. the croaking of the frogs. Sasher looked back and birds. But first he needed to and the songs of distant sparrows. or assassins’ guild. only his yellow eyes sized raft. Sasher smiled as he stared into the dis- him that much more for it. On the box. he hated Sasher. the green of the plants. Jaffang knew he did. fell headlong. Taking an onion Jaffang would learn the secret of making us. was the wrong place for a full-blooded particular.” he knew Jaffang hated it. Jaffang hated day an orcish spear would rest. Sasher maintained his distant gaze. With Sasher in front.” he replied. and he watching the place between Sasher’s the canting crew were supposed to pop a probably liked it that much more because shoulder blades — the place where one smuggler coming down river at night. “Where do we find these leeches?” Jaf- in the vast swamp of the Wet Maze. he’s only seen moved.” Sasher seemed more talkative than swarmed around his face and arms. much less about guild activities. The his spear through Sasher and the smile learn about the leeches and the blade sun began to burn away the night mist. the frogs.” insects. like a drugged man regaining also the human in him — afraid to eat a plants. Besides. almost like fresh blood. What more could one expect underwater snag. the half. breed would be the first to meet any possi. Soon. bother. Jaffang’s bare feet sank ankle deep from a leather belt pouch. Jaffang tripped on an consciousness. “When?” either forearm were curious Y-shaped Jaffang started to curse but caught “Not long after I got into the guild. Most of all. He decided replaced by the drone of the day insects but it didn’t work. Sasher liked it here. Sasher was necessary. The quavering calls of the night of a half-breed? up sputtering. It was the human ble danger. As Jaffang removed his armor. then waded out waist-deep in “Ragshaf’s a fool. as if to no one in get a response. swim well. “Light enough. Laugh now. not 50 JULY 1987 . For now. the venom which could make a man bleed to death from a single cut. He thought of running to kill Sasher slowly. So much the better. he rubbed it into the receptive ooze on the bottom. to cover his rage more than to Jaffang watched it all and hated it. and a couple of other boys from half of him. The water was warm. replaced by the realization that he couldn’t Jaffang looked suspiciously at the water. “Me. bigger than a man. came.” he said. We were in a boat on the river. tion than a statement. Jaffang thought. but by that time Sasher had turned venom. they’d all have reason to fear Jaffang. He by Anthony Gerard vigorously over several spots on his pants pulled the raft along the trail Sasher cre- and shirt before he took a bite.” It was more of a ques- Sasher squatted motionless. Suddenly. made no effort to slap them away. Sasher liked it here. A myriad of gnats and mosquitoes the swamp’s green water. blade venom from the leech’s spit. Better take off your fang asked. “Ragshaf says they’re He looked at his silent companion. revealing the thousands of shades of green away. by One Eye’s Spear.

the wound is bound). The full sunlight hurt his eyes.. Clerical healing DRAGON 51 . The fool meant to kill him. Jaffang world and the giant variety of AD&D® Jaffang stared. . Gently. After a good meal. the blood vessels in the area of the bite (a er seen a swamp troll without a couple on Jaffang dropped his dagger. The fact the victim’s skin. It must have crawled around his neck and took out a pinch of over the side. Sasher found a third of similar size When we rolled him over. Why was this place leech’s path. and on Jaffang’s calf. Then it hit him — the leech in place against rocks and the only swim to get away from something. after a while Ragshaf — it was Sasher was making fun of him now. Char- a hiding place and lie low for a time. smaller leech from a pouch on his belt and Sasher stopped. . found their quarry. I’m not Sasher finished his onion. Sasher splashed a handful of water Ragshaf killed the leech with the boat gaff. the snake It was the place from which they’d start. He reached for year. “Leeches swim fast. they just find core aside. and the like. They may suckle on her. like little piglets on a sow. salt. Sasher would imme. Some leech saliva eat other things than just blood. The orc stumbled ashore and pre-existing blood clots. Mama leech feeds her brood on small fell face forward onto the grassy bank. “I thought the leeches breathed water. Taking a large heavy canvas sack out acters bitten by a leech lose blood at the Jaffang sneered. Sasher rounds after the leech is removed (or until care of its babies?” drew a dagger and slit the orc’s mud. bellies. He hefted his spear like. . pulling his A leech’s saliva contains an anesthetic.” and water. Five leeches. “Big snapper turtles. and is only removed by for leeches to eat? They must have a long that he was still walking was a credit to alcohol. but he’s as limp as a worm. .” Sasher watched Jaffang come toward saliva acts immediately upon contact with “How many people wade through here him. Killed him while he slept. mottled gray-brown form lazily rest. . eels. “Can one swim down dog. weeds to follow. Y-shaped incision. roast them like a rack of lamb — when the dagger free with a nerveless hand. was smiling about it! Notes Sasher murmured.knowin’ exactly when he’d come by.” the blade venom! Tired as he was. and we lost him. “Don’t you the others slept. but always with an amused smile. leaving the forced march on the Dunlands last The leech’s head waved back and forth as the word “fool” unspoken. he waded out and retrieved the longer than from a normal wound. and if the leeches thing. blood con- frogs.” his race’s endurance. now!” he murmured. Now that they had Sasher was ahead of him again and out Sasher turned to go but stopped short. too. Sasher lapsed into his usual silence. leech as big as your leg and just as thick. wineskin. no! crawled inside. he found Sasher sitting cross-legged on the placed the opening of the bag in the put the tube to his lips and puffed his bank. We went Damn him for a half-human anyway! Soon red and green.” raft. He had begun to fall further parasite into the bag. garfish. had searched himself carefully for leeches. too. Jaffang thought. Tossing the tinues to flow from a leech bite much real sure. “Better mother than my stained jerkin up the back. so we Sasher spat. and tions. length. Due to these anticoagulants. The poste- “Probably could. Jaffang are modified into suction disks. he lost Where the leech had been attached. leech saliva contains an anticoagulant Sasher smiled crookedly. very . each mottled and woke us.” Sasher said. And The sun was straight overhead as Jaf. From a fallen tree. Each sinuous. too. They live just fine sight of the half-breed altogether and was neat Y-shaped cut began to well up with as long as they’re wet. but they don’t. Some. Sasher dumped its contents of rate of 1-4 hp per melee round for l-12 expect me to believe that a big worm takes rocks. a diately lead out again. The smaller anterior disk contains the “What would a giant leech need to get to throw. Sasher repeated the night or in a rain. Jaffang swayed but man. ho. dared get near him. lots of the green water. posterior and anterior segments of leeches a man?” Dropping the raft rope. and Sasher swims. he ran from Jaffang’s body. eating an onion. Sasher gently back. . decided to draw lots for a watcher while own — they ride their babies on their “Oh. The spear fell and splashed into three jaws of teeth which make a clean. Big Attached to the middle of Jaffang’s back his watch — got spooked over something mother worms riding their babies around! were two glistening leeches. without time for a put it in the bag with the others. Returning to Jaffang’s body. fang had hauled the damned raft through ing conversation with an orc. (hirudin) and a substance which enlarges eat nothing but people and orcs? I’ve nev. only one had “A leech! A leech!” Jaffang cried as he was going to love killing Sasher. almost always goes unnoticed. the life drained from increased blood flow. They clutching his spear. Sasher sculled across the stagnant water toward the Cave Mother’s Claws. he sprinkled the salt over one and he never so much as squeaked. putting the blowpipe He’d kill Sasher now — to the Hells with 1.” something was wrong. snag. and the leech obligingly cheeks. You’ll eat that smile and choke on it. Good climbers. work. Perhaps it would be wise to .” and further behind Sasher. at the water where the knew he could still handle any half-human game worlds) are segmented worms. He would eventually operation for the other two leeches. so they come out at left with only the trail through the water thin. ether. but he fumbled it in clumsy leech’s mouth. . The passive leech released him such a warrior and all. he was not sure what of sight. Addition- time between feeds. A leech’ll relaxed and watched. which is equipped with away from?” fingers. Kobolds spit ‘em on a stick and aged to stagger forward again. too — the orc’s eyes like liquid from a slashed even contains a substance which dissolves frogs. As the adder swam slowly past. mud dragon eggs. “A leech wiggles up and down when he a swamp all day for no reason.” leaned against a tree. Sasher removed a small pouch from hanging on his neck. a leech bite is painless and runts can catch ‘em. press of exhaustion.” boys look fat and happy!” “Anyway. Jaffang shoved the raft through a it followed the thin stream of blood which an arm-long cane tube slung across his thick mat of cattails. or similar liquids. After what seemed to be the longest so familiar . watery blood. of the leeches. things. This viscous don’t eat the kobolds first. seconds Jaffang could remember. . “It’s a marsh adder. rior disk is larger and is used only to hold sit and wait for something to pass by. a “They don’t have to. he’d wish he’d been respectful. not side to side like a snake. Often. Watch for some on the tree trunks — it’s come upon Sasher sitting on a fallen log or Wasting no time. all but Jandamon. “Mama leech? You of the box. and each a forearm in to wake him. This was worse than edge. Leeches advanced purposely toward the bank. Following through. He The onion had worked well. even if he did have to spend it mak- underwater. We laughed so fang jerked the raft across yet another its hold and began a series of wild undula- hard our prize heard us. readied his spear. . enough. because of this. trolls don’t care. them. It had been a good day’s convulsed violently and disappeared ed! Sasher had played him for a fool! Jaf. he might even have ally. a leech worked its way up the bank. “You think they to be finished by a dart in the throat. there was a Jaffang asked no more questions. in medical terms) for him — ‘course. By time he was well ahead of Jaffang. The adder had vanished. Sasher removed a still early enough yet. Jaffang began feeling the heavy Out from a tangle of roots at the water’s to do next. . As Sasher vasodilator. Leeches (both the small variety of our away. his jerkin and pants were heavy with mud over the leech and quickly worked the which was a real waste. something was very .

although it always proves fatal to captive leeches. stretches forward and attaches its anterior for a time attached to the parent’s ventral rior disk through the water. occasion. a relatively large leech can suggested that the Monster Manual section is cast by a passing boat. Not all leech species are blood-sucking allows leeches to home in on substances or will an open flame. Leeches are very sensitive to traces of finds a sheltered place and stays relatively leech can climb any vertical or overhang. underwater rocks or logs. The most common is an “inch. a leech typically is slow (3”/round) but very efficient. or a wading crawl through a very small space. Many are predacious species organisms attractive to the leech or to which is slain continues to draw blood at which feed on other animals. Copper in their water inactive for a time. a leech’s saliva contains antibiotics. Once sated. or salt). keep blood used in ceremonial liquids for prey in this manner. such as when a shadow invertebrates. as evil forces in the AD&D® game world to vertical undulations. In such cases. It is conditions change. Salt. but they carrion. and many avoid those which may be harmful. or other dehydrating substances wound for chances of infection. While attached to prey. disk. chemicals. This keen sense of “smell” cause them to release their hold quickly. generally avoids those that are potentially Additionally. some swamp-dwelling a longer duration. metals in the water. If races commonly use spider webs to help 3. fish. Additionally. A leech’s eyes typically consist of attacked while unattached. Some leech species also eat to bloody areas in the water. the normal rate for an additional 1-4 parasitic species eat other animals on Blood-sucking species may be attracted rounds. surface. Eggs may Leeches typically rest attached to plants giant leeches should be doubled for be laid in protective cocoons attached to and other underwater objects. see images. An attached leech parasites. captive leeches must be pro- It has long been known that blood in a harmful (such as one covered with thorns vided with a rock or other rough surface leech’s digestive tract does not coagulate. game terms. 5. although they gain no nourish- A leech may thrive for months on a ward and attaches it in turn. leech bites should be treated as any other sensitive to slight amounts of certain ashes. A 7. groups of light receptive cells (ocelli) escape as soon as it is wounded. Extremely sensitive to 4. An escap- In addition to anticoagulants and vasodi. in order to slough off old This knowledge may be exploited by some very rapidly (12”/round) by employing skin. then moves the posterior disk for. 52 JULY 1987 . be induced to feed again for weeks. Leeches have two main modes of bottom ooze. As an example. single meal. In AD&D® 6. which register light intensity but cannot ing leech swims away or attempts to crawl lators. worm” movement. leeches become restless and locomotion. their eggs in membranous sacs on their attempt to locate the source of the vibra. a leech tries to clot leech bites. but it will not attack may other actions at the DM’s discretion. Leeches are hermaphroditic. waiting for wounded characters. dealing with increased chance of disease person. Leeches do not bite in self-defense. Leeches often react when light into a protective tangle. or buried in the prey to pass by. as 2. the chance for encountering cannot fertilize their own eggs. by which the leech underside. A well-fed leech cannot ing surface in this manner. This method ment from the parent in this manner. leeches are from leech bites be disregarded.spells negate this excessive blood loss. and that Receptor cells on the leech’s skin are very unresponsive to outside stimuli. Some species of leech carry vibrations. Since leeches are so leech bites rarely become infected. the young live tions by stretching and waving their ante. a leech may swim to rub against.


etc. and hourglasses = 5 weeks the month table can be used to mark high prevail. insanity) manifests itself. isfy those characters who insist on under this section includes the following: Grey: When a character is knocked strapping an hourglass or sundial to their general weather conditions for the month unconscious. adventure or module being Charting time in a campaign world can keep a DM scrambling after stray bits of = 6 turns played. The turn afternoon. campaign area. as checks for random tick off six marks in each hour square. Each in each day square. To use it. divided box. spaces are available to color coded to provide information at a keep track of rounds (a single tick in each record the year. lycan- first accept the statistics to the right (many thropy. when a disease (e. If AD&D® and D&D® game characters 1 year = 360 days A pink line should be drawn horizontally wore digital watches. and the name of the DM. moon is full and provides enough light to and 1d30. tithe collection or by-hour. or when a new day dawns. tick off four marks dungeon modules. and day. squares that this box is divided into. (This method can be used to annual celebrations and festivals. Brown: When a journey begins. You’ll even be able to sat- Suggested information to be recorded Black: When a character dies. wilderness adventures and with individual ute) is represented by one of the smaller ness travel. and the Red: When a torch or fire was lit. 54 JULY 1987 . timekeeping vide space to record important dates upon Blue: When a character goes under is made easy and the month. solar reckoning. A but they don’t.). timekeeping would = 12 months across the month table at the time of sun- be a lot easier for their Dungeon Master — = 60 weeks rise and sunset for a particular month. fam. either year-by- year. know when it’s time to stop and eat. To determine a date. summer. = 100 segments under this section includes: major reli- The grid tables presented here will allow gious celebrations or festivals. The result will give the month ines. To keep track of time. The 30 paper. or turn-by-turn. Purple: When a spell is cast.g. To use the tables. wrists so they know the exact hour. year. floods. these scraps are covered = 60 rounds numbered spaces provide room for with so many scribbles and notes that they = 600 segments recording information pertinent to a have become as indecipherable to the DM 1 turn = 10 minutes particular day. wars. or when that something will occur can be deter- general monthly information.) a ruler came to power. cam- 1 hour = 60 minutes paign area. etc. There is a better way. like “January” can be used). earthquakes. boxes on the back of the year chart pro. fall. On the back turn (10 minutes). 30-day months to (when winter. In campaign worlds where 1 month = 30 days dotted blue line drawn horizontally across sundials. evening. By using these tables. month-by-month. when 1 day = 24 hours spaces for recording the month (common darkness falls. box).. on what days it The year has been shortened to 360 rains (plot this out in advance for the days.. 1 segment = 6 seconds census days. or when To use the turns grid tables. or hour which an event will occur or to record water. Each mark will represent the passing of a resented by a single tick mark. or spring month). adventure glance: small square will do) or to keep track of module currently being used. when natural or man-made disas. days to be cast takes effect. when a caravan AD&D® game system). Yellow: When a candle was lit. first note determine a character’s date of birth. = 10 rounds Suggested information to be recorded user. it’s up to the DM to let characters and low tides. when water begins to rise.e. segments (recorded as 10 ticks to the small Dungeon Master’s name. reaches its destination. that a turn (10 minutes) is represented by The year chart is primarily useful in The month chart is useful both in short one large. Often. when a 1 round = 1 minute (60 seconds) character is released from servitude or you to keep track of time. A round (one min- long campaigns or for extended wilder. names. when a spell that requires several allow a date to be generated randomly by begins). as a ninth-level spell is to a novice magic. day-by-day. These marks should be grid tables can therefore be used either to of the year chart. when the a die roll. plagues. Twelve large Orange: When a lantern was lit. mined quickly. with 12 equal. hour. the dates of see by. when 1 week = 6 days The back of the month table provides they’re getting too sleepy to go on. = 10 segments prison — or is executed. roll 1d12 ters occur (i. rain begins to fall. and night. AD&D® game segment (six seconds) is rep monster encounters are made: Lisa Cabala Green: The onset of disease. when of which will be familiar to users of the visitors arrive at a town.


Year Campaign area: DM Adventure Important Dates/Notes .


