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Republic of the Philippines

City of Malolos


12 April 2018

University President

Madam President:

In line with Administrative Order (AO) No. 17 s. of 2011,1 which reiterates the
policy that “all government agencies shall procure their common-use supplies from the
Procurement Service and use the Philippine Government Electronic System (PhilGEPS)
in all their procurement activities,”2 the Department of Budget Management, Department
of Science and Technology, and PhilGEPS launched the “Medium-Term Information and
Communications Technology Harmonization Initiative” or Project MITHI, an e-government
project that aims to harmonize and ensure inter-operability among ICT-related resources,
programs, and projects across the whole government.

Under Project MITHI, procuring entities may now purchase Desktop and Laptop
Computers pre-installed with Windows 10 (64-bit) Operating Systems, and Microsoft
Office software as common-use supplies from the Procurement Service, without the
necessity of observing the provisions of Republic Act No. 9184.

In view thereof, the undersigned requests authority from your office to procure
the above-mentioned items intended for general office use through the Project MITHI.
This would lessen the processing time of purchase requests and would ensure that our
University would derive most advantageous terms in the procurement thereof.

For your convenience, we have attached herewith copies of AO No. 17 s. 2011, the
press release from the Procurement Service, as well as the specifications and payment
terms for the Desktop and Laptop Computers under Project MITHI.

Thank you.

Very truly yours,

Administrative Officer V

1 Directing the Use of the Procurement Service and the Philippine Government Electronic Procurement
System in Procurement Activities in Accordance with Republic Act No. 9184, and Improving the
Operation of the Procurement Service.
2 Section 1, AO No. 17 s. 2011.

D. and Services Resource Generation Approved/Disapproved: Prof. Bids and Awards Committee for Vice-President for Finance. University President . Recommending Approval: ISABELITA C. Ph. CECILIA N. Supplies. Ph. GASCON. and Goods. D. PULUMBARIT. BENEDICTOS Chief of Administrative Service and Chairperson Prof. JAIME P. Administration.