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At work


Beginner A1_2011V_EN English


■ Learn vocabulary related to

■ Practice talking about work
life 2

I’m a teacher.
I work at a school. 3


What’s your job? 4

to work I work in a restaurant. 5 .lingoda.

com 6 .lingoda. teacher I’m an English teacher. www. 7 .lingoda. doctor He’s a doctor.

lawyer My husband is a lawyer. 8 .

lingoda. 9 . farmer I’m a farmer.

My wife is a doctor. www. She works at the local 10 . She lives in the countryside. My sister is a farmer.What do you do? I love my job! I’m a teacher at a primary school.

Find the words doc 11 .

com 12 .lingoda.What can you see in the picture? lawyer doctor teacher farmer www. 13 .Where do they work? teacher doctor farmer lawyer www.

com 14 .lingoda. accountant My brother is an accountant. www.

secretary My wife is a secretary. 15 .

businessman My son is a businessman. 16 .lingoda.

businesswoman My daughter is a businesswoman.lingoda. 17 .

office My office is in the 18 . www.

I get out of the office on my break! www.Busy job! I’m a secretary for a busy company in the 19 .lingoda. 20 .Which picture is different? A B C D www.

Find the odd one out businessman accountant teacher office farmer lawyer 21 .

Tell your teacher What’s your job? Where do you work? Do you like your job? 22 .

employer My employer is a technology 23 . www. 24 . boss My boss doesn’t like me.lingoda.

manager My manager at work is 25 . www.

lingoda. I earn a lot of money. salary I make a good salary. 26 .

lingoda. 27 . company I work at an exciting young company. 28 . schedule What’s your work schedule like? www.

I have a meeting with my boss every 29 .My work life My work schedule is very busy! I work for a big company in the city. I hope to get a promotion soon! www.

I sell milk and butter to the people of the town. I love spending time with the cows too.lingoda.Read the text I am a farmer in the countryside. I love being my own boss and working from 30 . There are 40 cows on my farm. The only bad part is the smell! www. I am always awake early in the morning to feed my cows. I never have to go to an office. I enjoy my job.

Talk about the pictures A B C D 31 . 32 . What’s your work schedule like? Do you like your boss? Are you happy with your salary? www.Talk about your job Tell your classmates about your job.

com 33 .Tell your classmates What’s your dream job? www.lingoda.

lingoda. ■ Take turns to say another job! www. ■ You think of a job beginning with 34 .Think of a job ■ Your teacher thinks of a job beginning with the letter a.

Reflect on the goals Go back to the second slide of the lesson and check if you have achieved all the goals of the 35 .lingoda. yes no _______________________________ _______________________________ _______________________________ _______________________________ www.

go over the most difficult slides again 36 . What were the most difficult activities or words? The easiest? + _______________________________ _______________________________ + _______________________________ _______________________________ – _______________________________ _______________________________ – _______________________________ _______________________________ If you have time.Reflect on this lesson Think about everything you have seen in this lesson.

21 office Answer key .20 A Exercise p.12 teacher Exercise p.11 famer – lawyer – doctor Exercise p.lingoda.37 www.13 school (teacher) – hospital (doctor) – farm (farmer) – office/court (lawyer) Exercise Exercise p.

com 38 .lingoda.Homework www.

I work on a farm. I work in a restaurant. I work at a school. I’m a chef. 2.Match the sentences 39 . I work at a hospital. I’m a teacher. I’m an accountant. d. a. 5. I’m a businesswoman. www. 4. I work with numbers. e. 6. b. I do business. I work in a court.lingoda. 7. I’m a farmer. I’m a lawyer. g. I’m a doctor. 3. c. f.

com 40 .lingoda. Sort them into two lists. List 1: _____________ List 2: _____________ www. Give your lists a name.Vocabulary lists Check the last five words of the lesson.

Vocabulary lists Check the words of this lesson again: are there more nouns. verbs. adjectives or adverbs? Can you find three words for each list? Nouns Verbs Adjectives or adverbs 41 .lingoda. 42 . Word one Word two Word three … www.My favourite words Choose five words from the lesson and note them in your list of My favourite words.

My favourite words Write a sentence for each word you have just written in your list of My favourite 43 . • Word one: Sentence one • Word two: Sentence two •… www.

Examples: Hello! My name is … → Hello! My name is John.lingoda.Sentences about myself Choose five example sentences from this 44 . Copy them and write them about yourself. I like apples → I like bananas … www.

d – 3. g – Exercise p. c – 2. a – 4. f – 6.45 www.38 1.lingoda. e Homework answer key . b – 5. 46 . Who are we? Why learn English online? What kinds of English classes do we offer? Who are our English teachers? How do our English certificates work? We also have a language blog! www.About this material This material is proudly provided by and can be used by anyone for free and for any purpose.