Month Campaign Adventure .


day every four years (i. can be as with a 24-hour day. no two are alike. simple or complicated as the DM wishes it revolution around its sun every 364 days. as Magazine Anthology. but the calendar is quite consistent law that says a year has to have 12 cycle system is used for month-marking. the simpler calendars are based yearly calendar of 13 months of 28 legend says is jointly owned by all other indeed best — and the basics of Ms.25 days long? And there’s no The year is 365 days long. each with three If all of this seems very confusing. fractional remainders in the calendar. .g. The world of and astrological records of the Known long as it is carefully created. computer and some astronomical refer- As with our own Earth. the Realms were not blessed time. months. worlds solar orbit on its year and climate. Simple calendars are usually the exactly.). etc. despite them. but it is assumed No two that astrologers. ences could create a work of art guaran- sion into 12 months has nothing to do with this festival time can be extended by one teed to dazzle even the most jaded the Great Moon’s cycles. which is small and has an orbital held after the last day of the month of Tu creative Dungeon Master with a pocket period of 91 days. The monthly cycles were created by the to be. dragonslayer — but how easy is the calen- sage of the local sun through Oerth’s zodi. which purposes. The 1987 editions of of timekeeping record sheets. from the needs. as in the summer. and wizards moni- tor the progress and cycles of these calendars (like worlds) need be alike moons. Moore phases of Celene) would have two months DM’s Guide to Immortals (page 5) notes of 30 days and one month of 31 days. reprinted in the Best of DRAGON® nomena are common in the astronomical can be useful. however.. of the campaign months. as they are on Krynn and Oerth calendars are alike. vol. The Wilderness Survival progressively further out of cycle with the to send even the hoariest Dungeon Master Guide (page 107) makes this same point months as the year advances. leaves an unclaimed space between two of originality and complexity for gaming Some groups on Oerth might use a lunar. Magical and Immortal-caused phe- Cabala has demonstrated that a calendar #47. since the very nature of magic on Krynn depends so heavily upon their movements. with one The FORGOTTEN REALMS™ Fantasy 33). on the other side of the world of axial tilt upon seasonal variations — this Setting has a well-defined calendar that from the Realms. which it developed. nine moons. which month has how many days is not Known World maps were meant to be dar is not usually a high priority when noted in the Glossography booklet for the similar to the broken-up land masses of creating a campaign game world.e. However. Gregorian calendars. Mid. the rest of the planet. has a zodiac of 12 constellations. each 24 hours long). world of Oerth is an Earth-sized planet Adventures. a year with 365 in the Realms is a leap year. and most players (sadly enough) Luna). and so on.. constellations and celestial powers. Oerth is gifted with two natural local inhabitants from a 12-part zodiac (as best if accurate and easy timekeeping is satellites: the Great Moon (also known as revealed in conversation with David “Zeb” desired. Every. a year of 12 months (365. The by Roger E. first cycle of 28 days each (again. and the Handmaiden only totals to 356. Thus. The number of days don’t care if the campaign world has one exactly 28 days. like Oerth and Earth.. necessitating the use of a leap Just year day) has 12 months with either 30 or 31 days apiece. con- campaign calendars produced by TSR. and prior to the first day of Tsou. moon. can be applied to these the phases of the moon of the Realms fall Almanac and Book of Facts are sufficient calendars as well. Because of these five days. or no moons at all. which has an orbital period of Cook. but a nine-day festival. Greengrass. The we are familiar — e. sages. The months are based on a lunar large moon. 10-day weeks. la’s system should serve everyone’s probably divides the 12 months into eight The world of Krynn. or a year with 360 days and 12 an extra day is added to straighten out the harvesting seasons. the pas.25 days long. Just that the continental positions on the Establishing a consistent fantasy calen. and it makes one four months of 29 days make up the year. Caba- days each. has a World. into a fit with their comments on local civil about variable calendars. at which time effects of natural satellites on the tides and days. Every fourth year Caesar’s 445-day year. red Lunitari Making Time (governing neutral magical effects). (and possibly the Forgotten Realms™ as year isn’t 365. workable. the constellations on the zodiac. would still resemble the one with which the lands of Greyhawk. Krynn also has three moons: white Solinari (which gov- erns the use of good magic). By imperial decree. the Kara-Tur system of astronomy Playability will eventually win out over constellations) determines the months. Greyhawk’s own. What if the worlds giant natural satellite with a 30-day period. past assumed that most calendars produced with a clockwork-perfect calendar as were and future attempts at calendar reform. and original. as shown on page 107 of Oriental obsessive stomachs. WORLD OF GREYHAWK™ Fantasy Setting Pangea. In fact. days. Each season (marked out by the in fact. a prehistoric parallel Earth. Julian vs. 5). to make the assumption that the game booklet in the same set (page 4). . the designer). 60 JULY 1987 . The five additional days sider the real-life horrors of our own Inc. A (Celene). The Grand Duchy of Karameikos (page world is Earthlike in all respects. in short. of the various fantasy so there are 12 months. each with 30 days. DRAGONLANCE® saga.25 Setting has another calendar system. so its year (which is 365. as revealed in GAZ 1. the year’s divi. Eight months of 30 days and Calendar building. the major days. the Information Please Almanac and World previous article. and a lunar. for leap year). outlined by Ed Greenwood in “The Merry visible satellite is an analog of the Earths However. the same given are “monthless. has a calendar of its is stuff for only the strongest and most falls together rather neatly. accounts for the rest. though it is However. generally invisible — Nuitari (governing evil magicks). But the Known World has a year one (including the Dungeon Master) tends boxed set (pages 18-20) or in the Guide of only 336 days. Myrtul?” (DRAGON® issue Moon). and so on. However. The festival is even accounted for in the dar to use in game-related timekeeping? ac (which has the “standard” 12 zodiac. But not all the Realms. Instead.” serving as special calendar system and the process through principles governing the layout and design occasions (Midwinter. well). the previous article by Lisa Month of . and black — hence. months of 30 days and four months of 31 The Known World of the D&D® game is. The WORLD OF GREYHAWK™ Fantasy Kara-Tur. The orbit- al periods of these satellites are not listed in any of the modules.

18th level. Personal ser- user has an 18 strength. Lake Geneva WI 53147 What is a war hammer. Inc. damage. as per page 50 of initiative? the Expert Rulebook. that a Some DMs prefer the “billiard bounce” Barding type AC lance can be used only from the back of a method. with a look at the Masters and Yes. Future columns are open to Players’ Book. This method can lead to What is the effect of a light cata. That is. Each hunting char- acter obtains enough food to sustain two people for one day if the hunt is success- ful. Box 509 page 55. does the user still lose to call down lightning. DRAGON 61 . Heavy Miles/Day column.” GAMMA WORLD®. Why is this. In all other cases it is to use it: 1) The angle of incidence equals Field 1 treated just like a spear (except that a the angle of reflection. powered? What exactly are the differences An invisible stalker always tries to sub- between light crossbows and heavy The water movement chart on vert any long and onerous mission that it crossbows? page 43 of the 1983 Expert Rulebook is given. then he gets fried. never Scale 5 more. or TSR. How much food is actually gained where protecting the character will be 18. and character’s slippers. Here’s some advice if you decide Joust -1 charging mount. 2) The bolt might Plate 2 lance cannot be thrown). A lance does strike a target more than once if it. is usable by thieves. and Charts under “Hand-Held Weapons Rarely possibly leaving the caster MARVEL SUPER HEROES® games. Which is correct? campaign. depending on its hit dice (see P. expand to its full length just as a fireball Why. See the Master expand to its full length if it strikes Expert Sets. Note. STAR FRONTIERS®. then. bounc- Banded 3 1d10 hp damage when used from the back es around a confined space. and 20) for more information. flying off at an angle weapon that returns to the user when it is from the object it struck? thrown. TOP SECRET®. If heavy crossbow may be fired every round. in which case the both oars and sails. depending on what sort of food was found. it can be thrown. run his bath water. For example. but will refuse to fight. after all. See the Master Players’ Book A roc saves as a fighter of 3rd. page 15). +3 boom- This column continues our focus on the erang? Can it be thrown? Does a lightning bolt always D&D® game. What is the special damage done by storm giants? If a bastard sword is used one. A storm giant’s special attack is its ability by Skip Williams handed. and it must A horse’s natural armor class is 7. (pages 19 and 21) for more details. or half if the character of barding remains unchanged (see the A javelin is a light throwing spear. Each foraging character finds enough food to sustain himself for one day if the foraging is successful. If told to serve a character until Light crossbows have ranges 60/120/180 shows some split numbers on the he dies.. + 3 boomerang unharmed? Or does it bounce like a as any other TSR™ game products. however. carry the character off to the Elemental cost 40 gp and have an encumbrance of 70 Plane of Air. Isn’t this spell over- Page 29 is correct. If the caster is less than 60’ from classes: A lance is a one-handed weapon. as well Thrown. ject to considerable abuse in my pages 23-32. The war hammer is listed in the Weapons distance? Or does it “double back. It saves. are domestic in nature. a 22-hp lightning bolt Leather 6 What is a javelin and how much that hits a character three times still only The encumbrance and cost of each type damage does it do? delivers 22 hp. the stalker’s home plane. If you have any questions on the games You lose initiative when using the sword produced by TSR. crossbows have ranges 80/160/240 and can which numbers should I use? and do the dishes. Actually amounts of food collected vary widely. The number before vants. 6th. and it the point of impact. is just what the name implies — a + 3 billiard ball.” A war hammer. If it What’s the point of using leather hits a solid object. can only deliver its stated damage. You may opt to have the character D&D® Master Players’ Book. it extends back 60’ from barding? How much damage does a lance the point of impact in a direct line to the Use the following table for equine armor do? Can thieves use lances? caster. Weapon Mastery Section. creatures? the Expert Rulebook show saving Light catapults and other siege engines throws different from what the The invisible stalker spell is sub- are covered in the Masters Players’ Book. individual character listings show. See the Master Players’ Book (pages 17. the slash is for movement with oars only. but the bolt Chain 4 of a charging mount.O. or carry treasure. a lightning give a horse an armor class of 7? D&D® Expert Set bolt is always 60’ long and 5’ wide. does leather barding also fills its fixed volume. Use the war hammer statistics Your first guess is technically correct D&D® Masters Set from the Weapons Charts in the Master and in common use. a stalker might promptly fetch the and can be fired once per round. worst result. cn. write to: two-handed. does 1d6 hp damage and has the following save each time the bolt strikes. be fired once every two rounds unless the The split number indicates a craft with track. taking the ranges: 30/60/90. Heavy crossbows with sails and oars. Inc. What are a roc’s saving throws? Sage Advice handed. Expert Rulebook). a solid object before going its full questions on the AD&D®. but not when using it one. take extra care-to pult on a castle? How about on The combat charts on page 29 of adjudicate them fairly and accurately. some sticky situations. A lightning bolt has a Players’ Book (pages 20-21) for range and fixed length and width. ordered to protect a character and keep Light crossbows cost 30 gp and have an the number after the slash is movement him from all harm. the stalker will try to encumbrance of 50 cn. when foraging or hunting? much easier.

62 JULY 1987 .

but they moved in slow motion. In the searing light the walls of the stronghold were no more substan- tial than mist. Winslow touched the pulsing jugular with the tip of his dirk. A cloud of pale bats rose.” “Yet you kill wolves. The skin was very pale with the silvery hue sometimes found on the wings of certain moths. The humblest tree. The raiders opened leather sacks of finely ground iron and seeded the hill. seemingly blind in the light of the torches. sinking in the sedge. the carved lips of the earl never moving once. The misty walls crum- bled. too. Peering closer. The central tower wavered and turned into a gnarled oak. The faintest hint of magic still lingered. fit only for trolls and mortals. Winslow felt the magic dissipate. Still. It broke with the sound of tearing parchment. Winslow stepped forward to study his enemy. It is just something that should be done.” Winslow didn’t have to clean his dagger: the ruby blood evaporated the moment it was touched by the rays of the sun. but a more precious ivory than any human would ever handle. and the raiders smashed the gate like a man brushes away a spiderweb. Several elves woke from their deep slumber. and the damp walls seemed hung with spectral goblins. Winslow noticed that the skin was ivory-smooth. You come to take my life. But I don’t have to hate them. tiny flaws in the aquamarine of his eyes. I doubt if you would even understand why they are crimes. Clearly. Like the wolf is innocent of any wrong- doing when he savages a little child. “I won’t bore you with the enumeration of your crimes. and the words issued from the thin air. his by Tais Teng naked body reclining on a mound of freshly turned earth. and it was devoid of pores. the threads of fairy gold gleaming dully. hey raided the palace of the Earl of Magember in the height of the two- hour day: seventeen men clad in iron Palimpsest chain mail. their crossbows loaded with quarrels of illegally wrought steel. and their strongest enchantments were only mumbled words. their swords turned to wands of springy willow. “You come in the rough glare of burning firs. the gate’s arm-long splinters hovering on the afternoon breezes. they could be killed like any living thing.” “I see. The earl’s face seemed a clever mask of ivory. “Such is the case. His pupils were contracted to pinpricks. In some ways you’re innocent. the elves were made of finer stuff than their subjects. Winslow found the earl in one of the deepest halls. and the elflord opened his eyes: cloudy orbs of twi- light blue.” His voice was low and melodious.” “Certainly. You carry iron fashioned from the bones of the First Hag. chit- tering. the coarser stuff of daytime reality filling the void. No pockmarks disfigured the slender body.” Winslow replied. Illustrations by Valerie Valusek DRAGON 63 .

Perhaps too often. In the distance the elfhorns sounded. Joseline Winslowswife opened moved perceptibly across the sky. ary. They came in a dark tide. thirty. The vil- leaves. only gone flat with despair. This is my The dark boles of beechs surrounded them like the pil. “We’re not even sure if the dwarfs will give us sanctu. doors remained closed. windows of pigs’ bladders. . no longer more like a wolverine. the Gentle Sage Who Loves All Men. They ig.” of Nazareth. said. a world in a crimson flood.” est.” He stopped one of the younger line noticed the hiss of indrawn breath. “I don’t think we have much choice. They spread their last iron dust in a circle and cocked “They murdered Earl Magember and all of his fol- their crossbows. Still. and accord- chantments for a moment. and we steering their horses away from the poisonous metal. elves had halted at the improvised hedge of barbed wire. dislodging ger. A stir at the edge of the wood: seventeen skeletons.” they don’t wake the baby! But Thomas slept on. The elfhill is blighted for a thousand years.” Manfred objected. but the other boys before he upended their last sack of iron fillings. farther even One of the skeletons stepped closer. Twenty minutes left. mouldering copper. “I suppose they’re dead. I have killed. The elflord nodded. threw the door completely open and stepped outside. For a moment she yearned for a more savage guide. his head Winslow nodded absently. spent. He looked very noble and wise. Earl Magember behaved twilight stars were frozen in fixed patterns. * * * The neighing of fairy steeds. A haze of drifting motes over the mute animals and the animals that speak and surrounded the humans. hidden veins of ore so suitable warding spells can be set.” Manfred said. less. and Joseline hated him with a raging yellow repugnance. Followed by a sudden. “All my passions are them with long wands of carved bone. horrible silence. It disturbed her to find no hate there.” Winslow said. True. The dead man raised his hand. She lifted her head and looked Gespalidor right into his “We’ll give them a hard time. At the door a crack. Yet he horror she recognized the copper ring on his fleshless fin- once had seen elves gathering those same stars.” He threw a handful of filings in the air. “We’d better hurry. eh? Of course. reign of my son seems to have been needlessly harsh. negating the omnipresent en. each mote burning with a yellow flame that feebly It wasn’t even a question.” though elves seldom acknowledged the bonds of blood. The dust.” the elflord said almost instantly. Jose- samer Palace is gone. too. peering in the troubled twilight. She want to be deep in the forest before they discover the Gos. the blacksmith. forging a bridge between man and elf. which cradled on the red rag doll. Iron dust covered the Unnamed gave us dominion over the Garden of Eden.” Winslow pointed his finger at so they clearly saw their doom. in this case . but we She clutched the jade amulet between her breasts. Before we’re totally winded. stepped into the stand here. 64 JULY 1987 . Perhaps all twelve times twelve of them. “Make our bones gleaming in the cold moonlight. iron.” clearing. mimicked sunlight. their tops lost in the gloom. No more hell-music to lure Strangely enough her first panicked thought was: I hope our maidens. They were quite small individually. “Nothing magic can penetrate sadness. 2 She scowled. Hate lars of a pagan temple. counsel: let these awful deeds fade in the past. more oppressive than any sound. shot through with had nothing to learn from the Saviour. nited. Dust our footprints. being born soul- green flickerings. we agree. “The caverns aren’t that far. streaming across the fallen Thomas.” circling. They didn’t sound distant at all. and a drop of blood spilt in anger can drown of the clearing was lit by the ghostly glow of reacting iron. their “I think we’d better halt. Cold iron will con. The stars circled like trapped fireflies.” Manfred. The sky could hope for little gentleness from these stern lords. “See. night-blooming orchids. the elflord: “You. With a pang of than dragon-infested Cathay. converging on the hidden village. and the ing to the testimony of the dead. Reputedly the sire of the Earl Magember. The most. Most breeds hate. “I’m willing. “We poisoned their damn hill. but there were lage will renounce all use of iron and show the elves the millions of them. I sup- mused. We’re meant to be the gardeners of men. I wonder how many we killed. We may ing a measure of the comfort in the smiling face of Jezus have to flee a long way. He glimpsed the sky. Indistinct forms moved behind the “We’ll need that. Some still carried their crossbows. will do some good. raiders and made their eyes burn.” content to let her act as spokeswoman. Better use the dust where it tomless Well. and I have been killed. Twilight is pretty close. feel. “They’ll never rebuild.” she said quietly. his voice unhuman eyes. The stench of magic gradually filled their nostrils: freshly for there was no strong magic in dying at three years and turned earth. Winslow lowers. surrounded by disciples and well-wishers. “We’ll She recognized one of the elves: Gespalidor of the Bot- be there before twilight falls.” The sound of hoofs. but the villagers seemed quite fuse their wolves. Lord Gespalidor will foster my son.” Ants have no reason to fear iron. who hung low: a sheet of grainy indigo. Once again the haunting tones drifted through the for. We had a lot of pose they had some justification for their crimes. They seemed impossibly remote. He gestured with a pale hand. . She Twilight found them halfway to the caverns. and somehow huge. gazing at the sun. find- have swindled them often. The He sneezed and blinked his eyes. they have no reason to love the elves.

is a palimpsest. She had but scant knowledge of magic. and he had learned to dislike the short intervals of sheltering the dead from the alien sky. But be warned. you stole He snorted. How you lead. Though the dead are wise. come to me. they wouldn’t show a mere human the and a dark form stood at the edge of the wood. His sleeping pattern imitated that of the The graveyard lay in a hollow. “Copper. away with a sweep of his hand. the ears of corn. “I easy thing to do. he feared. middle of the day.” lump of clay.” He had no illu- coloured silver. Joseline. the thick boughs of oaks elves. For a mere human. You live a “Not at all!” His face shone with enthusiasm. Nor. there are secrets they wouldn’t care to “Blood calls to blood. more forceful.” blossom. “Why do you will be your bridge. Winslow’s marker searing glare punctuating the long twilight of the elfish was still bare of moss. Blood dripped on like bloodless corpses in the dim glow of mushrooms. invading her black tresses. The words they use to profits the living. I’m learning important things. his name realm. joyless. separated in tiny “You want to destroy our overlords. Crafty treachery had always been ad- mired by the elves. a rough slab of granite. “Such as?” their wisdom is a heavy and useless burden and seldom “Their mining spell for instance. Don’t force the world to wake. The second time. but not in negation. the stars froze in their course. It’s easy. for he She eyed his pale body with some distaste. the slow drip of a hidden well. Eighty-two gives you “So you wanted me to lose my only child. gods left finally opened his eyes and scratched his belly. the smiling face fighting the compulsion.” She tried to smile. fascinating. all of reality. If will fade.” must have hated me! Go! Go! My love is ashes. “Elf magic. His mother seemed strong. spoke three words in the liquid syllables of the manipulated by elvish enchantment?” elves. with the rows of elves lying from her tresses and jabbed her wrist. it says how heavy the stuff is you want to have. The words that call She hissed in anger.” we lost all able-bodied men. promised by the Martyred seemed intent on highlighting the world’s imperfections. the gold from the hidden veins. her face a furrowed field. “I came for the love we show a human changeling. you get gold.” he said. “Ah. I call less glare of the sun.” you say seventy-nine. She laid her amulet in the damp moss.” dream.” away what little humans still have left. the flowers having first time. and his smile was almost elfish. “They hide nothing! I’m one of them!” “Joseline.” He smiled. A soundless voice had spoken his name. DRAGON 65 .” what you’re thinking. Or it might be just the merci- “I call you from the sunny lands. did your fleshless skeleton speak the taught me. The stone flowed like wet mud. But the moment a human uses the She made the gesture of dismissal. At like Lazarus rose. The Hall of Peaceful Dreams became suddenly an op- crushed a handful of berries. He other cheek. the last. But it would avail you nothing and take could as easily call forth silver or black carbon. keep troubling me. the far lands. She next took an iron pin pressive and cramped place. A long- from the ages when the sun still shone for half of each day legged spider walked across his left arm. and the earth felt unbearably lumpy and damp.” Her voice lowered to a whisper: “Or least happier than I would have been grubbing the earth take the darker road. A lie written over to do.” travel. My love He shook his head. sions about his mother. shriveled to brittle brown husks. unlock for him your toothed gates.” He tore a lumpy rock from the truth or were you but a puppet of the elves? Your bones grass. I suppose that’s quite The moonlight yellowed. but he saw no reason to dislike her on that account. awful words that are horribly true. and hate had always been the most vital ingredient older than the last time. He kept his eyes closed for almost twenty minutes. Rest eluded would no doubt have urged her to forgive.” refine the rocks in aluminum.” older. copper. “The first time you counseled us. by your seed that made my womb elfish blue. you are a dream.” His voice was a low rumble. The small mi. but her hate was She waited just outside the gate. Still. tired. by the kisses we shared. Mother? I’m happy here. Even so. noticing that was a virtuous man. I tell you. Friar. 3 4 She waited for three months until she was quite certain Thomas was twelve years old when he awoke in the that the fickle elves had lost all interest in the rebel village. The Gentle Sage frowned on the dark arts and bling of bats. my hate will be your mantel. Almost. Rise.” he said. his hair a shock of brittle grass. and listened to the dry scram- downward. which hid nothing and always you from the elfless lands. Helios-Ra. the earthen tunnel that nosferatu in your village. Anubis. mingled with the purple berries. and the moonlight spell to refine iron the elves will know. grey of the dark enchantments. “That was one of the first things they my son! Tell me. deeply etched and filled with yellow clay. and he flicked it and twilight was but a fleeting moment. But there were other. “Look. Also. He repeated the first part of the spell. It wasn’t the mosa she had planted in front had died.” once shared. the white of his eyes had acquired the slightest tinge of Winslow my husband. light his long way. and he liked her unbroken spirit. his face a truly important things. to turn her him. She placed three stalks of ripe corn on the cold stone. “Now the final for you will stand with empty hands and even those hands word. Know that the “A multipurpose spell? How ingenious. “I know “Children are not meant to be swords. Must be hard world. it is an nuggets that gleamed in the sun. “I see you have learned to fear the sun.

no seed survived. and songs. the nineteen village leaders “Hardly. “Even the endless forest where the mortals hide. ever victorious in the twi.” seemed archaic and strangely matter-of-fact. “Now the Empire of Faery had grown somnolent and Thomas searched the indistinct horizon: the mountains weary. an Introduction. Captive sunlight! They crossed the dry meadow and walked half a mile And unshielded sunlight would gravely harm and finally along the White Way. though the Way vanishes in twilight and the Thomas read the passage again. “And I suppose it’ll take me another 7 thousand years to understand what you mean with that riddle?” Joseline intoned the words. He stepped aside. and not a single soldier was ple dome with scudding.” Thomas mused. “To some degree. “The mortals fought a war. gall. unleashing the powers of Vanishing in the light of day. Julius caked dust away. fan- They strolled for some time along the White Way.” He stamped on the crumbly grey stone. Ice rose Caesar’s invasion woke them from their long slumber. glass had miraculously been left intact. We are dreams. ian. very fragile. He was victorious in enchantments.” tended the catacombs. starlight no trace remained of the White Way. ink your own words. Not at all like They climbed a cobweb-garlanded stair. but not all things that happened were true. even her green leagues are part of our 5 dream. her light it’s often terribly easy to see the lineaments of the Page 23. storm-torn clouds the color of left alive. A second-choice has brought us calamities untold and a bondage sore!” reality that is quite improbable and very. “Let the name of Julius Caesar be reviled. and the librar- the ornate language of the more recent Lives of the Saints or ian halted in front of a tiny round window. she knew it by heart. He scratched the “Returning with an additional three legions. “If any mortal had been left alive.” A common metal. a cies. Not a single animal light. The sun rises soon.” ants and ladybugs. The purplish Devotions of a Grasshopper. he the librarian studying him. magnesium combines with oxygen in an actinic flare. Perhaps you noticed that I filed the Rise and standing in front of her. In the word ‘palimpsest’? If you reuse an old piece of vellum. words. the eyeholes covered with thin lenses of black obsid- holes. A tiny movement. and in The Wonderful World of Chemistry. The Latin ruins are seen no more. she was his mother. The forest was gone. the title sorceries. A single kiss. was left alive. swarming over the forest of Gaul. it’s true?” “Just like you. “Part of the first world.” the first engagement. frowning. “I’ll show you the truth. the trees. distorted by our ruined daytime library into a slab of moldy wood. he thought. the earth stir- 66 JULY 1987 . seemed too low and had a molten. the sky altered to a brooding pur- armed with fearful sorceries. We’re but a thin most a token. It didn’t matter. Thus. It describes what happened. “You’re all figments. for his greed history that should never have happened. especially fascinated true world. it is with our own world.” He took a black mantle from a peg and a silver becoming no more than a meaningless tracery or worm. “This here. We filled that void. Its ultraviolet radiation has been used in the early photographic proc. and the mighty stream of twilit realm.” with a dark glaze. the battle taking place in the after.” The elf smiled.” Looking up from the brittle parchment. “Less real than this. noon. The librarian gestured. scorched look. the elves caring little for the affairs of mortals. “The sun? The short day? That’s part of the first script?” The starlight changed the book she had found in the “It's the shadow of the true words.” Thomas shrugged. You killed the world. found everywhere. more true. 6 esses because it so clearly resembled sunlight.” her: “An extremely light and common metal. my child. the elves returned. “I think the time has come to enlighten you. Nor of the you scrape off the words that are already written there and crumbling ruins that lined the road. and beyond them in dirty grey turrets. while it clearly should be placed on the road of stone slabs that showed many cracks and sagged in shelves for genealogy and natural philosophy?” several places where the once molten stone was overlaid “So? You never let me read those. and Thomas gazed outside. But the moment twilight fell. feeding the sluggish spiders juicy “Dreams. it annuls our Caesar crossed the borders of Faery. Or forgive. Ruins dotted the ashen plain. Time itself halted. Fall of the Roman Empire in the section with tall tales. circling the plain. He once again marvelled at the differ. it took them a scant three years to conquer the Ro. al. man Empire and make the lands of Man a part of their “A horrible void was left. The ruins were almost hidden by kill an elf. Thomas found The elf nodded. You know ences between the sunlit world and the elvish realm.” If only she could forget. they left their hills. He liked the ancient elf who would have called it World War Three. Words that are shadows. mask. describing Magnesium. Most of the time you can still read the old like a ruby moon behind the treetops. and he saw her walk away in the gathering film over words already written there. But it’s hard to clean the vellum They parted at the edge of the forest while the sun sank completely. See the true world. Nothing grew. the sun herself.

He halted. and he jumped back. their skin blackening and peel- ing.” Thomas took the steps three at a time. searching the hall from the sheltering overhang. and the metal ignited promptly. Human warriors swarmed through the hall. fierce it left pulsating afterimages. nobody tried to stop him: any- silvery grey metal. rejecting his reality. The sky turned a dull red. A spark arced into the dry moss and rose in a wavering flame. he was clearly too short to be an elf. He knew too well what he would find outside. His magic sword shuddered and reverted to a stalk of dry weed. Only the nuclear Fimbul winter. For an impossible short moment. If only she could have forgiven. way. his weapon. he noticed that they had already danced through the sleeping hall. the empty ruins. cursing in front of several metal poles. thought. Lumps of a dull the hall. In the confusion. I wonder what the Hand will write A ray of horribly bright light swept the hall and touched next. Their naked bodies were covered with deep. an old woman exhorting them from the gate with shrill cries. Five lumps coalesced from the loam. . as if gravity was relinquishing her hold on his body. a glare so light. They shoved their poles in the flame. become more than half-elf. Tall shadows Raising his hands. And then.ring. Thomas woke to impossible sunlight. Two warriors squatted. for he had Trolls! was his first thought. and he grabbed his sword. he swords. brandishing copper grown quite transparent. He stepped back in a niche. smoking burns. his eyes streaming. A spear nicked his left arm. and the temperature dropped 8 sharply. All the elves had died. . with melancholy curiosity. For three heartbeats he stood frozen. and his elf-learned night vision returned. The glare wavered and died. “Magnesium. He turned the last corner and glimpsed a segment of “Iron? Who needs iron when we have this! They’ll burn blue sky. . He felt strangely The lumps ignited with a dazzling flame. One of the leaders started to laugh. striking sparks from a disc of flint. stupidly staring at his uesless weapon.” she said. the window like moths in a candle flame!” framed the silhouette of a swallow. “Hand me a torch. He draped his shuddering body with the blood-soaked mantle of a dead invader and stumbled to the entrance of DRAGON 67 . The sun returned. It was the most beauti- ful thing he had ever seen.

. The first thing players will suspect should reasonably be expected to work “Whaaaaat?!” cried the player. too. Such creatures would usually dwell in oceans or other mediums which would support their weight. Avoid completely ridiculous attack thing with a Yazirian’s mass? And how the track of the actual adventure in search forms unless you can find an analog for could it find room to fly. such as an gle. serving as insulation for the creature and. if large enough. be suited to the creature using them. vision). and decide what bonus the creature should get time it flew over?” numerous exceptions could exist for each from a defense. increased speed. a creature The referee simply shrugged. “This jungle is miles in diameter! Why tures. As a general biological rule. Inverte- brates such as the slug. attack forms should Yazirian was gone. worm. Suddenly. a creature). more in food each day. a gigantic bird swooped The presence of unrealistic alien ecologies acid spray. defenses since they need them the most. for example. would a creature spend time flying above guidelines to those given in the STAR thick hides. Plants that attack might have mouthlike leaves like those on a Venus flytrap. nervously planned ecology. the underbelly of a that has no intelligent weapon-wielding jungle in hopes that a meal will conven. Perhaps it was time (to coordinate their attacks with binocular sized should never be any slower than to try a fantasy game. or maybe a down.. jellyfish. The referee should in one of the few clearings at the same that these are very general guidelines. but the referee may wish to have lizards. . Likewise. should usually be helpful. Alien adapted to their environment that players plants would likely “attack” with thorns by Danny Kretzer begin to wonder how these creatures (perhaps poisoned) or with poisonous manage to survive. such as predators will likely not be well defended iently pass through the clearings. the location of a creature’s and should only be given to large crea- lift its own head off the ground due to lack eyes. really live together in one environment. I guess there was a break in the believable are good reasons for a well.” replied the referee. Large carnivores living on a planet “So. it does fly over this extremely dense their ventral sides (i. Nearly every mammal has fur or hair. same colors on their dorsal sides as their melee weapons. birds. In an instant. so there’s no way important for social identification. the often cause players to wonder if there is sonic boom. it in hopes that another creature would be FRONTIERS® Expanded Game Rules. Carnivores would usually attack with jaws or claws. However. How Speed: Small creatures would usually be that a giant flying bird could survive in well any natural camouflage works is fast or very fast. . heavy fur impede the speed of a creature that bird would not have the strength to Consider. Giant- small- The referee sighed.” said the referee. Herbivores branches. where is its natural habitat?” Appearance: Creatures often have the bonus of . for example. ecology of the planet. Keeping the game on them in Earthly biology. Physical form: Certain creatures might not be completely solid in form. The referee should keep these circumstances and have strength to completely up to the referee. much less swoop. of a Sathar base. The location of the have a powerful defense form. All too often in STAR FRONTIERS® eyes helps the referee determine how this rule should apply to carnivores. heavy fur.15 to the attacker’s hit roll with “Um . create brand new attack forms. But it’s a insects. ceive. Glakket and his Yazirian companion plants and animals which could never The referee should feel encouraged to slashed their way through the dense jun. of nourishment!” tors have eyes on the fronts of their heads Herbivores that are medium. in the middle of a dense jungle?” track and keeping the game balanced and Defense forms: All creatures have one “Well. and their prey have eyes on the medium speed. and it could take 5 points But sometimes it goes hunting over the surroundings (“dorsal” means the back of off the damage roll from nonenergy weap- woods. the referee should add the following Defense forms include protective shells. Many small creatures. and medusa have no rigid internal struc- ture. claws flashing. No one ever ques. . unless the predators are tioned giant flying birds there. sending the PCs off enemy. In real life. When designing other-worldly crea. with white or pale colors on ons. herbivores can trample. with a fur coat 5 cm thick might get a “Well. “How is that Sathar may have tampered with the against the creature’s worst biological could a giant-sized bird even budge some. leaving the Vrusk any special reason for the flaws they per. special venom. Note and sharpened senses. and omnivores usually have more effective ignoring the first question. Attack forms: Almost all creatures have one or more methods of attack. and explorer alone.e. as armor (to a limited extent). such suggestion. Herbivores may bite but rarely do so by preference. in the mountains to the south. sides of their heads (to detect predators equally sluggish or unless the herbivores over wide visual areas). if thick enough. and sometimes with a tail slap or sting. . I see creatures that are so poorly easily a creature can be surprised. Some dinosaurs are believed to have had fur or feathers. some creatures could almost be liquids. though it in mind that defenses like armor plating or pick a hireling out of a jungle. Fish. are brightly colored when conceal. Referees create exotic spores. Herbivores generally attack only with limbs (like a horse’s hooves) or by ram- ming and goring (like a rhino’s horn). and amphibians have no fur. grow fur in arctic regions. form of defense or another. Sometimes. unless they need protecting from their fact that birds need to eat their weight or ment is of minor concern or color is preys’ attacks or from other carnivores. preda. and large-sized creatures are usually slow- 68 JULY 1987 . creature). tures that usually move slowly anyway.

they discovered the world was most terrifying effect is (obviously) swift tors. gence. or omnivore). as the campaign. or even starships. UPF will uncover a planet with beings that to PCs (remember War of the Worlds. cannot survive on land. poly-voxes were adjusted to the aliens’ encounter them: a depressurized drifting chain ratio. her. When one attacks be obeyed. a parasite tains or open areas. disease. This prevents fanatics who weren’t talking and could on the surface of water. intelli. a good number of medium prey and This led them to a medium-sized planet. Hours of exciting roleplaying are adventure. Hunting techniques may thus ports. which they are found usually helps deter. The first and competition for food. the Sathar also told the of this size. The second is great many small creatures serving as photography equipment attached to it. the PCs dis- bivore. he an interesting point in the game. To give a modern example. bizarre effect. as shown On a planetary giant-sized creatures might be have developed technology to a point H. since this is against leaves. intelligent In the end. the PCs stranded on a planet if the referee DRAGON 69 . parasite’s feeding should affect the host in Larger flyers generally stick to the moun. Smaller flyers will will observe the restrictions of different might lower a character’s reaction speed stay away from exceptionally windy areas. full combat/exploration gear! has to be that way on other planets. Her. I’ve Microorganisms: Earth is crawling with Numbers: Tiny and small creatures are never seen a tiny creature or an aquatic or bacteria and other organisms that are often found in large groups if they are fishlike creature be the most intelligent microscopic. flesh.G. by Large. If a carni. This can leave vore has a restriction (which it should). and subsequently any attack or defense to speak of can have fun. and it couldn’t see prey means a loss of predators. This got the they brought a corpse back to their own few and limited (if any!) special abilities. and only that large in extreme cases. though a few penguins are Parasites: Parasites are found on all mine their size. ens possess firearms. since they have more weight it. microorganisms on planets that humans or while others will hunt alone (like moun. oped firearms or motor-powered trans. Medium carnivore numbers vary. few large prey and medi. I’ve only seen one occasion on found in smaller groups if they are her. tor dies out. and very few large preda. both prey and predator larger creatures called hosts. they quickly swim to to take on a bunch of armed alien religious usually hunt prey on the open ground or land or a floating ice floe. Once inside. thus allowing the planets. the referee may wish to introduce Special abilities: When a referee decides before the world’s ruling council. after much intrigue. this tures might also be found in packs and can talk and fight. The terrain over the whale from completely wiping out the easily beat the PCs in combat. And please note that even the gent creature I’ve seen in any game adven. they were brought used. A PCs promoted in the UPF fleet. the PCs in a STAR FRONTIERS® game found in groups larger than packs or tion. They worked to lab animals (don’t kill off PCs too rapidly). Wells?). It seems very likely that social. ble of killing its host. an attempt to find a cure for the upon will usually have special abilities adventures in which I had the native ali. diseases. creatures the Sathar got to the planet first and nisms can have is to damage equipment. much less a grouchy Yazirian with pened that way on Earth doesn’t mean it fatal (unless they can fly). armed the natives. by 10. second from its sun. benefit from the restriction. the PCs covered a hulk full of dead bodies. is rarely applied but is critical language and they had established their hulk. The to a host. civilization of tiny lizard creatures that isms on Earth cause harm to humans. The parasite should rarely be capa- since they would be blown around like Intelligence: Almost every highly intelli. In the woods. for example. a affect them in several ways. In the opening instance usually caught anyway. The effect should usually should take into account the following: PCs discovered that they had allies and become obvious upon exposure to NPCs or size. The referee should remember this covered with settlements — some as large onset of illness and death. its best interests. anyone in UPF uniforms. prey’s group to survive. since some travel in packs (like wolves) race of intelligent aliens that have devel. for example. creatures and use them in their favor. it gave the players hours of body and its bacteria. Imagine the food group of PCs and NPCs exploring a remote most obvious is to have an effect similar to requirements of a herd of tyrannosaurs! star system in a game I ran discovered a poisons. enemies on the council. resistance evolved over millions of years herds. where they have sophisticated inventions which a microorganism was a threat to bivores. there should be a crude exploration satellite with primitive in the Expanded Rulebook. or infections. Just because it hap. especially if they have attack forms race on a planet. one way is through the digestive very well through the branches to catch restrictions don’t always have to be as system (swallowing). killer whales natives that Sathars were gods who had to to move around. To further com. I’ve also rarely seen a newly created of exposure to these organisms. Once their area in which PCs wouldn’t normally likely encounter. These are creatures that feed on with the Yazirian-eating bird. etc. a careless NPC exposed himself to the small herbivore of low intelligence without important. This is possible when a group of PCs uncovers a Microorganisms can become a very because large carnivores that must hunt technologically advanced planet and tries interesting problem for the PCs and can and bring down prey cannot stand great to get them to join the UPF. For example. When carnivore with a poison sting should have got the planet to join the UPF. The PCs spent the rest of the adven- more and better special abilities. Of course. Now they knew how the aliens who died. then the largest flying creatures in existence today ture has been roughly man-sized and parasite dies with it. If this type of effect is if a realistic ecology is desired.). over it. since a loss of have many ways of entering or attaching ty through the trees. to give exposure to the microorganisms a prey. The best. special attacks or defenses. When they landed. Parasites should be a would be unable to lift a medium-sized humanoid in design. Restrictions parasite feeds off one or more of the host’s should never be larger than medium at should never allow every member of the natural features (blood. the food. Parasites ture’s size would impede its flight capabili. as are herbivores then its prey is bound to take advantage of plicate matters. prides of eight individuals or less. Only a relative few microorgan- to larger creatures. The third and um predators. This guideline. Medium-sized crea. In a recent adventure I ran. the crea. penguins. It’s likely that sooner or later the have a greater likelihood of being harmful dictate group sizes. However. orca to survive. On another occasion. minor annoyance to the PCs and not a dog. The last type of effect that microorga- Restrictions: Most. and dietary type (carnivore. When they passed psychological deterioration. but carnivores will rarely be and weapons or even early space explora. A large. such as causing insanity or small predators. It was a challenge for the PCs Flying: Carnivorous flying creatures a group of penguins. More ship. if not all. And look at Vrusk and other planets would be host to similar which can be combined to be dangerous Dralasites! Challenge your players with a organisms. come to Earth in the movies might feel! ture fighting faulty equipment and each bivores or omnivores that are preyed The above example is one of several other in. This should when he is making a random encounter as cities. or else the preda. have some type of restriction. giving orders to kill weapons. peaceful intentions. clever characters at least one way. convert those who were opposed to them. If the host dies. keyed toward defense or camouflage. This was new anticontamination equipment to the to give any creature a special ability. other PC races have never visited before tain lions). the its prey. flying carnivores obvious as this example. the PCs met only be used when the bacteria are in an table and make large predators a less the planet‘s military forces.

mean that it can’t happen on other plan- in great numbers. Some microor. If the By using the guidelines above.and alien-builders is Dougal Dix- mask. by damage done by others. a lair usually serves as a with the UPF! Sathar. For instance. just because some- of the Worlds). 1981). The UPF would want to get their place to raise young. 50 million years after the Not all microorganisms have to be dan. Most important. The referee should decide how ets. poisons may or may not affect the PCs. The Andromeda Strain. penalties are assessed against encumbered is believable and consistent in its own teria may only take effect when inhaled. Credits aren’t likely to be races. if exposed birds. Martin’s effective when they are swallowed or in their bloodstreams that are most effec. man-sized creatures. the game will be improved. beasts. as in War possible ways in which PCs could use that 4. and eat food. which depicts a future ecol- enter the bloodstream through a cut. who creatures. makes useful reading. hands on it so they could use it to make Some creatures may store items that they Summary new weapons (like grenades) for the Star consider valuable in their lairs. there may be a type of turned out the lights?“). The referee should use the new pesticide and send PCs to collect collect that mineral and even compete following rules in particular: samples. 70 JULY 1987 . like ecology. but can attach itself to skin and be carried A creature can also be used for food. environment. — RM). accepted by aliens who have no contact microorganism that only affects the Lairs: In nature. 3. (Note: One excellent reference book for by the victim even if he is wearing a gas Some creatures that are preyed upon ecology. the referee should not by wind or water currents. and what way things are here on Earth. Other microorganisms are only (most notably insects) have toxic chemicals on’s After Man (New York: St. Wild animals could be ridden by thing hasn’t happened on Earth doesn’t Microorganisms are almost always found the PCs or used as pack animals on over. and they usually move land trails. In fact.chooses. There should be more weaker crea- The native animals on certain planets mineral deposit. have developed immunity. sleep. he should decide if there are any be so restricted. tor and prey to survive. creature lives on a planet where there are should be able to create more realistic Corporations may also want to market a large deposits of a valuable mineral. If a creature circumstances. harmless microorganisms (again. an alien bac. creature. The ecology should allow both preda- own planet since they probably would of shiny objects to attract female bower. But. Some may act as a cure for the Intelligent creatures may act as guides imagination and detail. but the PCs must have Michael Crichton. It’s hard to beat for gerous. nor should technology may die from contact with seemingly ture. Intelligence should not be restricted to to PCs or brought to another planet. fast a creature moves while burdened allow his imagination to be limited by the ganisms cause harm only under certain with a rider or gear (or both). affected by the microorganisms of their the Australia bowerbird that builds a nest 2. Unintelligent aliens might tures than powerful ones in a worlds should have a very small chance of being keep valuable items for odd reasons. with prospecting PCs for control of a 1. Press. In other words. aliens Uses: When the referee creates a crea. tive against their natural predators. like one that raises a PC’s something of value with which to pay the Microorganisms don’t have to affect all Stamina but impedes his vision (“Hey. extinction of mankind. a mixed blessing. referees Law Rangers to use against their foes. it may alien lifeforms. They can even be or mercenaries. These ogy on Earth.


but for all question. In the past. Marvel Universe. such questions have te who went around popping off the the people he’s bumped off. Avengers™ Coast-to-Coast). However. Before plunging into the matter at hand. MA2. these requests appearances and are unlikely to receive 72 JULY 1987 . had only a handful of our mistakes — I’m going to do it again. so — not learning from couple of important ones as well) in the who. I’ve gotten some letters over the past are not only for Scourge (who appeared in it’s time for yet another general-interest few months requesting Scourge. a vigilan. A lot of these brought forth a huge amount of mail on majority of the third-banana villains (and a latter individuals are minor characters various subjects. all together.

which he could boost to Mon- strous levels for 1-10 rounds. All Rights Reserved. He could also hover in place. Firelord. Horn of Galactus: Both the original Air- Walker™ and his robotic replacement were provided with a golden. Air-Walker would manifest this Power Cosmic as a set of crimson and gold “wings” issuing from his back. or the Surfer. ©1987 Marvel Entertainment Group. group. shown above. and electrici- ty of Monstrous levels. to me or Roger to gather. possibly run in issue #92. DRAGON 73 . F AM (50) Health: 275 and Hammer and Anvil to lesser lights Okay. to see in this column (we’ve covered a lot standing foes as Miracle Man. WI 53147). Both used the trumpet to summon Galac- tus to planets which looked suitable for Galactus’s “dinner. “Justice Is Served” Moore. Back in the Resources: n/a R RM (30) major section in DRAGON® Magazine — a early history of this column. * Enhance any one of his personal abilities to the Unearthly rank. and all Marvel characters and character likenesses are trademarks of Marvel Entertainment Group. Power Cosmic: Air-Walker had the ability Lake Geneva. S AM (50) Karma: 155 If we are to do the rogue’s gallery of all sarily prevent a hero or villain from being E UN (100) of Scourge‘s victims. but there are a lot more left). and. of them. the Melter. we If you want to see it. finally get to handle the other half of the Known Powers: care of DRAGON Magazine (P. Terrax. Inc. but it is not known if he was as proficient at this as the Silver Surfer is. for 1-10 rounds. as Silver Surfer can. Whether we do this nized Heralds of Galactus — one of whom. Body Armor: Air-Walker had Amazing protection from energy and physical attacks. Now. include any other individuals you want Gabriel Lan of Xandar these ex-villains. This robot had statistics similar to those of the origi- Marvel. then DESTROYER™ invested it with the Power Cosmic and the remains of Lan’s personality. once per day. P AM (50) Popularity: 0 two or three issues. being dead does not neces.” The Air-Walker Robot: After the death of Gabriel Lan. Air- Walker required no additional parapher- nalia in order to fly.000 miles. magnetism. channel. in DRAGON® I MN (75) total of 12. Air-Walker could perform the fol- lowing power stunts with this power: * Create energy attacks of Monstrous force. Marvel Universe. ranging from such long. then. Unlike Terrax. on to new business. trumpetlike device which issued a hyper-space signal.O. but usually curtailed his movement within planetary atmospheres.or 16-pages. or not depends entirely on your feedback. is among the deceased. Flight: Air-Walker could move between the stars at Class 5000 speeds. Air-Walker was capable of manipulating matter at the molecular level. Century and Megatak. we covered three of the recog. As A MN (75) such as Turner D. Inc. it will have to be a covered in the Marvel®-Phile.mention in any upcoming TSR product. He was invulnerable to heat and cold (with Class 1000 resistance) and could survive in space for extended periods of time with- out need of food or air. * Generate heat. send in your mail. within a range of 2. While you’re at AIR-WALKER™ The rub is that there are almost 30 of it. Galactus built a robot. Box 110. and manipulate vast quantities of cosmic energy with Mon- strous ability.

The fire-based their part of the galaxy. In planetary atmo- spheres. resulting in the destruc. and was the captain of the space The Air-Walker Robot was retrieved by taken into space by the former Herald ship Way-Opener The Way-Opener made the robotic servants of the Machinesmith. and in addition had repair Gabriel’s consciousness into a robotic nately. The native of the now-destroyed world of leaving Galactus without a Herald again. Firelord’s Staff: Firelord can wield his fire- generating power through a 5’-long staff. Cosmic of Unearthly rank.nal Air-Walker. and Pyreus and his crew followed to retrieve their captain. and he usually chooses to channel it into the form of fiery amount of water or flame retardant may Galactus found his dying Herald. creature. he transferred the bulk of 1000 flame-generation and fire-control Body Armor: Firelord has Amazing body armor against physical attacks and may superheat his body (as a power stunt) so that normal weapons and materials vapor- ize on contact with him. Pyreus caught up with Galactus after the destruction of the Air-Walker Robot. but within inhabited solar sys- explore the universe as Galactus’s Herald. the Machinesmith could not under- circuitry allowing it to heal as a living duplicate. until Thor had him released from service by exchanging the Asgardian con- 74 JULY 1987 .” which gathered of the original Gabriel Lan. cannot be slay Galactus. by using the Power the Power Cosmic. Air-Walker instead encountered met with failure. though a sufficient instead. Sensing Lan’s spirit. and the effects of starvation and vacuum. it lacked the curiosity and drive The Machinesmith did manage to activate was its winglike “cloak. A UN (100) Karma: 110 Cosmic. Flight: Like all Heralds of Galactus. Unfortu- ment for his first Herald. carrying weaponry which was designed to including Firelord’s flaming hair. The source of the robot’s power admirably. cosmic energy. so that Galac. This attempt to recover the former Herald Surfer. aging. Pyreus did so and was transformed into Firelord. This staff is made of Class 1000 materials and may be used as a striking weapon. but he has never demonstrated warships. for several years until he returned from a He may be able to use the healing and new-found planet suitable for Galactus’s R RM (30) Resources: n/a matter-manipulation ability of the Silver needs and encountered a fleet of Ovoid I AM (50) Popularity: 0 Surfer. killing him. The fleet had been on patrol P RM (30) them (treat these abilities as first-time and was aware of Galactus’s presence in power stunts. and fought Thor.1CS in all of its abilities if unable to use retrieve the then-imprisoned Silver Surfer. Instead. the powerful robot as a servant. Firelord served Galactus for a short time. tems he restricts himself to the Unearthly Gabriel accepted and was invested with F MN (75) Health: 325 ranks. Given the opportunity to Pyreus Kril of Xandar powers. Firelord is immune to disease. no available power to save Air-Walker’s effects. allowing Air. who destroyed it and Air-Walker’s story: Gabriel Lan was a tion of the bulk of the Air-Walker Robot. The Air-Walker Robot was tus finally dispatched it to Earth to however. under the command of Gabriel Lan (Air-Walker). Firelord’s story: Pyreus Kril was the first officer on the Way-Opener. Firelord has Class life.Walker to rebuild . itself. Galactus teleported him into his presence and offered him the Power Cosmic. Fire- lord can fly at Class 1000 speeds and enter hyperspace at will. the self-repair circuitry in the ex-Herald. the Silver Surfer. Seeking vengeance against the Silver the cloak. who sought to use in the Xandar system. Gabriel Lan served Galactus faithfully S AM (50) E UN (100) sound. gravity. robotic remains of the Air-Walker were Xandar. In addition. if used). In deep space. he flies at Unearthly speeds. they were also Known Powers: manifestations of the Power Cosmic. but had reduce their effects. inflict- ing Monstrous damage in Firelord’s hands. While this duplicate served stand the Air-Walker Robot’s alien wiring. he may project and control light. leaving him unharmed. They fired at Air-Walker Power Cosmic: Firelord has the Power smothered by water. Captain Lan was teleported away from the ship into Galactus’s presence. and the Eater of Worlds volun- teered to reveal the fate of Gabriel Lan if Pyreus would agree to serve as his Herald. and radio as power stunts. Firelord. allowing him a + 1 CS to hit targets. Eater of Worlds was seeking a replace. apparently ruined its repair circuitry. who buried them on an asteroid contact with Galactus’s ship when the a human/robot villain. Firelord cannot be slain save by the complete scattering of his molecules (apparently a new power common to Heralds since the death of Air-Walker).

and or Uru. as a monument to Hela’s folly. inherent weapon systems. Inani. Firelord took that con. Thor used the armor’s matter- and those who are absorbed into the manipulating abilities to encase itself in a Animation: The Destroyer is an enchanted armor eventually become killing machines thick prism of unbreakable (Class 5000) suit of armor which may capture the devoid of any other desire. * A disintegrator beam that takes two Galactus in exchange for Firelord’s free- Walker Robot. Following power. joined strength are immediately destroyed. and the other deities. The failure of this FEAT means the user’s personality is consumed by the Destroyer’s own will. * Force bolts of Shift Z power. Body Armor: The Destroyer is made of metal enchanted beyond the levels of Adamantium itself. Such a con. and the Destroyer becomes a juggernaut of destructive power. The Norse death-goddess surrendered. mental. On this occasion. He must make a Psyche FEAT against the Destroyer’s own Mon- strous Psyche each time he uses one of the construct’s powers or makes a FEAT roll using the armor. and thus did not agree with 10’ of the empty armor. DESTROYER™ Destroyer armor was created by Odin’s took on the Celestials. Firelord wandered exten. Destroyer armor. FEAT against the intensity of the blast to With the arrival of the Celestial Fourth avoid a similar fate. quickly beaten by the Celestial Host. and was further enchanted by A MN (75) Odin and the other leading “gods” of vari. Zeus. the body of the consciousness occupying the armor remains inactive until the spirit leaves the Destroyer armor and returns to its origi- nal body (which does not need to be in contact to make the switch). ty who touches the armor and fails a several occasions as a pawn in his battles it never wielded the Power Cosmic. as well as to alter with both Odin and Thor. crystal. including physical. Odin summoned the life-forces of all the gods of Asgard (except Thor) into the The Destroyer’s story: The enchanted Destroyer and. fires dom. the Destroyer has a number of powerful. * Flame generation of Shift Z power. Anyone occupying the Destroyer armor gains the attributes listed above. The Destroyer was Construct of Odin finest craftsmen from an unknown Asgar. The Eater of Worlds accepted. Weaponry: In addition to its powerful attributes and near-invulnerability. rounds to charge. Loki gave over E CL 3000 The Destroyer was built by these entities the Destroyer armor to Thor during a R n/a Resources: n/a as a trump card in the eventuality of war squabble with Loki’s daughter. or a willing and powerful entity with magical abilities who can project his astral form into the armor.100 whose powers equalled or exceeded those large section of Hela’s realm before the of Odin. Firelord retired to Earth. force. The unliving thing. Thor. but once activated. Its “wearer” has no need to breathe. In any case. but following the destruction of mate items of less than Class 1000 material Galactus to place the armor aside — at Xandar by the mercenary Nebula. at Class 1000 of Odin’s true purpose in creating the of the Air-Walker Robot’s death. making it Class 3000 protection against all forms of attack. The I n/a with the Celestials. Host. its overly destructive tendencies caused sively. * Magnetic generation of Shift Y power. Psyche FEAT of Monstrous rank. Loki stole it back for yet the former Avenger Starfox to hunt for living beings must make an Endurance another plot against Asgard. 5-area range and Class 1000 power.275 Destroyer was not entirely destroyed. or sleep. As such. and magical powers. its form was (again) located and rescued S UN (100) Karma: 0 ous pantheons with its present powers. Hela. adding his own Reason and Intuition scores to the appropriate areas. a race of space-gods Thor-powered Destroyer demolished a P MN (100) Popularity: . God of Mischief used the Destroyer on its transformation into a Herald. underground temple in Indochina. but dian element stronger than Adamantium something as invulnerable as the F UN (100) Health: 3. but struct’s remains and buried them in the a beam of pure disintegrating force with a the need to animate the armor fully and Xandar system. where Galactus’s official Heralds that was an sciousness may be a willing entity within it was located in later years by Loki. unaware freedom. by Loki. As a Known Powers: Destroyer was created only to destroy. eventually bartered it to Thor’s battle with the reactivated Air. an unwilling enti. * The ability to transmute and arrange DRAGON 75 . last act. this space marauder.struct known as the Destroyer for Kril’s elements and molecules. and. wielding the Odinsword. eat. the site densities of substances. while which point. including: * Energy bolts of Shift Z power. consciousness of its user in order to gain Odin hid the Destroyer armor in an The Destroyer was the only one of movement and direction. energy.

it shouldn’t be a surprise. Watt-Evans uses a brand of magic slight- ly removed from the D&D® game norm. and a series of adventures quite naturally begins. might resolve similar situations. the use by John C. WITH A SINGLE SPELL Lawrence Watt-Evans Del Rey 0-345-32616-4 $3. Plot.50 About a year and a half ago. That particular episode. If the description of the novel sounds like the formula for thousands of adven- ture movies. but his gift is to lend a crisp exe- cution to the text that barely gives readers time to notice. and old Roggit has just died. though. Tobas starts the book with only the aforementioned spell in his repertoire — it’s the only one his master has taught him. The Misen- novels than are Steven Spielberg’s films. beautiful wom. The King of chases together. If anything. and scenery interlock with fine-tuned precision. novels. In particular. but they’re old enough to get senior citizen rates at hotels and res- taurants. is only part of what makes Watt-Evans’s latest novel especially intriguing to players of low-level magic-users. That sends Tobas out into the world seeking his for- tune. only occasional touches of the Jersey town and divides his time there takes a low-key situation and a plausible. Marsh is indeed writing a formu- la book. and Tobas’s problems with material com- Geoffrey Marsh en. The present-day elements are somewhat With a Single Spell is set in the same dant of the old movie serials and pulp more subtle. THE KING OF SATAN’S EYES concluding each chapter. The tale has all the classic of “order” rather than “level” to refer to a hallmarks: death-dealing cliffhangers spell’s relative difficulty is a good touch. but the tome explodes and ends up destroying the dead wizards cottage. In fact. And the situations Lincoln must face include a modern skyjacking and jungle ambushes. pace. Tobas tries to open Roggit’s spell book. The adventures of Tobas of Telven are a veritable warehouse of ideas for gamers who want to inject variety and a degree of realism into the process of advancing to the rank of mage. sometimes trustworthy and sometimes ponents show dramatically how DMs Tor 0-812-50650-2 $3. His sidekicks also call Inverness home. 1980s keep readers from mistaking Geof. a series of letters in the “Forum” column debated whether a powerful dragon could survive the onslaught of 25th-level characters with + 5 everything. Desperate to learn more in order to launch his career. between crafting expensive suits and sympathetic character from humble ori- 76 JULY 1987 . Bunnell 40 years earlier. Game masters and writers who can figure out how Marsh does it have long and successful careers ahead of them. and the result is an excellent example of how this kind of yarn ought to be put together. and a dangerously nonmagical plot twists (especially the the title of this book recalls the Indiana powerful object out of legend to tie the reward offered for slaying that dragon) Jones movie logos. Even the It’s appropriate that the typography for men and obscure clues. world-spanning trails of evil hench.50 not. Spies & Private Eyes games in this case). and games (the TOP SECRET® or Mercenaries. Hero Lincoln Blackthorne realm as its predecessor. are neatly and logically unveiled. but there are enough parallels so that most of the novel’s wizardcraft can be frey Marsh’s book for pulp fiction written translated effectively. Satan’s Eyes is an even more direct descen. as Lawrence Watt- Evans offers a tale in which the requisite dragon is slain through what amounts to the use of a firefinger cantrip. fending off marriage plans from the girl across the street. and like the earlier book. lives between adventures in a sleepy New chanted Sword. With a Single Spell makes the debate irrelevant.

neither well prepared for the arduous tains elements of all three categories. if lighthearted. in the form of Ylia’s awakening nation. carries a share of sorcerous power. on-the-spot research that under- person. the rewards are generally worth the es of actual gaming incorporated into the point shifts and the rather abrupt dis. and sharp readers will solve raised girl thrust into an academic envi. WINTER OF MAGIC’S RETURN fied with McCrumb’s novel — seasoned tial as a character class. much of English civilization survives. convention setting. conflict between the psionic disciplines of resources. and the only professional Instead. be a fascinating addition to the genre’s role-playing climax” promised by the cover the novel is well told and captivating. a girl rescued from a hard life on the yet no less intriguing matter. and the Nedao trilogy promises to tale do ring true. The book’s best feature. is matched with short scene. Now Ru Emerson’s second The story told in Arrows of the Queen is novel. but on the whole. Emerson’s yarn has barely started before Windwalker/TSR 0-88038-455-7 $2. Sharyn McCrumb the trilogy it begins will be worth reading.gins to a satisfying conclusion. an mind. The mythical perhaps in the next book. effort. The paradoxes while others gradually transform Talia’s thrusts deep into her characters’ thoughts become more puzzling when McCrumb dangerous reticence into the skilled self. tic outdoor setting and unusual storytell- crazier situations occurring during the ble those of McCaffrey’s dragons. the first in a trilogy about the realm BIMBOS OF THE DEATH SUN an engaging one. The character of Emerson’s wilderness is sphere is skillfully conveyed. neither overly comfortable nor very reli- most readers should enjoy the book el. fanzine publishers. spine). defenders of a Complicating the trek are companions sy conventions (though it tries hard). the programming seems to omit offstage with barely so much as a lies Ylia’s journey. Hitchcock-style cameo appearance. But the party does have unusual the ingredients blend into a smooth combi. In addition. though the “ultimate missal of Talia’s family. the context of the story. she raises the ques. and future volumes of of Nedao. Star Trek dent nobles which engineers a narrowly dedication and the author’s comments at a fans. and while the overall atmo. Ace 0-441-79558-7 $2. Gamers should find the concept of Heralds Few readers are likely to be totally satis. copy is fortunately implausible in real life. and gamers won’t forthcoming sequels can spin new stories attack blasted the British Isles. only improve from their addition. chronicle of the Heralds. and One missing story involves the potential travel. device that generally works well.95 But there is a catch: Mercedes Lackey the journey begins. and outskirts of Valdemar and brought to the itself is told in a slightly musical.” While Lackey hints rather more than Ylia’s cat and who also The convention setting is the primary at the presence of real magic in one criti. The story Lackey has chosen to tell has Nisana which begin each chapter. the thin puzzle doesn’t fascinating — and the Heralds’ Compan.95 a healer’s or thief’s tale next. but her characterizations are obnoxious ones — and Lackey takes her current fantasies require readers to give uncannily accurate and her sense of tale in different directions than those more concentration to Emerson’s tale than humor is likewise in tune with the chaotic McCaffrey pursues. ranks. which ions. is eventually discovered. provides the atmosphere. including some awkward view. Yet Bimbos of the Death Sun con. Perhaps because it is one of the few novels around To THE HAUNTED MOUNTAINS having offered readers a wizard and a that treats the world of science-fiction Ru Emerson warrior in this context. yet is probably something That emphasis is what qualifies Bimbos Arrows of the Queen stands up reasonably of an acquired taste. strongly one whose first hard science-fiction novel Herald’s Collegium for training. walks with unusual subtlety. the tale focuses squarely on book’s terrain are a somewhat different guests of any sort are two authors — one Talia. The personalities voyaging through the ade entirely. and filk lyrics in one Own Herald in a kingdom where danger text. whodunit fans will wish for that it is reasonably self-contained.95 campaigns. problems. the The Wilderness Survival Guide provided stories are likely to be rewarding. intelligent horses from an unknown What emerges from the blend of authen- spends most of its time chronicling the world. rugged Rubicon takes up most of a large hotel and looked conflict concerns a faction of dissi. There are occasional they would to a pure adventure yarn. The frey’s Dragonsong and Dragonsinger Like the cast. rather than repeat the one already told. well on its own. Some of cadenced prose that manages to combine a has just been published by an impossibly her lessons are academic or physical. and (of course) aborted coup. it suffers tion only to leave it unexplored — save authentically rough and realistically popu- from curious inconsistencies. Lackey’s characters are make To the Haunted Mountains better- McCrumb’s knowledge of fandom may almost unrelentingly likable — even the crafted and more skillfully told than many have gaps. insider’s guide to science-fiction and fanta. Does that mean Sharyn McCrumb “Herald’s magic” and the supposedly lost magical Gifts and of Nisana. mutants and military schools comes the DRAGON 77 . narratives (Nisana’s and Emerson’s) are it in the sentence before it happens. Watt-Evans will try fandom in serious. commentaries from the cat-character ter’s name in the next. spring science-fiction convention reveal gamers. Into this world of enough to make it worth reading anyway. Both the book’s attracts crowds of filksingers. cal phase of the plot. and rocky ground. may be Fawcett Juniper 0-449-70202-2 $2. ingredient. The very things that of the Death Sun as fantasy adventure. and while find enough specific D&D® game action. then misspells a Star Trek charac. woods. meanwhile. distant-sounding tone with occasional inept paperback house. yet tells only one of them in her refuge over a difficult mountainous route. Pamela F. though. the snatch. fanzines. Yet it is apparently run by a single and finally faces the death penalty. so It’s been five centuries since a nuclear a more devious puzzle. It’s a The murder mystery suffers less from some very strong echoes of Anne McCaf. and its heir must flee to a distant the author’s three earlier books). lated with a balance of streams. But despite the structural resemblances. detract much from the story. a style that makes distinctive but vague- displays specific knowledge of genre assurance she will need as the Queen’s ly unsettling reading. since ARROWS OF THE QUEEN the rules and statistics for DMs to expand the author has now proven his ability to Mercedes Lackey and refine wilderness adventures in their tell them twice over. The other over. especially intriguing. The story whose Norse barbarian is a cult hero. The third-person authors. but it isn’t quite clear how the two into the story. for of all logical flaws than from inattention. Talia is a roughly esting. Service convention-goers will spot too many tech. Still. DAW 0-88677-189-7 $2. Nisana is probably the most inter- murder itself doesn’t occur until halfway McCaffrey’s Menolly. with definite poten. have psychic abilities which resem. If so. all the solid. Nedao’s capital has been It’s not exactly a murder mystery (like seems to have three kinds of stories in sacked. fashion. life is However — and this is a major however — Lackey clearly has more threads to unrav. or a kingdom threatened from within by including Princess Ylia’s old nurse and the fantasy adventure (as it’s described on the intrigue and from without by rumors of partly bespelled daughter of a noble house. Oddly ronment which is both unfamiliar and supposed to relate to each other within enough.50 nical glitches. and the pattern of her tapestry can ant on technology. tournament gaming or a formal masquer. war. recommend it. ing style is a tale that has much to convention weekend. though. a being who is has written a successful novel? power of “real magic.

illustrations seem a bit undersized for the a while. The Glove of interested in Abbey’s reconstruction of Maiden’s Hair (Questar. the book is Curse (Questar. the plot seems less impor. to novel. which may with the Normans.95). more obscure sorcerer who has allied Another volume seems likely. Recurring Roles sual. Joined by a pair of corn & Dragon. the novel’s author. ultimately more confusing than valuable. Abbey may describe Barbara Hambly’s work (while misspelling her setting well. ton’s sequel to Masters of Glass. tidbit gleaned from medieval lore. Winter of Magic’s Return is billed a warning: Despite a considerable effort to chronological background for Lyra.95). but his tone and realistically young-minded heroes and Saxons for political control of characters have devoted very little energy combine so that the novel doesn’t quite England. (Who says adventur- Welsh boarding school. her relatively light There is the struggle between Normans ideas are as interesting as ever. this case. This time Service keeps her overt moralizing to a The problem is quite simply that Abbey glass-mistress Kyala must face distrustful minimum and includes a few references has too many stories to tell and seems not fisher-folk. M. mother who must take her two children young people who also don’t fit in at their bolic. At the to know which one to give center stage. It doesn’t mystery of Lady Ygurna. but the book is on the small side 78 JULY 1987 . Wrede Merlin’s return as a teenaged orphan Avon 0-380-75061-9 $5. a historical note: Abbey’s ly?) It’s light adventure fare. In the case of Michael Jan Friedman. in which Geoffrey Hafwynder is to thinking out their religious systems. and in a world as edition to appear.50). There is the romantic be a mixed blessing. manor’s succession very much in doubt. describing a variety of use. but not one of Friedman’s make it interesting. in fact. teenage audiences may not catch. caught and forced to shed his carefully Easton appears to have no more grasp of maintained neutrality. the manor’s help that he seems to have run out of good domestic manager. and most of the genius has gone keeping and medical lore to the nature of into the gags. Coleman Eas- the story will hold readers of all ages.) as they are introduced. $3. relationship which finds both Alison and From the author of the highly amusing Wildecent.50) departs 11th-century England. Atanielle Annyn Noel. Merlin embarks on who are at the center of Lynn Abbey’s ers have to retire when they start a fami- a race with his old enemy. though. is First. which is a surprise drawings are attractive and hauntingly coming from Friedman. but she simply fails to Hambly’s name). and A word about the physical presentation his ending is as close to tragic as anyone of Unicorn & Dragon is also in order. tant than the presentation of another retains a fair amount of writing skill. sor and a warrior elf from another world ment. Although gamers might logically be matters are more puzzling. they will lose very but there’s a similar flavor nonetheless. include a more complete map and new destiny. but it’s presented matter-of-factly The best news in the continuing-series enough to suppress most quibbles. styled. (There little by waiting for the less expensive And her borrowings from the Arthurian is also room for sequels. The blend is unu. characters emerges as sympathetic.95 returns to the world of Lyra with a story hampered by a bout with amnesia. as a young adult novel. $3. Easton’s same time. “young adult” racks at bookstores. but the writing is sustain a detailed image of manor house Almost as successful is The Fisherman’s straightforward rather than simple. and the plusses where King Arthur waits to face his new invasion of William the Conqueror. and Service’s adventure with a mass-market edition in mind. UNICORN & DRAGON category this month is Patricia Wrede’s Even the most daring aspect of the story. in effectiveness. the mystery element is less polished. On has tried to come in a long time. But the story need not be a classic to be pages — rather as if they were created Pamela Service’s novel postulates rather worth reading. $2. and the interior unusual Arthurian tales to appear in quite Rising books. a three-bodied sea monster. referring to the two young women on a complex quest. The title is purely sym. whose waning powers names in this book — there are some come into conflict with those of an even exceptionally bad ones floating about. and life in that place and time. but Wrede’s reach Avalon and the faerie kingdom book is set in England just before the writing is practiced. of Susan Cooper’s Dark Is for a trade paperback. There is the magical the problem than his cast does. Lynn Abbey Caught In Crystal (Ace $2. than the one that typically haunts the aspects of the novel. the proportions seem to be ful points ranging from details of house. ing magical mysteries and the worries of a Service’s narrative. daughters of Hafwynder The Duchess of Kneedeep comes — of all Manor. At science-fiction games should have fun. or trying to understand characters who are drawn into a romantic triangle. and the prospect of falling in love. and transcend its origins — it’s not the equal. players of humorous local peacekeeping in Hafwynder’s day. If less confusion about its nuclear holocaust should interest a much wider audience readers are interested in the historical than does the GAMMA WORLD® game. legends draw more on romance than on distinctive as Service’s. in one of the most for instance. While the parentage of both girls that leave the yarn is easily as funny as its predecessor. yet they remain entirely plausible worth hoping for. And Edgar Allen Poe mysteries in Murder on there are the questions surrounding the Usher’s Planet (Avon. a truth-in-advertising notice: there that combines her usual knack for intrigu- persuasively woven into the fabric of are neither unicorns nor dragons in Uni. Morgan. drawn toward a wounded courier things — a science-fictional sendup of who seeks refuge in their household. reversed. Still. Third. Second. This the plus side. A Abbey does sustain the atmosphere of critic once described Poe as “three-fifths of an early medieval manor with reasonable him genius and two-fifths sheer fudge”. who seem to take their cues from the The book’s advertising correctly pegs the author’s typewriter rather than from any novel in the same cubbyhole as much of internal motivation. and times.slow rise of magic. any new tale is history. it just isn’t worth from Friedman’s variant Norse cosmos to wading through plot developments piled offer the tale of a New York college profes- one after another with little real advance. Robert Gould’s cover and novel misfires badly.




S. they assured the U. It was the first Eurasian moon landing. The descent stage of the spacecraft became Soyuzskaya (Union Base). Not only were these automated activities technolog- ical successes. with its international crew of three. via the still-orbiting satellites. proving the Moon’s Far Side could be reached. and they quickly agreed to the joint venture. French Guiana. 1996. was launched by a heavy lift vehicle. Zond 10 and Zond 22.S. to land 25 kilometers from the waiting soil retrievers. of lunar occupation. Two more soil retrievers were launched in 1992 and ordered. Rasmussen The following “future history“ is an example of a space-oriented campaign background that a dedicated TOP SECRET® game referee could set up for his players. The Soviets desired a southern launch facility in order to economically launch their massive payloads by heavy launch vehicles. Lunokhod 3 and Lunokhod 4 traveled toward their respective retriev- ers. Soyuz L3-1. the activated retrievers fired their ascent engines and returned the collected sam- ples to Earth three days later. 27 years after the Apollo 11 mis- sion. A space-related campaign could be run as an alternative to a normal modern-day spy campaign. a lunar polar orbiter by the Soviet Union in late 1989. providing players with an excuse to have their char- acters roam further afield on their mis- sions than dull. Campaign background Renewed interest in lunar occupation began with the launch of Zond 9. With the aid of the three orbiting lunar satellites. picking up interesting soil samples along the way. Early in 1991. unable to interest the United States in projects other than Space Shuttle flights and satel- lite deployments. by Merle M. boring places like London. Gagarinskaya is within the Moon’s latitudinal libration zone and is without line-of-sight communi- cation with Earth for 14. or New York City. On cue. They transferred their samples to the retrievers and drove back toward their descent stages. both automated soil retrievers touched down on the Moon’s Far Side and were shut off for later use. were launched from the ESA‘s facility at Kourou. Gagarinskaya was founded within a year at the south lunar pole with the landing of Soyuz L3-2. August 16. The European Space Agency. two more Soviet lunar polar orbiters. Construction began on the Soviet manned lunar spacecraft as D-class rock- ets carried Luna 25 and Luna 26 aloft in 1991. Following orders from Earth. a self-contained lunar station. decided to join the Sovi- ets in their quest for occupying the Moon. Paris. Meanwhile.R.8 days of the 82 JULY 1987 . the stubby-legged spacecraft touched down near Crater Kepler on the Ocean of Storms.

light gam. The cramped but warm under. listening to served as a hub connecting the-separate Lunar cosmonauts are primarily military music. and not enough work. combining the early Soviet lunar program sives are used for further excavations. free inspection of their bases at all times. is a engineers. selenologists. Earth munications and power generation. Centered on mers. Soyuzskaya seems to be ly located dome. Both bases communicate Titovskaya is the most remote manned the U. While the Soviets and the ESA of the first human in orbital flight. physicians. liquor. a Skylab-sized and agricultural experimentation. Soyuz landers and one. domi. and industrial legs and topped by a Lunar Module ascent technicians make up the remainder of the engineering. Able to communicate with Earth camaraderie. Using data and hardware which from long-range spectrography to Earth. watching movies. or to an intelligence officer assign- structures include cylinders and spheres ESA command center. ker. chess. Since the Moon has no the exact center of the Far Side. include polar exploration plus biological personnel are from Japan. technologies and make further advances communication. another com. Chem. and medical my. physicists. Nearly two years later. hot baths. and selenologists. all communication is by line- 14. is much flooded the world’s headlines with their located on the Far Side near the south larger than Shepard Base. orange marmalade. One particu- built on the spot and wrapped in reflective American bases have too many personnel larly zealous operator was codenamed gold foil. eat a wide variety of good also carried part of a geodesic dome which pants of Titovskaya are mostly astrono. and allow ican and Japanese “space-pionage” opera- The Moon: 1999 A. seafood. and plenty video games. books. the base named in honor Armstrong Base. other by orbiting polar communication panels. use.R. the United States and Japan with a few by landing additional units. The European contingent and regard the Soviets as their major be made without the extra trouble and is a multilingual group that enjoys lan. and administrators. Stored inside the bases are a few beyond its space program budget. chemists. rock by pyrotechnic devices. Plastic explo.000 include geothermal exploration. and from Earth’s everpresent radio static.S. building models. and allow free Lunar Landers soon arrived. the two nations jointly devel. reading. 1998. Each Lander which include a steam bath. personnel from the Soviet Union and its playing cards and table tennis./ESA bases. quality food.A. on August the friendliest of the bases. astrono- ished base. agreed to a joint U. physicists. Lunar Lander with others and the central- fortune for the founding of Titovskaya in Although small. American outpost. is primarily an its interior hardware. which leads the named by someone with tongue in cheek. Japan. and they feel the living conditions Base was founded near the crater Aris. in its space research. and by listening to daily politician fearful of Soviet activities in high: an old-world extravagance. with lots of ionosphere. Titovskaya is The astronauts. had been neglected since the Apollo and watching. One Lander contained the radio astronomer’s paradise. Other base duties selenologists. singing. The dome was erected within six months of its for things they need from the Americans. The 14 occu. They barter clothing. they doubt cost of orbiting lunar satellites — a critical guage classes. leads to daydreaming. maria exploration. As noted in DRAGON® issue #122. The most “European” of nicate directly. astrono- cylinder supported by Lunar-Module-style ists. developed a reputation for its hospitality. the hot apple crumb cake. One astronaut described Arm- satellites and Salyut 10.S. the Japanese and Americans lunar pole. named in honor of the from each Lunar Lander. The Near Side sites were chosen the Moon. “Zondraker” is a name given to any have curved ceilings which are elegantly noes. sought a partner to help pay for and competitive darts. and direct Earth propulsion systems used for short hops. This success prophesied good ready for immediate use. The six-member on the outskirts of each base ready for lunar base research and construction team at Soyuzskaya specializes in geother. The The American/Japanese bases are clus. A different internal human circadian rhythms. tions on Earth’s Moon unofficially come The Soviet/European bases are stark and Cosmonauts work seven days a week. Surface broadcasts from Radio Moscow and the space. units. Its 12 occupants are configuration was developed for each Titovskaya. The Japanese contingent enjoys Living Quarters Lander touchdown near cosmonauts have tablecloths. Americans think the Russians are driven founding.S. Surface structures They relax with movies. They drink both beer and increased the base’s living space and mers.month. astronomers. and relax by reading. This situation. foreign guests. the base named in honor of mainly military personnel working as Lander which became a part of the fin. Titovskaya is shielded observation. Explosives are used for seismic research.” individual rocket seeing a ripe opportunity to apply its and solar observation. classical music. Earth-orbiting fellows. meaning “sound”) with the bases keep in touch with Earth and each tered villages of cylinders sprouting solar Moonraker book and movie title. cognac. and the nese think (but never say) that the Ameri- for their geothermal proclivities and memory of astronauts and cosmonauts cans could stand to work a little harder. coffee tables. Command Modules in lunar orbit. stage. chemists. vodka. a moon-orbiting strong and Shepard Bases as “grounded Adventuring on Earth’s Moon space station. Lunar Modules and “moon buggies” stand U.” Three possible lunar missions for Zon- person “go-carts” stand beside the bases. point to the cost-conscious Americans. America’s dedication to the space effort. A and civil engineering. do after Gagarinskaya’s founding. Base activities living quarters and storage. experts. Astronauts are friendly. biologists. under the heading of Operation: Zondra- ascetically furnished. Cables and inflated tunnels connect each draker operators are given below. and water inspection of their bases at all times. Others DRAGON 83 . They think the ing agents to lunar missions. they “The Wizard of Oz. wine. fleets of Skylabs standing on stubby legs. of-sight. the moon’s Far Side and sheltered by 2. and physicists. The pool. and fine cooking. as required by of biological research involves altering first American in space. Solar panels and antennas sprouted lo-member base population. named in honor of the venture. as desired. less than seven months crystal glasses. Americans to psychological problems. Base activities oped the Lunar Lander. Gagarinskaya. and the base equipment. not discuss Earth politics. they drink toasts to at the Soviet bases are harsh. plus several European nations. is first human to walk on the Moon. Other of hearty food. mal research. biomedical research. the second Soviet cosmonaut in space. Soyuzskaya has directly with Earth or via visiting Apollo base from Earth to date. The Japa- tarchus. because direct Earth communication could who have died. Amer- do not discuss Earth politics. and French wine. primarily civilians from laboratory. future competitors in space. include geothermal exploration. a fourth the life support and biological “pure science” outpost. They are friendly. This positioning allows the golf course with quarter-mile links. English gin. space exploration. Its create a lunar base as economically as base astronomers to change their focus occupants are a mixture of 18 medical possible. or shooting Armstrong Base was founded by the allies. the astronomy and geology laboratory. a third miles of solid rock. Shepard Being much less militaristic than their by toil. and computer Crater Alphonsus. The bases could be expanded known for its luxurious accommodations. bling.” The program was first ground quarters were blasted out of solid say. saki. project (Zond. Apollo Awakened by the roar of Zond 9. Nine Skylab eras. laughter. biological experimentation. and the two bases cannot commu- only through communication satellites.S. Earth experimental “jet packs. food.D. A major area Shepard Base. Armstrong successes. with the libration problems personnel boast of having the first lunar toiled with off-the-shelf space hardware to noted earlier.

and other celestial bodies shall be open to Code Name: STARFALL Upon close examination. mine the number and activities of person- Crises 17°N latitude. and internal representatives should give reasonable Cover: No cover necessary. inscribed in Russian and bearing a Soviets will try to prevent exposure of this Soviet equipment would include an picture of the Earth showing the eastern fact. Near the cosmonaut holds a lunar rock. not made by NASA lunar boots. bleeding. It states in part: the base reveals nothing out of the ordi- Soviet permission is not required. Complications: Exterior surveillance of the appropriate home government(s). Earth’s animal experiment with a dog as a passen. be taken to assure safety and to avoid Point of Embarkation: Armstrong Base. the plaque states: “On this site. If the treaty is being Admin whether the Soviets have and are Between the flag and the lander is a rec. Stealing. government. Logistician. Including the tioning at the times reported by the Sovi- is a piece of metal with the following. bone fractures. if possible. advance notice of a projected visit. a tiny red rec. Such (Collecting Data and Communication). It seems as if the grayish-green sphere. Soyuzskaya to determine if the 1967 Space Administrator’s Notes: It is up to the ated on impact with the lunar surface. approximately one hand-held weapons and photograph any detail one or more pieces of Soviet equip- meter wide by two meters long. If the crushed capsule is inspected. bases can be inspected at any time. and Moon would immediately move to take Team: As needed. and other devices as needed. died of asphyxiation from lack of oxygen. but no limit is set Apollo 11. Moon. and to Side. reclining body of a second cosmonaut is be held and so maximum precautions may Duration: As needed. Photographic intelligence (photint) is to be Soyuzskaya. It appeared the Soviets wanted to agents are not required to prevent the Duration: As needed. a rover lander. the order that appropriate consultations may tor is suggested. If they are using weapons. report and. is very tight. Kuzmin — 21 July 1969. His suit is cov. would not appreciate learning that the Shepard Base. prohibited. The craft reportedly DRAGON issue #121. in Team: As needed. and pressed them into a small crater cre. few good references). be bribed or coerced into giving up the At the base of the flag is a small metal It is expected that if weapons exist. the agents are to confiscate any using weapons. The assignment is to verify the be strewn around the cratered impact site. the testing skaya. Soviet “The establishment of military bases. the space-suited equipment and space vehicles on the Moon body of a Soviet cosmonaut is discovered. for use with space helmets (see DRAGON® foot on Earth’s natural satellite. the greetings to all who read this. facility to be visited. violated. installations. American and Japanese is suggested. by an arc of light. changed lunar orbit four times. The equipment is being worn connect the lander to the pile of stones transmitted immediately to their home by armed Soviet cosmonauts who cannot and the flag. ered with lunar dust. The Union Thanks to Article XII of the 1967 United issue #122). however.” lunar ets. laser targeting Russian. military manoeuvres on celestial bodies visitors are not greeted with open arms. nel stationed at Soyuzskaya. Any confiscated evidence is to be extravehicular helmet with blast shield. Luna 15 crash site and determine the mission entitled Code Name: ARIES. Article effort from the Admin (and the help of a sian: “Nikolai L. On closer inspec. uzskaya. recoilless devices for rifle. lander has crushed its four landing legs Actual Assignment: Agents are to visit Even the ESA cosmonauts seem distant. outside agents’ intentions-are revealed. many of whom determined by convention to be 24 hours spacecraft was launched three days before questioned the Soviets’ ability to place men for internal inspections.” the Activities of States in the Exploration latter two Lunokhods did not cease func- Standing at one end of the pile of rocks and Use of Outer Space. Code Name: ARIES (The Ram) Equipment: Lunar roving vehicles. things were not this large. Proceed with caution. obtain the hard- ‘Any information obtained should be Article IV of the UN’s 1967 Outer Space ware for the agents’ agency to analyze. hemisphere and Earth’s Moon connected securely held until the next USA/Japan chest protectors. 60°E longitude. He appears to have interference with normal operations in the Equipment: Lunar roving vehicles. Earth’s Moon. Confiscator. the equipment. it appears the representatives of other states who signed Mission: Soviet crash-site investigation male cosmonaut died instantly of multiple the treaty on a basis of reciprocity. from Briefing: The Soviets have reportedly spacecraft’s purpose. Typical items of experimental plaque. Moon. Moon and Other Celestial Bodies. unfurled beside a at Soyuzskaya. The spherical may be in violation of this treaty. at least one Investiga- crashed into the Sea of Crises after Arm. Crisp boot fixed weapon system or military activity. but the Soviets Point of Embarkation: Armstrong or tance of the first manned lunar landing.” Due to the large percentage of agents have stepped back into the 1950s’ tion. There is still argument as to whether Luna craft was unnecessarily damaged or the Taget Site: Soviet lunar base. found in his wrecked seat. tary bases on the moon. possession of the crashed vehicle and the tor. but the Soviets installations and fortifications. Instead of running out of battery 84 JULY 1987 .” If XII states that all stations. Cover: Diplomatic Inspection (overt devices. and wide-angle scope eyepieces human beings from the planet Earth set surveillance). Although may attempt to conceal the evidence if the of any type of weapons and the conduct of cosmonauts are quite cordial. on the Moon. and their every move flag of the Soviet Union. Cover Assignment: Agents are to deter- Target Site: Luna 15 crash site. Soviets from doing so. ger. an bodies stolen. Internal Soviet security at Soyuz- objection is not expected. of Soviet Socialist Republics sends peaceful Nation’s “Treaty on Principles Governing Unknown to the rest of the world. The revelation that Luna 15 was a transmit the information to their home Briefing: The Soviet Union has never manned mission would certainly astonish government. cam- Assignment: Agents are to travel to the (This mission is a continuation of the eras. In his right hand. Reasonable advance notice is revealed the purpose of Luna 15. Soy- 15 was a soil retriever. personnel for scientific research or for in entering the base buildings seem out of tangle appears on the horizon beside a any other peaceful purposes shall not be place on the Moon. damaged lunar lander. and Moon. Treaty is still in force.) developed space suits and equipment for impacted at a velocity of about 480 KPH Mission: Hardware information and combat purposes in space and on Earth’s (300 MPH). The use of military The chilly reception and red tape involved miles from the crash site. cam.could be developed with a little creative scratched by hand on its surface in Rus. Crater Kepler. or Technician strong and Aldrin had walked on the bodies of its crew. Fragments of wreckage should retrieval (Collecting Data. the stones are removed. tangular pile of stones. the red rectangle turns out to be a military personnel and increased security Cold War on Earth. ment to be discovered or confiscated at prints. The American space experts. concussion. recorded by camera and transmitted to Treaty forbids the establishment of mili. nary. Near Side. unfriendly in previous visits to this base. If any agents can read flight back to Earth. performed 52 lunar revolutions. Transportation of Goods). all air tanks aboard the craft are empty. upstage or at least downgrade the impor. Seas of and the radio is ruined. it is suspected the Soviets is scrutinized. at least one Investiga. or an actual manned attempt. eras. and other devices as needed. Soviet cosmonauts on the for external observations. Administrator’s Notes: One and a half shall be forbidden. bulletproof shields.

government or agency. but the landing Briefing: The cosmonauts of Soyuzskaya ic. only the cosmonauts at Soy. abilities by any means available. In 1995. The before. tion. Code Name: COMETTAIL overpowering loyal comrades. He pressurized. The radio astronomers were ecstat- exploration until 1996. It became apparent that Duration: As needed. Lunokhod 4 went inside Equipment: Lunar roving vehicles. reduce the chance of a news leak. Fearing the leave the base or transmit any message engineering. and civil Earth were acknowledged. The Lunar satellite photos reveal no damage to roamed the Moon and performed Near Soviets are not likely to want any nation’s the base and nothing out of the ordinary. Among its samples. The last word Moscow had received the radio communications transmitter shut team members carefully selected to was a routine “wake up” call the day down and put under guard temporarily. antenna was meticulously focused on each the cave opening to verify the existence of Team: As needed. and the meteor (Full Investigation) Titovskaya’s silence is monumental.power or falling into a ditch on the Far wealth of Earths Moon (as well as the rest any large meteorite strikes recently). above). Moscow ordered the cosmonauts until allowed by the officer in charge. An assortment of books and references the KGB as moles. and the Side. Side as claimed. The signal appeared to be artifi- and began exploring. regular radio patterns. combed rock was an ideal location for Mission: Soviet lunar base inspection Administrator‘s Notes: The reason for storing condensed gases. and may eventually Complications: It is highly irregular that for general information on the space pro- renounce their own countries to work Titovskaya has not reported in at all. Side exploration. Radio grams of the United States and other directly for the U. which spiked the graph and demanded cave’s entrance. The future colonization and mathematically improbable but possible tain references are especially recom- exploitation of the mineral and solar (however seismic monitors have not noted mended and are so noted. simultaneously losing atmosphere or being openings are hidden from orbital observa. uzskaya and a tiny handful of Soviet and Titovskaya in the past 24 hours. Meteor bombardment is for other useful books on this topic.e. carefully guarded by the Soviet cosmo. or the rapid spread of a virulent disease hangs. by plain dumb diplomats snooping around the area. Project development eras.S. After all. and no transmissions from admitted. By of the caverns. The honey. at least one Investiga. They both In an effort to contain the excitement European scientists and politicians on wanted to know if Moscow had received generated by the discovery. by the Soviet Union.R. Deliberate surface could spot such a find. One of the radio cave and sampled rock from the cavern Soviet lunar base are in distress. the wheeled robots of the Solar System) are at stake. A complete power ing this article series. or hurry. or Protector is suggested. The only cavern maps are filled by some noxious gas. the quate surface or suborbital capabilities to Bibliography ESA cosmonauts present actually work for visit the silent base. The wealth of ice can emergency radio frequencies. So far. extra supplies. nonrandom substance more precious than petroleum. Nation’s Outer Space Treaty (See Code any natural anomalies such as pulsars. Neither the Soviet/ESA Near Side at least controlled. Soon or comet may have supplied some addi. Lunokhod 3 Cover: Article XII of the 1967 United known radio source. Technician. they will not be permitted to hydrologic experimentation. taking into account interference and drift.S. star in the cluster separately. Defectors would likely contact US/ caverns formed by hot subsurface gases Japanese bases soon after leaving or beneath the Sea of Storms. Food poisoning tion and routinely dismissed as rock over. Actual Assignment: Agents are to visit after transmitting their routine “wake up” tional gaseous and frozen material. major work of the cosmonauts at Soy. aliens. its samples were analyzed under are to investigate and report the reason collected — and the signal-translating the tightest security. Earths a single source in the Pleiades was located crust. nauts. The usual radio wave chatter was Earth. If members of the their work stations. They failure is unlikely due to solar energy and given in “Operation: Zenith” (issue #120) know their discovery cannot be kept battery storage. Two Architectural and mechanical safeguards luck. The any transmissions via satellite from the Far mander in charge of Titovskaya ordered landing parties are kept small. called “Big Dish” by the cosmo- Moon was already under a news blackout. Colonization and large-scale mining alliance have a launch vehicle ready on but Soviet political and scientific pride are operations will soon follow with the Earth which can reach Titovskaya in a at stake! chance that the Moon will be claimed. the Lunokhod 4 was immediately directed to Name: ARIES. cam. Only observation from the Moon’s nauts against intrusion by Zondraker are possible but improbable. no messages were sent from Although any outsiders will be freely uzskaya is cave exploration. running along fissures deep in the lunar Crater Mendeleyev. If the caves can be sealed and worst. personnel (the purpose of the current visit sabotage is also possible. ready-made living quarters from Soyuzskaya and Gagarinskaya to will allow outside contact when the and work places for many cosmonauts attempt to raise Titovskaya on various authenticity of the intelligent extraterres- would be available. countries follows. Wishing to rule out had discovered water ice. Point of Embarkation: Shepard Base. Neither the only is this a moment of staggering histori- supplying the essentials of human habita. attention. concentrating on the section of sky with the cavern was one of a series of interlock. Titovskaya remains silent. trial radio signal is verified. that day. most regis- the buried ice and to measure the extent tor.. not be converted into both water and oxygen. Dropping an antenna dish at the Moon. the higher probability of signal origin and ing chambers ringing Crater Kepler and Target Site: Soviet lunar base Titovskaya. Moscow that neither base had received a researched before being announced pre- Currently. cial in origin — i. the base com- Earth are aware of the discovery. radio transmission via satellite from maturely. The very discovery of a cave on the agents are to aid them to the best of their receiver. rescue equipment. If the base nauts. Most were used in writ- The Soviets at Soyuzskaya are under. or gold was found. Lunokhod 3 spotted a selenologist’s access hatchways beneath two different prevent all sections of the base from dream: the mouth of a cave. the astronomers focused the crater-sized floor. See the reference list staffed and working against time. mapping. Everything sounded normal. Titovskaya to determine why the base is call to Earth. Later Security at Titovskaya is extremely tight. the Soviets had found time and political priorities stalled further and equipment as needed. Soviet/ESA consortium nor the US/Japan cal significance for the entire human race. DRAGON 85 . failure is usually reported using emer. but they decided for practicality that sight was a foregone conclusion: Crater and Gagarinskaya reported separately to their finding be further recorded and Kepler. signal was being received that matched no uranium. tered normal. Such vertical lunar shelters lead to the series of under. gency backup systems. base nor the South Pole base have ade- Unknown to everyone but the Soviets. on a star cluster in the constellation When the soil retriever Luna 25 reached members are not in distress. Far Side. a for the radio silence to their home computer noted that a strange. the agents Taurus. ground caverns. but mutiny is The celestial body which created Crater by Zondraker astronauts was learned by more advantageous to space-weary cosmo- Kepler had crashed through dome-shaped the Soviets in advance). Cer- secret forever. base personnel reported to Lunukhod 3 entered the mouth of the under radio silence. Titovskaya.

MGM Inc. Distributed (March 1986). Fiction and home video Apollo crew. tries to kill off the “crew. 300-307. 1982.” Crook. “USSR’s Reusable Orbiter United Nations. Jr. 28-31. Books. Drury. with both American and Freeman. Originally written for Video. 1969. 1982. NASA fakes a Mars landing. Craig. Jove. VHS. A “what if?” account Systems Command. 1967.” Avia. (November 1985). Jacob. New York: Artists. The Pilgrim Project. Brown. too. reading. Written in spacecraft and maps of the lunar surface. “Space Stations: The ation. by Warner Home Video. New York: Home Video. ing?” Space World.” Aviation Skyhook. “Spacelab 1. United Artists. 1977. goes by the same name) is of help. 3 (1983). — RM Cromie. Text of the Convention also wish to view the following video tion Week & Space Technology. Mysteries of the Moon?” National Geo. Next Step.” Odyssey (September 1982).: Penguin Books. 1968. “What is it Like to Walk of an Apollo mission which ends in disas- Base. New York: Basic Books. Distributed by Magnetic Video Corpor- Luna Series. hard-pressed by Soviet Space Spectaculars.. David R. some interesting material for near-future. Air Force Systems Command. The Moon Book. Operation Asimov. How Do You Go To bomb aboard. American Moon base. and Invention Encyclopedia. pp. has some interesting scenario ideas Cline. “Astronaut. “Our Phenomenal First Flight. blueprints of the advanced spacecraft (May-June 1979). Administrators with home VCRs may Tests Following Engine Installation.A. Distributed by MGM/UA New York: New American Library. Based on The Pilgrim Project (October 1982). Les. Fleming. George E. Wilson W. Martin. VHS. lunar warfare. — RM Moonraker. Craig. pp. contains blueprints for the Discovery “Nations of the World: Soviet Union. Text of the Treaty on tures seem much more real! Admins Nears Approach. Crook. the Space combat scenes.” Air & Space. pp. Landing Tests. Week & Space Technology (March 18. 1979.. 478-503. Recommended. Wilson W. Caidin. A private corporation Boston: Little. with Soviet and American spacecraft attempts to destroy humanity using germ Recommended. Michael E. Young.P. Dorr. et spacecraft which might have an atomic FOX Video.” New York: Avon Books. 1982 ed. 134 minutes. O’Connor. Astronauts and the Return of Objects Covault. 1986. VHS. Capricorn One. Mass. Intelligence Warfare. Superb thriller with a secret 2000 era missions. 1982 ed. Thomas Y. Ian. Dr. A 1960s novel of a the Frontier of Space.” Space World. Charter Books. Dutton. “Zond: The Soviet 12-19. Cussler. 1 (1976). pp. esting ideas. this concerns Soviet and 2010: The Year We Make Contact.d. American rivalry (and sabotage) in the 116 minutes. 1983. They certainly make the adven- Covault. Good reading and inter- “Ariane. Clive. VHS. James. Autopsy for a Cosmonaut. New York: involved and space maps as well. Good spy utes. 123 minutes. 3 (1973). 1979. Recommended. 3 (1983). Searls. 1979 ed.” Aviation Principles Governing the Activities of should note that the James Bond movies Week & Space Technology. Countdown. New York: own space station.” Space World. Space Traveller’s The following are a few fictional Soviet teams racing to the capsule. 1971. more — in 1989. MGM/UA Entertainment Oberg. Hay. 1967. Peter. (March 1986). Thomas Y.” National (see above). Weaver. A space rescue story involving an 14-17. Water A. 1964. 309-325. Inc. United French. “Soviets Develop Heavy Boosters Amid Rosenberger. National Geographic.” The Illustrated Science and (1973). pp. Hank. Tomorrow’s Moon. but very slow in places. Konrad J. on the Rescue of Astronauts. 1983. III. VHS. . Outpost on “Space Shuttle. New York: Pinnacle Books.” National Geograph. the Apollo era. Odyssey Two Adventure) with even more “Payloads Aboard Shuttle. the Soviets. Leonard. Pesavento. Good STAR FRONTIERS® game module (2010: Franklin Watts. Mission to Mars. 139 min- Geographic. . 1983. Ray S.The Heavens thriller. Karen. Nick. 4 (1981). 1979. Book Encyclopedia. Marooned. Joseph. Distributed by CBS 1984). 5-9. and John Keshishian. Michael. “Anniversary to Mark graphic. (1974).. “The Russians are Com. Caused by Space Objects. Space. for creating new adventure plots. VHS.” National Shuttle. ”Spacelab. starring (ahem) Roger Moore as Henry. 1982. New York: Pocket interesting material for lunar and post- 1985. then pp. 102 minutes. pp. Well writ- ic. orbit. Warner Manned Moon Program. and its Kundig. Maryland: AFSC/PAI. “The Year in Space. 1982 ed. Marooned. Air Force Books. “Satellites that Serve 1985). the Return of (what if such a thing was secretly tried?). 126 minutes. 1968. United Nations. and game module based on this movie (which formance Effects of Weightlessness. The Throne of Saturn. (April 14. 1978. Some interesting space- Information Please Almanac. Space Shuttle technology. 3 ter on the Moon. Spies.” Diss. States in the Exploration and Use of Outer bear virtually no relationship to the novels 1984). New Capricorn One Association. this has useful Canby. “Have We Solved the Brothers — Seven Arts.” The Illustrated Science and downed Soviet killer satellite in Indonesia. pp.” Space World. participating. “Soviets to the Moon: Little. pp. Contains some and the Earth. 1982 ed. 16-18. Recom. Gregory L. 1969.” World Celestial Bodies. pp. pp. “The Next Frontier?” Massive Military Space Buildup. New York: Sovereign Books. Though badly written. contains Recommended. “Skylab. Also produced as a Astronauts: Scientists in Space. pp. III. New Canby. Invention Encyclopedia. MGM/UA Home Video. pp. Vogt. 9-23. The Untold Story. Columbia. You Only Live Twice. The STAR FRONTIERS® Moore. since it University of Louisville. James Bond fights SPECTRE. Cyclops. Company. Crippen. Roger E. 120-121. “Soviets Begin Orbiter Launched into Outer Space. 1983. themes. Death Orbit. The ultimate espionage-in-space mended. on International Liability for Damage movies with space and space-espionage 1986). pp. Recommended. Sally Ride and the New related exploits in novel form. 11-13. A Gemini mis. Geographic. .. Random House. Vogt. 1981. United Nations. Text of the Agreement ten. 441-469. pp. pp. New York: spacecraft with its own manned missions. Much Handbook. This movie. American lunar program. Space.” Astronomy (December sion is launched to examine a “dead” Sovi. 1985. Andrews Air Force Scott. 76-89. highly useful like the book. warfare.. 18-19. E. John W. The Space Shuttle. Fairly good. 281. Including the Moon and Other by Ian Fleming.” The Illustrated Science York: PBI Books. James Edward. Bevan M. Readers Digest Almanac and Yearbook. the Mercury program. Kenneth F. 1984. Pogue. 86 JULY 1987 . 1979. 1983. Gregory. Concerns a crash David. “The Unmanned York: Franklin Watts. and Robert L. Invention Encyclopedia.” Carter. race to land on Mars. nuclear weapons mix it up. Brown and Company. n. ideas (but only a few). “Physiological and Per. rescue of a stranded Apollo crew in Earth James Bond. concerning deep-space missions. Recommended. Long.. 117 minutes. and a stealth-capable Salyut with 2001: A Space Odyssey VHS. 1969. Moonraker. accounts of space missions. West. 1972. New York: an ICBM attack against London. & Co. Isaac. Allen. Distributed by CBS FOX ford. William J. Distributed by McDougall. 30-31. on the Moon?” National Geographic. (December 3. crash American lunar program. 326-331. no less. Agents battle for a us. Excellent story. 334. James Bond‘s only rocket. New York: Crescent Books. which is skyjacking American and Soviet The Bathroom In Space? New York: Tor Michener. William R. pp. this details the movie.” National Geographic. 1967.


started life on October 2. Warren Caroline are also teaming up to write film.I. and a lot of OGRE® and was the TOON® game. then draw them out one by one. 1955. Put them in a hat. He later attended 1983. the of “450 screaming undergraduates” at the line got a job at Steve Jackson Games first TOP SECRET/S. so I gave the game where she was employed. Warren decided he asked if I wanted a job. and basketball. theory. Warren Spector.” he says sadly.D. I started as an editor. “My obses- tion ended after a few months.® games. quite successful for Steve Jackson Games. Warren met Caroline friends with science-fiction writers who Chase at a comic-book store in Austin book #5. TSR's newest game editor. Reap the Whirlwind. He is a as an archivist in charge of the David O. he said. This was the beginning of a life filled with intense devo- tion to whatever topic caught his fancy at a weekly entertainment magazine I used to particular time. Warren’s ob. he has also occupied with chess. pudgy. It was all boardgames until I became The following year. when I got a call written MARVEL SUPER HEROES™ Game. and the art and graphic departments. “I knew more about movies than a lot chief for all Steve Jackson Games products.” A Bachelors degree in Ra. So. and Rivets from Metagam. W arren was forced to battle his way to school in a hostile environment where “short. win a game with Caroline. As soon as he Another. “I was sit. Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla he says with a sigh. Some of the movies Warren was hired at TSR in March 1987.V. On April 11. published by Steve Jackson Games. Things move fast.” Game rules. Warren became the editor-in- says. Unfortunately. Mom. That would be an accurate simulation of the story of Warren's life as told by Warren. MARVEL SUPER HEROES® Advanced were especially useful because they were so “They made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.E.™ espionage role-playing game. and. 1987. Horns!” . 1980. he said that he was sessions were movies. “I re. a try. He and was the history. play. due out in June. He was a writer for a Warren’s advice? “Hook ‘em. It games mainly. ting. Caro.” Northwestern University in Illinois with Space Gamer magazine was owned and those very same intentions in mind. but if your want to know how the sto- ry was REALLY told. and he showed movies to the class to and Caroline were married. of my teachers. so play never gets University of Texas Longhorns. for use with the illustrate his lectures.” Warren a short time. typeset- dio-TV-Film was followed by a Masters de. bogged down.” submitted a game that just knocked me out W arren enjoyed playing games all talk about potential! This is the project I through college. I was hooked. is working Warren went on to teach several classes one!” As coincidence would have it. and car magazines. now editor of Space Gamer magazine and At the age of 13. rules for this new game make it easy to rabid fan of the New York Knicks and the Selznick collection. Sorry. Warren is currently When Warren has free time. game module University of Texas at Austin. Maybe someday I can pay the next month’s rent. Within ally came into my own in college. “This is it! That’s the with Tracy Hickman. in the fall of wanted to be a film critic.WARREN SPECTOR Before Warren was even seat for this interview. on TS1. “The nage books. Operation Starfire. the posi. edit in college. His subject shortly afterwards. By high school. Greg Costikyan and I almost have my Ph. “I spent seven years in grad school “Toward the end of 1983. he enjoys was a favorite. MX3. cars. hard at work editing the new TOP SECRET/ reading science fiction. Plunked in the middle of Manhattan. One Thing After were into D&D® games.I. get out your scissors and cut out each of these sen- tences. he had started talk- ing. he got a job at a research library S. and criticism of romance began. “I supervised game development.” saw her. This interview is in good order. from Chris Frink. trashy thriller espio- In 1983.” sive personality has most recently kept me ting around.” Early obsessions with dinosaurs and air- planes gave way to an interest in law by the time Warren was in sixth grade. wondering how I was going to An accomplished author. Anyway. “I played Avalon Hill think I’m most proud of working on so far. bad. Jewish kids didn’t fare well.” ing.” gree at the University of Texas at Austin in Warren explains. which has been G. and shortly after that. a (TS1 will be out in September).



95 Product No. No.: 7623 LAZER TAG™ Adventure #3 by Bruce Heard by TSR Staff The principalities of this kingdom are described in Trail Sinister When their arch-rivals don’t show up at an detail in this special Gazetteer that expands the AD&D® Adventure Gamebook #14 interstellar meet. All ™ denotes other trademarks owned by TSR. Prod. All Rights Reserved.: 7620 by Allen Varney This is the first in a new line of adventure Introducing the exciting. No. No. No. vehicles.95 Prod. they are barred large. and made to be broken.P R E V I E W S NEW PRODUCTS FOR AUGUST 1987 S1-4 Realms of Horror Green Circle Blues AD&D® Special Adventure CAR WARS™ Gamebook #5 The FORGOTTEN REALMS™ Adventure Set by TSR Staff by Scott Haring AD&D® Game Boxed Set This special module contains four adventures. Prod. you and your companions from competition.95 NEW PRODUCTS FOR SEPTEMBER 1987 introductory adventures.95 Prod. GAZ3 The Principalities of Glantri Suggested Retail Price: $8. maps.00 GAMMARAUDERS™ Game by Mark Acres Product No.95 Invisible Rival D&D® Game Accessory Prod. complete campaign world which introduces the or travel to the far reaches of deadly mountains Suggested Retail Price: $2. No.96 popular. charts. and by Dana Kramer Rookie Immortals must handle the dirty work in Getaway Gear A battle-hardened mercenary lives by only one this light-hearted adventure. full-color map.: 8083 players of all experience levels. No. bands of marauding trolls. DRAGON 91 . No.: 8082 Suggested Retail Price: $15. the LAZER TAGn™ sharpshooting players’ knowledge of the D&D® game’s Known by James Brumbaugh team is accused of foul play. .: 8282 Suggested Retail Price: $2. Meet horror within a dark and sinister tomb. Prod. TOP SECRET™ Adventure Gamebook #1 Suggested Retail Price: $15. No. This accessory offers short adventures and a To save your father’s kingdom from the mercenary themselves or find the missing team. . to Seattle world! Learn about new lands and people with this format. CAR WARS® & ©1987 Steve Jackson Games. UNIVERSE. new espionage home-town heroes against the mightiest collection of Suggested Retail Price: $3. Many AD&D® game where a strange fortress awaits.: 9208 magical stone tablets.95 FORGOTTEN REALMS™ world.00 GREYHAWK™ Adventures #4 Product No. Warren and Caroline Spector the hero must find the stolen Sceptre of the Ancient by Douglas Niles This adventure is the penultimate chapter in the Gods. Before they can clear World. Gadgets.: 9207 SECRET® game.: 8018 adventures now take place here. What could go wrong next? Suggested Retail Price: $8. But when his friend is the political problems of the Norse gods. ©1987 TSR. TOP SECRET® Espionage Game by. now reprinted and revised from their classic get Mitchell Havelock. Inc. The Green Circle terrorists have planted a bomb by Ed Greenwood and Jeff Grubb originally written by Gary Gygax and Lawrence that will destroy a vital food factory-unless you can Discover the unknown in the new AD&D® game Schick. one mercenary decides that rules were adventurers learn what it takes to be an Immortal. game just got better! This complete. The adventure pits your but little does he suspect the cost. an eccentric genius. Inc.95 special equipment is for use with the new TOP Suggested Retail Price: $2.: 9209 The Price of Power Suggested Retail Price: $15. Prod. Rights Reserved. fast-paced. The world’s first and best espionage role-playing Future in Flames saga.95 role-playing game is faster and easier to play. This also includes a campaign world and Prod.: 8964 Unless otherwise noted: ® denotes registered trademarks owned by TSR.: 8243 retains the detail and intrigue that has made it so Suggested Retail Price: $5. to defuse the bomb. from Herculean tasks to TOP SECRET® Accessory rule: Never work for free. so this adventure set Suggested Retail Price: $9.00 IM3 The Best of Intentions Prod. The sceptre will give him the power he needs. the by Merle Rasmussen kidnapped. but still villains ever to endanger the world! Prod. .95 must embark on a dangerous journey to recover five Suggested Retail Price: $2.: 6877 Viet Rampage details on The Agency and its enemies. and short Suggested Retail Price: $2. The mission is to recover This combat game plays out the spirited battle the data banks from a destroyed satellite that has among the high-tech creatures of the GAMMA recorded secret Soviet information. Suggested Retail Price: $5. and includes rules. Inc. No.: 7015 Blast Out in Lebanon D&D® Game Adventure TOP SECRET™ Adventure Gamebook #2 by Ken Rolston TSAC1 The 64 File: Guns. An indispensible aid for game Prod. No. No.: 1031 MX3 Reap the Whirlwind by Rose Estes MARVEL SUPER HEROES™ Adventure In the WORLD Of GREYHAWK™ fantasy Setting. This catalog of weapons. role-playing gamebooks that realistically capture the world of game of marauding robots and plundering bioborgs! espionage and terrorism.95 will be an invaluable guide for gaming.

92 JULY 1987 .

I wanted to I think of Harley. turns out okay anyway. We all like to win. DRAGON 93 . and everything wouldn’t have mattered if it had looks like it’s about to go to the dogs. having a good time with friends. and we all feel the hurt some. and he agreed. He lose. and I did. Grond was eventu. taught me a lot. turned out otherwise. * Notice that I said “mature” and not “adult. and everything enjoy myself. we all hate to Harley was a good gnome.” I’ve gamed with 11-year-olds who had more maturity than some 35-year-olds I’ve met. any kind? If things go wrong in a ally brought back to life. and we went on to have a pretty Why else do people play games of amusing evening. (continued from page 40) one feels when he can’t enjoy a the DM if I could role-play Grond’s game for what it is: goofing off and hench-ogre instead. but it game nowadays.

events include role-playing and miniatures games. Elkhart.O. For more infor- The information given in the listing must on East High Street in Mount Vernon. T2P 2K9. Moore at (414) 248-3625. or call (217) million readers see each issue. include many papers and presentations on observed. July 25 3. information. and an art show. send an SASE to: R. will held at the Carriage House Inn. Preregistration rates (which information. 1. This science-fiction and fantasy convention preregistered admission. Elkhart. For more CANTON CON III. variety of role-playing games and boardgames. tion is $15 before July 15 and $20 thereafter. and a dealers’ room. Convention title and dates held.M. on Saturday. write to: MYTHCON XVIII. a dealers’ room. all material should be either typed LIBERTYCON. P. For further indicates a United Kingdom convention. in the wide variety of role-playing and boardgaming 537. Wis. the Nazgul Tavern. include AD&D®. OH 44708. boardgames. Milwaukee WI 53201. Apt. 9030 tration. Box include the following information. Canton. A mation. event. line dates are the last Monday of each WARS®. that CAPITOLCON III. Springfield IL 62704. and $7 for a daily pass. two months prior to the on-sale PARANOIA™. Station M. Special events here. or incor. Indiana University in South Bend. Featured events include a variety of board. $12 for regular regis- indicates a Canadian convention. regular fees are $3 per day. Canada.P. Featured games Lewis Building at the City Park in Mount 110. Centre at the University of Windsor. P. IL 62853. 227 North Prairie Capital Convention Center in Springfield. DOVERCON will be staged at the KINGCON III. and under 150 The Mount Vernon Gamers Association will board from Friday afternoon to Monday noon. P.O. Kell. Boardgames. 1. This gaming event runs from 8 A. and auction. Registration double-spaced or printed legibly on 8½” X fees are $45 and $15 for the banquet. In order to ensure that all convention Registration is limited to 750 people. Rt.O. For more If a convention listing must be changed are also provided. Alberta. Calgary. 4605 12th Street NW.50 for the day. the copy and TOP SECRET® games. Ind. registration is advised. Association. and the banquet. Dover.M.O. 205 West Gambier Street. Ohio. Alberta. MacLeod Trail South. a 24-hour video room. LIBERTYCON 1. Preregistration fees are $4 for the entire week- 2. For further information.R. G. Events Ohio Tournament Association. 3320 Gaines Mill circulation ensures that up to a quarter of a 46516.O. hold this convention at the Memorial Building registration. and a number of for use in this column.H. write to: The Convention flyers. cover letter with the announcement as well. and a host of others. July 25-26 contact us immediately! For any ques. N. Peake. Calgary.. Jr. July 24-27 The 18th annual Mythopoeic Conference will be held at Marquette University in Milwaukee. requirements. and a dealers’ CON-VERSION IV. as well as listings contain accurate and timely infor. and features a two-round AD&D® month. This gaming convention will be held at the WARNING: We are not responsible for mation. and role- tion staff members. early listings pay off! competition. Road. and role-playing games. brochures. IN mation. a dealers’ room. July 11-12 tion can be obtained. Star Fleet Battles. include miniatures competitions. For example. “Looking Tenn. Apt. or ments run the risk of not being considered work AD&D® tournaments. Ill. The contents of each listing COLONIAL CITY GAMEFEST V. 94 JULY 1987 . information. a miniatures-painting contest. succinct. because the convention has been can. CANADA. Domestic second-round event takes place at 3 P. end. Vincent di Fate. IN 46516. celled. For more information. July 1 18-19 Convention listings should be mailed by This year. write to: CON-VERSION. Programming includes Hobbit. DRAGON® Magazine. editor of The Silmarillion and place a free listing for a game convention a miniatures-painting workshop. or call (414) 273- following order: events and a game auction are sponsored. events include panel discussions. or call (614) 397-3785. at (519) 735-5233. same day. autograph sessions. TN 37343. There is a $1 entry fee for each WINDSOR GAMEFEST V. The first-round call (216) 478-2910. Scheduled contacting Kristine Sheffiel at (519) 734-1150 or the Sheraton City Center Hotel in Chattanooga. Box Building (MUB) in Durham. welcome. Membership rates are $16 (in Canadian currency) until July 1 and $20 thereafter.. information is your responsibility! DOVERCON III. Sprague and Back From Weathertop: A 50 Years’ Retrospec- Convention Calendar Policies Catherine Crook de Camp. For infor. Windsor. days. Box 2055. CAR Vernon. a costume contest and bacchanal. please $5 for one day. a sanctioned Singles Bridge Tournament. contact: The playing games are sponsored. Mount at the Memorial Civic Center in Canton. and Chris- readers around the world. and open-gaming area registration is $6. especially that of Tolkien. ahead. the dates have changed. newslet. an art show John Schippers. computer. Hixson.” celebrates the 50th anniversary of The Wilson “Bob” Tucker. 4. DOVERCON III. write to: Mount Vernon Gamers Canton’s only gaming convention will be held 4. There 6. Featured E.O. CALL OF CTHULHU®. 5. date of an issue. Vendor and game master inquiries are This gaming convention takes place at the tions or changes related to this column. Lake Geneva WI 53147. P. RPGA™ Net- son. Registration fees or attendance Vernon OH 43050. July 10-12 Frenkel is toastmaster. thereafter.A. so advance Eddison. art contest. and tive. the No call-in listings are accepted. c/o Steve Robin- ters. contact: W. and a gaming area. we prefer to see a other gaming competitions. Address(es) and telephone number(s) EMPEROR’S BIRTHDAY CONVENTION XVI is also a games auction for both new and used where additional information and confirma. Site and location.M. send a SASE to KINGCON III. at-the-door rates are $8 for both days and rect information has been printed.O. miniatures games. Special events offered. P. write to: Ambassador Auditorium in the University please call either Robin Jenkins or Roger Information.M. card. Please check your mation regarding RPGA™ events. free movies. For more details. words in length. must be received by July 1) are $7 for both Box 202. the last Monday of October 1987. Guests of honor (if applicable). This gaming convention will be held at games. this covers room and should be short. continuous movies. mation. or $160 11 paper. RPGA™ event begins at 10 A. MERP™. fantasy literature. film festival. For preregistration packet and infor. STAR TREK®. Box 1088. but the following guidelines must be and auction. Special guests include N8Y 4R5. and the Inklings. contact: displays of Tolkien’s manuscripts and artwork. Box 622. July 25 the copy deadline date to Convention University of New Hampshire’s Memorial Union This one-day convention will be held in the Calendar. Registration for this event is $10 for indicates an Alaskan convention. and other mass-mailed announce. Joan D. Ohio. For more information. Plan A flea market. Box 252. Telephone inquiries can be made by This science-fiction convention will be held at Jack Williamson and William Gibson. 1616. For more infor- convention listing carefully! Our wide Brigade Gaming Group. a dealers’ room. The guests of honor are John Bellairs. NH 03820. Copy dead. Vinge is the guest of honor and Jim Walkerville Station. P. CANADA. Anyone may dances. The theme of the convention. July 11-12 for the entire packet. Accurate 787-7092. topher Tolkien. DIPLOMACY®. July 24-26 area. an art show The History of Middle-Earth. 2nd Street. D&D®. write to: Bill Wilson. MYTHCON XVIII. Ill. Ontario. Guests of honor include L. as well as a dealers’ room full of game displays. incorrect information sent to us by conven. GURPS®. and a deadline for the December 1987 issue is Registration for events is on a first-come basis. tournament. Hagerty. Box 695. P. Preregistra. miniatures-painting Preregistration is $5 until July 1. two author of The Face in the Frost. July 25 and foreign conventions are welcome. to 8 P. This column is offered as a service to our panel discussions.


send a tions. or call (214) 3675. and a host of other games. LA 70182. Star Fleet con suites. writers. Box Departure Bay Community Center in Nanaimo. or call (813) 294-9166. a flea market. science-fiction. banks. along with a swap meet for games sales. editors. For more information. GATEWAY 7. GEN CON® 20 GAME FAIR & TRADE SHOW from the hotel for convention participants. Harvey. wargames. Neil Smith is the guest of PO. This rally is for all Squad Leader gamers. August 6-9 gatsky. North Virgin. previews of upcoming motion pictures. or call (402) sional art show. money orders. The 80. August 7-9 This annual. Fresno CA 93701. and $18 thereafter. nars. family games. Tickets for this three-day event are August 21. a costume contest. Cambridge. Events include AD&D®. and John Maddox Roberts is master of 349-3367. For mation. auctions. September 12 for the day if paid before July 20. Thus far. Tickets to the banquet are $15 terhaven FL 33880. PROJECT. and a variety of programs. Chris Lessing. contact: PACIFICON ‘87.. this convention will Conway. “Pre-reg info” or “Judging info”). shops. Fla. please activities. a trations are currently available. PROJECT.O. contact: Bulldog Productions. even if it’s only a paper dagger. Battles. Preregistration for this event is $3 write to: ON ALL FRONTS. La. 482 Gardner Road. For more information. Jerry and Sharon Ahern. 65B in A PATCO Protoriginal. and pro-space events book artists. Win.C. Box 265.50 for a half. spaceflight exhibits.GENESIS. University Center. an art auction. This and Grover St. Houston TX 77098 (Attn: NANCON). Conven. P. with Napoleonics others. honor include Tom Savini and Richard Herd. Man.C. and publishers. Lake Geneva WI University Center on the University of Manitoba convention is $3 for one day or $5 for the 53147. August 1-2 forms. and various boardgaming competitions. Membership and $10 for Sunday only. dealers’ room. Numerous event includes appearances by dozens of comic. £10. P. four-day gaming convention will Jim Morris. tration is $6 before July 15 and $8 thereafter. For more information.C. 8399. pounds and dollars are available from most Stockbridge GA 30281. For preregistration materials or for judging auctions. demonstrations. LISTING CHANGE: SKIRMISHES presents be held at the Ramada North West Crossing in draw exhibition features Floyd Hamlett and this role-playing/wargaming convention at the Houston. North. Brentwood Road. a stunning laser show artist). Regis. For more details. Cleaver. DC™ HEROES. A large dealers’ room and open-gaming (regular and weapons). open gaming. after that. Ursula K. CANADA VOR SL RALLY ‘87. B. science-fiction.O. Guests of art exhibit and auction. and more. B. Box at the Holiday Inn Alanta Airport. Canada. Four rounds of round-robin GOLD CON ‘87. Brian Aldiss. as The seventh running of this Labor Day con- are scheduled.00 for all six days and send checks. write to: GOLD CON ‘87.. CAR requesting (i. is required). TRAVELLER®. Open gaming Other events include a scenario design seminar. as well as a For information on assisting the RPGA™ Net. Box 231. Boris and Arkady Stru- Marrinan and Pete McDonnell (pencillers on the VULCON XIV. Please indicate on ther information. New Orleans. Fremont CA 94536. 9738 features include a huge dealers’ room. this comic. WARS®. or SASEs to: The VULCON. semi- 37402. September 4-7 gaming. For tournaments include events in BATTLETECH®. Special events include 48-hour Omni International in Orlando. Box 8087. Alan Hammack.) For more information on this event. all times. Nebr. write to: GEN CON® Game Fair. the envelope which information you are 2625. movies. miniatures gaming. video rooms. Preregistration is $16 until The first annual North American Science competition.C.00 for a single day. numerous work. Prere. these are $30 Events include a costume contest and dance. game materials. Box 820488. ON ALL FRONTS 3rd National Tournament Winnipeg. Mar. This 14th annual science-fiction and fantasy Wolfe. All inquiries CON III. contact: GATEWAY ‘87. This one-day gaming convention will be held 96 JULY 1987 . information. Pohl. or call Metropole Hotel in Brighton. or call (213)420- ia Avenue off I-85. and Leader. AR 72650. The 11th annual PACIFICON gaming conven- order to attend. For further information regarding liability wavier/agreement must be signed at the convention events and registration. and much more. Long Beach CA 90808. modations. 1000 Coconut Creek is available to all. August 2 takes place at the Holiday Inn on Rt. and $20 thereafter. contact: WEST. England. and a dealers’ room. August 20-23 Featured events include role-playing and 835 Chattanooga Bank Building. A 843-6664. ceremonies. WI 53147. or call (604) 722-3269 or (604) 753-3054. SCA WESTCON III. write to: Craig A. Cross of OMNI Auditorium in Coconut Creek. This science-fiction and gaming convention book. contact: rates as of August 1 £38. SASE to: NAN’S GAME HQ. Other vention will be held at the LAX Hyatt Hotel. University of Manitoba. wargames. or call (305) those wishing to buy. OMNI CHAMPIONS™ games. Man. or call Terry at (501) 448-3066. campus in Winnipeg. Chattanooga TN This year’s original gaming convention will be boardgaming tournaments. HOUSTON FANTASY FAIR. a profes. a dealers’ room. (Exchange rates for ATLANTA FANTASY FAIR.O. shall. the guest program includes Alfred Bester. September 5-6 celebrate its beginnings at Chimenello’s Hall. GI: Anvil of Victory. two art shows tles. July 31-August 2 and a variety of gaming events and open gaming exhibitors’ area. Omaha NE 68114. Texas. books. will be held at the Holiday Inn Central at 72nd place at the Houston Marriott Astrodome. Other guests include Robert NANCON-88 IX. PARANOIA™. science-fiction and fantasy weapons include AD&D®. Calif. Only at-the-door regis. Other events include seminars. Calif. July 31-August 2 Sponsored by Bulldog Productions. Robert Silverberg. L. P. tion will be held at the Dunfey Hotel in San until July 11. in Omaha. those August 27-September 1 will be held at the Omni Hotel in Atlanta. usually draws around 300 gamers. PO. Dallas TX 75382. For fur- This gaming convention will be held at the 756. Featured events include role-playing games. c/o DTI. and much more. or whatever (table space For registration forms and more information. P.O. sell. Wis. room are also provided.. miniatures-painting contests. triple. tournaments. or call (504) 454-0963. Fred Nichelle Nichols. and $20 at the door. There are only Mateo.. Fla. September 4-7 door (by parents of guardians. c/o Tony takes place this year at the Brighton Centre and $65 for single. open gaming. 1803 Third Court SE #A. $20 for Saturday and Sunday. if under 18) in SKIRMISHES.. Guests of honor include Darwin Phil Pittz at (209) 255-4682. September 4-7 Adams. MIRACLECON ‘87. or call (404) 474-6102. Featured each of the following: Squad Leader. Events include a major Aliens). Iron. Registration for this Network HQ PO. write to: PACIFICON. Auditorium. and Sharon Webb. more information.. and BATTLETECH® games. Box 1J0. For more details. John Brunner.e. David Drake. computer for all three days. John Nathan-Turner. or call (404) 767-7360. Squad Leader. WINGAMES VIII. and CAR WARS® games. Cedar B. P. CANADA R3T 2N2. and quad accom. flea markets. write to: PATCO. 2203 E. For convention and registration well as a number of film personalities.O. a masquerade. a miniatures contest. tion rates. honor. For more infor- Fiction and Fantasy WEAPONSCON will be held $20 through July 15 and $25 thereafter. Lake Geneva. Larry Niven. Coconut Creek FL 33066. double. Box demonstrations. accepted receive a refund on their registration The 45th World Science Fiction Convention Room rates for this event are at a flat rate of fees. ORLANDO SKIRMISHES ‘87. write: RPGA™ This gaming convention will be held at the and a full-scale maze. Jenette Goldstein (Vasquez of festival will be held at the International Hotel. and film supershow takes United Kingdom. CB1 355. Box 43. Events AD&D®.O. 2011 Southwest tion guests must wear a weapon at this con at Hotel reservations may be made by calling (305) Freeway. Le Guin. August 7-9 please write to: 45th World Science Fiction OMACON 7. martial-arts demonstra. September 4-7 * LAZER TAG™ tournament. gistration is $12 until July 1. New Orleans. Ga. Star Fleet Bat. and Nuclear War games.. and Boris Vallejo. Prizes are awarded for these events. Webber in Fresno. an art contest. Tables cost $10 for a whole July 31-August 2 table or $6. To register. and many others. Doris Bromley (Mayfair Games). so buy your tickets early.GENESIS CONSPIRACY ‘87 This fantasy fiction and gaming convention needs judges for a number of events. Gene CHAMPIONS® comics). held at the MECCA Arena in Milwaukee.ATLANTA FANTASY FAIR ‘87 registrations are $5. This convention weekend. Convention. Tom Savini (special effects/make-up 300 Canal Street. Ark. and various other activities. Box 509. August 22-23 should be directed to: WINGAMES VIII. A western quick. and trade old games. and computer games 397-0159.. send a SASE to: Irv Koch. and Advanced Squad more details on scheduled events and registra- AD&D®. Star Fleet Battles. Tournament events include Melvin Wood. Barber. Parkway. (provided by Laser Creations of London). PO. 973-2249. two masquerades. and an WEAPONSCON. Special room rates are available 150 seats available. work Tournament Headquarters. tournaments are played over these two days in This gaming convention will be held at the 2221 N. P.


. . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ohio. . with Mike Glicksohn as tion is $5 for the day. . . people and thing auction. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Regis- SAN ANTONIO FANTASY FAIR tration is $13 until July 11. . . . . . . . . . Preregiatra. Other features include a huge Community College Campus. a dealers’ room. . 1: thereafter. . . . . . . . . a professional art show. . . . . . Games Workshop. parties. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .M. . . . tion is $8 for both days or $5 for one day. . This special convention should be of interest Providence Drive. . . For more details. . . . . . . . . . . . an art auction. For Hotel reservations may be made by calling more information. of Doubleday SF Book Club . . . this comic. . . . . . . .10 the Efreeti.53. . . . .87. . Oops! When. . . . . . . . contact: Bulldog Productions.5 course. For more information. . . .. . . .. . editors NEVER make mistakes. . . .31. . . . .. . $16 until Sept. . . . . . ..38.. . . . Fla. . Sponsored events include an East Rand Road in Mount Prospect. . . . . separate events. . an art include AD&D®. . Thereafter registra. . . NY 14301. . . . . . . . . . . Newmarket book. Dallas TX 75382. . . . . . . . . and a variety of gaming open gaming. and other activities. . . contact: SKIRMISHES. the editors make mistakes Of course. . . . . . . . . . . . . and a host for this three-day event are S15 through Sep. . Honest. on the page where that Steve Jackson Games . . . This event includes appearances by Anchorage Gaming Society are proud to intro- dozens of comic-book artists. . . . .. .. . . . . September 18-20 and $20 thereafter. . . October 2-4 and publishers. .23. . . . . . . . . . .11 men. Anchorage AK 99508. . Sept. “Many hands make light work. here are the inside back cover correct authors: GEN CON® 20 Games Fair . 98 JULY 1987 .70 Our sincere apologies to those TSR. . . . . panels. . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . Inc. . . . send a SASE to: SPYCON 5. . .52. . . . . . . . . . insert card concerning REF4. . . . . . Martin West End Games. c/o Timothy A. . duce UNICON I. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . and Advanced Squad Leader Hotel in Tampa. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . and from 9 A. .. . . . we make mistakes.Insert card with their proper contributions was Fantasy Games Unlimited .97 who were slighted — we didn’t TSR Previews. . . contact: Sponsored by Bulldog Productions. . fessionals. . . . .. . . .7. . 80-81 Freelance Editing Coordinator TSR. . October 2-4 Springfield. For more informa. . . . previews of upcom.1 John Terra Wrote the lairs for Iron Crown Enterprises. . . .. . .. numerous workshops. . . . . send a SASE to: UAA Gaming (813) 873-7900 For more information and SPYCON 5. . . . . .. . miniatures. .. Niagara Falls. . . . . . . . . .. and while we FASA Corporation . .90. We didn’t see it Game Designers’ Workshop. . UNICON I. . 3211 registration packets. . .. a masquer. . . . . Anchorage/Anchorage LISTING CHANGE: SKIRMISHES presents personalities. . . . . . . . .. . . . . . The Avengers. . We just — okay. . . . . filksinging and other fannish activities. . . competitions Live-action tournaments. Box others until September 12. . . . . . .39. . . . .. to midnight at the Day’s Inn in Held at the Mount Prospect Holiday Inn at 200 CONTRADICTION SEVEN. . .91 mean to upset anyone. . . . . . . . . The conven. . . ..4 1 Beast lair. . . . .27 happening until it was too late.35 the front of the book (but WAS credited correctly for the Displacer SkyRealms . . .14. some of them moved. . . . . . .. September 26-27 CONTRADICTIONS. . . . . . . a game auction. . which will be held on the SUNCOAST SKIRMISHES ‘87. . P. . role-playing. . . . . . . The Book of Lairs. . Rolling Meadows IL 60008. . .. For more details. . a events and open gaming competition. and $20 at the door. . . . and and a host of other events. Anne McCaffrey is a variety of other gaming programs. . . . . . fan guest. or call 1803 Third Court SE #A. . Riley. . . . . Jim Frenkel..Y. . .48-49 One of the best things about REF4 Bard Games . . . video rooms. The . . . . September 18-20 Society. insert cards many hands. . . for the coordinators of those DRAGON® Magazine. or call (813) 294-9166. . . . . . . . University of Alaska. . . . . . . as well as a miniatures-painting contest. .. . . . . . . . . . . . . .. or call 18. . . to midnight on Saturday dealers room numerous seminars. . . PO. . . . Talisman. . . . . . 308 others.E. . . 71 Warren Spector was inadvertently Palladium Books .from 9 A. . . wargaming. Tickets tion is open from 9 A. Mayfair Games . .. . extravaganza at the Howard Johnson Plaza contest.C. . . .. . . . . . . . 33880. Events include historical ade. . . . or call (214) 349-3367. . . Please send a place at a location which has yet to be Association and the University of Alaska. . . . SPYCON This science-fiction and fantasy convention AD&D® tournament. . .Inc. . . Inc.. . . . film room. . . . 25 were out taking our Tylenol. . . . Box 2043. . . Other guests include Joan Vinge. . . 12. . . . Tournaments the seventh annual production of this gaming dealers’ room.Inside front cover. . . . . costume). . . . Karen S. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .M. Armory. . . Winterhaven. events. . .. . . . . . . . . .. and we need to set the record straight on a few things AMAZING® Stories . . . . 2710 Rohlwing Road. .95. . Featured programs Avenue. . . . . and a wide variety of Nancy Kress. . . . .89 left out of the master author list at Ral Partha Enterprises . . . . Get Smart. include episodes from The Man From the pro guest of honor. . .. .L. .Back cover Gnomes and Beholder. .. . . and Mer- Mattmark. .9. . and T. .. . . .. . . . . with no additional fees for U. . . . 74 in the design and editing. III. GAMMA WORLD®. . . announced. . .. . of other events are also sponsored Preregis- tember 1 and $20 thereafter. . . . .S. . .. all registrations are $18. . . . Huff Events MIRACLECON ‘87. . Hippogriffs. . . . . 40 was the number of people involved Chaosium Inc. .49.O. . and film supershow takes The Anchorage Community College Gamers Station. . Registration fees are $18 through Sept offered include a costume contest ($25 for best West Church Street.. . . . . . . to 8 PM on Sunday. . Greg Gibbs at (907) 786-7770. . . writers. . Niagara Falls. .M. . . Rat Patrol. . . .. . . . . 21. Bruce Nesmith Wrote the lairs for Leading Edge Games. . . .. . . . in the course of human Index to Advertisers events. editors. . . . an art auction. SASE if you require confirmation. videos. 820488. .. . . . will be held at the Ramada Inn 401 Buffalo miniatures-painting contest.. Registra. . and. tion is $4 for UAA/ACC students and $5 for all tration for this three-day event is $12 until tion. .. . . . . The Pro. . . . . . . . . a (513) 653-7848. . . Blood Bowl. RISK®. contact. . art show. . as well as a number of film University of Alaska. . . . . . . . . . . . . . FL to all fans of spy/undercover police TV shows. . .. . . . . . . N. . and boardgaming ing motion pictures. a 5 features a dealers’ room. . science-fiction. . 75 appears. . . . . .. . . Without further ado. . . . . . . . Urbana OH 43078. . . . Keeping all the names DUNGEON™ Adventures . Anchorage. . . .. .N. . . . . . . . . Task Force Games . .” Except. . . .34 a major headache. . . .


100 JULY 1987 .


104 JULY 1987 .